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  1. Wow! That's awful! Hope it clears up soon!
  2. Well, the Philadelphia area came out of lockdown on a somewhat limited basis this past Friday, meaning retail stores could reopen. I wandered downtown on Saturday (non-jaunt) to see what was what, however, because of the riots here last weekend, practically nothing was open and EVERY storefront was boarded up. My god, I had never seen so much plywood in any one area in all my life. Bottom line, jaunting downtown looks to be a nonstarter for awhile. That leaves the malls I frequent, I'll travel to King of Prussia this coming weekend and see what's up there.
  3. It's been a mess. Sunday saw more rioting and looting, this time in minority neighborhoods, most notably, a shopping corridor only a mile east of where I live. The city's been on curfew six six p.m. yesterday, all businesses and mass transit was shut down, and the National Guard was called in. I was too young to remember the riots in the mid to late 60's, but this has the same nightmarish feel. I hope things will be calmer today.
  4. I suspect that NYC opening back up probably took a major league hit after yesterday's madness. The Philadelphia region was scheduled to come out of lockdown on June 5th, but downtown literally went to hell last night, so who knows what might happen in terms of new cases spiking. Stay safe!
  5. Seeing I haven't been to the barber shop since early March, I fear I'm gonna look like THIS guy before too long:
  6. Oh, my! I'd go with the Mork! Can't imagine you looking like Barry Gibb circa 1978 (top row left), ditto with a mullet or whatever the heck the one next to that is!
  7. Wow! That's certainly surprising!
  8. Actually, I'm closing in on TWO months since my last outing on March 8th. I wish I knew when the endgame (non-Avengers version) will be with the lockdown.
  9. Sharp shoes there! I always find it amusing when women ask how guys like us can walk in heels, as if it's some sort of magic we whipped up!
  10. That pissed me off royally. I blame the people at Mayo who kowtowed to Pence instead enforcing the rules and making him wear a mask, to hell with his position as Vice President.
  11. JeffB

    Shoe hates

    Wow! That’s crazy!
  12. JeffB

    Shoe hates

    Shoes with sky high platforms. I never saw or understood the popularity of those things which didn't look at all practical.
  13. And I'm sure the world thanked the U.S. for the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak which killed millions and, despite it's name, originated in Kansas. I don't care about finger pointing, we all know what happened, where it happened and how it happened, instead, the focus should be on finding a vaccine for this virus.
  14. JeffB

