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  1. Whole funny part of the Yoga leggings purchase at the store was i couldn't recognize the SA. Even after the confrontation at the store if she was in a police lineup now them telling me to choose the SA and gym member i have no clue what she looks like specifically. Maybe its my selective memory shutting off, no interest in her, or how her semi attractive bland generic features looks like. So next visit to the gym even if SA walks by me on the stairs chatting with her boyfriend saying hello i doubt i would recognize her again. In fact trying to remember some vague memory about some strange chunky semi-attractive gal saying hello in passing walking down a flight of stairs. At the time didn't recognize who it was maybe caught me by surprise only reacting to it late nodding as half ass greeting. Now i'm thinking back it maybe the SA after all, trying to be polite noticing me on earlier occasions on the gym floor or purchasing in her store wearing the brand leggings she has a job selling to woman exclusively. Lot of things come to mind how stupid i must appear to her. From the odd way i dress in woman yoga leggings in public gym to begin with. To my clueless recognition of her in general could be insulting from her perspective. Add to the awkward moment in the store leaving in silly unpolite manner. Luckily i left her quickly because next thought in my mind was to tell her in joking manner, "that gives me warning to stay away, hours you visit the gym". Felt it might come out wrong or be interpreted in offensive way. In fact might consider changing my hours in the gym because i may run into her making future encounter all to awkward. Still nags me the feelings i have about the leggings purchase with SA. Do believe i'm making far far far far to much about nothing. Yet feel exposed as some here may relate in analogy to some degree like being voyuered nude. Again not problem for me being seen with little clothes on since i'm nudist. So ask myself why this SA drama gets me so frazzled? Doesn't even cover encounter of an dorky male in locker room spoke to be. He recognized me from three years ago at the gym, while i didn't recognize at all.. Saying to me "you were my inspiration, you use to have huge traps, telling himself wanting to look exactly like this guy" . "Don't know what happened to you, are you busy coming into the gym, busy at work? I sat perplexed muttering to myself, "use to look, huh (with slight chuckle in my tone)" He commented, Yah! "Guess it's old age catching up to me".Then another response after long pause, " So tell me what happened to you achieving your goal trying to look like me?, with slight satisfied smirk and chuckle". As he stood getting dressed wearing only a towel noticing his body little under developed to say the least. He later said before leaving, can't believe i had the courage to talk to you, see you again, bye! Couldn't believe the gull of this dorky kid giving me a back handed compliment. Made me paranoid looking back from some selfies on my IG account not noticing any difference to my physique years ago in fact i appear slightly more muscular and better then before. Just laughed telling other guys of the encounter about this thoughtless dude.
  2. Thank everyone for there reply and well meaning advice. To respond to few statements Cali i understand and love the experience you described when wearing heels. Do find it incredible finding third woman enjoying and comfortable seeing many other males in heels. The woman staring immediately at your heels reminds me recently at costco wearing my denim cut off short shorts. She walked stared upon me take on my outfit and laser like tunnel vision glared upon my tanned recently tan silky smooth thighs. Felt like saying the same line to her like them too. Although feel it's sort of quirky outburst many don't have time to respond or care about only makes us feel engaged with others being social and light hearted. Like you i too kill them with kindness when i figure anything i would say goes on deaf ears. My experience was overhearing this gal yelling at her boyfriend in the gym. While everyone minded there business i was intrigued why she was so angry listening in from a distance. Little did i know the anger was about me and my outfit she was venting to her boyfriend. After she calmed down she and me began to walk passed each other in opposite directions. Thought i should be prepared to for some physical assault or verbal abuse. So me being a prick, i decided to smile upon her as though i was pleased to meet her. Thought to say something sarcastic like you look lovely today but i doubt i could do it without breaking my stoic expression. As we were shoulder to shoulder she yelped FREAK! i thought to myself, that's it!... That's the best thing she could come up with. Thought she might of shoulder bumped me or aggressively belittled my appearance. So when someone says be friendly sometimes that doesn't work well. People don't want anything to do with me because of my clothes i wear not my disposition. Just being friendly smiling saying hello often makes me feel like phoney with people i already know don't like my outfits and appearance. Rather not encourage them, there thinking i'm clueless of past disapproval comments laughing behind my back. Yet i'm aware of it and don't appreciate there way of thinking thus keeping clear of there checkbox life. On the other hand your nice to me and don't ignore the 600 LBS gorilla in the room being my outfit and are okay with it not complimentary but cool then by all means befriend them. What matters to me is reactions i enjoy the open mouth wow envious stares some give me. So i'm always on the lookout for such reactions but sometimes few just respond as predicted snarky smiles, chuckles etc.. Just the other day wore my super tight crop white distressed skinny jeans with white baseball curved hem linen t-shirt with grey half sleeveed accessorized with black leather sneakers. Once arrived receptionist didn't react to much as they seen me regularly except not this white outfit. While in the lobby i was lined up for parking credition. While nothing was out of the ordinary the receptionist was puckering her lips from outright laughing the other female associate seen her began to chuckle all the while turning away from me. Was standing inline knowing previous discussion before i arrived had nothing to do with there amused state nor anyone doing or saying out to make them laugh. So my assumption they both knew what i was wearing skinny white jeans making it funny to notice. While biggest gaffs i made today was leaving the hospital visiting my verbally abusive dieing dad feeding and shaving him. Was planning to buy some new leggings at brand yoga boutique i often seen wearing. While traffic parking was bad i just decided to go to the mall near my gym. Big mistake! When at the mall walking into the boutique i walked in the female section seen fairly pretty SA alone almost none in the store. She looked upon me as though she knew me well that's the vibe i gotten. Maybe she