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  1. So during this time, one thing that has been a positive is that Frye will donate $1 to Feeding America for every post on Instagram that they are tagged in along with adding the hashtag #athomewithfrye. You don’t even have to own a pair of Frye shoes to participate. As an added bonus, one winner each week for four weeks starting April 3 will be chosen to receive a pair of Frye of their choosing. So far I’m the only guy to post with heeled Frye boots, but I’d encourage you all if you are on Instagram to make a post if nothing else to have Frye donate more money. Here’s the outfit I chose...
  2. With all of this time off I think I may get a few items to try some different looks although I only have khakis and jeans for bottoms. I’ll try to post what I find and will welcome feedback
  3. @mlroseplant I usually look for t-shirts at Old Navy because they routinely go on sale for $6/each. But I never buy women’s shirts from there because to buy a size to fit my chest area, the bottom of the shirt is too wide. I.E. they don’t make slim fit shirts. https://www.target.com/p/women-39-s-slim-fit-short-sleeve-crewneck-fitted-t-shirt-a-new-day-8482-black-l/-/A-77863726 That is the link to the shirt I bought. Yes I get crew neck because to me the v-neck on most women’s shirts comes too low. I used to try and avoid the basic t-shirt look for warm weather, but lately I’ve been finding that I prefer short sleeves to long sleeves. If you have any suggestions for ideas to look at, I’ll glad welcome them!
  4. What brand are they? They look wonderful
  5. Well we are dealing with Shelter in Place here in the Bay Area which means stay home unless you’re essential for work or have a darn good reason to go out. Aside from that, I took a couple of days off so that we could work on potty training our son. This extra time leads me to start shopping online... So in an effort to find some more shirts, I went back to browsing the Target app and found some t-shirts that were Target’s in-house brand called A New Day. They were on sale for $5 so I figured what the heck. As a trial though, I only ordered black. The fit seems a little tight but good. I think the next size up would’ve been a bad fit. I put together with it my skinny jeans from American Eagle and Nine West knee high boots.
  6. So I plan to be in the San Francisco pride parade again this year for work. Last year I wore my shiny silver Converse wedges. This year, I decided I need to wear these wedges from Shoe Bakery, but can’t justify spending $325 for a pair of shoes I’ll wear possibly only once. What would you do?
  7. @JeffB while the synopsis of all of your jaunts are a great read, I must say that I enjoy the ones where the knee high boots make an appearance.
  8. Very nice looking. I highly doubt I could manage more than 5 minutes in a pair of shoes with a heel that high.
  9. Hello everyone, I hope these past couple of weeks have treated everyone as well as can be expected. I didn't get a chance to post until now because life has been so wonderfully busy between home and work. I want to start with last weekend because it by far has been my most daring adventure with heels to church. Some time ago I had asked my followers on Instagram which boots I should wear to church one day. They voted and decided I should wear my Frye Regina boots which have a 4" cone heel and pointed toe. I would say they are the most feminine looking when it comes to the toe box. Anyway, my wife reassured me that I would be fine, and she ended up wearing some of her pointed toe ankle boots as well. Regardless of her wearing pointed toe boots, I still felt incredibly nervous. For one, it was the first time I'd be wearing that high of a heel to church. Secondly, the pointed toe box to me seemed a dead giveaway. We stopped at a local coffee shop on the way and took the kids inside. Being a people watcher, I watched everyone else to see if anyone noticed my heels. While there were one or two that gave a second look, most everyone seemed focused on their tea, coffee, or whatever they had at their table. I don't recall getting any laughs, awkward glances, or sour looks from anyone. It's almost as if, wait for it, they didn't care. That gave me a little bit of a boost to go into church. We always seem to run behind and this Sunday was no different. Service had already started as far as the music goes, and we were unloading the kids when one fellow member also named Jeff called to me from across the parking lot. I was nervous for some reason, but turned around and waved and returned a 'Hi Jeff' to him. Since we are late, and have an infant, we always sit in the back. Upon walking in and being greeted, I didn't notice anyone in particular eyeing my shoes, so all seemed well. During service I noticed two women who couldn't seem to get enough of my shoes. The first was a woman who sat next to us in our row. She kept trying to sneak a glance down at them. With the pants pulling up from sitting, she had a clear view of them. The other was actually a mother and daughter sitting across the aisle from us. They've noticed my wedges before, and I've come to notice that if they come in after us, they conveniently sit somewhere to be able to see my shoes. This Sunday however, they were there before us, and I ended up giving them a nice view of my heels today. The mother and daughter sometimes wear boots, but usually low heels, no more than 2" I'd say. After service was a completely different story. As people made their way out into the lobby, it was as if the flood gates opened. The sound of the heel combined with the pointed toe box seemed to draw attention like no other. The attention was mainly from women, but there were a few guys who were caught off guard by the noise of heels being attached to a guy. I think my favorite reaction was this couple that greets for the second service. A few weeks back, I started noticing the wife checking out my shoes and pointing them out to her husband. This Sunday I didn't make it all the way into the lobby as I had stopped to talk to the other Jeff whilst holding my daughter. I took a glance and saw the wife looking for me. When she did, she looked down and I saw her eyes grow big and she had a huge smile on her face. She eagerly poked her husband to get his attention and check out my shoes. I don't think they're laughing at me. I think they thoroughly enjoy seeing what shoes I have on each