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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Yeah buddy, he does look great...
  2. Well Macky, I would consider your latest gym experience a success. The Asian girl was obviously intrigued by your appearance, and might secretly be hoping she/you could influence her boyfriend to add some style to his wardrobe. The guy's reply was predictable, he was never going to say he liked the way you looked in front of his girlfriend, but I'll bet he might have been trying to "sneak a closer peak".... The "creep factor" is a problem we all need to be wary of. Our love of fashion/heels/boots is often related to some sort of creepy pervert behavior, and we need to realize that there are creeps out there who love to mess with women's clothing for all the wrong reasons. Obviously, you are confident, and don't sneak around, so no one could ever accuse you of "being creepy". But, many of us are a bit timid, and this is often seen as "creepy". It is so important for us to "own our look/style/heels/fashions" to avoid this unfair label. This is one reason I wish I had more boot buddies, for me the "confidence in numbers" theory would certainly help me in public situations. I have gotten much better over the years though.
  3. pebblesf

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I'm with you buddy!
  4. Macky I applaud your courage and conviction buddy, so sorry that you have encountered some negative reactions lately. I know it is unreasonable to expect positive reactions all the time, but a string of negative reactions is tough on the soul for sure. I truly believe that some women react negatively because they feel threatened by a male's ability to pull of conventional female attire successfully, perhaps better than themselves. You are an inspiration, and should be proud of your ability to stand tall and wear what you want/like, regardless of some set backs....
  5. Yes, the two pairs I got from cowboybootsusa are run large....So, I would contact the seller and make sure they are returnable. I just wish I had the forethought to buy a pair from Western Ranch years ago....
  6. pebblesf

    Collection and pics from down under

    James, you look great in black boots/leggings, hope the wine helped you relax and enjoy your time out..Sure hope you received positive comments...
  7. pebblesf

    Are we addicted?

    Well, other unresolved family issues are at the core of many of my issues I'm sure. I have had therapy in the past, perhaps I just need a "tune up". I'm sure the therapist would concur with you Shyheels, so thanks for the support!
  8. pebblesf

    Collection and pics from down under

    James, you look great in those red boots, did you buy them? Sure hope you had a nice time out....
  9. Well, I know he thinks I look ridiculous, and would probably be "embarrassed" if I was with him wearing my boots. And, I know he thinks of my boots "as the other guy", and I understand and take responsibility for that. In my defense, I would not be so secretive about it if he could find just a little bit of acceptance.
  10. pebblesf

    Are we addicted?

    An interesting question/topic for sure, one I have often questioned myself about. I guess we would have to have a clear/concise definition of "addiction" before being able to answer. I "collect" high heel boots, vintage adidas sneaks, levis, and old outboard motors. Do I have more than I need or can use, absolutely. So, to me, this indicates I am addicted to some degree. But, I have not over spent that much, and surely always put basic needs/bills before luxury expenditures. I usually buy thrift store items, or affordable used items online. I can honestly say that I could probably walk through a few shoe stores and avoid purchasing. I am quite fussy when it comes to boots, and prefer a few distinct styles. Sure, I dream of owning some of the high end stuff I see online, but have been able to avoid spending hundreds/thousands on a pair of boots, so I guess there is still hope for me. I think some of my compulsion/addiction stems from not having much as a kid, so I "reward" myself with those things (in excess admittedly) now. My brother and I always had "hand me down" worn out Evinrudes back in the day, so now I collect real nice examples of those engines. My family could surely never afford Adidas sneaks, or levis, so I have many examples of the exact styles I longed for as a kid. And needless to say, the parents were not going to buy high heel boots for me. But, I do remember the boots my sister had, some of my teachers, and a few of my male/female school mates, those are the ones I look for now. Sure wish there were psychologists who specialized in this stuff....
  11. You guys are amazing!
  12. Don't mind admitting I am envious indeed HHdude! My partner HATES my love of hhboots, so cherish you amazing relationship. I hear you Brian, I'm not a big fan of seeing me in the mirror, or in pictures...But, I too feel on top of the world when I'm in my boots... Don't question it, just enjoy it buddy, glad to have you here... By the way, your legs look great in those heels.
  13. Great job handling yourself buddy...At least the woman was up front and honest, instead of giggling/criticizing behind your back...
  14. pebblesf

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    Wish I was with you buddy!

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