recognized me buying woman leggings at the store before and she remembered. She said hello looking for something new? Odd question almost as she knew i was buying it for myself. I told her the style colour she began to search in the selves but wasn't aware asking what colour.. So i showed her my Iphone X from the website telling her exactly what i wanted. She pulled out the correct size without asking and said what size? I replied four. She handed me them thinking to myself , nothing to it right? Wrong! She looked me in the eye saying, YOU KNOW WE GO TO THE SAME GYM? I SEE YOU ALL THE TIME! I about dropped my jaw on the floor, trying to hide my shock, covering it with intriguing smile asking her, "what time do you go?". That's the best i could come up with my brain in fog feeling so exposed. She replied back telling me after her shift finishes she goes to the gym directly.. Telling me the time.. I back away nodding with wide phoney smile heading to the cashier so frozen in anxiety for whatever reason felt like running out the store dropping the leggings at her feet. Sounds funny i laughed on my drive all the way home tears in my eyes from the stores experience. Just don't know why i felt the way i did to the SA who basically busted me in the store observing i wear leggings all the time in the gym. At the gym wearing my leggings i feel comfortable at ease, normal not ounce of fear in fact very confident. Now that i seen the SA who so happens to visit my gym at the same time i'm there, really turns me for a loop messes my thinking. In fact i will feel less at ease knowing she may come in seeing me for some weird reason even talk about me to other females at the store or gym. Shaking my head not being able to get over the SA helping me purchase the leggings i'm about to be wearing for the gym. In reality i never seem to recollect the fairly attractive SA observing her in the gym, seeing she has generic plain Jane appearance, even slightly thick body but attractive enough. Trying to remember SA at my gym from the past drives me crazy having fairly faint dull memory of her and a boyfriend talking about me about my outfit. Overheard some woman saying she works at the Yoga Boutique brand style leggings i wear to her boyfriend one time. At the time didn't think much of it only it was people putting judgement on my style and mentally noting NEVER GO SHOPPING AT THE MALL located near the gym. You never know who maybe working there that may also be a gym member. DUH! how stupid i must be. Lot of you may say so what what's the big deal? I too would think that if someone else had that shopping experience. Suppose you got to be in my shoes or leggings to feel the embarrassment or anxiety i feel wearing my outfit again. Really shock me up not in good way but odd way i never thought would happen.
  3. Gudulitooo thanks for the advice sounds good. In my situation is slight difference on how woman who seen for long time perceive me and how i observed them carefully. For example woman have no trouble chatting me up. One female who seemed very nerdy, sheltered but pleasantly friendly doesn't take herself all to seriously. No makeup very tom boyish, recognized me somewhere and decided chatting me up. As time went on i realized she had boyfriend yet found her very friendly and engaging to everyone smiling happy, a laughing demeanour. Thought she accepted my style observing that she didn't seemed to mind or talk about it treated me with respect unlike others. Well not to long ago her boyfriend which never talks to me telling sign what he thinks of me, began to comment to his girlfriend. He made remarks observing critiquing how awful i appear. Then his cheery eyed girlfriend began to nod in agreement without a smile but stoic expression unlike her. Thought at the time the boyfriend was little worried of me about his girlfriend would become to friendly and he couldn't compete with the likes of me physically in the bedroom. Knowing he was pushing his girlfriend competing in fitness pageants having her gain confidence changing style. From bland nerdy gal to sexy fake tan fit muscle toned bikini heel wearing clad diva. Keeping track of her IG account and pictures on stage with body makeup, lipstick, heels, hair colour, skimpy bikini still no thong as of yet, she's becoming very confident young woman. While i compliment her well deserved accomplishments watching her grow into very physically genetically gifted sexy woman. There was experience locked in my brain about her i focused on. Observing her glaring upon me while i rode stationary bike beside me we were doing the same cardio exercise. She arrived next to me we shared our greeting but she just observed me in that smirky, snubbing kind of manner unlike her, most woman do, or many you have experienced before no doubt. Looking me over as she never seen me wear leggings ever. Don't know if it was the colour of them which was subdued pastel like, or that my outfit compliments me well rather i assumed she thought i looked silly, seeing she agreed not to long ago with her boyfriends comments about me. I seen her stare but said nothing but knew it wasn't good, if what i was wearing is fine she would said something nice as i do to her seeing some leopard leggings she wears. Ever since i decided to ignore her because of her two face opinion of me. Outwardly she smiles becomes polite saying hello but truthfully behind my back finds my style horrible, silly, for male to wear. Even have doubts she believes my body looks good never saying a word of the exercises i do etc.. Think it's her boyfriend being personal trainer that he believes he knows best critiquing others being misinformed with exercise techniques and form knowing what a pleasing physique appears like. Only by mistake we said hello to each other her smiling seeing i rounded a corner down corridor not aware who she was initially. Otherwise working out beside her i focus on my workout never speaking or addressing her at all. Although most gym rats don't want to chit chat much wanting to finish there workout quickly. While other older married females with kids are intrigued with me or noticing something that that caught there eye needing to befriend. Initially they assume i'm gay later confused with my experiences i share asking aren't you gay? Then are surprised or feel awkward believing he was a gay but in reality isn't. Then when i compliment them to point they know i'm attracted to them they are flattered telling me there satisfied enough with there partner and family. Yet they want to help me telling me how other ladies perceive me in secret. Telling me they believe your gay for starters yet she works hard to change women's mindset of the likes of my appearance. Even subtly tries to change my attire in help in attracting more woman. Saying such things to me, everyone needs someone to ask how they look when styling oneself, we need another persons eye seeing how we look, don't you think? Finally she gives up telling i should try to visit gay communities on my vacation telling me i might have fun. Understanding her hints i decided someone like her and