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  1. I've had compliments from woman they have agenda for the most part. Either they want to stop me because they want to purchase the same clothes or shoes focusing on it not my body or anything else. Often woman preface it with my husband asked me, my children say mom, my boyfriend told me i need new outfit, etc.. all to disarm me that they are not cruising for a date or alone. Only there focus is on one thing my shoes or pants sweater asking the brand or see the label. Often asking where i purchased it this is not a compliment but a selfish act to get what they want copying my particular style. Yet may hate me wearing it but think it looks good on him will look amazing on me. Smiling helps but i expect nothing out of life so i don't ever get disappointed. So when guy the other week at Walmart asks me about my designer Moncler puffy winter shiny jacket where i got it from. Tell them exactly where without searching for expecting any compliment. Usually from peoples initial wide eyes upon me in the store they noticed my designer jacket liking it but don't need to say it.
  2. In my experience usually i read females perceptions or reactions once they take a good look at my style. Most times woman are put off with the feminine fashion attire at least for a man to wearing. In many ways female gets confused with my intentions jumping to conclusions assuming i have agenda which creeps many out. Often think i look good wearing certain clothes but especially some critical woman may have totally different outlook what i'm wearing. Them thinking this guy looks so creepy giving me compliment, huh! Just look at what he is wearing, look at the source of compliment be polite and get away from him fast as possible, look at her phone distract him from talking to you anymore, it's embarrassing to be seen chatting with him, what a freak! While giving quick compliment often is less satisfying to a woman if they don't respect your style. They just nod politely smirk and uncomfortably walk away, hoping to never meet up with me again. Yet if they see me say later in parking lot or in a line up at the cashier again will feel very uncomfortable in fact being afraid being alone. If they are slow to catch on female getting the compliment might stand deer in the headlights confused making judgement call on my attire and reactions are ever so obvious. Usually negative expressions or body language tells me should of minded my business said nothing at all. Only making me angry or thinking she is a real Bitch while feeling i'm lowering myself towards her. Problem today women are afraid talking to strangers the ones being unusually or femininely attired in heels or skinny jeans find it troubling. Unless woman your talking to assumes your flamboyantly gay, talking with lisp, gesturing in feminine manner. It can be entertaining and amusing to listen a story that could be told to friends or boyfriend or husband, honey, guess who i met at the supermarket today? He made me leave laugh crying afterwards. Biggest problem i experienced when complimenting a woman is she need to stop my good gesture by mentioning being married having boyfriend loving her children so i don't go down a road assuming i'm traveling along. After she digest my honest meek compliment, feeling bad for me. Assuming i'm lonely and i'm being kind to them so while they are abrupt to shut me down putting on the brakes of the compliment they need to respond in another good way to make face. This is where i regret giving out a compliment when a woman believes telling me the hard truth will hurt but is for your own good how i'm being perceived. Her telling me what people are saying behind my back, all bad. Correcting my appearance suggesting another set of eyes helps in how we see ourselves giving example husband does to her . Then trying to adjust my appearance telling me heels don't look so good on a man, tight pants either, suggest other form of style which would look much better, woman love that you know... etc... After the chat i only brings me down and regret ever mentioning a word trying to be friendly. While the female in questions feels i was hurt with her suggestions, pitying me, more so wanting to console if we meet up again. Woman repond thinking i have good heart giving her a complement thus she can have maternal feelings back helping the poor confused man like a son. Change his perception find a partner that can make him look like a real man, masculine in every way. Only then her job is done feeling better about herself and fixing society problems she believes are out there. Ever have that chat from compliments given she retorts changing your style to mainstream male appearance thinking she is doing you a favour. Like telling you have spinach on your teeth or bad breath saving any embarrassment for benefit of others.
