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  1. To clarify, this is NOT my listing. I was browsing and stumbled across these!
  2. So I have noticed this here a few times recently, most noticeably this morning. I have come across situations where someone has noticed my riding boots or heels, and made an effort to confirm what they are seeing, sneakily of course. I catch them, but I don't usually strike up a conversation. I secretly wish they would ask me about them, whether privately or publicly. The reason I thought about this is this morning I was sitting in church, and a girl in her mid-late 20's that I know fairly well was sitting directly behind me. At one point I get up and when walking back to my seat, I noticed her clearly trying to look at my shoes and figure out what I was wearing. I am not sure she was too embarrassed or confused, but I wish she had asked me either in person or said something to me on Facebook(we are friends on there) regarding them. Does anyone else ever have that?
  3. New update: so last night, I told my wife about this. She laughed and said that since I banter back and forth with this girl on a regular basis, I should just call her out on it. So I did... It turns out she was checking out my shoes! She had a shoe fetish and had never seen a guy wear shoes like I did and she really liked them. Needless to say we developed a new friendship last night!
  4. So an update... Last week she was not there, but today she was and I was again wearing the same riding boots as before. Unless my eyes deceived me, she definitely snuck a picture of them. I definitely want to approach it now, but not sure how to without it being awkward, especially if she Didn't take a picture...
  5. Pictures?
  6. I had bought my wife some boots from Nine West a couple of years ago, and loved the quality. Normally I wouldn't spend a lot of money on boots from eBay, but they were NIB, and I knew the quality would be good. I wore them out last night under jeans and they were surprisingly comfortable.
  7. My new Nine West Sabora boots. <3
  8. So the first pair I am posting is a high contender for a Cincy outing as they are very easy/comfortable to walk in. They are Jessica Simpson brand. The top can be folded up to have an at-the-knee look on me.
  9. So talking with a female coworker who is out of state yesterday, I made the joke that they should make heels with safety toes and EH safe. Granted, it'd be hard to do my job in heels, but I put my black boots on with my current work pants, fleece lined women's pants from Eddie Bauer, and thought it looked good...
  10. So I love my wife, and there are a million reasons! Now, there's one more! I had shown her these boots a few days ago, and she had been on the fence about letting me get them. Not because of how feminine they are, because she is still getting used to that, but she is frugal and didn't know about me spending that much money. However, I was sad to see they sold out of my size, 10, until I found them on eBay brand new in box for $74.99! This morning, she told me she loved me, and finally gave in, letting me order them! I have to wait a looooong while before I bug her for more boots, but this will make the experience of getting these and showing them off that much more significant! Here is the link to them on the Nine West website: I purchased them in black.
  11. I agree. I really do love the idea, but I think as far as the 'fashion' of it goes, there needs to be a bit more work done so that when the heel is higher, it still looks normal.
  12. I originally heard about this on NPR back in January, and forgot to post about it. I didn't see any other related posts, but would love to have others weigh in on this...
  13. I may be interested in some of the US 10, can you provide which ones in the pictures are?
  14. That's roughly 30 minutes south of me...
  15. What site?
  16. So as things continue to progress, I started thinking about getting some gloves. Now I've always wanted a pair, shoulder length leather, but seeing as how those aren't the easiest to get on and off in winter time when wearing sweaters, I decided I should look at more practical options. The problem I have is that I'm not familiar with any decent leather glove manufacturers. So does anyone have any recommendations? I definitely want leather, and as for lining, I don't necessarily have a preference. I'm looking for some that are no more than elbow length, if that. Thanks in advance for the help!
  17. I'd pick the Kiss style...
  18. As I continue on my journey into heeling, and "crossdressing", I find that more and more, I wish the fashion industry, mainly the big companies that put on these lavish shows, would make more of an effort to show traditional women's clothing on men. Some of the clips I watch, both linked on here and in general on the web, have a tendency to take this extreme approach to having men in 'female' attire. What I would personally love to see is a fashion show/blog/media gallery that showcases those of us who manage to take clothing, shoes, and accessories that are deemed for the opposite gender and blend it into our everyday lives. If it already exists, I may try to contribute to it.
  19. .

    @Mandy I like the video, and subscribed to your channel.
  20. Well my newest pair of boots came in the post today. I had found another pair of thicker, block heel boots that my wife really liked for me. They are Crown Vintage brand, style is called Pilot. I managed to snag them off of DSW website. They were on sale for $49.94, then DSW had an additional 25% off that. In conjunction with a code I had, it made my total just over $30. I'd say not too bad of a deal! Trying them on, I must say I like the fact they are a snug fit on my calf.
  21. It sounds like she already may have a thing for heels, so I suspect it may go better than you think. I just told my then g/f, now wife, that it was something I enjoyed and that I didn't think it was a phase. She was very understanding, and has even gotten into wearing more heels and boots herself. She even helps me pick out pairs for me to buy. I would tell her first, and then she will either ask to see, or you can ask to show her.
  22. I will need to acquire some sweaters or tops that better accent that. Truth be told though, I need to drop a few pounds, otherwise a shorter top would not only accent the top line of the skirt, it would accent my gut...
  23. Here are some pictures...
  24. Well the skirt came in while my wife and I were on vacation. I briefly tried it on this morning, and I have determined that even though the size chart on the website says large covers sizes 10 & 12, it definitely is closer to a 10. While I fit in it and got it zipped up, I could definitely stand to lose a couple more pounds, which is my plan anyway. I will make sure and take pictures tonight because I think it does look good, but I need some different tops to really pull it off.