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  1. I may have to shower with them. The leather is so thin and well formed, that any padding would just make it look weird and poorly formed. Tried the pad idea, and even tried putting in a very thin leather swatch, and it just bulged out from there. Or the sock and hair dryer method...
  2. Just Bought a pair of used Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pumps, great deal, and already love them so much I haven't taken them off since yesterday. (Ok, I slept with them next to my bed). Now I know they are all leather, which means I can actually wear these in and take care of them, but the only problem I have right now is that the edge of the vamp cuts into my toes, especially my big toe, and I'm not sure how to soften that edge without ruining the structural integrity of the shoe, which means I'm wary of the shower method. I've already put a couple coats of good leather conditioner on them, inside and out, and now fear that the only real way forward is to wear enough that this problem wears itself out. Any advice, or is the slow and steady (doing dishes in them for a while), the right thing to do?
  3. I don't see any significant difference in heel height, the Vala may be a hair shorter, but the daisies are SOOO much more comfortable, I really think the Vala is trying to be a Loubatin, so, not comfortable for a human at all...
  4. I have the Vala, not too fond of it...
  5. Yeah, my Steve Madden Daisies are amazingly easy to walk in, I almost hate how they feel less like heels, and more like slippers...
  6. bambam

    Cali World

    Happens to me all the time.
  7. Those look great, I can't wait to start wearing shoes like that.
  8. Fine, not even close to my worst respiratory infections, but still surreal. Lots of pins and needles, no sleep.
  9. Stilettos won't easily puncture the slides, they're military grade composites with skins thicker than an elk. Also, I came down with covid, so I stayed home.
  10. now, over leggings, or under tall jeans...
  11. Pierre, those are far too high for me to do anything at all in, but they're gorgeous. I'll be on Spirit going in, and Alaskan coming back out. Probably gonna be knee high frye boots, black version of my avatar, or ankle boots of some kind. No way I will wear the black ones over the pedal board, they are so uncomfortable, they're just cool for rock gigs.
  12. Yeah, would love to challenge myself with pumps, but maybe boots are still a better option for the unknown...
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