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    Love Shopping for clothes Online and browse in stores in my spare time. Wearing clothes that woman would die for with envy.

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  1. MackyHeels

    Heels at work? Maybe not so good idea

    Can't believe what she said.... What was the HR woman's fuss about besides jealousy, ever inquire why? To me it would be funny, even a compliment of her jealousy or envy of those boots. It would be amusing to me even liking her response if i were in your shoes or boots. In fact would wear them more often to get the HR women's blood boiling challenging her to give it a try pulling them off me. Had it happen to me once, well the other time was at a nude beach which i can't comment about on the forum. This sexy older church going, god fearing, single, Asian, school teacher, at my gym which i see daily delighted in observing her. She remarked one time that she loved and desired my new outfit the previous day. Asking me questions about my impeccable taste wearing athletic tight clothing to the gym. She asked if i had everything meticulously organized at home, closet full the amount of legging outfits i owned. She later responded telling me she wants my clothes, and i should give it to her.... Her response came off very harsh, and awkward, very surprising to hear from such a calm, quiet, lonely, intelligent, woman. If the roles were reversed i suppose a woman in my leggings would run away, even call authorities about a threat.. While i laughed it off as thinking she was joking, even thinking about it, but said nothing to her. She complimented my body but became tongue tide for whatever reason. Now i just keep my distance only saying hello to her from time to time on her daily visits to the gym. Yet can't keep from thinking to let her wear my many various older style leggings i wear to the gym such a personal item to attire or ask about. Yet i enjoy looking upon her in tight bicycle black shorts, desiring her genetically gifted well defined toned legs. Would be shame for her to cover-up wearing any of my type of leggings. Although can't help thinking what a turn on it would be seeing her wear something i had worn thus my dilemma. Your so right woman who wear such heels like the HR you described pushed her buttons because your a man in something that she found very feminine to be wearing. Did you ever believe it maybe sexual fetish reaction she had about your boots or you in them? My experience i knew some enthusiastic, well meaning, nice married woman was pushing the single Asian school teacher to start a relationship with me. Telling her about the many intriguing advantages, one being the wardrobe would instantly double, if we were a couple. The asian women grimaced smiling with the ideas by the other woman, yet it planted a seed lighting a fire under her to later ask or tell me she wants my clothes. One thing is certain you have to have some repore with a woman knowing each others names, occupation, single, married etc.. Then someone could make a suggestion to borrow or try on going, shopping asking for a friends gift during the holidays etc.. To have a total stranger discuss my outfit and demand me to give her to have isn't something lighthearted and normal. In fact it has me believe its deeper phycological the asian woman doesn't want me to be wearing tight female legging outfits in public no matter how much she may desire or be intrigued with my body and parts showing.
  2. MackyHeels

    My first public heel adventure

    Nice outfit. Shopping dressed up have to hand it to you balletboot doubt i could go out in skirt panthose like you shown. Getting compliment like you did, funny to watch the cashiers reaction, love it! Had encounter at supermarket waiting in line i got to the cashier, she scanned upon what i was wearing. Couldn't help it but back away from the cashier to show off my skinny jeggings i was wearing. She didn't say a word or any reaction through any discernible expression but definitely gazed upon me as the woman behind waiting in line stared down at my butt and legs. Today i decided to wear my grey skinny jean jeggings with grey sneakers instead of my black heel booties and snug hoodie. Felt black skinny jeans and booties go better together. So i made a stop and the supermarket had female stop and stare upon me as i bundled up some bananas in plastic bag. She had on tan overcoat 3/4 length and tan timberland boots matching her coat. The stare upon me was amusing but she went on with her shopping. Didn't see anyone particularly dressed in the store but as soon as i got in my car driving off, seen a woman entering the store. She had on red insulated red hood jacket 3/4 length snug fitted, with black skinny jeans and black block 4 inch booties. Thought it was funny because i would of worn the same outfit only black insulted short jacket instead.
  3. MackyHeels

    Boot "season"?

