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  1. Certainly smacks of social engineering. Anybody remember that person who came to our forum essentially saying those sorts of things? I think a couple of us (not me) sniffed out some ulterior motive and sent them packing. I think like most here, I'm not interested in feminizing, I just want to wear what I want, as women do, full stop. If it looks femme, cool, if not, also cool.
  2. I'm with CAT here, those have literally burned holes in my computer screen.
  3. I actually dated the High Heel girl in high school. The other girls hated her, the guys loved her, and for some reason, she tolerated me, until she realized i wasn't gonna enjoy bodybuilding as much as she wanted me to.
  4. Envy is a hell of a drug, part of the individuation process.
  5. As A sax player, I'm only faintly aware of the confusing mess of horn types, and I don't envy the complications. As a violin player, I envy the sax player in me.
  6. It's an unfortunate characterization, perhaps most unfortunate because I agree with a great deal of what you said. I had to think about what you said, and I suppose the correct answer from my camp would actually have to be quite similar to yours, in that, compromise must always be an option in any relationship, so long as it isn't malevolent or dysfunctional. Theres a couple who are both evolutionary biologists that I enjoy (Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein) whom I admire, who posit that a renegotiation between the sexes in the 21st century is necessary. I'm not sure what more I can say abou
  7. I won't give up heels at this point, I just think that would be ridiculous. I understand that what women say and what they do/want can be very different, but if I am to believe that we are doing this whole "equality of the sexes" thing, then to expect me to only wear mens clothing without expecting her to only wear dresses and pumps would be patently insane, and entirely unrealistic. Also, if a woman were to say that she would acquiesce to that compromise, I would still say no, it's too late, the cats out of the bag, I would rather be me. I suppose you could argue that some women didn't think
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