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  1. @mlroseplant oof I promise you all are still the coolest kids around! I really need to take some time and update here, but some parts I may need to redact based on what I’ve been reading as of late... as for the Instagram, thanks for pointing that out! I did not delete it, I merely renamed it to jeff.in.heels because I decided my sexuality did not need to be referenced in my user name I plan to. I’ve so much to update but as I mentioned in my reply to @mlroseplant , I realize that I’ll need to redact some of it to stay in line with recent enforcements.
  2. I want to get a pair of Lita someday
  3. Hey @kneehighs I am still here. Haven’t been active much for many reasons, but I’ve started posting a lot on Instagram. I probably should do some updates here too
  4. Yep. I’ve only ever dressed in drag, but not trying to pass, on maybe 2 occasions in my life. No one seemed to be bothered by a guy in heels
  5. How are you doing by the way down there with the fires? Up here in Newark, only affected by the smoke
  6. Starbase Q has since closed iirc. It wasn’t as popular as Connection. I now live out in Newark, CA which is considered the Bay Area, and there are some other clubs in the city that once COVID subsides, I sure hope to visit.
  7. Yeah I was still living there when they closed. I have not been to Play yet. There used to be another place called Starbase Q that was fun to go to as well back in the day.
  8. You must have gone to Connection! That was the place for drag shows in Louisville! When I lived there, I used to frequent that place often!
  9. I don’t think etwas_anders is on here. I’ve talked to him once before on Instagram. I’ve noticed a few of you are also on Instagram. Feel free to message me and say hello
  10. There’s a woman who works here at my office and is always on the move. She wears a pair of boots similar to these and seeing as how she wears them almost every day, I assume she likes them and finds them to be comfortable.
  11. @maninboots I should’ve clarified, the picture is of the boots that my wife got me. The ones I found for testing on are some black riding boots that I haven’t yet received. Yeah I’m not against the idea of having a cobbler bring them in, but it’s a matter of finding a good one.
  12. Well before trying it this method out on the boots I don’t want to mess up, I found a cheap pair of Frye knee high boots on Poshmark for $20 to test on. They’re worn out on the soles but will be a good test for shrinking in general Here is a picture of the gap
  13. I’ll try to post pictures later today for the fit issues. The calves are just so big and I hate the gap when over jeans and under jeans it makes it look silly. I would love to get the advice of a cobbler, but haven’t had a good recommendation for my area.
  14. From what I was reading, the idea of wearing them after soaking them is to keep them from shrinking too much. What I was reading suggested that they’ll shrink regardless of you wearing them as they dry, but using your feet/legs as a form. This way if they did shrink a considerable amount, it wouldn’t be too much so as to make it uncomfortable to wear.
  15. So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum, but I’ve found myself posting more and more on Instagram. Life is staying busy even during the shelter in place. That being said, I have a question regarding shrinking leather shafts of some boots I just got. My wife and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and as a surprise, she found a pair of Frye boots I absolutely love and she got them at a very good price from Poshmark. The foot fits great and quite comfortable. The downside is that the shaft is too big when worn over or under any jeans I have. So I have been trying to read u
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