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  1. Yes, they still subscribe to the Louboutin idea that women are all a femme fatale figurine from the forties.
  2. Couldn't help it, I know I have too many pairs of Frye boots, but, i can't help but love them.
  3. Those would be my 'all the time' pumps. I like them a lot.
  4. Finally found a pair of Oxford heels I would actually want to wear, and they just happen to be my old standby, Frye. Can't wait to get them in, I wanna wear them all the time now!
  5. I stick to Frye for my all-weather/do-anything heeled boots.
  6. Worn to both play shows, and to attend them. Fun, but hard work, and must be boots with a ton of support. Height can be an issue as well, as I found out for a hired session live show a few years back. 12 hours in Jeff Campbell booties with a six inch heel and patent leather. Not fun.
  7. New 'house slippers', just clogs with a heel for lounging and stuff around the house.
  8. Definitely got caught, tho not in the act. I had amassed a few shoes and other femme items starting around 12 or 14, can't really remember at this point, including some throwaway knee high boots from a friends sister, which I greatly adored (the boots, not the sister). one of those thin and wide stacked heels, super high, I felt like a million dollars. Eventually my dad came to my room one evening, and politely asked for my moms shoes to be placed back in their proper place. I mumbled some stuff about not being gay, which was mostly true, and my pop just said he didn't care, they just weren't my shoes. Cool guy, frankly. Kept the knee high boots tho.
  9. Always been a huge Prince fan, he makes us heeled musicians feel welcome..
  10. This back and forth between tradition and 'progressive' is exactly my biggest issue. I am not playing a game, and I really don't want to be seen as a proponent of either worldview, and when I see models, actors, musical artists and 'influencers' playing the gender-bender game, I become even more wary of the future, and a little disappointed, as I don't think that world is doing a single bit of good for people who just want to live.
  11. Totally same here. I wore my 5 inch pumps yesterday, loved the feeling, but still was quite a workout after an hour or so.
  12. I have been looking for a couple pairs of boots/shoes for the cold months here, and have been running into pair after pair of faux/fake/vegan/plastic materials, and poor craftsmanship in my options. I have some great Frye boots and Michael Kors pumps/sandals, all made of real leather, that I can trust to last a while if I take care of them, and at least not to break while out and about. Anybody having a similar issue finding well made shoes these days? I really don't want to spend another dime on a Chinese made 'option', it is like throwing money away... Leather, Glorious Leather!!
  13. Those "Mens" boots are all essentially Chelsea boots, so, the main go-to for the bridge from men to femme, as far as the second half of the 20th century goes. I actually don't mind them, I'm not much into prints, but they are not that dissimilar from the blocky square toe boots a lot of women wore in the 70's and 90's. Just watch some off the older Friends episodes and you'll see them. Easy to pull off, and can be worn any way, really. The stiletto boots from YSL are just another attempt at rebranding an existing boot, but with the gender-bender thing going on as well. I would love for there to be a demand for boots by men at that level, it just isn't there yet, and as I'm sure we are well aware, the more people continue to push this issue in attempts at social engineering, the more people push back. I sometimes wish people would quit 'fighting' for it, and just let people be. Courage is not extraordinary, it must be commonplace.
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