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  1. So true, woman often notice subtly before you can realize them observing your or my style outfit. Taken from experience if woman enjoy the view they will stare with a smile. As you said, people can't grasp what they are seeing but many do, but prefer to ignore you or me, only because they instantly disapprove. Think the one's that ignore us believe in fashion sense that belongs to individuals gender. Once you cross that boundary instant disapproval is brought your or my way. If they argue or get upset voicing their beliefs to us for our heels or outfit often than not they are jealous and envious but don't admit it. While people ignoring us is one way of showing disapproval quietly.
  2. Monotone look is alright. Love the round toe box suede heels. Find contrast works well with fushia tights.
  3. Anyone found similar booties like these? These Cara booties look pretty good. Like the heel. Only problem is they make it only to a size 10. Hum, don't they respect dad wanting to wear these too.
  4. Jeff i agree with you and completely understand. You say, 1 hour to get things prepared? If you have more to choose from may take longer as with me. Finally picking outfit that works sometimes is exhausting. Often with me i find i need to buy more only finding the other stuff is too boring or dated. Sometimes when i choose the right outfit i get bored of it after short few minutes wearing it. Usually that happens when i choose colours that are subtle understated. Before i was loud even clowness appearing wanting the obvious attention that my clothes made. Now i got to be little subtle yet feel restless in them feeling i'm invisible amongst everyone.
  5. Your so right..Lol. No seriously, went to outlet store today found some suede Sam Edelman pump stilettos like these. Yes to my amazement a size 12 US which has to fit me, i was about to grab them only to back off, saying to myself those heels ain't high enough. Something about these heels or height i see some women wear doesn't do it for me. Maybe W6ish does know higher heels looks better, i don't know if your 7.5" platform your video shows are for me but i understand wearing them better now. This would be more like my style CL.. Do know W6ish might like these Daffodile better might be to high for me though. For $150 quite a bargain.
  6. In Love with the heels ankle straps, and yah and to fishnet nylons great touch. Heels got have steel stiletto, no?
  7. Makes me sad he has better symmetrical quads then me, Lol.. Just funny video he's just making light of it. Surprising that many hits happened. Guess lot of people want to laugh. Easier to be wearing heels made fun of then be taken seriously.
  8. As it should be. Truly believe your correct maybe conservative or do you draw the line somewhere? For me i may dress in a more feminine style but would that be acceptable to many agreeing with your sensibilities? To be clear i'm not sloppy wearing my clothes in fact i prefer to dress up casually but never sneakers or bulky boots even when in climatic environment. I agree with your conclusions hate seeing females in gym, yoga attire walking the streets as if they were at the gym, sweating then go shopping. More times then not they wear the workout leggings as black pants with three inch chunky booties with a slim fitting leather jacket. Yes, showing off sexy slim legs and booty but still looks to me not fashionable as some black lux denim designer jeggings.
  9. Perfect exactly what i'm looking in black of coarse. Very comfortable?
  10. Don't do anything different, only the style or clothes i wear may change the bulge details. For example on the street wearing thicker denim accessorized sometimes with longer shirt, sweater partially obscures the bulge and buttocks. At the gym compression tops and thin fabric leggings leaving everything shown flaunting my shape and curves. If someone sees me they can see i look athletic and very bold. Thus wearing heels with tighter fitting clothes makes a better looking silhouette. As far how i deal with it, have no problems on the street recent occurrences as i walk pass a mature female, doing errands, she notices my lean legs in tight fitting denim, i get a smile for whatever reason. Doubt anyone ses a bulge but if they are blatantly focusing on it then it shows where they mind is at.. True at the gym there no kids and if someone does notice my bulge usually first thing there eyes focus on. Reactions vary but usually it's shock of Woe, OMG! that's impressive, while others just ignore it... So i just be myself and if things tend to show that's natural so i don't lose sleep over it unless it's distracting to others at work, brings on new problems i don't want to deal with so i intentionally cover up sometimes to no avail...
