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  1. As you should expect getting the eye from the ladies. Something would be wrong if they never looked. Enjoy answering the same questions or was it just to chat you up? Had sliver of your experience yesterday. Gal tried to chat me up then just blurted out she wants me to give her my clothes. As I laughed it off she was serious about it, thought it was bit aggressive yet thanked her for the compliment. Her saying she never seen me wear the same thing twice. Although my outfits are entirely feminine maybe some females believe what I possibly do with all of it. So they have to ask, maybe I will give them something for free. Did want to say my clothes wouldn't fit her. Maybe she would take it as a crticism being slightly out of shape. What I really thought is my clothes or pants stretch out in all the wrong place for female to wear properly and look sexy. Lol.., What I should of said being afraid she would look better then me wearing it. I would be jealous seeing how well proportioned her sexy legs look. The way she was eyeing me up and down, censoring her words. Obviously she muttered few words which made no sense but knew in context of what she maybe thinking on the way she was looking upon my body was red faced flattering. Find the question wanting to wear my clothes bit weird, while same time a bit turn on.
  2. Finding our style often evolves throughout our lives to what is practical and fun at the time.
  3. Like Sia says, Come on come on, turn the radio on It's Saturday and it won't be long Gotta paint my nails, put my high heels on It's Saturday and it won't be long 'til I....blank..... fill in yourself. Wear the second from the left but always have backup plan if your going out like the song says, Saturday night. You never know if there is going to be another night followed by Friday. That is why save it for that special night.
  4. Your right about barrier with hosiery. Everytime i wear thin female matching ankle socks which does the job. While i walk around for couple hours i feel pressure points even see after i pull off the booties red swollen pinky toe and heel. While i know the bootie size is smaller than normal the other footwear i just have to be smarter about the duration i wear them. Although find the exact same harrow suede booties i own stretch better then black leather calfskin.
  5. Wouldn't that give you blisters? When i wore new booties Rag & bone harrows black leather i forgot my ankle socks decided to go barefoot. Found my foot was getting warm even perspiring a tad so it was bit humid with my foot encapsulated in tight fitted booties. Only few hours i felt pain along my small toes and back heel blisters for sure. Once i took them off i could see the damage where the bootie fit all to snug. Took weeks for the blisters to heel and months for red scarring to fade away. Find it very risky to stretch your heels using your foot as the tool. Last thing you want is blemished feet all season healing exposing them wearing open toe sandals.
  6. What could she possibly want to show you? I bet she is wearing matching platform heels as you. Or very least she will wear some six inch heels. Just to make you jealous or impression so you can up your game. Great opportunity for you to wear something you never tried before.
  7. Be and dress as you want never second guess yourself or appease others. You exactly know what the ladies came to see. Give them a show because your gal pal had to say something more then you just like wearing heels. Woman are intrigued at the spectacle your going to start. Change your style, if it was me I would outfit myself in office attire. 4-5 inch court heels, tight medium length skirt with sexy split, nude shiny pantyhose or stockings. see the reaction you get from gal pal and her coworkers. Don't wear same style outfit as the picture your gal posted. If invitation to dinner is in the works from some of the intrigued ladies then by all means do wear what they desire to see, touch, and experience. Good luck. Doubt you need it. Always have them wanting more. Tease them first so there thirst is not entirely quenched. That is why I suggest a smart business class outfit feminine style but outrageous at the same time. Then if evening outing is in the works by all means leggings or painted on tight jeans revealing your inner self.
  8. What kind of heels was he as the SA wearing? Remarkable that management allowed him outfit himsel as he enjoyed. Usually SA st Saks wearing suits in male dress patent shoes. Suppose it would make the customers feel uneasy seeing guy feminized or seeing him wearing heels. Although in female shoe department customers are also looking to buy heels. In my opinion if the said guy in heels looks better then females customers it can leave a bad taste in there mouth unlikey to purchase items. That experience must of been blast having been encourged to try on everything. Having the experience documented would be even better. Lucky your 9-10 size can fit in every woman shoe seeing most designer heels top out at 10 US.
