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  1. Thanks! As for the skirt, well, you could say it’s a matter of perspective. On a woman (or man) say, five or six inches shorter than me, it’s no big deal, on someone six foot two like I am, yeah, it’s a serious mini! Heh!
  2. Jaunt #529, 12/7/2019: As much as I enjoy my outings in the spring and summer when I get to wear cute spaghetti strap dresses and sandals, there’s a certain something about being out and about in fall and winter that’s plenty exciting too, even when it’s cold as sin outside, and this was a perfect example. Despite sunshine, temps barely passed 35 with winds that made it feel colder, while I could’ve stayed indoors, chained to my couch watching British soccer (it was Manchester Derby day) and college hoops, I decided to go out, all I had to do was dress warmly, and I did, sporting a black wool peacoat from Old Navy I bought a couple of weeks ago over a black turtleneck, my 15 inch distressed denim miniskirt, 200 denier black tights from Primark, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in tan and a black handbag. While it would’ve made more sense to wear, UGH....jeans on such a cold day, that was a nonstarter, mainly because I no longer wore such an offensive garment on my outings, and besides, with everything else I wore, I was perfectly warm and comfortable. Going into downtown, I had a couple of chores to run, the first to the Post Office to buy stamps, followed by a leisurely stroll to Rittenhouse Square and Barnes & Noble to buy a box of holiday cards to send to family and friends outside town. Even though it was plenty cold, it was plenty crowded with holiday shoppers, but no one took notice of me, par for the course on my little adventures these days, and that was okay with me, I’ve probably said this before, but I enjoy wearing skirts, dresses and heels more than I do men’s clothing, I feel truly alive and happier in women’s clothes, I find that I smile more, my mood is lighter and I just plain have a good time, and why wouldn’t I? Freestyling is fun! After buying my cards, I went down to One Liberty Place for lunch, weaving my way through crowds, while standing in line at Saladworks, a Latino couple in their twenties took notice of me, the girl smiled and said she liked my boots, saying she had a pair just like them, as for the guy, he just said, “Damn, that skirt sure is short, dude!” I grinned and thanked them both before we went out separate ways. After lunch, I took my time walking back to where my car was, at a corner while waiting for the traffic light to change, I caught the eye of another twentysomething guy bundled up like an Eskimo who looked at me with confusion in his eyes and he asked me, “Aren’t you cold in that thing?” By “that thing”, I’m guessing he meant the skirt because it was short, I shook my head and said no, and it was the truth, he chuckled and said I had balls, a compliment to be sure, and I took pride in that. Back in the car, I headed over the bridge into South Jersey. At the Cherry Hill Mall, that Place was packed to the gills with shoppers, but I went unnoticed, even in that short skirt two guys commented on, and that was cool. At the Apple Store, I bought a $25 gift card for the App Store while ogling at the new iPhone which I’ll admit to having been tempted to upgrade since it came out, but I’ve resisted the urge. So far. Moving onto Moorestown Mall (just as crowded) where my favorite multiplex was, I took in the ensemble whodunit, Knives Out which was pretty darn good, I recommend it greatly, following the movie, I went to Sears where I took care of an outerwear problem. You see, I had only black coats and jackets and figured I needed something in a different color to provide contrast, so I bought a faux leather moto jacket in wine, and it looked darn sharp, I’ll be sure to show it off at my earliest opportunity. In the end, being out in the cold wasn’t at all daunting, it was even exciting in its own way, especially when I wore a miniskirt, something one wouldn’t associate with winter weather. More to come....
  3. Not to mention potentially hurting the store. In today’s social media age, word gets around fast about stores that don’t treat customers right.
  4. I can’t help but wonder if these people are being trained in proper customer service techniques and that priority one is to NOT antagonize shoppers willing to spend money. That just doesn’t make a lick of sense. Something else I wonder about, if a woman was in the men’s area looking for shoes, would she have been treated as shabbily as a man in the women’s section?
  5. Good for Ray who chose not to put up with the sort of nonsense from that saleswoman. I mean, why should she care who buys what as long as people buy stuff? Isn't that the goal of being in retail? I wonder if he reported that harridan to the store's manager? By the way, he looked damn good in those heels!
  6. I really wish I knew. Perhaps there was. When on outings, I take great pains to stand, walk and sit (legs together or crossed) like a woman, making sure to practice good posture while doing all I can to set aside typical male mannerisms, I even try to talk in a softer tone of voice than what is normal for me. Maybe those cues do lend people to accept me as female. Again, I don’t mind that at all.
  7. JeffB

    My outings...

    Nice sandals! They look sharp!
