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  1. I am in the construction world and I would agree with you. I would not want to see most of them in heels either. They certainly would not look like us!!(or this)
  2. CAT

    Mr. X's travels

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Im up there but a lot of boots. I’m afraid to count
  3. Rockpup, those are awesome,,,,,,, I would sure give those a run out and about!!!!
  4. Since this is still going and I have not had anything fantastic lately in my opinion,!,!,!,!, here are my entry’s
  5. That is an awesome look!!!! To bad you can't wear your style to work everyday, maybe at some point!!!
  6. That’s a really tough one. I could see it going both ways tbh! I have a feeling the girl with the hat is going to be girl b more conservative. Girl a in the dress girl A as she looks like she’s up for anything. If im wrong and the girl on he dress is B it’s because she has a look of I can go get any guy I want I don’t need some guy wearing heels. Then I say Her loss. I wear heels all the time lol!! again that’s a tough one CAT
  7. “ I had the same out fit as yours on before I left the house and decided to change,,,, thank god I did”
  8. I prob would not have kept my mouth shut. Especially to someone who would one there mouth when they apparently have never looked in the mirror
  9. I would have to say that I have had stares on my travels in the leggings and wedges. No comments but you can tell a nice approving glance to a omg are you kidding glance. BUT I could care less. What I will tell you is I have great comments and conversations when I’m wearing a skirt and 6inch heels. Can’t figure that out,,,,, maybe I need to wear a skirt and heels on my next flight!!!! I also have several (a lot) Lulu speed tights and the logo is on the left side calf. Again I have no problem have someone see I’m in Lulu that is marketed to women but when worn properly can look just as good on a guy. I can’t tell you how may times I have gone into the handful of Lulu stores in my area that the staff knows me and and I have not been in leggings. I have never had a bad experience with or without my GF
  10. My usual travel heels are my Sorel wedges I just traveled from Chicago to and from Lake Tahoe thru Denver. This was one of my outfits. I always wear some type of a Lululemon outfit with my 3 “ wedges.
  11. CAT


    I would agree there!!! I feel the the pebbles in singles soles!!!! However “it’s better to look good then to feel good dahling and you rook mavlous!!!” Lol
  12. CAT


    Totally agree. Everyone has there own likes and dislikes. I like my single sole shoes and boots. I like my platform shoes and boots. It all depends on the look I am happy with. The outfit I’m wearing. The activity I am doing or attending. If I had to pick my single most fav it would be my Steve Madden Dejavu black platform pumps. Here they are when the were discontinued I bought 3 more pair in black and 2 more in the nude/beige. I think they are 6”/2” and so comfortable. I have others that are more conservative and others that my GF says they scream CFM!!! I don’t own any slingbacks, I’m looking I don’t own any sandals or wedges just haven’t found something I like I am looking for some peep toe pumps for this summer We all have our own tastes and we all are able to heel in different capacities as we all have different likes, dislikes, tastes, and comfort levels CAT
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