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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Oh yeah, those hot boots were worth the wait for sure...
  2. Mine pretty much figured out I was looney after admitting I got lost walking around center city! Figured the heels inquiry wouldn't be much of a surprise at that point....
  3. Wish I had nicer legs, would love to wear great leggings, athletic compression gear, etc.
  4. Another visit to the chiropractor yesterday...Asked her about wearing boots with "moderate heels". She said that in my case, a "reasonable heel" can help my posture and relieve pain. My lowest disk is messed up, so bending over is a big no no. She said that heels somewhat naturally improve my posture and cause me to arch my back slightly, which is helpful. We both had a laugh when I told her about getting lost...
  5. You are so right... Your personal life and fashion choices are your business... I often tell the new hires at my airline base: "keep your personal and work life separate".... Boston is a small base, gossip travels at the speed of light... I get enough grilling from my coworkers just because I wear normal cowboy boots for work.... My real boots are saved for solo outings on layovers...
  6. No, was at home for the shot..."The boss" doesn't tolerate my boots...But, I do have another funny story...My back has been out for a few weeks now, finally dragged myself back to work with a few ice packs. During the layover, I decided to wear my Sam Edelman boots on the hunt for pizza in center city Philly. Surprisingly enough, wearing my boots was easy, no back issues. Walked around looking for the suggested pizza spots, only to find nothing except more upscale stuff. Finally found a hole in the wall mom and pop pizza joint, which is what I prefer. Bought a few slices and headed back f
  7. I hear ya buddy, I only have a few pairs of levis that fit properly with my boots. Sorry about the lack of support, same issue here....
  8. They are stunning, and fit your great legs perfectly, extremely powerful outfit....What brand/size are they? Just got my second moderna shot yesterday..No issues except a very sore arm, so far....
  9. I agree with you melroseplant... My boots would look silly while wearing my flight uniform....But, that isn't to say that the right pair of heels might not looker killer with worn/greasy jeans...Just depends I guess...
  10. I'm with you buddy, so damn frustrating...I can wear my 4" Sam Edelmans all day, very comfortable. But, my latest boots, that I love, with 5-5.5" heels are near impossible for long journeys. Yeah, I can wear them around inside on carpeting, but venturing out is a fail....
  11. Welcome, work for AA so fly on your planes all the time. Have developed respect for them over time....
  12. Yeah, my sister in Naples just got at 15000W Generac also...Hoping they will get it wired into the breaker panel as well...
  13. Welcome buddy, cant wait to see some pictures of your heels, and hear about your adventures....Don
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