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  1. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    Agree with all here. Best to dress as your personal style dictates everyone fashion is different. There is ways to wear outfits and trends and not appear awkward only takes experience. When observing at times shopping an older lady very well dressed, like she was going to a wedding, in light cream colours. Everyone shopping heads turned seeing her enter the shoe store at the mall. Most customers were casually dressed only sales ladies had similar outfits yet not in same manner as the older well dressed woman. I could tell from observing everyones reactions of the well dressed woman was of envy by many woman. Without a doubt the sales ladies would of complimented her with the outfit how well dressed she was if she bought something. Although the customers may have felt she was overdressed just to be shopping in the mall. Only some may of thought she came from work maybe real estate agent or off to wedding etc... Just observation some women have is fear being overdressed. Specifically i see it with asian young ladies. Often then not asian single females when out and about, feel the need to wear short heel pumps when out with friends. This often seen as awkward no matter the location observing there lack of confidence. For example at my workplace seen these guests, one in particular stood out young attractive asian female standing in line with others her age. Many females were casually dressed no heels just denim jeans and low flat footwear for the most part. While i stared upon the asian female in her pink chiffon flowing low cut dress and nude pantyhose with amazing Stuart Weitzman crescent high heel suede pumps i like i so much was jealous of. As i stared upon her more i could tell she noticed my reaction to her beautiful heels yet she may have misinterpreted staring down at them feeling insecure. She became bit unnerved maybe thought being way to overdressed for the occasion and venue and others in the lineup. Yet if she appeared more confident in the outfit and proud of the heels there would be no way others thinking of being overdressed would enter anyone's mind. Although her dress looked more appropriate for a wedding then the benign ceremony at work. Although think she had advice from her parents or mom that she should dress-up. Often through inexperience of locations and venues or the crowd asian young woman don't have outfits that suit all occasion. Sometimes outfit can appear to formal like her short cute dress but not at all suitable for the occasion. Something has to to be said about semi casual outfits ot comfortable yet dressy. Only takes experiences to figure out what works or often makes someone uncomfortable in.
  2. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    JeffB nice outfit ever try to wear more bolder colours pushing the envelope even more? Your magenta sweater tunic is great. Have any ideas enter your mind to try different colour leggings then safe black that almost every gal wears? Ever notice every woman wearing black leggings want to stand out from the crowd yet at the same time desiring to be different, it's sort of amusing to observe. Know from experience feminine colours are a joy to wear very exciting. In my opinion colour doesn't have a gender everyone should wear what they enjoy rather keeping with customs and traditions. I certainly know about created dissonance from the ladies upon my tight fitting new colourful outfits. Do know i had experience buying a new outfit to the gym that i was really exciting to wear. When i first put it on and gotten reactions from a room full of ladies i could feel the air being sucked from their lungs taking a big breath and sudden silence take place even for a moment. After passing through i pondered the reaction, beginning to doubt myself of being overdressed. Later i calmed down heart rate and anxiety began to normalize but the rush of being watched and stares from the ladies was obvious. Some ladies looked upset at themselves seeing me as though they were jealous. Days later i noticed familiar ladies wearing exact same outfit as i had on. Coincidence or not i found it a bit amusing that my style and taste transfers to other ladies desiring to wear the exact same colour and style. Only reason i smiled rather being angry of the copy-cat outfit some ladies wore was i felt i looked much better then them in my tight fitting feminine outfits.
  3. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    JefB great outing and i enjoyed the remark of the cashier saying to you "have great day Miss". Never happened to me but often i get, "Have nice day, SIR!" from cashiers feel they are trying to make a point to me that i'm a man yet everyone recognizes my female wardrobe. Yet goes to show you people really don't pay much attention to us in detailed specific manner only salespeople, clerks at a store. When i'm out and about on my own, in the mall during busy weekend, people almost don't realize who's wearing what, unless there interested in us. Among my adventures in my block 4" bootie heels i wore black faded leggings distressed AG jeans with sweater and short insulated boxed jacket. Only had couple ladies eyeing me up and down in passing in crowded stores, as they were dressed in sexy shiny black leggings and bootie heels themselves. I counted as many as five females eyeing my skinny jeans and noticing my heel booties as they were walking next to me in passing in the mall. Feel it is becoming to easy in wearing my outfits in public, no anxiety, nervousness, wearing my footwear, or my tight attire mattered. In fact i gotten some memorable reactions from clerks from stores i frequent often. Heard few females employees talk to newbie about my gender preference outfits i prefer to shop . Knew the young gal never seen a man in heels and outfitted so well browsing in women's section of the store. As i was cashing out the cashier next to mine commented she was going to try those eact leggings next, saying there very popular. My cashier smiled looking at my reaction, as i grinned back seeing how excited the female clerk was of my purchase. One observation i do find is on Saturday's busiest crowds in a mall is the amount of heels woman wear shopping increases more than on Sunday's. Maybe because woman are planning to be going out on Saturday night so they dress up in heels more then Sunday. As for your sway walking in heels i'm practicing that more trying to look more fluid and at ease. Usually i'm use to walking quickly getting flustered with people strolling along in the mall to a crawl. Notice how slow people walk these days telling my buddy this he agrees. People having disregard for whomever is walking behind in crowds as if there standing in place. Have to adjust myself in getting a more relaxed pace wearing heels. Had this young females walking behind quickly in the mall heard her block heels click clack on the floor. We both walked across the entire mall passing through food court passing everyone in our way. I slowed down in much lower pace seeing her pass me by. We were both dressed in similar only my booties didn't make noise. Do find when she was walking quickly her stride wasn't relaxed, so to i must look a bit rushed as well. Only time i slow down correct my stride when seeing my reflection off the store glass windows, kicking leg forward in controlled motion while pushing my shoulders back only can be down in slowed down speed. Hip sway i need to work on might as well shake my booty wearing my tight jeans for everyone to see, Lol...
  4. Who has bought some new shoes