    Just Arrived Shall I open it? Sawtooth leather hiker boots.
  4. MackyHeels


    Forgot the most important point or problem In Canada is buying heels larger than size 10 at any brick and mortar store, Aldo, Marshalls, Stuart Weitzman etc.. At least in any US department store like Nordstrom you will able to purchase and leave with heels in size 12 or 11 in designers that make them. Go to my Jimmy Choo boutique in Yorkdale Mall you won't be able to find any size 11 and up in stiletto heels to try on. Maybe because female feet are smaller than most american counterparts. Think Canada needs a WNBA team have some big foot woman walking around this frozen tundra of ours. Went to Nordstrom's department store located nearby downtown Toronto eaton centre. Seen spring sale of female Stuart Weitzman booties online and in store. Wanted to buy the Pure Bootie seen online the size 11 and 11.5 were available. Instead of ordering online and getting hit with duties and shipping charges i decided to purchase in store. Nice SA woman in the store told me they don't stock the size i needed but would check online. Unfortunately she couldn't order the bootie to Canada for advertised sale price from the same store from US ridiculous and she agreed apologizing. After delivery and duties the booties would cost me $1200 and won't be returnable. Just wanted to size and fit tring bootie on but it was impossible. Went down the mall to Stuart Weitzman boutique asked for Pure Bootie in size 11.5 -12 US, dumb SA female told me they don't make a size that large. The maximum is a size 10 US are sold, go figure, living in Canada. Nevermind ordering heels online US shops and when checkout they are disallowed to ship items to Canada. What's the deal with that it's as if i was ordering a brick of cocaine from a Columbian website importation is illegal. Welcome to Canada just want to buy some nice clothes and shoes without paying retail or absorbed duties, shipping fees and taxes often doubling the price of the item. Just Alexander Wang ponyhair booties i'm desiring eyeballing, doubt I can try on my Saks store because they don't have the size 11 US in stock.
  5. MackyHeels


    Nicely done. Block heels one day stilettos next pushing the boundaries observing everyone’s reactions Where did you eat? Were people’s reactions obvious as they should be?
  6. MackyHeels


    Take the Bathurst 511 harbour front streetcar easier rather then walking. To the Cne grounds. Gather your working at enercare centre. Go checkout Saks fifth avenue Christmas window display at the Eaton centre mall. If you want to do some more shopping spending those euros up in Yorkville posh boutique shops on west of Yonge St along Bloor street until St George. Have some good food in yorkvile and get noticed.. Take the subway get off on union station streetcars will take you Cne and underground Path to eaton centre mall. Goid luck.
  7. MackyHeels

