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  1. The video was good until I saw the chrome shoes ! Chrome , okay on a bumper . But , on shoes ? I think not .
  2. Shyheels , you are spot on . Kinda like asking a skunk why its a skunk . For me I think it all started with my sisters heels back in the 70's and being able to walk in them ...... after some of her fine coaching . It may have been because it was taboo or the risk of being caught or the fun of it . Then maybe I just never lost interest in them . To this day heels have been a path I have always traveled and adored . The new styles , anything relating to heels even Christmas tree ornaments of heels . I just love them all .
  3. p1ing74 , not to terribly bad , I kinda like those you posted . Let's face it the Croaks are a bit off the chart and planet for that matter . I am just sorry I started to check out this thread about the Crocs ......... what a waste of my life I will never regain . 😒
  4. Seems we had a question not unlike this one asked awhile back . To be honest , I told my wife while we were dating my love of wearing and collecting heels . I told her before we went any farther in our relationship I was head over heels for her ...... pun intended . It was my intention at that point in our relationship we get all the cards on the table . I figured if she couldn't take me as I was we would never make it . My ghost needed to be out of the closet as did hers . The next week I asked her folks for their blessing and purchased her an engagement ring . That was 24 years ago and we are still going strong . The only issue she has complained about is how many heels I have that I don't wear anymore . For the most part , I have taken care of that issue for the time being . We all know how heels tend to accumulate over time so , this issue will reappear at some point . So , to answer the question would be NO , 24 years ago ! But , circumstances change , today I would have to ditch my heels for her , she is my life as are my children .
  5. That's right and she is well versed in such matters . LOL !
  6. Rest will be on the way this morning .
  7. Well , folks more wedges for my collection . My wife told me , I had to many stilettos and to little space ...... can't really argue with that . I have gotten rid of 56 pair since our last "discussion" concerning this issue . Being the Jedi Master she is , I lost . Her big issue was : I wear more wedges than stilettos than pumps these days . So , in a trade , I managed to reduce my stiletto style pumps for some wedge styles I will wear more and save on space . So , all but , two pair of non wedges remain . She has nothing to complain about anymore . Dodged that light saber . So today two pair of wedges showed up as part of a trade . Needless to say she was about to go Darth Vader on me , then I reminded her of the space we saved per "HER" request . Then everything settled down . Moving forward , her are the two style I got in today . They are awesome , can't wait to wear them out clubbing , soon I hope . www.torrid.com/product/cognac-faux-leather-gladiator-platform-wedge-ww/14818495.html?cgid=ShoesAccessories_Shoes#promo_id=210503_ShoesA https://www.torrid.com/product/-ivory-ankle-wrap-espadrille-platform-wedge-ww/14829754.html I figured it best to post them in "Wild about Wedges" . Seems there is a better following of wedge lovers here than the new shoes group . Come to think of it I may need to change my name from maninpumps to maninwedges . Sorry to be so long winded . Be safe everyone !!!
  8. Are they faux wood or real wood ? They look awesome and I like the bow . Great find !
  9. I have about 12-15 more pair of stiletto pumps is US women's size 12 . All are in great shape ( box kept ) most never worn . This offer is only good to residents of the Continental US . Sorry , its been my experience in the past shipping out side the US boarders is to costly and not to mention , I can't be accountable for customs and time constraints that are out of my control . I wish to sell/trade them off in lots . The reason for selling them off in lots , I have them priced around 1/4 the original price , Only asking about $10.00 a pair . That is for all brands offered . Some are Nine West , Frederic's of Hollywood , Diba Girl and many more . Here is what styles I have to offer : peep-toe patent , baby doll faux sued , one pair peep-toe sling backs and some satin ( bridal / brides maids ) . There are other's not mentioned so feel free to ask . If you are interested please send me a PM and I will get back with you . Pictures will be available off HHP . I have problems posting pictures here also there is no need to burn up space on HHP when there are so many other wonderful pictures to be shared . Be safe everyone !!!
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