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  1. My sister is there, she hates heels.
  2. JS Claudette, wanted forever.
  3. Definitely dated men who weren't into it, as well as women who weren't. Some people like the traditional "Man" image, some people are quite small minded regardless of their orientation, and still others are jerks irrespective of situation.
  4. I've met a few at gigs and parties here in LA, and definitely at the Abbey, but they are usually playing a little, it isn't part of their daily dress, unlike me, who loves to wear heels to the post office.
  5. New sandal, really starting to love sandals. Any advice on how to wear them? I'm a tall skinny guy, usually only wear boots out and about.
  6. Dated a girl who perfected that desert aesthetic. Got so tired of being asked to buy a pickup truck to go with it.
  7. Boots yes, pumps and sandals are a little different here.
  8. bambam


    I'm still looking for great platform round toe pumps, with only an inch, or perhaps half inch platform.
  9. Certainly a prescient comment. I've said to friends, gf's and even a bf that I like the aesthetics of the clothing, the art associated with expression, being a walking work of art, and being me, but I don't think it would have as much of a draw for me if it wasn't femme by todays mores and biological expression, and taboo in our culture. Me overthinking it, but worth thought I think. You think?
  10. I don't mind it, neither here nor there.
  11. I am still a little defensive about my heels, so when women wonder if that makes me less of a man, I just challenge them and their wardrobe. At one time trousers were only for men of course, and now that's no way to judge somebody's character. That usually ends the conversation, although I'm finding more and more if I just say I like heels and be myself, they are intrigued by me more than anything, and fun often ensues.
  12. Yes, I wanna take issue with that as well, what exactly is wrong with any of those photos? And to what extent is he dressed as a woman? And which body parts are more offensive than the miles of photos of feet and lower halves here?
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