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  1. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Yes I’m just wondering what opportunities will present themselves this weekend
  2. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Yes I know what you mean so long as I'm not walking about like a robot then I can get out and get more practice. My Wife is very good in giving me constructive feedback on how I'm walking in my heels. I've found that I really do have to walk in a way that's nothing like I've ever done before. I'm noticing that I need to keep my step short and keep my feet closer to the centreline of my body and stand upright and keep my hips relaxed. The more naturally I can walk in them then the more confident and relaxed I will be wearing heels out and about and so this will open up more opportunities for wearing them.
  3. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Still need a lot more practice, I noticed I had to really think about where I was going to Well, I wanted to give these boots a go, didn’t want to make excuses to myself. So I figured that although I’m not fully practiced in this heel I would need to get out in them if I want to achieve that. I also knew that if anyone did see the heel it’s obviously a stiletto and it’s this that’s was also important to me as I want to do what I want and am comfortable doing not feeling that I’m being constrained by the options of others. Or being limited in my fashion choices by others rather than myself Must admit though I felt they were pretty obvious to anyone around ,if they were no one seemed to bother or care. Other people’s opinions whilst they are quite welcome and have a right to them don’t really matter to me. I want to be free to do what me and my Wife are comfortable with not be forced by my fears or concerns to do what someone else would do.
  4. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Yes the freshly mopped floor presented a certain challenge. Good job Costa was closed because their entrance is sloped if they mopped that I may have found it more tricky. I’m not sure I’ve mastered the art but I’ve worn the stilettos somewhere more public than I have before. The higher narrower heel felt more of a challenge than the lower cone heel, quite a bit so. The good thing is I’ve got to a point we’re I feel able to walk confidently enough to continue to develop the art so hope to build from here.
  5. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Slow progress indeed especially when someone has helpfully mopped the section in front of the door. I had to take that bit very carefully, images of baby giraffes were running through my head.
  6. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    A Stiletto Trip To Starbucks Decided I should go for coffee in heels today. I was going to go to my local Costa but by the time I got out of work and drove into town from where I'd parked they had closed. All was not lost however as Starbucks was still open for another fifteen minutes. I parked the car and walked the short distance to the Starbucks. I was wearing my 3 1/2" stiletto chelsea ankle boots and had to make a conscious effort to walk slower than normal as I made my way to the coffee shop. On going into the shop I suddenly realised that because of the closeness to closing time the staff were moping the tile floor but was able to avoid the mopped section after getting my coffee. I couldn't stay long as by that time the store was about to close but by the time I left the staff member had managed to mop a section of the floor that I would have to cross to leave. Luckily I negotiated this with no problem. Walking back to the car I was sure from the way I was walking that everyone could see or hear I was wearing heels but I passed a few people who didn't seem to notice anything. Driving home I needed to pick up a couple of things from the local convenience shop, so parked and walked down the High St to the shop. The heel noise was quite noticeable especially as the shop was in a fairly quiet village, I passed the local pub with a few people standing outside and across the road as I walked past, again no noticeable reaction from anyone they just carried on chatting to each other, glancing in my direction but taking no interest. I did my shopping and walked back, taking care on the uneven pavement.
  7. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Keep thinking of a stiletto Costa visit. Double espresso with a "costa click"?
  8. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    These are an ankle Chelsea boot the Ecco one I’ve recently bought feel snugger and like they would be easier to walk in even though they are a bit higher. I might revise my opinion though after I’ve tried them outside. I must admit even a twenty minute short walk and shopping trip was noticeable. Practice, practice, practice
  9. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Yes I’m coming to realise “stiletto style” takes practice but it’s my aim that one day soon I will be “clicking in confidence”
  10. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Absolutely agree with both the previous posts. My outside stiletto time is limited and I really noticed the difference walking on the pavement and different surfaces. I had to make a conscious effort to take shorter steps and keep an eye on what I was stepping on. I normally walk quickly so I really had to force myself to slow down. I agree with you both, you need to wear them outside to become aware and able to wear them outside and walk with confidence in them. I was also watching out not to scuff the heels as the pavement was anything but well maintained. I guess it’s the old adage that “practice makes perfect “ that definitely applies here.
  11. HeeledSteve

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    I.m going to answer in the thread Excursions Of Heeled Steve, as I;m aware this might be getting off the topic of simply what new boots have been bought. She's supportive about it & certainly wouldn't bat an eyelid if I wanted to wear stilettos. I would say though that she would want me to be able to walk ok in them. She bought me the most recent stiletto ankle boots and so was encouraging me to wear them rather than discourage me. To be honest I think she's more likely to say why have you got them if you're not going to wear them. I must admit that my confidence is always bolstered when I go out in heels with her. She herself doesn't have many heels and tends not to wear them regularly. I'm still more confident with a lower cone heel but am making the effort to wear the stilettos. Tonight on the way home I called in and did some shopping in a convenience store wearing my clarks chelsea boots with an almond toe and a 3.5" stiletto heel. I walked from the carpark down the High Street, did some shopping and then walked back to the car. My legs did feel it though even though I'd only walked in them for 20mins . It made me realise that I need more practice in them. Still just got to keep at it a bit at a time Here is a picture of the boots worn for tonights brief trip. My Wife has just seen me browsing the boots on the TK Maxx website. Apparently she has already had a look and tells me there is nothing new in today. I think this probably means that she isn't averse to my heel wearing!
  12. HeeledSteve

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I I.m going to answer in the thread Excursions Of Heeled Steve, as I;m aware this might be getting off the topic of simply what new boots have been bought.
  13. HeeledSteve

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    It is only a matter of time, I just need to have the confidence to wear stilettos. It's funny really because my first ever time out publicly in heels I wore 3.5" stiletto ankle boots but was walking not sitting anywhere with the heels on show.
  14. HeeledSteve

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    "Really do like those, look really good on you with those jeans, is that about a 31/2” heels, should give a comfortable walk, ideal Costa boots mate" Maninboots, I think they are 4", a bit higher than any stiletto I've worn before. Any stiletto makes me more self conscious when out in public so I'm figuring I need a two sided approach. One, wear the heels I'm more confident in as much as possible out and about and secondly do some short outings in my lower stilettos.
  15. HeeledSteve

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Thank, yes that's what my Wife thought when she saw them on the website, it was her who spotted them. Although they particularly aren't high by the heel wearing of some they are higher than my other stilettos. I think my other are 3.5" at most and these are 4" so do feel a bit higher and you do notice it. They do seem to hug your foot making them feel nice and secure without being tight and uncomfortable. We also both liked that they have leather uppers, which for the price is hard to find. Yes ideal Costa boots for sure but I would have to have had a bit more regular practice in stilettos before attempt an outing like that. I would want to be able to walk confidently and own the click before a trip like that. I'm not really sure how to go about it because to wear stilettos confidently I'm going to have to practice a bit. Perhaps I will have to increase my wear and move from the cone heels to my lower stiletto ankle boots first before walking anywhere too busy and public in stiletto heels. Maybe a short outing with my Wife, I always have my heel wearing confidence boosted by being accompanied by her.

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