  11. Thanks for the support bet you can have the same confidence if you stop caring about what people may think of you. Your correct in that females maybe threatened but they would never dare believe it themselves, or talk to someone about it. My belief of the worst haters of mine females tend to criticise me because they don't want to be overshadowed. Never would one of these females give a compliment to anyone even someone of their gender. Suppose it stems from envy, deep jealousy and self belief they are better then the next girl. On rare occurrences i heard woman say to others in front of me their actually so jealous what i wear but never compliment me for it. Only because what i'm wearing is female outfits which is wrong for male to attire old binary belief system that will never change for some females or men for that matter. Women often say, they like a man to look like a man otherwise it's not something to encourage if he decides to wear feminine clothes. So it angst them to see a male wear something they truly love or shopping for, waiting on a wish list on there computer, before they wipe off their credit card to purchase it. In other words me wearing something they lust spoils a desire to purchase something really nice and cute for said females. So today when i wore new indian ocean black Lululemon swift, LS to the gym with align crops in dark carbon had mom and daughter seeing me as they were walking out of a spin class. The daughter is a young fit skinny married diva and hates my attire to the bone, to put it mildly, overheard her bad mouthing me to her hubby one time very angry disposition. While the mom kept staring upon me while the daughter stayed cold and seemingly uncaring, although she noticed me second i stepped on the gym floor earlier to be sure, i'm difficult to miss being i'm only guy wearing female fitness clothes. So as i lifted my heavy weights they two positioned themselves chatting directly in front of me with other females. The daughter stretching, while the mom began to stare gazing upon me head to toe, as i was in mid exercise huffing puffing, head eyes looking straight up. Even the daughter may have took subtle glances upon me, but would never dare have me notice, because that would suggest that what i'm wearing is something a diva like her would wear... Why i put up with this disrespect or go on wearing what i do? The answer is often live well and any notion to get back at their hatred is mute. Only because i know they love the clothes i wear and drives them nuts to anger destroying any life of happiness for themselves or for other people in there lives. The fun part of what i wear to the gym is noticing the competitiveness of one particular diva attiring in similar clothing as me. The asian with eyelashes in my previous reply of stiletto heels covered with dress pants. Noticing this diva as she does of me often is a silent game we play trying to gain as much attention as possible through the gym clothes we wear. Only she is hung up with younger co-worker male of hers always working out giving tips or help to him, compared to me he needs all the help he can get. Funny thing today she knew i was admiring her new Lululemon alberta lake crop wunder under tights. While i tried to be subtle she came way to close to me helping out her co-worker buddy basically putting her buttocks side of my face as i sat on piece of gym equipment resting. As they were working out close by or at least the boy, suppose it was good excuse for the diva to rub it in, no pun intended knowing i liked what i seen from her. Yes, i noticed she liked it smiling a little too much working out. To bad she didn't see me in my heels today coming in the gym bet she wore something upscale sexy heels herself.
