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  1. MackyHeels

    Best heels to travel in?

    First pic red heels look great. Understand the red t-shirt to compliment the heels. Find another blouse to dress up the outfit. Grey tunic works but may I suggest this Tunic only the hem splits along the hips. Also fit is snug countours your lines of the body, just flows better. Rather looking to box shape often men’s shirts do that. White dress shirt works but try to accessorize it with a vest or short moto jacket of some kind. Thanks for sharing gives everyone ideas of what we wear out in public. Let us know the reactions you get.
  2. MackyHeels

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Wearing heels on it's own isn't the problem but flaunting or making bigger deal by posting videos photos for many people to view at any given time is the question. People take what it's worth Prince Harry having three fingers showing off his wedding band to group of people. Yet a side profile photo shows only one middle finger which gives wrong impression on how he behaved. Like you wrote better off wear them heels and let people see in person rather a video or photo online. Yesterday as i was leaving office building walking up metal open staircase staggered in design. So everyone can look above or below and through the stairs to see others. One group of young 20 something females we're making there way down noticing me in passing overhearing OMG!. As i walked upon the next segment of steps i seen the reaction of one young woman pausing frozen looking upon me, with open mouth, wide eyed. Suppose it was the shock of seeing a male in dark jeggings and leather block heel ankle booties she never seen before. As i made my way out there was another female group noticing me wide eyed following my every step out the door. Looking upon Video's photos online don't have the same cache or impact for someone then seeing it in the flesh. Way to easy to ignore imagery off your phone or PC and not think about it. While observing someone in person begins a debate discussion criticisms that otherwise would never happen. Find the Hangover is good movie mocking the notion or assumptions people have of gay style or demeanour. Mr. Chow in the movie mocks or silently labeled assumed as gay but shocks the audience and actors once he announces he is married with a woman for long time. Confused why others are so stunned or surprised at his marred status.
  3. MackyHeels

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    It’s the saying what comes first chicken or the egg. Gay guys go through prejudice and hardship because of there desires beliefs with the same gender. So putting out a video wearing heels isn’t any different people mistreating or bias of them being unique. Straight guy doesn’t want to rock the boat or create headache around his proclivity of female fashions particularly heels. In fact many straight men hide the fact of wearing heels. Being seen in heels alows others to assume he must be gay also. Only because the community welcomes Cd’s so if your seen displaying female heels on social media lgays gravitate towards you. Like it or not whenever a man dares to wear feminine fashions he is boxed into a group and community namely GLBQ. Thoughts of my own to post some photos, videos on IG such as have in this forum. Only reason I don’t is people who are sitting on the fence may believe i’m positively “Gay”. Once people make up there mind then doors close making life harder then it should be. Only because of me wearing a provactive tight short dress and stiletto heels. Although it would be fun knowing I could push boundaries where this forum outlaws such sexy images.
  4. MackyHeels

    My first public heel adventure

    Yes the LG sidekick thought it would be good idea. Since I immediately wash my sexy new gym outfits every night. Replacing old 26 year top load washer. Thoughts of fixing broken hot water temperatures gauge and leaky valve on old Kenmore washer but 26 years needs to be retired done it’s job. Last thing I want is piling on my nulux leggings or street wear loose tops. Think I ruined many through ironing my shirts having small holes near the hem. Got to smell fresh and clean when out in public. No matter what you wear if you smell people will notice keeping clear. If you dress the part smell the part. Here’s tunic I’m considering to purchase. Travel the distance tunic
  5. MackyHeels

