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  1. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I am jealous of how many pairs of Sorel you have! I am currently at two pair.
  2. Looking for long pants to go over pumps

    @bambam I used to wear Gap brand women's jeans, but I found that their mid-rise didn't sit well for me. I now only wear American Eagle brand jeans. The style I wear is Kick Boot, and they used to make them in khaki and denim. I use PoshMark which is a site/app like eBay but for clothing, shoes, etc only. I've never paid more than $20 for pants on there. They make the style in regular, short, long, and extra long. The extra long inseam is 36". Hope this helps!
  3. Who has bought some new shoes

    What outfit did you wear them with?
  4. So with the leggings aspect, there is one main reason, and the decision to wait came after talking with a female friend who is aware of my heeling etc. While I have not posted any pictures or updates, I am in the middle of seriously trying to reshape my body. Since January 1, as all New Year's resolutions start, I am down 18 lbs and one pants size! My goal is 30 lbs and two pants sizes. I normally would wear a 12, am a tight 10, and hope to achieve some sort of an 8 when all is said and done. Because of this, even though they make stretch leggings, I want to be at my final goal/size before buying any more pants related items. I'm already a little bummed because a bunch of jeans and pants I recently bought off PoshMark are now starting to fit on the loose/too loose end and will inevitably be resold or donated. So while nervousness plays a small part, the big part is my weight loss and reshaping!
  5. I'm curiously wanting to get into leggings... so sure!
  6. I would say my favorite style has to be knee high with a 4" heel, stiletto or chunky heel.
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I know, right?! I'm super bummed this pair doesn't fit well enough. I'm pretty sure my wife saw me pout when I tried them on, lol
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    So I discovered the app/website called PoshMark a while back, and had found some boots and shoes I liked, but hadn't really pulled the trigger. But I finally had sold my Hunter rain boots on there(I decided I wanted a matte pair instead of gloss, but I'm not worried about getting them yet), and decided to get some boots! The first pair is Sorel Conquest Carly. They are a size 10, true to size, and super comfortable to wear over or under jeans! They're meant for snow, and although we don't really have any here, I figure it's best to be prepared! The next pair I purchased were some amazingly cute ankle boots from Aldo! I would be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to get these and wear them out! However, as I learned after receiving them, PoshMark seems to size things weird. They were listed as a 10 because according to the app/site, a 40 UK is a 10 US. Well, they don't fit... more like a 9-9.5? I can get them on, but my feet hurt and I don't think any kind of stretching will help. So I am going to sell them on here and see if there are any takers. I was super disappointed... Last, but not least, I was browsing eBay, looking through a seller's items who I happen to know personally. She buys returned inventory, etc. from places like DSW, etc. and then sells them on eBay. I had been wanting some Sorel Joan of Arctic wedges, and she finally got a pair in my size! I purchased them last night and will hopefully have them this week! Sode note: between these purchases and the shoes I will have posted about in The Who Has Bought New Shoes thread, my wife told me I've hit my limit, lol! So no more purchases for a good while. But, happy wife, happy life! So the order is out of wack in the post above! pictures are ordered this way: Sorel Joan of Arctic Aldo Aldo Sorel Conquest Carly Sorel Conquest Carly Sorel Joan of Arctic
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    These look wonderful! I have some knee high Nine West boots, and love how comfortable they are.
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    They do have that LL Bean look to them. I should've added brand and style... They called Conquest Carly by Sorel.
  11. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    So they don't have high heels, but I purchased these beauties yesterday on Poshmark. Unfortunately they'll arrive next Tuesday while I'm in California. It never hurts to have cute snow boots!
  12. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    How would I use that code in the picture?
  13. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    Can someone help identify the style name for this shoe? I know it is Nine West. I reached out to the person who sold them on Poshmark and she didn't remember.
  14. The Adventures of kneehighs...

    would you post a picture of your outfit?
  15. My first public heel adventure

    This is the motivation I need to lose weight!

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