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  1. I still love my platforms and my single soles!!!!
  2. I think we should have our own magazine article. Who should we call to set that up!!!
  3. First sentence you wrote is better said. Guess I should have used the 24 hour rule. Just aggravating when I see this stuff , from my point of view, guys wearing heels will never be mainstream. I agree if they were to show more normal outfits AND heels that someone like wear out of there house to a dinner it would go a lot farther to promote “our cause” rather then seeing someone in an outfit they have in a lot of these articles. Even I would cringe if I were out and about in a typical “CAT” outfit and came across someone in one of these outfits
  4. I think the heels in these pictures are ugly. When you see these shoes on men it will never take off. Show a normal pair of heels on a normally dressed guy be it in a pair of jeans a skirt or dress pants or leggings even. But when you see these ridiculous outfits it makes us look like idiots
  5. I have done this in all sorts of ways. Depends on what is on the schedule. If I am am just going out I throw on an out fit and heels and walk out the door and get in the truck on the driveway, as the truck does not fit in the garage!. I am sure neighbors have seen me but no one has said anything over the last several years. I don't think its a big deal!
  6. I wish I could!!! There is no issue with wearing them for an entire day as I have. It’s wishing I could do it every day!!! That would be awesome.
  7. THE BLUES BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAWHIDE!!!
  8. Love Pliner, have many boots from them!
  9. Hope you had a great Bday dinner. Shoes are awesome!!! Really awesome. Would love to see the rest of the outfit!!!!
  10. Boy oh boy I better be careful,,,,,, I fly southwest 99% of the time! I will tell you all that I am properly covered up and I am very aware of how to sit bend down or over and conduct myself so that does not happen. I even have had TSA agents male and female compliment my heels, skirt and shirt or dress.
  11. Awesome boots! you should sneak more photos from work!!!! That’s some of the fun.
  12. Love stiletto heels. My fave and most of my collection, shoes and boots.
  13. CAT

    Jeans and Heels

    That’s why I shave mine off all the time!!!
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