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  1. Yeah they're great to wear, though baring in mind I've had them for over a year so the sole is black as anything. I'd go a few miles in those red high heel cowboy boots anyday.
  2. These boots. I'm guessing an inch or 1.5 heel.
  3. As of this post, I'm going to a local all day indoor rock festival. For the first day, I decided to be a bit adventurous and bring my Demonia Torment 703 boots to change into when I had the chance. I put them on when I got inside and got some good things left, right and centre. Even got good responses from people who aren't local to the area. Got another reply saying that "it takes a real man to walk in them cause I've got those boots as well!" Since it was only an evening show I would only wear them for so long. In the end, it went better than I thought it would! B-)
  4. Got a pair of Funtasma cowboy boots in the post today. Came all the way from Shepardsville in Kentucky USA. Wow!
  5. Got them today!
  6. Got my new Funtasma Cowboy Boots today. Worth every little penny! Seriously comfy and very easy to walk in.
  7. And as of 2:30am GMT, they've been dispatched. The boots have been sent my way faster than an organ delivery.
  8. I've got a pair of grinders cowboy boots I've had for over a year now, so I've been stung for 13 months now!
  9. Got a new pair of Funtasma cowboy boots on their way to me. This time, I've bought them from Amazon and they should be with me in less than a week.
  10. Yeah it's them on eBay. I know fakes are dangerous, but I would risk with these fakes than something that costs an effing shitload of money.
  11. There's these CL boots but the seller doesn't say they are. Might get them when money comes round later this year
  12. I bought a 'replacement pair' shall we say of Demonia Torment 703 boots. The first picture is my old and wrecked pair, and the other is the new replacement monster stompers.
  13. Where did you get those? They looked look amazing!
  14. Sadly, the funtasma cowboy boots I bought last year have gone out of stock in my size, so I guess I'm just going to have to wait until my size is restocked.
  15. If these are still available, they're really 70s and very unique.