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  1. I've been in cincinnati an awful lot lately. I responded in my Fremont thread that I am actually overdue to be out there...
  2. It's been too long since I've been. I'm overdue to be back out there, actually. Work hasn't gotten their stuff together though, lol
  3. I really like these boots! As I am a size 10, I may need to look for a pair for myself. I have a slightly similar looking pair of boots.
  4. Looks good to me! Do you know what the style name is of them?
  5. Ok, so here is my newest pair that I've acquired. I know I usually have a lengthy back story, but here lately, they've been interesting. So with my job, I usually go to people's homes pretty regularly. This past week when I was at someone's house, I commented to the husband about how much his wife must do with eBay. Two of the three spots in their three car garage were filled with shoe boxes. He responded that they had like 8 more pallets worth in their basement. Apparently his wife buys return inventory from businesses as well as purchases inventory from places going out of business. Later on at some point, she comes out and we are talking. She gives me her eBay username and tells me to have a look and see if there is anything I or my wife may find that we like. If so, message her, and she'll give us a better price. So that night, I initially look and don't see anything too exciting. I let my wife look and she finds some things, but nothing she really wants. I get back on and look, and happen to see a pair of Hunter rain boots in a size 10. So I message her and tell her we'd be interested in those. Normally they go on eBay for around $80-90 USD from what I saw. She replies and tells me she pulled them, and if I'm around at some point, I can stop by and get them, or she'll give them to her husband and I can get them from him next time I see him out and about. I see him about once a week. I asked her how much though, and her response was, "After all that you've done, these are on the house." So these babies are brand new, and free! Yippee!
  6. Those boots are lovely! Where did you get them from?
  7. Someone had once posted in "Boots and shoes that we wished we owned" about d-squared rain boots. I thought people may be interested to know these gems popped up on eBay.
  8. To clarify, this is NOT my listing. I was browsing and stumbled across these!
  9. New update: so last night, I told my wife about this. She laughed and said that since I banter back and forth with this girl on a regular basis, I should just call her out on it. So I did... It turns out she was checking out my shoes! She had a shoe fetish and had never seen a guy wear shoes like I did and she really liked them. Needless to say we developed a new friendship last night!
  10. So an update... Last week she was not there, but today she was and I was again wearing the same riding boots as before. Unless my eyes deceived me, she definitely snuck a picture of them. I definitely want to approach it now, but not sure how to without it being awkward, especially if she Didn't take a picture...
  11. Pictures?
  12. I had bought my wife some boots from Nine West a couple of years ago, and loved the quality. Normally I wouldn't spend a lot of money on boots from eBay, but they were NIB, and I knew the quality would be good. I wore them out last night under jeans and they were surprisingly comfortable.
  13. My new Nine West Sabora boots. <3
  14. So talking with a female coworker who is out of state yesterday, I made the joke that they should make heels with safety toes and EH safe. Granted, it'd be hard to do my job in heels, but I put my black boots on with my current work pants, fleece lined women's pants from Eddie Bauer, and thought it looked good...
  15. So I love my wife, and there are a million reasons! Now, there's one more! I had shown her these boots a few days ago, and she had been on the fence about letting me get them. Not because of how feminine they are, because she is still getting used to that, but she is frugal and didn't know about me spending that much money. However, I was sad to see they sold out of my size, 10, until I found them on eBay brand new in box for $74.99! This morning, she told me she loved me, and finally gave in, letting me order them! I have to wait a looooong while before I bug her for more boots, but this will make the experience of getting these and showing them off that much more significant! Here is the link to them on the Nine West website: I purchased them in black.