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  1. You are a lucky guy, take good care of her!
  2. I layover in Houston sometimes, would be cool to meet sometime...D
  3. Pierre I know you are being supportive, as you always are. I am glad that you revealed your concerns though. Tell us about the indirect attempts you have made that she offered no responses to. Sharing your experiences with us might be beneficial to us also buddy. The one thing we do know about your situation is that your girl friend offered no response, which is surely better than a negative one. So, there is still hope for a positive outcome. Do you ever go shoe shopping with her? Perhaps if you go accompany her on a shopping trip, offering opinions and asking questions, she might get the idea that you are interested in heels also. Just a thought buddy....D
  4. How did I miss this discussion! Sounds like a great time...I will surely let Spikes know if I ever have decent Columbus layover. Jay and I met again in Austin yesterday, he told me about his great visit with you. Jay and I had a nice time driving around town breaking in his new car engine. We finally got out and took a nice long walk, spent some time in Allens boots. I was wearing my 4.5" Sam Edelman stiletto boots Jay was wearing nice 4.5" underslung cowboy boots. Allens had plenty of cowboy/cowgirl boots, but very little with higher heels. But, the shopping experience was fun just the same, we went on to some other shops before having a nice dinner. I love my Sam Edelman boots because of their classic styling and because they are so easy to walk in. I'm not sure if anyone noticed my boots, but Austin is surely a great town to wear boots in. People may have noticed, but I was having too much fun, and was too relaxed to even think/wonder about being noticed... Maybe next time we will visit the Frye boot store..... Jay is a great host for sure....
  5. What a nice encounter with that honest woman indeed....I'm surely envious as well buddy! Keep in mind that your best revenge on those two old farts in the bar was when your beautiful lady walked up to you in the bar! Imagine how internally irate those guys must have been. Having that beautiful woman on your arm effectively destroyed all those stupid stereotypes those clowns were trying to pin on you!
  6. I hear you buddy, I certainly have the same addiction. You mention your girlfriend, so I am assuming you are not married. I can only speak from a standpoint of what "not to do" unfortunately. My other half knows full well about my love of high heel boots, but refuses to even be slightly tolerant. I know he feels I "look silly" in my boots, but I fear there is much more than that going on in his mind. I know he is aware that I bring my boots along with me on trips, but it is just not discussed. He will bring it up every once in awhile which results in an argument that never gets resolved. Ours is surely not a healthy relationship, even though we do love each other very much. I have the same dilemma to face in a few years when I retire. There is no way I can wear my boots at home unless the better half is away, and that is a very rare occasion. It seems as though you will have the same problem. Tell us about the small attempts you have made to open up the discussion with your girl friend. I think you have to make some more attempts, even though your relationship might be at risk. There are many possibilities for how she will respond, the worst being she will want out of the relationship. I think she hasn't responded due to some sort of insecurity or just wanting to deny the whole thing. I understand that you love her very much and don't want your relationship to fail after revealing yourself, but I also know the relationship will suffer if you feel frustrated or resentful that you are not able to wear your heels. I'm just guessing, but am thinking your relationship will not fail, you might have to come to an agreement about when and wear she feels it is OK to wear your heels. She will need time which is understandable. But again, I will bet she already knows about your heels, and she has not left you... As you know, our love of heels will not be denied, so trying to normalize/discuss it with your girl friend is very important for you. Again, I have never met you or your girl friend, so I don't to assume things or give advice that may be harmful. I can only speak from a point of my mistakes in my own relationship. I'm guessing you don't have any close friends or relatives you can discuss this with. Keep talking here though, most of us can relate to your situation, many will probably have better advice than I do, and will surely be supportive. Don
  7. Well, the old toads are just jealous for sure, especially when they saw that beautiful woman meet up with you.... Consider their disapproval as a compliment..... This old toad is gonna wear his 4.5" boots and levis in Austin today...……..
  8. Well, I guess I am so fortunate to have a job that gets me away from home several nights a month....I am getting close to retirement, but the thought of losing this "me time" is occurring to me more and more... So, I can surely understand your frustration, because I am dreading this same situation in a few years. It is very hard for me to advise you buddy, because I surely don't want to cause difficulty with you and the wife, or at work....Is there any compromise that might help out a bit? In other words, instead of wearing towering heels, might lower block heeled boots be an acceptable substitute for now? In other words, would the wife be willing to accept some boots like Frye, or perhaps some tall riding boots at home and in public? How about work, might you be able to wear these boots there in a year or so? If these compromises will not work for you or the wife/work, then will the wife be willing to give you a little more free time for solo outings? In other words, would she be OK with you taking a trip in the heels you prefer to the mall, or perhaps a coffee shop on your own? Again, I totally understand your frustration, and I sure don't want it to progress into resentment...You have a full schedule with work, family, kids...But, it is important that you be allowed to carve out a little time for yourself every once in awhile. We all need a little "me time". But again, I don't want to advise anything that will cause problems at home or work...Stay in touch...Don
  9. Great boots for any occasion
  10. Loving those new boots!  What brand are they?  Would love to have a pair....Don

  11. Love those boots, great looking and "perfectly walkable" like you say....Love the perfect fitting grey jeans also, they really show off the powerful boots....What kind of boots are they?
  12. I agree buddy, love the classic design, perfect fitting jeans also....Home run for sure...How are they to walk in?
  13. pebblesf

    It's a start

    Good for you buddy, give her time, she will come around to the heels also
  14. You both look great, your boots and jeans are perfect for most any occasion....
  15. It's nice to have some time to yourself every once in awhile....Hope all goes well when the wife gets home....
  16. Good for you buddy, I'm sure the jeans look great with your boots....Just doing your thing in boots is surely a sign of progress...
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