  8. Hmm! I’m not sure. I enjoy recording my exploits, mainly to demonstrate to others here, especially those on the fence or unsure about themselves that heeling and freestyling in public CAN be done, and done well. Thanks. It’s those unplanned encounters with people while freestyling that I enjoy most.
  9. Jaunt #528, 11/30/2019: While I had off from work on Black Friday, no way was I going to subject myself to the hordes of rabid bargain shoppers that descended on malls like ancient vikings on the rampage, so, other than a morning trip to the gym to work off all the calories I consumed on Thanksgiving, I stayed home and chilled out. This brings us to Saturday as I decided to risk going to King of Prussia on the assumption the crowds would be a good deal more sedate after the madness of Friday, heading out in my black faux leather jacket over a black knit crewneck dress, Hue light gray sweater tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a matching satchel bag. When it comes to legwear, I’ve kept it simple, never wearing anything with patterns like the sweater like cable knit design like these tights, and I liked how they looked on me (see below), and with chilly temps, they also kept my legs good and warm. As for the dress, it wasn’t anything fancy, just something nice and casual for a weekend outing, then there's the Martinez boots, I certainly enjoy wearing them because of how delightfully loud the 2 1/2 inch block heels were, not to mention comfortable for lengthy periods spent standing and walking. Now, while the mall wasn’t as crazy as reporters made it and other centers looked on local TV news broadcasts, it was still plenty crowded, perhaps a little more than usual with shoppers (a few looking harried to my untrained eye) burdened down with bags stuffed to overflowing, then there were the scores of kids jumping about like they scarfed down a whole box of sugary cereal, eager to see Santa. In the food court, I decided to buy a salad, after my selection was made and I paid for my purchase, the counterperson said, “Enjoy your lunch, Miss”. I smiled back and thanked her. Enjoying a slow, casual walk through the mall, I stopped at Macy’s where I saw they had jewelry on sale for as much as 50 percent off, seeing a nice silver pendant that was discounted from forty bucks to twenty-four, I decided to buy it, at the counter, the saleswoman who waited on me said, “A good choice. Is it for you, Miss?” I nodded and said it was, she smiled and said she hoped I’d enjoy it. After a stop at Old Navy where I found a sharp looking gray knit dress discounted from fifty bucks to thirty-five, followed by a couple of calendars from a kiosk for home and work, I took a seat to rest for a bit, and to check my email on my phone, after some twenty minutes, I got up and left, but, a moment later, I heard a black woman about my age who had been sitting across from me shout, “Ma’am! Ma’am! You’ve got crumbs on your dress!” I stopped, turned around and saw that had been crumbs in the chair I sat in, looked like they had been from cookies, and I hadn’t noticed. Returning to where the woman sat, she smiled kindly and gently brushed the crumbs off my rear while adding, “Got to be careful where you sit, dear.” I grinned back and promised that I would before I walked away. That made THREE occasions where I had been called by the female pronoun on this outing. Now, let’s get real here, no one is EVER going to mistake me for a woman, not even on those rare occasions when I wear lipstick, nor do I try for such a thing. I have never attempted to present myself as anything more than a man in women’s clothing, so, when people call me “Miss” or "Ma'am", I can only assume I’ve been accepted for my presentation by the public and, out of deference to my image, they assigned the title they felt was appropriate to the gender to which I’m dressed. Or perhaps I’m overthinking things, maybe it’s nothing more than people not wanting to raise hackles in this age of political correctness, so they take the path of least resistance to avoid trouble and refer to me as female, whatever the reason, I won’t deny I get a charge out of that. But, I digress, my last stop of the day was to Primark where I bought a darling cowl neck sweater dress in light gray, perfect for the cold weather that’s on the way. I tell you, it’s damn hard to describe just how much fun I have wearing skirts, dresses (especially dresses) and heels, the more I do it, the more I love it. Needless to say, more to come....
  10. Pretty darn awesome to say the least!
  11. Looks plenty sharp and stylish! Happy Turkey Day to you as well!
  12. JeffB

    My outings...

    Well done, chesterx! Sounds like you had a good time on your dinner outing, and the pumps look great! I wear a 13 wide myself, not an easy size to find on the shelf, especially after Payless closed, however, I've managed to wear 13 medium comfortably when it comes to boots. Keep up the great work!
  13. Thanks for the kind words, guys! Part of what made my outing on Saturday possible was the enjoyment I derive from being an exhibitionist, putting it all out there for the world to see, something I know I wouldn't have the courage to do years ago. But now, I take pride in being bold enough to wearing leggings like I had that day, with my rear end on full display, and will continue to do in the future. And why not? I have a nice ass and like to show it off!
