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  1. When I did a lot of clubbing , I always wore a wide leg pair of jeans and some type of sweater or tunic . Depending on the season .
  2. Any surface outside that won't damage my heels . Over the years , I have found berber carpets to be very forgiving , shags not so much . Always check for throw rugs they can cause a good face plant . That's a story for another day .
  3. maninpumps


    It's not just FSJ shoes that can blow out on you . I have had 9 West shoes do that as well . Both the same style only a difference in color . However , 9W did get right with the bad pair .
  4. I remember gasoline rationing in the 70's but toilet paper in 2020 !!! This is crazy . On the plus side , there are some great deals on heels to be had if you look online . Some of the larger retailers with brick and mortar stores are trying to get more online sales . My email has been full of sales . Stay Safe Everyone !
  5. It seems like Jenny's was how I found it as well . I have also found it listed in other sites . Some of the other sites have members from here listed in response columns , I have found that to be a good showing from HHP members .
  6. Given the size of my thighs and calf muscles , one would have to pour me into a pair of those , and for wading , my old work boots will do just fine . That's just me , if you like them , get them . Just not my cup of tea .
  7. Actually , I was referring to the dates some of the posts already made . May 3 , 2015 There have been so many pro - platform and anti - platform arguments in here Once there was an individual even calling them jack stands . For the record , I have always been pro - platform with a wedge . When my heel journey started ( 1970's ) it was platform wedges cause that's what was available to me . I tried the single soled heels and they were just flimsy in MY opinion . So, I stuck with what worked for me . Indeed , it's all about what's trending and I would also like to add Classic . We all like the Classic pump and it's never gone out of style . I even have a few but, mine have the platform wedge under them . Oh , I never fuss at the computer .
  8. Tech , thank's for pointing that out . Happy Safe New Year .
  9. These videos kinda made me feel sleepy , maybe I could get my wife to whisper like that . Kinda funny what came up when Googled "American Society for Reproductive Medicine" .
  10. I have several (20-25) pairs of Fioni , Brash and American Eagle heels in a size 12 . Inbox me with a picture or name of shoe . They are of no use to me anymore and I would really like to see them gone .
  11. You have a great point here . Being a parent as many in here are we must take into consideration what they are being taught outside the home as well . Children's brain's are by nature a sponge , mine are anyway . About the best we can ever offer to them is the right to make their own decisions and pray they do .
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