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  1. I would really REALLY like some help with a new corset I've bought. It fits, but I'm unsure as to what I should tie it like. From middle? Bottom to top to be in the middle? Multiple crossing over? HEEEELLllpppp!!!!
  2. I swear I thought I posted this in my own topic in the Designer Heels section. I'll keep the size up option open as this happened with my Giaro platform boots and they fit PERFECTLY, despite being a size 41 when I'm a UK7.
  3. Is it better to buy true to size or go up a size? There are two pairs on my radar (same boots) but I'm not sure if I do what I do with pleaser boots or get size 41 (UK8).
  4. I even just walked in them at home and kept them on for a whole 24 hour period. Sleeping in them was slightly awkward but I managed.
  5. So as of this very moment, I've been in my new Pleaser Domina 1023 boots for 19 hours. I've padlocked them on until I want to take them off in 5 hours. I'm going to regret this, aren't I? With the calves stretched and heels not on the ground and that. After taking them off, my feet feel fine and my legs don't feel too stretched as first thought. Guess I got lucky.
  6. Uk7, also a US women's 10.
  7. I got a pair of Pleaser Domina 1023 ankle boots today. They fit perfectly and don't hurt much upon first wear. 6 inch stiletto heel boots aren't much a challenge to me I guess. They also come with multiple straps from padlocks to buckles and they look great with each of them 😊😊
  8. I've been tossing the idea of buying a pair of their boots around since the start of shit-went-all-to-fuck in March 2020. They look really nice and I can understand the appeal but do they fit male feet? And if they do, does anyone have a pair for reference? Much appreciated.
  9. https://instagram.com/stories/skinwhackingidiot/2608916971573822677?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=share_sheet My legs and feet aren't used to 6 inch heel stiletto boots on hard ground since I last went for a walk. I had to stop at no less than 3 points and then I got caught in the rain, so that's not entirely a good ending.
  10. In the month after this post I haven't been as I'm waiting for my covid jab; but I've been thinking this: Is it a better or alternative idea to have the toe sole area expanded to match the extra heel length or not?
  11. Okay. I'll get back once I've done this.
  12. Hmmmm. Maybe it's better for an experienced cobbler to do this kind of thing because I'm sure I would break something. I would also advise him to take a quarter inch or 10mm off the tip. 😐
  13. For those unaware, there is this issue with Pleaser Devious Ballet Boots where the heel tip makes standing up in said boots impossible (I know that's the point, but stick with me). Is it better to cut half of the heel tip off, or something else? I know that this is a thing for helping experienced wearers walk in them, but I'm unsure. Thanks in advance.
  14. 😖😣 That's unlucky. I've had my ballet boots for an exact year now, and all the times I've tried standing in them, the heel never snapped like that.
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