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  1. My latest heel adventure was different from any other time when going to the mall. Had meet with female friend so called mall date. Was running late as usual so i quickly made my way through the crowded mall parking lot and into the building. Texting messaging was my only thoughts. In the past i would be like some members who have shared their experiences having wrote in there wearing heels in public butterflies in the pit of there stomach. Little did i care or think i had on heel booties with my skin tight legging jeans and waist length parajumpers parka lined fur hood. Once i got to the place for a meet up with my lady friend she acknowledged me before i discovered where she was. She made a scene raising her hand waving me over. As i walked towards her she looked at my heels immediately loving the shoes. Other people she was with were in shock although she introduced me to them. We parted ways from her friends left together walking around the mall to grab beverage. Didn't notice one person around the mall that gave me erie stare or snubbing reaction. In fact i had long time family friend stop me with my lady friend to catch up, but left as quick not wanting to intrude in our outing together. As we sat having beverage together sitting at table seemingly in middle of the square of crowd of people none seemingly recognize my footwear or skin tight jeans. After parting from my lady friend i walked to my car alone through the mall. Seemingly found none gave any care what i was wearing. Total difference if i were alone going on to do my errand thinking what other maybe thinking of my outfit. Looking at any slightest reaction expression from others was my hobby making it more clinic then it is actually. Later went to another mall alone feeling very confident yet my feet began to hurt from the 4 inch block leather booties. Didn't care what others thought but seemingly was if i was wearing average joe plain clothes and flat sneakers. Knew i appeared very different from others for sure but that wasn't what i concentrated on all day. So when questions are asked on the forum is it easier to heel with a woman? Answer is Yes! wonderful experience. Wish more women would accept men in garb i wear. It only takes one and she totally loved it as much as me, noticing me smiling lot more. Suppose it was what i wanted to wear giving me happier expression thinking for that brief time my outfit is acceptable in public eye or at least tolerated and ignored like every plain joe or jane. Yet difficult for me to ignore some nice looking ladies on my trip that day, pleasant eye candy to observe .
  2. Think your not the only one searching? Found one married woman being honest telling about her male preferences when dating. She had point system if you like can try to gauge yourself upon her rating system. One she loved males with long hair as most woman no balding men 3 points Comfortable with his appearance in public basically what your wearing no matter how controversial you do it with confidence 2 points. Intelligence 2 points, which puts me out of luck Lol.. Overall body 1 point just don't be fat but fit. Nice smile 1 point be fun to be around, not idiot like me being downer for everyone to read my lamentations. Lastly just have something woman really sexually desire and want you know what i mean so does she. 1 point. If your 7 or higher woman begin to pursue you not need to look thy will find you. 5 or 6 she will accept advances, 3 or 4 could be just friends might get frisky now and again, 1 or 2 no interest.
  3. Sometimes people stare because they are not sure or feel something is off about someone. If you go all out feminine the wig or extensions aren’t perfect may look odd for discerning individuals. Small stuff is also telling when skinny jeans are slightly baggy not skin tight is sign about someone’s body be it male or female. Think you done great job in fact for first time remarkably well, envy you in odd way. What puzzels me why the anxiety? Trust me that if walk appearing like that through a mall none would give you second look believing your 100% woman wearing female clothes. Only other reason people may give you second glance noticing your attractive demeanour and style impressed with it. Definelty should experiment with different feminine clothes and not worry of any reprucusdions. In fact only thing that might bother you some people may hit on you asking you out.
