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  1. Recently got a pair of white Pleaser Flamingo 1020 boots. Bought and ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday morning. 8 inch heel platform boots ain't that much of a challenge. I also got creative and swapped the laces on my 2 pairs of pleaser boots so they look more unique.
  2. They remind me of Beatle boots.
  3. Thanks! I'm getting better, a month after acquiring them.
  4. Would rolled up ankle socks do just as good?
  5. The latter. I would slice half an inch off the tip of the heel but I'm too scared to do so because I'm not confident to try it.
  6. Nah, they're only decorative. I can unlock them any time but what's the point when I have them strapped on with a tear off velcro?
  7. Ballet boots aren't that practical but at least I can break them in while at home.
  8. From that photo it turns out i had the boots on the wrong feet.
  9. I got a pair of Ballet Boots this morning! Comfortable to wear but walking in them will take a few months to practice.
  10. Sitting down, they're very comfy to wear. Standing up though is a very different story.
  11. Me and my S.o from a few years ago.
  12. I've bought a pair of ballet boots and this topic thread is here for when I get them.
  13. Decided to get my 8 inch platform boots on out of boredom. Not entirely the appropriate pair but hey ho.
  14. Thank smeg they stretch. Otherwise, it would be way harder.
  15. Thigh high, just over the knee. Also around 6 inches high. No real challenge.
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