    My first public heel adventure

    Congratulations! Nice outfit and colour choice. Any problems doing grocery shopping lifting bags or heavy cartons of water? Also went out in my leather black leather Rag & bone booties block heels and denim black distressed leggings coming home, stopping by trying to buy some water and on sale Downy fresh scent booster for my two new washers which has been delayed to be delivered. So while in the store trying to find wash scent booster being sold out off the shelves. Someone walked by saying, nice heels, caught me blind sided. As i turned it was young asian male smiling from his reaction he looked sincere what he said to me.
  6. Oh! some ladies have told me so. Saying I want your butt and legs all along laughing giggling that it comes off as some sexual flirtation. When they really mean is they want to look like me and admittedly, wishing to wear the same clothes. Sounds strange but often we both laugh while i understand they are paying some sort of compliment to my physique and clothing. While true a single school teacher i'm currently keeping my eyes on and often observed has said, finding me impeccably dressed and demanded i give her some of my clothes. Tongue tied and difficult to express her feeling upon my attire i figure it's more than that. Only because she observed for long period of time, different outfits i was wearing, not being possibly for me to wear them all. Yet few woman have seen me in outfit i truly find outstanding and really proud to be wearing. Giving the idea Kate LB in some incredible skin tight denim jeans maybe slim chance in the future to be outfitted. One female at work stood in front of me as we both were trying pass one another. For brief time we both looked upon one another. I scanned her entire body noticing her black Kate LB's and she stood puzzled at my reaction upon her heels as she looked down onto them as well. Nothing was said but any woman wearing LB's often startles me neck snapping reactions onto her heels. While i'm flattered of the envy and jealousy from some woman. Even one kind open minded woman told me so in good way. Doubt any woman would want to steal my heels off my feet, would be funny to watch.. Lately wearing my Westin booties i've seen random woman looking upon my feet with wide eyes shock. Enjoy being femininely dressed for the reactions i get, some shocked that guy is wearing it, while others i know better, hide there envy and jealousy. Even today i seen from distance a woman wearing exact same leggings, style colour and brand. Could tell she was well dressed deliberately to look pretty. Once she noticed we had on the same outfit she immediately left don't know why. Maybe she needed to leave or felt despondent and that the room was crowded. Also i could assume that she noticed me wearing exactly same clothes as her, feeling humiliated, self-conscious or less unique of her little outfit after she wide eyed noticed me.. Do know the reactions from young female attractive fashionistas often will want to rain on my parade whatever i want to wear. That is why my only revenge from the inevitable, outspoken, indirect, negative, comments and opinions observing my outfit, is to wear best female clothes as i can afford. When i know i'm better dressed than most women surrounding me i feel as they do, showing them up. It can be as simple wearing hot looking stiletto's bootie paired with tight designer jeggings at grocery store, mall fully aware no woman will dare wear such dressy footwear doing errands. This outfit of mine stops competition, unlike if i were to go out into a bar in social setting, where females are clothed to impress or stand out from the crowd joined in group. Usually with shopping surroundings everyone is solo for the most part, there is little gang mentality togetherness to mock my outfit then being alone. So when i know i have on great outfit woman desire the negativity grows exponentially with greater amount of comments and opinions. Often it is clue of there deep jealousy, envy, hatred bundled up, that if they were honest and loving would compliment me rather tossing out despicable commentary to others about me to overhear. While i know it takes time to break down the wall many woman build around themselves with the likes of me. When the wall falls they become much better human beings and caring for others releasing the vacuum they lived in so many years. They enjoy greater freedom and enjoy life less seriously making into someone i can be friends with. Amusing to watch belittling woman angry about someone else, what they are wearing, while the boyfriend or husband listens to her commentary amused at her overreactions. Feel little sorry for the male to be joined with mean spirited woman like i described often these clues lead to relationship problems and divorce while the other can't be in same room together. Seen it already happen to neighbour woman found out and seen me wear feminine outfits laughed out loud initially even found it disturbing keeping her young girls away from my immediate family. Before long her not liking my style becomes insignificant of a problem then just me, boiling over into other areas of her life. Now she is separated husband couldn't take it anymore not because of me but her attitude in general. Shows you when a woman is angered or upset and full of hate upon one person insignificant part of her life there is bigger issue at hand then someone like me wearing feminine attire. Isn't it?
  7. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Your welcome Jeff. The texture of the tights would give you the perception of cozy warmth attire, rather your sleek cold, smooth leggings you shown wearing. Remembered when I was younger my mom bought me and my sister exact cable knit tights different colours grey, burgundy, navy blue. . Wore them under my UFO overalls to school. Only problem was when changing in gym class I was being teased for wearing woman pantyhose. Which I relentlessly defended to my classmates as same as long john’s. Even conversations carried over after gym class to my academic time. Everyone, I talked to girls would be aware of my cable knit tights lifting my pant leg up.. While I tried to convince everyone in class it’s perfectly fine and normal going to student to student one by one. Almost had everyone on my side except one bully mocking me. Eventually his poison words changed the minds of other classmates. Then it got warmer I stopped wearing it as many mocked me as pantyhose boy. Only good thing came out of it was one student took interest liking the cable knit tights wanting to wear it also. Got me closer to other females in the classroom as we both were wearing essentially same tights. Do lfeel it is a nice look. Paired with a navy or dark coloured tunic and suede heels would make for great outfit in winter freezing temperatures.
  8. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    JeffB wouldn't worry about what people's beliefs when attiring a mini skirt. Doubt anyone is thinking about the attires appropriateness in colder temperatures. In fact wearing them grey leggings warms you plenty depending on the denier. Ever think of purchasing wool or cotton cable knit leggings or tights? Whenever i see gal in cable knit leggings often worn in winter months with tunic or skirt as you shown. Light contrast with black skirt and grey leggings works very well. Nothing wrong with your outfit. Went out doing errands also in my suede tan Westin Rag & bone booties, Parajumpers parka bomber jacket fur hood and super tight AG cropped distressed, light blue jeggings. The reactions were surprisingly pleasant from housewives shopping in fact some gave me notable smiles in store isles. Wasn't over the top attired with any heels on, but my feminine attire was clearly noticed. Yet many never paid attention while others liking the subdued outfit often being young woman paired with their mother glancing upon me intrigued. Paying close attention upon various woman from my outing such as costco and other store's many were not impeccably dressed. Like JeffB wrote you enjoy looking your best no matter where you tread, as i.
  9. MackyHeels

