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  1. I will be out of commission for heeling for a while. The critics kept telling me about my bowed legs., so I did something about it 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Heelster


       - - - Ouch !!!


    3. Pumped


      Hope to see you on heels shortly!

    4. jeremy1986


      Get well (and back  heeling) soon @CAT

  2. I just don’t get why they would put shoes or boots out on males. I know absolutely no one male or female who would wear those or even where you would wear those. With fashion shows showing crap like that we males will never get any acceptance.
  3. Very true ! 10 would be just fine
  4. I sooooo wish I had a size 9 foot!!!! Or a size 7 so I could share with GF !
  5. CAT


    Yes they are not cheap at all!!! They are one of the nicest on the market. I don't usually wear anything over it. If you are looking to wear something try a nice button down shirt and leave the top 2 or 3 buttons unbuttoned. The bathroom part is easy they have 2 -3 snaps in the crotch, easy.
  6. CAT


    I will say from my experience they are awesome to wear with any type of outfit. I do wear them often. Mostly with skirts but even with a simple pair of jeans. I usually do not cover up with anything unless it is cold and I wear a jacket. Most every one I own is from Wolford !!!
  7. Always nice to have matching heels !
  8. Love the leggings too Jeff! I wear them almost daily. Close to 100 pairs plus the jackets pullovers and shirts to match!! 98% Lululemon and a few from Nike and Under Armour. I work out every day at 530 am 5–7 days a week. Work clothes for the day (sucks). And leggings for the rest of the time to run errands go out on date night or whatever. When I travel it’s so much more comfortable then jeans and I would never wear sweats or pajamas on a plane. Very easy to dress up or down depending on what you are doing.
  9. There is a hard foam like block with holes in it to create the wedge. The insole has a the Sorel name on it and the bottom has raised circular bumps that match the holes in the hard foam wedge. I buy the Sorels at Sorel, eBay, a few other online retailers. Dick’s now carries the Lexie wedge but I have not bought them there. I think between the 2 of us and 1 of my daughters we have prob 15 pairs of Sorels I have not heard of any fakes with this line.
  10. Sorel Lexie wedges. My GF an I have several matching pairs too!! We both wear them almost daily!!! Here I am back at the hospital for more tests to get cleared for my long awaited knee replacements! No one at the hospital said anything but there are always the looks !
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