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  1. Very gorgeous heels and outfit. It seems you cannot receive messages.


  2. CAT

    Nude ...

    Steve Maddens Dejavu in Nude
  3. That’s pretty harsh,,,,
  4. Tina, Those are awesome!!!!!
  5. I agree with all of the comments that people are off in there own world and most won’t notice. For the last few years my travel attire has been Lululemon outfit of jacket shirt and leggings with Sorel ankle or knee boots. I will say I get noticed but nothing said and definitely not YouTube worthy. I have on 3 occasions wore 4” block heels, riding boots and stilettos but with jeans. No skirts on the plane, I’m always cold on the flight and don’t want to freeze my balls off lol. I did not carry another pair of shoes as at this point in time I could care less what others think. Again, at the end of the day 99.9 percent of people could care less especially theses days. I have said in the past, “ I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time!” Adding, I have tsa precheck and sometimes the shoes come off and sometimes they don’t Not a big deal for me to take off my wedge Sorels or heeled shoes or boots, agents have never looked smirked commented. I’m sure they have seen it all and more. A guy in heels is no big deal to them.
  6. It could have been a 1' wall perpendicular to the the walls you see that was hidden behind his leg!!!
  7. Hahaha I say that to from time to time
  9. skirt fishnets and stilettos,,,,,,, what could be better???????????????
  10. I live in the north suburbs of Chicago, Would go to Chicago all the time either by car or train to wander and have fun. Train was always interesting since you are kinda held captive on an hour ride for everyone to look at you and stare or even ask "whats with the skirt and heels?"
  11. Not only the weather but the constant crap going on in the city has kept me out of my usual shopping dinning and strolling in the city, even without a prefeerred "CAT" like outfit. Car jackings are a common thing, even in broad daylight with no mask or disguise. Robberies, muggings, shootings all up in numbers The fabulous mayor we have is doing a stellar job at promoting violence, the criminals know there will be no police involvement and certainly no repercussions to them. Not a good place to be these days, so sad.
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