friends just don't get guys like us in this community. Clothes don't make someone gay nor has anything to do with your sexual orientation. Yet people like her find the stereotype valid not changing there beliefs. Suffice to say i stay clear of her maybe she finds my distance indicative to making a play for her being rejected pitying me. While in truth don't appreciate her subtle hints i'm gay or don't know it yet. Also the fact seeing me in street clothes or leggings her judgemental mentality in jest telling me i have permission to wear certain attire be it flat female strappy sandals comparing hers as having accented costume jewelry embellishments. Find it all to mentally taxing knowing others view you differently unaccepting my choices in style be them feminine or not is only disappointing. People may have a phoney smile on there face greeting me but the truth is they hate or find my style in bad taste or completely wrong. Rather not knowing these people to begin with rather listening to there snarky, subtle comments of my appearance day in day out. Burns too many calories to be listening to something i don't agree or are offended hearing. Yet they believe they mean well in helping a dude out seemingly believing i have a good heart but poor judgement in fact they just annoy the hell out of me. Or another example of diva i observe reading her social media construct beliefs dreams sounds all to abnormal. Gives me insight directly who she really is. She talks about being angry not achieving the goals of superficial physique. Having doubts, self conscious how others perceived her body shy depressed. Now she is bold and mindset to achieving anything and everything she wants. Creating a business selling herself as fitness instructor. She gathered so much knowledge from everywhere to become confident goal oriented diva she is today. Fast forward how she treats me. For starters we probably have same problems once upon a time how people we perceived treat us but her open mind accepting herself not being perfect is admirable. Yet when seeing me she is disturbed even envious looking the other way. Catching her buying the same leggings i've been wearing. Often walks in front of me flaunting herself or attire to make it known she can style herself just as impeccably as me. While she has a boyfriend i respect that leave her be, find watching her posts or reading her thoughts on social media enlightening even amusing showing her confidence. Had encounter stuck in my mind how she treats me. Was working out nearby nowhere to lay my towel down busy gym. Rested it on empty dumbbell rack beside me plenty room to lay other weights down nowhere in the way for anyone i'm mindful of that.. While i was clearly exercising next to the rack she was on the opposite side using the bench plenty of room. She put back her dumbbells but threw my towel on the ground next to me. All the empty spaces but she decided to use the one furthest in the corner tossing my towel on the floor. That was a sign of disrespect not even asking can you take your towel please.. nothing! How can someone attempting to clearly change her life in meaningful ways become such a bitch towards me. Even in the pool seen her first time attempting to swim. She made comment to anyone listening that she hasn't swam for long time. Nobody responded but i smiled gleefully sitting in the whirlpool observing what was transpiring her long preparation on the pool deck. Something told me she was flaunting herself on purpose making herself known to the people around the pool yet none said a thing. Only i grinned smiling while the receptionist from the desk in the gym measuring the ph balance in the water stared noticing my intrigue to the diva. Nothing transpired i joined her later doing laps but she seemed never recognizing a fit speedo wearing guy like myself. At her exit she appeared to take a picture of the pool me in it but i think she wanted something to post on her IG account, seen her bring tripod and SLR camera while she did exercises in the gym. Some woman are so into themselves are blind towards people have different outlook in life. What we wear or how you want to look. While some who struggle with same problems do exactly to us they been fighting about. How can i turn the other cheek while having stuff thrown down upon my feet. My mentality is stay away from angry woman that show there disdain be jealousy or other underlying issues brought to them. One good way i found testing how woman appealing towards me is there expressions once seeing me wear the colour pink. Pink is favourite colour woman love wearing but seeing on a male they find it disturbing even lose any faith going to the stereotype of he is gay assumptions. You may say what's the point in wearing such a colour it weeds out or filters the females that can accept my choices of attire without judgement undeterred. Also the point wearing the colour pink is those woman that find the style a favourite i wear it then observe me with dissonance . They can't help love the colour or hue, tone of it but hate me wearing it brings out interesting reaction. As your first assumption is correct AWE factor is underrated watching certain woman i know there style to be. Brings a spectacular reaction towards my colour and complimentary attire inspiring and envy for most woman. If i had photo of there sudden open mouth stunned expressions seeing me in certain attire words not needed to be spoken to describe what they are feeling. Just as i realized yesterday at the gym seeing one of the twin asian females outfitted light gray heathered leggings and white printed tank top. She wanted me to react with the Awe! expression with bulging eyes, shocked disbelief how beautiful she looks. She got that from me while walking passed fetching her boyfriend as they both walked exiting the gym from the cardio equipment. With her subtle observation in front of me she noticed my Awe reaction and she showed a slight smirk satisfaction with herself. Although the boyfriend noticed while wiping down the equipment looking at her smiling appearance, slight danger zone the attractive beauty is playing game with. Shown pictured below what she sort of looked like. Only i smiled not shying away because i knew she needed to work on her physique much more, yet admired her not covering up like other gals do. Maybe that's one thing we have in common or has rubbed off on her about me, show your flaws for everyone to see. We are not perfect specimens. l So too woman enjoy the Awe inspired reactions from people including males they find attractive. Call it a unspoken flirt but we all know what we like to see and observe. Yet many female notice and want my stamp of approval what they are wearing is attractive. When i virtually ignore them it causes them to rethink what they are wearing or find it disappointing. Or when i try not to react at how cheap or ill fitting females outfit appears sometimes they clearly notice. Woman often say they love to wear a great gym outfit. It actually makes someone workout better seeing they find themselves in a motivated excited state of joy.