  3. w6ish Wrong surroundings, vibe and judgemental dudes like them. Would make me very uncomfortable if i was in your heels. Overhearing or assuming through body language reactions from these guys isn't something i want to be part of even waiting for goddess like you have. It's all about the scene your surrounding yourself with. To me your experience was all to wrong. Yet like you if i was forced in situation like you put yourself in i would despise the dudes style and criticize there physiques. Best remedy would be buy these guys pie or cake to support there big fat frame. Make them even fatter best revenge. Rarely would anyone with lack of control reject sweet dessert later feeling worse understanding your kindness was revenge you having the last laugh. It's old trick often giving chocolates to females who reject me or are critical with my appearance. Temptation of only having one or two bites is often rare and they devour majority of the fattening sweet treat. Fully aware it's my revenge knowing they will regret it next day feeling bloated terrible developing sweet tooth for many days later. Opposite what females want to look thin and lean only getting fatter. Yes, whenever we are with knockout woman men have hard time not looking at them. Often surprised why she is with us, assuming the obvious when we show our lean bulging body in tight fitted clothes. Men have often tried to laugh or judge me observing my style. Yet many stop analyse what they see and stop themselves in being so critical. As my gal pal says, there jealous of your body, don't pay attention F-them. Best time is find surrounding that suits your style often it's LGBT community that is less critical with your fashion sense but also comes with some cons itself. Only know your in best environment when you overhear people observing you and compliments are made or tossed around. Suppose you did the best you do considering the circumstances in small rural community. Better in the big city people careless or more intrigued with other things on there mind then bored in small bar amused at a sighting male in polished nails, bronzed skin and wicked pornstar platform sexy heels. Take a look at Tv show guy like us W6ish walks around in only a thong at bar later in the video. Just in case link gets censored i will PM to you. http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSKQw2Kbkgc&t=2464s
  4. Seeing a great looking female wearing knee high 4 inch stiletto heels with grey leggings with shorter winter wool coat at costco the other day. Wanted to tell her she looked great in them but instead glared upon her passing by with my cart minding my business. Only because something i like and even want to wear myself i have second thoughts in opening my mouth to give out genuine compliment. Been observing woman in particular for months, never seen any in heels for long period of time going shopping etc.. Did find her very attractive and the heels just raised the bar and other things much more. While i try to stay subtle even jaded upon woman styles i couldn't stop glaring upon her heels and legs. She had the winning combination i adore tight fitting leggings printed in grey scheme in cotton or wool fabric perfect for winter. Added with knee high snakeskin boots but thin stiletto heels which complimented her lean tone legs looking marvelous. Suppose the spike heel boots came as pleasant shocking surprise to me. Thinking if i were to compliment her she would take it entirely wrong manner believing i'm perverted or way to interested in her more then just enjoying her great sexy appearance. So i stayed mute, yet knew she glanced upon me knowing i had my eyes on her slim legs, tight bum, and killer heel boots. Could see she knew i was looking and therefore her style was successful in gathering my attention. Don't know if she just noticed my shiny black Moncler puffy jacket and found it stylish herself. Feel it would be to awkward for me to make a comment of her heel boots, telling her "loving it" while she was bending over the frozen chicken wings. Later on, in the store noticed one other lady in heels yet much older and heavier. Felt the winter months kept many woman stopped wearing heels, so they decided to put them on to feel better or sexier than plain flats they often wear. Rarely see woman shopping in heels no matter the time of year guess they find it overdoing it or less comfortable for the surroundings. Feel if i did compliment the first attractive woman i seen at costco it would make her feel good although doubt she needs any encouragement to look sexy or has self doubts about her beauty. Would make me feel better that if i communicated a compliment even though it may of came out awkward or to forward. Either way heels do make people feel better ones who observe others wearing it knowing it makes a statement we care how we look or style ourselves from mundane boring flat bottom shoes styles. At the time wasn't wearing any heels just flat uggs in skinny jeans. So any compliment given by me, woman wouldn't assume i like there heels for myself which would come as a shock or joke to them if i mentioned it. Regretting not wearing heel booties myself who knew i would encounter few woman in the store wearing heels. It may have changed my persona slightly observing the woman maybe smiling at her noticing both our stylish outfits
  5. Protege, huh! Often see younger male at my workplace which wears designer clothes and shoes glitter sneakers etc.. His haircut coloured asymmetrical cut medium length yet short. Often makes me giggle at him walking with his designer crossbody designer purse undoubtable coming from money. His dad must think his young son is gay or appears that way. Sort of trying to be masculine in his clothes pants shirt even hairstyle but is begging to show off his feminine style yet to fearful to wear heels, skinny jeans etc.. Suppose everyone has there timetable to outgrow there basic styles and have the courage to wear what they really love like you w6ish. Today at my workplace was sitting down while females surrounded me trying to glance upon my lap. While i enjoy only wearing female skinny jeans for various reasons you w6ish described with the protege. I gotten tired proving myself to these newbie woman at my workplace gossiping upon my unique physique they are so intrigued to look upon especially the young ones. Overheard one cute female talking over me to another about covering myself hiding something they believe is disappointing to look upon. Sometimes wearing or showing off blatantly can cause disturbance or like you w6ish write about "fuss". Don't know if the group of ladies at my workplace recognized something from my jeans that looked painted on from the hips yet comfortably stretchy. Which i gotten much more attention then previous days while some newbies just wish to get closer better looks. Maybe they thought i was teasing them or warming my hands in my lap from the heat of my body. Wearing tight jeans for some males can be intimidating let alone leggings like i frequent in the gym with disregard who is watching. My lady friend told me today loves how other woman recognize me with that daze. While telling me i'm all so confident unlike many who enter the doors of a gym. Confidence goes long way with regards to how people treat you or visualize your body.
