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  1. That’s the kind of service I get at Express!!! All the girls and some of the guys are always very helpful and kind.
  2. I’m sooooo jealous,,,, verrrrrry very jealous!
  3. I'm a straggler I will get mine in this weekend
  4. LOL, yes a wall of glass,,,,, like at Starbucks in the window!!!!
  5. I have been out shopping, coffee at Starbucks, dinner, and drinks in skirts that short and never had an issue being appropriate at any time. Just have to know how to work it !! LOL
  6. Will you be wearing this out to company functions? I think it looks awesome!
  7. OMG. THIS IS A BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!! I had bought a ton of heels from you guys on eBay years ago!!! Glad you signed up and hope you become a regular!!!
  8. Headed out to Chicago  this weekend for shopping.   Looking tonight for an outfit and heels to wear!

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    2. pebblesf


      We stay at the Rosemont Holiday Inn near Ohare for short layovers, downtown at the Club Quarters for long layovers...

      So, it sounds like shorter layovers are more convenient for you near the airport, do I have it right?  D

    3. CAT


      I can do either, I'm downtown more then in Rosemont,,,,, keep me posted

    4. pebblesf


      Don't have any Chicago trips now, but they are available, and am trying to trade into one.....Will give as much notice as possible, but realize you are busy and have to work....If you don't hear from me, that just means I was not able to trade into a Chicago trip....D

  9. Awesome collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the red!!!! That's great you can wear them at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That's an awesome pic! That's awesome you can wear heels together, I am one of the fortunate ones that has a GF that does all of that with me. She has no issues at all and we are out all the time with heels, sometimes matching ones!!! take a look at my pics too CAT
  11. Awesome heels on those boots!!!!
  12. Well that blows. Sorry you are having that issue,,,,,, well not you but she is havring the issue. I hope you can reason with her so she can accept your heels. Maybe you can have some conversations about it and even show her this website. My GF of 7 years accepts me for who i am and she do everything together. I am very fortunate. I wish you the best and don’t give up,,,,, but be very careful. It also could be very damaging to your relationship CAT
  13. Looks pretty well put together! Awesome!!!
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