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    Love Shopping for clothes Online and browse in stores in my spare time. Wearing clothes that woman would die for with envy.

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  1. MackyHeels

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    Let me first state love your style something I would wear if I had size feet like you size 9 woman’s lucky you. Not to be judgemental or rain on your parade specifically but needed to be said to others and myself included. Read an article somewhere a few days ago which was identifying/defining psychological misthinking related to the consequences of our actions. One of the definitions made me think of this forum. It gave an example of a person doing something that is not generally accepted behavior of attire and being convinced that the other person liked it envied us. The example was based on purposeful actions wanting to be seen in public flaunting ourselves than truly accidental ordinary everyday occurrences. Since most of the important heeling actions by our group are mostly done publicly and most of our descriptions of the situation include a statement of the other person enjoying it, it is very likely that we are falsely making a conclusion. I know I always feel that our stories have gone into the "creative" stage when the writer states how much the individual was observing our outfits. Among the other false conclusions our members make me being one. These are all just a quirk of nature--our wanting something so badly that we fail to think clearly. Have to be guilty of it myself. Often believing when woman stare upon my outfits they are infatuated or envious of me. What I experience in cold hard fact is most woman find my style nice. Yet believe it is absolutely wrong for any male to be wearing it regardless of how well you may intially appear. Keep on doing what we do heels skinny jeans look great despite what others reactions onto us may be. Never assume what others may think of us. Compliments have sweet sound echoing in my ears. I try not to take it seriously as when some makes negative comment I overhear. My strategy is ignore females that stare upon my outfits or body so i'm not one that is perceived begging for attention or approval. Often I notice some attractive females expect men to look at them. Often these females wrongly take a simple glance upon them as validation they appear pretty and attractive. If they notice someone like myself not paying attention to attractive female they get self conscious of their appearance looking themselves over as what’s wrong with my outfit or body appearing to bland. Or when i do glance noticing there outfit and body shape they have a smart smirking demeanour maybe believing to themselves he definitely noticed me. Misthinking that i envy to wear their stylish clothes or want my booty to be more shapely as there's. Woman often observing me wear stylish female gym outfits can conclude i compare themselves to them. Envying the feminine qualities they enjoy, thus must be in competition with there styles, to there amused reactions. Few comments i overheard about me by woman telling others with amused smile "he's precious", "OMG!" "wish i had his legs so skinny", "like to have his butt", "nice body", Ok he has a good body i give him that but the clothes he wears have issues with that". Few times i caught unknown to woman through mirror staring upon my wedgie legging covered buttocks during a pause of there leg workout in the gym. Observing there shocked open mouth surprised reactions of me trying to figure out what they maybe thinking even though observing me often months on end. So too we do the same when people ignore our bold unconventional outfits. Asking ourselves why aren’t people looking at me more, what’s wrong with what I’m wearing.
  2. MackyHeels

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Difficult to say personal or sexual gratification in wearing heels depending on my mood. When i wear an outfit only heels that can only work it's not as enjoyable but necessary, so my attitude is just ordinarily normal. Liking it when it’s cold outside you wear more clothing to coverup your bare skin. When it’s warmer you shed the fabric off your skin making it feel more comfortable. Just like going to the beach or pool wearing little or nothing on. It is acceptable but in the right atmosphere, surroundings and mindset it can get very sensual. Unless the outfit becomes alluring or racy then yes it can become erotic joy seeing oneself all dolled up. Yet any heeling done out in public any gratification goes out the window. Only because the anxiety it poses from reactions of others. This can easily rain on my emotions when negativity is in the air or spoil ones fun, while it often builds mental toughness and confidence which i may never experienced not wearing heels with my outfits.
