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  1. NorthFace vest too



  2. Lululemon leggings and jacket. Sorel Lexi wedges  


  3. Getting ready 


  4. Comfy outfit for Sunday shopping!!!


    1. pebblesf


      wish I was shopping with you!

  5. Tina that is awesome! My next house will have the same thing for my GF and my collection
  6. WOW. we are close to 100. 150?!?!? WOW
  7. I have those boots!!!!!!!!! I also have the same camo platform pumps. The tips on the heels wear out very easily !
  8. CAT

    A Lack of Heels

    I would totally agree with you. But I think we should at least get out of pajamas! I would not think twice about traveling in a skirt and heels. The only problem is I would freeze to death. I keep it to my Lululemon outfits from head to toe and a pair of Sorel wedges or heeled boots.
  9. I’m a little hmmmmmm I don’t know what I am thinking after watching that !!!
  10. Looks awesome Jeff!!!!!!
  11. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Does she know about this website?
  12. Totally agree with you!!!!!!
  13. Waiting for a medical test at the hospital.  Wore my Sorel Lexie wedges  with grey and white socks over Lululemon Speed tight leggings and a Lululemon black 1/4 zip with my new North Face 550 vest.  Many looks and a couple of nice comments 


    1. pebblesf


      Hope you are OK buddy....

  14. I have been after the Aldo Graziella’s for 2 years. The size 11 is so limited it sells out almost immediately, and you can’t even find them on eBay or other sellers. I told Aldo and Steve Madden they suck at size 11 heels, literally “you suck”. Steve Maddens response, yes they responded, was “there are a size 11 heels available if you look” My response to them “yea all the ugly ones”. No joke
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