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  1. My extrem heels

    I put the picture above in place before writing a note. Just wanted to say " Doesn't look like anyone uses this site much since the PASSING of Pantara. I loved her Pictures. These heels, on these boots are 7 1/2" high heels with no platform.
  2. My extrem heels

  3. Northern Indiana Meet

    K2inheels : Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. I would love to get an invitation to that party. Have not been to a meet for several years. I hope it is planned for a time when I have not planned something else. Yours would still take priority.
  4. FSJ Shoes

    HHMafia : I just ordered a pair of Black Ankle Boots. $79.99. My first ever order from them . They say delivery with in 20 days. I will add up date when they arrive. These are not the boots. I just like adding a little spice. Who can tell me where I can order a pair of these Oxfords ? Can not find the seller anywhere.
  5. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Fellow Heelers : I am thinking that several of you fear condemnation for public display. You scratch out your face or cut off the top of your pictures. I believe for good reason. However, I have no fear of that. On September 20, 2017 I managed to get a ticket to be on the " Lets Make A Deal " T.V. Game show. I needed something to wear and did not want to be like all the others. So, I had a Short Dress with Dolman Sleeves custom made. The show will AIR on March 6, 2018. I was not called to play for prizes. If you look for me in the audience I will be wearing The BLUE short dress -- Like below. Remember, You only go around once in life. Tell me I'm wrong S.F.
  6. The Adventures of kneehighs...

    kneehighs : Do not want to hurt your feelings. But, I like her shoes better than yours . What is the wine she is drinking ? Thanks for the sofa photo.
  7. Pleaser sexy 21

    jamie1608 : Not knowing what pleaser 21 is, or not seeing a picture of them, There is no way of knowing what you are contending with. For anyone who is new to high heels or an experienced walker, It just comes down to putting on your shoes and walking for ever and ever. spikesmike
  8. HeelAddict99 : Like the heels, Love the hose
  9. Doing my usual surfing, I came across this name. Tajna Club. Have any of you purchased their shoes ? Please respond. spikesmike
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    tomham : UPDATE on ankle boots shown above. Just found another place that sells that high heel shoe. TBDress.shows this shoe in largest size 12.5-US, 45-EUR, 10.5- UK spikesmike
  11. Who has bought some new shoes

    tomham: I do not remember ordering these ankle boots. One day they appeared on my doorstep. I must say they are a great fit. These ankle boots are size 47 eur.. however, You can find an identical pair on the ShoesPie site. ShoesPie show them in much smaller sizes. If you write the ShoesPie people and ask for a larger size, They may fill your order. On the ShoesPie site be sure to Go to the " Ankle Boot " section. Good luck. spikesmike.
  12. Amanda : I like this post. Will you also be judging us on age differences ? Or any thing else like heel height ?
  13. Who has bought some new shoes

    6inchheel: Now we are talking high heels.Those are some HOT stilettos. Good for you. Wear them in good health and often. spikesmike
  14. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    miltboot : I have two (2) pair of boots like these red thigh highs. One pair has a 5" heel. This pair has a 6" high heel and comes from Jean Gaborit of Paris. Great fit, feels good wearing them. spikesmike
  15. Who Has Old Heels

    alphax : I have no idea how to do all that. I will consult my computer teacher. I have Christmas Cards and personal letters from Ableman and maybe some other stuff. I haven't looked in that box of material for some time. spikesmike