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  1. Cali : Yes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is ugly. I only wear stilettos , (ever) the spurs are a super plus . Spikesmike
  2. Stefqq : I have the feeling I am about to be ostersized by the HHPlace group again. Years ago I bitched about the stuff people posted on this site . This place is called HHPlace _ NOT, Lets bring attention to ugly shoes . " Tech " Please pay attention. Jeff B. was sactioned for his other interests. So, Why are we being loaded down with stuff other than High Heels ? High Heels interest is why I became a member . Mike
  3. lsolathor : Give nyenor of Australia a heads up about robots . These guys look like they have a good start on parts . Mike
  4. Cali : Do you wear your high heels to class ? Skirts even ? Mike
  5. lsolathor : Her body guards ? Are you guys members or part of the European mafia ? LETS BE FRIENDS . Mike 😁
  6. chesterx : I was involved in a situation about three (3) years ago . A Hispanic construction worker drove to the end of my/this street to turn around in a truck and trailer . He just turned around in my yard and kept going. I was at my computer at the window and saw it all . Went down the street to the construction site to confrunt the driver about the damaged he caused . Short story =He did not care . I called the Sheriff. The deouty came, she went to talk to the Mixican. He gave her a blast of shit . She arrested him . We went to court . I wore five (5 ") inch heels . The prosicuter loved/liked my shoes . Do not what the final outcome with the Mexican . He was ordered back to court . Second time I did not attend . Mike😃
  7. HeleninHeels ; I have to agree with you 100 % . For me the black patent single sole stiletto pump is the most classic . Very often they are a less expensive high heel shoe . Mike
  8. I have been retired for almost two (2) decades. So, since I consider myself a high heel fanatic, I wear 14cm heels all day long. Exceptions, Physical labor - working in the yard, etc. Never go out in public in flats = ugly shoes. High heels only . Mike
  9. lsolathor : I love Helens Lady Santa red & black thigh boots . I have a pair of the same, but mine are only knee high . I am hopeing you and your family have a great Christmas holliday. Mike
  10. High heelers : miroseplant is correct. The creator has not been sued successfully. However, you can bet my mom is up there giving him shit every day. Mike😄
  11. Heelers : This is a subject I agree with entirely. I have been able to avoid the ingrown toenail problem - My foot doctor removed all of my toenails years ago. As for posture, If I walk on a concrete surface for any length of time in (men) flat heel shoes, I suffer great pain. SO, joy - high heels it is .
  12. White jeans : Are all of you dirty people or what ? I never had a problem like that . Mike
  13. For this question : One (1) pair for the athletic club. One (1) pair for yard work. Four (4) pair for casual and dress. One hundred thirty (130) pair of high stiletto heels with 5" heels or higher . Do not wear flat heel shoes in public unless I am forced to. Mike
  14. To All : Did Thighbootguy leave under a moral fiber question . I just thought he got tired of us . Mike😒
  15. lsolathor : Beautiful spot - great location . Love the shoes . Where are you and Helen in this picture ? <ike
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