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  1. Yeah these aren’t really noticeable at all other than the narrow back. Again, I have no doubt that people noticed, but no one gave a negative reaction
  2. It was my Sore Lexi wedges. Adding a picture here.
  3. I've had a cold for what seems like two weeks now, so I am sorry I haven't really posted in here. It really is mostly in your head: These past two weeks since we've been back from visiting family in Kentucky has been filled with all of us getting sick, lol. I think my wife and I are the last ones to go through it in the family, and we're almost over the hurdle, so thank God. 1) Church - I posted previously about wearing some "noticeable" heels to church right before the holiday break, and while some people noticed, no one said anything. So this past Sunday, I decided to do something similar, yet different. My wife and I bought some new Sorel Lexi Wedges for Christmas presents to ourselves, and I was really enjoying wearing them. Now with any of my bootcut jeans and khakis, they aren't all that noticeable unless I am sitting down. So I think I did something similar before with my brown Joan of Arctic wedge boots, which is to wear them instead with skinny jeans, so more of the boot is noticeable. Now I know they are wedges, but people still notice. Walking in to church, we ran into a couple we had not seen in a while and found out they're expecting. We were excited and continued some conversation before going in to church. The husband took notice of my shoes but said nothing. I am honestly not sure if the wife did? None the less, nothing was said, so awkward looks/sneers/comments, etc. When church had ended, we were out in the lobby area, and I was holding my daughter while talking to another guy I hadn't seen in a while. While chatting with him, I noticed a couple, I'd venture in their 50s, having a chat and conversation about my shoes, lol. They were pointing, and appeared to be having a serious discussion about them. I caught the wife's eye and we just simply exchanged a smile and continued on. 2) Work - This is where I have been more bold lately, but not yet up to the same level as church. At work, I deal with a group of guys who are the mechanics at our office. I've worked in the mechanic environment, and know what kind of harm it can sometimes cause to someone that doesn't "fit in." So needless to say, I've been a little more conservative with my heeling at work because I am around these guys a lot. However, seeing as how my wedge boots go relatively unnoticed in my mind, I decided to try wearing them this week for a couple of days under my jeans/khakis. First off, more people noticed than I originally thought. I only notice this because I am aware, and a people watcher. I tend to pay attention to those around me and see where they're looking, etc. While people seemed to notice, again, no negative comments, weird stares, sneers, jeers, laughs, or anything of a sort that would make me uncomfortable. I even decided to wear my skinny jeans one day with them to really show them off. That morning, I was walking back to my desk after getting coffee, and this girl kept pace behind me all of the way to the steps. As we got close to the steps, she walked up next to me, and without saying anything, gave me a big smile, looked back down at my shoes, and went ahead of me. I take that as a compliment, and it felt good. So my experience these past couple of weeks, while I'm not wearing substantially noticeable heels, is that yes people do notice. However, at least in this area of the country, people don't mind or find it odd in the least. However, IF they do, they've apparently been taught well enough to keep their negative remarks to themselves, ha!
  4. Yeah... not getting rid of it
  5. I don’t recall if you’ve ever mentioned this before, but in the snow/ice conditions, have you ever considered getting some wedge boots that have a more traction friendly sole? You could still achieve a 3-4” heel height and hopefully have better traction in less than stellar walking conditions.
  6. Thanks for all of the feedback and discussion! I must say that I do have a pair of “high-waist” jeans that I could try the body suit with, but I admittedly don’t like the look of them on me. I don’t doubt that natural waist lines differ between men and women, which if I have a higher waist line than normal so be it. However, comfort plays a big part in this for me as I assume it would most other people. That being said, I’ve never worn anything crazy high waisted and felt comfortable. For contrast however, two coworkers were curious how it would look with a skirt. I figured no harm in getting another look to it, so I went all black. Let me know what you all think! Also, previously someone mentioned that making sure the body suit goes low enough on the sides so that no skin is exposed when wearing the lower rise jeans. I did not think about that originally, so I appreciate that point! I was lucky enough however that the bodysuit sat low enough so no skin was exposed.
