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  1. eBay. They're unbranded and cost me £20.
  2. eBay. They were just £20 as a flash sale. They only go up to EU41.
  3. Hooray! That app is a life saver. It worked! Wahey!
  4. I'm on android. I'm on android.
  5. Got lightroom for free but it wouldn't export to 800x450. >_>
  6. Tried a simple hang up boots by trouser clips photo and it was still over 500kb. Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  7. Finally got my over the knee boots at last. Had to link my Twitter photo as I can't post a full photo on here. A full picture of my red boots. Unbranded, and fit like a glove.
  8. Tried photographing the wholeof just one boot and it's still over 500mb. Trying a loophole with Twitter for the full photo. Here's one!
  9. Finally got my red boots at last. I even wore them out in public for 2 hours. I would post a bigger photo of how long they really are if the 500mb rule wasn't implemented.
  10. Off eBay for £20. Not sure yet; have to wait until they get here.
  11. Bought these yesterday and should be in my possession tomorrow or friday!
  12. Today I went to a shop with my mum. Those big mega shops like Sainsburys. I put my rubber boots from faith on out of boredom, and had zero nerves because people these days give less of a toss than a quadriplegic shotputter. I'm walking as softly as I can and nobody really batted an eye. I didn't get anything from anyone. No comments or laughs or soulless stares or anything. Wasn't super proud of myself or anything like that but I'm amazed at how nobody was fussed. It's still some kind of achievement in the end.
  13. Got them today. They're made of rubber and they're from Faith. Super cosy.
  14. Won these on eBay. Should have them by some time next week.
  15. I prefer the boots I've posted; I know the ones Zoe Levin wears have D lacing but smeg lacing them all up.
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