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  1. Hello fellow heelers! It has been a long time, too long for sure. I thought I would also add to the scene out here in the San Francisco area. For starters, I do not live in the big city. I live in an East Bay city that is predominantly Indian and Afghan families. I, as a Caucasian, am a minority. I have been fortunate enough over the past few years of living out here to feel comfortable in being myself. What does that mean? It means unless I am hiking or running, I am always in some kind of heel. That includes work, shopping, even church. I realize this is not everyone’s scenario. However, when it comes to men in heels in the area, I’d say if I’m actually outside the office during the week, I’d maybe see one other male in some kind of heel. I don’t know if any of them have ever noticed me before, but if they have, they’ve never approached. I was pleasantly surprised one day at the office to see a guy in almost knee high riding boots over his dark jeans. They were quite stylish, despite the lack of heel. It is always exciting when I do see other guys out and about in heels, because even though I may not approach them, I’m glad to see it’s slowly “normalizing”. As for side eyes, negative reactions, etc., I have not experienced it or have been aware of it if it has indeed occurred. I hope everyone is doing well and I will hopefully make more of a regular appearance here ☺️
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