  4. Like i said in my initial post or as some wrote "novel", i could care less of what stupid males say to one another about me or being intrigued what they are saying, totally oblivious. Only because i heard almost everything someone would negatively say tiresome and boring. If it was a female saying negative stuff about me that's different story i'm more mindful what they think of me. Feel like it maybe constructive criticism so my ears are perked what they are thinking or find funny or odd. Does my colour choices i'm wearing work today; opera mauve or lavender mist leggings complimented with aqua mint SS tech shirt. What peeves me is that certain things stick when people talk truth or falsehoods about someone spreading rumours etc.... Amused at certain woman i see but never talk to comment about me being a dancer (what kind of dancer not sure) which is untrue and total fabrication in their minds. Yet many people label me as that which doesn't matter to me at all, so what. When others try to label me as someone that does harm to children, belongs in prison, people's ears perk up, true or not, they tend to take a total falsehood seriously and judge me without ever knowing me. It's reputation you need to defend if men bad mouth a woman being a tramp or slut people sometimes believe in it even though it's untrue. So when i noticed my female married friend look serious not talking to me, unknown she was fighting on my behalf among two gorillas, wasting calories trying to set a standard which everyone should be treated with respect no matter how different they appear. She told them if you have criticism about someone don't talk about it in public do it privately. While i do enjoy great feedback what i wear from females, be it a glare of jealousy or indictment snub of envy. Nothing more encouraging then hearing from surprising new woman i wear clothes better than them, or have nice taste in style and love enjoying looking upon my beautiful body. Is this a bad thing? While at heart i know when i wear something feminine i wear it well and rare encouraging comment is breath of fresh air. Many here have happen to them at some point even posting a small remark about there outfit from strangers. So my fear is if females do the fighting for my behalf because i tune out the negativity trying to protect my reputation when will this battle stop? Many of you find my so called post negative and unbecoming but i find it reality in life that needs answered. When will woman stop defending me from idiots becoming tired of there negativity. My fear is woman who defend me will become to realize others must have a point and become like them. Had older married acquaintance believe i was gay but i shamed her from that wasn't true she apologized in embarrassment. She began to set a torch for me trying to persuade other female friends that indeed i wasn't gay. Suffice it to say her efforts went wasted and she became tired and frustrated convincing like minded female friends i was straight comparing other males in magazines etc... While her efforts went on deaf ears she began with innuendos i may want to try befriending the gay community meeting visiting gay friends. Found her subtle polite manner all to obvious what she began to turn on me believing her friends i'm gay. Suffice to say i avoided her knowing she changed her mindset upon me yet hides her true feelings in public giving lip service but narrow minded woman.
  5. Has anyone come to your defence knowingly, when your unaware others are talking negatively about your style or appearance? Had two such incidents one very recent. Didn't know at the time couple euro males were discussing me in their native language. Was oblivious to their comments or discussion not a clue they were bad mouthing me to no end. What these men didn't know, having a friendly female i known for over 15 years beside them understanding clearly what there saying about me. She kept her cool but when they jumped to ridiculous, insane assumptions of me, she lost all control keeping quiet. She let the men have it telling them so, never talk about others negatively when you don't know the person basically was her comments. Then she began to compare there physiques to mine and criticize their bodies shaming them. Both males left not wanting to make a scene, but she agreed with them better for them to get lost, mocking them even further for everyone to hear. She later told me what just happened i was speechless and not knowing how to react, she couldn't believe how she confronted them. Even people around her agreed, yet stood in her defence in case things got out of hand with these burly males. Found the negative comments made of me amusing but a first how ridiculous it sounded. Although use to hear all types of mocking negative descriptions labels so often it roles off my back. Like the old saying goes, Eating S#&T get use to it, how people treat you. So i was touched by my married females defence didn't know if i should cry with joy give her body hug seeing she is married and misconstrue my intentions. Always find my female friend very flirtatious caught off guard on many of her comments to me. Suffice to say the comments made of me were not to pleasant by the euro males. Found it amusing that married woman who i casually seen over the years comes to my defence regardless of the consequences that she may incur by these ruthless males. She later explained the the root cause coming to my defence stems from a ex-boyfriend she dated long time ago. Telling me he liked to wear g-strings lounging at the pool. She often defended his style found it really odd someone would label it gay or strange because what he liked to wear sunbathing. Wanted to share some experiences of mine to her about getting ridiculous comments made of me by shoe SA which i shared hear on the forum before. Just find explaining what pair of shoes i was looking to buy, would maybe startled her senses a little bit, many of you know exactly what i'm talking about. My female defending married friend is old school but gave me ample opportunity to learn more about me which i stood silent. My female friend when explaining about her ex-boyfriend g-string proclivity. She seen me before wearing tiny speedo brief swimwear to the gym pool often, years ago, asking if i still did. While hesitating staying silent in large group of people easily overhearing our conversation not giving clue that i also thong wear g-strings at the beach and pool from time to time. While she was trying to explain motivation and examples what you wear doesn't equal a stereotype of sexual preference or deviant behaviour. After the fact a male friend of hers, told me in front of her don't listen to those jerks after i was informed by my defending female friend. Found it very nice thing to do on her behalf. Wondering how many more insults of other people stand by listening in, minding their business, or smirking agreeing standing silent with negative commentary being said openly about someone that looks different? At my workplace they have rule ones who stand by staying silent hearing negative comments is just as guilty as those making comments and treated with the same punishment.
