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  1. wedge sneakers - which and where?

    Where are you located? What size are you? I could keep my eye out. I usually visit one that's half hour from me every other week.
  2. new boots !

    What is the style name of these boots?
  3. So the first pair I am posting is a high contender for a Cincy outing as they are very easy/comfortable to walk in. They are Jessica Simpson brand. The top can be folded up to have an at-the-knee look on me.
  4. My boots collection

    I have some gray pants that are the same style, etc. I was going to wear jeans, but I already had picked out these pants for the day.
  5. My boots collection

    So today my wife and I went to my parents house to show off our newborn to some relatives that came in from out of town. It has been raining here today, so this is the outfit I went with. My wife says the navy pants weren't the best with the black Hunter rain boots. I am on the fence, so feedback is welcomed!
  6. Care too much

    Looking sharp @krazyhusband !
  7. Thinking about starting a blog...

    As Fall approaches, and I am mentally preparing myself for more local outings, I started thinking about documenting my outings, etc. More than anything, I want feedback regarding equipment you use to take pictures of yourself? I unfortunately only have an iPhone 5S at my disposal currently, and pictures are 'meh' quality at best. I thought about reaching out to friends that are photographers, but in all fairness, I would rather not spend the money because my wife and I are also prepping for our first kiddo who should be arriving early October. If the blog was nothing more than pictures and a brief description, would you follow along? My outfit ideas are not too drastic, and usually are working to combine men's and women's fashion. By no means are the looks androgynous. It is clearly masculine overlaid with feminine style. I would love any and all feedback, good or bad. Thanks, Jeff
  8. wedge sneakers - which and where?

    It took some of the women at my church a few weeks to notice lol. I wore them out today to a local art fair for 5+ hours and they were so comfortable!
  9. @pebblesf She did! I married her in 2015!
  10. My Wife Just Bought Me These.

    I would say lucky! Those are some hot boots!
  11. I lost two relationships in my life to my love of heels. The first was a woman who at the time I would've considered a perfect match. She had beautiful long legs and loved showing them off in various heels and boots. When we finally started dating, things were fantastic. However, I wasn't willing to give up my wearing them, and she wasn't willing to accept. The second relationship was doomed for other reasons, but her disapproval of my heels hurt the most. She always looked down on it as if something were wrong with me from my upbringing. She was so closed-minded.
  12. wedge sneakers - which and where?

    I had always been interested in wedge sneakers myself, but couldn't bring myself to pay so much for the Dunk SkyHi wedges... Fortunately, I found the Converse Lux MidWedge sneakers at their outlet locations for no more than $30 each! The wedges are no more than 3", but they are super comfortable.
  13. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    @jeremy1986 I do apologize, but unfortunately it will have to wait. My newborn son is taking priority at the moment.
  14. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I apologize that I don't have a picture to post at the moment, but I was too excited and had to tease a bit. The one lady I know who sells mass quantities of items on eBay recently had put a pair of boots on there that I had been looking to purchase for quite some time. To say I was ecstatic when she negotiated the price with me AND my wife agreed to them(I did have to sacrifice birthday and Christmas lol), but they're totally worth it... The style is Melissa button back-zip in antique grey.
  15. As of 8:17am EST, I am now a proud first time dad! I will post a picture later. Hope everyone is well! -Jeff
  16. I've got something to say... :)

    @Shyheels thanks for the reminder! We had a little boy
  17. Leviticus Fashions promos on YT

    She has started to use her mom for her promo videos too on YouTube. Her mom pulls off the look very well!
  18. My husband wants to buy me a new pair of shoes

    Can't see the image...
  19. Hi @bootlover78, I have the Yana as well, but in a size 10. However, I have not worn mine enough to get any significant wear on them. The only issue I have had with mine is the sole on the right boot is starting to separate a bit. That sucks they are doing that though.
  20. I'm being selfish here, but I would've loved to have a teacher wear that when I was in 4th grade! I honestly don't see anything wrong though. The boots go with the outfit, and I am for changing the stigma that overknee and thigh high boots are "club" boots... That's why I am a huge fan of Leviticus Fashions...
  21. A while back, I bought this waterproofing spray, but was afraid to use it. Has anyone had experience with this brand, or is there a brand that you would recommend? Thanks!
  22. Let's get to know each other

    Very cool!
  23. Let's get to know each other

    @Charlotte What kind of engineer are you?
  24. Hair on your legs and ...

    During the summer, I was shaving only below the knee. However, I liked the feel of smooth legs so much that I started shaving the upper part of my legs as well. The wife has no complaints other than if I miss a day and she feels the stubble. Since I don't know when, I seem to have this recurring issue where I can shower before bed, and wake up with under arm bo. Now it's not bad enough to where my wife notices, but I can't stand it. I started shaving my underarms to see if it would help, and surprisingly it seems to have helped mitigate it, but not eliminate it.
  25. Bebe Black Suede Thigh Boots(US10)

    That's ok @Pumped! Ok everyone, they are still available!