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  1. Old faithful heels

    I have an old pair I go to all the time myself . Nothing special , that's for sure just some comfy old T straps . I purchased them at Payless when you could get the larger sizes at about any store . I ended up buying 2 pair in white and one pair in black denim .
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    Wow !! with all the great style shoes being shown in here over the past few weeks ....... one might consider opening a shoe store . LOL !
  3. Who has bought some new shoes

    Spring has sprung and that means ..... more wedges . jeremy1986 you should really like these . My wife found them on the Payless web site . With all the great reviews , I figured , why not and with a 25% off discount they would be fine even if I hated the fit . They are a great fit and a little wider than Payless usually has for wide width shoes . The shoe name is "Escape" . The ankle tie is long enough to tie in the front or back of the ankle . They are real easy to walk in and fun to wear .
  4. Heels and soft ground

    I usually wear wedges , they seem to work on about any surface .
  5. How many MEN'S shoes do you have?

    I think I have about 5 pairs of men's and women's to many .
  6. Character shoes

    If you are talking about "Jackie" played by Mila Kunis on the tv show "That 70's Show" then , yes . The costume designer has her in some great platform wedges and as 1980 approaches you start to see the more strappy thin heeled sandals and thinner soles begin to appear more . I think the shoes have to be right for the era and costume the actress/actor are trying to portray . Maryjane tap or dance shoes are great for plays and general theater just because they are a timeless classic , pretty but not really my liking .
  7. Honestly , during a week about 5-6 pair depending on my mood and work schedule . By the month 20-24 . Unfortunately , there are some heels in my closet that have not seen the light of day in 2-5 years . Per the last question you asked I wear mine based on mood more than anything . Like you , I also adjust my outfit to match the shoes . I never take weather into account ...... can't risk ruining a great pair of heels .
  8. Who has bought some new shoes

    HappyinHeels , I really like the T strap and wedge styling together . I can't wait for your review . My new Ryan Espadrilles by Comfortview just came in and they exceeded my expectations . They have the back zipper , wasn't sure about that with an ankle tie . With the zipper it has made them easy on and off . The picture in the Woman Within add just does not due them justice . I had looked at them several times on the web site and it seemed every few days they would offer me a better deal . When they went to 50% off after you spend $100.00 USD my wife was ready to jump at that offer . She was more than ready to get some cloths and my espadrilles .
  9. Who has bought some new shoes

    I really like the open toe pumps with jeans ,great look .
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    jeremy1986 I sent the seller info to your in box .
  11. It's been awhile

    Great to see ya back , I love the new Avatar !!!
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    With spring just around the corner and new heels on my mind I decided to take a chance on ebay and see what they had to offer . Looks like I hit the wedge lotto ! Espadrilles have always been a "shoe in" for a future purchase for me and these have a small platform and just the right height with denim style uppers . BTW the auction was won for $11.50 USD plus shipping and they fit good . With no further adieu , I submit my latest purchase .
  13. JustFab Shoes - They Are Here!

    Love the pumps .
  14. Who Has Old Heels

    HMMMM , old heels . Yep and they are old by today's standards . I looked in my heel stash and found some dating back to the early 1990's . I wore a size 13 wide back then and weighed in at 430 pounds . I remember ordering those shoes from Sexy Shoes , Rogers City , Michigan . That was about the only place you could get heels for fluffy guys back then . I even found some old Payless heels from the days of the yellow and grey boxes . I will try to get some pictures up soon .
  15. High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

    Springolator , I just sent you a pm .

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