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  1. I don't think of it as drag at all, I am out there dressed the same way as you in the pic and do not think that is classified as drag at all,,, I am sure some do but F them
  2. Those look pretty awesome! I like the color and the laces on the back of the thigh. I like a mix of single soles and platforms. Depends on the mood the outing and the outfit. I have to get back in the saddle as I am starting to feel good enough to get the heels back on and get out for a walk. May not be like before when I could do hours but I will get there!!
  3. I think the purple are the best !!
  4. CAT

    Cali World

    Yea it would!!!
  5. This is what I use to look like,,,,, quite a trip down memory lane!!!  I remember every picture   I keep wondering how I even walked in heels with those bowed legs! image.thumb.jpeg.3305edf445e6bcfa99eb33768751f1e9.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.d3379f21f4a9330e996bcedb14aee129.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.0e35a15ee38f69e3e64a24815ef3b94a.jpegB9565D80-67B5-41FA-87BB-F0FB995C76E3.thumb.jpeg.62b5464c397a6f10a71437b082647da3.jpeglarge.D78858B5-88C2-48A3-8ECF-2E49CFC2BF9E.jpeg.08738d5cf1eb3b6727b9081ddedc29b9.jpeglarge.910A8104-93A4-485C-938E-BB385278F71B.jpeg.f28d9cb55d288cfe7e1bf27e7b420d7c.jpeglarge.F97D886F-737E-48B1-B685-699F731DF909.jpeg.5a4e34d6ead755b1732df7ad6c3b0c87.jpeglarge.8F245181-BF7C-4E1A-AC68-E3CC44614652.jpeg.7a4bfdc72c0647909f3b9eaffa502a1a.jpeglarge.image.jpeg.21dfc45e7217d6e131f18f72b39391a4.jpeglarge.image.jpg.f0ac159c8ff9b03e10980f8b05636399.jpglarge.image.jpg.4e46f40ba786efbd7af1027c9e6b2837.jpglarge.image.jpg.94422c9a69faeae0ca9f7d411f4b517c.jpglarge.image.jpg.1e9365acc0e44215e659cc6954abfa87.jpglarge.image.jpg.cc08c07666dd644291132e4783051e3f.jpglarge.image.jpg.0b5f5ba03d36f74bb33ee3c83e2628ee.jpglarge.image.jpg.084ad16c99cabb79b8043c657a97d00b.jpglarge.image.jpg.aa6a465216fe7258e8196acceb640de1.jpglarge.image.jpg.3e870b3fbf5e911905725edf6535b260.jpggallery_19000_539_166329.jpg

    1. pebblesf


      Great memories for sure buddy...Can't wait for the next chapter, which will be even better....

  6. So let me know what you think of my new STRAIGHT legs after total knee replacement surgeries.  It’s been 4 long months but totally worth it!   First time in heels but not ready for a day out in the deserted Chicago.  All those times in person and here on  HHP  when I heard “wow are you bow legged!!” 













    1. Kasiioro



    2. Pumped


      Looking great!

    3. Kjones92


      Love the pics!!! :)

  7. I wear heels with my GF of 8 years and sometimes they are matching Sooooooo, 4 of us???
  8. Hope this note finds you well and totally mended buddy....I am on a three month "leave", hopefully helping to save a few jobs....Take care...Don

  9. Pernilla, Those shoes are absolutely fabulous! What is more impressive is that your legs are perfectly straight in those killer heels. Many times I have seen pictures of people in that high of a heel and their legs are bent at the knees or they are sitting for the picture or even holding on to a wall, railing, or something so they don’t fall over. You have awesome legs too!!!! CAT
  10. Agreed. I have more women’s 7 for all Mankind and Express jeans and jeggings. The fit is better and they are much softer.
  11. Steve Madden Dejavu's My favorite go pump!!! I would have put them on the bookshelf too!!!!
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