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  1. Thanks. Already have schemed up a plan to get my revenge. First get her to trust me and become courteous and full of compliments and be caring. Yet difficult to do when someone has no style whatsoever or has no fashion sense. Or understands caring enough of her fitness approach, diet and physique to achieve any results. Someone who acts very smart judges others as fools in comparison. Yet she can’t understand basic body function between tricep, , bicep or back muscle laughing upon herself as if it was joke. Often my revenge to hostile gal i can’t avoid is opposite to run
  2. Sorry W6ish if i planted a seed back of your head about tragedy that could occur. Often it can't be shaken off to readily but pokes fear to be cautious at any bumps in the night or footsteps on gravel road. Although fun experience to read about your screaming gal pal only imagine it being like Horror movie. Your gal seems to be like some females afraid a wasp might sting them running away screaming to effect. Like this covid virus many over reacting to it being female doctors and most woman i observe everyday being overly cautious making it a habit of virtually nothing. While i wa
  3. The afternoon looks mild temps but the evening mercury starts to plummet. Good luck in them shorts. Best to walk inside a mall but again the mandatory mask wearing is silly and uncomfortable. Funny that boxes that the masks come in have warning “ this does. Not protect You from Covid 19.” stay safe not from the virus nonsense but from incoming traffic. Last thing I want to hear on the news is video showing only White heels in the road. Someone got hit by semi truck leaving body unrecognizable. Not sure of the victims Believe two woman got hit. Lol.. only dental records Post Mortum
  4. Hope you have fun time with gal pal. Imagine your gal pal be sexy as this italian beauty only can wish walking in heels.... https://www.instagram.com/beatricebulferetti/?hl=en What do think of her heel fetish.. Suppose fishnet panty hose or stocking work better then leggings. When i do wear leggings more in public streets since covid rules of limited time spent in the gym. Using my workout gear as everyday attire to and from the gym. With the added neighbourhood walks for my cardio calorie burner in the evenings. Silhouette i make appeals to me while no way a gal would ever say somet
  5. You might want to up the bar start wearing leggings with them heels. Many woman see me in leggings often are envious and jealous. Yet they all don’t need to ask what brand I’m wearing. Best compliment I can ever get with my outfit is having gal copy my attire Then when I notice her she feels guilty, which is always fun brings a smile to my face. Or very least if gal doesn’t respect me for wearing them leggings at least they know we have same taste in fashion and style. Which often comes with validating their outfits by my reaction what they particularly wear.
  6. You should send her a fun picture of yourself W6ish. She can have a lasting memory of you. See if she writes back. You probably know type of pictures I would send the gal. For sure she would need to talk to therapist after viewing my pics. Lol... Always fun to get a reaction. Often gals are more forth coming about their thoughts with messages then in person. Usually when you plant seed in the sheltered gals eye. New outlook on how she views other males in heels has a momental action.
  7. So what was the hesitation with the gal to take things further? Is she married? I ran into my married gal pal yesterday after 6 months haven’t seen each other because of this virus craze. Her vocal loud hello, and big hug lifting me off the ground, touching, feeling, squeezing, rubbing her entire body hands against me, out in public parking lot. Her excitement and happiness showed meeting me by chance. Since not wearing a bra under her tight workout tube top and leopard skin leggings. Making comments how well oiled my dark tan legs lubricated with coconut oil appeared and felt.
  8. W6ish your sure the gal wasn’t a vice cop? She wanted to feel you out. With the quick coffee and walk she figured your just regular dude not in disguise to solicit sexual favours for monetary gain. You know the gal better then me. Feel she is cop figuring you out. Only you confused her bet she had gun and badge handcuffs waiting for you to offer parts of your body for her pleasure. This whole experience of yours just seems awkward. Very odd at the gals intrigue with no goal in her mind. Usually there is catch like you believed a phone camera or you need to see my friends etc... p
  9. Rarely hear or have females admit their jealous of someone else no less a male in fitted outfit and six inch heels. Hearing such comments from a female about her envy is turn on but also a shock for me. In many cases females try to hide their feeling for whatever reason. Is it because they don't want me to know the effect i have wearing such outfits? Or they appear to be not in tune with society norms with ordinary female traditional beliefs not wanting to be different from the pack? Most females rather want the opposite effect, labeling males wearing feminine outfit with as
  10. Suppose different party needs different outfit. How do you change the style without getting bored wearing same stuff? W6ish you showed dissonance to the cranky gal. No wonder gals get jealous loving your footwear wishing they too could wear such high heels. Often is the case of woman agreeing with other females in packs. When one gal finds your shorts distasteful, other females join in agreeing to the point it' becomes justified and they bond with agreement against you. That is if they find you awful wanting nothing to do with or any trait that they see, only mock with disrespec
  11. W6ish fun times at the party. In my experience always ask a question that you know the answer.. Gal saying she doesn’t like your shorts because they are showing off way too much oh no, such prude . She had to rain on your parade. Reminds me of certain redhead three doors down..Lol...Luckily another gal came to save you with awkward situation. Whenever a woman asks "why" to certain style a male is wearing thats clue to back away nothing good happens answering or commenting further. Black outfit is safe style. If you get little risky or bold you may try hot pink or any neon type of co
  12. This is something you maybe looking for. Seamless design.. https://www.nike.com/ca/t/icon-clash-seamless-20cm-training-shorts-JP5m5w/CJ5091-601
  13. Easier to buy them then custom order. Although many guy model shorts are not in vogue the kind we wear. Needing to cross the store aisle to get the better fit. Always feel comfortable in shorter shorts 2.5" inseam any longer find them to warm to wear. W6ish you sure did get what your looking for, with the seamstress custom shorts. What i think your looking for was what is called booty shorts often found on ebay. Making the backside cheeky very short coverage yet tight fitting. You pairing it with heels is some kind of adventurous style and eye catching. Good luck hope the custom order w
  14. Women often afraid to compliment another female appearance. Feeling they are losing status or giving the other wrong idea they are beneath them. When they see a male like you many questions arise and assumption. Any loss of face or perception is thrown out the window and encounters often happen. I look at it as woman observe everything in your case the heels they deem to wear themselves.. While many females in my experience regard a male appearance as many have commented "weird" Whether in heels or other type of feminine style or colours. They feel safe even fun or obliged to voice a
  15. Vamp across your toes maybe reminder of camel toe, some gals find it a turn on for themselves.
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