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  1. CAT

    Cali World

    No sorries!!!! All good. Order on line and pick up in the store. I will do that with the same boots in black as they did not have an 11 in stock in the store
  2. CAT

    Cali World

    They are not the same boot at all. They are completely different. There is a functional zipper or the inside Funchal lace up. And a faux zipper on the outside toward the front. The heel is prob around 3-1/2”. Also mine are not quilted.
  3. CAT

    Cali World

    I just bought these on Wednesday at dsw https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/g-by-guess-jaydyn-combat-boot/458303?activeColor=268 they fit perfect
  4. Dinner outfit on Saturday night 


    1. bambam



    2. pebblesf


      Looking so fine, I think I have a long Chicago trip at the end of the month, will stay in touch...Don

  5. Another go to outfit with fav Steve Madden Dejavu pumps. 




    1. jeremy1986


      Wow, look great @CAT

  6. CAT

    Red OTK boots

    I take a picture with an iPhone try to upload it. Crop it down try to upload it. Crop it down try to upload it. Crop it down try to upload it. Forget it it’s not worth my time
  7. CAT

    Red OTK boots

    I agree on that rule. With that limitation I have posted less these days
  8. I do visit Starbucks all the time!! I'm in one right now in Florida vacationing and wearing leggings and wedge sneakers I just got at DSW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The size limitations on this is absolutely ridiculous.  Other than Jen cropping the photo down to just my shoes what is the trick   

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CAT
    3. jeremy1986


      Looks like you managed!

      Looking good, though I preferred your skirted look!

    4. CAT


      Thanks !    I do too.  Although o would have no problem wearing it I think I would freeze on the plane.  Even on the flight yesterday I had to wear a sweatshirt on the plane and was still cold.   Not to say I won’t skirt it up fro a trip at some point 

  10. Traveling from Chicago to Tampa today.  Headed to the beach over by Clearwater. Outfit of the day to fly 

    Lululemon black Define jacket

    Lululemon Black Metal Tech polo

    Lululemon black and white leggings 

    Guess ankle boots 


  11. WOW!!!! I hope that whole outfit is for going out on the town. I would so where that out on the town!
  12. Don when are you going to be in Chicago
  13. Don i wish that part would get better for you. I am thankful that my GF partakes and has no issue. CAT
  14. CAT

    Cali World

    That’s an awesome outing!
  15. Looks awesome! I have a few Pleaser Domina’s. They are great walking shoes.
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