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    I enjoy wearing hiheel women's boots with levis, leather, and gloves...Would love to meet guys with similar interests, I wear size 12 women's boots.

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  1. Sounds like a great day, you look great
  2. Great looking boots that fit properly and easy to walk in are worth every dollar you spend for sure... Wondering if "Extreme HH" is formerly "Omano"... I have always loved Omano boots, fairly certain they were produced in Spain
  3. Those boots are amazing, are they Omano boots? Such a powerful heel. How are they to walk in, must be fairly comfortable or you would not be wearing them through airports. What size do you wear?
  4. What a nice physique you have, perfect for that outfit, you must have gotten many compliments...
  5. Yeah, 40 yrs will tell the story for sure...
  6. Oh OK, you are referring to the outer black plastic cap where the fuel inlet line is connected....Yes, those are easy to crack. I guess that is why OMC never really put a screwdriver slot in the retaining screw. The Merc and the Evinrude weigh about the same, but the Evinrude had two cylinders... I wondered the same thing...I think the answer is that the Evinrude had two cylinders, the Merc is a single cylinder.... I love wearing my boots while working on my outboards...Have been thinking about finding a nice pair of waders for going on the water...
  7. Cracked fuel pumps? That is a strange failure on a old 6hp... The Merc 6hp 4 stroke weighs less than the Evinrude 6hp 2 stroke?? How many cylinders on the Merc?
  8. Too bad about the Evinrude, those 6hps were some of the best outboards produced by any manufacturer...What a coincidence, I am currently rejuvinating a 1969 Johnson 6hp....
  9. Cool. I collect/rejuvinate old Evinrude outboards!
  10. I can't keep up with all the variations on gender/sexual identity....
  11. Thanks buddy, I do appreciate your opinion for sure. Surely did not want to "take advantage" of your hospitality by asking for videos/pictures, etc. But, maybe next time I will. Sure hope the Subaru is running OK, stay cool down there. I'm off until September, looking forward to seeing you in the fall when it is cooler and the virus has calmed down a bit. Please take good care...Don Me too! Just wish I had that kind of luck with the lottery....
  12. I'm trying buddy...... Haven't reached your confidence level yet, but have come a long way the past through years because of the encouragement I have fournd here..
  13. Suppose I am just "overthinking it".... All that really matters is how I feel about myself while in my boots....
  14. She must be a good friend....She has chosen to be honest with you....
  15. I worry about how I carry myself in my boots also. I want to walk like I am wearing nikes while maintaining a masculine appearance and strut. I have only gotten a few comments, but they were positive. Would love to see of video of me walkining in my boots so I can judge for myself. I feel pretty comfortable on layovers wearing my boots, not likely to meet anyone I know....Except fellow crew members, always bumping into them coming and going from the hotel. Most are used to seeing me in my tame cowboy boots that I wear for work, but I'm sure they notice my high heel boots when they see me.... Would love to hear what is said about me in operations when I'm not around....Or, perhaps it is best not to know....
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