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  1. I always liked Marilyn Monroe's quote : I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot .
  2. Cali , sorry to her about the accident . I hit like just cause those wedges are so good looking . Hope you heal up soon !
  3. Noise , not that big of an issue to me . If the noise doesn't give you away your gate will .
  4. I had a woman a few years ago tell me clear heels were great for pageants . I asked why and she stated they could transition to about any outfit . i am sure she was not thinking of the ones with $$ slots in them .
  5. Thank's , I will have to check that one out . Those ankle tie espadrilles really look great on her .
  6. maninpumps


    Heike , welcome to HHP ! In regard to your post . I really like the black platforms . I wear plats almost all the time myself . The espadrille styles seem to work well as I can adjust the ankle ties to my ankle . The rounded front toe ( like my avatar ) really ease walking in heels . Kinda a win , win situation , height + ease = enjoyable day . I look forward to hearing more from you and again welcome .
  7. I remember the old Candie's . I also remember their Kork Ease platform wedges . My older sisters wore them . I was heart broken when I out grew them .
  8. YSL did basically the same thing around 2017 with the stiletto heel .
  9. One of my hobbies are wedge heels and I did list it on my profile . I have always understood a hobby to be something you do in leisure time to relax . Given the fact I can only wear my wedges during my leisure time , it's a hobby for me . Let's face it , can't wear heels in a steel mill . For anyone that is interested I also collect and build 1/72nd scale WWII planes and ground support equipment and I am building an HO model railroad set in the 1950's .
  10. Swede , Love the wedges ! Hope you are able to size up .
  11. Valerie Bertinelli did several times when heading out on dates and her older sister (Mackenzie Phillips) wore wedge heel loafers . Both wore the ugly boots . I venture to say if you were to look up an episode on youtube you may see what I am talking about . I also wanted to mention 'That 70's Show" with Jackie (Mila Kunis) her shoes are very much like the ones from My good old days . On a side note my two older sisters pretty much sum up Jackie and Donna . Kinda funny , guess that's one of the reasons that's one of my favorite sitcoms .
  12. Very well , I miss understood . Not the first time won't be the last . My train is never the first to the station . Busted my head a few to many times .
  13. "Good old days" The good old days can mean different things to each of us . I grew up in the 70's so, naturally the 70's are the good old days for me . That may be why I tend to purchase more platform wedges . I grew up in them . Then there are some of us that wore our mothers heels when we could sneak time in them or our sisters shoes (as I did ) . The TV shows were a big influence on some of us as well , look at the white pumps Barbra Billings wore in the show Leave it to Beaver . She always looked like the perfect statuesque mother of the 60's . For me it was One Day at a Time with Valerie Bertinelli . Just my thaughts on the subject .
  14. Nice heels ! Love the Rose gold platform .
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