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  1. It could have been a 1' wall perpendicular to the the walls you see that was hidden behind his leg!!!
  2. Hahaha I say that to from time to time
  4. skirt fishnets and stilettos,,,,,,, what could be better???????????????
  5. I live in the north suburbs of Chicago, Would go to Chicago all the time either by car or train to wander and have fun. Train was always interesting since you are kinda held captive on an hour ride for everyone to look at you and stare or even ask "whats with the skirt and heels?"
  6. Not only the weather but the constant crap going on in the city has kept me out of my usual shopping dinning and strolling in the city, even without a prefeerred "CAT" like outfit. Car jackings are a common thing, even in broad daylight with no mask or disguise. Robberies, muggings, shootings all up in numbers The fabulous mayor we have is doing a stellar job at promoting violence, the criminals know there will be no police involvement and certainly no repercussions to them. Not a good place to be these days, so sad.
  7. I hang in Chicago!! Its not that bad. Winter is THIGH HIGH BOOT SEASON!!!!!!! A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I have not seen any ads from Victoria's Secret or John Deere, cause I would def visit both of those !
  9. I am checking them out,,,,,, may have to try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Tech, Thanks for the nod!! The heels are getting polished up as we speak!! I did not do much last year due to the new knees! AND straight legs!!!!!! No more cowboy just off the horse jokes! Then Covid, then the riots, then last week some guy shot up from south of where I shop to the next north suburb of Chicago. Crazy unsafe times these days. We still have no open dinning but some private places never shut down, they are following guidelines and at 25 percent capacity I am really motivated to get back on the horse and get some heeling done!!! (pun intended) 1 entry per month m
  11. I have absolutely no idea how i found this site!!!!!
  12. I have a GF of 8 years now this XMAS, and one of her comments yesterday was," Aren't you glad you are with someone that you can be yourself, not hide anything, wear what you want, do what you want?" how cold I ask for anything else? She is awesome. I am still very selective on family outings, even though our kids know of my shoes and clothes, I do not want them harassed due to their father wearing a pair of heels. When she and I go out its always heels for me and her be it simple Sorel wedges, which are our daily shoes these days to 5-6" spike heels and always in the open for all to see, so
  13. I always keep my head up and always make eye contact. I have never been the one to look away first. I will never forget staying in Chicago over.a weekend. Had the outfit in the pictures on and was complimented 3 times on the way out of the hotel. I women in her 60’s in am guessing stopped me in the lobby and could not say anything more positive, those are the moments you remember. Not the 3-4 bad comments or shoutouts over the past 7-8 years.
  14. Out shopping for Xmas.  Sorel boots and all Lululemon 




    1. jeremy1986


      Nice look, cat. You certainly have the shape for an outfit like that!

      Let's see more of the boots!

    2. pebblesf


      Just in time for the holidays, looking great...

    3. CAT


      Thanks!!!  I think its the straight legs!!!!

  15. Are the far fight ones Devoious Daggers? I have pair of those!!! They are showstoppers!!!!! I can walk in them and boy do I get the looks, comments, and conversations!!!!!!!!!!
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