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  1. Thanks! I'm getting better, a month after acquiring them.
  2. Would rolled up ankle socks do just as good?
  3. The latter. I would slice half an inch off the tip of the heel but I'm too scared to do so because I'm not confident to try it.
  4. Nah, they're only decorative. I can unlock them any time but what's the point when I have them strapped on with a tear off velcro?
  5. Ballet boots aren't that practical but at least I can break them in while at home.
  6. From that photo it turns out i had the boots on the wrong feet.
  7. I got a pair of Ballet Boots this morning! Comfortable to wear but walking in them will take a few months to practice.
  8. Sitting down, they're very comfy to wear. Standing up though is a very different story.
  9. Me and my S.o from a few years ago.
  10. I've bought a pair of ballet boots and this topic thread is here for when I get them.
  11. Decided to get my 8 inch platform boots on out of boredom. Not entirely the appropriate pair but hey ho.
  12. Thank smeg they stretch. Otherwise, it would be way harder.
  13. Thigh high, just over the knee. Also around 6 inches high. No real challenge.
  14. Pleaser domina 3000s. I got a pair of skinny jeans over them.
  15. A photo of me staying in because of this bloody virus. Managed to have the choker and boots on for near 10 hours.
  16. This Coronavirus can get effed off to the sun. Not going out to get things or do stuff is a extroverts nightmare. But on the other hand, I can wear my stiletto heel thigh boots with no care in the world. 20200319_114226.heic
  17. https://byte.co/b/HszOrMmiVdG Got new boots coming in at 4.5 inches high. From JustFab but they're an Ebay find.
  18. They're a size UK7. The boots don't have spongy soles but they are still cosy. Mine, or a different pair?
  19. Boots I got from a discount shop for £10. Very snug and comfy.
  20. What brand are those boots?
  21. Welcomed in the new year and decade in my Pleaser Domina 3000 boots, with a pair of high top stockings on to keep my legs warm. My mum and I had the rest of our family around for our traditional new years party but nobody made a fuss about my 6 inch heels. Although after the party at around 3am, I took the boots off and realised my heels couldn't touch the floor. They were at best 2 to 3 inches off the wood floor but it didn't bother me. Happy new year and decade, HHP.
  22. So I went out again, and this time I went further than last time and found a bench to sit on at the end. I also got a video as well as the picture included so the link is here on my Instagram: Also, I kinda felt great walking both ways and hearing my footsteps on the pathway and feeling my stiletto heels make contact with the ground and hearing them around the area.
  23. Thanks! I prefer having my boots under my jeans as it's my style and 6 inch heels are as natural as my regular trainers.
  24. Lasted half a mile there and back. Could only go a far as a stone statue before I sat down to rest my legs. Next time I'll try going further towards the end of the pathway where there's an actual bench to sit on. Boots on, then jeans on over them. I prefer it like that. Went straight to stilettos from a pair of Jeffrey Campbell knock off boots.
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