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Usually before closing only the employees check my outfit also the door security guard often gives off a smiling smirk reaction some say hello.. Seeing very few customers or sparse crowd often helps because there in hurry or been long day to care what i wear as well. If your outfitted well then no matter the time of day people will look and usually leave you alone if they like it or make a compliment. Last thing you want is spend cash on great outfit that nobody sees. It's as though your wearing it only at home, what's the point when none sees you in it unless you post pictures online on the forum as some do... Just last night i lost my gym lock and had walk around with my street clothes in duffle bag. Was afraid to leave my clothes in the open locker because of all the breakins. Gotten a lot of looks from envious young sexy ladies around the gym because of a fresh new gym outfit. Later i decided to sport my matching hoodie with camo leggings upon finishing my workout preparing to leave the gym. Wasn't sure to wear only my leggings pink highlighted sneakers and camo hoodie to do late night errand before the store closed. Felt very naked just wearing these leggings on the street don't know how woman do it or why i don't care in the gym wearing them... Think woman it's ego thing to receive attention of there proud physique or bottoms to be showing off in public any excuse they can. While had few woman give me a show in passing at the water fountain showing off their great tight plump backsides in legging in the gym making sure i had to notice, that's entire different story. So i decided to go to the locker room and shower instead of going onto the street and store dressed in my feminine yoga leggings, hoodie. Before i made my way down entering the change room all dolled up in my outfit unsure to use the locker room or leave. Female earlier working out in the gym eyeballing me came out of women's change room, dressed up similar type of outfit as me, but much cheaper looking a white hoodie dark black leggings white sneakers. She began to walk down a hall straight ahead noticed me and her eyeballs bulged out of cute head as looking upon my matching new outfit, the hoodie she didn't see when i was working out on the gym floor. Surmised from her later reaction she was very envious of my outfit even the receptionist stared upon without a snickering smirk just a gaze. guess she approved also or very least liked the dark outfit. After my shower i got dressed in skin tight AG distressed jeans and said hoodie and leather black sneakers. Was afraid or uncomfortable walking outside in my camo leggings as i went to the store. Although the store wasn't completely empty not many people noticed my tight jeans only the stock boy who was in aisle seen me with others not caring what i was wearing. Again i could of worn my leggings to the store without much of a incident because it is late before closing mid week not busy at all. Did i regret the choice i made? A little only because to see for myself what reactions would be received regardless if i felt comfortable in wearing my leggings outfitted like so many women do on the street. Told myself if it wasn't for the matching pink multi coloured trainer shoes with pink tight top i was wearing in the gym i may have convinced myself to wear said new leggings out in the the street and store. Sometimes wearing boring denim tight as i they were and new changing your style at times can make your heart beat little faster and feel different about yourself by doing what comes to mind. Some doubt did enter my mind in my gym routine thinking to wear leggings outdoors as time went on. Looking at one blonde female backside at the water fountain who many people compare us looking similar to her chagrin. She has developed muscles on her backside looking better i could of recognized made me doubt myself and become self conscious about my physique, now i know how some woman feel comparing themselves to fit more attractive people.
  8. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    Nah! Have small dwindling circle of friends years back before I started my feminine style. While making handful of female friends intrigued, curious of my transformation and body or enjoying entertaining factor just knowing a freak like me. Do at times go to different gym but recognize some woman who stopped visiting my default location. Looking at there initial reaction recognizing me at the new gym. They don’t like what they see, maybe reason they stopped visiting my frequent gym was they felt uncomfortable with my outfits or appearance. Plus everywhere I go people react initially the same. At least my home base gym I got a very good sense on who or what they think of me. It enables me to ignore some while enjoying others gaze upon me. Lot of Asian woman frequent my gym some days more then other times. Yesterday was one of those times all lined up on every gym equipment that I seen. Looked like a assembly plant one after the other as I was passing by. Noticed this Asian jealous young male often tags along with his blonde attractive Asian young girlfriend. Lately he comes alone dedicated for his workout but this time his girlfriend eventually shows up later. While wearing my white gray mesh leggings and heatheed orange tight top. I noticed the cute Asian blonde beauty looking me over in the mirror or in passing in envious manner. Did observe her boyfriend smirk noticing me earlier, thinking to myself he believes my leggings are very feminine in style thus funny to see me wear it. Do know the Asian male is very jealous of his girlfriend when it comes to me. Anytime his girlfriend coincidentally working out behind me he stares concerned. Once I was confused why his demeanour changed as he was staring at me, little did I know his girlfriend was exercising behind me. Anytime I have an opportunity to chat with the attractive blonde Asian girlfriend the boyfriend will stand between us back towards me from ever communicating. Lead me to believe the Asian goddess is very intrigued in my attire in fact I bet she talks about me to her boyfriend. Enough so leading to observe the girlfriends moves near me or her curiosity what she likes with my body or attire. Nice to be noticed without any silly juvenile reactions. What confuses me most with woman seemingly enjoying or envious of my attire in the gym. Sometimes they walk up to me asking how long I will be finished using the specific equipment or weights. Answer them politely they often smile or grin leaving. Or have smirk on there face as to why I haven’t a clue. Yet whenever there in my line of sight I maybe eyeballing there body and anlyze the clothes. Then they react with smirk to themselves as I’m watching adjusting there outfit pulling up there leggings in front of me having happier demeanour then I ever seen before, leaving with there boyfriend. Maybe some believe I approve or envious of there outfits making them feel superior and confident. Suppose way we look upon each other brings confidence what we are wearing. If these woman respect the style of clothes I wear, then they respect my opinion on what they wear as well. Even though none says a word or compliment one another we can conclude by reactions and demeanour what others think of what we are wearing.
