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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. US women's size 10-11 for me
  2. They look beautiful, I dream of being able to master powerful heels like this
  3. Amazing boots for sure! Like we say, patience and persistence can occasionally be rewarded at thrift stores....
  4. Well, the AA women are still required to wear heels in the airport, then allowed to switch to flats/lower heels while working on the plane, although this rule is never enforced. Admittedly, the planes aren't the only thing that is aging, but there is a big influx of new blood. The variations in AA uniforms was caused mostly by management picking the "lowest cost vendor" for the latest uniforms, which has caused rashes and illness'. So, until new uniforms are designed and provisioned again, there will be plenty of variations to the standard uniform. We haven't had any ORD trips lately, will surely let you know when they come around again buddy!
  5. Well, I work for AA, and that doesn't look like an AA uniform....I'm guessing she works for United if she is based in Chicago. The airlines have been hiring lately, so there is some much needed fresh blood in the industry....
  6. Those boots are great buddy, the combination of masculine and feminine is very powerful indeed....Looking forward to hearing about some fun outings real soon buddy!
  7. Well, I'm not an early bird by choice, but all sleep pattern rules get tossed out when working for the airlines. Most of my trips are at "O dark hundred" in the AM, twenty years seniority is nothing in this job. But, I also choose to do these trips so I don't have to wrestle with traffic on the way to Boston. I would rather get on the road at 0330 and drive to work relatively effortlessly, than wrestle with the traffic. Returning home is a hassle also, traffic is horrific for the drive back home from 1PM-7PM, so I usually prefer to get back relatively late....Once home, I'm all wound from the drive and can not sleep....Usually end up falling asleep about 0400 and sleeping until 9AM. When not working, I am usually in bed by 9PM and get up at 0700. On a more exciting note, seems like Kneehighs is having a great time, good for you buddy!
  8. I hear ya buddy, finding something you like in a larger size is very rare...I'm sure your donations were a great find for someone, hopefully a fellow heel guy....I have often wondered about my donations as well, wish I could have been there to see who bought them....
  9. Great job buddy! It feels so liberating to wear the boots we love publicly... Just be a little careful, try not to venture out in boots that you can not walk confidently in, tripping/stumbling/sore feet can cause a big set back...On the other hand, sure sounds like you handled your new boots with ease. Confidence will increase with each trip, before you know it, you might even forget you are wearing boots while out and about... Seems like you have made more progress in a few weeks than I have made in years....Good for you...Just be careful not to accidentally wear your boots home (forget to change them in the car)! I almost did that once....
  10. Thanks CAT....I'm hoping he will "soften up" a bit soon. We all know my love of boots can not be ignored and won't just "go away". Take good care of your GF buddy...
  11. You are so right buddy, most of the stuff isn't even worth the drive to the store....But, nice boots/heels do end up in the thrift stores just for the reasons you mentioned...
  12. Well, I'm sure he knows, we just don't speak about it much. I fear he thinks I'm "out on the prowl" while away, which is not the case, but I understand why he might feel this way....My "prowling days" have long since passed for sure...I take responsibility for some of these issues, but a little "acceptance" on his part would sure be much better than being ridiculed and made to feel like some sort of freak....
  13. I could use a hand cleaning the throttle body/MAF sensor on my Camry....
  14. Keep it up buddy, great work indeed...Confidence builds with each outing, and it feels so liberating.... I am older also, but have found that I am less worried about what others think with each passing year. All that matters is that I think I look great in boots. Please don't misunderstand, I know that many have families and can't put themselves "first" very often. My partner hates my boots, fortunately I work for the airlines so can wear my boots freely while away on layovers. I am very lucky in that respect....
  15. I try to visit Goodwill, Salvation Army, and our local thrift chain: "Savers" as often as possible. I have found a few pairs of boots, but am usually frustrated finding boots I might like only to see they are too small. The key is to get in the habit of visiting as often as possible to scoop up the best candidates. Patience and persistence pays off, as Hidden Heels has happily discovered..
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