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  1. CAT


    I don't think they are pricey at all, and with 5 girls in the house besides me it is a big expense, ALL the time. We have all tried other brands and nothing has held up as good. Wash after wash, some favorite pairs are constantly worn. If you look at Alo, Carbon 38, Athleta,,,, 100 bucks plus or minus is what leggings cost. Girls have tried the VSX, GymShark, Navigation, they stretch out during wearing, don't last after a years worth of washings. They all don't hold as well when your wearing them at the gym everyday Just my experience
  2. CAT


    Go to Lululemon, they will hem(shorten) at no charge pretty much the only brand I own
  3. CAT


    I am in leggings all the time, from casual to dressed up, you should all try it, much more comfortable then jeans!!!
  5. Hope everything goes better then expected Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep us posted on your recovery!! CAT
  6. Those boots are awesome. I would wear them for daily’s. I do love the stilettos but those are awesome. I haven’t had anyone at the tsa check ask if the heels are mine. Guess they figured it out when I was walking thru in a skirt!!! Lol. I did have a great conversation with a female tsa agent in Tampa. I also always have the metal detector go off and get sent thru the scan and the pat down. They will always ask if I want i male or female do the pat down. I say it doesn’t matter, unless there is good looking female one then I ask fir the female. I think it’s the knee replacements that set off the metal detectors but it’s not. It’s sometimes the clothing and my right shoulder which is all OEM parts. I was told that the level of the equipment and the checking varies by the volume of the airport. More in Chicago then in Tampa, but who knows.
  7. 2 more, 1 casual and 1 for work it can be done !!
  8. If I can pull off fishnets and a leather mini leggings are no big deal casual or dressed up !
  9. It’s really not a big deal. I’m going out in leggings all the time. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. At the gym obviously. Casual, shopping, running around, work, dr appointment. Far different n from the skirt and heels!!!!
  10. I can never find them in an 11.
  11. I always where something on my legs when I wear heels or boots. I will go with Leggs Sheer Energy on the thinner side for warmer weather to Danskin 1331 Ultra Shimmery for cooler to colder months. I will also use stay up thigh high stockings for some occasions. Some occasions call for fishnets!!. I can say that I do not own any open toe shoes booties or boots. Not sure I like the look of open toe heels with hose,, Maybe I should try it!!!
  12. I don't know about that entirely,,,,,, I agree a lot of plats are not to my liking. BUT my top favorite shoe is my Steve Madden Dejavu platform pumps, a black pair and a nude pair. I think I have 3 pairs of them in different color rhinestones as well as a leopard pony hair! Truly my all time fave shoe!!!! Everyone has there own favs! !
  13. Thanks for the compliment!! It was not to much of a challenge in the beginning. The bigger challenge was the fear of being seen! Now as you can see I could care less. Traveling thru airports plans and different cities is no big deal. Use to be a cup of coffee, clothing shopping outing, now its where ever when ever!
  14. Why YES,,,,,YES THE ARE!!!!! They are spectacular
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