  14. My latest acquisition, this one from Nordstrom, the BP "Nolly" faux suede ankle boots in black. Sporting 3 1/4 inch block heels, they were easy to wear and comfortable, even though they're only medium width. In fact, I've already ordered a pair in tan which I should get soon.
  15. Jaunt #527, 11/23/2019: I know I’ve said this more times than I can count, but I truly mean it when I say I love to push the envelope in regards to what I wear and how I wear it, and this outing was perhaps one of my boldest. Over the last couple of years, give or take, I’ve come to enjoy wearing leggings as they make for a sharp look, especially with my long legs, now, I recall members here having said that for men to wear leggings, it was essential to pair them with a long sweater or similar top to cover the rear end and particularly the front because of the, er....plumbing, and here was where I did the pushing as I eschewed that long top on this outing. The ensemble in question was a black faux leather moto jacket from Sears over a regular length turquoise turtleneck, black, velvet lined leggings, a black handbag and new footwear, Nordstrom brand BP “Nolly” black faux suede ankle boots. Sporting 3 1/4 inch block heels, the boots, which I ordered a month ago were both stylish and comfortable as I broke them in on the outing. But I digress, this day was all about taking perhaps my biggest fashion related dare since the first time I wore a miniskirt. To be a freestyler means being bold enough to wear women’s clothing in public, and I took things to a different level by exposing my behind and front for all to see, and I was perfectly at ease doing so, I mean, what’s the big deal, if anything, I take pride in knowing I have the booty to make leggings work, and that I had zero problem putting it on display. Having driven into town on a mostly sunny and brisk mid morning, there was more hustle and bustle than usual for a Saturday thanks to a half marathon taking place near the Art Museum area, because of that, there were lots more people on the streets having finished their run, lots more people to see me, and that upped the sense of excitement I felt as I strolled down to One Liberty Place for lunch after a stop at my friendly neighborhood comic book shop, making sure I put as much sway in my hips as possible for a man to do, after all, I try as hard as I can to not just sit, stand, but walk like a woman, and that is great fun for me. So, did I attract any attention with my ass on full display? Short answer: nope, not one second glance, dropped jaw or double take the whole time I was downtown, almost two hours. However, that wasn’t the end of my day. Back to the car, I drove over into South Jersey and the Cherry Hill Mall where I went to JCPenney to pay my bill, then I did some wandering in the women’s department where I bought three pairs of Hue black tights, then, I went on a casual stroll through the mall, crowded to the gills with shoppers, and again, no one paid me any attention which was rather cool to say the least. To be honest, I thought I’d get at least one glance, but I didn’t, of course, I have no way of knowing if people turn to stare back at me in passing, but, I have no control over that. The important thing was that I had a lot of fun wearing leggings with a regular length sweater, carrying myself like what I wore was no big deal, and that’s because it wasn’t, plain and simple. While I live for skirts and dresses (not necessarily in that order), leggings are now a full blown part of the rotation because I look DAMN good in them. More to come....
  16. JeffB

    Cali World

    Very nice indeed, Cali! And isn't it special when you get compliments from guys?
  17. Thanks! I always feel happy when I’m wearing a skirt (or dress) and heels!
  18. Jaunt #526, 11/16/2019: BBRRRRR!! While the calendar says mid November, it felt more like January or February as it was plenty darn chilly outside for this latest outing, all the more reason to spend the time indoors, and that meant going to King of Prussia and the mall. And because I was going to be inside, I didn’t have to bundle up like an Eskimo, still, I dressed for the occasion in my black faux leather jacket over a black turtleneck, a black and white print midiskirt from JCPenney, black tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black satchel bag. Here’s a new number for your perusal: this was my 200th outing in boots since I began this thread eleven years ago, easily the leader in the footwear clubhouse at nearly 40 percent of the overall total. Funny thing, when I first started out, I had no idea I’d be so partial to boots, whether they be ankle high, knee high or thigh high, and, of late, I’ve especially enjoyed wearing ankle boots which are cute and work well with skirts, dresses and leggings. But, I digress. At this time of year, the mall is both full of people and highly festive because of the holiday as the place had been decorated for Christmas since after Halloween. After a stop at the comic book shop, then Modell’s Sporting Goods for a package of sweat socks, it was off to the food court which was packed at a hair after twelve, I went to a brand new eatery there, Popeye’s as I was curious about their chicken breast sandwich which had gotten boatloads of press when it first came out a couple of months ago and quickly sold out, all things considered, it was pretty good, I’d put it ahead of offerings from the likes of Wendy’s, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Arby’s and Burger King, not bad, not bad at all. I can understand what all the fuss was about, I’ll certainly have to have that again on a future trip. After lunch, a leisurely walk through the crowded mall took me to Old Navy where I bought a sharp, black wool peacoat to wear in the winter months to come, and a cute slipdress for spring and summer. As I became more and more involved in freestyling, I became driven with making sure I wear not so much as one stitch of men’s clothing on my outings, from outerwear to underwear, and that meant making sure I had a women’s coat for cold days, and this new purchase should fill the prescription quite nicely. At Primark, I kinda sorta broke a promise. I know I said in past posts that I wouldn’t buy any more skirts as I was sloooooowly transitioning to wearing dresses full time on my outings, but I saw a couple of cute numbers there, one plaid, the other a cream cable knit that I couldn’t resist. However, I balanced that out by adding a cream cable knit sweater dress which should work nicely on cold days that are on the way. A pretty good haul if a do say so myself, and I can’t wait to show off my new purchases. More to come....
