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  1. spikesmike

    Where are they ?

    Hello High Heelers : Well it has been over a year since any one has commented on the Fabulously Fetish Shoe Co. of British fame. I can not tell you how happy I am to not hear that some one else has tried to order custom made high heel shoes from COS K. As for me loosing $1,162.05 to that THIEF ( COS K. ) in April, 2015, will never wash away. I also have sorrow for those of you who were his victims. Please keep in touch. spikesmike
  2. spikesmike

    Chores in heels

    RonC : One day, many years ago, I was with my wife at a wine tasting event in what we call " The north market area ". While tasting a wine I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Caron. She and a friend saw me and the wife and came over to say hello. Prior to this, no one knew I wore high heels. Except for the general public. What are the odds you would meet a life long family friend in a city the size of Columbus ? For me I am glad, No more secrets. However, For you, Just remember secrets are never forever. Be prepared for the wife finding out your secret. spikesmike
  3. hoverfly : Have not heard of you in for ever. Are you OK ?If you are able, give out a shout. Iloveboots 

    seems to have disappeared also. bobobobo.   spikesmike

  4. spikesmike

    Cali World

    Cali : HappyinHeels has a good point. What are manners ? Except for being polite . Good going with all of the compliments. Post photos of (manners) and nails. I hope you have as much success with your new Blog as Jeff B has had. Still can not remember if we have met. spikesmike
  5. spikesmike

    Chores in heels

    RonC : Did the wife know it ? About the heels I mean.
  6. spikesmike

    Thigh high cowboy boots

    maninboots : These are colorful boots. Due to the fact that they are not your standard cowboy boots, I am betting these puppies are not cheap. I do not have boots like these, so I can not comment on how they wear. However, If your going to spend loads of money you may as well have them custom made. The pictures within are the boots I had made in Spain. They are boots you/one can wear all day long.
  7. spikesmike

    Can feet shrink?

    Mr. X : I have a similar problem. In warm weather we all have a tendency to swell due to excess water retention. In colder months our bodies do not retain as much water. Also, Shoe manufactures will vary in shoe sizes. I have ordered shoes in size 44 EUR that were a tight fit and the same 44 EUR from another company was a perfect fit. spikesmike
  8. HappyinHeels :  Have we met ? I have been to several meets. One such meet was in Chicago several years ago.

    Can not remember you. Old age. I live in the Columbus area, not far from Steve. Since I learned how to post 

    photos I try to add one when I post a comment.  Let me know. Thanks   spikesmikeIMG_0009.thumb.JPG.8ba778b989fccf983546ccb83a13f839.JPG



  9. spikesmike

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Heelers : For me, None of those apply. Wearing high stiletto heels is just apart of my clothing, weather in public or in private. Wearing ugly or flat shoes is only necessary when I am working in the yard, at the fitness club. It has never been sexual regardless of my other attire. spikesmike
  10. spikesmike

    Another member from down under

    Melbhhboy : If you are taking recommendations that may avoid that middle toe from hurting, Try buying heels with the almond toe. Because of my Diabetic problem, I must avoid shoes that will cause sores. Round toe high heels are good also. spikesmike
  11. spikesmike

    Men's Shoes at Paris Fashion Week

    To my way of thinking, Military combat boots have more class and style. I'm of the opinion the hippies of the 70s were better dressed. spikesmike P.S. Screw Paris.
  12. PleaserFan : I have stilettos that have the same clicking sound. However, They never interfere with walking in them and the heels have never broken. The heelless high heels in this photo never present the clicking problem. spikesmike
  13. HeelForMen : I like them all except for the ugly flats. spikesmike
  14. spikesmike

    Show us your girliest Heels

    heelguypa : I have to say I love those White, Lacey platform anklet heels. That wedding band ring around the top of the mettle heel really sets off that look. Sad to say , I have nothing like those. spikesmike
  15. tina : When this notice said " tina  reached to a post in a topic - The  perfect pump IMHO. What does that mean ?


    1. Cali


      It means tina gave you a reaction to your post, in this cases she "liked". You can see this at the bottom of that post of yours.


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