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  1. My wife has known since I joined . I have shown her pictures from here and had her read some posts . There are not to many sites or blogs I go to she does not know about . LOL
  2. maninpumps

    Who has bought some new shoes

    The urge to go shoe shopping hit Saturday morning and what an urge it was . Torrid seemed to be my first choice , always have good luck there . I found the style for me on sale for $56.90 then they were on sale at $27.97 . Given they are half off how can one go wrong ? The sales associate rang up my purchase and says I owe her $15.00 total with tax . I asked her if that was the right pri ce she said yes because they are half off ....... who am I to argue . They fit me and my wallet great !
  3. maninpumps

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I already wear a pair just like those everyday ! LOL
  4. maninpumps

    High Heels Through The Ages

    That was very fun and explains alot about my thing for wedges . Being born in 1968 it becomes clear . That would explain all my sisters (3) wearing wedges . LOL
  5. maninpumps

    Show us your most masculine heels

    Seriously ?
  6. maninpumps

    Who has bought some new shoes

    chrigi-ch , Nice looking wedges ! What brand and size are they ?
  7. maninpumps

    Can feet shrink?

    I can say without a doubt feet can shrink . When I was over 400 lbs I wore a 13 wide women's . When my goal of 280 lbs was achieved a size 12 wide women's and today I can wear a size 12 regular women's . The Torrid size 11 wide fits great .
  8. maninpumps

    Reason for wearing heels??

    My sister had some heels and I just wanted to see what it was like . I got excited , and never grew out of it . LOL !
  9. Hello , 

    I have a question for you I would rather not ask in the open forum . Just out of curiosity did you ever wear the 3" and above heels and if so around what age did you start to wear the lower heels in your pictures ? 

    The reason I ask , the lower heels like the 1 1/2"- 3" with platforms are starting to be more my thing . The stilettos are about gone from my closet and I have no desire to wear them anymore . Did this ever happen to you ? 

    Respectfully , MIP

  10. maninpumps

    Wild about Wedges

    and also makes this funny squeak with the one shoe happens to rub against the other! HAHAHA ! That's funny . Oddly , I have the same problem with a few pair .
  11. maninpumps

    Wild about Wedges

    I have always liked that style of wedge with jeans . Well done ! I wear a wedge very close to that with a stacked heel and knee highs . Love the look .
  12. maninpumps

    Wild about Wedges

    I think my latest acquisition should be here due to the style of shoe . These came up in a search of the Lane Bryant site looking for some slides to wear around the house . My work hours don't leave much time anymore for wearing my wedges out and about . My wife picked them up for me at the Louisville , Ky location . The only problem I have with them is the huge bow . Caution they do run large . I take a size 12 in Nine West and can get by with these in a size 11 . That is a size 11 wide women's in normal sizes . They were on sale buy one and get a second for $5.00 or another item . Guess who got the second item and it was not me . LOL !
  13. maninpumps

    Wild about Wedges

    Great looking wedges !
  14. maninpumps

    Are we addicted?

    Thank's , I believe you see where I am coming from with my opinion . My intention was not to argue but rather make some think about the word addiction . That word is not always associated with drugs or alcohol , it can be with things /actions that one gets from joy or happiness . High heels give me happiness , It's that simple . I am happy you have shared in my thunder because you understand .
  15. maninpumps

    Are we addicted?

    hahahaha ! If it is so easy to get rid of your heels then do so . I would be willing to bet you could not last a year . Who is willing to take the challenge (not me) ? My bet would be the first time you saw a pair of heels you like in your size you would purchase them . Let me guess the excuses 1 ) I like them for fashion reasons . 2 ) I don't have to prove anything . 3) I feel more confident in them . and the list goes on and on . Sure enough we can word this as passion , addiction or even a fetish , at the end of the day we all love to wear heels . Then again does this really matter why I call wearing heels an addiction ? The word addiction seems to have been taken out of context , why ? I notice some have been beating my opinion down over this and again I ask why ? If you all would prefer me not answer or post then by all means send me a message and I will be happy to keep my opinion to myself . fair enough ?

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