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  1. JKrenzer : The single sole high heels in this photo are oxfords . Just like any other shoe, but with a 5 " heel . All of my heels are in perfect shape . I have so many high heel shoes I rotate wearing them so as not to wear out . Yes I still have them . Mike
  2. JKrenzer : About my boots . OH hell yes, and the spurs too . I wear them quite often during the winter along with several other pair of boots. These above boots are in perfect shape as well as the eight (8) other pair of spurs I own . Mike
  3. Heelers : Well here we go again . What is the complaint ? Any man ( or woman ) who goes out in public in high heels is subject to eventually be seen . You put your selves in that position . You are asking for it and then you bitch when your photographed . What is your major malfunction ? Unless your picture is used my someone for illegal purposes the public has the rite of freedom . Just like you . Mike
  4. Heelers : I think your all one sided thinking . I do not wear the same high heels to bed that I wear on the streets .Why would any one do that ? I have in excess of 120 pair of high heels . All of my heels are worn for different occasions . Wearing high heels ( boots or shoes ) to bed fall into , never have worn them on the streets . If anyone of you love high heels, then, when, where, or how long is irrelevant . mike
  5. Jkenzer : What gave you cause to be affraid . She may be on vacation, Or, She may have died of Coved 19 . Perhaps she forgot how to spell . I'm betting she got married . mike
  6. chesterx : In what part of the country, USA do you live ? It amazes me as to why someone would take the time to get a piece of paper and write a note . ( Love the note ) Why would they not just come up to you and inquire about your shoes . So, What kind of shoes were you wearing ? Have photo will travel . mike
  7. SophiaHeels : What are you referring to when you ask about "world wide" travel ? I have been looking into traveling to Germany and surrounding countries for the past year or so . Please keep in touch . mike
  8. mlroseplant : OK, for the test only . I am betting this cup cake is not from Iowa . mike
  9. mlroseplant : So your saying you grocery shop in your bear feet ? I would never shop in anything less than 5.5 " high heels . The only time I see my bear feet is when I shower . mike
  10. IsoIathor & Helen : Where does one get fuzzy high heels ? Strange. I thought these people were different .(Years ago My wife and I met a couple who would spray paint their high heel shoes and boots to have different colors .) To each there own . Mike
  11. Greetings Heelers : Dam, Look at that time spread. Nothing for two (2) years. I am posting this as a fallow-up from yesterdays post. For the Guys (5-3-2021) about getting together, under, My Outings . Wanted to lay it out there for those of you who are interested in the big meeting in Las Vegas in November . The dates are Oct. 26, 2021 to Nov, 1, 2021 .Yes it is a week of good times in your highest heels and other attire. You are not required to stay any longer than you like . The entire event is called Diva Las Vegas . at div@divalas.vegas . Forgan conclusion, I will be attending , Would
  12. pebblest : If you look at the Forums list, You will easily see ( Real Life Meetings ) page . Years ago that list was used quite often . Some of us would meet at am agreed location and wear our highest and finest heels . Have a dinner some where and talk about our favorite subjects . All were good meetings . At least they were for me .I would love to see that interest reestablished . Just saying .
  13. lsolathor & helen : I think you guys are having way to much fun . Witches and all . My ex-wife was a witch, but I didn't have any fun. Also we are not talking the same thing . I just suppose I am jealous . Have more fun . Mike
  14. lsolathor-Helen : The shoes you are referring to have a 7 1/4" high heel on a single soul shoe. Despite the extreme height, They are very comfortable . Mike
  15. lsolathor : Dear God, That's great . Children finding love .
  16. lsolathor : Are we/ you talking about Helen ? Why was I thinking she was just a friend ?
  17. xlheel : Go to FSJ shoes/boots and check out there pages . They have a camouflage oxford for $84.99 and an ankle boot for $149.99 . If you do not care for those, send them your picture and they will custom make that shoe to your specifications . Mike
  18. Fellow high heelers : The toe box is way out of my interests . Also, I know where we all can get custom made high heel shoes/boots for less money than i,265.00 UK .
  19. RonC : You should be ashamed of yourself ogling and staring at that poor helpless woman struggling in high heels that way . I thought I was the only one that did stuff like that . Mike
  20. lsolathor : May I ask the name of your better half . I prefer not to refer to her as - HER -- SHE -- YOUR WOMAN --ETC . You can even make up a name , Pantera did . Mike . I still miss her .
  21. lsolathor : I love her shoes and I like her style . Mike
  22. JKrenzer : These are very nice heels . They may not look it, But they a true 5" heel on a single soul shoe . Yes I still have them and four (4) other pair just like them in different colors . Also, I still own the house where this photo was taken . Mike This is a shoe with a platform . Easy heels for walking .
  23. 5150PLB1 : Question . Were you in the military ? If so , Did your commander wear high heels to deceive his opponent ? Mike
  24. pebbesf : The picture you are referring to was a day a few years ago . I was at this Mall for a " Walk a Mile in her Shoes" event . The mall was crowded for the occasion . This was just one of many people I spoke with that day . Always jetting comments - like , You don't seem to have any trouble walking in heels like those , or , I cant wear heels any more , or , Don't those hurt your feel ? Why do you wear those ? I usually respond with something stupid like - I never go anywhere bear footed, or , These aren't even my highest heels . <-- True . In truth, I have not received a negative comm
  25. pebblesf : When you went for your " moderna " shot, were you wearing your high heels ? If so, What was there reaction ?Mike
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