  6. This is occurrence that happens with me. Usually woman don’t say anything to me but instantly notice what I’m wearing. Be it at the beach or pool wearing thong swimsuit or gym in leggings. In heels often never overheard female ask a male friend that question. Usually woman are upset, me wearing heels and tight fitted outfit Criticizing me for it to them. While some females find it intriguing question to ask there partner. They immediately turn and ask there male companion if he to would like to wear that. Same male response is often no way! The female finds his quick adamant answer amusing. Or pats and rubs him on the back telling him you sure it’s okay. Comments usually are don’t have the body like him. Female then feels sorry telling him don’t feel bad or laughs mocking him in jest. My belief is male being asked often feels homophobic. Female is testing his closed mindedness or kinkiness how or what his boundaries are. It often solidify’s her understanding of her male partner finding how open minded or fearful he is. Either way most woman feel they are teasing him enjoying his stern answer.
  7. Who made you wait, the waitress?
  8. Surprisingly this doesn't happen more often. Maybe because most people rather talk about us in wearing heels or other outfits behind our backs so we can't overhear. Had booties like thm before woman would hear me coming and look up while shopping startled what they seen. Guys like you described remind me coworker bad mouthing individuals like that saying same things. My boss being his best friend tries to tame him down saying stop talking bigoted like that, but he doesn't care because he isn't in the company of those who wear such things. Little does he know my boss has idea about me but can't say for sure since i never wear heels at work and tempers his comments around me. So far don't hear my co-worker talking openly about males in feminine clothes and shoes anymore joking about it as before around me now. Doubt his attitude changed but stays distant around me unless it's necessary to work together. What i know some people are bothered about others believing there is normal way to dress and behave and everyone else is crazy very close minded. Yet same time telling me i don't care yet making it vocal of his opinions to anyone listening. Guys like my co-worker believe if they shame others or make a comment publicly they don't respect there choices it's learning moment. Rather encouraging others saying how great it looks. Suppose woman i see never give compliments it's because of fear do so. Only that guy like me may take it as flirtation then positive encouragement. My reactions as some woman also do wearing something great, need compliments only because of validation what we are wearing is alright. Always in your mind asking myself do i look bad in these heels and outfit, is it too much, guess i look terrible none says anything ignoring me. Silence or minding their business often is another sign people may object to your outfit and heels. Then again not everyone needs to say positive reinforcement what everyone is wearing unless there fashion diva. Do like some of the replies to Pierrie1961 experience never had it happen to me would i think of mocking others about our heels. Especially love the usual female teens asking others to look what a male is wearing heels giggling about it. Confront them giving yourself a chuckle that yeah want to get a closer look showing them off. Love it! Reactions catching them off guard thinking there laughing upon your heels yet don't care confronting them for your own amusement. Just had recent experience with younger couple white gal and her black boyfriend at the gym pool. While i was swimming laps in next lane beside them finishing doing leg exercises in shallow end holding onto the edge. The female was approaching next lane commenting or giggling that i was wearing a thong swimsuit to her boyfriend. I'm sure she noticed or he did while i walked along the pool deck showering and making my way into the water. So there was no surprises yet she commented unclearly something to the fact i was showing off and wanted to do something. Her boyfriend telling her no and began to get out of the pool. Maybe she wanted to wait in the pool to see me leave looking upon my backside not sure. Goes to show you some people believe what your wearing isn't for purpose of you loving to wear it but being exhibitionist for reaction for others. This often leads to people or woman specifically giving me less attention ignoring what i wear. Often believe it's out of jealousy or envy but it can also be they don't want to give me more attention then necessary making me feel less desirable in their eyes failing miserably.
