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  1. I don't mind it, neither here nor there.
  2. I am still a little defensive about my heels, so when women wonder if that makes me less of a man, I just challenge them and their wardrobe. At one time trousers were only for men of course, and now that's no way to judge somebody's character. That usually ends the conversation, although I'm finding more and more if I just say I like heels and be myself, they are intrigued by me more than anything, and fun often ensues.
  3. Yes, I wanna take issue with that as well, what exactly is wrong with any of those photos? And to what extent is he dressed as a woman? And which body parts are more offensive than the miles of photos of feet and lower halves here?
  4. you look phenomenal, truly amazing.
  5. Big recently here in LA as well, last year or something..
  6. A couple times, some friends came to my 'defense', although the people who asked about it were not friends, so I really couldn't care either way. How awesome are high heels tho, am I right guys??
  7. ...are so firkin comfortable!! I just tried a pair I got off of amazon, and I couldn't believe how lite and pajama like they were. I let my gf try a pair of my Levi skinny jeans, and she couldn't believe how rough and 'rugged' they were, like I should be ready at a moments notice to wrangle a cow in the streets of LA. Only problem is, I don't have any shape, I'm just skinny, so the bulge in front is quite unsavory, otherwise my butt looks great from the back.
  8. As soon as I can afford a pair of those bad boys, I shall inform you...
  9. I'm actually doing laser hair removal right now, so her legs are just inspiration for me at this point. Can't wait to wear skirts and ripped jeans..
  10. Seriously, mad skills and heels right there.
  11. Would love these to bartend in, if only they were a little lower. Which ones were these? I think I have a similar JS Pair, but with a razor thin stiletto heel.
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