  4. Don't find it positive experience about the asian girl discussing me with the boyfriend. Pebblesf your instincts are correct many times paired couples discuss about me. Most of the males are quick to pick-up the queues there girlfriend comments. Usually it leads to the boyfriend asking a question back to her. As to say, you like that? Is it important to you what you see? What specifically you see that you like? Let me guess you like his big bulge? In many cases as the one i mentioned in my earlier reply it's just a simple inquiry from her nothing more. We all can assume what she was thinking but my experience taught me few things over the years. She just wanted to have approval that her boyfriend thought also my body or physique is fit and inspiring. She could then later chat complimenting that her boyfriend and her believe i look good. This way she can disarm me believing it was only a compliment, not a pickup line, or to start a relationship without me questioning her motives and agenda. Doubt very much the asian girls caucasian boyfriend wanting to look at me closer. Only thing he maybe thinking is wishing his girlfriend never laid her eye onto me to begin with. Only leads him to categorize what his girlfriend likes or wants about a man to look like. This query making him feel self-conscious, angry not being able satisfying his woman wanting more. We all know woman always want more! Doubt the asian gal was hinting to the boyfriend to dress like me. In fact many couples laugh at that same idea. Only because the male can't quite match the way i look or very least fear inferior to what they are showing being so exposed in yoga leggings and compression short tank top. Or for better terms men don't want to be compared with me with the bulge size, thus being judged. When some males do try to copy my style half heartedly they notice certain woman observing them closer, amusing to see it all take place. Woman's desires, intrigue, lusts while the males fears paranoid looks knowing there about to be judge yet pull down there loose shirts carefully covering up to be seen. Yes, there is no shortage of different woman having one track mind for men's bodies. They often don't hide there intrigue about me in fact enjoy the view or discussing with like minded females in certain matters pertaining to my features openly.
  5. We are all different in our own special ways neither the names mentioned have same style or appearance. It's the exhibitionist in me that many females never seen someone so bold. Matter of fact whatever someone thinks of me they got to agree i have superior confidence that many woman i see day to day don't for whatever reasons. Most importantly i vow never to be out-shined out dressed by any female in the room only because how it effects my psyche. Maybe because i don't give respect on the way some women style themselves modestly. While i smirk or sneer at there outfits comparing myself knowing the style i present is fetching and beating many woman to the punch of there reactions towards me. Most times that i can remember i come out the winner. Many believing if i'm so well attired he must put a lot of money and effort into it thus so into himself, self centered. https://youtu.be/THeLVhU53ow While doing errands today i decided to wear sneakers not heels amount of running around and limited time i had. While at a grocery store heard and seen one woman in heels all day. She had on skinny dark washed jeans, moto leather jacket and ankle suede 3" heel booties. Thought the booties looked cheap and were to high above the ankle and wide at the leg. She was a mom seen her with her 8 year old daughter. Doubt she cared what i thought but had smile on her face liking her style. Felt the booties did add little more to her outfit then generic sneakers or flats would as many woman had been wearing most of the day. Even if i worn my chelsea flat pointed toe block 1 1/2" heel booties i wouldn't look right in skinny jeans for the same problem mentioned about the mother in her booties. if i wore my 4" heel black booties with my distressed skinny jeans and green field jacket i seen through the day many woman eyeballing me in. Then i be looked upon with envy by many even some eyebrows raised. Seen Pilates old grandma female instructor at Costco buying diapers while i waited in line to cash out. Felt only time wishing to have worn my heel booties rather my sneakers to see her reaction to my outfit. What i learned today don't always outfit yourself for comfort only because your in a hurry. Take your time and you be surprised how others may observe you. In fact many might copy the same outfit i had on because of a chance of rain that day. In fact seen young woman talking alongside another woman. She had on green safari jacket similar to my field jacket. While i glanced seeing what she was wearing i knew subtly her eyes noticed me also pausing in her conversation with the woman to look at me.
  6. Only because i don't turn the volume down. Wear what i enjoy and let the cards fall where they may. People believe i'm crazy don't have the body to wear it or the shame or modesty most people have. Makes me outsider and people need to assume and knit pick my every outfit. Some like it other not so much either way time ticks on and we move on with our lives. You can call me a child of circumstance big baby but one who loves what he does.
