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  1. Heelers : Had a great time yesterday 5-13-2022 Friday . I got a chance to meet pebblesf = Don, while he was on a layover in Columbus, Ohio. I want to thank ( J ) of Austen , Texas for suggesting Don and I get together for a meet . I never though to have Don get a picture (with his cell phone) of the red knee high boots I wore to the dinner . Not to show off but to show as a visual aid for this post . I am always UP for a Real Life Meet . We should do these things more often . Mike
  2. Don (pebbesf ) Check personal messages . Mike
  3. Don . I have no idea why personal messages can not be received by me . I have never placed a block against messages . If your going to be in Columbus, Ohio on  5-13- 2022 I will be there . Distance and travel time to the air port is not a problem . Send your arrival time and date . Lets do the MEET . How much of a lay over do you have. REMEMBER, I wear only high heels in public . So, if you feel you might be seen and talked about- Let me know . How will I identify you ?  Mike

    1. pebblesf



      Sounds great.  I will forward the arrival time/hotel info tonight when I get home.  Unfortunately, it's not much of a layover.  I get to the hotel around 5PM and have to leave around 7am on Saturday.  More details later.  


    2. pebblesf



      We are staying at the Embassy Suites near the airport, should get to the hotel around 5PM.  Needless to say, there is always the possibility of schedule changes/cancellations, so please don't make special plans on my account.  Looking forward to finally meeting you.  Don

  4. mickeyunc, Cali is correct. Confidence is the key. Believe it or not - When wearing stiletto heels in public, I pay no attention to the people around me .To me, high heels are just shoes . Over the years I have found that loads of people are noticing I am wearing heels, but they rarely say anything. However, At my endocrinologists office the receptionist fall over each other just see the high heel outfit I am wearing . Put on your heels and go for it . Keep your heels and standards high . Mike
  5. High Heelers: I need some clarification on this (OG) thing . Are you talking about the day or time we signed on to this site, or our age ? I signed up Aug. 30, 2010 . A considerable number of people have dropped out since then. One person ( who had all of his shit in one envelope ) was - Iloveboots. We met several times under the Real Meet program . Some of the woman ( no longer with us )were Gena and Pantera . I miss them all . Of late lsolathor & Helen . SOOOOO, this leaves us with age . This coming July I will be 82 years old . When I depart this site I will be dead - I have left instructions that I an to be cremated in my highest high heels . My motto - Keep your heels and standerds high . Mike
  6. Heelers : I have been married three (3) times , divorced the same number. All of these women knew of my high heel interests from the get-go . My first wife questioned, If it came to a choice, would you get rid of me or your high heels ? ( Who or what do you love the most ?) For me wearing high heels is pleasurable and psychological .I loved my wife but she had NO understanding toward the position I have been in since childhood , I believe the woman I knew thought I could be fixed like trying to fix GAY . This is why I am a member here , Holding a place amoung people of my own making . Mike
  7. mlroseplant : You have posed in front of your garage door in previous photos . Not a reflection from a mirror. So, Do you use a camera on a tri-pod, or doe's a family member take your photos ? Keep your heels and standerds high. Mike
  8. hoverfly : I have not heard anything from you for so long I had forgotten about you .Glad you are still around , hope you are doing well . Mike
  9. tomham : Do you know or have you met lsolathor and Helen ? It seems strange, They appared from nowhere and one day absolute vanashed.  They said they knew "Pantera" (not her real name") . Did you know her ?  I never had the chance to meet her face to face .  With luck , one day I may get the chance you .   Mike

  10. Cali : In the old days,the cowboys would kiss there horses at the end of the movies instead of the female heroin . So, the horse won out. However, NOT my liking, the horse can't wear high heels. Maybe Histiletto is on to something . This is my idea of cowboy boots >
  11. SF : I consider Las Vegas my second home. I own property out there and years ago considered building another home in Pahrump . I have a question. This is " Real Life Meeting " page . Who amoung us did you and your wife meet in Las Vegas ? If no one, then why didn't you post this on The general chit chat page ? Just asking.
  12. lsolathor & helen - Hearing that the both of you are leaving is a downer. I have enjoyed your sense of humor and photos. I hope all is well between you and Helen . I had hoped to meet you one day. Your departure will be as great a loss as Pantera and Iloveboots. Thank you for your contribution . Mike
  13. mlroseplant : Your coworker may not have been complimenting you . He/she may have thought you are a little lite in the loffers. Just saying, be aware. Mike
  14. Cali : Yes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is ugly. I only wear stilettos , (ever) the spurs are a super plus . Spikesmike
  15. Stefqq : I have the feeling I am about to be ostersized by the HHPlace group again. Years ago I bitched about the stuff people posted on this site . This place is called HHPlace _ NOT, Lets bring attention to ugly shoes . " Tech " Please pay attention. Jeff B. was sactioned for his other interests. So, Why are we being loaded down with stuff other than High Heels ? High Heels interest is why I became a member . Mike
  16. lsolathor : Give nyenor of Australia a heads up about robots . These guys look like they have a good start on parts . Mike
  17. Cali : Do you wear your high heels to class ? Skirts even ? Mike
  18. lsolathor : Her body guards ? Are you guys members or part of the European mafia ? LETS BE FRIENDS . Mike 😁
  19. chesterx : I was involved in a situation about three (3) years ago . A Hispanic construction worker drove to the end of my/this street to turn around in a truck and trailer . He just turned around in my yard and kept going. I was at my computer at the window and saw it all . Went down the street to the construction site to confrunt the driver about the damaged he caused . Short story =He did not care . I called the Sheriff. The deouty came, she went to talk to the Mixican. He gave her a blast of shit . She arrested him . We went to court . I wore five (5 ") inch heels . The prosicuter loved/liked my shoes . Do not what the final outcome with the Mexican . He was ordered back to court . Second time I did not attend . Mike😃
  20. HeleninHeels ; I have to agree with you 100 % . For me the black patent single sole stiletto pump is the most classic . Very often they are a less expensive high heel shoe . Mike
  21. I have been retired for almost two (2) decades. So, since I consider myself a high heel fanatic, I wear 14cm heels all day long. Exceptions, Physical labor - working in the yard, etc. Never go out in public in flats = ugly shoes. High heels only . Mike
  22. lsolathor : I love Helens Lady Santa red & black thigh boots . I have a pair of the same, but mine are only knee high . I am hopeing you and your family have a great Christmas holliday. Mike
  23. High heelers : miroseplant is correct. The creator has not been sued successfully. However, you can bet my mom is up there giving him shit every day. Mike😄
  24. Heelers : This is a subject I agree with entirely. I have been able to avoid the ingrown toenail problem - My foot doctor removed all of my toenails years ago. As for posture, If I walk on a concrete surface for any length of time in (men) flat heel shoes, I suffer great pain. SO, joy - high heels it is .
  25. White jeans : Are all of you dirty people or what ? I never had a problem like that . Mike
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