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    Love Shopping for clothes Online and browse in stores in my spare time. Wearing clothes that woman would die for with envy.

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  1. Who makes these heels anyone know?
  2. I’m sure it’s fun with gals you know having conversation about your appearance. Better yet, finding or overhearing strangers talking about me about the clothes I’m wearing, envious and jealous. That really feels good. Today went to the beach wearing bright raspberry bulge string thong. Two gals pointed me out as I walked along the shoreline. The shocked reaction expression on their faces was comforting to know I impressed them. Here is link to beach walk. watching other gals wearing them thongs. You can notice at 7:10 or so male in a thong but gals surrounding him observing his unique swimwear. Always wondered why so many gals camp out nearby when I’m on the beach tanning alone. It’s not me but what I’m wearing attracts their intrigue. https://youtu.be/-vP7XaH7gMoBeach walk
  3. You seem to be walking into an addiction for leggings. Be careful you will collect many colours and styles like myself. I can understand the frenzy and excitement of a complete outfit. Only missing in your experiences is people observing, the thrill you receive is unmatched, we all know that feeling. Have fun get them gals excited with the style..
  4. To bad you bought 10 capris might want to try these sheer mesh in summer white with a tan and heels look would be striking. If you impressed your gal with your leggings these might freak her out.. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001640584311.html?gps-id=pcStoreLeaderboard&scm=1007.22922.122102.0&scm_id=1007.22922.122102.0&scm-url=1007.22922.122102.0&pvid=6e53ae7d-8707-4253-b7a6-b9ac2418a973&spm=a2g0o.store_pc_home.smartLeaderboard_6000238187354.1005001640584311 Sale ends soon.
  5. W6ish don't understand your jitters. More confident and calm you feel the better you will display the style you so much love. Only decision and anxiety you may feel, what colour heels to wear and regretting it when making decision. I would wear black Slingbacks look really good, wait until you get them legs and feet fully bronzed and tan to wear the white sherberts to highlight the style better. Doubt you need any luck but surely you will have much fun.. Your nerves might be from all the build up and anticipation of the night to come.. Ever think of clear mules which many bikini competitors wear that look would make your decision from or white easy having neutral color to pick. You now have 50% chance to pick the shoes you want. With the clear heels makes for 66% chance making right decision, increasing your chances. Lol.. That is if their is ever wrong decision to wear heels. https://shoefreaks.ca/products/fabulicious-lip-106-sandals?variant=30452037484644 I know its only 5" heel not to your standards but clear glass look can be stunning and not clash with any color outfit that is if white or black goes with virtually everything. Being summer sandal wedges may look to casual but these heels can put exclamation point with your fashion style. With amazing pedicure ladies will envy you no doubt. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2675/0680/products/lip-106-c_b4301988-be37-4c14-84e3-fcc87ca401a9_1200x.jpg?v=157 Any thought of red crop leggings or white since its summer light colours can make all the difference in a club scene with neon lights..
  6. Most of the sheer mesh had trend at particular time when it began to become popular. They just introduced brand new this week another pair of crop leggings with mesh inserts. You might want to try two colours green or black called nulu and mesh mid rise crops. Again not my favourite, because of this post i might order the tidewater teal colour see how they fit. Your body type or mine maybe not perfect smooth fit since it has lots of seams as in the front. Something you can try see how they fit have some fun at the boutique if they allow change room fittings, after all we are limited to 15% capacity in the stores. Limited time before stores sell out give it few days, get them while you can, order online return at the store if you don't like them. Favourite are align crops in shorter version that might be wining ticket you want feels so good. https://shop.lululemon.com/p/womens-leggings/Nulu-and-Mesh-Mid-Rise-Yoga-Crop-23/_/prod10520151?color=0001 Remember my white crop leggings forget the sweat 21" Overheard lot of fuss over them from the ladies some even chatted wishing the mesh inserts were in particular different spot for them to see me in a very different light. Lol... I'm sure some imagined me in sheer white tights for all to see.. https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/39565/lululemon-forget-the-sweat-crop-21-white Or my smooth stride crop heather grey. Look at side detail, not whisper or peep from the gals me wearing this: https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/25183/lululemon-smooth-stride-crop-heathered-black-black Inspire tights i bought to different colours: https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/833/lululemon-inspire-tight-ii-mesh-space-dye-camo-black-dark-slate Run smooth was nice mesh crop once upon a time. https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/42398/lululemon-run-smoothly-crop-23-black Run with the sun crops shorter then the rest.. https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/4437/lululemon-run-with-the-sun-crop-black reveal tights precision little longer: https://www.lulufanatics.com/item/29762/lululemon-reveal-tight-precision-25-boysenberry Nulu™ and Mesh Mid Rise Yoga Crop 23" Shinbene has hi-cloud leggings seamless front give them a try on Ali-express. I'm sure you will enjoy them leggings. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/No-Camel-Toe-Collection/3131004_517981307.html?spm=a2g0o.store_pc_promotion.pcShopHead_6457679.1_0_3
  7. Capri leggings i started to wear about 10 years ago. In europe they made them for men not so in North America. Love the look just over the knees on woman as well with me. There was a time when i wore capris it was thought to be female style leggings and overheard comments from gals. Since many gals believed they were female capris i was wearing i decided to delve into other side of the aisle. Ladies fashions store much more to choose from. Never bothered me what other gals thought. Knew i wore them capris really well many had to like them. After awhile crop lululemon leggings began to be my normal style. Only grief i heard from a gal was i wore the same style wunder unders always never trying other styles. Motivated me to delve into different leggings. One in particular fashion style were with nylon sheer cutouts on the thighs and lower legs. Have grey crops with almost lace like side outer seam sheer cutout along my thighs. Looks feminine style but never heard bad comment or any odd reactions to it. Although very subtle love the look on females with sheer nylon cutouts along the legs find it enticing. When i did wear sheer cutout pattern leggings along the leg lot envious stares from the ladies. Well i think they were looking at my leggings Lol... White sheer cutout leggings always brought out a lot of attention from the gals.. Think it was my deep bronzed tan brought out the glow white cutout sheer leggings patterns. One gal pal asked if i was wearing any skimpy thongs under them. Teased many by tugging my waistband to take a look, lot gals stood by to overhear the answer... Replied to her what do you think? You know me better then most here.. Lol... Lot of passing smiles and eyes on my leggings from the ladies.. As they could not believe what i was wearing..
  8. Be careful W6ish you may need to quarantine until Labour Day if the academic doctors of health and PM have anything to say about it. Lol... How was your internment camp visit once you arrived on Canadian soil? Lol.. No thongs this is the beginning season for it along with a bronzed tan. Have fun, welcome back start spreading that deadly UK variant b.1.1.7 we all were told it was going to kills us all. Now with new improved delta variant, your just in time to enjoy our semi lockdown finally open up by end of July. Wow! 9 months of lockdowns went through. Only few short few weeks to enjoy the fun before 4th wave of lockdown commence on Thanksgiving. Wear them when you can never know if you be able to heel again...
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