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  1. I recently got my first pair of Hella Heels; a pair of 8 inch platform boots called ATOMIC. They are so super comfy and when I wear them barefoot my feet don't sweat up like when I wear my Pleaser boots. I'm in love!
  2. They are! Very easy to walk in for me, and great to use when you need to reach a high cupboard.
  3. I got these gorgeous Giaro Visionary boots today. Super comfy easy to walk in and an absolute joy to wear.
  4. Earlier this week I went for a walk in my 6 inch stiletto heel boots (yes, they did hurt my feet but blame the ground I walked on) and it was happily uneventful. No stares or anything like that. I just walked and aside from having to sit down a few times it was very nice to hear my heels click along. I have a video of walking in the boots on ground that didn't bite into the soles of my feet.
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