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  1. MackyHeels

    Cali World

    Cat is right. When people see male in heels there is point of no return. Meaning there minds are made up or label has been branded. Trying to hide the heels or boots camouflaged so to speak., none notices, is amusing or joke because many will look eventually. Had same type of hang ups not with heels or skirt but feminine workout outfits in the past. Now I wear whatever colour I want or provocative outfits for my own pleasure. Those who find my appearance silly or wrong don’t look or ignore me. While others are intrigued, envious of what I wear. Just takes strong minded attitude that you careless what others will say. Disregarding them haters pointing plastic fingers or heads turning laughing upon me. Only because they never seen some male wear feminized clothes or heels before.
  2. She also says whenever trying on heels to purchase, if you can run in them, sold!
  3. Tough one but females who believe there attractive than other woman have sense of style about them. Girl B looks the type she is modest in her beliefs even traditional thus what she told you was nice way to say Yuk for man wearing heels. The other girl A finds it odd but seeing she slept with you is more forgiving yet shocked as girl B. Yet Girl A finds it not issue unless you begin to be serious couple then she may reaccess things that don't make her feel comfortable. Did the same tonight sent out cache of my premium pictures i shared on the forum and then some to female. Difficult to gauge her reaction will be suppose she will lie say i look great blah blah but deep down think i'm total freak. Doubt it will have any bearing on our friendship although she may not feel as attractive to me as before.
  4. It has to do with the occasion and desire you want to covet from someone you seen be it magazine walking along the street etc... If you buy a parka in the summer there is no desire to wear it, even find it silly to be thinking of such things. When you see others wearing what catches your eye in some lovely heels your brain gets stimulated even desire to wear them yourself. Motivations lust on the way you see yourself wanting to wear it. Another factor lack of confidence that you can't look as good as you seen others in the same boots, shoes. This makes us take second look finding whatever we intially bought not as we visualized it purchasing it initially. Many people i've talked to collected or bought items and thought to ourselves how the heck we thought this was a good idea at the time. Later just collecting dust in the closet never returned or worn ever. Blame store mirrors and lighting thinking at the time these pants colour looks great and fits me fine. Once you get home you feel terrible buying such item and want to return it only finding it was final sale non returnable. Look on brightside at least you got your money back.
  5. Cat i'm glad your not oblivious to reading people's glances and reactions onto your leggings and wedges. Impressed by your cavalier careless attitude for those disapproving of the outfit. My question is how you ignore them with the giggles, laughter or incessant derogatory commentary? My view and experience is wear leggings as best as i can with latest styles colours i can find. Like you i don't hide the logo on the left calf. Woman if fashion educated know i'm wearing feminine leggings with colours to match and contrast with. With many glances from woman about my appearance brings them smirks of the style i bring on daily visits to the gym. Even if woman disapprove of a male wearing feminine clothes they can't help themselves encountering me and smile thinking this guy is so bold wishing them to look as good in yoga outfits. Woman understand they are being scrutinized wearing whatever they want. Yet woman feel self conscious walking by, knowing i'm critical of them as they do it to me. Often see woman hike up there leggings passing by feeling they just don't measure up to me at least in their eyes. Thus they feel envy anguish, jealousy demoralized to even compete with the likes of myself.
