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  1. Notice to all: alicialehoux from -- For the Girls -- section Asked, would you wear stilettos to a job interview? Hell yes. I wore high stiletto heels to a job interview this summer (2022) with the State of Ohio. I didn't give a crap - I got the job. Mike
  2. pebblesf : Nice story. I notice you do not post pictures with your story. I would love to see you picking up all of those boots while wearing high heel boots. What do you mean- Getting closer. Are you working up to wearing stilettos like the boots I wore when we met earlier this year? That would make me proud. Mike
  3. pebblesf : Come on, you know you would love to see highbootsluv in that outfit on one of your flights. I would love to wear one of my outfits on your flight. When are you coming back to Columbus? Mike
  4. Heelers : I ran into that sidewalk slope problem at a HHMeet in Chicago some years ago. So, I walked in the street where it was flatter. Had to look out for traffic . Mike
  5. peterborough : Set me right. I have always thought the British or Europeans were more open minded toward men wearing high heels and that sort of thing. Men or woman in high heels-changing baby diapers-housework -washing dishes, etc. Is your other half an American? Mike
  6. Chorlini : A place called " Shoebidoo " sells and ships high heel boots and shoes to the extreme from the Netherlands. I do not know if they have a show room or not. Either way, have you been there? Mike
  7. JKrenzer : Dam nice looking heels. Those are my idea of flats. 🙂 Mike
  8. Cali : Thank you for your suggestions I am sure they are exact. However, you are speaking a foreign language to me. I am computer stupid. All of what you see here is hunt and peck. I am lucky to be able to delete my email. I will pose this info. to my neighbor and see if she can do all of this for me. Mike P.S. I try never to post without a picture.
  9. Heelsfor30 : I have hundreds of photos of me in high heels that were taken by my ex-wife. Only a few of my pictures are in the photo attachment. When I try to use the other pictures, I get rejected because there to large. Bull crap. Where do they think the attachment pictures came from? When i go out in public today I go alone. So, I have no photos of Sundays (9-11-2022) gun show adventure. However, these are heels very much what I wore. Mike
  10. HappyinHeels/JKenzer I think we are still dealing with great apprehension when HHPlace members think the toilet or a doctor's office is anything other than your home or a dark theater. High Heels are JUST shoes. Sunday 9-11-2022 I spent the day at the Ohio collectors Gun show. Walking Two (2) hours in 7" heels with 1 3/4 plat. There are NO special places. Wear your heels wherever you wear your Ugly shoes = Flats. I go to dentist offices also. Mike
  11. pebblesf : Do you print/write all this stuff when your at 35,00 feet ?
  12. mickeyunc : I have several questions for you . If you wear high heels - then you have a special interest . You do not fall into the Brain dead Redneck category . You mentioned reasonable priced shoes . What is reasonable ? If you smoke two (2) packs a day - that is $2.00 a pack =$4.00 x 365 days = $1460.00 a year . For that kind of money you can purchase a crap load of high heels .I have found nice shoes and boots on E-bay, Onlymaker ,FSJ . High Feelings de . Several have size 15 to size 20. Please tell me you don't wear wedgies . Best of luck in your hunt . Mike
  13. p1ng74 : You and I have met . I do not believe you are old enough to have been around when hippies were in flower. miroseplant is correct. Those people were not only barefooted but smelled . If they did wear flipflops or shoes , the legs of the bell bottoms were so long they walked/stepped all over the pant legs . It seamed there was NO class in those days . Groovy-Far out . Mike
  14. Way to go Cali . Somthing NEW. That style went out with the hippies after the 1970s . Flair bell bottom pants were no good then , Nither were the hippies .YES I knew many of them when I went to Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in Oakland, California in1969-1970 . Peace dude . Mike
  15. What is with these people making videos about men wearing high heel shoes ? They make a BIG deal about wearing heels for an hour or two, or a day on the street or where ever. In there male experiment of wearing heels, They put on the wrong size of heels and then walk for an hour over uneven ground or gravel then bitch or complain about bleeding feet or sore leg muscles . Also, What about the selfless "A" Holes who go to the ' Walk a mile in her shoes ' events . All they want to do is try on provided high heel shoes to find out what it is like to wear high heels with out any commitment . Then they sit around and giggle or laugh like a bunch little girls .I feel they do not care that the event is for victims of sexual abuse .If men want to wear high heels , be man enough to purchase your own high heels and wear them every day . Example, Merk Bryan of Germany or Ashley Maxwell-Lam of Australia or Michael Johnson of Ohio U.S.A. If any of you have anything to add please do so- make a comment. Keep your heels and standerds high . Mike
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