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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Thanks buddy, you look at ease as well....
  2. I have often said it is easier for folks with larger feet to walk in heels, less of an angle from heel to toe....
  3. Those boots are amazing, and fit so nicely...Must feel like heaven
  4. Yes, I am guilty of trying to extend my step sometimes, certainly a mistake. It would be cool to have someone secretly video a close up of me walking so I can see how I appear....Might be upsetting though....
  5. Sounds like an great person indeed, judging only by her reaction to the situation!
  6. I love it when I'm so at ease that I forget I'm wearing my boots!
  7. Great harness boots for sure, perfect for any occasion...
  8. I agree. In fact, I'm hoping I have a somewhat masculine gait while walking in my boots, but who knows. To me, the key is moving/walking smoothly, almost like you were wearing nikes. Needless to say, having a feminine gait while in heels is great also, but that is something I could not pull off successfully...
  9. I dunno buddy, seems like a pretty rude thing to say right in front of your wife...Especially if she stills looks as good as she did in high school...Seems like she was going out of her way to cause trouble. Yeah, she realizes now that you would have been "a good catch"...But, who knows who she had her eyes on in school...I'm not faulting her, just saying she may have been somewhat in denial about her behavior in school. I surely understand how you feel about "what might have been", but perhaps you may have dodged a bullet....
  10. Great looking boots bluejay, can't wait to see you model them....
  11. Ah yes, the curse of youth indeed...
  12. We all have these memories about someone to one degree or another....Your memory seems especially difficult if you run into her every so often. So frustrating! Nonetheless, I would definitely say "hello" if you run into her again....
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