  6. Think it has a lot to do with social media and smart phones. People are so preoccupied with that life they don’t notice anyone surrounding them. Before people were bored took photos of there surroundings or people they found funny. Now it’s all about there social media friends and constant communication between them. So when individual goes shopping alone they have there friends text away never feeling alone and topics of discussion are endless. None noticed guy in heels walking by unless they are bumping into each other from there heads buried on there phone screens. Have female friend standing no more no more twenty feet in front of her she didn’t notice me later was leaving. My outfit was outlandish in colour yet no reaction. She was distracted on her phone and thinking what to write next. Even took a picture of her sending it to her . Her reaction OMG! Busy Sexting. Her husband noticed her driving next car lane pulling up beside her. She didn’t respond while him laughing video recorded her singing in the car, radio loud with windows open. Oblivious of others surrounding her. So people are distracted and involved in there life much deeper then in the past. Guess it works for us heel wearing males also. Oblivious of others mocking us and endless intrigue of social media like minded friends. We then have no opinion on people’s reactions to our outfits. Only because we don’t pay anyone attention caring only selective group of people we associate with. Makes wearing any outfit so much easier,
  7. Surprised nobody or woman specifically don’t give you giggling smile noticing your brand of leggings. Often when wearing leggings woman notice I’m wearing same style colour as they own. They become giddy or need to laugh or vent what they are observing. Sometimes can’t believe it needing to comment to others what there observing. Added to fact you wear wedges with high socks gets smiling cute reactions from many ladies. In my case I try to analyze woman’s reactions of me seeing if they find my outfit silly or envious and cute. If I see woman laugh at me instantly know they are closed minded and find my outfit silly foR man to be styling. Other reactions from ladies of smirks surprised stares tell me they sort of like it yet shocked seeing it working on male. Dont wear wedges but navy blue combat leather designer boots which attracts intrigued attention away from my leggings but my boots. I can tell when woman like them or are envious of my boots. Often I keep my cache of lululemon leggings I wear in the gym. While on the street skinny female jeans, jeggings. As you can see I try not showing the waistband with logo in the back. Gets more laughs from the ladies when they are intrigued with any leggings I’m wearing. Better keep them guessing when wearing ladies leggings what brand etc.. Somehow when woman aren’t sure what style or brand you have on or gender it’s made for, they are less likely to express a laugh out loud or OmG! Yet the reverse is true when I see a lady in same leggings i own. My reaction is noticeable different wide eyed stare with disbelief . While I say nothing or giggle nor laugh woman wearing there leggings feel i’m infatuated with them. Only if they knew that I wear or own the same clothes and shoes as they do. Often find it unfair with opposite reactions when I wear same misty merlot or figue coloured leggings woman tend to be a gashed. While woman wearing it is cute and fun. At least in the gym same people see every time so reactions are mute. Only when I wear something new or matched complimentary outfit woman tend to envy stare longer. Suppose I take that as positive compliment that they like my choice of outfit yet stay quite. Stoic stare no smirk or giggle even wide eye expression observing me I know ladies who seen me before love my outfit. To bad they can’t say kind word or two.
  8. Thanks for your response as well. Your correct in accessing what I’ve experienced and filtered out on many occasions people’s perspective of me. Often being surrounded by closed minded people you hope they have a change of heart about my appearance. Unlikely they do which is disappointing to me. Difficult to treat them with respect knowing how they feel. Makes for lonely exsistance because some are misinformed or uncomfortable with my presence. Often out of necassitity or lack of luck i’m surrounded by narrow minded individuals or groups for short time. Often thinking to myself or comparing myself that some maybe envious or jealous what I wear to some degree. Even if it’s my false assumption or internal delusion about others about me versus them. Helps me cope with what I wear not breaking apart, confident and resolute of there negative amused reactions.
  9. Only problem i encounter people assuming i'm gay because of my attire. Even when you tell them your straight they don't believe you. Often giving lip service okay your straight but every opportunity they have gay innuendo persist onto me as some joke they enjoy. Which becomes annoying and disturbing someone believes i'm a liar or won't admit it openly. People like that are tiresome persistent thinking they know others character better oneself. People who don't want to be labeled as gay are straight single males. When people assume comment to others don't waste your time on him honey he's gay. This type of label can hurt even narrow your choices for relationship with woman.