  19. I'm also a veteran (Navy: 1976-1996) who never saw combat, but yeah, the courage it takes to go into battle, knowing full well you might not return home alive is considerable, making our little public forays in women's shoes amateur night in Dixie.
  20. Good for you, Pierre! Those early forays in public are always the hardest, but it gets easier from there.
  21. What can I say? I love numbers!
  22. With 525 outings in the book, it's time for....THE NUMBERS!! JAUNTS BY YEAR 2008: 10 2009: 42 2010: 28 2011: 61 2012: 34 2013: 33 2014: 45 2015: 46 2016: 53 2017: 65 2018: 64 2019: 44 (and counting) CLOTHING Skirts: 359 (above knee-232, below knee-92, at knee-35) Dresses: 72 Jeans: 63 (tucked in boots-39, untucked-24) Leggings: 17 Skorts: 9 Capris: 4 Pants: 1 FOOTWEAR Payless shoes: 361 Other shoes: 164 Boots: 199 (knee high-78, ankle high-72, thigh high-48, OTK-1) Pumps: 107 Sandals: 100 Loafers: 52 Slides: 33 Flats: 32 Sneakers: 1 Mules: 1 PERCENTAGES Skirts: 68.3 Dresses: 13.8 Jeans: 12.0 Leggings: 3.3 Skorts: 1.7 Capris: 0.7 Pants: 0.2 Boots: 37.9 Pumps: 20.4 Sandals: 19.0 Loafers: 10.0 Slides: 6.2 Flats: 6.1 Sneakers: 0.2 Mules: 0.2
  23. Pretty cool! I would agree that in the beginning it takes courage for a man to wear heels in public, but, in time, it becomes second nature and no big deal at all.
  24. Jaunt #525, 11/2/2019: The more I wear dresses, the more fun it becomes, and the more I want to wear them, something I never imagined several years ago when I wore them infrequently, say, only one or two times a year. But, things have definitely changed since then, case in point: this outing makes my 28th in a dress in 2019, eclipsing my previous high of 27 from just last year, and there’s still a hair under two months left to boost that number. As for this outing, with a cold front that blew through late Thursday night, dropping temps into the low 50’s at best, I headed out to the King of Prussia Mall in a black faux leather jacket over a gray drawstring dress from Old Navy, black 100 denier tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black satchel bag. The dress which I bought back in January or so had casual styling written all over it, what with the drawstring on the bodice while the thicker tights kept my legs nice and warm, and the Martinez boots have the loudest sounding heels I own. Arriving at the mall shortly after eleven, there was already a good crowd, mainly because Saint Nick had arrived from the North Pole and set up shop in one of the rotundas. Only two days removed from Halloween for Pete’s sake, and Santa was already on the job greeting kids. Sheesh! Talk about rushing the holiday season! Next thing you know, Santa will arrive after Labor Day. But, I digress, at the comic book shop, I chatted with the staff about Joker, the guys raced about how great the movie was while I was more ambivalent about it, I mean, after Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill (voice only) and Heath Ledger portrayed the legendary Clown Prince of Crime on TV and on the big screen, Joaquin Phoenix came up a short in my mind. At the food court, I treated myself to a slice of pizza (barbecue chicken), and it was most tasty, at Macy’s, they were having a sale on jewelry, as much as 50 percent off, and a bought a nice fifty dollar gold pendant for just under 24 bucks, pretty neat. At Old Navy, I scored a sharp looking, long sleeved ribbed knit dress while adding a second puffy vest for just under fifty bucks. Ahhh, gotta love a sale, but then, who doesn’t? I spent four hours at the mall, and it always amazes me how time flies while I’m there. Even more amazing how comfortable I feel freestyling there, in fact, I’m so used to wearing skirts, dresses and heels at KOP, it wouldn’t at all occur to me to wear men’s clothing there, hell, I’d actually dislike doing that since men’s clothes are just so deadly dull. More to come....
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