  12. Great pix. Undoubtedly it was a chance meeting seeing any male in pantyhose stilettos and a skirt that had to be documented. Suppose it's a easy photo to take when others want to show off what they witnessed male in heels. Today walking out of the gym changing room in the atrium sat a hot married with three kids female studio instructor talking with few woman after their session finished. Could overhear their chatter voices echoing on while i was changing, from adjacent atrium. So i was packed up wearing my dark blue J-brand skin tight legging jeans with my black leather Rag & bone harrow four inch block booties, accompanied with female Theory spandex long sleeve stretch top and my waist long marmot down black jacket accompanied adidas gym bag on one shoulder. Not the first time i seen the studio instructor outside the men's change room chatting away with female students after their sweaty sessions. The instructor began to be nice to me recently overlooking the feminine clothing i ordinarily wear in the gym or skimpy thong, speedos in the pool. Only reason she is beginning to be polite saying hello is recent gossip about my occupation status, thus maybe wouldn't hurt getting something from me if we were friendly. Before that she was very friendly to everyone except me. Suppose is was due to what i wear in the pool or gym floor yoga leggings etc.. For a family oriented mom she figured i was crazy and bit odd to get to know better. Often seen her roll her eyes seeing me dressed in tights while her students mouth dropped stunned distracting her conversations. Never had the studio instructor seen me in heels before. She often hides her opinions seeing me saying hello with a smile or holding the door as we leave the gym at same time. Yet i can see how her eyes are scanning upon my legs and flat shoes grinning away. Sometimes when i walk out of the changing room knowing it maybe them chatting away outside i tend to exhibitionize my streetwear. Sometimes taking off my jacket, wearing my gym bag on my other shoulder to give her a better look on one side as i pass by etc... Today i just didn't think about it much just walked out of the change room with my said heel booties. As i looked over head down i noticed six or seven woman standing by the female instructor as she sat on a bench saying goodbye to one woman. As she looked on instantly noticing my booties in utter shock that i have ever seen. Didn't wave or say hello but followed the woman leaving as i noticed in my peripheral vision the instructor almost sliding off the bench observing me leaving with my four inch block heels. Will see what happens next if i see her again what reactions will she have about me. Only reason i'm describing my incident about an attractive female is i feel encouraged that i can wear my outfit with some semblance i wear it well with approval. Usually at the gym i can gauge what i'm wearing is something females would like to wear themselves also. People figure status is important in life the car you drive, home you live in matters how others may think of you maybe even envious. My opinion is try to be happy dressed the way i enjoy and how most women would like to attired themselves. So when i followed behind at the gym seen a beautiful young asian diva with long eyelashes, makeup and long dress pants covering up her obvious five inch stilettos heels walking carefully downstairs this week to the changing area made me think why can't i do the same. Rarely do i see females dressed up coming or going to the gym. Usually woman wear tights to and in the the gym rarely change into streetwear.
  13. Beyonce is one of Todricks inspirations can see the similarities in his performance in the video clip. As for Toderick being gay admitting his dating friends is rather obvious to many female performers who see him as a talented dancer, singer. As for this musical being some gateway projecting our daily lives is a stretch or some lesson for acceptance males in heels. Forget it people have their beliefs and nothing they see or you could say will change it. People trust their own sense of what they see from years of stereotypes and like minded opinions friends and family. Rarely do people become friendly accompany radical departures from their conservative belief system. Meaning, people hang out with same mindset of friends as they are, which often cements their beliefs seeing their friends agree with them. So whenever they see me coming people assume i must be gay because guys don't wear feminine clothes or at least any of their friends or associates. While opinions on how i look may vary to being gay, crossdresser, crazy, vulgar the consensus is usually keep away not someone i want to know or very least be seen with. Enjoy the play as it's meant for as entertainment or laughter at a high degree work of art.
  14. Bet your all smiles. Doubt i could pull it off without sounding creepy or having ulterior motive. Maybe i'm too serious or assuming woman natural reactions of shivers and awkwardness maybe bitterness that i maybe enjoying wearing heels and accessories to much. Which creeps females away.
  15. How's that work? What type of strangers oblige your requests? If it were me in your heels i would feel it would be to much, people thinking i'm in love with myself. Also taking a picture often than not attracts other attention. Do people get angry when you ask? Calling you names rejecting your request only so they don't feel their encouraging your style..
