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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.
  1. Great heels and jeans combination, I'm sure they are easy to walk in on long journeys as well
  2. AJ I am so sorry to hear this, unfortunately I have the same problem. I hope your wife has a change of heart. My partner knows how I love high heel boots, and knows I have them. I just wish he would try to be even slightly accepting, his criticisms and belittling comments only push us apart. Bubba is 100 percent correct though, I should have revealed my boot fetish early in our relationship, I guess I can't blame him for seeing my boots as "the other guy"....
  3. Joeshaw You look great in that leather outfit, booties and hose! I don't know how to advise you when it comes to "jumping in the deep end". I'm not sure venturing out in a skirt/pant suit is a great idea if you haven't had much experience publicly. It is usually best to start slowly, maybe a nice pair of jeans and booties, taking a drive, fueling up at night, etc. Having a really negative experience when you start out can be a big set back. If you have already had public experience, and feel comfortable in a skirt, then by all means, wear the leather! You really look great, and the leather presents a powerful and alluring look indeed! Let us know how you progress, I am so envious! Don
  4. Jura I think you look great buddy! Very nice legs also. You have captured a look I can only try to achieve, the best of both worlds, love it! Great booties and nice dark hose, kudos to you! Don't mind admitting I am very envious, sure hope you had some fun and got some positive reactions... Don
  5. Welcome buddy! You look great in heels/jeans, doesn't it feel great to wear them publicly! I'm glad the wife accepts your love of heels, hopefully she will realize how great you look... Don
  6. Hi Craig, nice to have you here buddy!
  7. I can wear 4" stiletto boots all day, US women's size 11. I can wear most 5" heels as well, just not for such great distances. Really want to find a great pair of 6" boots so I can master them...
  8. Yeah buddy, looking great! Your confidence will build with every outing
  9. I always wear my boots, regardless of temperature....
  10. Oh, I think they noticed, in a good way for sure...
  11. So cool! Nothing hotter than a biker in nice boots. Positive input from a guy is the ultimate compliment indeed!
  12. Whoah! Those boots and spurs are amazing, powerful and alluring indeed!
  13. So cool!
  14. That is so cool!
  15. The best of both worlds! Waders with high heels! Looks like a lot of fun for sure