  9. Happy with your acceptance from fellow family member. Forgive me if i made you angry or planted seed of doubt. You're correct in saying taking there word of people you know or love at face value without cynicism. My distrust or cynicism of people are based in reality and experiences. Often i maybe hearing politically correct words from people but delving under deeper scrutiny and investigation i can see or hear through the phony polite facade. Some people just lie not to hurt feelings of others when cornered. Have cause to distrust so called "friends" while in reality they bad mouth and criticize my attire as any hater-critic behind my back. Often the very things that are not meant to be heard in public are leaked, one way or another coming back opening my eyes that they are uncomfortable and prejudice towards the style worn. Let's face it not everyone going to enjoy what we wear. Some who just smile nodding in agreement comforting us as someone who believes and understands our plight. Suppose it's good enough for few of us in some manner of acceptance and encouragement without undergoing scrutiny or cynical questions that open up the truth.. That is why i'm totally shocked and stunned when someone compliments me only later to find they did it for reason. Often the reason isn't as straightforward or simplistic as it seems. Lot variation why some might be out spoken to us: One being let us not ignore the 2000 lbs elephant without speaking about it. Secondly loving the clothes, shoes but deep underlying feelings of whom is wearing it, distresses even angers females on many levels seeing a man so smartly outfitted. They maybe loving the clothes even envious but hating on whom is wearing it considering wrong. Censoring the fact not to upset you by pointing out items they only like but never saying it suits you or your perfectly dressed. Sort of same analogy saying i love the colour of your automobile CIVIC Honda, but you decided to believe he or she is envious of my car, but later see them drive off in Mercedes Benz S class 63 AMG with 577 hp. So by people saying something to us heel lover wearing males usually going to be positive even though they don't mean it in it's entirety even if they deem it wrong to be outfitted. Usually people ignore me because what i wear bothers them feeling uncomfortable thus not wanting to say something negative or upsetting. If you have nothing good to say don't say anything, because if you keep talking the truth comes out sooner or later. Had many instances of married couple knowing me a little while the wife is polite smiling saying hello. The married guy does most of the talking but the woman says very little. Once overheard the female asking the husband she wants to hurry up leave so she can avoid me at another location which we all will run into together again much later only because how i'm outfitted makes her uncomfortable, uneasy. Only reaction is husband laughs at her request although complies yet i know she tries avoiding me as much as she can. Yet i never say a word knowing the couples wife hates me or very least my attire and can't stand being in the same surroundings. Always want to laugh or ask as i know the wife hates my outfits but stands waiting by listening to us guys chat, seeing the smirking subtle expression on the guys face towards his wife. All a while the wife looks me over as if her skin crawls, scanning me head to toe, glaring bulging eyes upon my shoes or items i'm wearing. Do know the answer i would get from the husband or his wife, don't hate you but your choices of style you wear has lot to be desired for her senses. Best advice is don't believe the hype. Positive i don't look as bad as others believe, or great as some make me believe i do. Just believe in myself what i wear makes me feel happier dispute the ups or downs.
  10. mroseplant: Happy you shared a great experience from such a amazing female. Inspiring and encouraging to hear such positive comments from a 21 year old college woman. Not to be critic or take you off your cloud, but is there chance the college woman is indebted thus being polite of your befriending and mentoring? Reading that the mom was surprised of your choice of style as you politely stated or the college gal mentioned to you mlroseplant. Looks to me the mom is like most people distressed seeing males outfit themselves as we do in feminine attire. It has to make the college graduate mindset ingrained similar thinking to the mom growing up with her family, of our standards of acceptance with regards to male attire negatively. Is it wrong for me to assume your college age female has less of a robust social skills or lifestyle keeping to her studies thus limiting her interaction with others. What i'm getting at, when young girls 18+ have limited friends often alone away from family, no guidance, as in your situation being the only mentor with your wife. These young women often bend to peer pressure with similar age young friends that what we on this forum wear is silly, laughable, inappropriate strange, weird. Basically learned behaviour from others the feminine style for men are deemed not correct or distressing only so they fit in with peer group mindset. While it's not the case with said college woman you described she is grateful being befriended with your hospitality and learned your good person despite her mom's distress of your attire. As Cali put younger woman are okay with male dressed up uniquely one being they envy the clothes. Secondly they haven't determined what your wearing is suppose to be deemed wrong thus some guidance from others to push there beliefs one way or the other. Mlroseplant bet the college graduate was warned by mom to watch out be careful to your chats or advice only because what you're wearing is suspect. After she graduated she now can determine