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Who has bought some new shoes


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56 minutes ago, mlroseplant said:

I have a few new heels to post lately. Here is the first installment. Via Spiga booties in patent leather and suede. Bought from Poshmark for 40 bucks. 4 1/4" heels, no platform, 3/4" block heel. I've worn them out twice already in the first couple days of ownership. They are comfortable to the point where you forget, at times, that you're wearing heels. Downside is that they're leather soles, and will need replacing soon. Somebody else obviously thought that these were comfortable shoes as well. I wonder why they got rid of them. They are, perhaps, a little bit long in the tooth as far as style goes, but that has never bothered me.



Patent AND suede - spiffy!  I am a sucker for mixed material designs, and the buttons are a nice detail too.  These shoes scream to me to be worn with a tuxedo.  I think leather soles are a must in this style, and resoling is hopefully no big deal.  Nice find!

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On 4/12/2022 at 1:17 AM, SF said:

New sandals for spring and summer !!!…..  

I saw these sandals last February and had to have them (even tho I did not need them!).

The ankle wrap thong is “Popi” by Nine West, size 11.  The chunky-heeled sandal is Morel by VanEli from Marmi Shoes, size 12.  

I like both styles for totally different reasons.  

The Popi thong has a unique feminine “edgy” look to it with the semi clear upper and the ankle ties.  The kitten heel is 3 1/4 inches high, the highest heel I own.  All of my other heels are less than 3 inches.  That extra ¼ inch makes a difference too.  I have worn them out almost daily the past two weeks; they are comfy, to a point.  No long walks for these heels, but standing is fine.  They will be good for short errands or going out to dinner, coffee and such.  Nonetheless, I like them – a lot.  

The block heeled VanEli Morel sandals are from Marmi Shoes, my favorite shoe store.  They were on a one-day clearance sale for $22.22 on February 22!!  They had sold for $120 dollars, what a deal.  I call them my “frumpy” sandals and the wife agrees.  They aren’t the most stylish sandal I own but they sure are comfortable and versatile.  The heel is a stable 2 ½ inches and the uppers hold my foot securely.  I have worn them for many hours without any problems.  Even tho they be “frumpy” I like ‘em too!  

Both are pictured with my Vegas pedicure from the spa at Caesars Palace.  The gals there do a wonderful job on the nails.  

Have fun in your heels, I do.  Smile….   sf




Those are not frumpy looking sandals. I like them and I have a few pairs like them but with higher block heels. BTW I like your pedi, a nice pastel blue perfect for Easter and spring wear.

Happy Heeling,


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Bluejay....   ha ha.....   Thanks.  Maybe a little bit frumpy (according to my wife), but they sure are comfy!  smile..     sf

"Why should girls have all the fun!!"

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I "needed" a pair of black platform pumps and decided to give these a try. I bought these from Amazon (Link) . I don't know why, but I have 5 pairs of black pumps. I guess I like them!



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I have been experimenting with open toed pumps lately. Not that I have my finger on the pulse of fashion, but it seems like they are coming back into style recently. Naturally, my example is from the last go-round, and therefore not cutting edge. I got these silver snake print Via Spiga "Elora" pumps from Poshmark for 35 USD, plus shipping. They have a 5 inch heel with a 7/8 inch plat, for a steepness of just a tad over 4 inches. The heel is slim, but not stiletto. It is wider front to back at 3/4", than it is side to side, at 1/2" and is in a contrasting color, along with the platform.

Being relatively new to open toed pumps, I figured I might get away with my sandal size, which is 8 1/2 U.S. Women's, rather than my enclosed shoe size, 9. Whereas close toed mules or clogs always seem to work out better for me in 8 1/2, the same is not true when the open part is on the opposite end of the foot. These babies are tight to the point where they are difficult to get on. I probably could have used a size 9. However, it's really more in the width. The length is actually quite right, to my mind. I do not like there to be a lot of real estate between the end of my toes and the end of the shoe. These are just right, and I'm thinking that the shoe stretcher will make them actually wearable.

In my experience, Via Spiga shoes tend to run a little narrow, and when you factor in being half a size small, my poor toes are kind of squashed. But then, that's always the fine balance one strikes with pumps--too tight, and they're uncomfortable. Too loose, and you walk right out of them. I definitely did not have a problem with the latter on my first excursion. I wore them for a little over two hours, and they did seem to stretch out somewhat. Two hours was quite enough, but not in a deal breaking way. I've got them on the shoe stretcher now, and we'll reassess in a few days. If they stay exactly the way they are right now, I will not keep them. If they stretch out a bit widthwise, I probably will.





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I'm not much into that style of shoe (sandal? ha ha) but they look nice.  Hope they work out for ya...   sf

"Why should girls have all the fun!!"

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Posted (edited)

Here are a few of my latest purchases.   I really need to do another inventory count. Last time I did an inventory count a few years ago I had about 85 pairs of heels between my shoes and boots.  Even after getting rid of a few pairs here and there since I bet you I am still closing in on, or have exceeded the 100 mark. I always knew I was a shoe whore lol

Red le chateau pumps

Silver nine west pumps 

Black jeweled scarpini pumps 

Leopard print just fabulous 


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11 minutes ago, StockingTop said:

You can see the colour of the heels in this better lit picture


Perfect color match with your hose.

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