  3. MackyHeels

    Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    My take on it is as some commented heels are made to excite males because woman are wearing them to accentuate there booty. Yes, some do find that particularly attractive but the basis of the research is skewed for that belief making a woman's body more attractive or sexual etc.. In many respects woman don't enjoy wearing heels 90% find it painful and not comfortable. Only reason some woman wear heels is social acceptance meaning if there at a wedding wearing a dress heels are mandatory shoe to wear or at the workplace. While in everyday life woman wear comfortable shoes only wearing heels on special occasions to highlight or standout with there outfit. Making other woman jealous with envy with there unique designer heels flaunting themselves not only towards males but there peers for compliments. Why wear a particular outfit that nobody notices or says i love you in that or that looks so pretty, worth the time and money to boast woman's ego. Feel it's a costume woman want to be seen wearing for few hours a gown heels makeup hairstyle, manicures, pedicures, cinderella complex of dress up observing closely what there peers can show off giving to new ideas of fashion sense. Becomes sort of a hobby for woman to architect there outfit for that weekend ballroom dinner or special charity event. The research also doesn't figure on what type of heels woman wear. Is block two inch sandal, block bootie, something they considered? Have they just assume a classic stiletto heel as the research base line? Also comparing woman's back arch in heels have they done or shown any evidence of females sitting in heels in effect losing the arch in the back. Ask themselves why females in heels sitting can look as good when they are standing? My reasoning on why we wear heels is we look taller thus feel we cheated our genetic makeup of height by using artificial means such as heels. Woman cheat by adding butt enhancement, silicon bra pad lifts, corsets to make there waist smaller etc.. Add to that as primitive animal species we instinctively believe anyone taller is automatically stronger, powerful someone to back away from with fear. Bear goes up on it's hind legs makes it look taller to discourage predators etc.. Heels also males us feel good when people look upon us more taller we are the more we stand out. Woman works hard spending money and time to outfit themselves then wears flat shoes nobody cares, no compliments or notices which is disappointment. While if she puts on platform stilletos she rises above the crowd to be gawked upon convincing herself people like what i'm wearing, while it's only her height people are noticing. Brief example work with this older posh lady she outfits herself well with three inch heels or so block heels peep toe sandals etc.. So one day after our summer vacation she walks into a room with Jimmy Choo nude platform stilletos heels must of been five or six inches. Everyone turned there heads while i stood admiring her incredible stunning appearance in flower printed green summer dress. She knew it instantly the attention she received to me she looked over 6 or 7 feet tall but that was my initial perspective upon her, bigger then life. Later on we greeted one another face to face although she was little taller then me in the platform heels it was different then my normal interaction looking upon her eye to eye or slightly below with regular shorter heels. So hight heels change our perspective whenever we observe someone regularly suddenly we look upon them as taller. Like a child growing up we take things for granted, then suddenly kids are grown adults and we are stuck with memories of there appearance from the past. We as humans like to change and our appearance that comes naturally through our aging process. While fashion changes by the seasons woman need to adapt new things thus some slim sleek outfits look better with narrow slim heel. Let's face it everything we do is attract attention to whatever we want to sell our clothes or bodies as attractive no matter the gender. If your buying a car a dealership may put the car on ramps to showcase the vehicle to stand out more. We buy flowers putting in pots and vases but never do we keep them on the floor but project them on pedestal higher up from terraferma. Human body wants to be seen we try to buffer our primal web feet off the ground to project our entire bodies better then blending into the earth. We may stand on a box or lift ourselves off the ground to achieve a more pleasing shape. Woman fitness competitions are exclusive to sandal heels to achieve a more statuesque appearance. Can't be possible to pose on stage in flat shoes or barefoot yet the model bodies appear to stand out in heels better. Added to that woman wear thong bikini's while the male competition frowns upon it least of all wearing a heels for men yet it makes perfect sense for aesthetic purposes, yet i digress again for another topic..