you wearing what you do, does not mean your i bad person, or crazy as others may assume, only she found fondness and comfort of your welcoming her. Thus she accepts who you are and what you wear making her better person not being prejudice as her mom. What surprised me not fully aware with your detailed conversation with your college graduate is her hint you may enjoy wearing skirt. Do understand the strange dynamic talking about clothes with females. Only in my situation i'm never alone, have other people eavesdropping of my reactions or responses, so i become mute to said suggestions or comments or further discussions of my clothes and preferences. Do feel wishing to chat about my new outfits and preferences with like minded woman as you did in private. Again wouldn't know how to react or say being so delighted only because of the shock they accept my style and encouragement. Just yesterday out of the blue a 30 something cute pudgy female came up next to me, leaning closely complimenting my body and clothing. Telling me she observed me for long time as she held onto my shoulder, i'm inspiration to her, observing my various nice clothing envious wanting to look exactly like me, asking what's my secret diet, exercise.. She left quickly as she came not wanting to bother me further but i only could say thank you in slight shock, while others observed her and my response. Maybe just maybe the college graduate, mlroseplant is hinting that your attire can be better suited in something different what you really wearing. Often i see on males or females alike trying to hide or shy away with fashion sense or be modest in their attire, often ruining the appearance be it heels, shorts, skirts, pants etc.. Sometimes trying to dress-up but never wearing a dress fails or dulls the appearance of sharper style.
  11. Agreed with loud criticism but some females often don't want or can't admit they're jealous of what a male is wearing. Overheard two females partially discuss my outfit unbeknownst to them i understood it was about me, they thought i was clueless of whom it regarded as i came late to there surrounding.. One gal said to the other while keeping eye on me if understood, "don't want to admit it, but i'm sometimes so jealous of his clothes", the other replied nodding me too, he looks exactly like you less the hair". Yet later they both agreed preferencing, it's wrong what he wears only because they dislike males wearing feminine styles. This attitude cements my belief which defines males in feminine outfits, heels, clothes invokes dissonance amongst the ladies. Females often don't hide their feelings blantly showing hatred in public, accompanied with bitter confused stares, or bad comments to friends, laughter, giggles, scowls. When they enjoy or regard you well styled they keep it to themselves hiding any sense of reaction, only looking away odd times they may smile finding it cute or amusing. Once in awhile i can notice in there stunned stares usually younger females who feel self-conscious once seeing me wearing certain outfits, appearing well styled and fashionable or very least trendy. Only once had 30 year old single female scream loud as she could noticing my outfit as i walked passed her dolphins could hear. Shocked and visibly startled at her reaction thinking to myself why the drama, then as you put it Pebblesf, loudest critics often are most jealous and envious. While being noticed wearing same outfit i mentioned earlier from screaming female another older gal late 50's early 60's stood stunned, frozen from her strides staring as what i was wearing watching me closely as i walked passing her by.
  12. Never say a word, even if others point me out saying, see what shoes he's wearing. Brave or bold to ask do you like them. Often I get stunned stares or smirk or giggles. Had similar situation as you mom, daughter's, grandma, grandpa, husband sitting standing by on at a store bench between outer inner door sort of a vacuum between the two sliding doors. As I walked out the young daughters teens began to snort and laugh getting the entire families attention. Whenever someone laughs or giggles noticing my outfit or bootie heels I become defensive even bit angry at them. Only because they don't except my style. Usually I categorize them as haters or people unwilling accept male dressed up in feminine style. Find them discriminatory even prejudiced of certain fashion styles. Most often they rather never ever want to have conversation or to get to know me. Only because what I wear does'nt suit there taste or style.
  13. W6ish you make it sound so simple. Is there any other details you omitted of your appearance? Lol.. one's you want to share...Lol..
  14. Describing him seems you felt bit disgusted or pity of his appearance. Yet his simple snug reaction made you to ultra sensitive to your outfit. Not everyone can admire our appearance or boldness wearing it. Take on the positive that most people you seen surrounding you didn't react in smug manner as the ordinary pot belly greasy office worker. As you I often observe female proportions and style outfits. Making a judgement call which often leads to non verbal expression. Sometimes or often it's negative having a puzzled look on my face why they are wearing xyz. While I to am being observed noticing what unique outfits I wear walking down the street. In reality I don't care how someone attires themselves as long they don't point fingers upon me. Best reaction you can give is exactly what you've done. Often had same happen to me but had no means to flaunt myself as you done because of the oufit covered it up. Only in my mind I can say only if you seen my body revealed your laughter. Giggles would stop. Often is the case when people disagree what I wear but all notice my body is fit and in shape admiring it or desiring it.
