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  1. They're doable, and well made, which is so necessary in shoes that just slip on. The set back heel is worth it in my opinion.
  2. My current favorite pair of pumps are Steve Madden Daisy, Matte black, to the point that they are worn out. So, looked for a new pair and could only find a few inexpensive options. Trying white, I know it is hard to keep clean, but they'll look nice for a solid thirty minutes, right??
  3. It was alright, certainly a couple weird moments, especially when under gaze from the more attractive people I saw, but my heart rate stayed low enough. Felt good! Might do on the way back.
  4. I won’t lie, landing in St. Louis, I got a quite a lot of interesting and interested looks from people, especially young women. In a place where work boots are the standard for men, I must have been interesting to look at, at an airport, no less.
  5. Thanks everyone, I went with a slightly lower pair of Frye ankle boots with my bootcut jeans. Still, I’m 6’1” barefoot, so lots of looks and stares, no way around that, but I feel pretty good. Slight delay, so just walked around the terminal, and read a little. Layover in Dallas, and my sister is actually flying American, I’m on southwest. I’ll be back in the air next Monday, but a direct flight, on the Max, no less! I’ll see if I can’t get you guys a photo at my layover.
  6. For the record, even though I am a pilot, I am not talking about flying as Pilot-In-Command. I have to fly back to Missouri tomorrow for my moms memorial, and I haven't yet had the guts to wear high heels during a flight. I figured tomorrow might be a nice chance to wear my 4 inch Calvin Klein booties with a pair of bootcut jeans, and keep my sneakers close just in case I need to change, and/or I punk out. However, I'm not sure I want this to be my first time experimenting with air travel, which includes a layover in Dallas. Any ideas, or advice, or even nice examples of word vomit to go along with my fear and hesitation?
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