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  1. Hey, I've been away a while, from this site, and from LA. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in early March, so I came to St. Louis to care for her. Unfortunately, she passed away May 5th, and I am still in StL managing her estate and selling off her property. I miss my shoes, I miss my friends, and I miss normalcy. It seems, especially after last week in Minneapolis, that 2020 is truly a cursed year, and as things fell apart here at home, they fell apart out there with commensurate rapidity. Currently taking care of business, and I have family to help me through this, but just thought I'd say that I miss you all, and I can't wait for peace.
  2. love this so frikkin much
  3. Yes, safe. Actually got a call from Cal Fire asking if I was interested in flying for them. Had to tell them I'm nowhere near my commercial ticket yet, much less low altitude stuff. Cool idea though...
  4. Love Williamsburg, last time I played some shows there I had an absolute blast. Didn't see that spot yet tho...
  5. Can't believe how hot SoCal is right now...
  6. Of course I can. They're mine.
  7. Got these in black, love them.
  8. As Somebody who's modeled in the past, I can say with conviction that models rarely make enough to live on. It's a pretty weird world, and the clothes-hangers who wear the clothes don't profit from it, unless at the highest echelon.
  9. Ha, right, Jessica Simpson Grandie Winter Boot, size 11.
  10. I have been looking at this boot for almost a year, and its been out of stock for that entire year. About a month ago, they said they may have it, then they said nope. Any leads on a size eleven would be greatly appreciated...
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