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  1. I don’t think etwas_anders is on here. I’ve talked to him once before on Instagram. I’ve noticed a few of you are also on Instagram. Feel free to message me and say hello
  2. There’s a woman who works here at my office and is always on the move. She wears a pair of boots similar to these and seeing as how she wears them almost every day, I assume she likes them and finds them to be comfortable.
  3. @maninboots I should’ve clarified, the picture is of the boots that my wife got me. The ones I found for testing on are some black riding boots that I haven’t yet received. Yeah I’m not against the idea of having a cobbler bring them in, but it’s a matter of finding a good one.
  4. Well before trying it this method out on the boots I don’t want to mess up, I found a cheap pair of Frye knee high boots on Poshmark for $20 to test on. They’re worn out on the soles but will be a good test for shrinking in general Here is a picture of the gap
  5. I’ll try to post pictures later today for the fit issues. The calves are just so big and I hate the gap when over jeans and under jeans it makes it look silly. I would love to get the advice of a cobbler, but haven’t had a good recommendation for my area.
  6. From what I was reading, the idea of wearing them after soaking them is to keep them from shrinking too much. What I was reading suggested that they’ll shrink regardless of you wearing them as they dry, but using your feet/legs as a form. This way if they did shrink a considerable amount, it wouldn’t be too much so as to make it uncomfortable to wear.
  7. So it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum, but I’ve found myself posting more and more on Instagram. Life is staying busy even during the shelter in place. That being said, I have a question regarding shrinking leather shafts of some boots I just got. My wife and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, and as a surprise, she found a pair of Frye boots I absolutely love and she got them at a very good price from Poshmark. The foot fits great and quite comfortable. The downside is that the shaft is too big when worn over or under any jeans I have. So I have been trying to read up and saw a couple of suggestions: 1) soak the section of boots I wish to shrink for about an hour to get them good and wet. Make sure that I also wear a pair of wet socks or whatever underneath them as well. Then wear them around until the socks/jeans dry and then let them air dry the rest of the way 2) Spray the section to shrink with hot water and use a blow dryer on low-medium heat to dry them out, applying conditioner once done to prevent cracking. I have enough time to do the first once, and it seems less harsh than the second option. Has anyone ever been able to successfully do this? I am ordering conditioner and cleaner tonight.
  8. I would go with the green! It really makes the whole outfit pop.
  9. Picture from last November that we took for Instagram
  10. Where’s your post of your legs then
  11. I uploaded a five second video to my Instagram of me doing burpees in heels. I think it shows my leg definition rather well.
  12. Thanks @JeffB. Yes, the intent is to have it become my new bag for work once I transition over to my new role. I’d go with a smaller one possibly but need it to hold my laptop which this one seems to be perfect for.
  13. Happy Saturday. These past couple of weeks have been relatively uneventful with regard to public heeling and that seems to be the trend with what I am reading here. While I am still going in to work each day in heels, there’s nothing to report. However, my idle mind has started spiraling down the path towards getting a bag. I don’t call it a purse because what I want is a tote big enough to carry my laptop. So I’ve done some searching and found a nice looking one on Amazon. Going to wait a bit to order it because I don’t need to spend the money right now. Check our the link and let me know what you think. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1SFZNV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1BEKEb8DXGZ4J
  14. So during this time, one thing that has been a positive is that Frye will donate $1 to Feeding America for every post on Instagram that they are tagged in along with adding the hashtag #athomewithfrye. You don’t even have to own a pair of Frye shoes to participate. As an added bonus, one winner each week for four weeks starting April 3 will be chosen to receive a pair of Frye of their choosing. So far I’m the only guy to post with heeled Frye boots, but I’d encourage you all if you are on Instagram to make a post if nothing else to have Frye donate more money. Here’s the outfit I chose...
  15. With all of this time off I think I may get a few items to try some different looks although I only have khakis and jeans for bottoms. I’ll try to post what I find and will welcome feedback
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