  4. MackyHeels

    Obervations can get you in to trouble

    Agreed I do the same keep my trap closed. Only because it maybe pereceived as creepy be it my tone or the way they I’m dressed. I notice and pickup visual ques from the ladies understanding there not to keen on my choice of style. Meaning how boldly and exhibitionist I wear it showing my body bulges and curves. When people on the c/o beach ask me questions. Often they state don’t take this the wrong way, or don’t get offended.., may I ask you question, sorry to bother you...etc... In all my examples it often follows a compliment of sorts. Some people respect other people more then others. So when man dresses as a woman people can assume something is wrong mentally about him. So anything he says to them compliment or not is often taken with a grain af salt. That’s why I never give compliment to a woman about her outfit. One reason being I’m a male wearing female gym gear how’s my opinion of her clothes taken to heart or serious. Them think him as a man doesn’t know how to dress his opinion worthless. Did that once to female in the gym commenting that I got to stay clear of you, being those cheetah wild cat leggings make you vicious. Then I tempered it saying they look nice on you, I like them. She smiled pausing with chuckle thanking me but knowing her negative demeanour with her boyfriend over the years my comment made no impact either way.. Although do feel she felt wanting to quirk back having me wear them. Yet she may have felt it maybe taken as joking stab or criticism of my female legging style at the gym. Or very least think I may want to buy wearing same leggings in the gym as her. Also people are private often don’t want to share information about there status, married divorced, single, engaged to stranger they just met, feels uncomfortable. We as males have to be careful not to be perceived that we are flirting with females. We as humans pickup ques when someone targets us with affection. This makes us uncomfortable when the person doing it is someone you don’t respect. Have a female gym member compliment me on my body. Every visit afterwards we run into one another. We never say a word to one another. Often hiding our face onto our phones or look the other direction in passing. While I do notice as she does of each other. We act is if we are strangers. Yet I feel as she we enjoy flaunting ourselves being visible what we wear to one another, getting satisfaction from slight glance reaction of what we are wearing in the gym. Either making the other envious what we have on or simply shy in conversation. Only reason I keep away from said gym woman is her social media blogs learning her personality. Self absorbed following textbook steps to improve her life. Try talking to someone new that you never would seeing how it may change her life. Etc.., Yet in past I observed her closely of perception of me in the gym . Everything I heard and observed with her interaction with others simply her tone of voice of me was negative. Or very least jealous or envious of my clothes or body. That is why her changing ways of improving her life is temporary lie. People don’t change that much and I leave it at that. If she comments again or starts asking questions I say little as possible rather be suduced with sweet words which are only meant to have me open up of what I’m all about. While I observe many woman stare upon my gym outfits envious what I’m wearing or my body. Although many aftraid to compliment it or say a kind word. Only because it may cause me wrongly to believe they are infatuated with me. They just rather look staring with an open mouth silent rather simply saying something nice in fear I might interpret there words differently. That tells me a lot if I were to say nice things back. They may think cross dresser at the gym likes me ha, ha thought he was gay as if she would ever consider befriending me or stepping out on the street way the way i style myself to there amusement or embarrassment least going out on a date. One sure way I feel the temperature what woman think of me is by soicial media. Send out a picture of me outfitted on the beach or gym. If the woman responds back usually it’s positive. If no response is given I have my answer. One compliment i will will always remember. Acted as if I was shocked at the time was easy to do. Older married tanned skinny lean fit one track minded female with very posh appearance . Noticed she observed me carefully closely over months but nothing had been spoken even hello or smile only her odd stares upon me. Working out next to her stationary bike often felt she wanted to say something to me but never did. You know the type of I’m about to say a comment then forgoing it. Only imagined what was going through her mind. Closely watching her through my periferal vision. Felt uncomfortable vibe from her like she wanted to get off her chest but was afraid. My instincts told me it was her sexual desires, urges to try to befriend me yet fighting them off because of marriage. Felt she was fighting internal sexual battle within herself attraction towards me. Daydreaming of me how interaction would grow maybe sexual act being performed. Wishful thinking of my part but her past gym membership when single knew of her sexual exploits with many men, when I was young gym novice overhearing chatter on the cardio machines with girlfriends while I wasn’t on her radar wearing modest clothes myself. Much later I learned her infatuation of my body part got her in serious trouble with the husband and truth came out overhearing talking to mutual minded female younger friend. Oh boy were my ears burning and past instincts and assumption were correct. Her mind was filled with nasty sexual thoughts about me every time we were at the gym. To point she changed time of day visits and later gym not to run into me. Out of sight out of mind as she put it. No point driving her infatuation upon me stronger more she seen me workout in the gym. Remember telling me do you mind if I just watch you workout, while waiting to use the same equipment. We both were on the gym floor attempting to gather the same dumbbell weights from a rack. In between two busy bench’s with tight squeeze. We faced each other she gathered the weight first telling me to look for heavier weights beating me to it. I sighed, but she was only foot across from my face same height as me. Her head looked down upon my leggings I was wearing saying with sly smile, very impressive as to clearly remark upon my bulge she was looking upon. Often I seen her looking upon my bulge in leggings at the gym alongside her husband never saying a word. Other people noticed and heard her sexual derived compliment about my outline package easily seen through my female leggings. Didn’t know how to react to be pleased, embarrassed or be angry at her overt sexual compliment in front of virtually everyone except her husband who was absent at the time.
