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  1. I have some ankle many knee and a lot of thigh high boots. A few 4” mostly 5-6 “ a couple of 7”. Mostly in thigh high boots and a mini skirt to go out on date night or to the city. Ankle and knee boots with jeans, skinny jeans or leggings for just running around
  2. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    You are 100% right in my book Jeff!!!! If your going to go out look good. My GF stresses about looking good when she goes somewhere. And it’s dressed appropriately for where you are going and what you are doing. If she is teaching Pilates she’s in lululemon and looks fantastic. If we are shopping she is dressed up but not over dressed. Dress and boots or heels. Leggings and boots with a sweater. If we are out on the town she is dressed up to be out on the town. As for me,,,,,,,, well you have seen the pics of when we are out in the town. She says I stresss and think about it more then she does I have to it’s not that easy to look as good as she does with 1/2 the effort. Also I keep my outfits, depending on the activity in check as she is the important one not me. We are going out shopping first today and I am wearing a men’s lulu shirt lulu leggings boot socks with my new Sorel Dacie heeled boots. I’m taking another outfit to change for dinner and drinks Jeff, you always look fab in your pics. If your going to get dressed you might as well look good!!!
  3. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Go with the less noticeable boots. However, if you want to get noticed wear the stilettos I know I would and do. Also if you think you may get in trouble from your wife or others you might as well make it worth the trouble and wear the stilettos!!!! LOL. actually it’s not worth upsetting your wife over a pair of shoes. I always put my family first when I think about where I am going to dress appropriately. CAT
  4. Northern Indiana Meet

    We have been shooting for a Chicago gathering since last fall. Let’s get this party started !
  5. FSJ Shoes

    I will take a pair tooooo!!
  6. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Ok I’ll do it ,,,,,,, I dare you !!!!!! lol CAT
  7. SoCalGal, Glad you found us! First off I will say I am another normal straight guy here,,,, well I think we are,,,,,, it’s everyone else around us here at HHP that aren’t normal! I have been wearing heels in public for over 5 years now. For me I like the look the feel and boy do I get better service at the stores, bars, clubs, restaurants, even Home Depot. My GF is perfectly fine with my choice of clothing and heels, we shop together all the time. Here are a couple of pics I am not dressing to pass as a girl, I am just a guy in a skirt and heels that’s all . No make up no wigs no boobs, period . It’s always nice to nave a girl here to give us the female opinion Hope you stick with us normal guys !!!!
  8. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Absolutely fantastic way to dress at work!!! I’m jealous!
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    You should absolutely wear them out,,,,,,,,, with leggings or skinny jeans tucked inside!!!
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    Those heels are fantabulous !!!!!
  11. My first public heel adventure

    I would have bought both!!!! They are both awesome. Where are you shopping??? Express? I always stop there
  12. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Isn’t that the truth!!!! Looks great anyway!!!! Those look like they belong in my collection! What brand are they?
  13. The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Exactly what I was thinking!!