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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.
  1. Thanks for the info bootlover! Where in Florida are you? Would be cool to meet up sometime and get out in our boots...
  2. Powerful boots Spikes! Love the spurs...I hear ya about the Pleasers, I seem to have graduated from man made materials to all leather boots only....For the most part, anyway.
  3. Thanks bootlover, I have always liked the design of the Pleaser boots, especially the toes and heels, but thought they just used man made materials. Hoping to find a nice pair of leather Pleasers....
  4. James, that combination is a home run for sure, right out of the ball park!
  5. Perfect combination, home run for sure!
  6. Always welcome and accepted here....
  7. I work for the airlines, so travel the US frequently. Usually layover in NYC, Miami, Dallas Tx, or Los Angeles Ca. So, let me know if and when you will be in the US, would be very cool to meet up and go for a stroll in heels. Don
  8. Would love to join you sometime!
  9. You are so right buddy....Heeling is so much easier when out with another heeling buddy, "confidence in numbers" I guess....
  10. Your hard work is paying off buddy, you look great..
  11. I hope you are able to take that heeled public walk real soon buddy, sure feels great...Don
  12. I agree, most whispering may actually be complimentary....And more often than not, the loudest critics are usually frustrated and envious....
  13. Well, it seems ironic that you guys would encounter difficulties in chuch, where folks are supposed to be non judgemental and accepting! Knee: I LOVE the way you softly confronted the church ladies on their gossiping, this solved all the issues immediately! Macky: You have a great pastor for sure! I don't blame you for being hesitant to wear heels to church, gossip surely travels quickly there! I guess my "next step" had been to wear my boots around co workers/flight crew on layovers. The 3.5" Frye riding heel booties are no big deal, I let the levis ride proudly on the heal ridges. I wear my 4.5 black stiletto boots also, but the heels are mostly covered. These boots look pretty similar to the regular black cowboy boots I wear on the job, so they seem "normal" for me, unless coworkers look closely. I like them because the soles and heels are nicely cushioned and don't make a lot of click/clacking noise. So far, only one coworker has commented, after a few drinks...She was getting a little loud, and wouldn't let it go, so I retreated a bit. My obvious next step is to pull up the jeans and expose the heel if someone calls me out on it.... Great work guys!
  14. OK, well maybe your employer has much more money than common sense...Hope he doesn't waste his last dime on this stuff
  15. Yeah, the fact that your employer is willing to spend all the cash for this stuff speaks volumes....