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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. pebblesf

    Cali World

    I have only gotten a few compliments from guys. Am kind of hoping to get one like you describe, will do my best to encourage the fellow so he doesn't succumb to all the BS I put myself through...
  2. Thanks for the info, will have to remember this on my next long houston layover...
  3. Great job Hidden, sounds like a great time
  4. I hear ya buddy, being a care giver is emotionally and physically exhausting for sure. My Mom is scared also, all you can do is be there, there aren't many words that can comfort. My Mom is such a fighter, have learned never to "count her out", somehow she bounces back. I just don't want her to linger, hoping we can have a nice steak dinner, tell stories, have some laughs, and she will pass in her sleep....Wish it was that easy.... Please take good care of yourself....
  5. You look amazingly powerful and masculiine indeed, great look buddy...Sure wish I was in Toronto last week! How are those boots to walk in?
  6. I understand what you are going through, my Mom is in similar condition...I do my best to get down there to help my sister and give her some "time off". Please take good care....D
  7. Any boot guys in DC interested in meeting up for coffee/snack this Sunday, 11/17? I will be staying at the Marriott at Wardman Place, get in around 3PM...Don
  8. Those are some powerful boots indeed, how are they to walk in? You are lucky to have a wife who appreciates how great you look in boots...
  9. Maybe my boots will get some attention this weekend when I get to DC!
  10. Love the color for sure, and your nice legs look great in those leggings!
  11. Seems like you have "paved the way" with your nails, so I wouldn't be too worried about introducing some low heels into the work mix... What, if anything, do the guys say about your nails?
  12. Sounds like that encounter got off on the wrong foot....Aside from asking about whether your outfit was genuine, did she compliment/comment on it? Where were you hanging out, in Manhattan?
  13. I hear that for sure!
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