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  1. That's awesome!!! Going to school in heels! Love it
  2. I think it looks awesome! The more left the better!!!!
  3. Those are awesome boots!!!!
  4. Welcome!!! There is a lot of involved fantastic people here. Hope you have fun with he heels and at some point like most of us,,, wear them outside the house!! They are just shoes!!! I wear mine with skirts all the time CAT
  5. The pants and ankle boots look great together. I have tried to set up pants or leggings many times but as you know always end up in a skirt usually a mini that my GF had no problem with but reminds me "Please don't bend over to pick up your keys if you drop them " lol. I have a few pants and leggings outfits set up to wear and will post pics as it happens. I think the skirt you are modeling would look a lot better with a pair of single sole or platform black leather pumps. Not the right seasonal but knee high, otk, or my fave thigh high stiletto boots!! I always get a ton of positive comments when I wear a leather skirt and boots.
  6. I like both!!!!
  7. Those are really awesome!!!!
  8. Looking awesome in all your outfits!!!
  9. Holy crap that's an awesome outfit!!!!!
  10. The shoes you are wearing are fantastic!!!
  11. Just set up an album and load the pics. You need to keep the file size small for it to load.
  12. oo

    Glad you found us. Welcome aboard !!!
  13. It's all good and perfectly fine with me!!!!! Here is a better pick from on Starbucks. I can always just take a pic of the shoe if you want. I don't think my albums have just the heels. Let me know!!!! Thanks for the look
  14. Yes !!!! Daggers they are! Thanks!
  15. I think you should!!!