    Boot "season"?

    On contrary many want to encourage others to look better, clothing is icing on the cake. Bodies are scrutinized but many know they aren’t perfect. Heels are worn for many fitness pageant woman practicing there stage posing routines. Yet many woman obsess working there glutes in order to look firmer when wearing heels. At the same time many just use the gym for what it is. Leaving in same black athletic wear they were exercising in. Making it staple many woman wear as appropriate casual style attire. Yet try to ignore others in comparison. Only when someone compliments them they tend to realize what they wear is just important then anything else.
  10. MackyHeels

    Boot "season"?

    Accepting all compliments no matter what their motives are. Way to go P1ng74! Being renowned pessimist always trying to figure out someone’s angle. Asking myself questions and others motives, why the comments. Taking them with grain of salt, just as if negative opinions were being tossed around. In my experience you can notice a noticable difference with the vibe, around you. People looking at you differently than ever before. Not because the style has changed or is different in small way but how well you wearing it, such as complimentary colours, texture, fabric, design etc... People notice me but some outfits look more special and i can feel, observe, others paying much closer attention as ever before. Without getting a verbal comment about the outfit I can judge others are intrigued, envious. You know when your rocking it better than others surrounding you else, when you see them stare longer than normal. Often i can be scanned by someone and they look away quickly keeping a safe distance essentially ignoring me. It's telling clue they are not liking my outfit. When the opposite is true they scan me over and begin to take small glances time to time never seemingly taking their eyes away, i then know i'm doing something right. Just yesterday i rocked a nice new gym outfit. From most females smiles, gleeful reactions, upon me i knew the new outfit was one many enjoyed observing which doesn't come along very often. Also me in it had little to do with it, but a small part to model the outfit for there benefit. Even some beloved members who seen me many times before without any animosity or incident wearing my attire began to instantly get upset intially observing me.. Part of their anger stems from being aware i beat them to the punch purchasing a new gym outfit. Also there binary beliefs being much better suited for their known favourite colours then little old me. Overheard discussion amongst young asian posh woman unaware i was listening as the commenting about my passion for wearing nice female gym outfits. Them agreeing i rock it better then many woman in the gym, bringing some ire reactions from self conscious ladies. Telling their group of girlfriends inspiring, motivating themselves to work harder or visiting the gym more often. This was all said with slight bemusement amongst the group of asian gym rat females. Which is far cry to acceptance or comments made directly to me on there true feelings wearing said outfits. Shows me there is more in grained discriminatory prejudgedice or non acceptance men wearing feminine clothing belief system for most woman out there. Think that's the best I can hope for, then getting someone’s notable comments about my attire. Yet didn't deter me from feeling upbeat and happy wearing my new attire. From my many years of experience wearing said outfits feels that when you put your head down through the pushing wind of negativity it will slowly change the tide with others realizing they were wrong feeling better and positive with regards to my outfits.
  11. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I know what you mean people shopping often are to self absorbed about what they are looking for. Most times they aren't interested in observing a man dressed in woman clothes. Although i'm sure some mall employees seen you many times before and notice what style you bring to the mall. When i go to mall outside of town wearing my heel booties i notice the employees in empty store observe people pass on by. Remember once couple female SA at small boutique stared with shock disbelief upon the heel booties i had on. While never entering the store they watched me walk by one telling the other it's him. Gather they recognize me from my earlier visits to the mall. Yet most female SA or newbies react in utter shock as one points me out to the terror of the other. Used to to the teen or college age SA making it a big deal with my outfit seeing they never observed male in heels before at least outfitted in skinny jeans like me. Memorable time when walking across storefront at the mall and unsuspecting female posh black SA all dolled up was tidying up the place. When another SA who seen me before nudged pointing the SA towards out the store front as i passed. The look at the black posh SA was priceless. In my mind she looked the part of being stylish and fashionable not hair out of place real judge of fashion. The other SA who pointed me out seemed to have great pleasure noticing her co-workers utter frozen stare upon me as i walked by. Had inkling that the fashionista SA observing me had to notice guys can wear feminine outfits just as well as female counterpart. While i had fun being recognized either strictly for shock value or fashionably trendy it was amusing for it all unfold in front of me. What's the point to be all outfitted when none notices or cares to look. Feel it's bit disappointing yet the reactions i gather it's always fun to notice others are observing me. Bad or good who cares as long they see me and i feel comfortable and happy what i have on. Even doing a comparison with other woman what they are wearing is fashionable, fun or something