  6. It all seems fun. When you do ask, “do you like my shoes”, and they look at you strangely saying nothing what’s your reaction? Sometimes adults who do gawk acting like children need to be taught a lesson or at least recognize there impolite stare. . Suppose a retortical question needs to be asked. If they answer, “no! are you crazy, wearing woman heels”. I would look like a deer caught in the headlights, egg on my face. Sometimes giving open question makes you vulnerable having others comment of your bold and shameless style they may assume of us. Had infatuated woman I often frequent at the gym but never talked to stare upon me in aisle at grocery store. Seen her stand looking upon me at the top of the aisle frozen with disbelief. While I was reading label of item on the shelf. Little did she know I was aware of her intense stare from corner of my eye. As soon as I began to move she quickly ran off with the shopping cart buggy. Then I thought she didn’t want to communicate recognizing me from the the gym. Yet found it strange she didn’t acknowledge me by commenting your that guy from my gym. So I left passing her from checkout line without a word. Although did notice she was disappointed that I ignored her. Did find it amusing and cute seeing her being intensely intrigued observing me in my summer street clothes. Not wearing heels but plenty of leg in short shorts and tanned skin showing must of shocked her from my usual feminine yoga wear i attire in the gym. Wondered often if I used the line, like what you see? I probably know what her answer would be. Yet doubt she would tell the truth thinking i’m to conceited or prumptionist of way I apprear. Best to leave not start with her knowing she has history of one track mind.
  7. No snakeskin leggings for me. Few years ago bought waxed burgundy wet look AG jeggings didn't like how they looked. Although maybe bring them out of my closet with right outfit. Happy you got pair of those pointed toe block heel white booties. Like the diva with Alexander wang black suede studded booties.
  8. You may try Kimono jacket, different to a blazer but office functional. Few pictures of examples of my typical workplace attire. If you ever want to go with the skinny leggings leather or in this example snakeskin. No need to go with denim, yet highlights heel booties.
  9. As far as woman’s reaction seeing me wearing flare golden cords. It was years ago, you could say I had the Saturday night fever style, Lol.. Yet conservative woman would comment to there man about it. Yet whenever I wore woman’s button up dress shirt they immediately tell there man, I have the same shirt.., while there man cares less retorting, so what. To my amusement. Understand the discussion brought onto you about the males dressed alike looking for heels.. Often whenever I’m in room someone observes others wearing unusual outfits, I’m asked about it or commented upon in comparison. Fashion is evolution of what we feel at the time. Don’t half ass your outfits out of fear.. People seem to accept your style in the office so don’t hesitate to try all feminine shirt, blazer, pants and yes those silk multi coloured beautiful stilettos. The better you evolve your style more compliments you will attract.