  5. Doubt anyone is reinvented the wheel here. Styles often are copied and mixed only niche group or minority may welcome a change or something they never seen before. Only historian can smile and yawn seeing something similar. While vast majority see it as novel or welcome chic style. Not everything we style in our lives appeals to everyone. Saying that if we choose to wear a bold style risking the daily trends. We are applauded for the effort by open minded people.
  6. Confidence is always key but sometimes that can cause people to believe your cocky or arrogant. Thus finding it disheartening trait loving your appearance but saddened with your brassy words or actions. Some might shy away from me if act like that because there intimidated unable to interact. Life's never a utopia wearing what we enjoy and somebody says something to make you feel ashamed or think twice of your decision to wear it. We live in fear knowing those idiots are lurking when we least expect it and throw it in our faces. Was boarding a boat, for a short trip, had on my female gym gear on, tiny juniper green short shorts, and smoked mulberry tank top riding my bicycle with multi coloured fuchsia, green, purple black, sneakers to my destination. Heard the males on the pier comment to one another. Both looking at each other without saying a word like it was obvious noticing my outfit. One saying to the other, " if i were too wear that, i be arrested." to giggle of the other. Yet i said nothing but knew and heard the comments take place. Was it compliment or jab at my choice of clothing either way they took my money and i boarded the boat for my trip. Guess sailors or captains of the fleet of boats the company has were interchangeable jobs taking money and delivering orders to the other captains navigating the fleet of vessels. While my journey riding my bicycle in my short shorts, sneakers, and tank top i mentioned above i observed random females reactions as rode passing them. About five woman that really took notice what i was wearing either the colour of my shoes, how short my shorts were or the overall colour choice i complimented the outfit i was wearing. From my experience nobody laughed but all five did look surprised or envious with my outfit. Have recent examples i observed at the beach. Had encounter from a male asking me a question. He stated not wanting to offend me. Curious statement, but when i heard it made me really wonder what it meant. His question was, What's my background? I paused thinking why is he asking. I told him to clarify, his question. He described looking me over telling if i was white under that suntan i had. Plus he added compliment about passer byes enjoying observing my body or his exact words booty. Let put it mildly i was leaving a lot of fabric at home that day at the beach. Thought it was a really racial motivated question if you read between the lines or strings in my case. Later as i moved off the beach noticed a regular beach goer tanned as much as me, tall, handsome male. He was yelling to a group of woman for whatever reason. I thought the male was going crazy with these group of pale woman laughing upon his rant. When i finished using the facilities i ran into him at another location talking to another elderly beach goer. Explaining from the elderly male to calm down and not be so harsh upon the ladies visiting the beach. While tan male explained the woman were mocking his suntan that he would get skin cancer he only replied in awkward manner yelling the same to the group of woman spending the same time on the beach as him. Suppose it was his poor lost argument which made it sound strange and more amusing to the wonderful mocking ladies. What i took from the experience was the male wanted some conversation but the females didn't find his appearance to there liking which offended his feelings. Think when someone feels he looks the part for a woman's ideal man tall, dark, handsome then attraction should be easy without any words spoken. In truth the females never came to pickup males but nitpick on males any flaws or dislikes which on any beach can easily be done. Did find lesson from his experience was to lighten up and not be so serious about oneself. Although knew how the tanned male felt i could of been easily in his flip flops that afternoon on the beach. Did notice the male being a bit disgruntled walking the beach. Guessing he didn't receive the normal accolades and shocked stares or warm smiles from woman that day thus his outburst and angry demeanour which took little to set him off to attack the naysayers.
