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  1. Totally same here. I wore my 5 inch pumps yesterday, loved the feeling, but still was quite a workout after an hour or so.
  2. I have been looking for a couple pairs of boots/shoes for the cold months here, and have been running into pair after pair of faux/fake/vegan/plastic materials, and poor craftsmanship in my options. I have some great Frye boots and Michael Kors pumps/sandals, all made of real leather, that I can trust to last a while if I take care of them, and at least not to break while out and about. Anybody having a similar issue finding well made shoes these days? I really don't want to spend another dime on a Chinese made 'option', it is like throwing money away... Leather, Glorious Leather!!
  3. Those "Mens" boots are all essentially Chelsea boots, so, the main go-to for the bridge from men to femme, as far as the second half of the 20th century goes. I actually don't mind them, I'm not much into prints, but they are not that dissimilar from the blocky square toe boots a lot of women wore in the 70's and 90's. Just watch some off the older Friends episodes and you'll see them. Easy to pull off, and can be worn any way, really. The stiletto boots from YSL are just another attempt at rebranding an existing boot, but with the gender-bender thing going on as well. I would love for there to be a demand for boots by men at that level, it just isn't there yet, and as I'm sure we are well aware, the more people continue to push this issue in attempts at social engineering, the more people push back. I sometimes wish people would quit 'fighting' for it, and just let people be. Courage is not extraordinary, it must be commonplace.
  4. Seems hurt, and basically genuine. There is lots to say about how ones appearance is a tool to 'express' your orientation, among other things, but I understand that as just another attempt at branding yourself for a tribe, which I find counter productive for a soul searching toward self actualization. I have a couple more 'drag' oriented friends, and we often argue and debate about ball culture, and the over-the-top sorts of clothing they find engaging. I'm often told that I would be a very boring secondary school teacher, or junior college professor, in my clothes, which I actually sort of find to be a bit true, but never get an answer as to why looking as exaggerated as they often do is any different from punk culture, or metal culture in the 80's, meaning, somewhat immature, and adolescent. Further, the very thing I find most disturbing about the adherence to the tribal inclinations of the limbic system is expressed by their immediate cutting and attacking of any soul taking issue, even so small and arguably well-meant as Mr. Bryans, as though the city walls were breached, and if you aren't exactly with us, you are our enemy. Therein lies, in my opinion, a problem many of us here have dealt with as we try new things, which is, I am not EXACTLY what I am wearing, it does not betray who I sleep with, my interests, my past, present, or future, and some of the current generation of rockers seem to find that statement empowering in speech, but abhorrent in practice. Or, perhaps, they simply can't think hard enough to figure that possibility.
  5. I love hearing when people get caught in these situations, makes me feel that morality has a chance...
  6. Those sandals on the Bike are very nice!!
  7. Have a pair of those. Super comfy, just high, so, can be a workout.
  8. I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman I just got, and the heel flexes. I wonder if it's like a boat, where flexing is better than rigidity, to a point...
  9. Had a pair of those Doc's I quite liked, and hell yes, they are good for running steam engines or building aircraft carriers. Didn't hold on to to them, I feel our time had ended, but they're still a fond memory.
  10. I also thought it was weird he didn't try to make a sale, although, a lot of men seem to think that protecting these sacred areas for women is their jobs as men. Won't work though, I'm still buying the boots.
  11. Beautiful! And the shoes are nice too. I've been looking for real, leather high heel oxfords for some time now. no luck...
  12. I may have to shower with them. The leather is so thin and well formed, that any padding would just make it look weird and poorly formed. Tried the pad idea, and even tried putting in a very thin leather swatch, and it just bulged out from there. Or the sock and hair dryer method...
  13. Just Bought a pair of used Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pumps, great deal, and already love them so much I haven't taken them off since yesterday. (Ok, I slept with them next to my bed). Now I know they are all leather, which means I can actually wear these in and take care of them, but the only problem I have right now is that the edge of the vamp cuts into my toes, especially my big toe, and I'm not sure how to soften that edge without ruining the structural integrity of the shoe, which means I'm wary of the shower method. I've already put a couple coats of good leather conditioner on them, inside and out, and now fear that the only real way forward is to wear enough that this problem wears itself out. Any advice, or is the slow and steady (doing dishes in them for a while), the right thing to do?
  14. I don't see any significant difference in heel height, the Vala may be a hair shorter, but the daisies are SOOO much more comfortable, I really think the Vala is trying to be a Loubatin, so, not comfortable for a human at all...
  15. I have the Vala, not too fond of it...
  16. Yeah, my Steve Madden Daisies are amazingly easy to walk in, I almost hate how they feel less like heels, and more like slippers...
  17. bambam

    Cali World

    Happens to me all the time.
  18. I finally found the perfect pair of caramel pumps I have always been looking for, and I ordered a size 11 as usual. I have other Steve Madden pumps in 11, so, I figured there wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong, the Vala pump is just a tad too small. I can get my feet into them, and they aren't any less comfortable than any other pump, but I know I need to stretch them, as failure isn't an option here. I have a pair of high heel shoe stretchers, but they are at their limit for my big man-feet sized shoe. Any advice on stretching a pump like this without ruining them?
  19. For the record, even though I am a pilot, I am not talking about flying as Pilot-In-Command. I have to fly back to Missouri tomorrow for my moms memorial, and I haven't yet had the guts to wear high heels during a flight. I figured tomorrow might be a nice chance to wear my 4 inch Calvin Klein booties with a pair of bootcut jeans, and keep my sneakers close just in case I need to change, and/or I punk out. However, I'm not sure I want this to be my first time experimenting with air travel, which includes a layover in Dallas. Any ideas, or advice, or even nice examples of word vomit to go along with my fear and hesitation?
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