  10. That’s unbelievable that two other guys wearing same pants and shirt as you. Have they seen you wearing the shirt before? The pants are flare have worn corduroy gold ones before tight at the hips. Many at work also noticed making comments woman in particular. Now I stop wearing flare cut pants anymore only cigarette or skinny crop leg styles. Ever consider wearing female blazer. Only because it may style better to the pants. Men’s blazers seem to look baggy. You can roll up the sleeves also nicer button silky blouse in white or cream colour may complete the outfit rather a plaid shirt. Try to shop at Mango for female shirt tuck it into the pants with nice blazer styled to contour ones body will look extraordinary yet professional. You will notice that pushing the envelope of conservative office wear your outfit will soon look boring in your eyes. Once you gotten the blazer and shirt and other gray pants similar style it would be time to express your heeling inclination. Spice up a dark charcoal black outfit with some red burgundy suede stilettos from Shultz. . You be surprised at how much fun you be having styling yourself and not second guessing to wear to the office. E19DC76C-3A41-4607-863C-0D1D51244CE8.jp2
  11. One of the reasons males who have the necessary equipment liking to show off can, wearing ladies skinny jeans. Sort of compare it to ladies with open cleavage showing there large breasts finding it sexy to being able to flaunt ones body shape legs, breasts, buttocks and yes males bulge. We all know woman are intrigued and wired liking to subtly looking at men's bulge regardless the pants we wear. Lot more fun and comfortable for me in ladies jeans. The wide eyed smiles or subtle glances i gather encourages me more knowing other ladies find me initially disgusted jealous, envious, confused. Yet after closer inspection the same observing woman comment to themselves when staring upon me from a safe distance using the same words "it's huge" or "he's huge" . Only reading their lips while they stare stunned upon me many times. While owning handful of men's jeans and everytime i wear them, thankful of my cache of woman jeans i wear on daily basis in size 26. Also most woman i see wanting to get better closer look get excited when i wear tighter jeans with shorter top gives them ample opportunities to subtly glance at my bulge. Often when needed you can cover up for more modesty sake, ,so no excuses not to be wearing tight soft stretchy women jeans. https://video.asos-media.com/products/ASOS/_media_/29d/29d4383c-7822-4f20-977c-dbdb2fe776c9.mp4 While many skinny woman wear leggings or skinny jeans often observe them wearing long top covering their backsides. Confuses me to no end asking myself why? Seeing they are slim and lean why not have your booty shown. Answer to that question is, know matter how fit or skinny woman are, they find there buttocks flat when viewed directly from behind. Only special few ladies with very plump buttocks can get away showing their backsides in skinny jeans or leggings. Depending on the design of the jeans the buttocks can become a pancake under the denim. lot to do with the denier weight of the fabric or type of cotton used. Often find Japanese cotton is soft and forgiving contours you backside better AG Jeans does great job upon most of their designs.
  12. Questions and main point of discussion, i want to get across. How does society feels about males wearing feminine attire such as heels, clothing initially? What psychological impact it teaches for the narrow minded observer seeing such outfits worn on male? People often say if you get bad reactions from doing something change things, so you will get different results. Often people laugh saying what do you expect from wearing same style of clothing getting negative reactions. Your going to get the same results over and over, change your style and positive reactions will happen. What i hear is your wearing women's fashions expect bad feedback, change to male fashions and receive good feedback. Yet i disagree with that conclusion thus have experience to share to illustrate why. While i wear nice co-ordinated feminine outfits some have labeled sexy and told me i wear them better than most woman they seen. So it puzzles me why some narrow minded people will find me wearing the outfits initially amusing, pointing me out? So my experience happened in the gym i seen this group of mature asian ladies and gentlemen who visit on daily basis seeing them in the pool, sauna, change room, gym floor for long time. They speak no english but keep to themselves label them as Chinese peasants, knowing little about style or fashion etc.. Observing the females style i find it very cheap and pedestrian of there gym outfits. Often wearing black pilled loose ill fitting brandless black leggings and under armour nylon long sleeve pullover most likely found discounted because of the colour or fit some stores sell off, lack of sales. So anywho, these asian ladies often walk into the gym wearing same attire everytime. It's not money there saving because i notice the expensive SUV's they drive to the gym let alone membership fees along with there husbands but shows they careless of what they wear in the gym. Even in the pool seen same woman wearing very well worn one piece swimwear, that hang off there booty five six inches like diaper when wet from the overstretched nylon spandex material past it's lifespan, again not caring what there wearing or what others think of them. So having no contact with the asian group they see me regularly in the pool wearing tiny brief swimwear to thongs. They leave me alone and mind there business. Rarely do the ladies workout on the gym floor only using the pool facilities regularly. Yet when the ladies do come to the gym floor they use exclusively the treadmill not to run but walk for hour then stretch leaving to the pool sauna not quite the fitness addicts i come to observe or practice myself. So when the female asian ladies are lined up together on the treadmill chatting