  7. No need to interact with individuals that have narrow minded views of style and fashion. What would i hope to achieve or learn trying to explain my views of fashion that is opposite to there beliefs? Only can answer that question by number of total calories burned and time wasted for nothing gained or achieved. Ever heard never argue politics and religion, with people with opposite views? They should add to that fashion style as well... It's not as bad as you may believe. In fact many just simply go about there business at least those who seen me often enough. Some asian females are shy to discuss my outfits seemingly think i will be upset or angry. Even though they are intrigued of my style and taste for male to wear female clothing. Observing some females glazed eyes onto me is sometimes funny and bit of a turn on, making more of it then really is, Just a stare.. nothing more... When i was younger i did exactly like some suggested look at them with creepy death stare. Think i perfected that look that automatically i use it as defence mechanism rather to smile and think people are more evolved and accepting with my style. Have a permanent wrinkle between my eyes from the scowls i've given throughout the years from ignorant, bigoted people. It's nothing to do with courage or cowardliness but how others treat me by keeping silent, often is telling sign what they think. Ever hear "have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. Silence amongst the females i observe on a daily basis is telling provocative signal what they truly believe of my appearance. While i do sound as though i'm complaining. Not my intention only reporting what i see and observe in my life. If that is negative well so be it. Happyinheels good points you made and history lesson. Take a look at Argentina now with Bavarian Nazi camp thriving today under our noses. You may say how could that happen. After the war many Nazi fled to Argentina making it there home. The country or different political powers protecting them because they were helping uncover secrets from the opposition. Nobody dared to oust them from the country because the secrets would come hurting the reigning powers or oppostions. This kept going into the 90"s and only the nazi's learned how to gather intelligence better from individuals using torture and the usual methods many heard in the war. In fact they have village bought and paid for from working with and for he Argentinian government... Even the Mossad funded the Nazi's scientists millions of dollars as rouse to build a bomb for Egyptian government out of Argentina to be used against Israel, which never worked because the Israelis sabotaged the project from the beginning to nones awareness. You go walking along the village today and are white stranger european decent they say hello in German very polite. If your brown skin from Argentina they ignore you like garbage. In fact the generation is proud of there Nazi heritage showing the medals of there late Nazi's grandfathers etc.. Even Dr. Mengela dies in Brazil in 1979 swimming of the coast from a stroke. Think things change or attitude from torture and killing because someone says no more. Or we just evolve in better people over the years educating ourselves to be more inclusive. Now look at the political spectrum of leaders being elected and giving the world and country a big middle finger of PC attitudes being shoved down peoples throats. People wanting there leaders saying the wrong things. While the media reports it as lunacy and bad character. While the electoral class cheer on saying good. don't like it when people tell a grown man or woman how to act or say to someone they have issues with be it there colour of skin, sexual orientation, or just what they like to wear. Bottom line we can't convince everyone to treat you with respect. Even if the reporters tell people that daily on the news.
  8. Sometimes i focus on my workout having tunnel vision looking upon the ground. While majority of the time i look subtly with the gym mirrors observing others without them knowing it. So in fact i seemingly ignore others to there knowledge but secretly recognize my surrounding and people in it. Added to the fact i'm regular gym rat i often see the same faces time after time. Observing there reactions or chatter with others and clothes they like to wear. As for deriving tangible satisfaction in messing with there heads... If woman are so narrow minded or bigoted then they do it onto themselves with my treatment towards them. Never do i believe you can win people over by confronting them. Life appears to be a series of social issues strung out to cause discomfort amongst unlike minded individuals, all of which requires their expressing their disapproval/disputation in the most expressive and easily interpreted ways. So i just do my thing in the gym if some woman who is self conscious of her body which many are decide to look me over. Later feel despondent wishing to have legs such as mine comparing themselves to me in the mirror as i workout next to them isn't my problem. If that messes up there minds so be it. Seen today the fat quad leg asian gal who i described in earlier post that glazed her eyes on me while she sat later stood at leg press machine. At the time i thought she was observing my leggings or pink tank top. In fact i learned today from her stare down onto me again. She was observing my curved physique outline buttocks legs in my leggings i was wearing. As of today seen her finishing up some stretching noticed me then began to turn facing as i walked passing her. She gave me the full look over, mostly seen her focus on my backside and legs. Suppose she was fixated onto my buttocks like the other day as many woman are working out there legs comparing themselves to others. Just like i seen today at the gym asian couple walked in with me all of us dressed in street clothes. never seen them before. Later in the gym the woman was wearing pink tank top and black leggings. I noticed her across the gym but she was busy working out with her boyfriend. Until she paused to rest looked upon across the gym noticing me. She had this confused brow expression, hands on hips, as if she was thinking, what the heck is he wearing... As her boyfriend took her away from staring upon me, heard him laugh to her saying, ever see someone look like that before?.. She said, you mean what he is wearing..? His response, yah with snorting giggle. She mumbled something never in my life...incoherent words........ Later as i got closer to her working out she seemed stoic minding her business only observed me closely as i initially walked by setting up my next exercise. She then stared straight ahead virtually ignoring me then abruptly left the gym floor with her boyfriend. Observed her body as she went to get a drink of water unnoticed i seen her backside in leggings. For many woman it would feel awkward to be wearing leggings with flat buttocks as she was showing.