i like to copy or have new idea to wear. Find it also way for me to gauge and other fashion conscious woman to look for reactions from one another. When we observe other well outfitted people in the mall we have sense of kinship for lack of a better term. We recognize what we wear from one another and observe one's reactions either approving or not. It validates our style when someone focuses for example a pair of leather black heel court pumps a woman was walking passed me. She looked at her new heels self conscious if her casual outfit worked well together i assumed. While she notices me in my black booties maybe having found her dressier heels to formal for the mall while liking my booties looking more trendy and comfortable noticing my confident stride and expression. Yet i'm sure we both recognized and read each others reactions and what we were wearing. Yet it was happening when just walking towards one another in passing is all it took to feel validated by someone who cares about their appearance or style like them, ever notice that or am i projecting to much?
  12. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    As the question not answered adequately have to add my two cents of those who care to read. In my many years of experience with this topic everyone on the board often states they enjoy wearing women's attire heels, skirts even including myself with regards to ultra skinny jeans and leggings. Yet all members state clearly not interested in looking like a woman. Often showing pictures of there men's shirts paired with the rest of their woman onsemble. Feel there is double standard here. Members writing they are freestylers not cross dressers or in drag, correct? Yet find it necessary to cover up or hide what our beloved mlroseplant asking in his question i shown above. Woman often garishly attire themselves for the surrounding they will be spending most of their time. If they find black leggings is comfortable and short tank top showing there belly ring with sandals is appropriate attire in the workplace, none will argue with her style even in the dead of winter. Yet male wearing said leggings showing his anatomy outline is regarded in bad taste frowned upon. Yet the woman in similar outfit flaunting her curves and shape is deemed proper? So the politically correct message here on the forum with majority of members believe we as men need to show modesty when it comes to displaying our god given physique in public. Yet females do it purposely because of the design of the clothes like leggings, tight spandex dresses, corsets which makes them beautifully curved, sexy, voluptuous wonderful. So when one crazy male like myself fit, lean, wears tight outfit showing his every curve and shape it is frowned upon as indecent or must be censored? Often i read comments of what about the children sheltering them from observing males like myself. Children don't care it's the parents that freak out be it on the beach or pool seeing guy like myself wearing tiny swimwear. Same conclusions can be brought about the haters or disgruntled adult parents finding what i'm wearing as jealousy, envy wishing to look as good, ashamed of themselves the way there body appears compared to me. Just like some members of the forum state woman are jealous of their heels or outfits because they wish to wear it also. To original point many woman enjoy to express their bodies through style and fashion whatever they want to wear or there shape. So to should a man be able to wear what he wants and be judged by all positively or negatively. What we must understand is if it makes us feel good then others have no business saying it's wrong or bad. To answer mlroseplant question there are gaff underwear to hide those things you don't want people to see. To judge someone wearing it at least in this forum is hypocritical because most here don't want to look like a woman but wear one anyway goes contrary to their core beliefs for the sake of who? Do find in my experience i have modes of display of which i choose. If i wear Nulux leggings in the gym which brings out my lower physique in impressive manner i keep a high mode of curves and shape and outline displayed without incident or reprimand. In fact people commented loving my appearance men and woman admiring, impressed with me for the bold display, telling others take a look at his body ever see someone so developed and fit drawn to observe even ones i've seen regularly. When on the street in ultra skinny jeans the mode of display maybe medium dependant of my surroundings or what footwear or outerwear i be wearing. If the surrounding are conservative and heeling will be novelty or frowned upon with high degree of laughter. A High mode of display will need to be shown to distract the heeling, only the display will take center stage. This distraction affects people's intrigued, queries why wear such tight jeans, leggings for man to wear, some disbelieving what they are observing calling it fake unlike frequently seen individuals observing me for years or decades quitely admiring me.. While other males looking feelings of inadequate equipt in comparison, while woman being intrigued forgoing what heels or tight pants i wear. When wearing more baggy clothes or pants the display is low to off thus the surroundings people i'm dealing with. So same is true with woman wearing appropriate attire for there surrounding if they feel sexy and have the shape to display themselves accordingly then by all means none stands in there way. Let's not be hypocritical saying one thing and doing the other when it comes to our male anatomy. Don't be ashamed in looking like a man because it offends someone. Liking it to males on this forum wearing heels some people in public feel awkwardness and disgust observing freestyler male outfitted yet his display is neutralized.
  13. MackyHeels

