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  1. They are! Very easy to walk in for me, and great to use when you need to reach a high cupboard.
  2. Yes it is a little blurry but this was my outfit from when I last went out: latex biker jacket, killstar choker and 8 inch pleaser rapture platform heels.
  3. I got these gorgeous Giaro Visionary boots today. Super comfy easy to walk in and an absolute joy to wear.
  4. Earlier this week I went for a walk in my 6 inch stiletto heel boots (yes, they did hurt my feet but blame the ground I walked on) and it was happily uneventful. No stares or anything like that. I just walked and aside from having to sit down a few times it was very nice to hear my heels click along. I have a video of walking in the boots on ground that didn't bite into the soles of my feet.
  5. This is from Thursday just as I started building my Lego Concorde, and as of this post I am 13 hours into the build. And yes, the quality is creamy shit on a crusty bread roll, but this was an attempt, shall we say.
  6. I think these belong to Carrie LaChance. I recognise her legs and the floor from her old residence. They look nice, I'll say that.
  7. Recent purchase from MissHeel on Amazon: Mary Janes pumps. A fine fit on my right foot but a wiggle on my left. Toe box on my left is also snug however with wearing thin socks it isn't a problem.
  8. I recently got 2 new pairs of heels: leather Pleaser Adore 1020, 7 inch heel platform boots and a pair of Mary Janes from Amazon by a brand called MissHeel. The platform pleasers are a perfect fit as usual, and I took them out for a concert to swap into on the eve of my birthday, Tuesday November 21. I swapped into them and I got a lot of good looks, especially from a group of ladies who asked me how I mange to walk in such high heels. They were in awe of my ability to not fall over in them. After the show, I decided to walk to the train station next to the venue in them. The pathway was a little challenging with a slight incline and a spiral staircase with some wet leaves on them but neither really stopped me to make me swap out into my other shoes. I kept them on and didn't take them off until I got home. I had no munters laughing at me, no slurs and no any rude gestures, maybe because it was a late and weekday night. The only person who said about my shoes was an older man calling me brave for walking in them. I stayed in them, got off the train in them, and I never got a single bad word said. It was great. The other photos are of the Amazon Mary Janes from MissHeel. I got them on November 22, my 29th birthday 🥳. They're fine on my right foot but the toe box on the left is a little snug but not to the point of them being very uncomfortable. After a while of breaking them in, its no problem. They're very nice to wear and easy to walk in.
  9. I've only been here for 8 and a half years thanks to me making one in 2015. Jeez those days seem so far from the world we live in now.
  10. Recently got a new jacket, and pairing it with my white pleaser 8 inch platforms makes the outfit 😊
  11. Also forgot to add about these Louboutins The RRP for these that I didn't pay, was £800. Instead, I paid £285. Essentially, these were a steal.
  12. I got my Christian Louboutin Pointipik boots and they fit me PERFECTLY! They're an absolute dream to walk in, the inner sole is super comfy and they look stunning!
  13. I have had a really awful week mentally however, after waiting patiently for them to come onto my lap, I sprung at the chance to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin Pontipik boots that were only less than a third of what they would regularly sell for at £800 for the RRP. And what's better, they're already rubber soled so I don't need to take them to a cobbler 😊😁😊😁😊😁😊
  14. On Monday I went on my first public heel walk through my local town centre. I had a pair of jeans that covered my 6 inch heel sultry boots where they were pretty much undetectable to everyone passing by. I wanted to change from regular shoes to my heels outside but it was too cold so I went to the city hall, and swapped flats for my boots. After shaking some nerves off, I took a breath and just started walking. I didn't get any looks as far as I was aware, and feeling my heels hit the ground walking felt immensely satisfying. https://twitter.com/PissingOnDaMoon/status/1597223219500822531?t=OmU0KaEONMWxBGiDRPU-wA&s=19
  15. I've been tossing the idea of buying a pair of their boots around since the start of shit-went-all-to-fuck in March 2020. They look really nice and I can understand the appeal but do they fit male feet? And if they do, does anyone have a pair for reference? Much appreciated.
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