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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. It's strange, but being from the US, I always asssumed that places like France and England were probably much more open and accepting to guys going against social norms like us. Nonetheless, I rarely get any obvious reaction to my boots while traveling the US as well. But yes, I have encountered some giggling from young girls walking near me. Honestly can't remember the last time I got a negative/disapproving stare from anyone though. For me, I have just made the assumption that everyone else on earth notices/hears footwear the way I do, but have learned that most folks just aren't that interested to notice...
  2. Great booties indeed, hope they have size 10s for you. I love wearing my stiletto booties, they look great and are easy to pack!
  3. I agree, would never even consider wearing these boots. And it is too bad, because they fit his legs nicely. Why would Asos go out of their way to make boots that are really ugly like this
  4. Yeah, ebay has a time limit. This seller used to be reputable, wonder what happened...
  5. I have bought a few pairs, but several years ago.... Both pairs were "returns", so kind of hard to judge, but never had any trouble with the seller. How are you trying to contact him??
  6. Well, I wouldn't say the topic is a waste of time.... But, I hear ya Bubba, for sure! I have often wondered if my love of womens' boots was something I was hardwired with, or something I learned. Wasted too many of my younger years trying to ignore it, punishing myself needlessly. One thing is so true, my desires can not be ignored for sure. I don't really crossdress, although would love to try some tight leggings, but fear my chicken legs won't support that look very well. Love wearing my boots as a guy, in levis, with leather and gloves. My most "disastrous" outing was when I tried to wear my black crotch high stiletto boots out while in Vegas. The heels are just a little too high for me to handle, fumbling, having to stop and rest while outside, I'm sure I looked foolish. Fortunately, I finally reached the age (some years back), where I really don't give a crap about what others might think. All I know is I love wearing my boots, and think I do look good in them. Thanks to all the guys here that helped me along the way. Heels/boots are for everyone..
  7. PS: I guess I am "sartorial"...
  8. I think this is great indeed. Helps differentiate the various interests... Can help to dissolve foolish stereotypes as well
  9. For sure, but it is worth reposting. This man looks great, as a guy in heels, hoping men like this can help promote the idea that regular guys look great in heels, and should enjoy wearing them...
  10. Well, I'm sure it is staged, but looks great anyway. Those boots have nice rugged heels that look great and are easy to walk/dance in.
  11. For sure, hope all is well buddy. Don
  12. beautiful boots, you look great
  13. Trying to guess what movie you are referring to.... BBM?
  14. Great boots indeed, and they will keep you warm...
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