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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Great outfit for sure, so envious of your nice long lean figure you look great You look great Jim.
  2. Great looking boots, love how perfectly the jeans fit also
  3. Yes, I asked the seller, they replied that they were man made materials...
  4. I agree totally, your legs look amazing, sure wish I could pull off this great outfit You look great in jeans, love the yellow pumps also
  5. Well, I'm sure my "quotes" are not 100 percent accurate.... But, I know he meant that he had a men's size 11 shoe and that he was "guessing/assuming" that finding his size (women's 13) stilettos would be difficult... Wish I had the chance to talk more with him, but like I say, he was called away to help a hotel guest. Will surely look for him the next time I'm in town. Great looking boots that fit your legs nicely...
  6. Thanks buddy! I even got another compliment the second day I wore them out and about....Walking by a hotel one of the male doormen asked if I "was having trouble finding my way around"... I replied that I was doing OK, just took a few extra laps to finally find the food store. He then went on to comment: ".....wearing those heels must be uncomfortable stomping around on the city streets...". I replied that they were actually pretty comfortable and felt nice. The young man then went on to admit that "....he had always wanted to try out a cool pair of stilettos, but would never find them in his size 11 shoe." I replied that larger sizes are a little harder to find but he should look on ebay, or at asos/onlymaker. The young man was then called away by one of his hotel guests so the conversation ended. Oh well, was very cool having a guy being brave enough to admit he wanted to wear heels...
  7. OK buddy, I hear ya. I hope you both can have some meaningful and open conversations, so that you will be feel more unrestricted and happy... In the meatime, we surely enjoy your videos and pictures here! Don
  8. The humor isn't different, my old brain is just a little undersized
  9. Great outfit, love the boot straps, the dark jeans look great and fit perfectly......
  10. you have such nice legs, I'm so envious....
  11. I really do like the look and fit of this style heel...But, like any other stiletto, I'm sure I will be replacing the heel tips often and will only get a couple of years out of the boots... But that is OK, I am really enjoying them and they would very reasonably priced for brand new nine west boots... Dang, sure glad I reviewed this thread and found this link! Gonna have to order a pair... OK, I get it now.... Guess I'm not the brightest bulb in the string...
  12. Thanks Cali! I even got a compliment while strolling around. While waiting for the light to turn, a young man said" "I like your kicks....". I thanked him, then he said: "...they look like something Prince would wear". I modestly accepted the compliment but added that Prince was certainly an inspiration to me.
  13. Thanks buddy....Was so bummed when I ruined my Sam Edelman boots, think I will enjoy these though....D
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