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  1. In the UK you are allowed to take photos of anyone or anything in a public place. And publish them. https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights I don't know about other countries.
  2. The Queen speaks in what is often called RP, Received Pronunciation. But RP itself has changed substantially over the years. PS: I speak a rough approximation to today's RP which would be typified by today's BBC announcers on Radio 4 and Radio 3. The Queen's RP is close to what you would have heard on the BBC a few decades ago. It now sounds very upper class. But it probably sounded that way even back then.
  3. Short of casting a sort of platform in resin etc I can't see any way to raise the sole. Just lower the heel. It's not difficult.
  4. Misery and dismay! The rest of you will just have to look it up:-)
  5. "....they're terribly cross in Kent...." Puffer, Meganiwish and Shyheels may know what I'm quoting from:-)
  6. He is a fashion journalist. Saw this in today's Observer. The sort of boots I see women wearing all the time. Not sure I hugely like them but they would be very ordinary or normal for women. He's wearing them as if they are similarly ordinary for men.
  7. Don't understand abou taking length off the tip. The tip is perhaps a quarter of an inch tall. Take length off the main part of the heel. Please post a photo of the heel so that we can be sure.
  8. Remember that he (and later CM pilots*) had to train to bring the craft home alone. Thank goodness none of them had to do it. *Strictly speaking this was also true for Apollo 9 and more so for 10.
  9. When I had a pair I cut about 10mm off the heels. This made them jst about walkable for me. Pull out the tip, peel back the covering, cut the heel with a hacksaw or dremel. Hold the scrap bit in the vice so as not to cause damage. May need to drill the hole a little deeper before gluing back the covering and replacing the tip.
  10. I grew up with the Apollo program (that makes me quite old) and thought Collins' job just about the loneliest in the universe. Many decades on we still haven't been back.
  11. Please say it isn't true. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56901386
  12. It's easy to strip the location data from a photo. This is for iphone but also easy for Android. https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/how-to-remove-gps-location-data-from-photos-on-iphone-or-mac/
  13. This article? https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2021/mar/24/super-freeing-mens-skirts-emerge-as-pandemic-fashion-trend
  14. I had the Pfizer last month. Slight arm soreness and a day of flu like symptoms. Amongst my friends, who have had both Pfizer and O-AZ, reactions have varied from no problem at all to a few days of flu like symptoms. All well within normal range and far better than catching Covid with all its risks. Just seen a very positive report of the O-AZ jab trials in the USA. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56479462 Let's hope that the manufacturers can scale up production and get the various vaccines to everyone in all countries quickly. And that the virus doesn't mutate in a way that overt
  15. In London I've occasionally seen women riding bicycles in HH. Near where I live in an outer London suburb I used to see a woman riding in boots with what looked like a 3" platform. Not been seen for years now.
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