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  1. They are a pleasure for so long, when you first slip them on they are amazing, and I love the way they look, thanks for your nice comment
  2. Got these of eBay worn once, 7 inch pencil heel, not for long walks but feel so good to wear!
  3. They aren’t too bad to be fair, but more awkward than my stiletto pumps with a standard heel the same height but surprisingly sturdy, tread lightly though
  4. I’ll just leave this here
  5. Probably have to be this one, apologies on the quality
  6. Sure they would do just fine, I was sat on grass just earlier and they were sinking in just with legs crossed before I even stood up
  7. Cant get enough of wearing these boots, pre owned for just £20
  8. I do a lot of walking on rough tarmac etc so tend to replace my heel tips my self with metal ones, apart from these pleaser heels I’ve had for 5 years which got beyond repairing with a pair of new tips but are still strong to this day!
  9. They sound amazing, they are just fine if you tread lightly and surprisingly strong for such a thin heel
  10. Apologies to anyone who seen enough of these but I love them with different styles
  11. Yes they are to be fair but that’s why I love them, they are very sturdy indeed would love to have pumps the same
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