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  1. Lots of creases in my patent ones; I'm using clip holders for jeans to straighten them out.
  2. I still have the same pair in matte leather. The material has been coming apart for years and I've found the patent leather holds much better.
  3. Got these last week! Patent leather Pleaser Domina 3000 boots I bought for £50. They're super comfy and not as hard to walk in as they look.
  4. Got them this morning! Easier to walk in than I thought. Super comfortable as well
  5. Just bought a pair of these monsters. Delivery pictures will follow; just putting this here upon the shoes being delivered.
  6. Just bought a pair of Pleaser Domina 3000 boots and they should be with me next week, so I'm very eager for their arrival.
  7. Not bad. There were 2 women coming my way but they weren't bothered by my presence. I did get slightly nervous but said women were too preoccupied with themselves.
  8. Putting the tweet with attached video here because of uploading limits.
  9. eBay. They're unbranded and cost me £20.
  10. eBay. They were just £20 as a flash sale. They only go up to EU41.
  11. Hooray! That app is a life saver. It worked! Wahey!
  12. I'm on android. I'm on android.
  13. Got lightroom for free but it wouldn't export to 800x450. >_>
  14. Tried a simple hang up boots by trouser clips photo and it was still over 500kb. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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