  9. Stopping, staring gotta love it! Know the feeling think it's my best part when woman are caught off guard. Very few times in my experience it happens woman walking normally unaware and looks over at me suddenly deer in the headlights stands still, Lol.... Brings huge smile on my face yet if i seen them before i try to look unaware or clueless they are watching. While playing dumb and unaware as i'm simply wearing ordinary outfit knowing what i have on is getting attention. One hottie woman could not take it anymore with me. she followed closely looking me over finally broke down screaming never forget it. People running to help her seeing what was wrong then she realized her top of her lungs scream was vocalized being embarrassed telling it was nothing. After my ears stop ringing had to feel good i provoke that reaction to woman cares so deeply about me but hates my outfits. Difference between you and me W6ish i would observe and listen to the negative reactions if in your shoes. Happy you can block any form of negativity and enjoy the pleasure of being the man all these woman intrigued with. The gay question often comes up with me also woman asking or commenting to others he's got to be. Only when they figure out i'm not the disbelief on there faces is precious same as initial stares upon my outfit or body at the c/o beach. Have to laugh about the questions woman ask about the brand of jeans. It's old excuse for you or me to raise up the shirt to uncover the pocket emblems if they are covered to show there some kind of designer ones. In reality these clever woman want me to show off my backside or frontside to get better look. Other excuse woman asking what time is it? Wearing a phone pouch on my belt have to raise my shirt in order to get the time. Often shirt sits on top of the pouch leaving my entire side raised showing off what they really want to see. It was perfect situation for you and yeah i couldn't help not think i to was stripper amongnst the ladies surrounding you. Imagination goes on overdrive in those situations thinking fantasizing what could be or what these ladies are thinking. The sneaking picture taking looks to be surprise seeing these women were not teens but obviously had to show their girlfriends talking about you. How did you answer the question why the boots? Or the gay question and reactions from them. Glam lady if she didn't approach you then she had to be jealous of the attention to your outfit. Woman like her want attention from the ladies and compliments, Oh i love your hairstyle, great outfit, beautiful heels, you look great etc... It builds her ego and encourages the glam lady to be model of style and fashion. Sure she hated you for over shadowing her. Yet same time deep down loved your fashion sense seeing you care as much as her having similar tastes.
  10. You the man w6ish! You got into a situation which was to perfect not resisting to exhibit your "heels" and tight skinny jeans. How old were the ladies, were they quality females observing your unique style? What reaction did you observe care to share any comments you overheard? My guess lot of wide eyed mouth open stares and upper lip bites. Certain the woman sitting beside you was no accident distracted not paying attention to the conference. You or me probably know from experience exactly where these ladies minds were racing and eyes focusing subtly upon, heels, legs and other parts of the outfit, hahaha. What type of length T-shirt were you wearing often tight outfits going to loose with a t-shirt, sweater or jacket may take something off with the entire outfit appearance. Just like wearing plastic bag or potato sack as top not good look. Initial observation tells me instinct that heels were the shock these ladies were noticing then the legs. While sure some may have thought your female at first then did the obvious double take noticing more than they ever seen before. Lots of fun i know that stare and laser eye focus some woman do when i sit down in skinny jeans. I try not to have smirk on my face from there disbelieving stares knowing where they are looking. While i never gotten myself into your type of situation. I did wear super skinny jeans the other day at workplace. Skin tight light distressed denim you could see every muscle fiber on my hamstrings to give you idea how tight like a spray tan. Woman looked even my haters just staring as i was at buffet bar getting my dinner. I didn't look at them but i noticed there eyes burning upon my warm hot thighs while they were seated looking upon my legs at eye level as i stood next to them. This style gives me hidden smile on my face as these woman stare looking even those i know who hate it. Yet there eyes can't help but look just to encouraging to do wear it more. Some ladies hate us for it while others are angry at themselves not looking as lean or the legs they want. Suppose some females have dissonance looking at our bodies and outfits. They can't help themselves yet resent that male should look so feminine which they learned to hate or judge to be all wrong. Whenever i catch them looking upon me i know i did something they love even if they project it for themselves. No compliments for me but that stare is only thing i need to see from the ladies to know i pull it off well.
