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  1. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    I am currently living in Palo Alto, but will likely end up in Hayward. Thanks so much for the compliments! Actually, that’s a navy colored jacket. Do you still think it goes together?
  2. KneeBooted

    Word Association Game

  3. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    Well talk about me being indecisive! After @jeremy1986 made the comment about the new “skinny” jeans looking more loose, I shuffled myself back on over to American Eagle and exchanged them for jeggings instead. As it turns out, they are more of a snug fit, as well as comfortable! I got the same color light pair, but the darker pair aren’t as dark as the skinny jeans I had originally picked up. Anyway, here are the two NEW options that lay before me. Thoughts please.
  4. Those set off the metal detector? Wow.
  5. So I read through the article, and while I definitely like the article, the thing I can’t help but notice is the focus on stilettos. I don’t disagree the points made about stilettos being femme in society, but I think block heels and even wedges still suffer the gender stereotypes and “gawks” from people who aren’t used to men in heels in general. I have only just shed my concern for wedge shoes thanks to my Converse wedges, but I still am leery about wearing edge sandals or block heels in plain view. Maybe this upcoming flight home will allow me to push my envelope and shed my fear/apprehension.
  6. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    I looked at the pictures again this morning, and I must say the light colored jeans do look more loose than the others... I normally buy American Eagle jeans, and had been going as low as a 10, but I bought size 12 last night because I though the 10s made my love handles stick way out... I haven’t washed them or taken the tags off yet, maybe a wash will do the trick? But thanks for the feedback!
  7. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    Just to clarify, which photo shows as #6? Per my viewing, 4 is the jeans tucked in, 6 is the knee boots under jeans.
  8. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    The jacket is navy, which the pictures don’t do it justice in showing that. I am not sure of the fabric, it’s just a basic blazer. But yeah, it’d be navy blazer, denim, and potentially black boots. With TSA, I have pre-check, so no need to remove shoes as long as metal detector doesn’t go crazy, which for the black boots, I wouldn’t think that would be the case.
  9. KneeBooted

    Help me decide an outfit

    Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I would like your opinion on deciding an outfit! I have very limited options out here in California at the moment since I am not fully moved out here yet. But, I brought a few things and tonight, decided I’d put a couple of outfit ideas together. The reason for this is that I am heading back home a week from this coming Friday, and trying to decide on my travel outfit. It is supposed to be cold back home in southern Indiana, and possibly rainy. Please feel free to reply with your vote on which outfit you think should be my “fly home” attire! I put a picture of the jacket and black boots together on here to show the color difference. I’ve no idea if black and navy can go together. **UPDATE** So tonight I went and bought new skinny jeans because the pair I had actually didn’t fit well. But I bought two pair, light and dark. IF I wear my jeans tucked into boots... which looks better, light or dark? I added new photos...
  10. KneeBooted

    Leviticus Fashions promos on YT

    So would you say that they maybe run a bit large? I am a 10 and have been wanting to get a pair...
  11. KneeBooted

    Looks like I’m moving...

    Well I thought I should post an update. I am currently in Rock Springs, WY and hanging out while the car charges. It’s been an uneventful drive. The scenery has been pretty and the weather has been in the 70s, but now in Wyoming, it’s hanging out in the low-mid 40s. I will get into Palo Alto sometime tomorrow. I haven’t been wearing any heels on the trip because I’ve been sitting in the car the majority of the time. I did bring some with me, but I probably won’t break them out until tomorrow lol
  12. KneeBooted

    Looks like I’m moving...

    There’s definitely still a level of nervousness surrounding the move. You could almost say I’m shaking in my boots... ha!
  13. KneeBooted

    Looks like I’m moving...

    Wow, so many responses in my absence! First off, I want to say that I welcome any and all feedback, regardless if it is providing pros or cons. @SF I am actually looking in the Palo Alto area. Where exactly in South Bay are you? I have no problem adding on a commute. @HappyinHeels I actually have been out to the Bay Area multiple times for work. Before I made the decision to accept the job offer, my wife and I took a long hard look at what finances will be like. In the beginning, it will be tight until we get established. I have looked and know that I cannot afford any reasonably comparable home to what we have now. We are exploring the manufactured housing option, as the mortgage payment combined with space rent is actually cheaper than some rentals. Some of the times I have been out there, I’ve had locals talk to me about how bad the housing is. Out of respect I hope no bashing occurs, but I work for Tesla, a company which people say has been one of the companies responsible for the housing increase. My wife and I have had multiple discussions as this is not actually the first job opportunity to take me to Cali. The first one was a clear no-brainer that it wouldn’t work. This go around, they met me at 90% of everything I was looking to get. My wife and I have both lived in the Louisville area our entire lives. It will not be easy adjusting especially with a one year old. But there are positive outlooks, and I know I’m not there forever. If it doesn’t work out, we can always move back. The way I look at it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Plus I’ll probably get more heeling in thanks to the great weather!
  14. Well everyone, some exciting news for me and my immediate my family... It apppears 95% certain that I’ll be taking a promotion which will have me moving to California, specifically the Palo Alto or Fremont area, South Bay in general. If this last approval goes through, I’ll be starting out there October 8, woohoo! Haven’t made it public yet because there’s that 5% chance...
  15. KneeBooted

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    What brand are the last ones there

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