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  1. You really should give it a shot,,,,, Several years out in public a maybe 4 negative comments but thousands of positive ones and hundreds of conversations
  2. Yes knows about it We shop for heels and clothes with and without each other We always wear heels when we are out, we are in Florida for a break and each only have 1 pair of gym shoes, but each have 4 pairs of heels, matching Steve Madden Dejavu black pumps!! We each brought 1 checked bag of clothes on the plane,,,,,,,, and 1 checked bag of just shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. CAT

    Boot "season"?

    Finally the best season of the year has arrived !!!!! You can bet I will be out in boots tomorrow night !
  4. CAT

    A difficult decision!

    WC water closet???
  5. One of my outfits from my albums on a night out in the city. Do you wear your heels and outs out in public?
  6. That’s an awesome outfit!!! I have a very similar outfit. Can never go wrong with heels fishnets and a miniskirt!
  7. CAT

    Something Different

    I would jump on that,,,,, but i do get all the shopping, date nights, drinks, dinners, movies etc etc etc with my gf while we both wear heels ,leggings, super skinny jeans skirts. You have seen my albums. She is camera shy but we will be out this weekend and I will get her in the pics!!!
  8. CAT

    Highest heel you've worn

    Absolutely amazing!!! Looks awesome!!!
  9. CAT

    Short, fat, middle aged men

    Absolutely agreed with everything you said Jeff!!!!
  10. CAT

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I think that is awesome. I want to use that line at some point!!!
  11. CAT

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I’m still waiting to use that line,,,,, “no they are my shoes”. No one ever gives me the opportunity. I always get “love your shoes” ,”love your boots”, “ love your heels “, “ love your outfit”
  12. CAT

    My first public heel adventure

    That’s an awesome outfit!
  13. CAT

    Collection and pics from down under

    Awesome way to dress for work !
  14. CAT

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Totally understand what you are saying. I was the same, at home was just not enough. Wish I was 20 years old again,,,,

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