  7. Thanks Gudulitooo for your reply. Basically i cause dissonance amongst woman i see often. Do i care if some woman hate? Sure but if they don't eventually change there mindset with regards of my appearance then i stay clear ignoring them best i can. When i notice some females sit on the fence with me is frustrating. Just yesterday seen cute asian young female with her boyfriend at the gym. While i appear minding my business i observed the asian glancing upon me. She was well dressed and fit cute body. Once the couple walked towards me finishing there workout overheard the asian gal ask her boyfriend, "What you think of him"? (meaning me) as i was working out. The boyfriend replied, "he looks awful". She quipped back, "No! i mean his body". He replied, mumbling as they passed by, "same thing he looks bad". Suppose the asian gal found me intriguing enough to ask opinion from someone else yet knew my outfit wasn't traditional for a male to wear. Yet she deep down found my physique worthy to discuss. What i hate about the experience from the asian gal wasn't the judgement from the boyfriend nor my suspicion she thought my outfit outlandish to be wearing. It was that asian girlfriend needs opinions of someone in order to make her mind up on what she believes deep down as pleasing to the eyes to watch. As for guys being jealous of there girlfriends have many experiences in the gym where the cute females ask to use certain equipment and i insist we can share. Before long the boyfriend comes along C@#& blocks me. Standing with back facing me chatting his girlfriend not giving us a chance to get to know one another or look at one another. Always wondering what woman's opinions of me are. Are they afraid, self-conscious, find me just a waste as you Gudulitooo stated in your reply. As today seen these two very attractive twin asians lean young early 20's woman. One of the twins has a boyfriend she always clings to. Her reactions to me are smirks often acting as she doesn't care what i wear, may chuckle to her boyfriend about me time to time. Only when she seen me last week in colour outfit her twin sister wore earlier in the week but cheaper brand then mine. The eyeballs were bulging and stares upon me of what thought was envy and jealousy her pulse rate went up definitely a reaction towards me.. While her twin sister is more muted in character stares upon me mouth ajar intrigued at every outfit i wear which is different most of the time. In fact she wears more stylish outfits then her sister's mundane black leggings or cheaper brands. Often the stylish twin makes me laugh at the intense stares she gives me while i workout. Very obvious tell tail signs there is jealousy in her eyes and envy about my attire and maybe my body. Today the both sisters were on two bench's side by side. While i came looking for a spot the one asian twin left with her boyfriend leaving her sister behind. As i moved in to workout on the bench that was vacated. As i began to workout the well dressed asian twin just stared upon me between her exercises, while i tried to ignore it i found it amusing knowing why. Goes to show you they both are intrigued but afraid to speak to me openly about what they see. Even a polite hello or smile is difficult for them to portray or compliment of my new outfits they love. Like the above reply stated some woman assume the worst or wrongly. Believing no point to invest time or effort giving up upon me when, he assuredly wants to be a woman. Nothing to forgive being direct only some of your assumptions are correct. My attitude is let woman venture talking to me first because of what you mentioned the perv factor. Don't want to start with someone that feels uncomfortable or uneasy about me. Best let them begin a relationship if they desire finding me intriguing or just precious to know. If not i go about my business not caring or realizing from there prospected that i ignore them.
  8. MackyHeels

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Deadpool wears platform heels. See trailer. https://youtu.be/D86RtevtfrA
  9. MackyHeels

    Have you been caught?

    Not sure because people i do know like my Mom's Neighbour pretended not seeing me as we walked along strip mall parking lot almost side by side yet never acknowledging me with simple hello. Do know the neighbours with children where my mom and my little niece live, suddenly after being seen heeling by the gossiping neighbour have intense eyeballs on me when i'm around doing chores around the home. Even the neighbourhood kids are not permitted to play with my niece for some strange reason. Before my neighbour seen me in the parking lot in heels at the strip mall all the children in the neighbourhood played together including my niece. Believe my gossiping neighbour seeing me in heels awhile ago starting talking. Whenever i'm visiting moms neighbours observed me in only sneakers never heels. Only one neighbourly couple with young child plays with my niece that has no contact with our friendly gossiping neighbour who seen me in heels, coincidence? The same neighbourly mom who few summer's ago seen me shirtless washing the car on driveway as she walked her daughter in a stroller to the park. Her reaction to her husband was Woe, OMG! then chuckled... husband replied to her you like that? As last summer i was shirtless again sticking permits on license plates of my moms car in the summers heat. The neighbourly ogling mom with female friends trailing behind walking from the park asked her. Is this the man you talked about that walks around naked? She nodded saying Oh Yah! While it confused me why neighbourhood mom felt wearing no shirt constituted being described as naked. Either way her kid is allowed to play with my niece for now. So my heeling does effect my young nieces friendships in the neighbourhood. Who knows what the gossiping once thought of as friend, "neighbour" has told everyone or believes about me. Talk about heartbreaking for my little niece watching other kids play not knowing why other kids exclude or run away from her.Only because the overbearing moms told the kids to stop playing with her, not allowed to visit or have contact with my niece. Did have hint early on when i washed my moms car on a visit while on the driveway wearing short shorts in summer months and the one neighbourhood mom started chucking upon me. Soon as i heard the reaction i knew exactly what type of woman this is. Add the additional info from the gossiping neighbour of my proclivity wearing woman tight jeans, heels it's way to strange for the neighbour to grasp. Neighbourhood moms not taking chances with her kids to interact with my niece because they maybe in contact with me is so painful to notice. Stigma of heeling male is odd for suburban moms to understand she rather create division with my niece and her kids. While both sides suffer her children confused and question why they need to keep away only to get her mom angry. While only remedy is buy the latest or best toys gadgets pets for my niece to play with and other kids envious wanting to play also.