  10. That happens to me also. Often i believe because women like their certain styles or color of clothes, seeing it on anyone, a man for instance, will often give out compliments regardless. In most of my experiences woman use me as litmus test of the clothes i wear what works what doesn't. They know the brand i often wear, so they never need to ask or talk to me. If woman are intrigued liking my clothes and i've been told by some observing they definitely do go out of there way to look. Then many go out purchasing the same clothes i'm seen wearing. Sometimes we clash wearing the identical same print of pants dressed alike. While they notice me as i them, they keep their distance, even laugh being teased by others of our similar taste in clothes that particular day. While friendly female friend takes pictures of our same outfits like we were twins dressed alike she loves it. While my haters will always be that, never involving themselves onto me, even though it is coincidence wearing same outfit that day. One reason i wear mostly woman clothes or jeans in particular. Most woman look upon other woman as trend they wear following the style. When they see it on me a male in envious slim legs and fit body they have bewilderment expression which i love. Tells me they have binary issues of what man and woman should be wearing as a proper style traditionally suited in society. When they observe closely that the jeans fit me perfectly like they are designed and wash is intriguing to their liking. Woman need to re-think their thoughts asking themselves love what he is wearing even envious but he is a man in woman clothes. Everything the know or taught in life of gender traditional clothing goes out the window believing it doesn't matter he looks good regardless. Thus some might say love your taste in clothes or what your wearing looks pretty, beautiful. Had seen the same compliments from woman about men's sweaters liking them. Only because it's male designed product and enough support woman give they soon be wearing same colour style print in there size owning it for themselves. One example is camo leggings very masculine print but woman find it very popular taking that style for themselves. When woman seen me wearing it first notice many bulging eyeballs on me, they knew immediately they wanted wearing it for themselves, soon selling out the print and leggings of the brand i wear. It's compliment nonetheless knowing my taste in feminine clothes is in line with them. Although do know many females feel angst or uncomfortable sharing the same style as me as wrong thing for man to wear. Yet once i given them the idea or seen me in something they want wishing they bought it first.
  11. Some male super skinny jeans Calvin Klein have incredible stretch and comfort no other brand for men i seen. Problem with fabrics is most designs for men aren't tailored to fit tight or snug thus not needing elastic type of stretch. Men designs are suppose to drape a man while woman's are to shape contour there body hips butt etc.. While more men who are in shape tend to flock towards fitted even compression type clothes. Had amusing comments from colleague at work. In jest mocking my tight shirt or fitted pants, telling him i enjoy my clothes tight. He understood very well, saying he sometimes does it to. Funny part he admitted while i mocked myself saying he has difficulty finding clothes that fit tight going few sizes smaller, needing to shop in youth department, both of us laughing.... Little did he know woman fabrics do the same job and better. Guess it's emasculating to even admit saying your wearing woman tight style clothes.
  12. My latest heel adventure was different from any other time when going to the mall. Had meet with female friend so called mall date. Was running late as usual so i quickly made my way through the crowded mall parking lot and into the building. Texting messaging was my only thoughts. In the past i would be like some members who have shared their experiences having wrote in there wearing heels in public butterflies in the pit of there stomach. Little did i care or think i had on heel booties with my skin tight legging jeans and waist length parajumpers parka lined fur hood. Once i got to the place for a meet up with my lady friend she acknowledged me before i discovered where she was. She made a scene raising her hand waving me over. As i walked towards her she looked at my heels immediately loving the shoes. Other people she was with were in shock although she introduced me to them. We parted ways from her friends left together walking around the mall to grab beverage. Didn't notice one person around the mall that gave me erie stare or snubbing reaction. In fact i had long time family friend stop me with my lady friend to catch up, but left as quick not wanting to intrude in our outing together. As we sat having beverage together sitting at table seemingly in middle of the square of crowd of people none seemingly recognize my footwear or skin tight jeans. After parting from my lady friend i walked to my car alone through the mall. Seemingly found none gave any care what i was wearing. Total difference if i were alone going on to do my errand thinking what other maybe thinking of my outfit. Looking at any slightest reaction expression from others was my hobby making it more clinic then it is actually. Later went to another mall alone feeling very confident yet my feet began to hurt from the 4 inch block leather booties. Didn't care what others thought but seemingly was if i was wearing average joe plain clothes and flat sneakers. Knew i appeared very different from others for sure but that wasn't what i concentrated on all day. So when questions are asked on the forum is it easier to heel with a woman? Answer is Yes! wonderful experience. Wish more women would accept men in garb i wear. It only takes one and she totally loved it as much as me, noticing me smiling lot more. Suppose it was what i wanted to wear giving me happier expression thinking for that brief time my outfit is acceptable in public eye or at least tolerated and ignored like every plain joe or jane. Yet difficult for me to ignore some nice looking ladies on my trip that day, pleasant eye candy to observe .
