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  1. Now I cannot say that I personally know her, but this is my hometown... would you like me to go ask her what her thoughts are regarding men in women’s attire? I did not get any negative vibes from the interview questions either, so I am confused.
  2. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    I know I know, I couldn’t find a Santa hat last night. I definitely would have bought one if I did though! The look I am going for is ‘festive’ and that’s it. I am not too worried about being coordinated in any way. The ‘boxers’ are actually women’s sleep shorts. I thought they looked better and I would actually sleep in them versus the holiday boxers that I would never wear again. Stan, I still need a place! I have been looking around here, but can’t afford anything as nice ad your home yet! I’ve actually been looking at renting a home for now... we will see how that goes.
  3. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Well tomorrow is our work’s Christmas party, and they’ve mentioned that there will be an ugly sweater contest of sorts going on through Friday. Now I would normally be all over the ‘ugly’ side of things, but this year I am going a ‘cute ugly’ route. Let me have those opinions! I will be wearing my red Converse wedges with this outfit! The sequins on the sweater flip to say ‘naughty’
  4. KneeBooted

    Costa in boots

    Well @maninboots I must say that your outings to the coffee shop are truly inspirational. I have only gone to a local coffee shop once in noticeable heels, and even then I was still nervous. Keep it up! -Jeff
  5. KneeBooted

    Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    I was browsing Poshmark and came across these if anyone fancies spending a couple of dollars on me for Christmas! Ha! https://bnc.lt/focc/cGhHLkmdDS
  6. KneeBooted

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I had contemplated a handbag, lol, but it would be big and bulky for everything I usually carry. I am not against a handbag, knapsack of some kind.
  7. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Make sure you post a picture of your outfit!
  8. KneeBooted

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I hope so!
  9. KneeBooted

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I actually said this to my friend the other day. I told her I hadn’t been using the new backpack and she asked why. I told her it was because I had so much stuff and it didn’t all fit. Then I said that I just really need to prioritize what I carry with me as I don’t actually need all of the stuff in my backpack. Maybe this week or next I’ll put forth the effort to downsize.
  10. KneeBooted

    Boot "season"?

    Ah ties, the proverbial ‘noose’ of a man’s attire. I remember a satirical cartoon when I was younger that addressed the tie as such. It was an effort to break out of the expected norm that white collar men should wear suits and ties, or maybe trying to make blue collar jobs seem more appealing. Either way, it stuck out in my mind for many years. I tried my hand at a white collar job, working in management at a bank. I got bored with the routine. Also, surprisingly, I made about half of what I did when I was working on cars. Needless to say, the banking gig was short lived. I don’t wear ties much anymore, but I do love them, and actually collect vintage ties. I only collect ties that are ‘Oscar de la Renta’ as they quit making ties in the 80’s, but not sure when. I have about 40 of their ties?? My wife loves it when I wear them, but I haven’t figured out how I want to incorporate that with my heeling. I wore a bow tie when I got married, because ‘bow ties are cool’(reference). The other tie I have and love is a tie I purchased from Burberry. It’s the check pattern but in a dark color. I’ll have to post a picture sometime.
  11. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Well, I received my first compliment yesterday with regard to my heel wearing. It wasn’t a big win, but a win none the less. I was wearing the outfit in the picture below, because I had gone out looking for homes out here in the Fremont, CA area to rent. I decided I wanted to be comfortable yet ‘me.’ So I went with American Eagle women’s mid-rise jeggings, my red Converse wedges that are suede? My upper outfit consisted of a royal blue T-shirt and a dark blue zip up. My goal was to subtly draw the attention to my shoes. The first house I stopped to look at was being shown by the owners. The wife initially started giving me the tour, and she was a looker. I was disappointed however because she was wearing a pair of Uggs or similar, and I am not a fan of those. At the end of the showing, when I was talking to the husband, I noticed their son trying to coyly point out my shoes to his mom. He said something and I couldn’t pick up what he said, but she nodded yet didn’t laugh or anything. So I hope that was an approving nod. Anyway, on to the compliment. I picked up my friend who moved out here as well and she helped me get some Christmas shopping done and then we just went window shopping at a nearby outlet mall. This mall is where I had recently purchased my two pair of Converse wedges, and my friend was actually curious about getting a pair for herself. The fun thing is, she and I wear the same size, so who knows, I may gift her a pair? Anyway, while in the Converse store, we were looking for wedges and I was a little saddened by the fact that there were no new wedges placed into rotation. They had a pink metallic pair, but neither of us would wear them. As we were looking, an employee came by and she said ‘I love your Converse.’ I said thanks and she asked where I got them as she had never seen that color before. I told her I found them at an outlet in Ohio, to which she responded ‘Nice, yeah we only have the metallic ones here right now.’ It’s like she read my mind. I knew at that moment she knew I was wearing the wedges, if I had any previous doubt. As we were beginning to wrap up in the store, I heard her telling another male shopper that Converse are unisex, so he shouldn’t be worried or something like that. I almost wanted to go back and see which pair he was looking at that made him cautious about public appearance. Anyway, I was a happy shopper the rest of the day. My next goal will be to get a compliment on my actual heeled boots!
  12. KneeBooted

    returning after a bit

    Welcome back and I hope all is well. I love the picture you added. What is the brand and style name of the boots in the picture? The locking metal band is a nice touch. It doesn’t jump out at you and looks more like added detail. Have you ever looked into ‘Refuse to be Usual?’ One of the cool things is that the zippers on the boots can have a lock built in to them so that they can be locked when zipped up. -Jeff
  13. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    Heading out to check out a loca coffee shop and learn some more coding...
  14. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    That is a great idea, @Cali! I have been shoe shopping but only down at the Great Mall in San Jose. I might go there today to look for some shoes for my wife.
  15. KneeBooted

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    So I bit the bullet and said screw it. Heeling makes me happy, so I put on my knee boots with extra long pants in Chicago and wore them until I got home just now. Took out the cushions and my feet actually felt better without them in there. Back to work tomorrow, so no heeling until the weekend lol

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