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  1. I have never bought anything such as Louboutin off of Poshmark. The scary side to spending that much money is not knowing whether they are real or not. I do not know if they have any protections for a buyer who buys with the intent of getting a genuine designer name, but ends up with a pair of knock-offs. I haven’t had any experience with the site called ‘TheRealReal,’ but they claim that they verify all of the products listed are genuine and not imitation. They also have good pricing as well on there. -Jeff
  2. Ok, so I know I need to update this and cover at least the topic of heels at work; a subject I brought up a while back. However, I felt I should post this picture because this is my mood this morning. I believe I have posted a picture of the coffee mug before, but sitting out back enjoying some coffee this morning, it just felt right in heels.
  3. I have contemplated starting one with my wife. We would cover many things, splitting it into her stuff, my stuff, family stuff, etc. We haven’t quite gotten there yet, but brainstorming has started. I definitely want to have one though that covers my heeling, if nothing else. By the way @Tallboots I just realized I follow you on Instagram.
  4. Welcome back Yulia! I hope all is well for you too!
  5. I’ve used it quite a few times. Shipping - most of the items I’ve purchased have come in a non-descript box. If the seller has the original box, they usually put that in another box. If they don’t have a box, they usually get a priority shipping box from USPS. That’s how all of the items are shipped, through the postal service. Sizing - The way the sizing selection works is what I would consider wonky. I am a size 10 in women’s, which over time I’ve come to recognize as an EU 41. However, on Poshmark, they say US 10 is actually an EU 40. I’ve bought some shoes not paying attention to this and ended up with them being too small. Some examples of this include Aldo, who usually sizes their shoes primarily in EU sizes. So if someone goes to list shoes that are an EU 40, they still get flagged as a 10. As well, Hunter typically runs big. A US size 10 is really closer to a size 42, which is too big for a US10. For Hunter, if you want to find a shoe that fits, you have to select a size 9 when you search. Overall I say it’s a good resource, but make sure to ask questions such as additional pictures and if there are any flaws or signs of wear. I hope this helps and feel free to reach out with any additional questions.
  6. I dated a girl some years ago who had these boots by Calvin Klein called Riana. The front of the shaft was a smooth leather and the back was textured. They weren’t the highest of heels but to me they were wonderful. She happened to be the same size as me, and there were quite a few times that I would secretly try them on when she wasn’t around. I’d still love to have a pair to this day.
  7. KneeBooted

    Cali World

    @Cali are you looking for ankle, mid-calf, or higher for the shaft? I am sorry to read the not-so-great news, but hopefully some changes will help alleviate some pain as well as prolong the need for surgery.
  8. Very true! Been down there a few times now, but haven’t visited any breweries yet. We should plan a meetup at one!
  9. So are you over in Half Moon Bay. We frequent that area and enjoy Half Moon Bay Brewing Co
  10. @Cali I live just over in Newark/Fremont area
  11. Hello, I cannot remember if this podcast has been mentioned before on the site, but I was looking for podcasts related to men in heels and came across an episode that talks about the history of high heels(spoiler alert - it dates back to the 9th-10th century AD.) After listening to that episode, there was another two part episode that I listened to that talked mainly about gender bending clothing, i.e. people wearing clothing that may have been intended for the opposite sex. The episode for the shoes is called Men in Heels, and the two part is called Gender Bending Fashion. -Jeff
  12. We should probably meet up!
  13. Cat, I use an app called ‘Image Size’ and it works great!
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