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  1. I’m pretty bad too for myself. 90% of what I buy is Lululemon. I have at least 70 pair of leggings as well as men’s tops and define jackets as well as other 1/4 zips and men’s button down shirts. Now the problem,,,,,,, my GF is a Pilates instructor you think i have a lot? She is completely decked out. I also have 2 girls who have a ton of Lulu. My son has no leggings but s Ton from the men’s side. I don’t even want to l know what the dollars are. Crazy I’m sure. I do understand where Macky is coming from. We are at Lulu usually 3-4 times per month as the styles are the same but the colors and patterns change and there is always something new we have to get!!!!
  2. CAT

    Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    I have a heard CL run a little small,,,,, I am a us 10.5 to mostly an 11 depending on the brand and that is hard to find. Spending the dollars that even a great previously owned pair gets they need to fit. I also agree with you i would wear the soles off of them!!!
  3. CAT

    Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    Those are awesome I would not even think twice about it
  4. CAT

    Anyone Here From Texas?

    Don when are you in Chicago
  5. CAT

    Word Association Game

  6. That’s an awesome quote. The shoes are awesome too !!
  7. I think I had those thoughts years ago. Not anymore. I look forward to getting out in a skirt and heels. When I do I don’t ever think that. Confidence is the key. If you act normal there is no issue. When I was out s couple weeks ago I had fantastic service at Express Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. Funny thing was I was with my GF and was trying on men’s suits! Lol. There were a few puzzled looks but again fantastic service. Ended up buying an awesome men’s suit at Macy’s and went back to Express for a tie. Great outing
  8. CAT

    My wife and my heels

  9. CAT

    Noticing people in heels

    I have only gotten a stare, laugh, pointing or negative comment a handful of times in 5 years of wearing a mixture of clothes out in the street. However I always get compliments from both men and women, mostly women old and young. Even have doors opened for me. Doormen at hotels that I either stay at or pass tell me I look awesome. Just stayed downtown last weekend. Checked in the hotel in mens NorthFace coat men’s Lululemon top Lululemon leggings and 4” heeled boots. Younger girl at desk checking us in said she loved my outfit. Confidence is always the key
  10. CAT

    My first public heel adventure

    Look on eBay for Dacie, I think is the name , These are pretty warm!!
  11. CAT

    My first public heel adventure

    Sorel’s would work nice
  12. CAT

    My first public heel adventure

    Fantastic that you can go out shopping innthat fantastic outfit. I know I get a lot more help at Express, Guess, All the shoe stores when I shop in a skirt and heels. Don’t get the time of day when I go in jeans and regular clothes. Even GF see a difference when you dress up or go in plain Jane get up.
  13. CAT


    Try Pleaser, they have size 14’s
  14. CAT

    My first public heel adventure

    Great outfit for more then just grocery shopping!!!!!!!’ Awesome!!
  15. CAT

    Boot "season"?

    I mostly wear leggings, once in a while jeggings or super skinny jeans.

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