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  1. Bailey, Those skyscraper heels will be a perfect match for your top. That's the way I like to dress with my shoes matching my top. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  2. I like your style miroseplant. That's my style for Sunday church wearing too. A suit jacket and some style of heels. Being the warmer weather is here, I've shed my blazer and suit coats for polo shirts and camp shirts. I too don't feel comfortable wearing sandals to church. Many of my lady friends know that I have a red pedi, but I don't want to shock my pastor although he knows that I wear heels to church. I usually change into sandals after church on my weekly shopping trips and do carry a cross body bag, too. I like mules just like you do. I have about 10 pairs of the Nine West "Gemily" slides in a rainbow of colors. I'm a big fan of color and I try to match my top or suit coat with the same color of my shoes. Besides Sunday heeling I'm out in heels and flats several times during the week. I like to wear leggings and jeggings, skinny jeans, ladies capris too. I have many colors of capri jeggings and I'm not afraid to wear colors that other guys wouldn't. I've always considered myself as a fashion forward male which includes wearing heels and other women's shoes and boots. I get a regular pedi in a red color and get a clear gel mani regularly. My Vietamanese nail teck is all too happy to color my little pinkies with some color and some art decorations, too. She is so talented! I also have trouble adding pics of my ensembles. I use a self timer camera, but the resolution is too big for HHP, that's why I only write about my heeling jaunts. JeffB must have more time to add all of his pics on his jaunts. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  3. Very nice JeffB. Congratulations on your 500th jaunt. I don't keep track of mine, but I'm out in heels and some sort of women's attire several time a week. I wish I had time to post those events, with pics too, but I'm just too busy to do that. I just enjoy being a fashion forward male! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  4. Nice wedge heels HIH. I like your pedi too. Nice color, just like mine. I like the bright red color on my toes. OK on your anklet too. Did you wear the ensemble to the wedding, that you mentioned in another post? Happy Heeling, bluejay
  5. Nice looking pedi, too, Happy Heeling, bluejay
  6. I'm OK with wearing sandals. I too like SF, take great care of my feet. I get a pedi regularly and I do wear color, almost always red. My gal friend, at the spa that gives me my pedi always tells me how nice and soft my skin is. There is no hair on my feet or on my legs. She also says that a lot of women would love to have legs and feet that look like mine. Not to be bragging, but I do get compliments on my look when I'm wearing sandals or open toe shoes, from the ladies. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  7. I have shared my heels with other women on occasion. Ones that I know, only. My gal pals at Kay's Jewelers are always asking to try on my shoes. I always oblige them, but my size 11 usually is too big for most of them. When my friend Steve 63130 (member here) and I get together, we're always sharing our latest shoe finds as we wear nearly the same size. I wear 11 and he wears some 11's and some 12's. We really enjoy sharing, be it boots, sandals, flats or heels, what ever we got new since our last visit together. And lastly, I sometimes share a pair of shoes with my wife when she needs a special color or style to wear with her ensemble. She knows that my shoe collection is 10X what she has. She keeps telling me that for every new pair of shoes I buy, three pairs have to go out. LOL. BTW she wears a size 10W and my 11M are not that big on her. More than once someone complimented her on her shoes, If their mine she will tell them she borrowed them from her hubby, as a lot of our friends know that I wear heels. I'm glad that I don't have to wear a size 13 like JeffB does or she would drown in them! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  8. I remember the Candie's, mule slides. I bought a pair for my wife and I liked them so much I wanted my own pair. If I remember correctly they only went to size 10. I wear a size 11. I had to get a knock off pair. They didn't have the Candie's logo on them but you really couldn't tell the difference. Even the color was the same. We both had a pair in light blue.. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  9. Very nice Heike. I also wear the faux leather leggings but they look much nicer on you. I have gotten some positive comments from my lady friends when I'm wearing my faux leather leggings. They say I look sexy! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  10. Nice look JeffB. I have those same shoes in a black and white check pattern, from Trotters. They are very comfy and really don't look overly feminine. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  11. My new Aerosoles "Bird Watcher" sandal mules in black and white, cow hair. https://www.shoes.com/aerosoles-birdwatcher-sandal/864708/1922870 . All it has to do is warm up in my area, so I can wear them out. I will pair them with black leggings and a white top. I expect that my lady friends will like them on me! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  12. bluejay

    Cali World

    Cali, Nice heel mules. Love your mani, too! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  13. I don't wear skirts out a lot, but I do wear my heels regularly. I wear them with dress pants ( men's and women's), leggings and skinny jeans., crop pants and capris. I do get an occasional stare or look of disbelief from both men and women, but I do get a lots of favorable comments from the ladies and on occasion from a man, too. It doesn't matter if they are young , middle age or older, many women readily accept men wearing heels. On a couple of occasions when Steve63130 was visiting me, we would go out heeling together and we got compliments from the ladies. The most recent one was at Payless Shoes last August, when the shoe clerk told me that ," I rocked in the high heel sandals I was wearing, with cropped women's pants" She also liked my red pedi, too. She was also pleased to sell me a pair of brown strappy sandals, that were on clearance in the store. The next week I went back to show her my new sandals with a brown and tan ensemble, that I wore. She smiled and said , "I knew that you would look good in those heels". That was music to my ears. So I have to agree with fellow heeler, malinheels said, above. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  14. Bailey, Nice shoes. I like them. I like your pedi also, a nice spring color, just in time for Easter! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  15. I just had a similar experience with a Chinese company that markets shoes on Amazon called Sunetedance. I ordered a pair of green patent, chunky heel pumps in my normal size 11. I bought other shoes from other Chinese manufacturers and had no sizing problems. When the shoes came they were so small, I couldn't even get my foot in the shoe. They were nice looking shoes, so I tried to return them for a larger size. They wanted me to send a picture of the shoe on my foot. I told them their sizing was way off. They offered me a larger size for an additional $15.00 charge and I wouldn't have to send the pair that was too small back to them. I thought that was fair deal, until I posted a review of their shoes and their sizing problem. I only gave them 1 star. They responded to me that they would ship another pair to me for free if I would give them a better review. I took them up on that. I ordered a size 12.5. When I got them they fit perfect. Now I'm gonna update my review to maybe 3 or 4 stars, as the shoes are very comfy and I like the style and the color. I guess they were afraid with my one star review, that their sales would drop. LOL. The old story with the squeaky wheel holds true here! Happy Heeling, bluejay
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