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  1. Cali : Since you only show your from the U.S.A.. The neck of the woods for others could be China or Europe . Mike
  2. Pierre1961 : I like these ankle boots . Even though they are not stilettos . Where did you get them and are they still available ? Also, What is there heel height ? Mike
  3. Pumped . I would done more than just cuddle . I would have stolen her shoes . mike
  4. AlexC94: I have a couple pair of Gian rico Mori high heels. I purchased them in the days when they auctioned off a pair now and then . Still cost a lot . Nice shoes, real quality. I do not have a picture of them on this site , or i would post them for you. You might try looking at Shoebidoo shoes also . Mike
  5. SF : Does albert Einstein wear high heels ? May-be we should get him to sign onto HHPlace. Mike
  6. JKrenzer : I can not speak for others or StockingTop , but those heels are a standard heel height for people like me . Mike
  7. mlroseplant : I am fairly sure how to wear shorts , but how do you wear those horns ? They don't look much like high heels . You have to learn on what, and how to spend your money . mike
  8. lsolathor : You are an "A" student . Question, Did you take this picture ? Pantera is my favorite model. Still miss her . Mike
  9. lsolathor : This is great . I absolutely love a sense of humor . mike PS.Do you know this is ?
  10. mlroseplant : OH hell yes, I too would like to run into her by accident in these boots . I wouldn't have to worry about the heel tip . mike
  11. w6ish : I am glad that you have found a style and outfit that sends you off. Just saying , In stead of telling all of us about your new attire , Why not git your gal pals to photograph you in your new ensemble . I love 6" stiletto heels-This is my idea of killer heels . mike
  12. JKrenzer : The single sole high heels in this photo are oxfords . Just like any other shoe, but with a 5 " heel . All of my heels are in perfect shape . I have so many high heel shoes I rotate wearing them so as not to wear out . Yes I still have them . Mike
  13. JKrenzer : About my boots . OH hell yes, and the spurs too . I wear them quite often during the winter along with several other pair of boots. These above boots are in perfect shape as well as the eight (8) other pair of spurs I own . Mike
  14. Heelers : Well here we go again . What is the complaint ? Any man ( or woman ) who goes out in public in high heels is subject to eventually be seen . You put your selves in that position . You are asking for it and then you bitch when your photographed . What is your major malfunction ? Unless your picture is used my someone for illegal purposes the public has the rite of freedom . Just like you . Mike
  15. Heelers : I think your all one sided thinking . I do not wear the same high heels to bed that I wear on the streets .Why would any one do that ? I have in excess of 120 pair of high heels . All of my heels are worn for different occasions . Wearing high heels ( boots or shoes ) to bed fall into , never have worn them on the streets . If anyone of you love high heels, then, when, where, or how long is irrelevant . mike
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