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  1. Surely you wrote a check 🙂
  2. That sounds very 19th century. I'm amazed you can't do it online.
  3. Seeing as men are boasting about size I've been using a pair of 24" screens for many years. So there:-) With thin bezels they work almost as a signle ultrawide screen. You can get ultrawide screens but they cost a lot more than my pair. I suppose I could use a single 49" 4K TV but the height on my desk would be ridiculous.
  4. From the blurb: "Available in sizes 2-13". Also if they had really meant child sizes then surely adult 1 would have been included. Curious sort order. 1x is often before 2 due to the sort method in use, but here 11, 12,13 are before 2 but 10 is after 9.
  5. Saw this in The Guardian today. The female police officers are very smartly dressed and one is wearing high heels. I suppose that because Milan is the fashion capital of Italy so their police need to be well turned out too. Their helmets are rather like a traditional British men's police helmet.
  6. About sideways photos: https://www.howtogeek.com/254830/why-your-photos-dont-always-appear-correctly-rotated/ I do basic photo editing with Irfanview, an excellent free viewer/editor for Windows. I set it to display pictures in their actual orientation, rather than using the EXIF data to correct the orientation for display. Then I can correct them in a couple of keystrokes and save them the right way up.
  7. Shyheels, I know you're very well travelled but I didn't realise that you'd observed gambling amongst zebras 🙂 Glad to say that I've never seen these horrors (the platform Crocs, not the zebras) in real life. But then I don't often go to the exotic parts where they might be worn. Peopled by semi-sentient beings with far more money than sense.
  8. First there was the Ugg, and the Croc. None were lovely but all could claim a certain utility. For your own safety please put down your coffee and stop eating your lunch before you look at this abomination: https://www.net-a-porter.com/en-gb/shop/product/balenciaga/crocs-embellished-rubber-platform-sandals/1053900 https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/balenciaga-platform-crocs-release-date-price/ They aren't even new. I just had the misfortune to see them for the first time today.
  9. It's hard to walk in a shoe which has a rigid sole unless there's some toe spring: https://paceathletic.com/blogs/news/15507849-the-relationship-between-plantar-fasciitis-forefoot-rocker-toe-spring Many years ago I had a pair of kneehigh boots with about 1" rigid platform and 2.5" heel. The platform was absolutely flat. Even at that very modest height it made walking quite awkward. Had to land very conciously on the heel with the toe raised, otherwise I'd trip over tiny irregularities. No way to roll the foot forward into the next step.
  10. How quaint. In the UK cheques (as we say over here) are now hardly used. I haven't written one for several years. Utility bills are usually paid by direct debit, or failing that by bank transfer.
  11. I think mlroseplant and others involved with high power electrics will like this film. I remember it from my childhood when it was shown as a colour test film in the UK at the start of our colour service in 1967. It seems quaint now but TV in the UK wouldn't be 24/7 for a number of years so these "Trade Test" films were used to help TV dealers. We couldn't afford colour back then so I saw them in glorious black and white. The work looks more like nuclear research than a power station.
  12. SWMBO predates Rumpole by a long way: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/She_Who_Must_Be_Obeyed
  13. As @Chorlinisays, it's basically Pleaser stuff. Possible UK and EU suppliers include: Banana shoes: https://www.bananashoes.com/ Alternative footwear: https://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk/ These first 2 should be reliable suppliers. I know people who have bought from both. Some others below. Honour are reliable but only have a small range - I've been in their shops for other stuff. I don't know about the others. Honour: https://www.honour.co.uk/ https://pennangalan.co.uk/ https://www.schuhplus.com/damenschuhe/
  14. Tried them again this morning. The 2nd ones https://www.asos.com/simmi-shoes/simmi-london-jemma-chunky-ankle-boots-in-black/prd/14194498 are still too tight, quite narrow across the toe box. Really liked the look of them but being synthetic they won't stretch well The 3rd ones https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-wide-fit-ellen-chunky-lace-up-boots-in-black/prd/12152117 really didn't fit. The right foot might have been OK with a little wearing in but the left was impossible. I think my left foot is slightly larger than the right. The boot may have been slightly smaller too. If th
  15. Decided to get a pair of the ASOS Chelsea boots as mentioned above: https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-heeled-chelsea-boots-in-black-leather-with-zip-detail-on-black-platform-sole/prd/20048891 Despite being sold as men's boots something was adrift on the sizing. I ordered UK9 (they are marked UK9 EU43) but couldn't even get them on my feet. Possibly because I have a fairly high instep. I could try a UK10 but they look uglier in real life than online so they're going back. Free delivery, free return so no problem. While I was ordering, I decided to try some other chunky boot
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