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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Well, you would create a safety hazard for sure, due to this amazing but distracting outfit! You look great
  2. Lucky you buddy, looks like a great time indeed
  3. pebblesf

    Cali World

    I always struggle with these conditions. To be honest, I just do my best to avoid them...
  4. Very interesting study indeed. Funny, but your knees look to be at roughly the same angle for all the heel heights, but the strides decrease with the increase in height, I guess the final picture does show a slight increase in knee angle. The neighbors might be wondering, but they are enjoying the view and are secretly envious for sure, both men and women
  5. Well, I guess all publicity is good publicity. But, I would love to see more guys like Harry Styles in heels, which is a bit more main stream. The guy in the tiktok video successfully shows the power of a great pair of boots also.
  6. Well, I guess I will adopt of "middle of the road" opinion on this. True, many of the runway type pictures of guys in heels don't appeal to me at all. But some do. My issue (is being my own worst enemy as my Mom would say), is that I feel I could never successfully "pull off" most of the outfits/heels I find appealing. True, most of these runway outfits are not practical for everyday heeling/life, perhaps only a special night out/occasion. I guess that media photos need to learn to walk before they can run. In other words, show "normal guys" wearing sensible heels with regular outfits. Oh well. So, it seems like much will rely on guys like us to encourage other guys by wearing heels in public.
  7. There are some pictures here, but I have trouble trying to shrink them to fit this format
  8. pebblesf

    Cali World

    She has known you all this time but doesn't realize you wear heels? I love throwing little comments in like that when with coworkers, but they have no idea for the most part.
  9. pebblesf

    Cali World

    Hell yeah, those freebirds are a crowd pleaser for sure. Great compliments also, I'm so envious
  10. I have come a long way since I first discovered all the support from guys here at hhp. I wear all my boots in public with the heels in plain view and uncovered now. Feels so liberating indeed. Now, I just have to go to the next level and wear my boots over my jeans, or perhaps show off my red boots in public.
  11. Good for you buddy! I just found another pair of those Nine West booties that I really enjoyed until I snapped a heel. I know I paid too much but didn't want them to slip away, especially in size 11. Order details (ebay.com) The heels on these "tenon boots" seems a little taller than the other nine west booties. I'm glad your other half is somewhat "accepting", mine berates me for wearing standard cowboy boots!
  12. What a great outfit spikes, love those great boots and spurs, the jeans fit so nicely as well. D I'm with you buddy.
  13. Mine are usually in my flight bag, ready to go for layovers.
  14. You got that right for sure. Thought we were being smart by booking a non stop flight from Boston to Honolulu. What a mistake. I felt like hacking my legs off at the thighs, what torture that was. True, they don't really care for the most part. But, there have been occasions, when the line was empty/light when they have looked and asked me: "is this your bag"? I'm assuming they were confused by seeing the tall boots inside, concluding they couldn't belong to me....
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