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  1. I did not realize that they had already filed for bankruptcy, but it appears they’ve been sold to a Chinese firm. https://footwearnews.com/2019/business/retail/lk-bennett-sold-byland-uk-1202770663/
  2. Welcome back! I have bought boots as well from eBay, and I feel like I’ve come across your store on there. What was your eBay user ID and what size heels/boots do you wear?
  3. Well, it appears there is already a fall guide out for 2019. I didn’t get through the entire gallery, but I must say that of what I did scroll through, only a couple really caught my eye that I liked. It’s weird that it is barely spring time yet and we are already discussing the fall season, lol. Feel free to have a look for yourself: https://footwearnews.com/gallery/fall-2019-boot-trends-photos/
  4. Mfr: Colin Stuart Style name: unknown Size: US 10 - true to size Material: patent leather? Heel: 5.25" wedge heel, 1" platform Shaft: 14.25" from top of heel. 14.75" calf circumference Condition: These have never been worn other than to try on. The pictures show where there is a scuff mark on the inside of the right boot. Price: $35 plus shipping
  5. Good morning from the West Coast. I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but most mornings I indulge myself on Yahoo need to see what those fine folks have out there. This morning I was rather surprised to find an article that took note of the fact that someone famous was wearing boots... in the rain! One of the fashionable and royal seeethearts from across the pond was spotted wearing some high heeled boots in the rain... I guess that is very odd in the UK? Anyway, I guess there wasn’t much going on... Here is the link: https://news.yahoo.com/kate-middleton-braves-rain-daringly-143921206.html;_ylt=AwrXoCE7BoBcrlAA3POZmolQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByM3V1YTVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg-- Now in all fairness, it was brought over from a ‘footwear news’ website, but it was only the 5th story down...
  6. So since I got the T-shirt from Old Navy, ive had a desire to start looking more in the “women’s” section at clothing stores. My pants are all from that side of the store, so I figure I’ll look for some more tops. Specifically I have been on the lookout for a new jacket. Ive had a specific idea in mind, and it’s something like a knit jacket that’s not hooded, full front zip and pockets. I kind of like the moto styling, but the problem that I’ve run into is that none of the shops I’ve been in have anything of the sort, unless it’s a $100 or more jacket. I have looked on Poshmark to get some ideas, but the trouble is finding something similar currently in a store. Because tops are new to me, there are so many different possible fits and sizes, that a large in one brand might fit like a medium in another. I have ventured over to sites like Macy’s to view their online catalog since they have a good return policy, but there were over 1000 jackets, and it wasn’t easy to filter down to some of the options I was looking for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Cali, I’ll update later, but the headline states US 10
  8. This is going to be my thread that I use for listing my various boots and shoes for sale. As I sell a pair, or have a new pair that comes up for sale, I will make sure to update the thread. Prices will be posted without shipping calculated. Please feel free to message me and I will get you a quote to ship them to you before you decide to buy. Mfr: Bebe Style name: Daniela Heel: 6" w/ 1" platform Shaft: 23.5" from top of heel. 14.5-15" calf circumference. 18" opening at thigh/top of boot Condition: Worn one time outside form garage to car and back(see picture of soles). Small visible spot of white fabric on outside of left boot. Price: $60 plus shipping Mfr: Indigo Road Style name: Sable Heel: 2.5" block heel Shaft: 15.5" from top of heel. 8" opening(16" calf circumference) Condition: Worn no more than ten times. Small wear spot on back of left boot. Price: $20 plus shipping
  9. I am living out here in the Bay Area now, if you want to touch base.
  10. Well, I can officially say that I have my first top for everyday wear that wasn’t purchased from the men’s section! Recently my wife and I had gone out shopping and I had been on the lookout for a new jacket. That still eludes me, but we ended up in Old Navy looking for stuff for her. In the back of my mind, this thread has been stirring. Mainly I have been envious that there are so many cute options for women and not much marketed to men. Well my wife had tried on a shirt that she didn’t like on her, but I mentioned that it might look good on me. She agreed and I went and picked a couple of larger sizes out. Sure enough, a woman’s large fit quite well! It’s a “football style” shirt with some stripes on it. Now it is not the first top I’ve bought out of a woman’s section. I did that around Christmas at Kohl’s when I got my sweater that said either Naughty or Nice on it. It is though the first one I will wear out on a regular basis. Nothing like entering into an exciting arena!
  11. Well I didn’t post the rest of January, but it was uneventful as I only ended up wearing my Converse wedges. In a different thread though, I had posted about my wife and I getting some new boots for each other on Valentine’s Day. Well tonight was the night we wore them out together. Seeing as how the right boot is still snug on her calf, she opted to wear hers under jeans, as did I. I wanted us to go out to a place called Lazy Dog which is a nice restaurant, usually with lots of people and an opportunity to show off the little bit of visible heel. Unfortunately they had a 45 minute wait just to get seated, which won’t fly with our 18-month old son. In all fairness, I was hungry and didn’t want to wait that long either. We ended up at a chain that my wife hadn’t been to yet, Black Bear Diner. While we weren’t really over dressed, most everyone else was in tennis shoes or sandals. I only saw one woman in some flat heeled ankle boots. I did get a couple of looks at my heels, but no one seemed to laugh, make comments, etc., which again I consider a win. This was also a first as I finally found a woman’s top that my wife and I both liked. It is a ‘football style’ t-shirt from Old Navy. I’ll talk about getting it in another thread. Here are a couple of pictures.
  12. If someone has ever come to my defense of wearing heels, they’ve certainly never informed me. The only thing I’ve had happen is people have asked other people about my shoe choices when they realized I was wearing women’s shoes, but I politely talked to them later and informed them that I don’t mind if they ask me directly. How did I know they were asking someone else about my heeling? I was standing not 15 feet from them and they did not do a good job of subtly pointing at my shoes and asking another woman “Is he wearing heels?”
  13. They likely came from here https://shoebakery.com/
  14. You should definitely go back and check them out! She said they were very comfortable and easy to walk in.
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