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  1. Cali : In a way, I am lucky. For some reason the hair on my legs has fallen out. I have had bare <--- spelling. legs for the past few years. Must have something to do with old age. In years past I would wear textured hose. This type of stockings would hide the hair. I do feel sorry for those of you who have to shave or wax. spikesmike
  2. Jura : Who took your picture? Love the fact that your doing the public thing. Off the subject question. Last year, 2016 I was in Frankfort. Is the street in front of the Bohnhof cleared or cleaned up yet? spikesmike
  3. KneeBooted Good question. Easy answer. I have no point to where I stop wearing boots, be they thigh high or knee highs. Even if I am wearing pumps, I still have on hose. The high heels I wear have nothing to do with the weather, gust my high heel interest for the day. spikesmike
  4. OldMountain : Are these people friends of yours? Is one of them YOU? Looks like someone is having a lot of fun. spikesmike
  5. OldMountain & CAT YES, That is one hell of an outfit. Even if all I had were bones, I would not be small enough to wear that attire. Love the hose. I am still on the fence about the shoes. Also, I haven't had that much hair since I was a teenager. spikesmike
  6. Kanye2020 This is my take on the 90 degree question. What is a 90 degree shoe? If you wear a women size 7 1/2 high heel shoe and it has a 6" heel with no platform, the shoe will feel extremely high. However, If I wear the same style 6" high heel shoe--size 13 us. the degree of incline will be less due to the length of my foot. If you are looking for an extreme high heel shoe for yourself, go on line and view : AliExpress -Wonder Heel. They have 7 1/2 " heels w/ 1 1/2 platform. Well made. Inexpensive. Many colors to choose from.
  7. benchmark : I am with HappyinHeels on this one. The shiny gold metallic pumps are HOT. Wish they were mine. Where did you get them? spikesmike
  8. Heelers: Thank you for the compliments. If we can get this High Heel Meet going, we can have a lot more photos. spikesmike.
  9. CAT: What do you mean ( All of this would be done in heels of course. ) ? Are you implying that there are people who do not wear high heels? I would be driving over from Columbus, Ohio in stilettos. It is almost to a point where I don't wear ugly shoes anymore. spikesmike
  10. Heelers I am in a mall in Columbus, Ohio. We were doing the " Walk a mile in her shoes " After words: Several HHPlace members went across the street for a get together dinner at P.F.Changs China Bistro. A lot of photos were taken that day. Steve, I think you should remember that day.
  11. TKHeels Look at the high stiletto heels in this picture. They are from = AliExpress Wonder Heels. The heel is a true 7 1/2 " high heel with a 1 3/4 " Platform. Cost $83.60 Free shipping. They come a little small, so order at least a size larger. From China, but well made.
  12. To all Male or Female Heelers These waist high boots may just be the thing for those who are into bondage. spikesmike
  13. Cali So what is the hold up? This is America. You have the rite to wear what you like to wear. IMAGE away. spikesmike
  14. CAT I am with you on setting a colander date. Hold it : one exception, I have booked June 17, 2017 months ago. Beyond that, I am ready for a meet. Anywhere is good. spikesmike
  15. Cali Today 5-22-2017, A similar situation happened to me in the Meijer parking lot. I was already in my car. Engine running. I heard someone shouting ( woman ) and thought she may be in trouble. NO, she just wanted to ask why I hear high heels. I spoke to her a few minutes and we went on our way. Nice lady. spikesmike P.S. this is not the outfit or the high heels I was wearing at the time.