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  1. Those look great, I can't wait to start wearing shoes like that.
  2. Fine, not even close to my worst respiratory infections, but still surreal. Lots of pins and needles, no sleep.
  3. Stilettos won't easily puncture the slides, they're military grade composites with skins thicker than an elk. Also, I came down with covid, so I stayed home.
  4. now, over leggings, or under tall jeans...
  5. Pierre, those are far too high for me to do anything at all in, but they're gorgeous. I'll be on Spirit going in, and Alaskan coming back out. Probably gonna be knee high frye boots, black version of my avatar, or ankle boots of some kind. No way I will wear the black ones over the pedal board, they are so uncomfortable, they're just cool for rock gigs.
  6. Yeah, would love to challenge myself with pumps, but maybe boots are still a better option for the unknown...
  7. That's why I was thinking boots, since there is a zipper, or pumps, as I just slip them on and off...
  8. So, now thinking about Pumps on the flight I'm going to take next week... Could do knee high boots as well, since there is going to be walking, but might want to wear them inside my jeans, rather than outside skinny jeans or leggings, as I don't want to push too hard too fast.
  9. If those actually support you and stay on your feet, I'll buy a pair, they're gorgeous.
  10. Those are great! Probably still too high for work, but I would definitely wear them! Don't think they're made anymore tho...
  11. I've been wearing Danskos, and they have been working, just not much fun, if you know what I mean. The Nikes only have a 2 inch heel, which certainly helps, but they're just too gaudy for where I work. Honestly, the Danskos have helped with the Plantar pain, so, maybe those boring clogs will have to do, at least for a while.
  12. That looks like the exact opposite of what I was going for, but, still nice shoes. I already have a pair of Jeffrey Campbells that are that style, so probably gonna pass. I got the Nike hidden heel sneakers, and they work, sort of, but are far too flashy for work, and the knock off pair, I can't get the insert to actually act like a heel, even lifts aren't really heels, they're too soft. Gonna keep the Nike sneakers, cuz I really like them, but it seems I am back to looking for a shoe with a hidden heel, that I can wear to a corporate 5 star hotel. Back to the search....
  13. Yeah, I'm definitely a "show-er", but I can wear them, and do often. Try riding breeches, they're leggings, but tough like denim, and are easier to pull off, as they still seem utilitarian, and therefore, masculine.
  14. Ended up ordering a pair of the Nike hidden heel sneakers, and another pair that is similar to boring dress shoes with a similar heel. See how it goes...
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