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  1. JKrenzer : Nice photo . However, If your in public ( Subway ) wearing Hot High Heels and a skirt you are already drawing attention to yourself. Man up - just ask some one to take a picture for you. Good example, Photo above/with in. Mike
  2. From some time ago . mike
  3. WOZ : What is cheap to you, dollar wise ? You know you get what you pay for . I have purchased several pairs of high heels from FSJ. Yes they are made in China . They do have a huge range of styles and colors in sizes and heel heights. My favorite height is a 14cm heel. They have them higher with and out platforms. Good luck. Mike
  4. tina :  Some time ago I heard that there is  a place in Pa. that turns the town over to any thing goes weekend. Not murder or evil stuff like that. One can wear anything. Men in high heels, dresses, make up, what ever. Thought I saw it on the ( net ). However, Can not find or locate any more about it. Gust a shot, You being from Pa. maybe you know of it.   mike.    5a92d8b2ac572_leatheroutfitwithboots.thumb.jpg.c8599a17b5493fc712b3c5948b92a7f3.jpg

  5. w6ish : Could you post the garage video here? Maybe there is something we may notice that will give a clew to what has triggered her meltdown. Sounds like you have some strange friends. I like strange.
  6. mickeyunc : On the average men have larger size feet than women. My point of view is that, to be fare, men should wear a shoe with a higher heel. Reason : mans foot is longer so the incline should equal out. Men wear a 5" high heel and women wear a 4 " high heel. Angle and degree should equal about the same. I wear higher heels anyway. spikesmike
  7. delinata : With your choice in extreme high heels, you are with out question, My kind of people.  Love your shoes.  spikesmikeDSCF5256.thumb.JPG.f6d4273582385b56d570a5e4d2b1a872.JPG

  8. Hay HeeledSlides : I like that girls high heels and I like her face. spikesmike = Dirty old man.
  9. ohnoberty : I have been known to error, so do not hold me to this. The white heeled shoes - chrigi-ch - displays may be found on a site called BEDROOM HEELS . I don't recall ever purchasing anything from them. So at least look at the site. Maybe you will get lucky. spikesmike
  10. Hi everyone : If you want to see Beauty, High Heels and music, Watch Lola Astanova and Hauser play Moonlight sonata. ALSO, watch her play Clair de Lune. NO put down - but better than organ music. I would put it all up on this site but I do not have the know how to do that. spikesmike
  11. Killer heels : I feel your love for your high heel boots. These are what I wear.
  12. In one way I am lucky. No children, No wife anymore. Don't give a damn about the neighbors or what they think. So, I also do not have a problem with cramps. My day to day exercises are done in these.
  13. Pebblest : are you wanting to see more of the boots that Killer heels has or any ones boots ?
  14. spikesmike


    Prutske255 : I am sorry to hear of your problem. I have several pairs of their shoes. I have had good luck with them. One exception with a pair they miss advertised. During the process of returning them, I found an agent of SFJ living in Las Vegas. I went to his place to talk to him, I discovered he lives in a gated community. There was no way to talk to him and no phone number. So, I can understand how you feel. They refunded my money as the purchase was made through PayPal. Best of luck. spikesmike If I am correct, These are some of my FSJ shoes.
  15. grunyaheels : Of your high heel photos you show a pair of Black patent, extreme high heels w/ hidden platform and some kind of laces on the back of those pumps. Could you please let me know where you acquired those shoes. I can not locate them where I usually purchase  my high heels.  Thank you              spikesmikeIMG_0059.thumb.JPG.4c95d3523943104fc0f34a8d2ac3e434.JPG

  16. kneehighs : That backflip is/was sensational. However , I can not understand how you can be so athletic and not be able to walk in high heels. How about once again in a skirt. spikesmike
  17. Cali : Good point . I am going to be 80 yrs old in July 2020. I told my sister " When I die, Have me cremated in my highest heels ". This photo is about 1 to 2 years old. spikesmike
  18. HeelsWearer : Great idea this survey, I saw it on the " For Woman Only " site. So I filled mine out there. Thanks spikesmike
  19. w6ish : Good for you. This adventure is a perfect example as to why I wear high heels in public every day, all day long. ONLY at my age I can not claim to be all that hot. spikesmike.
  20. p1ng74 was/is in town on business--1-23 & 24, 2020. He PM ed me about when he would be here. I picked him up at his motel and we had a nice supper. After supper I invited p1ng74 to my home. P1ng74 wears/wore over the knee boots with a 4" block heel. So I asked him if he would like to try on my 9" Ballet stilettos. Brave soul ! He tried them on along with other 7 1/2" heels of mine. p1ng74, ,NOT being use to that heel height , almost fell over. A couple of times. However, I at least had a good time heeling and good conversation. Always looking forward to another meet. spikesmikr
  21. K2inheels & Cali : Having a convention would be great. However, I suggest you enjoy your Fantasy while you may. I have P M ed some of you to have a high heel meet. To date no one has responded with the slightest enthusiasm. Excuses like - OH, I don't want my children to find about me, OR, What would people think if they saw me in heels in public. ETC. How many woman do you think are going to chime in on this idea. Enjoy what you do and forget these pipedreams. spikesmike
  22. SF : It would seam you know your way around Las Vegas . Nevada .  So do I . I am going to be in Las Vegas the week of March 29, to April 4, 2020 . I would love to get together for a high heel meet . I have contacted a couple others . Do not know yet if they can make it . Either way I will be there having FUN .  spikesmike592c498d1136f_DSCF5236(1).thumb.JPG.352929dd6d00e5b9c07642c27df848d3.JPG

  23. Romulus :  You can wear high heels any where in Las Vegas NV. . I DO.  I am going to be in Las Vegas between March 29 & April 4, 2020 . If you are there at that time, lets get together for a high heel meet. spikesmike5a6b65b57ed43_DSCF5249(1).thumb.JPG.0f7091290156f6b6f104ac71505b4e0e.JPG

    1. Romulus


      I’ll check my schedule 

  24. K2inheels : I have purchased several pairs of their shoes. I am wearing a pair as I scribble this. Been wearing them since this morning. Get the correct size and you will consider it heaven. spikesmike
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