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  1. hihls567 :  I am glad you like my photos, heels, spurs and all. Just happens I have a dental appointment 

    Thursday -->   6-7-2018.  Have been trying to decide what pair high heels to wear.  Its always fun dressing

    in stilettos.  I do it every day. Doing it right now. Hope you are also.   spikesmikeDSCF5276.thumb.JPG.cc12f07a0827891832d16ff66e8a80c0.JPG

  2. spikesmike

    High heels in the dentist chair?

    Heelers : I believe there is no reason why we (men) shouldn't wear high heels any where we care to. I wear high heels every where. Dental office included. This is such a place. spikesmike
  3. spikesmike

    Which bathroom do you use?

    Mr. X --> I wear higher heels than most women in the U.S. but I am still a DUDE-BOY-MAN-MALE. spikesmike
  4. Tech : Question. For years now I have received notes saying "  NAME --  has reacted to a post " etc. Has some one 

    sent a message or made a comment to me ? If so, Where is the comment , where do I find it ? I have never found

    One any where. If there is a comment that requires a response, I would not want anyone to think I am rude by not

    responding.  I am NOT computer smart.     spikesmike598360f79f8d2_DSCF5249(1).thumb.JPG.9d69dea3f9c00ed418c8e01235b8602a.JPG

    1. Cali


      On the top of the forum you should see a small bell. That's your notification place. Clicking the bell you should see what the notifications are. The envelope next to the bell is your email/message button.

    2. Tech


      A reaction can be anything from a comment to a "like", using the little heart icon below something you have posted.

  5. spikesmike

    Are we addicted?

    Shyheels : Do you own a Red Farrari ? I could own one if I didn't spend so much money on high heels. Am I an addict, OH hell yes. I spend hours every day on the computer looking for new and different styles of high heels--> boots or shoes. I have been this way since I was a child. Be for computers. At the Dressing for Pleasure Galas In New York (years ago) I gave seminars on the subject. I justify my addiction by reading all I can find on The History of the high heel shoe. Different times now. spikesmike
  6. spikesmike

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    Heelers : In April 2018, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada. I drove out in my car (Buick ). As some of you know, wearing high heels is an every day thing for me. One place I enjoy eating is The Hofbrauhaus . On Paradise & Harmon Ave. This was my attire.
  7. spikesmike

    My first time out (my only time out actually)

    hiheellover 23 : I like your RED high heels. I am happy you got those compliments, they can encourage other heelers to go public. I have noticed that I receive more compliments when I wear my RED patent or mustard colored heels. Great photos. spikesmike
  8. spikesmike

    My extrem heels

    tomham : Love those knee highs. How often do you wear them ? where do you wear them ? Example : Would/Do you wear them out to Fasching <-- spelling ? spikesmike
  9. spikesmike

    Show us your girliest Heels

    heelguypa : Do you own the Pink Flashy Open Toe shoes you posted ? If you do, Where did you purchase them ? If you know the site, they may wave heels I can wear similar to those . Thank You spikesmike
  10. Anne and John : How high of a heel did/do you want on those cowboy boots ? If your current boots are tattered and worn, maybe you should think of getting new boots instead of putting money in the old ones. These are my idea of cowboy boots. They are made in Spain. Estres Modes = Extreme high heels. Custom made - pricey but well made. spikesmike
  11. Heelers : Of all the high heels ever produced, be it --> Boots, Pumps, oxfords, what ever, (To my way of thinking) There is nothing as HOT as a plain pair of Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps. spikesmike
  12. Bionicci : These Red boots are - Jean Gaberit of Paris . Size 45 EUR. 6 1/8 " stiletto high heel. On the sole is marked Garanti CUIR veritable . I have so many pair of boots and shoes I can not remember when I got them or how much. spikesmike
  13. Heelers : Thighbootguy Played/Plays his guitar at several music events. Somewhere in these pages he has posted photos of same. I have not heard anything of him lately. Have I missed a noticed of dropping out of HHPlace ? spikesmike
  14. nzfreestyler : I wear high heels in public every day, all day long. However , I think you put me to shame. I love your style. spikesmike
  15. spikesmike

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Heelguypa : Those silver puppies are super HOT. I can not wear open toe shoes but I still wish I owned a pair of those. spikesmike

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