  13. Think your not the only one searching? Found one married woman being honest telling about her male preferences when dating. She had point system if you like can try to gauge yourself upon her rating system. One she loved males with long hair as most woman no balding men 3 points Comfortable with his appearance in public basically what your wearing no matter how controversial you do it with confidence 2 points. Intelligence 2 points, which puts me out of luck Lol.. Overall body 1 point just don't be fat but fit. Nice smile 1 point be fun to be around, not idiot like me being downer for everyone to read my lamentations. Lastly just have something woman really sexually desire and want you know what i mean so does she. 1 point. If your 7 or higher woman begin to pursue you not need to look thy will find you. 5 or 6 she will accept advances, 3 or 4 could be just friends might get frisky now and again, 1 or 2 no interest.
  14. Sometimes people stare because they are not sure or feel something is off about someone. If you go all out feminine the wig or extensions aren’t perfect may look odd for discerning individuals. Small stuff is also telling when skinny jeans are slightly baggy not skin tight is sign about someone’s body be it male or female. Think you done great job in fact for first time remarkably well, envy you in odd way. What puzzels me why the anxiety? Trust me that if walk appearing like that through a mall none would give you second look believing your 100% woman wearing female clothes. Only other reason people may give you second glance noticing your attractive demeanour and style impressed with it. Definelty should experiment with different feminine clothes and not worry of any reprucusdions. In fact only thing that might bother you some people may hit on you asking you out.
  15. Like i said in my initial post or as some wrote "novel", i could care less of what stupid males say to one another about me or being intrigued what they are saying, totally oblivious. Only because i heard almost everything someone would negatively say tiresome and boring. If it was a female saying negative stuff about me that's different story i'm more mindful what they think of me. Feel like it maybe constructive criticism so my ears are perked what they are thinking or find funny or odd. Does my colour choices i'm wearing work today; opera mauve or lavender mist leggings complimented with aqua mint SS tech shirt. What peeves me is that certain things stick when people talk truth or falsehoods about someone spreading rumours etc.... Amused at certain woman i see but never talk to comment about me being a dancer (what kind of dancer not sure) which is untrue and total fabrication in their minds. Yet many people label me as that which doesn't matter to me at all, so what. When others try to label me as someone that does harm to children, belongs in prison, people's ears perk up, true or not, they tend to take a total falsehood seriously and judge me without ever knowing me. It's reputation you need to defend if men bad mouth a woman being a tramp or slut people sometimes believe in it even though it's untrue. So when i noticed my female married friend look serious not talking to me, unknown she was fighting on my behalf among two gorillas, wasting calories trying to set a standard which everyone should be treated with respect no matter how different they appear. She told them if you have criticism about someone don't talk about it in public do it privately. While i do enjoy great feedback what i wear from females, be it a glare of jealousy or indictment snub of envy. Nothing more encouraging then hearing from surprising new woman i wear clothes better than them, or have nice taste in style and love enjoying looking upon my beautiful body. Is this a bad thing? While at heart i know when i wear something feminine i wear it well and rare encouraging comment is breath of fresh air. Many here have happen to them at some point even posting a small remark about there outfit from strangers. So my fear is if females do the fighting for my behalf because i tune out the negativity trying to protect my reputation when will this battle stop? Many of you find my so called post negative and unbecoming but i find it reality in life that needs answered. When will woman stop defending me from idiots becoming tired of there negativity. My fear is woman who defend me will become to realize others must have a point and become like them. Had older married acquaintance believe i was gay but i shamed her from that wasn't true she apologized in embarrassment. She began to set a torch for me trying to persuade other female friends that indeed i wasn't gay. Suffice it to say her efforts went wasted and she became tired and frustrated convincing like minded female friends i was straight comparing other males in magazines etc... While her efforts went on deaf ears she began with innuendos i may want to try befriending the gay community meeting visiting gay friends. Found her subtle polite manner all to obvious what she began to turn on me believing her friends i'm gay. Suffice to say i avoided her knowing she changed her mindset upon me yet hides her true feelings in public giving lip service but narrow minded woman.
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