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  1. it's always the thing we don't have is attractive to us. Once we achieve it or possess it lacks the original pizazz we fought so hard to achieve or get. Grass is always greener on the other side.... Just like plastic surgery some just never satisfied on there appearance keep changing it like latest fashion trends. Had same experience walking alone nobody around down a long ravine bridge stairs and ramp recently. Seen group of gals three older 17 - 18 years old teens sitting together seemed bored at the end of the ramp on piece of concrete bench block. Thought for sure i get c
  2. Objectifying a female from male prospective. Often is numb to the fact your a stranger and the way you look has effect how the compliment maybe viewed. If female finds the male attractive or stylish she may welcome the compliment even feel you are harmlessly flirting. Either way signals get crossed and females instantly feel sensitive about themselves. Only mentioning part of someone's body specifically heels, feet, footwear, hair etc.. makes them uncomfortable. Takes very charismatic male to voice compliment and not offend the female or be mistaken as nothing other than what it is. Ha
  3. Hello,

    Having difficulty replying to a post it comes up in red script and hidden from view when i save it to be seen. Only i could see the reply. 

    Is there problem i created when replying  pressing inadvertently some stealth mode? 


  4. W6ish...Sassy shorts Lol.. Probably know the reason for your answer to the question.. Ever try a leather split short skirt instead of shorts with the nylons and heels? Black nylons super sheen, fishnets or both doubling up? Only problem or things i badly miss is gals reactions of my outfit. Only few circumstances i seen those jaw dropping reactions. Today i feel gals are more afraid than ever before. I suspect it maybe the virus but can't help feel it maybe just me, difficult to shake off. Had few interactions with my old single geeky neighbour milf. After she gotten to observe me clo
  5. To better understand i guess you had on skinny jeans, short shorts or your spandex shorts. This older gal may have misspoke. Often times people do the strangest things. They are jeopardy watchers giving the answer in a form of a question, which makes no sense. No doubt gals get tongue tied, when looking or wanting to comment on our appearance. Maybe gal felt in her mind wow, this guy showing a lot of detail could use some type of cup or padding to soften the appearance with less detail. Smart woman often may pass by think it, but know the answer to the question. We like it the way it is, and
  6. Your speaking to the choir i know super tight show all jeggings often do just that. Only you need to find the right audience. With this oppressive government health regulations not much you can do or go and be seen by the right gals.
  7. Do you truly believe it will work? Glue may initially stay put sooner or later it will give out with wear. Last thing you need to be walking along and they fall apart in last place you want. The butterflies you get do you believe the root cause is because of some sense of guilt? Let me explain, when i wear something provocative in public such as thin sheer colorful leggings in white, tangerine orange, or tiny swimsuit at a pool i never had frequented. Those butterflies or anxiety you feel, heart rate beats faster, skin is more flushed, cold sweat overwhelms my body, limbs
  8. W6ish best to stay inside lot warmer in a mall setting that is if you can find that is open. Lots of mirrors and people shopping and watching. Want to be seen getting reactions mall is a must visit for me. People walking behind me can't help notice the tight jeggings not to mention the heel booties. i'm wearing. From my experiences at mall browsing in heels is you get judged very quickly and reactions are swift. People can't help themselves to talk about me to others openly what i'm wearing often negative comments from gals. What i do know those females shopping alone are checking
  9. yeah, but you got to find those underground parties. Some tried rental storage units, others AirBNB rental house in suburbs all got shut down and party people fled before midnight raid. Think rural barns out in somewhere there's party going on tonight, only covid cops haven't busted it yet. Back in the day when prohibition for anyone drinking was illegal. Yet there was speakeasies for folk to have some fun. Life was simpler back then. Nobody had cars parked outdoors near a party zone where it's easy to spot some activity is happening somewhere in middle of the night.
  10. It's about getting attention from those that you like. Heels short skirts, leggings do just that. All comes to the confidence woman have with their bodies. If females feel comfortable and get many eyes on the lean legs they enjoy the attention it brings. Wearing flats maybe more comfortable but if gal wants to make herself stand out from the crowd heels are the go to gold standard. Depending on the heels they are wearing also amount of attention they willing to encompass from their peers.
  11. Woman love to show off there legs and shape. Outfitting themselves in the beast way they can heels are mandatory. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHs_Mr3A_wa/ Stockings and heels always go together. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH2tXpxL80i/ Designer heels are always going to be in vogue. Maybe there is no place you can wear them out but certainly it is nice look. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH0EN1qpW_Z/
  12. Anytime female needs to dress up be it a prom dress, wedding, funeral or just date night out, heels will be certainly worn. Since the pandemic all those i stated don't exist or limited to some extent so the heels are left in the closet. While workplace heels are used in office place many are working from home with no need to wear or buy outfits for work. Fashion industry must be taking big hit nobody buying high fashion clothes or heels. If any clothing or shoes being bought are useful and practical keep warm or stay dry. Sooner or later the floodgates will burst and many will start buyin
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