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  1. I would say somewhere around 2.5".
  2. So this past Saturday, my wife and I traveled to Simpsonville, KY to visit an outlet mall. We've been to this one before, but since discovering Converse wedges in Ohio, I wanted to see what this place had to offer. The pair that I ended up purchasing only cost about $28 because they were on clearance. On our anniversary trip to Ohio, we purchased this same color pair for my wife. What was unique about this purchase, was that when I wore them to church this past Sunday, one of the girls noticed. Now I have worn the red suede wedges before, but no one seemed to pick up on it. I eventually texted her after church and confirmed her assumption that they were wedges. She just said they were a "cool pair of shoes!" Who knew?
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what was the sellers username?
  4. @JeffB I thought I would let you know that you're semi-famous! I googled 'men in skirts and heels' earlier and look who showed up!
  5. Order the sandals!
  6. You stop wearing boots? A friend of mine and I were having this discussion. She feels that once it passes the 70 deg F on a regular basis for the highs, she puts hers away. However, I have another female friend who wears her riding boots almost up to 90 deg F outside. What is your comfort zone? And if you wear them when it does get warmer out, do you still wear stockings, socks, etc. with them?
  7. I personally haven't measured it, but according to the site, it is only about 2.5" the site specifically says 2.44
  8. So today my wife and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We went up to Cincinnati to shop at IKEA yesterday, and went outlet shopping up in Monroe. I admit I didn't think an opportunity would come about to convince my wife to get wedge sneakers, but because they were on sale, we both got a pair! I will post a picture of hers later, but these are mine. They came with red laces but I really liked the look of the white laces in there.
  9. So with my wife out of town, I am breaking in some old boots I haven't worn in a while. However, I noticed tonight that the sole on the one is starting to separate. Does anyone have any ideas on the best option to reattach them?
  10. I've been in cincinnati an awful lot lately. I responded in my Fremont thread that I am actually overdue to be out there...
  11. It's been too long since I've been. I'm overdue to be back out there, actually. Work hasn't gotten their stuff together though, lol
  12. I really like these boots! As I am a size 10, I may need to look for a pair for myself. I have a slightly similar looking pair of boots.
  13. Looks good to me! Do you know what the style name is of them?
  14. Ok, so here is my newest pair that I've acquired. I know I usually have a lengthy back story, but here lately, they've been interesting. So with my job, I usually go to people's homes pretty regularly. This past week when I was at someone's house, I commented to the husband about how much his wife must do with eBay. Two of the three spots in their three car garage were filled with shoe boxes. He responded that they had like 8 more pallets worth in their basement. Apparently his wife buys return inventory from businesses as well as purchases inventory from places going out of business. Later on at some point, she comes out and we are talking. She gives me her eBay username and tells me to have a look and see if there is anything I or my wife may find that we like. If so, message her, and she'll give us a better price. So that night, I initially look and don't see anything too exciting. I let my wife look and she finds some things, but nothing she really wants. I get back on and look, and happen to see a pair of Hunter rain boots in a size 10. So I message her and tell her we'd be interested in those. Normally they go on eBay for around $80-90 USD from what I saw. She replies and tells me she pulled them, and if I'm around at some point, I can stop by and get them, or she'll give them to her husband and I can get them from him next time I see him out and about. I see him about once a week. I asked her how much though, and her response was, "After all that you've done, these are on the house." So these babies are brand new, and free! Yippee!
  15. Those boots are lovely! Where did you get them from?