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  1. Well this just looks way too Perfect! Great length, great cut, works so well!
  2. I keep looking for a sandal in that style in my size, and haven't found yet. Great find!!
  3. Those look fantastic on you! I'm also having trouble with the strap on an open toe pair of slides I've been trying to break in. Just a hair too tight, so I have to wedge my feet into them. Although they technically fit, they are a little too annoying to wear regularly, as I want to. I'm considering just going with your advice about being comfortable and competent in heels, and just walk around the block daily or so. Might become my go-to shoes.
  4. Yep, the whole thing was annoying until he told somebody that you were a friend, and not a brother. That's not simply annoying, that's pathological, as well as insulting, degrading, and incorrect. He lied. That is so thoroughly f%$@#d up, I can't be emphatic enough about it.
  5. This is way late for a response, but perhaps a low acid CA glue with upholsterer nails all around...
  6. These photos are such an inspiration for me! At this time of year, I always get really into high heel sandals, as it is, of course, The Season. I have trouble getting the nerve to really actually wear them out and about though, as that means everybody can really see my feet. I feel as if one Must have painted toes for it, and I really don't have the patience for that, and often I really don't want to anyway. I just know that a part of me wants to get a great pair of high heel slides or wedges, and just make them my quick on-off shoes for bumming around and running errands. Oh well, next step, I suppose, although I probably still won't paint too much...
  7. lolol. cheap chinese brand from amazon, eldoff or something.
  8. I still buy work boots and hiking boots without a zip. Waterproof and supportive. I also kinda don't like seeing macho guys with 'rugged' boots on, and then seeing a zipper on the side. Kills the aesthetic.
  9. No, it has zippers, won't do another pair without them. I have an awesome pair of lace up knee boots from Onlymaker, but ONLY lace. Love the boots, but never wear them, too much work.
  10. New boots, Still searching for the perfect knee high stiletto boots, but these shall do the trick until I pull the trigger on a much more expensive pair of custom boots. They're more comfortable than they should be, not quite up to the knee, but I have long legs. At least they hug my calf quite well, which is always an issue. These are most likely my new workout heels, as they are almost six inches, and no platform.
  11. bambam

    Cali World

    Same, except I would charge them Ticketmaster fees as well.
  12. Onlymaker is usually pretty good, in my experience.
  13. I think about that often. How many 'bros' are wearing heels in private? I really don't think we are that strange for wearing them, only for doing so without shame.
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