  10. Any sort of quick quip reply the asian gal wasn't looking me in the face. She could always use plausible deniability i wasn't talking about you or to you, sort of excuse. Then if cornered she yells murder and everyone comes running to a women's defence not fully understanding the circumstances. Woman are always being threatened never the man in verbal abuse or physical altercation. In any vain many would side with the female in woman's department being a single male is out of place no business shopping except bothering irritating woman or taking up aisle space.. Do understand her observation of me came long before i realized they were approaching. Yes, without a doubt i was best dressed in the store, my FRAME skinny jeans looked fabulous if i can use that word, even in the store you couldn't buy similar wash or cut of denim and the brand. Added to it my lean toned legs, fit athletic appearance is something woman only inspire to look like. All those negative remarks fade at how funny at the different experiences other woman shopping had while i browsed and observed. One female asked Stock girl to read her label of the size she was wearing of the thong. The lady bent over stared upon me with surprise pulling out her strap. The stock girl while shocked saying sure with OMG tone she owned the same cute panties, as expected i loved it precious reaction Lol.... As i walked by few woman one asked another for opinion of some sparkling flat sneakers if they were too much. The other woman replied no not at all she could see herself wearing exactly the same. While i puckered my mouth closed finding them gaudy and truly something she will wear once and leaving in the closet to collect dust. Did see her stare upon me as if i would share my opinion but i just moved along quietly. l Could tell these short pudgy asian gals were no prize winners only angry at themselves not wearing clothes they love or seeing me in. These Pork chop asian gals observing me initially was like red colour for a bull charging in. This was my first "I HATE YOU" remark without admitting to themselves my fashionable style works. When woman openly remark about someone or pick on them something gotta rub them the wrong way. It is telling tail of root cause in fact i take it as compliment styling myself in a subdued manner. Lol...I know i will sleep well tonight but can't be said about the two gals most likely be angrier next morning. Telling herself dam it, couldn't find single piece of clothes i would wear in the store shopping. Even this F@%K gay guy i seen, dresses better then me and most woman in the store. AGHHH....
  11. Not want to beat myself over again. Had to share another experience today when going shopping. Thought to wear my heel Rag & Bone harrow booties decided to leave them in the car. While i wore another suede female 1 1/2 inch block chelsea ankle pointed toe bootie from Asos. http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-risked-it-suede-chelsea-boot/prd/4689505?iid=4689505&CTARef=Basket Page Paired with Frame skinny medium wash jeans couple sizes bigger, snug fit but not super skin tight along with teal H&M stretch T-shirt. Added with Levis denim medium washed jacket. Was warm enough not needing the jacket, but felt better keeping my ID cards, loose parking change. in the pockets as my iphone X. Well anyways i walked towards Nordstroms Rack thinking i could purchase nice pair of denim cutoffs that i seen online saving myself the delivery and time waiting to receive it. As i parked nearby street around a block away in a gay district only describing this because what happened in the store to give everyone a background setting and location. So strolled over to Nordstroms Rack looking around noticing the mens section not much of anything to choose from but decided as i'm here why not take a look. Quickly i moved into the female section of the store looking at some denim jeans Fidelity, AG, Paige and short shorts but nothing caught my eye or something i didn't own already. So as i browsed the woman section at the same time fully aware how i was being judged by other female shoppers. (Ever notice woman shopping mens department everyones fine with it roles reveresed male in female side browsing sudden stares) Few gals looked me over how i was dressed and my chelsea booties head to toe which i was wearing caught few eyeballs, no dramatic OMG stares. In fact i would say some may have liked the style or even just me seeing i had bit of glow from being out in the sun earlier in the week. Back of my mind i was thinking how the shoppers would react if i had on the Rag & Bone high heel booties instead. Finally noticed the rack of shoes boots with the size 10 - 11 which was closer to my size. I handled a few heels from Nine west, Ivanka Trump, some lesser brands made out of plastic nothing great. Did strike my fancy finding the same Rag & Bone harrow booties in different suede colour i own but didn't feel to purchase already owning two pairs already. Also trying them on would of been a real rush noticing i was buying them for myself yet i didn't need to try any on knowing how tight they felt. So i was walking away browsing smaller shoes just to check potential inventory that may have sold out in large woman sizes. As the aisle was crowded i minded my business until couple young asian girls maybe college age or slightly younger but definitely 18. One began to ask the other, What's he doing here? The other said, as they were making there way across passing me by no more then foot away from my face replies, "He's some sort of F#@King F%$@T" without her blinking an eye just rolled off her tongue as she made those disparaging comments often to the gay community before. While i don't take those comments to heart i knew these "ladies" for better term to describing them, being really angry about Gays in general for whatever reason. Be it she was visiting the gay village where the store was located. Has had difficulty meeting men or relationships in the past whatever the reason this woman had chip on her shoulder. Knowing i wasn't gay last i checked Lol.. looking at the tag on the back of my t-shirt saying Mens i shrugged it off eyebrows up, although many other woman had to hear them saying it, suppose many just minded there business even gave me a look over judging me in some manner. My internal reaction was WOW! from the inflammatory words spoken about gays. Thought millennials not prejudice or little smarter but hearing this felt bad for the gay community that they must go through treatment from others. If i were black and same woman said Fk'n N word they probably been yelled upon who you calling N@#%. As a test i wore my chelsea booties found i would of been treated same if had on my heel booties at the store. I'm sure there would of been more smirks from the ladies who were checking out my booties or overall outfit and tanned appearance. Maybe just maybe after the outlandish comment about me, some woman shopping nearby overhearing could of felt pity. Assuming me being gay having heels on i was assuredly would fit the gay stereotype, someone would of complimented me or comfort me from the insulting comments or not. After time pondering what insults i gotten or what i could of replied back towards the asian females. Just laughing at these ladies, one there asian don't they receive prejudice also after the gays, blacks, jews, muslims obese people what do they think if i made and easy ethnic wise crack about them. Such as telling her friend asking about my presence in the woman section i doubt your friend can see well through her squinty eyes. Society as whole often shows great tolerance yet when our young adults have issues on different minority groups be gays, or males in female clothes it troubling for everyone. Sure is isolated incident but only those words are often spoken not to be heard behind clothes doors if your so inclined. In public its just nasty and when heard by another hard head individual conflicts arise no matter the consequences.
