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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. pebblesf

    Myleene klass boots

    Welcome Fez00! I have heard of river island boots, but only seen them once in a video....Don
  2. pebblesf

    Boot "season"?

    Those pants fit perfectly over those great boots....I can't believe no one noticed...People had to notice, they just did not comment....You look great, powerful in a business type manner....
  3. pebblesf

    downtown LA on 12/27

    Thanks for the replies guys! It was surpisingly chilly in LA, and we got in late, so had dinner and took a stroll. The Bonaventure hotel seems kind of like its own little community/town, will all the restaurants and shops located inside the hotel. I don't think this concept has worked out very well though, I have never seen much activity unless the hotel was hosting a wedding or some sort of other function. Don't get to Columbus very often, but will surely let you know the next time I will be in town, would love to try out some of your killer boots! Don I know that list very well indeed! Hmmm, sounds like my stock market picks and other financial decisions......
  4. pebblesf

    Costa in boots

    absolutely right, I shouldn't let "guilt" get the best of me....
  5. pebblesf

    Costa in boots

    I know "that feeling" for sure....I am pretty tough on my boots, so have hesitated to invest in custom fit boots, and admittedly feel a bit guilty about spending that much money when the house needs work and the mortgage needs to be paid off....I definitely had that feeling waiting for these Sam Edelman boots, but it was worth the wait. I will admit that I have graduated to leather boots, the man made stuff wears out quickly. So, for now, I will still dream of custom fit/made Paul Bond cowboy boots with 4-5" heels....
  6. pebblesf

    Word Association Game

    Great response, one of my favorite albums for sure
  7. pebblesf

    Good stores to buy from online?

    Would love to go boot shopping with you someday!
  8. pebblesf

    Understanding wife

    Your wife sounds like she is very secure in your relationship, and wants you to be happy....Take good care of her....
  9. pebblesf

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Beautiful boots, perfect with the leggings
  10. pebblesf

    Good stores to buy from online?

    The biggest problem with buying online is sizing....So, you must be sure that whatever your purchase is returnable, but you will probably have to pay the return shipping. I don't know if the shops Blueparrot mentioned are in Canada, but I'm sure there must be equivalents. Buying online from the shops mentioned is safe also, because you know the shoes can be returned/exchanged. What size do you wear? Larger sizes are a little tougher to find, but there are still plenty to be found online....
  11. pebblesf

    Costa in boots

    Love those killer booties with the jeans
  12. pebblesf

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Boy, that looks like a lot of fun, wish I could have joined them
  13. pebblesf


    Well, I surely understand your confusion, and concern. Please know that sexual preference has nothing to do with men who enjoy wearing heels. It sounds like you have put plenty of effort into taking care of your body, and you should feel good about looking good in heels and getting compliments for it. Many men have tall/trim figures that really look great in heels, don't feel bad about feeling a bit "sexy". Wear your heels with confidence and enjoy the benefits of being in good physical condition.... Take some time to read some posts here, you will see that many happily married, heterosexual men, enjoy wearing heels. Their wives think they look great also. I feel that it takes a strong, confident man, to have the courage to wear heels publicly.... Glad you are here and look forward to hearing more, and seeing some pictures....
  14. pebblesf

    Costa in boots

    Great boots, especially with the nice grey jeans
  15. pebblesf

    downtown LA on 12/27

    Any LA boot guys have 12/27 off? Will be laying over in downtown LA at the Bonaventure arriving about 1PM...Will have a few pairs of boots with me size 10/11, would be cool to meet up and get out for a stroll in our boots... Don

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