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  1. Tech , thank's for pointing that out . Happy Safe New Year .
  2. These videos kinda made me feel sleepy , maybe I could get my wife to whisper like that . Kinda funny what came up when Googled "American Society for Reproductive Medicine" .
  3. I have several (20-25) pairs of Fioni , Brash and American Eagle heels in a size 12 . Inbox me with a picture or name of shoe . They are of no use to me anymore and I would really like to see them gone .
  4. You have a great point here . Being a parent as many in here are we must take into consideration what they are being taught outside the home as well . Children's brain's are by nature a sponge , mine are anyway . About the best we can ever offer to them is the right to make their own decisions and pray they do .
  5. Men's shoes from the 70's were hideous , I will never argue that point . I will say the women's shoes of that era were great in my opinion . Then again one must take into consideration when we started our path of wearing heels . Mine was in the 70's with my older sister's platform wedge heels .
  6. They do have some great styles .
  7. I have a good cobbler , he keeps all of mine in great running order . For me the actual time varies with the brand , material , and my favorites . My stilettos last along time , cause they hardly get worn . ( still have some of the old heel tips that came with Sexy Shoes heels back in the 90's ) . When the covering on the heel starts to separate over time , it's trash time . I have a few pair of wedges that have maybe 100 - 150 hour's on them and that's in all weather conditions and surfaces over 8 + year's . Just like a car engine , take care of it and they will take care of you . Also , I use Scotch Guard on my jute or Mink oil on my leather wedges ....... they are mostly natural leather or brown color and you don't get color distortion .
  8. Hello everyone , Just wanted to show off my new / vintage wedges . Found them on ebay at a fair price and they fit well .
  9. When my daughter was 7- 9 years of age , she asked my wife why she has some size 8 and some size 12 shoes . My wife told her some were Daddy's and left it at that . I did catch my daughter trying to walk around the house in mine once . My wife asked if it would be okay to find her some small heels in her size . She did find some low heels cheap at the secondhand shop in town . She wore them around the house and by the time she had outgrown them it was time for her own pair of heels 21/2 " area or a little lower . My son on the other hand wanted to see if he liked wearing heels around the age of 12 and wore a pair . He decided it was not his thing after a few weeks . We never made a big deal of it or tried to hide it from them . The only person in the family that makes a big deal of me wearing heels , my oldest sibling she wears ugly shoes anyway and I told her that many times ! My wife and I decided long before the children were born we would never make a big deal of my heels and they don't either . I think looking back we made the right decision . This is kinda funny , one of my daughter's teachers at a parent teacher conference did look to see if I was wearing heels . I asked her what she was looking for and she said my daughter said I wore heels . I simply replied "only on special occasions" . She got a chuckle and we finished our conference .
  10. I always liked Marilyn Monroe's quote : I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot .
  11. Cali , sorry to her about the accident . I hit like just cause those wedges are so good looking . Hope you heal up soon !
  12. Noise , not that big of an issue to me . If the noise doesn't give you away your gate will .
  13. I had a woman a few years ago tell me clear heels were great for pageants . I asked why and she stated they could transition to about any outfit . i am sure she was not thinking of the ones with $$ slots in them .
  14. Thank's , I will have to check that one out . Those ankle tie espadrilles really look great on her .
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