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  1. I must be misunderstanding everything , Then again , I live in the Louisville , KY area and have found size 13 in both Lane Bryant and Torrid even a few times in the Shoe Show . Woman Within is an online store .
  2. jetheelsfan , you may want to check out Torrid , Lane Bryant or Woman Within they all carry size 13 heels and some of the Torrid shoes run larger .
  3. Jeff that Easy Spirit commercial made me want to run out buy a pair of pumps ........ naa wait, it happened long before then ! However , that is still a good commercial . I could see a basket ball pump getting whole new meaning and in a good way .
  4. I never been to Starbase Q . You can bet after Covid is done , I will try to find it ........ if it's still open . I always liked going to Connection , it was a very laid back atmosphere . It seemed as if I never met a stranger when visiting . Outdide of the drinks being kind of costly ( like most other clubs ) you almost sure to have a great time . The police never bothered anyone leaving .
  5. You must have gone to Connection! That was the place for drag shows in Louisville! When I lived there, I used to frequent that place often! KneeBooted , that would be correct . Unfortunately they have closed due to hospital expansions on South Floyd Street . The good news , there is another place with drag shows called Play , I have yet to check them out .
  6. I have had dreams about wearing heels as well as the next person in here . Mine were mostly about just walking thru a normal day in them . To be honest I have more dreams about being chased by a velociraptor , not in heels .
  7. Year's ago my wife and I went to a drag show in Louisville , KY . I had a few drinks . I was wearing these faux sued peep toe pumps with about a 1/2" platform . My wife asked me to get her a drink so being a noble husband , I felt it my duty . We were sitting close to the stage on the lower row . Given the fact I had her drink and mine there was no way to hold onto the handrail . So .I proceeded down to my smiling wife and on the next to last step ........ my heel got caught in the carpet and I did a face plant right in the middle of the show . Yes , I did spill both drinks ! What was worse wa
  8. I ordered a pair of shoes from Torrid when the Covid-19 first started . Torrid's shipping dept was running on a minimal staff . My shoes arrived about 3 week's longer than what it usually takes for their deliveries . I called once just to check on the order because according to the bank my payment hadn't been processed at that time . But eventually they did show up . When the shoes shipped they drafted my payment . Flea Bay , Try to avoid them if you can . They are like gambling only spend what you can afford to loose . One other thing , always check the seller's reputation . Most likel
  9. My prayers and sympathies go out to you and family at this time of sorrow .
  10. RonC , I couldn't have stated it any better . By the way great looking wedges !
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