  16. Now that turns me off wearing heels because the same thought comes to my mind when seeing others or myself wearing them. Suppose it makes my wishy washy of sorts being swayed away from something that pulls me in like gravity. Yet, like some do want recognition, and feedback of what i wear from others. Sometimes it's just being supportive but other times it's honest look upon myself seeing what i miss while others can observe that i can't. Usually a compliment washes away any sort of second thoughts that i appear silly or awkward. We as men have to be cognizant that social behaviours often can't get passed seeing male in female established footwear or clothing. Takes a while for others to be swayed or have a positive outlook what your wearing. Sometimes females find certain colours or style to outlandish once seeing it more often there taste changes or opinions sway. Had the same problem with said female mocking my cranberry leggings at the gym. After few weeks she had epiphany and bought exact same colour style leggings as she criticized. Later as i seen her wearing them, it was obvious she regretted laughing upon me so openly and close proximity. Her demeanour having me see her wearing the exact pair i own, was embarrassment, head down but no response but body language, facial expressions told me she felt bad hoping i forgot it or forgave her. Neither happened nor do i find it funny but find another reason why haters hate so much. This is why so many opinions on what you wear sometimes is wrong and best ignored.
  17. Seen this happen with dangling heel platforms from a older attractive business woman who was the President of worlds biggest retailer, it often is distracting. This is done on purpose targeted to get attention and lose focus from the males talking to her. I know i did, just about drooled over her legs crossed making other males seeing what i was staring upon. She knew it but ignored my stares but other guys adjusting themselves sitting on the chairs. We as men know fully well where our mind wanders or is taken by surprise seeing some platform heels done up right, add a little movement to be noticed. Sort of same notion can be done when someone shakes their arm or wrist making others aware of their rolex watch or jewellery worn.
  18. To say it's a bit of a shock at first glance is understatement when i observe others reactions of me wearing them. Depending on the environment your surrounded in. Reactions can vary from being utterly upset having a woman scream almost knocking me off my feet from her decibel level. Others may only quietly ignore me, while others smirk saying, they don't mind it. You will never satisfy people with your attire whatever the style or gender. After reading this post i boarded a train from work to go home. Seen a black young 30 year old male sitting across from my seat about 20 feet away. He was well groomed shaved head, leather short jacket moto, black suede loafers with gold accent matching his leather purse on his lap. At first didn't feel he was shockingly wearing anything out of the ordinary only dressed totally in black and his pants were short and snug wearing no socks. His atitude was smiling upon everyone suppose he was judging there appearance comparing himself, undoubtedly he was attractive from my hetrosexual opinion. As i kept looking more i noticed he was sitting with his thighs and shoes oddly for a male tightly close together as most woman do in a skirt with heels etc.. Then he stood up letting someone sitting beside, having space to exit out. My eyes bulged out seeing this young man was wearing black leggings with faux back pockets. He was about 6 feet tall with lean well toned legs similar to a fit 16 year old girl, with narrow hips. He had confidence to wear it and was not ashamed wearing a short jacket showing off his buttocks, didn't look at his bulge. He didn't feel he was self conscious at all in fact was revelling in it. He walked off the train on his toes as though wearing heels. He showed a body language, mannerisms of a very feminine woman, or stereotypical portrayal of televisions flamboyant gay male. Seeing others observing they didn't even notice or care what he had on, although one look towards him many might believe he might be flamboyantly gay so no laughter or finger pointing was done or stark stares. Even myself trying not looking, but focused on some females sitting nearby him, while taking glances from time to time. So i get it wearing leggings can make others feel uncomfortable around you. Some pretend not to notice but in reality they do, it's difficult not to show some facial reaction or opinion either a big smile thumbs up, or the simple trying not to look, ignoring you holding in the many thoughts, opinions of a male in leggings. So can people get comfortable or use to seeing a guy in leggings i doubt that very much. My thoughts is i wear them almost daily at the gym but also have to be aware some locations (workplace) or types of people (kids) may not be suitable wearing them. Some say if you got the body you might as well show it off. In my case i hear haters complaining about me to others but replies back are, i don't care, or if i looked like him, i be showing it off also. So yah! show what you got and let the chips fall where they may. Sooner or later you will get feedback one way or another. In my case i look at myself knowing i got faults but also see others having them also females in particular. So none should pass judgement that someone should look or wear certain things only because it flatters their body better than others. It's only someone's opinion some people like the colour red others hate it, doesn't mean you can't wear red. My peeve of people wearing leggings is they match it up with athletic sneakers looks as they are about to workout. The real deal is they wear them as casual attire and have no intentions to workout or do anything athletic. Only reason i see this phenomenon is to be provocative and very comfortable. It annoys me when i see females at work wearing leggings or shopping. One female told me reason she shops in leggings is trying on clothes is quicker and less disgusting. Meaning she felt when putting on clothes that others tried on could give her some skin rash or disease that transferred onto the garments. After thinking about it makes sense who knows how many women tried on some skinny jeans and left some sort of virus transferred onto the fabric waiting for you to try on next. Yuk is the word yikes..
