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  1. It's easy to strip the location data from a photo. This is for iphone but also easy for Android. https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/how-to-remove-gps-location-data-from-photos-on-iphone-or-mac/
  2. This article? https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2021/mar/24/super-freeing-mens-skirts-emerge-as-pandemic-fashion-trend
  3. I had the Pfizer last month. Slight arm soreness and a day of flu like symptoms. Amongst my friends, who have had both Pfizer and O-AZ, reactions have varied from no problem at all to a few days of flu like symptoms. All well within normal range and far better than catching Covid with all its risks. Just seen a very positive report of the O-AZ jab trials in the USA. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56479462 Let's hope that the manufacturers can scale up production and get the various vaccines to everyone in all countries quickly. And that the virus doesn't mutate in a way that overt
  4. In London I've occasionally seen women riding bicycles in HH. Near where I live in an outer London suburb I used to see a woman riding in boots with what looked like a 3" platform. Not been seen for years now.
  5. "The Shoe Box" was The Little Shoe Box on the Holloway Road, near highbury and Islington Station. I think this is a successor company: https://www.iliaslittleshoebox.co.uk/ Another possibility is Terry De Havilland. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_de_Havilland
  6. Coming back to my original post, does anyone have any idea of who these bootmakers were?
  7. The Sterling crisis was in 1976. 3 years after the UK joined the EC (later EU). All that bad economic stuff was probably part of the end of glam rock/prog rock and the rise of punk rock.
  8. The 70s was my decade too. Leaving school, going to uni, getting a good degree, starting my first proper job. The miners' strike, Yom Kippur War and oil price shock, 3 day week, winter of discontent. (I realise that some of this is from a UK perspective) The soundtrack of my university years seemed to be Kate Bush and Abba. Punk arrived but passed me by. I still have a pair of men's boots from the 1970s. Patent leather mid calf, with 2" heel, no platform. A bit fragile now but they stlll look good and I wear them occasionally. My first pair of heels.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/BBCArchive/videos/820856528779653/
  10. The heels of Devious ballet boots are about 1cm too high and push the ankle too far forward. This has been detailed in various places online. When I had a pair I cut about 1cm off each heel which made it possible for me to stand straight fairly easily and walk short distances with some difficulty. Pull out the heel tip. Then carefully peel back the black material that wraps the heel. Clamp the end of the heel in a vice (so that you don't damage the wanted part) and cut with a hacksaw or dremel. Smooth off the cut edges, glue the wrap back and replace the tip. You may need to drill the hol
  11. I saw the picture when it was first posted. While there was no nudity or excessive exposure, the content, to me, seemed somewhat inappropriate for HHP. I considered reporting it but didn't. Seems the OP removed it himself. I don't know if Tech was involved.
  12. Doesn't always work. I know somebody who thought this would stop the pipes freezing. The water pipe was fine but it froze in the waste pipe from the kitchen sink. Very nearly caused a flood and took a lot of thawing out. Much easier to thaw 15mm copper than 40mm waste.
  13. Not fogetting these chelsea boots from Asos, still in stock in large sizes: https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-heeled-chelsea-boots-with-pointed-toe-in-black-leather-with-black-sole/prd/14179943?ctaref=we+recommend+carousel_0&featureref1=we+recommend+pers I've boght them in Leopard pattern, but that's sold out in large sizes. Yes, I have worn them at the supermarket. Don't really know if other people noticed them. I'm UK9 but found the UK9.5 with a good insole more comfortable.
  14. I always thought French polish was a means of finishing wood, using shellac dissolved in methylated spirits. French polishing also has another meaning quite unsuitable for HHP.
  15. Seeing nice heels out and about in my very ordinary London suburb is rare. I might see 4" stilettos once or twice per year. 2.5" block heels are commonplace. Today I saw something even more unusual. Genuine thigh high boots. Not just OTK but well up the thigh, I couldn't see the tops of them under her coat. No heel, but can't have everything. Somewhat similar to these: https://www.overknee-stiefel.net/product/long-overknee-lady-olga/ She wasn't young or stylishly dressed, though I couldn't see what was under her coat. The boots weren't highly polished. All utterly ordinary except for the
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