  7. The outfit looks amazing! The Tesla comment stands out since I work for them lol
  8. You mean my bulging love handles?!
  9. Well I got received my first ever bodysuit today... what do you think? Initial reaction is that I like the look/idea, but not sure how I feel about a mock neck. Been wearing it all day at work without any issues.
  10. Thanks for the info! I think I’m going to try one of my cardigans with the one I got first.
  11. Thanks for the early feedback. I went ahead and ordered a mock neck one in black from Forever 21, so I’ll have to update when it comes in. @CAT, I looked at the Wolford site, and YOWZA! For an introduction into bodysuits, that’s not a cheap route. But looking through the selection, they look really nice, and there’s a few I’d be more than happy to own. I don’t know what exactly I’d wear over it, as the neck would definitely show with even my men’s sweaters. I’ll have some time to figure it out I guess lol. As well, going to the bathroom will be an interesting one too...
  12. So in a discussion with a couple of coworkers, I think I am now convinced to try a bodysuit for a couple of reasons: 1) I tried on a skirt for the fun of it, and actually thought it looked nice, except for the sock bulge at the front. A bodysuit supposedly would help with that. 2) While I have lost weight, I’m still working on losing my love handles, and apparently a bodysuit could help minimize this? I’ve seen there’s both men’s and women’s, but women’s bodysuits actually have some styles that could also be worn by themselves as tops? Does anyone here have any experience with this? If so, please provide feedback. The ones I’m looking at are inexpensive enough, $15 for a basic black one. I’m thinking maybe just pull the trigger for one and see what it’s like. -Jeff
  13. Good morning from Kentucky, and Happy New Year! Leading up to last night’s festivities, I had made the decision that I wanted to quit actively hiding my heeling from some close friends and family. I didn’t go announce anything on Facebook, but I did make a New Year’s post on my Instagram account that has some followers who are coworkers, friends, etc. who don’t know yet about this side of me. While I haven’t gotten any amazingly wonderful supportive comments, the fact that no one has freaked out, stopped following me, etc. in the past 8 hours is nice, lol. A few friends on there who I knew would be supportive have liked it and that makes me happy. I hope to put myself out there more in the new year and perhaps help others find the courage to do so as well. You are more than welcome to find my heeling account by looking for straight.in.heels
  14. My family and I are back in Louisville, KY for the holidays... So I wore my new Sorel wedges out to dinner last night with my parents, my wife, and our kids. I paired them with my skinny jeans and a blue t-shirt, similar to the post on the previous page that was quoted at the top of this one. We went to a local place that makes amazing burgers. I ended up in the seat at the table that showed off my choice of footwear quite easily, and I may have done that on purpose, lol. While I got a couple of looks, no one said anything, and I was so preoccupied that I didn’t even see much else if anyone even reacted to it. However, there was a couple at the bar that noticed and I assume kept talking about me in heels even as we were leaving. This couple was waking out behind us, and I heard a short bit from the guy... “I bet his feet are hurting. I’d be ok with it if...” Number one, my feet weren’t hurting in the least, they’re wedges! Number two, what situation would it have to be for that guy to be ok with another guy in heels? I assume he likely was going to say if I was gay, no kids, or something of the sort. Sigh, a sign I’m back in a conservative area lol.
  15. Ha! Yeah, the church we attend now definitely personifies what I imagine from an open/inviting church. What I mean is that if anyone has taken notice, they really don’t care, or not enough to say anything to me. That being said, the church we attended when we were living in Indiana claimed to be an open/inviting church, but you could definitely tell it wasn’t unless you conformed and acted like them. They were definitely a conservative Christian church. Moving to California revealed some of the member’s true colors before we left, and I am thankful we don’t see those people anymore. I love how you think I’m going to be able to pull off 5” stilettos! I usually stick with thicker heels, but I guess you never know.
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