  19. Just finished some late shopping. Didn't find anything exciting at Saks but Marshalls had some jeans and sweatshirt from a brand I'm crazy for.  Many here write about a shoe addiction buying to many. Well I do exactly that with designer jeans. 

    Picture shows a matching brand sweatshirt jeans and yes my block heel booties. 

    Had no problem walking in my booties as earlier in the week, guess I needed to get use to it. Maybe the temperature drop help stretch the leather booties out more. 

    Expected some reactions with my ultra dark legging skinny jeans I wore browsing the store isle. Nothing negative was said that I heard, on one occasion couple passed by and the woman laughed.  Most people seem not to notice until I was in line. Did see the guys behind me in the video screen camera feed staring and the female cashier assuredly knew what I was wearing when I walked over to the counter. The cashier had a smirky smile which I noticed concluded from viewing me shop earlier on the floor across her cashier desk in the denim section.  

    Observing myself in the store mirrors which I passed several was shocking how i outfitted myself. If I seen someone dressed like me same body type lean legs I would conclude it's a skinny fit woman. Then have to double take noticing it's actually a man.  So I can understand people smirking or laughing when they notice. 

    Almost wanted to take a picture of myself in front of the store mirror or video as I walk. Just felt it would look to vain pulling out my phone and attract attention more then it should. Observing myself as I walked passed a few well lit store mirrors I was shocked with slight grin how feminine my legs looked in those tight legging jeans and bootie heels I appeared. If I shocked myself how I appeared in the store can't imagine what the female employee thought. 







    1. CAT


      You and your outfit look awesome.  Who cares what others think.  God knows I don't . 

    2. Peter1


      Awesome looking outfit ! As CAT says the most important thing is that you are pleased with your look !

  20. Lucky you. Have block heel booties but today wore my suede tan flat block heel chelsea booties with some Clean Euston Leggings and Varvatos henley contoured hemmed with True religion oxblood denim jacket. My older sister seen me and said, in a demeaning term, where are you going, dressed like that! it's disgusting... Yet when she does it or any female like one pictured below, nobody says that's disgusting. Only if said female maybe over dressed for casual attire. Woman now trending wearing big boyfriend watches as jewelry. When we as guys wear something remotely feminine reactions are that's disgusting.. ?? When i was leaving out the gym the black female receptionist and other colleague stared upon what i was wearing. As i was opening the door leaving expect sometimes a goodbye depending how busy some are, rather one of them commented to the other about my attire saying, "it's crazy what's he is wears." Felt like turning my head and saying, have a nice night too. Funny was i didn't wear my 4 inch bootie block heels, just chelsea tan one inch block heel suede ankle booties. Doubt it would of made a difference if i wore same kind of stiletto booties like the picture below, or straight up 5 inch pleaser black pumps . Only would make me feel better if wearing heels and sudden reactions we all are famous seeing before. Yet i think i was dressed a bit subtle not 100% what i should of liked on Tuesday early evening, with the 4" block heel booties from Rag & bone camel or black leather i own. Feel once you put the heels on people tend to look upon you differently. Once they see a guy in heels they never forget and treat me differently than wearing just sneakers or chelsea booties. Walking towards the security guard desk seeing a guard smirking saying a polite hello once i entered the building down the long hallway towards the gym. He seen me in my 4 inch block heel booties about year ago when i had my car broken into in the parking lot. Think he noticed my jegging jeans walking towards him recognized, it's that guy! he soon will never forget who wore heels. Didn't feel it makes a difference wearing a general flat chelsea being subtle or comfortable rather than heels. Think the reactions are the same only in heels they may say oh! he is a crossdresser best to leave him alone or we will get into trouble or never seen one before. While seeing me in what looks to as normal male boots, which by the way are not. Seeing me in jeggings was easily reacted to that they don't look right. Sort of what i'm trying to say if you outfit yourself 100% then people get the image yah totally "put label here". Once you try to obscure or being subtle, hiding one part of your outfit lack of better term"freestlyling" if you will, then people tend to see something is off with the outfit. So yah! should of, could of, worn heels then reactions would be, oh boy! did you see him, rather what the hell is he wearing.