  9. No projection from me. Overheard many conversations about me from some others asking what you think of him... When i hear woman bad mouth me saying, love his taste in clothes even willing to admit i'm jealous, but find it weird, or wrong for him wearing them. Also you get better understanding observing some females over and over again with there styles and colour choices they wear. When i see tall blondie driving up in her Audi convertible in tight black mid length dress and flats then change into her gym outfit always in pink sneakers and tank top . While i wear different darker colours such as blue, grey etc.. I'm virtually invisible to this lovely pink wearing blondie. Until i wear something pink her head turns often find she is gazing upon me until i look in her direction. While other woman smirk seeing me wear a hot pink top as finding it funny or that she has observed me in every colour of the rainbow included pink is just to bold for a woman to wear let alone a man. While i notice what others woman wear to the gym particular styles colours that they are fond of. When i purchase something new in similar colour but more updated hue or tone. They stare subtly some more obvious then others while i know that my choice i wear is something they may indeed want to wear themselves. One asian female often wears purplish pink tank top with black leggings to the gym or lighter pink tank. When i bought similar coloured top if not better tone wearing it in the gym seen her initial reaction. The expression i seen on her face was open mouth jaw drop other then the colour i had on the style and fit of my gym wear was same she seen for long time before. Only can conclude she admired if not loved the colour i was wearing. Even the other day in the gym she was sitting on piece of equipment leg press machine eyeballing me for what seemed forever before i noticed she was slightly hidden away from me. When she stood up i noticed her just staring at my smoked mulberry leggings and pink plush tank top complimenting the outfit with pink grey female nike metcons. This is from female seen me before arrive at the receptionist desk to enter the gym wearing my skinny jeans and heel booties., Seen her initial wide eyed stare upon me closely seemingly stoic expression that outfit and heel booties I had on shouldn’t be that surprising compared to what she seen me wear on the gym floor. While seen her with her boyfriend Caucasian male not to flashy ordinary styled manner and appearance.
  10. For experimental purposes I decided a while back to wear pink workout SS tight top from famous yoga brand which I often seen in different colours. Observed woman’s reactions to my new workout colours in the gym. These woman seen me before wearing same style gear but not pink. Once wearing different hues of pink i noticed belly laughs as they passed by or intensive giggling even there friends told them enough already. While I still wear various colours of pink to the gym. Woman still can’t stop noticing the colour staring upon me longer then usual or sudden initial shock reaction. Some might even get angry writing me off ignoring me in huff. Often I wear pink for dissanonce reactions while other females enjoy wearing pink as a colour for the gym. Proof is when certain brand of new gym yoga clothes come out with pink colour often is sold out faster then anything they sell. Some Woman feel they have exclusive right to wear pink. While a man can only highlight there appearance with tie, shirt or handkerchief. Yet if man tries to wear a main colour pink he is looked upon funny. Or is assumed that he doesn’t enjoy woman only men. Go figure... My belief about people’s assumed stereotypes with likes of pink colours. Just ignoring them is my reaction. Why chat with ignorant narrow minded bigoted individuals who assume they are always right categorizing putting me in a box. Nobody can stop me wearing colours I enjoy. Reactions I see from few woman sometimes is perceived to me as envy and jealousy. Which often know it’s not they like what I wear looks good on me. But colour I wear would look good on them thus there gazing upon me in the gym. Wore gym outfit as pic shown. Long time female gym rat looked me over initially once noticing me arrive. Mubbling something to herself about what I was wearing. Later she walks next to me talking to herself, chuckling in smirking manner, he will wearing almost anything. Dont know if her reaction is from all the new outfits I wear she seen me in or the colour choice I choose looking to feminine for her tastes. Funny story of the hating woman is she seen me in a new outfit. Couple woman also so they bought it wearing it to the gym. We all were wearing exact same colour style. Then they lay down next to me stretching at the gym. Many people walked by noticing with smirks on there faces. See pic below. There’s no denying it the hating woman wanted a conversation with me. Buying exact same outfit unusual colour for her to be wearing. She wanted me to make eye contact but I ignored her. Keeping to my beliefs I stated above. Not to associate with narrow minded, bigoted females no matter how attracted they are to me. If she is shy to talk to me so be it, yet has the notion to belittle what I wear to the gym pink in particular.
