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  1. Finally got the Zigi boots at last! They are a tad snug but they just fit my size UK7 feet. However, the box was broke as feck when I got them thanks to MyHermes treating the shoebox like a nuclear bouncing bomb so that's in the bin.
  2. Bought a pair of these boots recently and they should be with me this week. I hear that they still fit a UK7 if the shoe is a size smaller. Is that right?
  3. Recently got a pair of white Pleaser Flamingo 1020 boots. Bought and ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday morning. 8 inch heel platform boots ain't that much of a challenge. I also got creative and swapped the laces on my 2 pairs of pleaser boots so they look more unique.
  4. They remind me of Beatle boots.
  5. Thanks! I'm getting better, a month after acquiring them.
  6. Would rolled up ankle socks do just as good?
  7. The latter. I would slice half an inch off the tip of the heel but I'm too scared to do so because I'm not confident to try it.
  8. Nah, they're only decorative. I can unlock them any time but what's the point when I have them strapped on with a tear off velcro?
  9. Ballet boots aren't that practical but at least I can break them in while at home.
  10. From that photo it turns out i had the boots on the wrong feet.
  11. I got a pair of Ballet Boots this morning! Comfortable to wear but walking in them will take a few months to practice.
  12. Sitting down, they're very comfy to wear. Standing up though is a very different story.
  13. Me and my S.o from a few years ago.
  14. I've bought a pair of ballet boots and this topic thread is here for when I get them.
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