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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    tina : Do you ever wear your 9" stilettos to work or grocery shopping ? I am a person who loves to surprise people in the stores and/or fast food places. For example ----------> spikesmike
  2. Chicago Shoe Store Reaches Out

    CAT : You are correct. The choices I am forced to make. What to do - what to do. I will just have to bring them all. QUESTION to those who intend to attend the meeting. I have at least fifty (50) pair of high heel shoes that are size 11 and/or 12 . If this meet comes off, I will bring several pair to give away to anyone in that size. Free. spikesmike.
  3. ExtremeHeels :  I found the oxfords that we have discussed. When I looked at them on line,

    they seem/are the same oxfords I ordered from Wonderheel-AliExpress.  I think the reason I

    did not notice yours looking like mine is, yours are not patent leather. Still nice shoes. Did

    you have to order this shoe in a larger than your usual size ?  spikesmike

    1. XtremeHeels


      Hello Mike,

      Glad you were able to find the oxfords on aliexpress!  I did order them in my size, they are snug on my feet but fit well. If you don't like a bit of a snug fit then I would suggest going 1 size larger.

  4. Chicago Shoe Store Reaches Out

    CAT : I am heading out to California (Driving) on Sept. 16, 2017. The trip will take a couple of weeks. However, I will/should be eager for a meet by Sept. 30, 2017. Saturday. If any one else is up for it by then, count me in. Where is a good meet/location point ? spikesmike.
  5. XtremeHeels :  I went on line, typed in AliExpress - Bittermoon. After a long time hunting I found Bitter Moon.

    A bunch of Asian people. Alas, Could not find the oxfords you were wearing. BOO. What am I doing wrong ?


    DSCF5220 (1).JPG

    1. XtremeHeels


      Hello Mike,

           I went on to Aliexpress and searched my order, the site changed their name to jialuowei Official Store. You will find them there and they are selling for 30% off right now!!!

      Hope this helps you in your search :fine:

                 Matthew  ( XtremeIMG_2372.thumb.JPG.4b7612a64f4f54213addfa0945e0bf6d.JPGIMG_2370.thumb.JPG.31be5c9ab5675bf7858a067e5b84e411.JPGIMG_2371.thumb.JPG.96cb452959ea01e1a33d97c64e25f182.JPGIMG_2384.thumb.JPG.675b5dbeba6a0e4c15dc5b7f35202f4e.JPGHeels )

  6. XtremeHeels : I am seeing a photo here of Black Oxfords with an extreme heel and plat. Iove

    OXFORDS. Where did you purchase them ?  I would love to order a pair. Thanks. spikesmike

    DSCF5233 (1).JPG

    1. XtremeHeels


      Hello Mike,  I bought them from a store on Aliexpress called Bittermoon. They are very similar to the pairs you have and I absolutely love them!!!!

  7. HappyinHeels

    Grandview is not that far out of Columbus, Ohio. to the East. I live on the North side of Columbus. I know

    Steve but have not seen him for sometime. If you want to get together for lunch or something, I am all for it.

    If your coming to the Col. Oh. area in the near future, and have the time to stop, give me a call.

    614-436-3880.   P.S. If you want Steve to join, invite him along. I do not have his number.


  8. California / Bay Area

    Spareheels : I am planning a trip to LA. around Sept. 19 & 20, 2017. Then drive up to San Francisco. Be there about Sept. 23, 2017. The dates are not cut in stone. So, I will need a phone number to call when I am in town. Would love to meet fellow HEELERS for drinks--dinner--whatever. spikesmike
  9. Halloween Costumes

    The theme of the event does not matter. Just go as Lady Godiva in 6" stilettos. Leave the horse at home. spikesmike
  10. Extreme heels training

    Pierre1961 : You have given me an idea. I am one person that has a pair of Black Patent Leather 7" high heels with NO platform. I purchased them from ( Fredericks of Hollywood ) some 20 to 30 years ago. They are in mint condition. I will photograph them and post them, maybe be for Christmas 2017. Then I am going to wear them. The heels in the picture are 7" high heels. Not Fredericks of Hollywood shoes. spikesmike
  11. Looking for boots!

    pebblesf: Don't hold your breath looking for real leather boots from pleaser. Pumped: You may want to look at Onlymaker <--(spelling) for a fare price on boots. spikesmike
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    JKrenzer: I was mowing the grass in my back yard, next to my pond. It had rained the day before and the grass was slippery. I lost my footing on the slope at the pond. My foot went under the mower and the blades did the rest. Not bad considering I only lost the two (2) toes. The toes have not grown back yet. All of this on July 28, 1990. I have never had a problem walking in flats or high heels. However, I can stand in my ballets, but not walk. spikesmike
  13. Who has bought some new shoes

    swedeheeler: Good going on your new purchase. Your lucky in as much as I can not wear straps or open toe. Lost two (2) toes on my left foot on July 27, 1990. So I am limited to the kind of shoes I wear. Do you wear your heels in public ? Let us know. spikesmike
  14. Garter belt -- help!

    OldMountain: Give Salems Boutique a call in New York, City . Perhaps they can help you. I had to wear a garter belt with these hose for this picture. The belt is a good one and I have had it for years. spikesmike
  15. Who has bought some new shoes

    Pierre1961 agrees with aristoc. So do I However, I say " If we can do it, So can they." And she does. spikesmike