  12. MackyHeels

    Can Christian Louboutin patent red soles?

    Found the different Louboutin pointy toe styles to be a bit confusing to differentiate in the beginning, so I thought maybe this would help. I have done a little comparison between the Pigalle, Pigalle Follies, and So Kate, and I'll let you know which one my favourite is. The Pigalle is the "original" Louboutin style with a chunkier heel and shorter toe box and comes in 100 and 120mm. Then the So Kate came out which has a more slender heel that tapers a little, and a slightly longer toe box. It only comes in 120mm. The Pigalle Follies is like a hybrid between the Pigalle and the So Kate style. It has the front smaller toe box of the Pigalles, and the back slender heels of the So Kate. It comes in both 100 and 120 as well. I think it's very hard to differentiate between the So Kate and Pigalle Follies 120. Next to each other, I'd be able to tell the difference by looking at the toe box. But if I were just to look at one pair alone, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell which one it is! So, I haven't tried on the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120, but the So Kate 120 is not that comfortable lol. I can't imagine that the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120 would be much better. I think there's just a huge difference between 100 and 120 even though 20mm sounds like such a small amount. Pigalle 100 and Pigalle Follies 100 fit very similar, so it's a matter of aesthetic which one you prefer. I like both of them, to be honest. I feel like the Pigalles are sturdier, but I love the ultra skinny heel of the Pigalle Follies. I
  13. pebblesf Thanks for the support. Suppose i'm use to unspoken criticism of what i wear sort of goes with the territory. Don't feel bad or hurt as years ago because i don't know these people or will remember seeing the same people ever again, even if i walk along the same streets. So the result is who cares, don't know these people or care too, so what! is my response.. Although did observe following a woman on the street ahead in red very wide cut dress pants in black sandal heel 4" stiletos covered by the pants somewhat. Couldn't gain enough ground to see her face before she entered a drug store either to buy more makeup or condoms being it was Tuesday after the weekend. She appeared all dressed up out to do some damage and attractive at that with slim build tight waist and pants clinging along her hips as they flowed wide down to the hems. Figured out or assumed a lot of reactions people made over the years about me. Guessing the difference of what some woman feel negatively because there jealous reactions are versus the ones that don't care but find me amusing. Those that ignore me or look angry after looking are the jealous type attitudes. Others that just laugh or find me amusing because they never seen someone wear outfits that tight before often don't care only entertained at the rare sight and odd style. Agree nobody gets applauded or complimented every time out wearing an outfit. For example observed this attractive married female who visits my workplace where her husband also works. She always wears the best designer clothes, heels, bags that money can buy. She visited once wearing a tight bodysuit with CL platform heels, she enjoys attention many give her observing the subtle queues reactions from people including me. She visited another time and wore different colour bodysuit again with different heels. This time she didn't hide or be escorted to or from place to place. She wanted to flaunt her style and sexy body in the tight bodysuit as before noticing peoples wide eyed, eyeball popping, wow stares including myself with the reactions as before. This time she and i overheard loud chuckling nearby as she passed me away from a group of people. While i know the negative reactions i receive time to time but i felt so heart broken overhearing it as she must of. Suffice to say she never ever wore designer bodysuit again, to bad because her physique is beautiful and suits her wearing a sexy outfit as that. While i determined sometimes even beautiful woman can get negative reactions even though nothing was wrong wearing such clothing but people find it over the top thus laughing. While i tried to understand why people laughed at her it stems from envy, jealousy, because she has very wealthy husband and her clothing she wears isn't cheap and people notice. Also when you flaunt your beautiful body or shape away from beach, gym, or pool your going to receive pushback that your clothing is far to revealing then the location demands. Don't be wearing sprinter tight spandex outfit when going to restaurant for dinner or casual bar for drinks. Sometimes the situation your in needs clothing to match the surroundings. So don't take it personally if someone reacts to your fashion miscues or bold style in negative manner. Least i know the beautiful married woman observes my outfits smiles, smirks at it, yet i know she means well even though she finds my style silly for any male to wear. Do feel on some of my outfits she finds them intriguing ready to match it or find something better. So any negative reactions i don't take it personally as i use to. Feel that woman get undeserved bad reactions so to as male i will inevitably get them also. When you try something different in fashion styles your bound to get unusual stares and outspoken negative criticisms.
