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4 hours ago, Puffer said:

Monkey Puzzle trees are not uncommon in England, at least in the southern part.   One in my garden right now.   Hardly a 'very mild' area (alas)!

Perhaps, but given our latitude, very mild indeed

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"Mild" is used relatively here as it relates to how cold the coldest morning is in a given area. The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture established a map years ago showing "hardiness zones" across the USA and it covers all of Canada and Mexico as well. Gardeners all over use it as a reference on deciding what to plant and what may be experimental. Great Britain, with many areas having summers so cool that tomatoes are often grown under glass, is still a very mild area as it relates to freezing temperatures or the ground freezing. This is why palm trees exist in England and Wales but grow nowhere near that same latitude in North America or Asia. It still amazes me just how mild European winters are compared to many North American locations much further south. We have the full effects of the continental influence here from cold and snowy winters with minimum temperatures far below freezing and generally as low as -20C in two-thirds of the states yet have summer temperatures above 32C in every state every year. Now back to our regularly-scheduled high-heel themed programme :cheeky: HinH 

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