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  1. joeshaw Nice boots. It does not matter to me about the skirt being a matching set with the boots. However, I do my best to coordinate. If you go looking for skirts, try looking in Country and Western Stores for Jean skirts and Goodwill stores for most anything else. The skirts I am wearing in the photos on this page are from those places. I understand if you live in San Francisco, Calif. You can wear just the boots and nothing else. Happy Heeling. spikesmike
  2. tina I am happy that you like my heels. I do not recall seeing you in stilettos. Do you wear high heels ? Have you ever been to a High Heel Meet where we may have met ? spikesmike
  3. Thanks for the kind words TBG.
  4. OH sure, I can do that.
  5. To High Heel Lovers I have a lot of respect for the guy on the treadmill. I belong to a fitness club and I wear high heels to the club. I change to workout. However, I would not train in my high heels. The training I do in heels is, I wear them all day long. I hope he is having FUN. splkesmike
  6. joeshaw For the first time at bat, You hit this one out of the park. Great boots , Great look. spikesmike
  7. Heelster I have no clue where iloveboots lives in Mexico. In all of our conversations, that is one subject we never covered. Maybe some day he will look in and say HELLO. spikesmike
  8. pebblesf I have not herd a word from iloveboots for a couple of years. So, I called Bernheels (Mich.) and asked him if he had any news about iloveheels. Bernheels reminded me that iloveboots traveled to Mexico quite often. The belief is that iloveboots owned property there and when iloveboots retired, he never returned and doesn't participate in HHPlace any longer. Sad: I always enjoyed David's company and his Boots. spikesmike
  9. XtremeHeels : I am all for a high heel meet anytime. May I suggest you go to my Avatar page and let me know where we can get together. Thighbootguy : The photos were taken by a Meijer store clerk ( female ) that I have known for some years. jeremy1986 : I would like to thank all of you for your compliments.
  10. Fellow Heelers I found a site where I can purchase some really high heels for a minimal amount of money. These shoes are from AliExpress, Wonder Heels. They have a 7 1/2" high heel w/ a 1 3/4" plat. at the cost of $78.32, Free shipping. I can not wear them for extended periods due to the extreme heel height. Trust me, It is like being in training all over again. I wear a size 44 EUR. However, China makes these size 44's very tight. So, I reordered this shoe in a size 45 EUR. Still little snug but wearable. They are now suppose to be making a pair of Crotch high boots in size 46 EUR. for me. Baby steps. I am standing in a Meijer grocery store in this photo. OK - Cat , you and Extremeheels can eat your heart out. Love these shoes. Now I have a surplus in this shoe. For those who wear extreme high heels and can wear a very small size 44 EUR. Black patent, let me know. spikesmike
  11. at9 Fabulously Fetish is an absolute " STAY AWAY " However, Estresmodes = Extreme high heels. From Alicante, Spain. I was there in person Sept. 11, 2016. They made a pair of custom High Heel Stiletto Cowboy Boots for me. Well made , nice fit , easy to wear. spikesmike
  12. CAT I understand the reason for not showing ones face or profile. Children can be cruel at times. Today for the first time, I met a woman at Meijer's who had seen me in the grocery store on other occasions. Today she approached me because I was wearing high heels that were yellow or mustard color. She said she had only noticed me wearing black heels be for. Our conversation gravitated toward her nine (9) year old son. It seams the boy enjoys getting dressed up. I suggested she take her son to a shoe store for a pair of high heels. My though is to let her son experience the experience. QUESTION to all. Should I not have suggested this kind of idea. From his mothers remarks the boy is a happy fella with his interest in dressing up. Comments and suggestions please. spikesmike
  13. HappyinHeels

    Grandview is not that far out of Columbus, Ohio. to the East. I live on the North side of Columbus. I know

    Steve but have not seen him for sometime. If you want to get together for lunch or something, I am all for it.

    If your coming to the Col. Oh. area in the near future, and have the time to stop, give me a call.

    614-436-3880.   P.S. If you want Steve to join, invite him along. I do not have his number.


  14. TBG I have a lot of respect for you. Not only do you wear your heels on public, but preform in them as well. Also, It appears your not ashamed to show your face, like so many others. spikesmike