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  1. Heelers : You know , No one comes into my bank in high heel boots like that. I'm the only person who wears high heels there. lsolathor, Would you and Helen consider moving to Ohio ? There is a nice house down the street for sale . Mike
  2. Chorlini : I like it . Go ahead -suck up . Mike
  3. Cali : What do you mean - To short ? I just left the AliExpress site that had sizes to 19 . I would have placed an order for my 122nd pair of high heel boots, But I could not find the heel height of those boots . They have to be at least 5" heels for me these days . Mike
  4. lsolathor : I would like to see difference colors . What else can you print ? What can you do with these ? Mike
  5. lsolathor : Were these heels a gift that had to short a heel ? Seems to be a nice present . I like the two (2) tone style . Mike
  6. HeleminHeels : I would wear the stiletto heels, I just wouldn't wear the orange . Mike
  7. HeleninHeels suggested I post this image photo here . The picture was taken at a doctors office . Surprise, I get a lot of reaction from those places .
  8. lsolathor : You're not rite ! You should Buy/Purchas that car for Helen. She looks to me like a starving Ethiopian child in front of a candy store . Mike
  9. Histiletto : I was in Spain a few years ago and had these boots custom made . Estresmodes - Extreme High Heels . It is a small shop owned and managed by Pablo & Esther . There prices are reasonable and quality is second to none . These are the boots they made for me .
  10. Histiletto : You just mentioned that have tried getting custom made heels. Who and where have you contacted ? We may know different sources . Mike
  11. lsorlathor : Are you saying you would rather have light than a subject (model ) ? Mike
  12. mlroseplant : At least you watch good trash . Mike
  13. Cali : I have seen your photos here, also on Pinterest . Are you saying that you wear high heels to work ? Question - If this is your day time attire for work, Why hasn't the media picked up on your high heel interest . There seems to be plenty of fanfare for Ashley Maxwell-Lam or Mark Bryan . Some how we need to make you and HHPlace more popular . Comment ? Mike
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