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  1. https://youtu.be/EuPPVDc3oYc I'll go one better and share a video of me in a few pairs. They are by Kapow and they are mainly made for the male bottom half. https://youtu.be/_77TXsMk424 I will also share another video of me in my silver pair of Kapow mens leggings.
  2. So back in March, I started doing shoe videos, and with some feedback they look nice up on YouTube. https://youtube.com/user/AlexPlaysDrumsGodly
  3. So I decided to swap out the laces on my sultry boots from my white 8 inch heel platform pleaser boots, and I think I have found a great look for them.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CafTmRVrg06/?utm_medium=copy_link How about these? My most thinnest heeled boots.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CautoHPADg0/?utm_medium=copy_link I wore my jeans over them; padlocked too.
  6. The 5 inch heel isn't as tricky to walk in as I first thought; very comfortable. I could wear them all day, even!
  7. Recently got new boots from Taboo Boutique! The black boots are Fabulicious Sultry 1023, and are 6 inches high with a 1 inch platform. Easier to walk in than I first thought. And the other is pleaser adore with a snakeskin look. Couldn't resist.
  8. Red PVC jacket and pleaser fearless boots certainly got me lots of looks from Saturday last week. 10/10 would do again if the pub crowd isn't too rowdy. Also congrats on 100 pages of this sub forum 🥳
  9. Thought I'd share my outfit from the last time I went out: pleaser fearless boots and red pvc red jacket. I got some nice compliments on my shoes from lots of patrons there including a trans person which wasn't on my bingo card that night. I'll delete if I only share to one sub - forum at a time rather than the same thing in another because I thought I posted in the one I thought the first time.
  10. Thanks! My hair is just naturally long like that 😅
  11. So I went out last night to a pub concert in this striking outfit; I had a pair of regular shoes with me but this is what got most peoples attention. Some said my jacket was made of plastic but its PVC One comment that stood out was from a trans person on my heels and said jacket. They told me I was going for an androgynous look, and I just took their compliments very well; it wasn't on my bingo card that's for certain!
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYHIPwdoaHS/?utm_medium=copy_link Because I couldn't pop the photo here because of its file size, I thought I would share my Instagram picture of my red stiletto boots from Luxury Fetish Heels I got last year.
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