  11. MackyHeels

    oh well, I tried....

    I know what you mean. Had similar request from a beautiful woman at work. She had on platform silver strapy sandal heels, all dolled up for evening event. She cried out to group of us. Looking more towards me focusing her request. Asking if she could swap her heels wearing my shoes. Only I was wearing sneakers. It gave me clue into she suspected I wear heels also. Only few in my group laughed upon her calling her stupid for wearing such shoes. While I muttered to her I doubt they fit me. Nobody took my comment seriously but sort of knew she did taking second surprised stare upon me. Realizing I maybe right about sizing looking back at me, as I was serious. Seeing that I often wear tight female jeans at work. Isn’t out of the realm of possibility I may pertake wearing a heel shoe now and again. In her mind if a guy cross dressed in skinny woman jeans he probably has a woman shoe in his closet. Yet if at any other location if the familiar woman I recognized asked me I will do it giving her mine. That is if I was wearing heel booties giving her the chance to wear mine. Doubt any woman would judge or complain for me wearing heels only be thankful I helped being gentlemen. Makes for great story for her laughing later to her female friends. Yah, there was a guy in heels gave me his saved my feet for the evening.
  12. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Must feel real nice when that happens. Touched by angel of sorts. We all look to get one but for whatever reason someone lacks the courage to say kind word. Fully aware it takes courage for male wearing a dress in public. Thanks for sharing. Often I feel discouraged with my appearance or outfit thinking why am I wearing it. Do I look that bad...
  13. MackyHeels

    A strange idea about the ridicule of men in heels

    No worries, you get use to the stares and attention. Enjoy it. Whats the worst that happened? Report back with your experience when someone crashes, caused by not paying attention looking upon you. Had that happen to me a near miss accident while showering by the c/o beach. Tourist no doubt wanting to take pictures. Location you choose should of been cool but busy. West Hollywood, paramount studios. Although most of them staring never seen a tall male in heels. Maybe they thought your Russel Brand trying to get a better look. Don’t always assume it’s your heels although that may attract someone’s eye at first. LA might be tough spot because celebs we might look similar towards, people may mistaken us thus watching to closely. Best advice keep doing it. Even visiting the same spot and time of day. Sooner or later people or regulars passing through will completely recognize you thus reacting less going about there business. Then you can gauge people’s reactions seeing if there expression is oh it’s him again, rolling eyes.. or smiles with comments with curious questions. Are you an actor?? Etc., Don’t get upset because your not being treated like any woman wearing heel boots. We are males wearing there heels, so cut them some slack of vision they never seen before, only on television they seen such a sight. Good luck.
  14. Celebrities in sock heel boots with leggings and tight tops. Kim and Kylie someone is wearing the wrong colour purse... little shocking to observe yet wonder what the reactions were from people on the street. Yet if I or any male wearing that most people would smirk upon the tight style. Yet in the gym outfit like that I wear daily without anyone commenting or saying a word. Of course less the sock Heels. First time of my many years being only male wearing tight outfit like Kylie and Kim are wearing. Seen a tall lean black athletic male wear in all black in the gym. Nobody said a word to either of us but I of course got few more stares from the ladies, envious of the colour I had on.

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