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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    jeremy1986 I sent the seller info to your in box .
  2. It's been awhile

    Great to see ya back , I love the new Avatar !!!
  3. Who has bought some new shoes

    With spring just around the corner and new heels on my mind I decided to take a chance on ebay and see what they had to offer . Looks like I hit the wedge lotto ! Espadrilles have always been a "shoe in" for a future purchase for me and these have a small platform and just the right height with denim style uppers . BTW the auction was won for $11.50 USD plus shipping and they fit good . With no further adieu , I submit my latest purchase .
  4. JustFab Shoes - They Are Here!

    Love the pumps .
  5. Who Has Old Heels

    HMMMM , old heels . Yep and they are old by today's standards . I looked in my heel stash and found some dating back to the early 1990's . I wore a size 13 wide back then and weighed in at 430 pounds . I remember ordering those shoes from Sexy Shoes , Rogers City , Michigan . That was about the only place you could get heels for fluffy guys back then . I even found some old Payless heels from the days of the yellow and grey boxes . I will try to get some pictures up soon .
  6. High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

    Springolator , I just sent you a pm .
  7. If I am the person you are trying to reach , ya got me . Just send me a pm back .

  8. High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

    I have a book , "Beth Levine shoes" by Helene Verin . This book makes reference to the "Spring-O-lator" or "Magnet" mules of the 1950s and states they appeared in Glamour magazine in April of 1953 . They are highly collectible . Some other designers like Stella McCartney and Maschino used them in sandals . I have never found proof of the Spring-o-lator in sandals or even seen one . Pleaser does offer a spring-o-lator mule . Not exactly my cup of tea . I would love to find a pair like you have posted , just to say I have a pair . I hope this helps and have a great day .
  9. A Message from Thighbootguy

    I have ordered a few pair from Shoe Show on line and purchased in store they are around the lines of Payless , just a better selection . They do have a great selection of larger sizes .
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    I really like the 1 of 5 pair of peep toe pumps . They put me in mind of my pair of Nine West "Vadims" .
  11. Pleaser Heels

    Not sure how you all feel about Pleaser Kiss 209's but I ended up giving mine to Thighbootguy . They just never seemed to fit right . The Pleaser styles put me in mind of exotic dancers and evening companionship , if you get my drift . To the individuals who like them go for it because they do look right on some ........ just not me . LOL ! Great Day Everyone !
  12. I need help with a decision - boots or wedges?

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are come and gone . Did you get the wedges ?
  13. Do any of you go to bed and sleep in high heels

    Going to bed in heels ? Never intentionally , passed out in them a few times ..... HAHAHA !!!
  14. I need help with a decision - boots or wedges?

    jeremy1986 , wish I saw this post sooner . The wedges would have been my vote . They look awesome ! I think it goes without saying my opinion of boots . Next time please go with the wedges my friend . Oh , get the wedges soon !!!
  15. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Growing up around older sister's and curiosity as to why they liked to wear heels . I had always liked how graceful the women looked in heels . I tried on a pair of my sister's and felt right wearing them . I used to get excited just wearing them and as I get older it's more lifestyle than anything . TXguy , Why do you need to rationalize why you wear heels ? HappyinHeels has hit the nail on the head . Best of luck , MIP