with there husbands or new asian friends they tend to point me out to observing me on the gym floor. For whatever reason they find it amusing to see a male dressed in female yoga clothing. While i'm not distracted or care what they think i keep on wearing similar outfits same style of feminine athletic wear in the gym time after time. Thought the silly amusement would quench which it had so time is the equalizer like i stated in my earlier point above. Keep wearing what you do sooner or later people will accept you. Well one ordinary day in the gym finishing my stairmaster i seen all the asian ladies in front of me on the treadmill. Observed at there terrible same outfits which seemed not bothering them. Sort of felt angry at there lack of respect for me initially which brings to my mind. Yet knew these ladies lack sophistication or any idea of styles for woman. Doubt i ever would see one of these ladies in the mall shopping, just educated guess on my part. So as i was impeccably dressed as some kind woman told me i had to cool off after my stairmaster cardio workout i went on the treadmill in front of the group of asian females. Knew they be watching observing me walking on the treadmill cooling off. Before i jumped onto the treadmill i made sure my new titanium coloured nulux leggings were fitted not clumpy anywhere especially my backside behind the knee etc, accompanied with long swiftly sleeve compression tech top in colour misty merlot with matching nike flyknit metcons. Felt i was perfectly dressed not fabric thread out of place envied by any woman walking by. As i came close to the end of my walk cooldown i took glances upon the ladies behind me as i wiped the machine down. They began to look confused upon there clothing didn't fit well as mine. Soon i knew they were comparing me without laughter to there outfits how dreaded they appeared. It became clear they knew well fitted outfit and colour coordinated made the difference how you look. So all the laughter came to halt and lesson was learned by the asian ladies that indeed a smart well fitted gym outfit is presentable and you don't need to look like wearing rags when trying to better oneself health, body and mind. Think they knew without telling them a male can look as good in feminine attire as any woman nothing to be laughed upon. They now have to look upon themselves and make a change or keep their mouths shut when around, knowing they look drab and silly in there unwashed gym outfits. One stereotype i know holds true about most asians is they want to look there very best when out in public. Often seeing young woman out on a date overly dressed in wedding kitten heels and dress pantyhose when chaperoned when visiting nearby beach park area. Talk about being out of touch for the surroundings amusing to see, understanding she may have been told by narrow minded parents to impress the boy wear formal outfit even if the surrounding don't meet to that standard 80 degree day with high humidity at the beach not what i call pantyhose, heels, beach attire. After my workout and use of the pool facility and shower. Seen the husband of one of the asian ladies in the change room he was walking naked around the locker. While i ignored his immodest attempt to cover up i received a well fitted male thong in the mail that day which i brought to wear after my shower. While i was rubbing lotion on myself i took off the towel walked in the full body mirror in the locker room observing areas of my back that i missed applying lotion. Indeed seen the asian male standing by his locker staring upon my body stunned as though never seen someone with black leopard sheer thong print underwear. Didn't look him back at what he was staring upon but suffice it to say i should be one laughing at him, noticing his unassuming naked prance in the change room for as long i can remember. Moral of the story and lesson learned is don't laugh at anyone because they can often outshine you and disgrace how you think and appear.
  13. There is stereotype when Yanis was on Britain got talent television show. He and his boyfriend made it evident there a couple or the looks of it, which is fine. Although brings heeling and dance as a gay dominated endeavour most people may view, Feel people begin to believe if your female in heels is okay and normal.. Openly gay male in heels is acceptable, maybe novel and amusing and entertaining to watch compliments are given. Straight male in heels just strange, puzzling or, confusing often bringing unacceptance as fashion style staple. Avoidance and re-assessment of said straight male label him as gay or mentally disturbed. Even the host Simon on Britain got talent told them doesn’t know and probably doubts society is ready to accept any male in heels in popular culture seriously,
  14. I get it your wearing it so people give you compliments. Could be said with exact opposite if someone you believe has good taste in style respecting their opinions when wearing something novel, they reject it, back into the closet it goes never to be worn again. Many people have the same response sometimes some things fit uncomfortably, or hurt wearing them yet you get good reactions to it. Yet in your mind you don't care for it that much yet when the need arises wounds heal you attempt to wear it again hoping for the same reactions as before. If you have something that is years old yet looks timeless wearing it for yourself often isn't as exciting as another person initially observing it. New trends and styles often bring brighter uplifting smile on my face then older outfits yet in pristine conditions. Something about my eye gets clouded from the visual picture i see myself in gets less stimulating to wear.
  15. If you want to know a way for heels on males to be somewhat mainstream Yanis can help make it happen with the art of dance some people can appreciate, read the comments ladies have given. https://youtu.be/OuXIo_xTmto Anyone heard of Yanis Marshall? https://youtu.be/jsIz1L4NM6E
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