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  1. puffer : You are correct. Oxfords are a lace up shoe. Yes I have several pair of them. Problem is the pictures I have of my oxfords will not transpose on to this site. So, I put up any other picture I have for other high heel lovers to view. I will keep trying to post pictures from my photo album. Mike
  2. pebblest & CAT : As I recall you are from the windy city. I don't like to invite myself to a party but would love to meet up with you guys for high heel meet.
  3. Hello to men in high heel place. Yesterday - 10-10-2020 Saturday - I received a pair of Black shiny high heel oxfords. They were advertised as having a 5.5" high heel. Waited months for them to arrive. They have a 6.5" high heel. 5.5" high heel is a shoe I can wear all day long ( in public ). 6.5 is an inch to high for daily running around. Sent a bitch gram to ebay. Don't think it will do any good. So, How about some feed back to those of you out there who have been screwed. spikesmike
  4. CAT : Personal question. You are out and about wearing the above outfits (Looks Great) where all the people around you can see your face . So, Why is your face cutoff in the above photos ? spikesmike
  5. miroseplant , Think of the positive side. You would not have to worry about wearing locking heels.
  6. chrigi-ch : I like those 20cm. heels. Don't think I have a pair like them . First question - Who is the seller/retailer who sells them ? If these are a size 45 EUR . then they should have my size 44 EUR. Second question - Do they run true to size - run large or small ? spikesmike
  7. Cali : I think this topic is a good idea. However , Don't think the manufacturers are going to jump all over it. I have had a pair of custom made boots made a few years ago. Photo enclosed. Next interest would be ---> Oxfords 6.5 " stiletto high heel 1 " hidden platform All Black leather with Black patent leather trim Almond Toe Wing tip style
  8. nzfreestyler : Good for you. Your a man after my own waist. If you ever see some of the photos I have posted, I am wearing corsets. They just don't show sometimes as in this picture. Lo your
  9. p1ng74 : Would this group reject me if I wore these to a meeting ? Mike
  10. JKrenzer : Nice photo . However, If your in public ( Subway ) wearing Hot High Heels and a skirt you are already drawing attention to yourself. Man up - just ask some one to take a picture for you. Good example, Photo above/with in. Mike
  11. WOZ : What is cheap to you, dollar wise ? You know you get what you pay for . I have purchased several pairs of high heels from FSJ. Yes they are made in China . They do have a huge range of styles and colors in sizes and heel heights. My favorite height is a 14cm heel. They have them higher with and out platforms. Good luck. Mike
  12. tina :  Some time ago I heard that there is  a place in Pa. that turns the town over to any thing goes weekend. Not murder or evil stuff like that. One can wear anything. Men in high heels, dresses, make up, what ever. Thought I saw it on the ( net ). However, Can not find or locate any more about it. Gust a shot, You being from Pa. maybe you know of it.   mike.    5a92d8b2ac572_leatheroutfitwithboots.thumb.jpg.c8599a17b5493fc712b3c5948b92a7f3.jpg

  13. w6ish : Could you post the garage video here? Maybe there is something we may notice that will give a clew to what has triggered her meltdown. Sounds like you have some strange friends. I like strange.
  14. mickeyunc : On the average men have larger size feet than women. My point of view is that, to be fare, men should wear a shoe with a higher heel. Reason : mans foot is longer so the incline should equal out. Men wear a 5" high heel and women wear a 4 " high heel. Angle and degree should equal about the same. I wear higher heels anyway. spikesmike
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