  11. Heels at Costco did that before wearing my bootie heels, leather jacket skiin tight jeggings. While waiting in the long lineup at the cashier people looking from behind. Either you love the attention or not. Sometimes you overhear comments couples discussing me. Often the husband laughs out loud while the wife mumbles telling him hush,.. usually the line consist of Asians they smirk observing or single older females finding my outfit special either amusing or very stylish for male to wear out shopping. Only can say wearing stilettos isn’t good idea because of lifting heavy case of water making it unsteady to place underneath the cart and lifting it in the parking lot. Do find many if not all my comments dressed up came from workers or shoppers at Costco. At the door female employee asked me if I was a model. Then called me liar when I denied it, pulling back the receipt when handing back to me. On the negative side one female 20 something was commenting next lane to her boyfriend about me. My cashier began to join in agreeing with her while I stood paying for my items. At the time stood frozen unsure they were talking negatively about me what I was wearing. Chuckled that they openly in front of me were critical of my outfit. While other times young female would see me and chase me down in aisle to get a better look at my skinny jeans she liked. Her mom sort of knew what her daughter was checking me out grinning upon her trailing behind. Only the daughter got more of eyefull once she seen me at every angle. Then her mom asked whats wrong she looked so stunned. The daughter covered up saying nothing embarrassed what she just witnessed from me. Do look great in skin tight jeans only the asian daughter didn’t expect to see every curve and outline with my lean legs. Recent visit to Costco didn’t dress up in my low block Designer suede pointed toe booties just skinny jeans and leather sneakers and moose knuckles coat. . Seen this very attractive blonde in Tight Levi’s and snakeskin low block bootie heels similar to what I wear. Not the design print but style itself low cut. . Could tell she recognized me from previous visits from the store. Remember her with a boyfriend this time she was alone. Could see she was checking out what I was wearing. Couldn’t be sure where else I recognize her from maybe another store or gym member. Later we were checking out at the cashier, her being in the next lane beside mine. While I stared upon her intensely couldn’t help keep my eyes on her extremely sexy body. Looking so good but knew she was wearing cheaper clothes rather designer brand I often do. While I knew she could tell my intrigue about her. Was disappointed I didn’t that one time wear my bootie block heels to the store. Goes to show you never know who you going to see any given day.
  12. MackyHeels

    Cali World

    Cat is right. When people see male in heels there is point of no return. Meaning there minds are made up or label has been branded. Trying to hide the heels or boots camouflaged so to speak., none notices, is amusing or joke because many will look eventually. Had same type of hang ups not with heels or skirt but feminine workout outfits in the past. Now I wear whatever colour I want or provocative outfits for my own pleasure. Those who find my appearance silly or wrong don’t look or ignore me. While others are intrigued, envious of what I wear. Just takes strong minded attitude that you careless what others will say. Disregarding them haters pointing plastic fingers or heads turning laughing upon me. Only because they never seen some male wear feminized clothes or heels before.
  13. She also says whenever trying on heels to purchase, if you can run in them, sold!
  14. Tough one but females who believe there attractive than other woman have sense of style about them. Girl B looks the type she is modest in her beliefs even traditional thus what she told you was nice way to say Yuk for man wearing heels. The other girl A finds it odd but seeing she slept with you is more forgiving yet shocked as girl B. Yet Girl A finds it not issue unless you begin to be serious couple then she may reaccess things that don't make her feel comfortable. Did the same tonight sent out cache of my premium pictures i shared on the forum and then some to female. Difficult to gauge her reaction will be suppose she will lie say i look great blah blah but deep down think i'm total freak. Doubt it will have any bearing on our friendship although she may not feel as attractive to me as before.
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