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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Maybe the next time I am on "reserve", I might get a Paris trip, but AA doesn't fly to Paris directly out of Boston. The problem is that I get these trips "last minute", so there would be no lead time for me to contact you guys.... But, I will surely try if I do get a CDG trip....D
  2. Sure wish I lived near Paris, would love to meet up with you guys....Oh well...
  3. Looking great in those boots, HD sales must have doubled with you in there
  4. I agree, those are great boots, classic design, love the perfect levis also Looking GREAT
  5. You are a lucky man indeed. I would have suspected that she somehow knew about your love of heels also when questioned that way. Did you ever ask, perhaps at a later date, how she knew about your interest in heels? I don't mind admitting that I am very envious indeed, take good care of her....
  6. OK, I am surely guilty of ignoring H4M also, but it seems like there has been little activity there lately. I just spent some time back there and looked harder, will get more involved....AT H4M, I go by "wetboot", so you will know it is me....Don There is also another new site called "heelsville", but there is little activity there also...
  7. A compliment from the auto parts guy, yeah buddy, that is great...
  8. Sounds like a positive compliment to me!
  9. pebblesf

    Cali World

    wish you were on one of my flights!
  10. Those are great looking boots, especially with the jeans
  11. Those are great boots for most situations. They look great, especially with the jeans, a powerful and confident look for sure. And, I'm sure they are easy to drive in.
  12. Jeremy, you are not alone buddy, so please try not to "internally punish yourself"....I know many guys here have conquered all the issues you mention, but all situations are different, especially when you consider trying to gain acceptance from a wife/husband. Your last sentence is spot on, many of us are in the same position as you.
  13. I am so happy for you buddy, I am glad you revealed your heels to the girl friend! And how about that, she is accepting and likes the way you look in heels as well... She sounds like a confident woman who cares about you a great deal.....
  14. Welcome Patrick, and thankyou for sharing your experiences with us....Sounds very familiar, I remember discovering my sister's red go go boots when I was a kid....I have had a love for women's boots ever since.... I am sorry that you felt you had to throw away you beloved boots.....Did you approach the subject with your girl friend? Or did you just assume she would have a negative reaction? Your love of boots will never "go away" buddy, but women will come and go. I'm hoping you will approach the subject with your girl friend, she might react positively and like the way you look in cool boots...You will never know unless you try to discuss it with her. Many of us (myself especially) have made the mistake of concealing our love of heels from a potential love interest. It is best to reveal your love of boots early in the relationship....Having your girl friend "discover" your boots years later just causes a lack of trust. I know you have tossed your boots out, but you will surely replace them sooner or later.... I know this is tough to do, but you must.
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