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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Pumped, they grew up in different times for sure. Don't know how my Mom would have reacted. I'm sure she wouldn't have criticized me, but there would have been plenty of chatter between her and my other siblings for sure
  2. Wish your Dad could have spoken to my better half.. 101, amazing! My Mom made it to 90, still driving, before the wheels started coming off the cart. I'm thankful she passed just before the damn pandemic hit. She never knew about my heels, but I'm better she would have "accepted" them.
  3. Great heels/outfit, good choice for driving that nice old F150! Hmmm, sounds very familiar to me for sure....
  4. You are so right Mike... Looking forward to seeing your collection sometime when I have a longer layover!
  5. I hear that buddy. I was so scared when I got it in October of 2020, before any vaccinations were available. I was blessed in that whatever version of the virus I had was very mild indeed.
  6. I met up with "J"/aka p1ng74 last week in Austin. We always have a nice time, getting out in our boots enjoying good conversation and something to eat. We usually try to do some boot/heel shopping, but the usual stores rarely have anything of interest. It is so generous of "J" to drive into the city and pick me up so we can enjoy getting out and about while having great conversations on mulitple topics. I mentioned that my next layover was in Columbus, when he told me that "Spikesmike" lives there and enjoys meeting fellow bootlovers. I contacted Mike, who generously offered to meet up at my hotel (short layover), he was wearing the most amazing red boots with spurs, don't mind admitting I am envious. We enjoyed many conversational topics (including boots of course), while having a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant. I'm hoping I get a longer Columbus layover soon so I can visit Mike and see his amazing boot collection. Thanks guys, I really enjoy these visits. Don
  7. Sure hope you are OK buddy, please take good care...
  8. Hey there

    Will be arriving in Columbus around 5PM today, 5/13.  I have tried to respond to your messages, hoping you found the responses.  You can text me if you like, would be cool to meet for dinner if my airport hotel is convenient for you.  Don't have too much time, leave early in the morning.   Don


  9. Well, I guess the answer here is a sensible balance between fashion and safety. Needless to say, if I was travelling as a passenger while wearing my stiletto boots, there would not be time to get those boots off in an "unplanned emergency", especially if I was sitting in an aisle seat where my delay would delay two other passengers as well. Block heeled boots are not likely to damage the heavy duty slides/rafts. Fire in the cabin is likely to be a bigger issue, so wearing clothes that cover well and are not easily incinerated is very important in an emergency. Sitting near a door exit is going to help. Window exits are good also, provided people sitting in those rows are actually smart and strong enough to get the exits open. A good shot of adrenaline and some luck always helps. Always take the time to review safety procedures and exit locations relative to your seat.
  10. OK, I'll admit it. Don't understand the connection between jumping up and down yelling squirrel and your heels....
  11. pebblesf


    Now those are some powerful boots indeed
  12. Replied there, don't know if you got the messages though. Let me know, Don
  13. Don . I have no idea why personal messages can not be received by me . I have never placed a block against messages . If your going to be in Columbus, Ohio on  5-13- 2022 I will be there . Distance and travel time to the air port is not a problem . Send your arrival time and date . Lets do the MEET . How much of a lay over do you have. REMEMBER, I wear only high heels in public . So, if you feel you might be seen and talked about- Let me know . How will I identify you ?  Mike

    1. pebblesf



      Sounds great.  I will forward the arrival time/hotel info tonight when I get home.  Unfortunately, it's not much of a layover.  I get to the hotel around 5PM and have to leave around 7am on Saturday.  More details later.  


    2. pebblesf



      We are staying at the Embassy Suites near the airport, should get to the hotel around 5PM.  Needless to say, there is always the possibility of schedule changes/cancellations, so please don't make special plans on my account.  Looking forward to finally meeting you.  Don

  14. Hey there. Just tried a few times to message you, says you can not recieve messages here... In any event, I have a short Columbus layover next Friday, 5/13. Let me know if you live near the airport and might like to meet up for a burger. Don
  15. Yes, the level of sensitivity surely does vary, I think they can adjust the settings on those "magnetometers". I ask them "tell me what is setting it off" also, but never get any real answers
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