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  1. I handle 30 buildings in 5 states, new construction, remodeling, maintenance, inspections for a technology company that does marketing, managed IT, cyber security, cloud storage, business automation, etc. 900 plus employees and not 1 is allowed to work from home. We have found that not everyone will give you 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay. Productivity is higher when people collaborate together, work together, party together. Some of the bigger companies have realized that it does not always work out with people working from home and are slowly bringing people back to the offices. Baxter had required 2 days in the office last year, this year it is 3. I will say that Allstate insurance sold off there headquarters in suburban Chicago as they found they don't need the offices. who knows where we will be in a year or two,,,,, The Doomsday clock just got moved closer to 12 midnight so at that point it won't matter :-o
  2. Send a pic of the outfit of the evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Those are fantabulous!!! The outfit is awesome too!!!! Great skirt!
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