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  1. So I have had a conversation with a friend in the UK about this exact thing. One person that I feel is helping to normalize not only men in heels, but other fashion as well is Mark Bryan. He’s got good taste and I think his style is authentic. That is until he posts pictures of him at various photo shoots. A lot of the pictures are odd clothing combinations or bold off putting styles that no man or woman would wear in a normal everyday situation. Yet that’s what gets published because it is eye catching and edgy. While I applaud him for being comfortable in being himself, those photo shoots don’t do anything to help promote myself, or anyone on here looking “normal” in heels. Although I don’t really want to look “normal” because that sounds boring. I want to see how someone like Mark styles his heels into his everyday attire and have it look well put together, not like I found three random items of clothing and decided it was “style.”
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