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  1. W6ish best to stay inside lot warmer in a mall setting that is if you can find that is open. Lots of mirrors and people shopping and watching. Want to be seen getting reactions mall is a must visit for me. People walking behind me can't help notice the tight jeggings not to mention the heel booties. i'm wearing. From my experiences at mall browsing in heels is you get judged very quickly and reactions are swift. People can't help themselves to talk about me to others openly what i'm wearing often negative comments from gals. What i do know those females shopping alone are checking
  2. yeah, but you got to find those underground parties. Some tried rental storage units, others AirBNB rental house in suburbs all got shut down and party people fled before midnight raid. Think rural barns out in somewhere there's party going on tonight, only covid cops haven't busted it yet. Back in the day when prohibition for anyone drinking was illegal. Yet there was speakeasies for folk to have some fun. Life was simpler back then. Nobody had cars parked outdoors near a party zone where it's easy to spot some activity is happening somewhere in middle of the night.
  3. It's about getting attention from those that you like. Heels short skirts, leggings do just that. All comes to the confidence woman have with their bodies. If females feel comfortable and get many eyes on the lean legs they enjoy the attention it brings. Wearing flats maybe more comfortable but if gal wants to make herself stand out from the crowd heels are the go to gold standard. Depending on the heels they are wearing also amount of attention they willing to encompass from their peers.
  4. Woman love to show off there legs and shape. Outfitting themselves in the beast way they can heels are mandatory. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHs_Mr3A_wa/ Stockings and heels always go together. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH2tXpxL80i/ Designer heels are always going to be in vogue. Maybe there is no place you can wear them out but certainly it is nice look. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH0EN1qpW_Z/
  5. Anytime female needs to dress up be it a prom dress, wedding, funeral or just date night out, heels will be certainly worn. Since the pandemic all those i stated don't exist or limited to some extent so the heels are left in the closet. While workplace heels are used in office place many are working from home with no need to wear or buy outfits for work. Fashion industry must be taking big hit nobody buying high fashion clothes or heels. If any clothing or shoes being bought are useful and practical keep warm or stay dry. Sooner or later the floodgates will burst and many will start buyin
  6. That is option but Madonna tacky back in the day. Surprised your seamstress didn't say wear a skirt, guess she already knew the reason why you like to wear tight shorts for exhibitionism Lol.. Ever try emboss type of leggings fabric can be elegant but with a bit of style unlike glossy pvc leggings that can look overdone yet eye catching to be sure at night club. Emboss with snakeskin black Animal Print
  7. First time wearing cheap heel booties made a lot of noise walking. I arrived at the mall started to walk into a Holt renfrew very upscale retailer. This particular store had only womenswear. It was early evening i made my way inside on mid-week not many shoppers around. Soon as my booties hitting the tile floor the click clacking was awful loud. I started to weave my way on the plush carpet deaden the sound in the store, not using the aisle walkway on hard tile marble floor. While passing through some parts were not entirely carpeted in certain sections so i stepped carefully on some til
  8. Try not to spook a gal with mentioning your heel wearing. Gather information about a female that she isn't about showing you off to the public like some trophy. If you can find that gal who doesn't care about her peers opinions of her man then best bet she learn to tolerate your heel wearing. Not saying you should go out find hermit that has no social life or friends and family to think of. Although odds are she take anything that may come her way as positive. If you go out saying you belch, fart, chain smoke and like to get drunk every night. Most gals can't be attracted to that
  9. Throw away society. Meaning how on earth would you wash them? Dry clean of course but very unpractical. Special order, to get foot size to match the hips and leg inseam has to be custom job for gal like Kim the proportions must be staggering.Lol..
  10. Thanks. Already have schemed up a plan to get my revenge. First get her to trust me and become courteous and full of compliments and be caring. Yet difficult to do when someone has no style whatsoever or has no fashion sense. Or understands caring enough of her fitness approach, diet and physique to achieve any results. Someone who acts very smart judges others as fools in comparison. Yet she can’t understand basic body function between tricep, , bicep or back muscle laughing upon herself as if it was joke. Often my revenge to hostile gal i can’t avoid is opposite to run
  11. Sorry W6ish if i planted a seed back of your head about tragedy that could occur. Often it can't be shaken off to readily but pokes fear to be cautious at any bumps in the night or footsteps on gravel road. Although fun experience to read about your screaming gal pal only imagine it being like Horror movie. Your gal seems to be like some females afraid a wasp might sting them running away screaming to effect. Like this covid virus many over reacting to it being female doctors and most woman i observe everyday being overly cautious making it a habit of virtually nothing. While i wa
  12. The afternoon looks mild temps but the evening mercury starts to plummet. Good luck in them shorts. Best to walk inside a mall but again the mandatory mask wearing is silly and uncomfortable. Funny that boxes that the masks come in have warning “ this does. Not protect You from Covid 19.” stay safe not from the virus nonsense but from incoming traffic. Last thing I want to hear on the news is video showing only White heels in the road. Someone got hit by semi truck leaving body unrecognizable. Not sure of the victims Believe two woman got hit. Lol.. only dental records Post Mortum
  13. Hope you have fun time with gal pal. Imagine your gal pal be sexy as this italian beauty only can wish walking in heels.... https://www.instagram.com/beatricebulferetti/?hl=en What do think of her heel fetish.. Suppose fishnet panty hose or stocking work better then leggings. When i do wear leggings more in public streets since covid rules of limited time spent in the gym. Using my workout gear as everyday attire to and from the gym. With the added neighbourhood walks for my cardio calorie burner in the evenings. Silhouette i make appeals to me while no way a gal would ever say somet
  14. You might want to up the bar start wearing leggings with them heels. Many woman see me in leggings often are envious and jealous. Yet they all don’t need to ask what brand I’m wearing. Best compliment I can ever get with my outfit is having gal copy my attire Then when I notice her she feels guilty, which is always fun brings a smile to my face. Or very least if gal doesn’t respect me for wearing them leggings at least they know we have same taste in fashion and style. Which often comes with validating their outfits by my reaction what they particularly wear.
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