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  1. Yes! Quite often I dream I’m in an everyday situation in life wearing my stilettos as unfortunately I don’t wear them in public
  2. Finally just Bought myself some pleaser seduced boots, really impressed with the fit, love them!
  3. I agree with the walking distance and the stiletto tips. I’ve just got a pair of seduce 2000 boots. They fit me so well and are so comfortable that I’ve been going for long walks, by the time I’d finished a 2 mile walk last night after doing the same the night before the tips were on the metal nails
  4. I’ll just leave this here lol
  5. Just checking the pond filters during lockdown
  6. Not the girliest but as Far as boots they come close
  7. Lucky I still have the land to walk the dog in lockdown
  8. Lockdown got me in my 17.5cm heels
  9. I’m interested to know what heels you have worn to outdoor weddings, how did it go, I have only done this one as seen in a few pics I’ve posted on here
  10. One more seen as there’s nothing else much to do
  11. Whilst on lockdown I’m making the most of being lucky enough to have a large garden And yard
  12. For me it would have to be my pleaser pumps that are 6 years old and despite a heel of over 4 inch they are just like slippers to wear now, They’ve been such a strong pair of shoes!
  13. No I just let him run around here there isn’t anywhere for him to get away, I have to follow Him around the lawns and pick his poop up though lol ah that’s a shame
  14. Me about to take my dog for a walk, I recommend a brand in the UK for shoes called nooshoes, they also sell via eBay
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