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  1. Wearing heels with those tall heels and platforms. you must be a fan of Steve Madden. A lot of his heels measure up to that standard. I recently bought a pair of his knee boots and a pair of mid-calf boots which added 3" to my height. Now I'm close to 6' tall. Welcome to the site. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  2. Went to the nail salon yesterday, to get a new mani. My salon tech has been on vacation for the last month or so. Went to Vietnam to visit her family. Took her whole family along, including husband and two teenage daughters. Because of the pandemic she has not seen her family in over 4-1/2 years. I was happy for her. The purpose of this post is to let you know that it was all men at the salon when I went last evening. All 10 of us there. Some were getting mani's , some pedi's and some both. This was the first time that I was there that no women at all were there. My tech told me that more and more men are coming in for their nail work. Great news to hear for us guys that frequent the nail salons. Some were getting color on hands and feet some just clear gel. I got my usual clear gel over a light pink base with some art deco on my little pinkies for Veterans Day. Got white base color on both pinkies. On my left pinkie I got USA in red and blue and on my right got an American Flag. Got several compliments from the other guys there last night. But in spite of the fact that only men were there last night I was the only one in heels. I wore red patent knee boots with 3" chunky heels. White leggings and a red American Legion polo shirt to show that I was a US veteran. I was proud to serve my country during the Vietnam War and for that service, I can choose to wear what I want, heels of course and get a mani and pedi too. Happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow Veterans. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  3. I wear heels to church, every Sunday. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  4. I like the platforms, especially in the ankle boots. It's a fashion statement now! happy Heeling, bluejay
  5. My little pinkies are that long as chesterx. I manage OK with work gloves on when I work, but once in a while one will break off, then I start over again growing it out. That happened about 3 weeks ago on my left pinkie. It's already growing out. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  6. Very nice chesterx. I like it!!!! Happy Heeling, bluejay
  7. Got my new pedi and mani today for October Breast Cancer Awareness month. I got my hot pink color on my toes and on my hands my usual clear gel on all my fingers. On my little pinkies I got my left one in a white base with a hot pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it. The right pinkie is just the opposite with a hot pink base and a white Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on it. Already, I've had several compliments. The ladies love my new pedi/mani. I love it too! I showed them off, tonight with a pair of my Dunes sandals in white going to DSW to pick up my new shoes, that I ordered on-line. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  8. Yes, I like to wear red boots. I have two pairs one in a western style and one in a Steve Madden, block heel knee boots with a platform and 4" big block heels. I like both pairs and am wearing them out now that fall has arrived. Usually get compliments from both women and men always positive. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  9. On Thursday, after getting my mani done incidentally I got my clear gel on fingers with my little pinkies , left one royal blue base with white flowers and my right one with a white base and royal blue flowers. I did get compliments when I attended my grand-daughters wedding later that day. What happened after the mani is what I'm addressing in here . There is a new boutique that opened up recently next to my nail salon. When I walked past I caught something on the manikin in the window that I liked. It was a pair of red, white and blue leggings in a camo design. I went in and the owner of the shop, who I found out later, came out from the back to offer her help. I told her that I liked the leggings in the window. I was already wearing capri leggings with heeled sandal slides. She was very cordial to me and was very helpful. I told her my size and she asked me if I wanted to try them on and I said yes. I went to the changing room in back and put them on. I liked my look in the mirror and walked back out . She said that the leggings looked great on me and with my white polo shirt and white sandals were a perfect match. She noticed my mani and my red pedi and asked if I go to the nail salon next door. Of course I said yes. She too goes there for her mani's and pedi's. She asked me what do I think about the leggings. I said I want them, so we proceeded to the check-out. At that point she asked me if she could show me anything else. She said we're having a sale on accessories and showed me some items. She was very helpful. I looked but declined. I asked her about heels, she said what size, I said 11. She said we only carry up to size 9 but can order some styles in a size 10 and 11. I said that was great to know. I can't get over how helpful she was helping me, a guy in a women's boutique, After I paid for my purchase she said stop in again and I replied I certainly will. It was a great day getting my mani and shopping at the new boutique. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  10. Very nice MRX, I too just got my first pair of over the knee boots from Nine West. They too were on clearance and I got them for about $40.00 I can't wait for cooler weather to wear them out. I want to wear them with a faux leather pair of women's shorts so the boots can be totally seen. May even wear a pair of fishnet hose too. Enjoy your new boots. I will. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  11. The only decent looking pair is in the first pic. Those boots look fine and I have several pairs of that look, However the rest of the boots the guys are wearing are just plain ugly and clumsy looking. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  12. Was in Walmart recently. Great clearance sale on leggings. Bought several pairs. Some capri length, some ankle length and some bike short length. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  13. OK on the heels. I like the fishnet hose, which is a favorite of mine. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  14. Large calves make women look ugly. JMO. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  15. Yesterday, while picking up my dry cleaning I commented to the clerk that I liked the faux leather leggings she was wearing. She thanked me for the compliment. Of course I was in capri leggings with my heels. She knows that I wear heels with leggings. So you can compliment the dress or heels of another. You just have to do it in the right way. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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