  9. MackyHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Tunics black leggings combo with booties is staple most women wear when shopping. What i seen it usually accessorized with 3/4 length coat for modesty sake and knee high flat boots. JeffB you can try cable knit tights rather then leggings for those colder days shopping in gray colour works very well with any top or boot colours. What i heard woman enjoy wearing leggings when shopping only because they don't need to undress when trying outfits or risk any skin irritations from others trying on same clothes more hygenic. Nice work JeffB wait and see if you can top yourself from the earlier pictures...
  10. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    Cali it's not approval i want. Heck, fully understanding some clothes i wear are not for everyone to enjoy or for me expecting any compliment. It's being considered an equal wearing feminine clothes or shoes woman in particular shouldn't judge or laugh because it's unusual for them to observe. Often thinking to myself do i look silly in these dusty mauve leggings pictured below? i'm wearing standing or sitting on the gym floor. all alone Why is that woman i see in the mirror, who observed me hundreds of times in different yet similar tight outfits chuckling to herself, after initially laying eyes on my outfit? Does she find it to girly for male to wear? Does she feel pink isn't a colour a man should wear? Are my leggings too light coloured for the season, is it better suited for spring or summer rather autumn or winter? Is she chuckling because she observes me closely noticing, wearing brand new legging, outfits in the gym almost daily or weekly? Do people find me incorrigible, purchasing the latest yoga styles or trends, or being poster boy for a specific female athletic brand often seen being first wearing in the gym? Does my body physique look alright for what i'm showing and wearing? Should i look to be more modest blending in wearing black leggings more rather standing out? (having butt wedgie in leggings funny) Why is the cute gal glancing staring at my bulge beside me while we stretch next to each other? (Am i showing way too much, feelings of being naked and vulnerable, leggings clinging to my body contours like a spray tan?) Is she impressed with my body or outfit or just curious, intrigued? (Indeed she has boyfriend or is married). Am i respected for the outfit i'm wearing, does it pop and impress making females envious? Yet all these thought fill my brain making for intense workout fueling my fitness journey making a negative into a positive. Best motivator is having someone being negative and trying to prove them wrong. Wearing my exclusive feminine gym outfit brings me to a level of confidence i don't have on the street except in the gym environment, puzzles me why. Maybe because of the fact it's a domain i feel i confident proud and compared to others rule to some pathetic degree, at least that is how i feel. While on the street there are so many variables that you encounter and roadblocks that it gets tiresome or expected. Only option is to grit my teeth and keep walking hoping next person doesn't voice there negative views or stares upon me as well. While most times i stay in my bubble in the gym increasing the sound level to the max from my bluetooth earbuds listening to Post Malone & Swae Lee -Sunflower https://youtu.be/ApXoWvfEYVU Hiding the pain i feel because i enjoy wearing feminine attire in the gym feeling unaccepted for the most part only few feeling pity give me hello or chat. Yet many just keep there distance out of fear i'm crazy seeing me shake my feet to the beat of the music or shaking my head or lip syncing the lyric at least before i get to the library of Juicy J songs...Lol. Ignoring the x-ray deep stares upon me, by positive competitive gym rat diva, in there newer bright leggings. Seemingly wanting my approval, or notice there new outfits.. Them believing i want the same attention for my gym outfit needing to top one another anytime we show up in the gym. Amusing to witness that some competitive woman know my style. Flaunt in front of me beating to the punch of new released leggings i be wanting to purchase and wear. In fact these competitive divas without talking they know me better than i know myself. From the types of colours, brand style i wear they trigger some jealousy in me that i know is silly. Don't show it externally but some females sense it and like to get a rise out of it seeing them wear what i would purchase and wear in the gym. Makes me little unhappy thinking what could i buy that she won't be wearing and vice versa on her part. Guess it's like a dog chasing its own tail until we all run out of options and money.
  11. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    No it's not very expensive. Only reason is part of my vengeance is to wear the best designer clothes or shoes i can find in my size. Thinking it will connect with others haters being angry and jealous while others admiring me sharing the same taste in clothes. Most times it works but i expect a conflict so any compliments are swept under a rug and shrugged off. While focusing on my haters is very unhealthy and disturbing miserable way to live.
  12. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    Cali my goal is to get revenge upon those who mock those who style themselves differently from the normal expectations. I know there will be haters no matter who wears what. So why not present oneself in the best light as possible. Meaning if some gal wears nice outfit i may take away things i like and add to it in my own style. If i get mocked, feelings of disappointment and self doubt enter in my mind. Guess the best dressed women are judged daily for there outfits by fashion experts, laughing, mocking, ridiculing ones brave to wear this or that. So i don't expect total love of everything i wear. Just want to have peace of mind that men or women wearing same clothes or shoes isn't news for anyone in society observing leaving people wearing what they want with respect, leaving there opinions or reactions to themselves rather voicing it readily anyone to hear, be it a facial expression, chuckle, etc.. How do i get my revenge is try to look as good as i can. Meaning go boldly wearing looking the way i want, when summer days approach i make sure to get dark tan. Helps when i wear female cutoff shorts showing my legs off. When styled daily in the summer i notice some female surely chuckle what they see teenage girl older lady. When a woman notices me often enough and takes objective view of me she honestly likes what she observes. I certainly can differentiate them noticing me non verbal cues. In fact often it's positive experience when i get the stare observing them in my peripheral vision scanning my body head to toe. Seen this young lady leaving the gym one time as i was entering checking in. The gal stood mouth open looking me over non-verbally astonished about my fashion sense and street attire appearance. Everything told me she was liking everything about me. While entering from the front desk walking towards the change rooms heard the gal talk to the receptionist about me. Saying something that that guy looks unreal, sense of style, clothes, look amazing for his body, Oh my god, if i could look half as good i be happy. This opinion from very attractive young female came as a shock to me as i cared less of anyone's comments good or bad living in a bubble.
