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  1. CAT

    Cali World

    Boy isn't that the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!! they all have big balls behind the keyboard. Same goes in the work world, big typers but cowards in person. I call people out to meet face to face in the work world all the time, not the same person who tried bitchslapping me on an email
  2. I have a comfort item with me too
  3. Same as you in the cooler months with a jacket or coat. Lot of times I give all my stuff to my GF to put in her purse whether I am in guys clothes, leggings, or a skirt. I do have a case for my phone that hold cash and credit cards. Only issue is the car keys but my car has a keypad on the door. I have kept some stuff in a small Lululemon bag just as we see everyone carrying one. There are times I will have my backpack with my laptop in it and that carries everything
  4. I think we could pull a few dates together and see which one would work the best. Any thoughts?
  5. Awesome heels !!! Awesome that your BF has a matching pair. My Gf and I have many matching heels (and outfits!)not just for Halloween!!!!!
  6. Last pic.  Had a great a  meeting in this outfit before heading to dinner with Pebblesf with nothing said.  Next time have to get out earlier.  Before we knew it it was almost 11pm.!!!  Had a great time ! 


    1. pebblesf


      Me too buddy, hope you got home with no traffic.  No one may have said anything, but they noticed....I caught the kid sitting next to us peaking under the table cloth looking confused.  And, our waitress was all smiles, in a good way.  I'm just glad I didn't slip on the darn tile floors on my way to the can after a few beers!  

      Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule, sure hope we can do it again....D

  7. Another pic


    1. pebblesf


      Looking sharp buddy, wish I could master great heels like that

  8. Had a couple of looks 


    1. pebblesf


      Nice legs, all that hockey paid off for sure...

  9. Outfit


    1. pebblesf


      A home run for sure, I will have to look at my phone again and try to figure out the photo thing....

  10. Left work Thursday afternoon to an appointment in the city then to meet Pebblesf for dinner and a drink at Cheesecake Factory. Awesome evening and conversation. Looking forward to it again. Maybe we can get a few others next time!!!!!!


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    2. CAT


      Thx,  It is so not my work attire,,,,,,   I did wear they outfit to my meeting before dinner and I think it was a distraction but I did get a " nice outfit"   guess  that could go both ways but I will take it as a good compliment!!!  I am in the jeans work boots and collared shirt most days(unfortunately)

    3. jeremy1986


      Welcome to the (work) club :-) 

      Am sure you rocked the outfit

    4. pebblesf


      He was the hit of Michigan Ave for sure!

  11. I think I can walk the walk and talk the talk in my heels !!!!!! LOL I had a pair of Scream heels and could walk in them just ok, and for that reason I kept them at home, sadly even with very little use the stiletto heel broke off and the seller and the manufacture would do nothing to replace them.
  12. Jeff That is an awesome walk and no one said a word. Great outfit! I have found that too in Chicago, no one says anything except for the occasional “nice shoes “. CAT
  13. CAT

    Cali World

    No sorries!!!! All good. Order on line and pick up in the store. I will do that with the same boots in black as they did not have an 11 in stock in the store
  14. CAT

    Cali World

    They are not the same boot at all. They are completely different. There is a functional zipper or the inside Funchal lace up. And a faux zipper on the outside toward the front. The heel is prob around 3-1/2”. Also mine are not quilted.
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