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  1. I’d love to find those Nine West Lucca boots.
  2. @mlroseplant oof I promise you all are still the coolest kids around! I really need to take some time and update here, but some parts I may need to redact based on what I’ve been reading as of late... as for the Instagram, thanks for pointing that out! I did not delete it, I merely renamed it to jeff.in.heels because I decided my sexuality did not need to be referenced in my user name I plan to. I’ve so much to update but as I mentioned in my reply to @mlroseplant , I realize that I’ll need to redact some of it to stay in line with recent enforcements.
  3. I want to get a pair of Lita someday
  4. Hey @kneehighs I am still here. Haven’t been active much for many reasons, but I’ve started posting a lot on Instagram. I probably should do some updates here too
  5. So I thought I would start off the fall/winter season by posting some pictures of my and/or my wife's heels when we go out. This is kind of a big deal for us, as my wife hasn't worn heels in 10ish months due to her having been pregnant with our precious little boy. However, that changed tonight! We decided to go see Thor, and we decided to both wear heels. She definitely took a few minutes getting the hang of it, but she is a trooper. We stopped for a quick sandwich, and while there, I honestly don't know if anyone paid attention or noticed my heels. Both of our pairs of boots m
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