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  1. RonC : You should be ashamed of yourself ogling and staring at that poor helpless woman struggling in high heels that way . I thought I was the only one that did stuff like that . Mike
  2. lsolathor : May I ask the name of your better half . I prefer not to refer to her as - HER -- SHE -- YOUR WOMAN --ETC . You can even make up a name , Pantera did . Mike . I still miss her .
  3. lsolathor : I love her shoes and I like her style . Mike
  4. JKrenzer : These are very nice heels . They may not look it, But they a true 5" heel on a single soul shoe . Yes I still have them and four (4) other pair just like them in different colors . Also, I still own the house where this photo was taken . Mike This is a shoe with a platform . Easy heels for walking .
  5. 5150PLB1 : Question . Were you in the military ? If so , Did your commander wear high heels to deceive his opponent ? Mike
  6. pebbesf : The picture you are referring to was a day a few years ago . I was at this Mall for a " Walk a Mile in her Shoes" event . The mall was crowded for the occasion . This was just one of many people I spoke with that day . Always jetting comments - like , You don't seem to have any trouble walking in heels like those , or , I cant wear heels any more , or , Don't those hurt your feel ? Why do you wear those ? I usually respond with something stupid like - I never go anywhere bear footed, or , These aren't even my highest heels . <-- True . In truth, I have not received a negative comm
  7. pebblesf : When you went for your " moderna " shot, were you wearing your high heels ? If so, What was there reaction ?Mike
  8. Pierre1961 : I love oxfords . The higher the better . Those are HOT . Mike
  9. w6ish : Does it really annoy you if people stop and stair when you are out in 6" heels in public ? I never notice that sort of thing when I am out. However , My ex-wife would see people doing that and come up on the high side of hostile . It never bothered me . Guess I just preferred the attention . Mike
  10. HHPlace shoppers : Does anyone here have a personal contact with Mr. Bryan ? Does he or would he have any interest in this site . I do not know that he has or has not commented about anything here . If he has, would it be under an alias name ? I would like to meet him some day. . Mike
  11. Rockpup : If and when you are out and about in those ballets, Do you get a different reaction from people than when you wear five (5) or (6) inch high heels ? Mike
  12. VirginHeels : 40 ? If Mrs. lsolathor is 29 , You are in DEEP DooDoo . mike
  13. Bubba136 : I had no idea where that picture came from. I wave that poster in a poster display down stairs . Have had it for decades . I also have a boxes full of order catalogs from those years . Mike
  14. at9 : It all depends on where the video was filmed . Many years ago England had two (2) Shoe and Boot maker company's. Fabulously Fetish and The Shoe Box . Fabulously Fetish featured some gorgeous high heels. However, the shoe maker was a rip-off artist . The Shoe Box just disappeared .
  15. KatieS : Welcome to HHPlace . Maybe I am a little late with the welcome but I am sincere , I bet working for Airbus in high heel stilettos can be FUN. I am not an engineer . The thing that may gives us a comin thread in I love wearing high stiletto heels also. If you make the planes, I have a commercial pilot license so I fly them. Retired .
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