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  1. First pair with the red heels are awesome!!
  2. glad you liked them :)

  3. Miniskirt !!!!!! Is there anything else???
  4. That is ridiculously SMOKIN HOT!!!!!
  5. I have done all that you mentioned. I have had my GF take some. I have used the timer on my iPhone, which is a pain. The best pictures are when I stop people on the street or in a store and ask them to take my picture. I have only been turned down 2 times.
  6. Those are fantastic !!!!!
  7. I agree with you and disagree with you at the same time. While you have see from my pics I have no problem being in public in a skirt and heels my reason for not showing my face is to save my kids from any questions that someone saw me on the Internet My heels are in plain site in the closet right next to my GF's and my 2 daughters. They know about it but I don't want to cause them issues with other teenagers. That's the only reason,,,,, kids
  8. Glad you are here. Great advice from everyone and I agree with them. I started out in the dark but agree not probably the smartest I am here in the US in Chicago and whether I am in regular guy clothes with a pair of heels or a skirt and heels, still presenting my self as a guy, people really could care less about what you are wearing. Keep your partners concerns as important as your desires. I have a gf that is on board and has been out with me in a skirt and heels but I always keep her feelings first. Always know the area you are going to . You can look at my pics and my albums to see that I have been to many different places over the years. It takes time and confidence is the key. Look up pictures in my albums to see that it can be done!!!
  9. That outfit is absolutely perfect!!! Welll done !! Glad you had a great time!
  10. Those are awesome not quite a style I have but would buy those in a heartbeat !!!!
  11. Jeff, i agree with you 100 percent. Even if you ask my girlfriend she will say when it comes to the clothes and the shoes I am "more of a chick then she is ". The outfit needs to be well put together so you get a compliment and not a laugh. She says she I get dressed I have a smile and a look on my face that only happens when I'm dressed up in a pair of heels and a skirt. I tell her no that's not true but I will admit her that I know it is!!! I think I look better in a skirt then a pair of men's dress pants. Just my opinion.
  12. That's an awesome outfit to take you thru an awesome outing !!!!
  13. Although never have worn a dress I know you have all seen my skirts and thigh high boots but I have never been told I can't come in. I have been everywhere from Home Depot, grocery store, fancy dinner establishments to bars and clubs and have always been accepted and have never had a bad comment from anyone working at the places I have gone. I have always gotten nice compliments
  14. Great heels always make a statement!!