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  1. How do I tell her?

    Hate to say it, but Cali has a great point. I'm a 26 year old man living in Los Angeles, where you would think lots of progressive people would be, but as soon as a progressive woman is confronted with something like that, she starts saying she is old fashioned, and likes the 'old ways'. It's very cruel, and hypocritical to boot.
  2. Just wondering, anybody have an idea why heels on men isn't a more common thing right now? It seems people are joining this website constantly, society is becoming more tolerant, I get compliments from women on my shoes all the time, and with women wearing mens clothing all the time, I just can't understand why it's still so taboo, even here in the City of the Angels.
  3. Any Advice on Telling my Girlfriend?

    So we ended up breaking up anyway, but for reasons that have nothing to do with my fashion choices. Private message me if you want any more details, suffice to say I am a little freer now..
  4. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I know these aren't high heels, but I've wanted a narrow calf knee high riding boot for a long time now, just to wear either over tight pants, or under flares, and I found my BOOTS!!!
  5. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    Hey everybody, looking for these Ugg Amal black wedge booties in a size 12, and they seem to be sold out everywhere. They are said to run small, I am usually around an 11 womens, so the 12 is the target. They just look so nice and easy to wear with anything, I could see them being the pair I wear out and about easily, both for practice, and just because
  6. Any Advice on Telling my Girlfriend?

    My concern is, she was already concerned about my orientation (I've experimented before), and although I am straight for the most part, she may just take this as evidence of homosexuality. And I'll get angry, and explain how unfair it is that Sexual orientation is so closely related to my choice of footwear. I know she grew up in this world, and I can't help that, but I just can't seem to understand how she would be wearing what she pleases, and I can't.
  7. I'm sure I just haven't found the correct pages that have already dealt with this topic, but I have decided to tell my girlfriend about my high heel collection today or tomorrow. I feel bad keeping it from her, especially since I seem to care so much about it. She sent me a picture yesterday of a new pair of stiletto boots she had just purchased, and it kind of hit a nerve in me. She's only a few inches shorter than me, and I'm sure it's been nice for her to only wear low heels for the past couple months, but it seems she wants to wear the high ones as well, which I totally understand of course. Any help, because I don't want to lose her, but my heel collection doesn't seem to be going anywhere...
  8. The Grand Tour 12/2/16

    any pictures?
  9. High heel jones

    Yes, I think part of the problem is that I'm 25, so I'm still dating and going out regularly. Most of the women I date just don't like it.
  10. High heel jones

    I gotta ask, does anybody know of a less conspicuous way to get my high heels fix? I just don't want to have to work up a ton of courage every time I wanna wear heels out somewhere, it's a little draining, and I don't want to see coworkers or anything right now,, I'm not ready.
  11. This site has given me quite an education!!

    I just got those exact shoes in the mail. You were right, slides are awesome!!! So much more comfy than pumps, and I can lounge around the house in them as well if I so choose.
  12. Hello, I have just found this site, and I love it already! I have always loved high heels, I would wear them every day if I could, from boots to pumps, low chunky to high stiletto, and everything in between. I want it to be less taboo for men, and now that I see how many men and women love heels, I feel a little better about myself. Thanks everybody, and get in touch if you can, Brad.
  13. Hello all, new poster here. I am a huge high heel lover, can't get enough. My home is usually littered with whatever I have tried on in the last week, and they all make me happy, albeit a little anxious, knowing it isn't really allowed in public society. I know some niches are making it less taboo, but that surely isn't the norm. I've only worn high heel boots to a goth club once, and I almost had a heart attack from the stress. Right now, I'm looking for likeminded well-heeled hhplace members in the Los Angeles are, with whom I can meet up, show off some kicks, and possibly find larger or more public places to walk and chill. Any questions, just let me know!!