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  1. Got a pair of Pleaser Rapture platform boots with skulls detailed into the platform and imprinted on the foot leather, too. Very comfy and easy to walk in.
  2. They fit perfectly and look absolutely insane. Love them!
  3. When I'm going out with my mum I usually just wear them and leave my regular shoes at home since I'm sitting down. If I want to go for a stroll through an area I will have a pair of flat boots on with either my stilettos, sultry or platform boots in a bag.
  4. Update: I've ordered them! 🤩🤩🤩
  5. Found a different colour with a silver platform, and it stands out more.
  6. I'm going to order these beauties and this is a topic I've made for when I get them.
  7. The sole is very slightly bubbly and not as solid but that aside, I'm very impressed with them. Easy to walk in, fit nicely and don't hurt my feet in the long run.
  8. New blue platform shoes by Sergio Todzi today! They fit perfectly. 😁
  9. Sadly no. She was heading out very quickly. I felt great for sure, aside from the bumpy yellow path things where I had to be careful with where I put my heels 😅
  10. I went out again but this time in my Pleaser Fearless boots. One lady going out said she had a pair almost identical to mine.
  11. This was me from earlier this this was the first time I wore these boots on a night out snd and people were very impressed by the shoes alone, and even got a nice remark from a trans person as well.
  12. I went out in my Pleaser Domina 2020 boots; 6 inch high stiletto heels weren't that much of an issue as I didn't do much walking about. I didn't get any strange looks so I think I got off lightly.
  13. https://youtu.be/EuPPVDc3oYc I'll go one better and share a video of me in a few pairs. They are by Kapow and they are mainly made for the male bottom half. https://youtu.be/_77TXsMk424 I will also share another video of me in my silver pair of Kapow mens leggings.
  14. So back in March, I started doing shoe videos, and with some feedback they look nice up on YouTube. https://youtube.com/user/AlexPlaysDrumsGodly
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