week. I was feeling good at this point and turned in such a way as to show off the side profile a bit better for them. I swear they never stopped looking at my shoes until I was out of their line of sight. Anyway, I strutted out still holding my daughter and went to get my son from the child care area. There were quite a few younger women who kept glancing at my shoes. One I believe had seen me from behind and couldn't believe a guy was wearing heels. She came around to the front of me to get a glance at me. I was looking at her the entire time, and when she looked up and saw me looking at her, she just smiled and turned around to go on her way. At the end of it all, it felt amazing to have worn a significant pair of heels like that to church and have nothing bad happen. In all fairness though, I spent time putting myself together, so a compliment would have been appreciated, lol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now we get to today. Today our daughter was one of three babies that were part of a baby dedication that is done at church. It's essentially the church placing a blessing on them, but no baptism. After last Sunday's HUGE win, I was feeling an amazing high going into the weekend. However, the thought of going up on stage in front of the church had me wary about wearing heels. We decided we would pick out our outfits on Saturday night, so we wouldn't be rushed this morning. My wife ended up going with a green dress and her Naturalizer boots. She wore the same outfit about a month ago and really liked the look. I decided I would wear the boots that I wore that weekend as well, but my wife wanted me to wear something other than jeans. I decided to throw on my green American Eagle kick boot khakis that I usually wear for work. For shirts, I chose my burgundy colored sweater that I had bought from Target. Of the three husbands, I was definitely the most well dressed, as the other two wore jeans and tennis shoes. I for some reason was nervous about the idea of being up on stage, even in a subtle 2.25" heel. Once I got up there though, I realized that the way the lights were, I couldn't really see anyone in the audience, so it didn't matter. One of the other moms was wearing some riding boots which looked cute. After service, we ran into an older couple and their daughter (mid 20s IIRC), all of whom we hadn't seen in a while. We exchanged hellos and the daughter complimented how nice our daughter looked and then added that I do as well. It threw me off to get a compliment, but I thanked her and we went on our way. The couple who greets for second service was not as delighted as the previous Sunday when I wore my 4" heeled boots, but they did seem to have a conversation pointing back and forth to both my boots and my wife's boots. I suspect they were trying to figure out if they were the same style. So as far as church outings go, I have attracted quite a lot of attention from my heel wearing, but once again, the world and life as I know it did not end. I have no doubt that I'll come across a negative reaction eventually as the math is there to prove it. However, the lack of anything negative seems to further push my confidence in wearing higher and more noticeable heels on a regular basis. I am still not as comfortable at work, but I am working on that. I am going to add pictures into my gallery since I have multiple photos that will put me over the size limit. Please feel free to look and give me feedback!
  10. Here’s a better picture of the boots in question. I don’t argue that this look is primarily seen on women these days, but I have seen that this look isn’t uncommon among European men. @mlroseplant I wouldn’t be opposed to dressing nicer for church, but it’s definitely something that would be far more out of the ordinary than me in heels I would assume. I appreciate the support and want to push the envelope further for sure. @pebblesf I am blessed with smaller feet. I wear size 10 US in most women’s brands and thankfully it’s allowed me to have a variety of choices. I feel bad for those that have a harder time with larger sizes, but I’ve seen sites like OnlyMaker that have larger sizes available which gives me hope for them.
  11. I haven't posted in a while but I’ve been present just reading through other threads when I have a moment here and there. Work has been and will continue to be busy for the next few months. Combine that with family life and unfortunately this forum is getting crumbs at the moment. I apologize for that but wanted to provide an update. I finally got a pair of boots and wore them over jeans, albeit they have only about an inch heel. I have been on the quest for an engineer style boot. I wanted something mid calf and with a zipper, as I prefer that to the combat boot look. I originally found some Frye boots on Poshmark, but they were listed for $200, and I just couldn’t bring myself to make a reasonable offer, as nice as they looked. Fortunately, patience paid off and I found a pair of J. Crew boots that I was able to get for $75. I wore them under jeans to work on Friday, but wore them over jeans today for church. For once, I thought this look was more feminine than my wife thought it was. Either way, as usual, there were no negative comments, although I did get some noticeable looks. None of those looks however were of a negative nature from what I could tell. Feel free to let me know what you think.
  12. I am not quite there yet with jeans tucked in, but we will see how I progress. There has definitely been a few couples that have started noticing my/our heels, but no one has commented. Although, to be fair, we didn’t really hang around after service this past Sunday as we needed to get my son to his swim lesson.
  13. This Sunday has been uneventful. Sure we are watching the Super Bowl now, but prior to that, we had church which is our biggest action outside of the house today. We both took a different approach on wearing our very similar Naturalizer boots and green tops. Who wore it better, lol
  14. I must admit I am looking forward to the point where someone asks me why I’m not in heels either!
  15. I feel your pain @mlroseplant. While Poshmark is great for finding good deals on pre-loved shoes, I have had similar scenarios. I’ve not yet had any shoes arrive in such bad shape that I had to decline the purchase, but it does suck when people just don’t seem to care.
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