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  1. Heelers : There are a lot of great looking high heels on these four (4) pages. This is my contribution.
  2. Heike : I have had a pair of clear heals for years. Do not wear them any more because the plastic cut into my instep. Also the heels on mine are much higher. I don't have a picture of mine, So, I will send you a photo of these. Any picture is better than no picture.
  3. AlexC94 : The boots above in your comments are nice. The boots the girl is wearing on that BONDING show have " D " lacing . I have seen them be for and they are sharp. Can not remember who makes them. Good luck.
  4. Heeleddude : I have never had a feeling like that. In fact, If I see a woman wearing a hot pair of high heels, and I do not have a pair like them, it up sets me. When I order a new pair of high heels, I gust want to order more. Weird because I have so many I do not need more. In closing, Are you going to give up your avatar now ? Where will you go from here ? spikesmike
  5. Flavio : I am confused. What is it you are afraid to post ? I am wearing Heels, Corsets, Hose, Skirts in 50% of my postings.
  6. Spareheels : Some times I think timing really sucks. When I saw you were going to be in Las Vegas , I thought what are the chances. But NO. I am going to be there the third week in May. Also, As it turns out, I will also be there in Las Vegas again in/on June 21, 2019 for about a week. Convention. Will be wearing stilettos every day all day long. spikesmike
  7. spikesmike


    spotgrot : Don't know what that word means, but OK. Your new style of boot - Huge platform - is not for me. However, If this is the only style of high heels available, I would order them in every color they make. Let us know how it goes when you first wear them in public. spikesmike
  8. Heelers : Some good and accurate comments above about Ricky Rebel's attire. I like the fact that he is putting it out there with more attention than any of us can in one night. More power to him. QUESTION : Who the hell is Ricky Rebel ? Never heard of him. Maybe its because I am so old. Answers ? spikesmike
  9. Heelers : I have had a pair of custom made high heel cowboy boots made by ( likely by the same people Pierre1961 is talking about from Spain ). Four (4) weeks ago I received a pair of truly crotch high Red boots from the Netherlands. The heels are the same height, the quality is as good, but the cost was/is hundreds of dollars different. If your going to have custom design high heels, be sure they are all leather. I would like to see them when they are finished. spikesmike
  10. MartaGanz : If your boots are comfy, pretty, and fabulous, do what you think is best. They are yours. These are mine. Enjoy. spikesmike
  11. Tech : Where did I go wrong ?  I never intend to be sexually suggestive . Was it a photo I posted ?

    Can't even remember it . Help me out here so as not to make a mistake in the future .  spikesmike



    1. TKHeels


      I’m not Tech.  Wrong person?

    2. spikesmike


      TKHeels : Well there you go, I can screw up a wet dream. Its just as well, I didn't want to continue communicating

      with Tech any more anyway. Those white knee high boots are HOT. I have white high heels but not those. Keep the 

      photos coming. spikesmike





  12. Heelers : I like white. You just have to be in the rite/right place to see them. spikesmike
  13. ChipsHH : I enjoy high heel meets. I would be happy to go to Chicago for a meet, but I don't want the only one there. That doesn't make for much of a meet. spikesmike
  14. Tech : Where did I go wrong ?  I never intend to be sexually suggestive . Was it a photo I posted ?

    Can't even remember it . Help me out here so as not to make a mistake in the future .  spikesmike



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tech


      Oh, do you mean that youtube video?

    3. spikesmike


      Tech :  Yes , the u-tube video. Two guys talking about men wearing heels. My intention was to make the point 

      that there is/are those of us who DO wear high heels.      spikesmike

    4. Tech


      Pass, send me a PM about these things instead, this really isnt "Profile" content.

  15. pebblesf : I'm betting you travel a lot. If you ever have business in Columbus, Ohio send a personal message to me. I have boots. spikesmike
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