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  1. Pierre1961 : You have given me an idea. I am one person that has a pair of Black Patent Leather 7" high heels with NO platform. I purchased them from ( Fredericks of Hollywood ) some 20 to 30 years ago. They are in mint condition. I will photograph them and post them, maybe be for Christmas 2017. Then I am going to wear them. The heels in the picture are 7" high heels. Not Fredericks of Hollywood shoes. spikesmike
  2. pebblesf: Don't hold your breath looking for real leather boots from pleaser. Pumped: You may want to look at Onlymaker <--(spelling) for a fare price on boots. spikesmike
  3. JKrenzer: I was mowing the grass in my back yard, next to my pond. It had rained the day before and the grass was slippery. I lost my footing on the slope at the pond. My foot went under the mower and the blades did the rest. Not bad considering I only lost the two (2) toes. The toes have not grown back yet. All of this on July 28, 1990. I have never had a problem walking in flats or high heels. However, I can stand in my ballets, but not walk. spikesmike
  4. swedeheeler: Good going on your new purchase. Your lucky in as much as I can not wear straps or open toe. Lost two (2) toes on my left foot on July 27, 1990. So I am limited to the kind of shoes I wear. Do you wear your heels in public ? Let us know. spikesmike
  5. OldMountain: Give Salems Boutique a call in New York, City . Perhaps they can help you. I had to wear a garter belt with these hose for this picture. The belt is a good one and I have had it for years. spikesmike
  6. Pierre1961 agrees with aristoc. So do I However, I say " If we can do it, So can they." And she does. spikesmike
  7. To all heelers: If the F.F. web is no longer active then perhaps enough people have read the comments on this site to put a permanent stop to the theft COS has perpetrated on us all. I will always have a permanent dislike for that s.o.b.. spikesmike
  8. luketheduke8 : I would like to see a photo of your Ballet high heel boots and you wearing them. I am lucky to be able to stand in mine. Cali is correct. Unless you have experience in walking in them like Alexandra Potter you are not going far. Have fun and let us know how it turns out. spikesmike
  9. Blacksheep : Exceptionally nice pumps. Nothing is more classy than black patent leather pumps. Also, they go with anything. As you can see, I have and wear and love my own pumps. spikesmike
  10. Tech : You are rite/right. My waist is queer looking. In the picture above I was wearing a corset. I didn't like the photo when I reviewed it. So I used it to show the high heels. Some of my other pictures have the same appearance. I would love to have the waist I had in my 20's. Ya get old, ya get fat. and ugly, and slow, etc. etc. spikesmike
  11. Cali: I have worn high heels for so long I have learned to buy heels that fit properly. The only trouble I have wearing high heels is with my Ballet high heel boots. Feet don't hurt but my toes take a beating. These shoes have 7 1/2" heels w/ 1 3/4" Plat. It's a job wearing these for a distance but my feet don't hurt. spikesmike
  12. TBG : I know the feeling about not needing more clothes. I have the same problem with high heel shoes. I have over one hundred (100) pair of heels, but I still keep buying them. Must be something wrong with me, and I like it. spikesmike
  13. XTremeHeels: Glad you like them, I sure do. I was in my computer class. This is Nona (instructor). The only photo I have of her.
  14. To: CAT--tomham--pebblesf--jeremy1986 Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and extending your complements. It is good to know there are people who appreciate the higher qualities in life. spikesmike
  15. To all Highheelers Well here I go again (6-24-2017) wearing Boots & Spurs. Some of you think we must hang up our boots in the summer. OH hell NO. Today was my computer class ( see photo ). Then to McD's for quick lunch, and on to Meijers. All with new Boots. Black leather knee high - lace up - 6 1/2" high heel w/ 1 3/4" platform. Easy to walk in. spikesmike