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  1. Thanks! As of today, they're worn to crap. Like REALLY worn.
  2. Denim and these boots are a superb combo.
  3. There was black but I've got my cowboy boots in black, and pleaser boots in black... So white for a change was in order.
  4. I once wore my black pleaser boots for at best 12 hours. 6 inch stiletto heel, and I'm a size uk7 although the boots are an 8.
  5. Got my brand new full leather Snakeskin boots from Guciani today. Worth every penny.
  6. The last time I had a pair of Jeffery Campbell boots they were fakes, and second hand so I ended up giving them to my other half because they were her size.
  7. They're great indeed. The sharp spikes are really good look wise but it's hard to not pick them up by the heel when you're used to it.
  8. Just a cushion,
  9. Got a pair of second hand Jeffery Campbell Lita boots today. The spikes are lethal as hell.
  10. ...And speaking of spiked litas, I got my pair today!
  11. Got a second hand pair of golden spike Jeffery Campbell Lita boots today! They're really comply but the decorative spikes on the heel are bloody lethal. Could spin kick somebody and they would be more red than a tomato in a centrifuge.
  12. Oooooh, I'm after a pair of spiked litas in my size! Being a UK7 is kinda helpful but finding the right pair on eBay is tricky.
  13. Yeah they're great to wear, though baring in mind I've had them for over a year so the sole is black as anything. I'd go a few miles in those red high heel cowboy boots anyday.
  14. These boots. I'm guessing an inch or 1.5 heel.
  15. As of this post, I'm going to a local all day indoor rock festival. For the first day, I decided to be a bit adventurous and bring my Demonia Torment 703 boots to change into when I had the chance. I put them on when I got inside and got some good things left, right and centre. Even got good responses from people who aren't local to the area. Got another reply saying that "it takes a real man to walk in them cause I've got those boots as well!" Since it was only an evening show I would only wear them for so long. In the end, it went better than I thought it would! B-)