  15. Anyone found similar booties like these? These Cara booties look pretty good. Like the heel. Only problem is they make it only to a size 10. Hum, don't they respect dad wanting to wear these too.
  16. Workout In platform heels? Just the wrong colour for him. Bright side none was staring.
  17. So true, woman often notice subtly before you can realize them observing your or my style outfit. Taken from experience if woman enjoy the view they will stare with a smile. As you said, people can't grasp what they are seeing but many do, but prefer to ignore you or me, only because they instantly disapprove. Think the one's that ignore us believe in fashion sense that belongs to individuals gender. Once you cross that boundary instant disapproval is brought your or my way. If they argue or get upset voicing their beliefs to us for our heels or outfit often than not they are jealous and envious but don't admit it. While people ignoring us is one way of showing disapproval quietly.
  18. Monotone look is alright. Love the round toe box suede heels. Find contrast works well with fushia tights.
  19. Jeff i agree with you and completely understand. You say, 1 hour to get things prepared? If you have more to choose from may take longer as with me. Finally picking outfit that works sometimes is exhausting. Often with me i find i need to buy more only finding the other stuff is too boring or dated. Sometimes when i choose the right outfit i get bored of it after short few minutes wearing it. Usually that happens when i choose colours that are subtle understated. Before i was loud even clowness appearing wanting the obvious attention that my clothes made. Now i got to be little subtle yet feel restless in them feeling i'm invisible amongst everyone.
  20. Your so right..Lol. No seriously, went to outlet store today found some suede Sam Edelman pump stilettos like these. Yes to my amazement a size 12 US which has to fit me, i was about to grab them only to back off, saying to myself those heels ain't high enough. Something about these heels or height i see some women wear doesn't do it for me. Maybe W6ish does know higher heels looks better, i don't know if your 7.5" platform your video shows are for me but i understand wearing them better now. This would be more like my style CL.. Do know W6ish might like these Daffodile better might be to high for me though. For $150 quite a bargain.
  21. In Love with the heels ankle straps, and yah and to fishnet nylons great touch. Heels got have steel stiletto, no?
  22. Makes me sad he has better symmetrical quads then me, Lol.. Just funny video he's just making light of it. Surprising that many hits happened. Guess lot of people want to laugh. Easier to be wearing heels made fun of then be taken seriously.
  23. As it should be. Truly believe your correct maybe conservative or do you draw the line somewhere? For me i may dress in a more feminine style but would that be acceptable to many agreeing with your sensibilities? To be clear i'm not sloppy wearing my clothes in fact i prefer to dress up casually but never sneakers or bulky boots even when in climatic environment. I agree with your conclusions hate seeing females in gym, yoga attire walking the streets as if they were at the gym, sweating then go shopping. More times then not they wear the workout leggings as black pants with three inch chunky booties with a slim fitting leather jacket. Yes, showing off sexy slim legs and booty but still looks to me not fashionable as some black lux denim designer jeggings.
  24. Perfect exactly what i'm looking in black of coarse. Very comfortable?
  25. Don't do anything different, only the style or clothes i wear may change the bulge details. For example on the street wearing thicker denim accessorized sometimes with longer shirt, sweater partially obscures the bulge and buttocks. At the gym compression tops and thin fabric leggings leaving everything shown flaunting my shape and curves. If someone sees me they can see i look athletic and very bold. Thus wearing heels with tighter fitting clothes makes a better looking silhouette. As far how i deal with it, have no problems on the street recent occurrences as i walk pass a mature female, doing errands, she notices my lean legs in tight fitting denim, i get a smile for whatever reason. Doubt anyone ses a bulge but if they are blatantly focusing on it then it shows where they mind is at.. True at the gym there no kids and if someone does notice my bulge usually first thing there eyes focus on. Reactions vary but usually it's shock of Woe, OMG! that's impressive, while others just ignore it... So i just be myself and if things tend to show that's natural so i don't lose sleep over it unless it's distracting to others at work, brings on new problems i don't want to deal with so i intentionally cover up sometimes to no avail...