    Being asked to try your heels on

    What is psychological effect woman wanting to try on your heels? Believe it stems from wanting to look attractive to any male in the room. While the said male in heels there trying on, may affect his opinion onto the experimenting woman in different light. In my pessimistic attitude i would doubt any woman complimenting my bootie heels. If indeed one would ask to try them on it clearly shows without a doubt they enjoy, love to own such a pair. Never happened to me or ever heard it voiced wanting to be wearing my heels from any ladies. Although had many woman ask wishing jealous, envious in wanting to wear my woman leggings and outfits. One asking to have me give her some of my outfits to wear. One recent married woman complimenting me on similar outfits we wear flirting with me at every opportunity. Devising plans to purchasing exact same outfits to wear out together finding it fun. Yet i feel bit of erotism to the idea being encouraged, complimented by an attractive married woman to be wearing same outfits. Clearly telling me i wear feminine outfits much better then her complimenting my physique enjoying observing me replying with smile, i look yummy, delicious. In my state find it erotic to have a woman wear my feminine clothes or heels. It's emotional bond that attracts us both to same piece of clothing or heel we once wore. it could be as personal as underwear or food we are sharing off the same fork, spoon, plate or glass to drink. The idea someone loving your heels or piece of clothing that they need to be wearing it subtly makes for imaginary bond at least for the original wearer. Not quite knowing the woman's intentions sometimes it feels exciting maybe for both of them.
  14. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jeff nice outfit with black sweater leggings and complimentary contrasting colour heel booties. Although the quilted jacket looks very nice something with the denim skirt is at odds with the outer outfit. Don’t get me wrong the denim skirt works well by itself with said sweater but fabric texture of denim looks all to casual. Seeing the black quilted jacket is nylon the skirt fabric is apparent. Suggest you wear same mini skirt but in a different fabric would go well giving a more casual yet sophisticated appearance. You could have larger variety to chose burgundy, teal, colour skirt which would pop the outfit to higher level then the static denim wash. Often woman get bored wearing blue denim jeans so they change outfits like you shown leggings, tunics, bootie heels. So denim skirt is not worn but shiek nylon mini skirt may improve the look with all black appeance. Even tan suede skirt would look divine matching the bootie heels. Just thought but there is a place for denim mini skirts like you shown before. Yet with the sophisticated heel block booties tend to style your outfit in casual shiek manner so the denim material is at odds at least for me initially. You would have more fun picking up another mini skirt matching your outfits in manner that you decide.

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