    My new booties arrived from FSJ after the delivery error to another home nearby got it next day from friendly neighbour. As i wrote before didn't have high hopes if the booties would look genuine. After opening the damaged box i noticed instantly they were not suede fabric, but cheap synthetic curled upper fabric. In my opinion only shoes that ought to be synthetic are running training sneakers otherwise the shoes look like crap. Didn't want to take a picture at how ugly they appear. Feel so bad paying for something that appeared so nice but the reality they stink truly the glue fumes are horrible. Booties on there website were described as suede thought the leather upgrade wasn't necessary. Nonetheless glad i didn't pay extra losing about $100 is enough to learn valuable lesson. Don't buy cheap imitations. Now i'm in the hole for $200 from booties and heels i tried to buy but never worked out and another $500 from designer ones that are to small. FSJ shoes aren't all that great in my experience so i will never buy any other considering the problems others are having in heels breaking off blisters on the back foot. No thanks.
  5. Agreed even running tights.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Looking better in these then mine. So tight fitting for me had to return them.
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    Great looking and taste in heels. Jimmy's Anouk are also in my wishlist. What size are you that 42 fits you in CL? Almost anyone wearing them feels the toe box very small.
  8. I Space Out Sometimes!

    Glad to hear about your experience. To me it’s default belief that anyone paired up together in a line up will often then not react negatively towards a male in heel outfit. Often I talk myself out of wearing heels because of the conservative lame vibe at certain spots I may encounter. Not to hijack your post I had pleasant experience in my public heel wearing outing. Didn’t think much of it but knew people reacted usually walking alone passing me by. Suppose it was easiest experience I ever had walking in a mall with 4” block heel booties and skinny jeans. Woman noticed me to be sure, looking upon my skinny leggings jeans and booties. Although never heard bad comment onto me or any obvious negative expressions what they were seeing. Had young female cashier express her compliments of my suede Moto jacket loving it as I walked up to the counter as I waited for few younger females ahead to checkout. They all noticed me to be sure but no negative reactions I could see. One reaction I did notice is young attractive female was leaving the store as I stood looking through clothing rack’ my back towards her. As I kept turning around looking around the clothing rack noticing her pausing, in her stride observing me in disbelief. As I glanced over noticing we were basically wearing similar bootie heels different colours and pea coat and skinny jeans. In all due respect I felt my outfit appeared better then hers. Later in the store found the same tan synthetic booties she was wearing. So I surmised her reaction to me was not only stunned surprise of male in some quality designer heel booties with effective outfit to match. Envy for sure was on her mind. Almost appeared the woman wanted to comment about my outfit but had nobody to tell it to so she just kept walking out the store door.
  9. Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Complaint was about FSJ they wrote never having problems with blisters with other heels they owned. Also the side of the foot the material doesn’t fit completely around the arch. You get lot of exposure on toe cleavage as the inner side of the foot. Again not sure about FSJ they say they make them custom but they resemble a lot like other cheap Chinese brands sold.
  10. Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Seen pictures of the reviews of there heels Problems with fit and strength of the heel with no tread slipping as on ice. Second guessing to buy them now.
  11. Who has bought some new shoes

    Glad your booties arrived bought mine mid January so reading your timeline I should expect mid February delivery. Specifically intrigued on the quality. You wrote footbed lacks padding. Is the sole synthetic, plastic heel tips. Maybe better if they were leather sole or rubber? How is the nap of the suede? On the website they wrote all shoes are synthetic fabric unless you upgrade to leather. Does that mean suede fabric also? Doubt you can comment on the colour matching being they are black. Doubting they can create the same colour on my style booties I ordered. Also how did you option one size shoe bigger then other on your order. If I desire to order other shoes want to change the heel shape from certain booties? Suppose I need to chance order specific heel booties hoping to get better quality like a lined leather padded footbed. Thanks for explaining your new booties. As far what to wear is subjective for everyone. Seen similar booties worn with hose, by the ladies. Suppose you can match the texture of the booties with suede contrasting leggings if it were me.
  12. Great leather leggings and heels, looks good. By the way what brand are the leggings?
  13. Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Hope they look the same as the designer ones only bigger custom size. If all works when i get them then my wishlist will explode as my credit card. Next on the list.
  14. Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    BFGheels i'm same situation one foot 271mm while other 267mm have pump bump so i ordered 12 US to be safe for chelsea bootie which should be fine. Only heels i may take the special order making one shoe bigger like you done. Good point increasing the size for perfect fit. Only way i can see better option is cast my foot and send it to them. Like you said if the shoes are nice i to will be ordering a lot more from them. Only having you to blame or thank. While i will become a shoe addict.
  15. Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Bfgheels done the same bought some replicas of acne Jenner’s. Wait and see if the sizing is correct before I buy the heel stiletto’s in my wish list . What size are you? Like the customized option adding leather, heel size, foot width etc.. Only option it lacks is the type of block heel designers use. Guess you can use a picture to show them so they can make it. . If the site makes quality shoes this may become addiction buying more customized footwear at a decent price.