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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. So sorry I missed you buddy, looking great in jeans and boots
  2. Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures buddy
  3. Boy, he looks great....A regular guy, being a guy, in great heels!
  4. You are so right, this man has done a lot to help men wearing heels in the direction of "mainstream".... Sure wish I could pull it off so well.... Love the black jeans and great Paul Bonds
  5. Sure does look great, I'm so envious
  6. God bless you, I know how hard this is...
  7. Not that I am much of a judge, but neither outfit looks very good to me....
  8. Perfect outfit for sure buddy, I am so envious. You have taken care of you long/lean figure and deserve all the benefits for sure....No one may actually comment, but they surely do notice...I will look for those Aldo boots.... Another home run outfit..
  9. You look great buddy, just the look I would love to achieve. I have to keep practicing in my new red 1969 boots with 5.5" heels, no way I can wear these publicly until I get more practice/proficiency... you got that right for sure!
  10. Well, you are so right.. Trying to wear heels that are ill fitting, or too high will only result in pain and frustration during extended outings. The strange thing is that a higher heel does not necessarily correlate to difficult/painful walking. Sometimes, a lower heel can be uncomfortable, I guess it all depends on how the shoe/boot is engineered. And block heels are not necessarily easier to walk in than stilettos. I am guilty of buying used boots that are a bit too small because I love the style or the way they look, thinking they will "stretch out" is usually a waste of time. I did gamble on this new pair of Sam Edelman boots with 4.5" stiletto heels, these are women's size 10s, I usually wear 11s. I am so thrilled because they fit perfectly with thin no show gym socks, or perhaps some hose/tights. These boots are so easy to walk in, even when compared to the block heeled boots I own, except my Frye cowgirl boots with 3" heels. Sizing varies so much between manufacturers, even different styles from the same manufacturer. Be sure to check return policies before buying new boots online. I wear these Sam Edelmans so often, I recently found another new pair and bought them quickly. Needless to say, stiletto boots aren't the best choice for extended wear outside on the streets, have already replaced the heel tips three times. I always wear my boots with levis, but like 511s best. The latest pair of 511s has a little stretch to them, so they fit perfectly over my boots. Sure hope someday I will have enough confidence to wear my boots over my levis. I don't have the bod to pull off much from the "other side of the store", but feel I look good wearing guys clothing with boots. Just wish my better half felt the same way....D
  11. pebblesf


    Cool, will definitely be ordering a few pairs!
  12. Too bad you couldn't hear the rest of his comment....Nonetheless, just the fact that he said "I'd be OK with it if....." is a huge compliment in itself. Most conservative guys would never say that, even though they were secretly envious. I wouldn't be put off by the feet hurting portion either, this is a common "misconception". Good work buddy, hopefully you will inspire some guys in your old town.... you look great.... I kind of think most really do want to wear such heels, they just use the comfort aspect as an excuse not to try.... Bulging "love handles"?? That's a laugh, you look great buddy, long and lean... I have real love handles, but wear my levis 511s with boots anyway... you look great
  13. Wish I was with you when you take that great outfit to the public!
  14. Looks great, I am so envious....Can't wait to read the comments on reddit and add my own!
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