  13. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    Your right but health matters also. Whenever your sick you don't care about superficial stuff as much as survival. Sorry about the essay i wrote. Don't believe years from now i need to look back regretting the choices i made. Regret them now not wearing the clothes heels i want. Something to do with sizing or availability. There's just second glances i can live with that. When it comes to those smirking chuckles or voiced laughter it digs deep. Only because i try hard to dress in envious style woman would wear themselves. Puzzles me to get laughed upon or stared upon in negative demeanour reaction. Recent outing today i choose few different outfits on my various errands coming home to change three times. Observed a couple laughing at my male bland colour matched suede jacket and UGG chukkas, which confused me. Then i decided earlier wearing tight distressed dark cropped jeans with moto leather jacket and leather sneakers at church which turned few heads, made me smile at the attention, people noticed. Later on in the mall noticed woman sitting giving me the entire body scan while i was walking wearing my chelsea pointed suede booties with relative low two inch block heel, new skin tight AG leggings distressed step hem jeans and suede moto brown jacket. Just thought what if i was wearing my high heel block heels instead that i left in the car what the reactions would be. Although i was confident more i walked around in the mall i was doubting i should of worn my higher heel booties to complete the outfit better. Just want feedback what i wear from others i can tell the difference when someone is envious or jealous or finds my outfit outdated, lame plain silly out of place or style. Being in my own bubble helps like so many attractive females confident of there bodies not paying attention to there environment only on there phones or friends there with. Seen this young woman coming out of a store boutique ahead in the mall decent shapely dressed in exact same colour leggings i wear in the gym same brand same colour and style having on pinkish printed short varsity jacket and sneakers. Thought to myself none is staring or admiring her outfit, meant to be worn in the gym or yoga class but she used it as acceptable streetwear. How could i dare wear something like that on the street rather than the gym? What the reactions would be, even though i prefer wearing legging jeans. Find something wrong wearing gym clothes on the street, yet many do it regardless if they have a gym membership. Yet i kept staring maybe admiring her boldness and the familiarity owning, wearing the exact same leggings in the gym weekly.
  14. MackyHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    I beg to differ in fact many woman notice very well what he or she wore yet do it subtly. Yet ask them about it they can recite the clothes someone is wearing days ago at how badly, or well he or she styled themselves. Countless woman know exactly what i wear seeing me often, either approach me saying your wearing XYZ! that's for woman! I tell them yah, but it's unisex then they sort of agree. Yet seeing me often wearing different outfits and colours i notice reactions they find it disturbing even call me out about it. Very few are happy for me to be wearing female XYZ in fact they rather take time intrigued, walk behind and around intentionally and subtly observing, then react to another friend further away with laugh, giggle, smile, OMG! or saying never seen a guy wear that before. Then juvenile banter amongst woman about the outfit continue, he looks pretty, like a girl, how could you tell the difference thought it was a woman look at his legs and butt, gross, or wish i looked like that ha, ha... Or the intrigued woman who find what they see are impressed yet afraid too timid saying a kind word. Watched this half breed asian woman closely glancing upon me at every opportunity that presented itself. I knew she seen me in heel booties before reacted luke warm to my surprise. Curious that i didn't receive a bigger expressed reaction only what could be called fond envy. Months maybe year later she must know what clothes i wear and how i style myself even noticing me glancing upon her attractive state. Could tell by her glances upon me next to her she was literally figuratively measuring me up very curious... Had encounter at work this posh blonde attractive young woman i known seeing her dolled up often in designer clothes to my delight. She sees me around finding me bit peculiar, only because i mind my business or don't chat her up. So one recent encounter i wore a respectable brand ladies dark black, gray camo hoodie at work being fairly cold environment. As i was nearby across from her, with another woman seeing tall blonde young woman checking out my tight female Rag & bone blue jeans. Couldn't ignore her glances upon me as though she found it odd, as though she thought those are quite tight on him or something was off or familiar. Had chuckle at her stoic serious stares but both of us didn't say a word only talking about our tasks for work. The blonde posh female was in close proximity listening in could easily notice her bulging eyes onto my hoodie unlike her usual demeanour. Appeared she noticed my obvious brand logo on zipper or hood with thumb sleeves covering my hands and snug fit and the fabric colour pattern. Ever get idea that someone knows exactly what your wearing, well I knew, she knew what i was wearing. It was ladies hoodie in fact i bet she owns the very same or browsed to shop owning one in the future. Either her reaction was total jealousy and envy or shocked a man like me is wearing a female hoodie, made me bit my lip from laughing at her observations and reaction of the hoodie i had on. Small stuff like i experienced from woman is telling at how long there memory of what i wear when they know it belongs on a woman's body. If the two females don't know me by now they already they making assumptions of what i'm about. Enjoy hearing in the past my boss commenting to others about woman complaints about me wearing weird clothes. No woman can say for sure but they can only comment asking him don't you believe what he wears is odd and you should talk to him about it. Yet my boss agrees it's odd laughing but can't do anything about it. Yet i know there is subtle way woman approach to ask him to do something about my attire without really getting into detail specifics what they are truly finding immoral disgusting or awfull for there eyes to witness.
  15. MackyHeels

