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  1. maninpumps


    I am on Facebook and find it to be useful . Great for getting in touch with family , class mates for reunions or social groups with the same interests . I have also had people see me in heels on Facebook and most have just passed by some have spoken a word or two . You put your life on Facebook you better have thick skin . One in here stated you are advertising yourself , I could not agree more . For me the benefits are endless for others not so much .
  2. maninpumps

    Being asked to try your heels on

    Not sure if this would count , I had a Drag queen that was on break ask me if he could try on my wedge ankle straps one night . I let him and he liked them . We chatted until his next show that night . We had a few drinks and he sang Forget You by Cello Greene for me . My wife and I really enjoyed that .
  3. maninpumps

    Need some advice

    jeremy1986 , you know how I feel about boots ,and for indoor use I would go with the sandals . Just out of curiosity , why should our opinions matter ? You are the one who is planning to wear one or the other . Go with what YOU like best ! Best of luck with your decision . Respectfully , MIP
  4. maninpumps

    Season of Furry Heels

    Yea , and don't forget the furry tails they wear . HAHAHA !
  5. maninpumps

    Season of Furry Heels

    Hello to all . just want to hear what everyone thinks about these new style heels with Furry toe boxes or straps . These things are in my opinion not fit for mankind . Cleaning these things would be a nightmare .https://www.torrid.com/product/mauve-faux-fur-high-heel-sandal-wide-width/11561029.html?cgid=ShoesAccessories_Shoes_Heels#start=12 Hope everyone has a Great Day ! Respectfully , MIP "crying my eyes out on cyber Monday"
  6. Kinda puts me in mind of the pool seen in "Rocky Horror Picture Show" .
  7. maninpumps

    My wife and my heels

    What's next a proper punctuation test ? Come on folks, get over it . This is about high heels and fashion , not everyone can be a professor of writing ..............
  8. maninpumps

    My wife and my heels

    Being a high heel lover and crossdresser myself with two children ...well young adults . When my wife and I were dating ,long before we were engaged I asked her the same questions you did . When the children were born we tried to put the heels and dresses up for the time being and just let things "ride" . Well it was bound to happen my daughter asked her mommy why she had size 12 and size 8 high heels and my wife simply told her "Daddy sometimes likes to dress up and be pretty to" and left it at that . Fast forward to the middle and high school years she only asks if I have seen some of the new styles out or tells me I would look good in a top or dress she sees . She has gone with her mother and I shoe shopping and we have had great times with it . She has also told me I look silly in some of my older heels . When it's just jeans and heels she has no problem with it . My point is this children learn from their role models (mom & dad) if you both make a big deal of it then to them it will be . Be straight with them , do you honestly think they won't figure it out ? Children miss nothing and will find them . The best a parent can do is teach understanding and tolerance . They will figure out the rest .
  9. maninpumps


    I have an old pair of 13 wide by Sexy Shoes ?
  10. maninpumps

    Noticing people in heels

    Feed the fire and the flames go higher ......
  11. My wife has known since I joined . I have shown her pictures from here and had her read some posts . There are not to many sites or blogs I go to she does not know about . LOL
  12. maninpumps

    Who has bought some new shoes

    The urge to go shoe shopping hit Saturday morning and what an urge it was . Torrid seemed to be my first choice , always have good luck there . I found the style for me on sale for $56.90 then they were on sale at $27.97 . Given they are half off how can one go wrong ? The sales associate rang up my purchase and says I owe her $15.00 total with tax . I asked her if that was the right pri ce she said yes because they are half off ....... who am I to argue . They fit me and my wallet great !
  13. maninpumps

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I already wear a pair just like those everyday ! LOL
  14. maninpumps

    High Heels Through The Ages

    That was very fun and explains alot about my thing for wedges . Being born in 1968 it becomes clear . That would explain all my sisters (3) wearing wedges . LOL
  15. maninpumps

    Show us your most masculine heels

    Seriously ?

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