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  1. mlroseplant: George Burns was not ever funny. Gracy Allen was the comedian of that couple. She wrote most (all) of their material. After her death George never had much of a career. Mike
  2. mlroseplant: Nice color theme and heels. Other. - What kind of old cars are you talking about? Those cars in your driveway do not look that old. Interests? I own a 1934 classic Buick. model 41 series 40. So, what are you driving? Mike
  3. JKrenzer: Nice pumps. I like white. Thanks for the up date. Mike
  4. Heelers : A masculine looking boot. Is that what this site has come to. [OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE REMOVED] Where is your pride? You talk about this membership dwindling. That we no longer hear from our female members Well hello, why would they fallow tasteless crap shoes that look like ARMY boots? I am beginning to consider leaving. The only reason I haven't dropped out thus far is because there is still one or two who still wear descent HIGH HEELS. This is HHPlace. These are HIGH HEELS. ---> Mike
  5. JKrenzer: Now we are talking about some hot heels. Mike
  6. Cali : $50.00 is a lot of money for shipping. Mike
  7. JKrenzer: I always enjoy seeing your high heel photos. Many of your pictures are taken at your workplace. Question: Do you live there? Do you ever go out anywhere else in high heels? Keep your heels and standerds high. Mike
  8. at9 & milroseplant : I do not know anything about Edward Colston and when he lived. However, the square toe shoes remind me of the time of Benjeman Franklin. In the old-old days all shoes were made to be worn on either foot. There was no such thing as a right and left foot shoe. The shoe they wore on their left foot today may be worn on the right foot tomorrow. Me thinks old Ben may have invented the right & left shoe difference. Glad I did not have to wear that shi-t. Mike
  9. Don,Don,Don,Don,Don. Why would you be envious of anyone when I have a pair of boots like this for you to try on and wear? Mike
  10. What is with these people making videos about men wearing high heel shoes ? They make a BIG deal about wearing heels for an hour or two, or a day on the street or where ever. In there male experiment of wearing heels, They put on the wrong size of heels and then walk for an hour over uneven ground or gravel then bitch or complain about bleeding feet or sore leg muscles . Also, What about the selfless "A" Holes who go to the ' Walk a mile in her shoes ' events . All they want to do is try on provided high heel shoes to find out what it is like to wear high heels with out any commitment . Then they sit around and giggle or laugh like a bunch little girls .I feel they do not care that the event is for victims of sexual abuse .If men want to wear high heels , be man enough to purchase your own high heels and wear them every day . Example, Merk Bryan of Germany or Ashley Maxwell-Lam of Australia or Michael Johnson of Ohio U.S.A. If any of you have anything to add please do so- make a comment. Keep your heels and standerds high . Mike
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