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  1. Frankly, the feeling I get watching these arguments is that we are still fed up with heels on men not being accepted, much less encouraged in the same way that 'gender-bending' is for women. I feel like this almost every day I'm out and about, or read the news. Not offering a solution here, just an observation.
  2. bambam

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    I love these so much!!!! What are they?
  3. Confidence really is the thing. I have been forcing myself to wear at least my Doc mid heel boots whenever I go somewhere, and Murphy's Law dictates that every time I am in a line somewhere, the person in front of me takes forever, and the line behind me grows to a large sized audience. Happens every time, my dad and I were laughing about that this morning.
  4. bambam

    Pics of couples together in heels of all sorts

    Which one is you, and how do you convince your partner to take the couple photos, they're firkin adorable.
  5. bambam

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Just bought these Doc Marten Kendras (first image) as my 'daily/everywhere' boots, to compliment my flat Rocky work boots (second). So firkin comfortable, and not too crazy that people notice all the time.
  6. bambam

    Heels to the beach

    I work on Santa Monica beach, it happens all the time. Just posing, it's LA.
  7. bambam

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    Yeah, I usually wear mens skinny jeans, although I have some pairs of women that are nice.
  8. bambam

    A strange idea about the ridicule of men in heels

    Just walked down Olympic here in LA in these during rush hour. People literally stopped in traffic and stared, and three women stopped and merged over to get a better look. It can't be this hard guys, its just so hypocritical...
  9. bambam

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    I mean the skinny jeans are uncomfortable and restrictive, far more so than heels.
  10. bambam

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    nz, I would love to do the skirt thing eventually, but I haven't quite figured out how to deal with my biology yet, and I'm still having trouble with hair management. Turns out I'm a traditional Jew in that sense; wiry hair, pale skin. I'm looking more for slightly baggy pants or capris that look good that I can wear on stage at a gig, and perhaps in photoshoots as well. Skinny jeans really do work best with heels, but are brutal to give rock shows in, and also to just wear around... And the male anatomy makes it difficult.
  11. I am looking for pants that I can wear with heels, pumps, sandals, booties, whatever, without needing to go for the skirt, and without super tight pants. As much as I love the look of skinny jeans, I want something a little more comfortable to wear regularly without cramming myself into tight pants, while maintaining a look that is more fashionable. Any ideas? I'm pretty skinny, but not model skinny...
  12. bambam

    Share your pics of couples in heels!

    Myself and an ex at The Abbey here in WeHo, one of the few places where I don't even think about being conspicuous.
  13. bambam

    Wearing Jeans With Ankle Boots

    Love these boots, what are they?
  14. bambam

    Why do I feel like it is wrong?

    This is exactly how I feel. I feel good, I look good, but there is an existential predisposition that disallows this sort of experimentation. Seeing things like this continues to anger me, but I fear it also reinforces the 'masculinity' cage that all of us fight against, sometimes daily. https://www.thatsbetsyv.com/men-wearing-heels/ I think to a certain extent it needs to be an effort of courage, regardless. Safe spaces don't work, bravery does.

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