  21. Well done. Any reactions you got wearing your outfit? +, - We both wear similar jean jeggings only I yet to own or wear a nice stilleto bootie like yourself. At first glance Iooking at your pictures I chuckled. Then realized I have that type of style myself. Very streamlined finished with some great booties or shoeties.. i don't know about you but when people see me in my jeggings and block heel booties it tends to surprise them. Again can't blame some laughing at me or commenting looking like a girl. Once people see you enough tends to be comfortable to the style. Then they look closer analyze you and some might compliment the way you look. Only majority think our style is wrong for a male to wear. Giving us the shameful loud laughs to embarrass or gather attention towards me. Yet looking at your pictures can't see why guys can't outfit themselves like that. It's not shameful, disgusting obscene in any manner. Yet people generally mock that style only belongs to a female. Yet whenever I see females attiring such a smart look they really show how often unfit their body shape is. Always want to confront some thick thigh woman wearing it saying you laugh at me look yourself in the mirror honey! At the time never see a woman wearing the same style or look bad in it hating me for wearing it. Usually it's their friends that make a scene but the lean female wearing our similar styles tends to be quite. Don't know if the woman wearing it finds my outfit cool or embarrassed for her wearing it being compared to my body type, trying to avoid any scene.
  22. Nice look jeans, booties, just right way to wear those heels.
  23. Any comments you would like to share with the group of ladies in the pic said, or amongst themselves about your outfit. Can't understand why you don't get bad comments or reactions. Suppose if your surrounded with more mature attitudes comments get better. Just wearing my tight ink wash jeans rag & bone had few couples Friday night notice and began to laugh. She was wearing some printed ugly heel stilleto booties and black skinny cheap jeans. Almost wanted to stare back yah, lady look at what your wearing. But I did stare at her shoes later ignoring her. Think she got the message becoming self concious and stopped laughing second or third go around.
  24. Hear you clearly. We do have some obsession with different things. Mine being female activewear which i often shake my head at why do i need to buy new stuff. Yet i'm compelled to keep shopping for denim or activewear. Think to myself can i get my money worth from what i bought. Looking at my miniscule heel bootie collection or large amount of shoes do i need to throw out the cheaper worn uncomfortable ones i bought decade ago. Problem i have is i take care of my shoes so well or get very little use out of it because i bought another. Better to buy quality comfortable shoes, boots, heels having more chance in wearing them more often. Again easier said then done. If your lucky enough that shoe or heel fits or comes in your size then why not splurge. Even a used pair of LB i've seen selling are sold out in my size probably a 12 U.S translates to a 9.5-10 U.S mens right? Again bought some all to small Giuseppe Zanotti bootie heels sitting in a box untouched can't sell them if i wanted getting half what i paid. Doubt i'll buy some five inch heel SAINT LAURENT ZIPPER LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS size 12US or IT 42 how would that translate to man's foot of 9.5US?