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  1. KneeBooted

    Others defending your style

    If someone has ever come to my defense of wearing heels, they’ve certainly never informed me. The only thing I’ve had happen is people have asked other people about my shoe choices when they realized I was wearing women’s shoes, but I politely talked to them later and informed them that I don’t mind if they ask me directly. How did I know they were asking someone else about my heeling? I was standing not 15 feet from them and they did not do a good job of subtly pointing at my shoes and asking another woman “Is he wearing heels?”
  2. KneeBooted

    Crazy Custom Shoes

    They likely came from here https://shoebakery.com/
  3. KneeBooted

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    You should definitely go back and check them out! She said they were very comfortable and easy to walk in.
  4. KneeBooted

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    So for Valentine’s Day, my wife and I did something special for each other and bought each a pair of boots. Hers were brand new and from Macy’s. It’s been more of a struggle to find boots for her because she has wide calves. Actually, she played soccer and might be closer to extra wide calves. But the good news is that she has lost weight and some calf circumference. She is now down to 15.5” which opens up the opportunities again. Anyway, we found these Bandolino Lella boots in a suede material that were on last call for about $51. They fit wonderfully on her and she was super excited! This is the first time we’ve bought her new boots in a while and the smile on her face was priceless. I’ll include a web picture of her purchase. Mine were a purchase from Poshmark. I absolutely love Frye, and I came across these almost gray Regina boots. By default I am not a fan of pointed toes, but I love the back zip and the color just looked amazing. There was a small amount of wear on the sole, but overall they’re in great shape and were only $60. My wife even complimented them which was a plus!
  5. KneeBooted

    Red bottom renting

    Do they have a web based setup for this? Or do you have to just go and ask.
  6. KneeBooted

    Best heels to travel in?

    Too casual IMO. When I travel, I don’t dress to the nines, but I almost always dress to at least a business casual level.
  7. KneeBooted

    The Wonder of Women's Clothes

    I want to add a +1 to this thread. Aside from my heels, a friend of mine when I was younger convinced me to get into wearing women’s jeans to help my lower half look better. I hated the way men’s stuff always looked so baggy and if I wanted well fitting pants/jeans, I would need to spend in upwards of $80. She worked at GAP at the time and helped me find a couple of pairs that looked good, fit well, and amazingly comfortable. I admit that for some reason until that day, I never thought about women’s jeans being more comfortable. Fast forward well over 10 years, and now all of my clothing from the waist down is women’s. I won’t go into detail, but I finally gave up wearing boxers to work because they just bunched up in my jeans. Now that I’ve been out in California for a bit, I’ve started letting my mind wonder about with regard to women’s tops too. I did have those thoughts previously but I usually just let them go, because I was living in a conservative judging area and around some family that didn’t even really know about my heels. The down side though is trying to find good fitting tops. I say it is easier to find bottoms, but it seems there are so many shapes and sizes of tops that I have to venture all over the place. But I won’t let that stop me though. Thanks to @JeffB and your multitude of fashionable posts, I am convinced I will find some that suit me!
  8. KneeBooted

    Best heels to travel in?

    I am a boots guy so I would pick option 2, but the heels do look hot!
  9. KneeBooted

    Best heels to travel in?

    I like the button down shirt option. Part of me would want blue jeans so they would contrast the boots and you could see the whole boot. You should add more pictures of the boots.
  10. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    So tonight I ended up going with one of my oldest pairs in my possession. I’ve had these for probably over 10 years and I just love them! They are Liz Claiborne boots and oh so comfortable. I had the heels recovered in real leather a year or two ago and the cobbler did a horrible job, but I still love them.
  11. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Last night wasn’t anything super interesting, although I did convince myself to wear my Aldo ankle boots. They are a size 40 and definitely not a perfect fit, but for the small amount of scrunched toes, they were comfortable to walk around in. I normally shy away from stilettos but they weren’t horrible to try and maneuver. Haven’t decided for tonight and time is running out lol!
  12. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    So today wasn’t very eventful as I spent most of it at home. But I did venture out to the grocery and wore my Sorel wedges. Now even though I wore these during my last couple of flights, I had some nervousness wearing them to the grocery. Why? I am not sure, but today for some reason, the jeggings didn’t look right when tucked in or pulled over... so I tried something that I had previously mentioned that I wasn’t a big fan of, and that was cuffing them! I know a couple of people took notice, but no one laughed, made mention of them within earshot, etc. So I consider this trip a win.
  13. KneeBooted

    What colour of belt.

    I would go for leather instead of patent. I am not personally a big fan of patent. I am curious to see what this outfit looks like on you. I don’t normally wear pink but I think it goes well with the choice of heels
  14. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Well even though my back is back to normal, I did not end up wearing heels yesterday. But, it was for a good reason! Earlier in the week I was tossing around the idea of hiking this weekend. I asked my friend if she would go with me, and agreed to, depending on the weather. Now when I woke up yesterday morning, I felt lazy and did not want to do anything. But she texted me about 11:30, and so I decided it was now or never to go hiking. I picked her up about 12:30 and off we went to go hike Mission Peak. It’s about 2500 feet in elevation at the top, and the shortest tail to the peak is the steepest. But we trekked through it and made a full loop, to the top and back down, in about 4 hours! It was amazing! We logged about 20k steps and over 8 miles! My legs hurt a bit today but I assure you after I get some stuff down this morning and showered, I will be in heels! Adding a picture of me at the summit!
  15. KneeBooted

    Best heels to travel in?

    I wore my Sorel wedges last time and it was heaven! I didn’t set off the metal detector when I went through TSA(I have precheck so we don’t have to take off our shoes) and they were comfortable for over 8 hours!

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