  14. MackyHeels

    Mr. X's travels

    Nice to hear such great experience. Curious of what the young woman employee motivation was? Understand she enjoyed your outfit assuming your the only male wearing such feminine attire in the coffee shop. Feels good when someone gives you a well deserved indirect compliment of the fashion style your wearing or treats you with respect as human being. Often then not most people are stunned or criticize others for any unique styles that don't conform to everyday's taste or trends for your specific gender. Vilifying you as weird only mocking someone as strange all awhile keeping there distance. Sometimes there are few special people enjoy a person that doesn't conform to societies rules of styles. In fact they welcome someone that can break from the mundane mould of fashion do's and don'ts and lifting there middle finger to just wearing what they desire. Your outfit certainly would be something i be wearing as the norm, day to day, only if i finally bought a nice pair of skinny heel designer stilettos from CL rather wearing my bootie heels. Although i do prefer a scooped top hem high on the hips but covering the front and back. Difficult to find such shirts often men's are cut even along the hem giving a box cut appearance. Glad you had the conviction to wear your heels so openly. Must say knowing how it feels being so exposed wearing the leggings gives more emphasis to your heels. Wow! is the feeling you must of felt afterwards. Heels are not meant to be hidden or worn by shy people in fact they are meant to be seen. You maybe making a habit doing this that upgrade of your shoes could be in the works. We all know when we receive encompassing gratitude from our appearance we sometimes can't let it go and want to build onto with newer fun outfits pushing the envelope. As for your purse i can't see myself wearing one. Do feel more comfortable wearing a nylon beach towel bag as backpack. Weird i know both are bags but something about a purse worn only around a shoulder makes me feel all to feminine. Maybe i'm brainwashed watching the episode of Seinfeld mocking a male wearing a satchel or man purse, Lol.. Anyway congratulations on your pleasant outing worthy for a post. While have the desire one day with the right outfit would like to go out in a tight tunic and some nylons with perfect nice heels sitting crossing my legs observing peoples reactions overreactions, in a bustling location as you described. See what happens, thanks for sharing.
  15. Went across town along busy downtown streets going to my favourite clothing boutique. Was in hurry afraid they maybe closing soon so i walked really quickly. Wearing my AG leggings in medium blue wash with white JV leather sneakers, green JV polo peace short sleeve and denim levis blue faded jacket. Felt comfortable well, casually dressed. Didn't pay much attention i was getting stares from woman passing them by. Couldn't help notice few woman one in a passenger seat of a car stalled in traffic was looking at the store front streetscapes. Then laid her eyes onto me with a smug smirk. Could tell she wasn't from the city most likely living in a more posh neighbourhood noticing her in the Lexus. Later on i overheard one tall young woman which i passed by. She was paired up with another one while i didn't pay much attention to both of them in passing they definitely noticed me. While they must of stopped at a street light intersection i overheard one saying to the other, You don't see me laughing at him do you. While the other stayed quite gasped from her laughter presumedly of me when passing by. Later as i arrived at the athletic clothing boutique i walked along the female section noticed female SA puckering her lips from laughing observing my outfit. Needless to say she stared away and walked off out of site. Usually SA would greet me saying hello do you need any help. After few minutes another SA walked by asking if i needed anything as i nodded her off saying i'm fine. Why the smirky attitude from woman who themselves wear tight fitting pants to guy like myself? The prejudice and hypocrisy of some woman is evident seeing male dressed similar to most woman less the heels. Agree with some on this forum who outfit themselves in skirt and heels finding less negative reactions wearing it on the street. Woman tend to instantly assume your crossdresser and adjust there opinions as such. While seeing a male in tight pants they find it simply amusing and easier to critique versus a male dressed as a woman. Few days later i was at grocery store late at night wearing similar outfit only this time wearing my suede camel nubuck heel block booties. As i was looking in the vegetable section couple young black males walk by notice me beginning to laugh and mumble to one another. While i heard there laugh i stared upon them but they didn't look upon me only after they got to the end of the aisle one turned around staring. When the two men walked passed i noticed a female gym member walking my way around the corner. Often i see her at my gym but never do we chat or say a word to each other. Although we do notice each other at the gym often her seeing me in my many female yoga leggings. First time observing this female outside the gym, little disappointed upon her reaction. She instantly noticed my bootie heels doubt she ever seen me wearing heels. Her demeanour was sudden surprise wide eyed, then rolling eyes head up turning to the right, assumed she didn't like my attire to much. Didn't think her reaction is new, noticed her doing the same when i attired some new onyx blue leggings in the gym while ago. She often or always wears dark blue leggings herself so when she entered the gym floor noticed me her expression was surprise and annoyed figured it was the colour i had on similar to her leggings. In the store she shopped in the fruit section but virtually ignored me while i kept eye on her. Many woman i encounter not knowing me overhearing there comments to others saying the word "he's in Drag or likes to be in drag", to describe me. Suppose when woman see me arrive in skinny jeans and heel booties they assume i'm a drag queen.

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