    Mr. X's travels

    Has anyone give you snubbing reactions of your outfit or just chuckle scanning your top, leggings, booties? Only because they view your wearing inferior clothes or shoes. Difficult to understand what people think of items we wear from there reactions.. Is it because we’re men wearing feminine clothes or colour choices made, style etc... Often think, reason some woman with means feel more confident wearing designer brands. Seems anyone chuckling at how we style ourselves, convincing us that high brand name item can reduce the fear factor of what negative people think. A young stylish woman I seen recently has a Givenchy hand bag others may be critical voicing they don’t like it, looks to old fashion appropriate for old grandmother. Yet the handbag wearing woman can shrug of naysayers thinking to herself they only wish to afford such luxury accessory. Or voice her disapproval of critical people’s handbag which maybe inferior in quality and price. Another example today seen female wearing her hot pink purse across her torso front. If it had no brand logo many would find it fitting for a little child. Yet the PRADA metal logo was front and centre. My initial reaction was to be slightly amused, as we closed paths I noticed the logo brand and suddenly lost my chuckled grin expression. Yet the woman wearing the purse could feel comfortable noticing me being critical initially, then I was put in my place afterwards once seeing the logo. From smiling amused grin to bulging eyes shocked frightened stare upon the purse logo. Sort of like a vampire seeing daylight. Often believe whenever I go out in public wearing feminine style they better be designer. If someone laughs mocking me I can look upon there style making a judgement showing my amused reaction. Thinking to myself yah I might of look weird in the style I wear for a male. Yet if the critics have any fashion sense knowing my brand style I wear, they have to be envious or very least smiling at my correct taste in clothes or shoes.

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