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  1. Cali Today 5-22-2017, A similar situation happened to me in the Meijer parking lot. I was already in my car. Engine running. I heard someone shouting ( woman ) and thought she may be in trouble. NO, she just wanted to ask why I hear high heels. I spoke to her a few minutes and we went on our way. Nice lady. spikesmike P.S. this is not the outfit or the high heels I was wearing at the time.
  2. alphax I like/love those thigh high boots. Do you wear those out in public, if not, shame on you. spikesmike.
  3. To all heelers I have been to high heel meets in Chicago. However, my last meet was some years ago. 3-2-2013. Iloveboots was also there at the time, bernheels too. I am ready for a meet, even if I am the only one there. spikesmike
  4. Heelers I own and wear a pair of heelless boots. You can not believe how comfortable they are. spikesmike
  5. CAT I placed a full length mirror behind the camera and was concentrating on my pose when the shutter went off. This happened in several shots. I really did not know of the look of gloom until the photos were developed.
  6. CAT and TBG Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Also, Thanks for the compliment. spikesmike
  7. carherine and other heelers. My interest in high heels started at an age from the crib. As far back as memory goes I loved/liked looking at any and all kinds of high heels. As a child I wore my moms high heel shoes when no one was around, until I grew to where those shoes would no longer fit. Never wore heels while in the military. My first pair of good stiletto high heels were 5" heels that I had custom made at Ableman Trading Co out of Hong Cong, China. in 1969. I still have them, they are still in good condition. I first started wearing heels in public ( full time ) around 45 years ago. I always wanted to wear heels in public but was to afraid to do it. One day a friend, who knew of my high heel interest, said go ahead and wear them out. So what, What is anyone going to do ? So now at age 76 years old I am wearing stiletto high heels every day all day long. spikesmike
  8. swedeheeler---- Nice looking pair of cowboy boots. Mine are a bit lighter shade of brown. How ever, This is my idea of cowboy boots. I love wearing these puppies with a brown skirt. spikesmike
  9. CAT------ With out a question, I like your style. And your boots and shoes. Kittyinboots---- I am sure you and I have met. I attended a High Heel Meet in Chicago, circa 2013. Iloveboots and Bernheels were there also. If you and CAT manage to work up a get together, let me know. Give me enough time to pack and I can meet you in Chicago. Or any place close. spikesmike
  10. TBG If I could walk in Ballets like that, I would never wear stilettos as low as 7" heels again. spikesmike
  11. curiousheels I have several pair of Onlymaker high heels. The shoes I have ordered are ankle boots. I am very satisfied with the workmanship and quality of what I have received. I also believe the prices are reasonable. For the little cash outlay, If you do not like what you get, the loss in cost isn't that bad. If you order these high heels, let me know what you think of them when you receive them. spikesmike
  12. joeshaw Nice boots. It does not matter to me about the skirt being a matching set with the boots. However, I do my best to coordinate. If you go looking for skirts, try looking in Country and Western Stores for Jean skirts and Goodwill stores for most anything else. The skirts I am wearing in the photos on this page are from those places. I understand if you live in San Francisco, Calif. You can wear just the boots and nothing else. Happy Heeling. spikesmike
  13. tina I am happy that you like my heels. I do not recall seeing you in stilettos. Do you wear high heels ? Have you ever been to a High Heel Meet where we may have met ? spikesmike
  14. Thanks for the kind words TBG.