    high heels

    I'd say that depends on one's point of view. Some would say a high heels begins at three inches while others would say four.
  15. I find Victor to be interesting. So he doesn't shave his legs and sports a considerable beard, that's his choice, the look he chooses to present, who's to say his appearance is more palatable to the public than someone like me who wears women's clothes from head to toe. I say, to each his own.
  16. Exactly that. It's just not the same if I can't go outside. I'm sure you are. Please be patient, they will return in time. I thought about that, but these days, I keep my weekly trips to the supermarket good and quick. The less time I spend outside, the better.
  17. I would agree with that assessment.
  18. That's a nice looking bag which looks stylish and is useful because of it's size.
  19. I've thought about some variation of the suggestions you made, but, it's just not the same as being out and about. I'll be patient and wait until I can go out again.
  20. Wow! Hard to believe it’s been a month since my last outing thanks to the coronavirus crisis having shut EVERYTHING down, and heaven only knows when I’ll be able to go on a jaunt again. However, since my routine was to swap out my fall/winter attire for spring/summer clothing in early April, I did just that last week, much to my pleasant surprise, I discovered I had 40, that’s FORTY dresses for warm weather. I honestly didn’t think I had that many, and I’d say that nearly half that lot I’ve yet to wear on outings, needlessly to say, I can’t wait for the all clear so I can show off those dresses to everyone here.
  21. Good grief! It's been so long for me I can't remember how I found this site!
  22. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, life as we know it, both in the States and around the world has basically ground to a halt. Practically every major and minor sports league has shut down, colleges told students to get out of dodge yesterday while the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommended no public gatherings of more than 50. To that end, only essential places like supermarkets, drug stores and grocery stores are allowed to remain open, no bars, no restaurants, no multiplexes, no malls, pretty much NOTHING. To that end, it looks like I won't be going on any outings for the foreseeable future as all my regular haunts are closed. I understand the need for all the precautions, it's just not worth the trouble to go out and about right now, better to be safe than sorry. With that in mind, how will you weather this storm?
  23. WOW! I had no idea wearing knee boots would elicit such positive responses! I'll have to wear them more! Meanwhile.... Jaunt #544, 3/8/2020: My outings on Sundays were extremely sporadic at best over the last six months, what with NFL football since last September, but coming up is March Madness (a.k.a. the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament), NBA and NHL playoffs followed by the new baseball season. So, I took advantage of sunshine and mild temperatures along with a lull in the sporting schedule for a jaunt, perhaps my last on a Sunday for awhile, garbed in my wine colored faux leather moto jacket over a dark gray mockneck, a 17 inch black faux leather a-line skirt, dark gray tights, the Payless “Martinez” black ankle boots and a black handbag. The skirt which came from Primark was my first such faux leather number and it looked good on me, and it only cost twelve bucks, and I sure love a deal. My destination for the day was downtown, finding a spot a couple of blocks from my usual haunt of Rittenhouse Square Park. Even though it was early March, temps flirted with 60 and it was quite pleasant, bringing out scores of people enjoying the day, the reason I hang out in that area as much as I do is because it’s so amazingly eclectic with all sorts of people who enjoy being in the park itself which was full to the brim in this day, but I headed down the street to One Liberty Place to zip up to the observation deck to look over the city, another highly enjoyable part of being downtown as the view from the 54th floor is absolutely spectacular, though I wish it would occur to me to take pictures while there. After some forty five minutes, I went back down to the street where stopped at Saxbys for a cup of iced tea (too warm for hot chocolate), then strolled back to the park where I managed to find a bench and broke out my Amazon Kindle to get in some reading for about an hour while people came and went, ignoring me the whole time, which was fine by me as I liked being left alone when reading. My outing ended up lasting nearly three hours and I had a great time. As for the next time I’ll be out and about on a Sunday, your guess is as good as mine, but when it does happen, you’ll be the first to know. More to come....
  24. Jaunt #543, 3/7/2020: Even though winter here has underperformed in terms of snowfall with just three-tenths of inch as I write these words of wit(?), we’ve still had our share of frosty cold days, and this was one of them. Despite bright sunshine, temps were only in the mid 40’s while gusty winds made it feel a good ten degrees colder, but that didn’t stop me from going out in the new black hooded puffer jacket I wore last week over a black striped gray dress from Old Navy, 200 denier black tights, Walking Cradles “Elites” black riding boots and a black handbag. Oh, yeah, because of the chilly conditions, I added a long, thick gray scarf to the outfit and it sure came in handy. Now, I can’t tell you the last time I wore knee high boots instead of my beloved ankle highs, still, it made for a pleasant change and, paired with the striped dress, it made for a nice combination. On the topic of wearing stripes, vertical or horizontal, it’s not for everyone, but I’m happy that I can make it work as you can see below. After a quick stop at the post office to buy a money order for the annual renewal of my auto tags, I drove over into South Jersey and Moorestown Mall. Intent on catching a movie at my favorite multiplex (because of the seats which I love), I had time for a quick lunch, treating myself to a slice of pepperoni pizza before going in the theater to see Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) which was pretty decent, not great, but decent, a nice way to spend a couple of hours. After the film, I swung by Sears which was slowly emptying out as they were having their store closing sale, I won’t lie to you, I felt melancholy because I had bought lots of womenswear there, to know it’ll be shuttered in who knows how many months (or less) made me feel bad, even worse, I didn’t see much of anything that appealed to me, but I did manage to find a nice looking black denim skirt in what was left in the Juniors section, and it was on sale for just over ten bucks. From there, I went to the nearby Best Buy which I hadn’t visited in awhile, boy, I sure had missed my regular round of gadget ogling which is always great fun for me prior to going to the register with a Blu-Ray copy of Knives Out, that wickedly cool ensemble whodunit everyone talked about. On my way westward towards Philadelphia, I swung by the Cherry Hill Mall, in JCPenney, I wandered through the women’s section as more and more spring and summer stuff was on the racks, but, just like at Sears, I didn’t see anything worthy of my attention, however, I didn’t come away emptyhanded as I did see some nice pendants in the jewelry department and bought a couple. Jewelry has become an important accessory that completes my outfits for when I go out and about. Speaking of wandering, I did stroll through the mall which, at mid-afternoon, was pretty full, though nowhere near as packed as King of Prussia, there were still lots of people there who ignored me as they went about their business of shopping. All in all, a good outing, but man, it sure was a chilly one! I can't wait for the arrival of spring! More to come....
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