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  1. Hey, I've been away a while, from this site, and from LA. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in early March, so I came to St. Louis to care for her. Unfortunately, she passed away May 5th, and I am still in StL managing her estate and selling off her property. I miss my shoes, I miss my friends, and I miss normalcy. It seems, especially after last week in Minneapolis, that 2020 is truly a cursed year, and as things fell apart here at home, they fell apart out there with commensurate rapidity. Currently taking care of business, and I have family to help me through this, but just thought I'd say that I miss you all, and I can't wait for peace.
  2. love this so frikkin much
  3. Yes, safe. Actually got a call from Cal Fire asking if I was interested in flying for them. Had to tell them I'm nowhere near my commercial ticket yet, much less low altitude stuff. Cool idea though...
  4. Love Williamsburg, last time I played some shows there I had an absolute blast. Didn't see that spot yet tho...
  5. Can't believe how hot SoCal is right now...
  6. Of course I can. They're mine.
  7. Got these in black, love them.
  8. As Somebody who's modeled in the past, I can say with conviction that models rarely make enough to live on. It's a pretty weird world, and the clothes-hangers who wear the clothes don't profit from it, unless at the highest echelon.
  9. Ha, right, Jessica Simpson Grandie Winter Boot, size 11.
  10. I have been looking at this boot for almost a year, and its been out of stock for that entire year. About a month ago, they said they may have it, then they said nope. Any leads on a size eleven would be greatly appreciated...
  11. Not just you, I love jeans, a t shirt, and pumps. Both on me, and on others.
  12. I've been enjoying some sleepless nights lately, not unusual for me, seems to be a cyclical thing, and when I am up at 2 am, I go for walks. I go for walks all the time anyway, but at night its especially nice with the quiet, and in the past when I was a little more uncomfortable wearing heels, I would use this time to walk in heels. It's when I found out it wasn't a sexual thing for me, and when I knew that it wasn't going away either. True to this premonition, and supported by others on this website, the heels have not left my mind. Last night was the first in what I suspect will be a long month or so of late nights, and when I got up at 2, I felt the same urge to put on a pair of jeans and some stilettos, and go for a walk. I only got down the front step before I realized how ridiculous I felt, both at not having the self respect to do this in daytime hours, and for the guilt I still felt for wanting to wear them. No matter how hard I try, some part of me still believes that I am doing something wrong, even after people, including girlfriends, insist that I am ok, even after playing on stage in heels, I feel as if it somehow looks wrong, and I am trespassing where I shouldn't. This instantly makes me angry, since the world is perfectly content with women crossing these boundaries with ease, while requiring that I maintain a vigil representation of a man from the past. Biology can explain it, but intellectualizing it doesn't help me, and I'm not sure what to do about it, since I still want to play an active role in this world, preferably as a positive, rather than a victim or activist. I will most likely wear heels until I can't anymore, either from injury or change in profession. Not sure what to expect from this post, I just needed to vent to people who might understand.
  13. My sister is there, she hates heels.
  14. JS Claudette, wanted forever.
  15. Definitely dated men who weren't into it, as well as women who weren't. Some people like the traditional "Man" image, some people are quite small minded regardless of their orientation, and still others are jerks irrespective of situation.
  16. I've met a few at gigs and parties here in LA, and definitely at the Abbey, but they are usually playing a little, it isn't part of their daily dress, unlike me, who loves to wear heels to the post office.
  17. New sandal, really starting to love sandals. Any advice on how to wear them? I'm a tall skinny guy, usually only wear boots out and about.
  18. Dated a girl who perfected that desert aesthetic. Got so tired of being asked to buy a pickup truck to go with it.
  19. Boots yes, pumps and sandals are a little different here.
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