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  1. Cali : Just my point of view . If you wear high heels to work, It would not matter if they have BLING or not . High heels are high heels .
  2. Chorlini : OK, So who rejected you ? If it was Pernilla, That would be tough to take . Love her style and high heel shoes . Mike
  3. Pernilla : Do not think for one moment that you are not welcome here. I have no interest a mans legs. My sole interest is in the high heels . Trust me , I would prefer your legs and heels any day . If you feel rejected, please send all your high heel photos to my PM. Mike
  4. OK . How about an example for example.
  5. I guess nothing needs to be said when looking at Pernilla . Just relax and look . Mike
  6. zahra1990 : Welcome to hhplace . How did you find this site ? Having a Famine impute is always a positive. The male influence or point of view here is always a little one sided. We all have high heels in common with each other. I tend to be a little on the fanatic side. If you like and have high heels to wear, then wear them. I never appear in public without high heels. Others, Not so much. Problems with exposing there children - family - etc. Mike
  7. VirginHeels : Welcome to the group that know how to have fun . Sizing can be a problem . Not all shoe makers - manufactures - sizes are always the same. One high heel shoe size 44 EUR can be a perfect fit with Onlymaker and to loose or tight with Wonder Heels. If I meet a guy who appears to have an interest in wearing high heels I direct him to a local shoe store - The Chamber - to try on there shoes, Then go order on line. "Providing he does not like the shoes from that store." My first pair of high heels had a 5" high heel. The only way to get used to the higher heel is to buy a pair and pra
  8. XtremeHeels : Did you order those Giaro Galanna knee highs form Shoebidoo ( The Netherlands ). I love there boots and shoes. I have two pair of crotch high boots from them that fit perfect. These boot are not from Shoebidoo .
  9. w6ish : Maybe they heard you were coming. Happy Holidays.
  10. zahi : Hello, I am Michael from the mid-west, U.S.. In your gallery you show some hot high heel boots and shoes. One pair are/is black with fuzzy upper top. DSC06576.jpj. May I inquire as to where you got them ? If it is possible I would love to order a pair of those boots. Must say , You have some outstanding heels.  spikesmike5a92d8b2ac572_leatheroutfitwithboots.thumb.jpg.c8599a17b5493fc712b3c5948b92a7f3.jpg

  11. swedheeler : I have a pair of crotch high just like these. Wore them all day yesterday 12-3-2020 . love them. you should will like yours also. I am wearing these today. spikesmike
  12. Selina : Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your adventure in ballet high heels. I have two (2) pair of ballets. I can stand in them but I can not walk in them . As for no one commenting in the women's section, Cali nailed it. Also, Fewer women ( of late ) since Panteras death we hear very little to nothing from the farer sex. Thank you for your story. Please send more. spikesmike
  13. Hello spikesmike. I am your old fan. You own my dream colections of high heels and boots.

  14. balletboot : In reference to Alexandra Potter, who the hell is looking at her bangs ?
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