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  1. Before I talk about my recent heeling endeavors, I wanted to take a minute to discuss a topic that has been talked about before, but until recently, I wasn't quite sure why I felt the way I did. The topic is complimenting women who I think wear cute heels/boots. For some reason, I have always felt that paying a compliment was in someway awkward, and I never knew why. I always worried that the girl might find it creepy or strange. Thoughts of "Why would a guy notice my shoes? Is he gay?" "Weirdo" "Creepy" etc. would always swirl in my head to the point where I freaked out just to pay a compliment. But over these past few weeks, I've realized that it's the fear of exposing my own heeling that has made the scenario awkward. Let me expand: Over these past few weeks I have been more courageous in wearing heels other than my Converse wedges at work. 1. I started with wearing my Sorel wedge ankle boots into the office, only to change them after getting in. 2. From there, I progressed into wearing them after my Friday morning workout when I would leave the office for a Starbucks and then return. 3. Then I started keeping them on when I would go to the cafeteria at the office to get my coffee, potentially exposing them to more people. 4. From there, I started wearing the Naturalizer boots that I bought to match my wife's boots into work on Friday mornings. 5. Then I added them to my Starbucks run. 6. Now I keep my Sorel wedges on most of the morning, including my morning coffee chat with a coworker who I'll mention more about later. In this span of 3-4 weeks, I have discovered that my comfort level for complimenting my coworkers has gone up. I can only assume that the increase in comfort has gone up due to the increase in comfort with wearing my heels. With that being said, I have a coworker who I usually chat with in the morning when I get my coffee from the cafeteria, and she her tea. She is aware of my heeling and indulges me in my discussion of cute footwear that I wish I had, etc. Well, it turns out that we are the same shoe size! Over this past weekend, she had sent me some pictures of some heels that she owns, saying I could borrow them anytime I wished. In return, I sent some pictures and told her likewise. One pair that she had which are super cute happen to be a pair of extremely comfortable Dr. Scholl's booties. She really liked a pair of Kelly & Katie heels that I own that I unfortunately would probably never wear. So today we each brought our respective pairs into work, each wore a shoe, and then proceeded to take a couple of pictures. I think they turned out really good! As we 'swapped' each other's shoes for a brief moment, I actually told her she could keep the shoes as an early birthday gift since I am unlikely to wear them. She was ecstatic and very grateful. It was a good feeling to know that someone else would be enjoying the shoes! The instagram pictures are posted below.
  2. So you’ve got a follow up “date” with this girl? You’ll have to let us know how it goes.
  3. @Barr that’s a great look! Where did you get the leggings from?
  4. My church outfit today. My wife wore her matching boots...
  5. Surprisingly yes! She’s the one who encouraged me to get them, and liked them even more when she saw them in person.
  6. You must tell me your secret! That’s one part of my body that my wife wishes I had! She says it’s too much of a typical guy’s behind, ha!
  7. Well the new-to-me boots arrived on Friday, and with the in-laws having departed my Saturday morning, I decided to try them on. Whenever you purchase something second-hand AND you don’t get to see them in person, pictures always try to tell the best story. Unfortunately, these beauties aren’t in perfect shape. I had asked the seller if there were any defects/spots/wear to which they said no, but that was not the case. However, my wife and I both looked at them and decided that they look good enough, and were cheap enough, that they’re worth keeping. I got them from the Poshmark app for $26 plus shipping and tax, which came out to about $35. These are $130 when new from Aldo! The fit is fairly decent. With my usual socks, my right big toe felt a little squished but not so bad that I needed to take them off. Can’t wait for the cooler weather to rock these beauties!
  8. Well @JeffB, I’ll throw myself in that boat as well. I originally only considered knee and thigh boots, thinking rarely about ankle boots. Like you, as my interests have progressed/changed over time, I’ve become more curious about how I could style a pair of ankle boots to make them work on an outfit. If I‘m being honest, it’s been your adventures with them that have helped me decide I really can pull off a look, so thank you!
  9. I have that same fondness for craft beer! It’s more like a love affair that I can’t let go!
  10. Well a pair of new to me ankle boots arrived yesterday, and now that the in-laws are gone, I had a chance to try them out with one of my new sweaters. What do you all think?
  11. I have to agree. Part of the reason I have been venturing into women’s tops now is for the sheer fact that the men’s side is fairly bland. I wear tshirts primarily during the summer months, and usually stock up with 4-5 each season from Old Navy when they have their sale. This year even my wife mentioned how sad the selection was. I’ll post pictures in my thread, but I was fortunate enough to find two very bold colored sweaters on Target’s site/app that I don’t recall seeing in the men’s section. To be fair, I am sure there are clothiers/retailers that do carry some more variety in the way of colors, patterns, styles, etc. My experience however is that those tend to also come with a higher price tag. If I’m honest, I haven’t paid more than $20 for a shirt, pair of pants, etc. in a few years and I’d like to keep it that way. I have to save my money for the important things, like shoes!
  12. I have a box of 3-4 pairs of boots/heels that I keep meaning to send in the post to my cousin-in-law? She’s the same size as me, and there are a few pair that I will likely never wear. She has seen them, and loves the ones I would be sending her. So it’d be nice to occasionally see them being worn and enjoyed by someone else.
  13. I would suggest looking into American Eagle for some modest boot cut pants. Recalling previous pictures you have posted, I would venture a guess that you are on the slimmer side, likely a 4 or 6 in women’s pants? All of my pants that I own now are from AE, and I’ve had relatively good luck. If you’re looking for a second hand pair to try out first, I would look for the Kick Boot style on Poshmark. They are what I currently have, and are wonderful for having what I would consider a minimal flare. If you prefer to try new, I would look at their Skinny Kick style. It’s a fairly straight leg with minimal flare. I am in the boat where the majority(99%) of my outfits that I wear currently with heels involve a boot cut, if I’m wearing pants that is. I have two pair of jeggings that I am trying to get some outfit ideas together, one of which I posted in my thread a while back. I am looking forward to the point where I wear my knee high boots on full display.
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