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  1. I prefer the boots I've posted; I know the ones Zoe Levin wears have D lacing but smeg lacing them all up.
  2. So, after watching BONDiNG on Netflix I now have a huge want to buy a pair of these awesome boots this year.
  3. Once shared my pictures of my boots to Facebook and nobody really cares. It's for the best if I'm honest. Got some good responses sometimes and a few jealous replies!
  4. Just ankle high. May go for a pair of thigh highs in the future.
  5. Got my new Pleaser Xtreme 1020 boots recently. They're great to wear but hard on the stairs. 8 inches is an upgrade from 7. Blimey.
  6. 8 inches. A whole new challenge compared to 7 inch heels.
  7. Got my brand new Pleaser Xtreme boots tonight. The platform is very weighty and could take some getting used to, but I love them!
  8. Looks like I won't be having them until next year now. Not complaining cause of the new year season.
  9. Just bought these monsters. They should be with me by years end.
  10. Good on you! I've got two pairs of pleaser boots and being a small footed person I'm lucky to find the right size with the highest heel I can get away with. My pairs are Pleaser Adore 2043 and Domina 2000.
  11. These 8 inch platform pleaser boots are my next in line. If I can wear 7 inch platforms then I can do 8, damnit.
  12. Thank you. The boots are quite cosy.
  13. Thanks. Lost her on Monday after having her for 13 and a half years.
  14. Forgive the messy mirror, but as you can see I bought a pair of spandex leggings as retail therapy after a pet death in my family. Amazingly, they're really comfy and boots go great with them.
  15. The first pair I properly bought was a charity find. They were Jeffrey Campbell fakes but I eventually gave them to my girlfriend. I liked them a lot but in the end they were perfect for her rather me. From there, I bought a pair of Pleaser Domina 2000 boots and the rest is sorta history.
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