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  1. at9

    Boot "season"?

    Plenty of castles in the UK. From fairly modest to huge. I rather like Bodiam: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/bodiam-castle If you plan to visit more than a couple of places that belong to the National Trust then it's worth joining. Or possibly joining the Royal Oak Foundation which is the US based supporters group for the NT. Incidentally, although Stonehenge is managed by English Heritage, NT members get in free as it's on NT land. The "country" branch of Kew Gardens, Wakehurst Place, is also free to NT members. Conveniently on the way from London to Brighton. Stonehenge isn't a wonderful experience. Too many people, can't get close to the stones. Heavy traffic roaring past on the A303. Avebury stone cricle is much nicer to visit. Not as dramatic but far more personal. Not sure which stone circle Cali is referring to in his recent post. I like Hastings. It's a very hilly town. Less busy than Brighton which I reckon is a good thing. FIsh and chips at Maggies or Undercliffe: https://goo.gl/maps/CPxCdEEdSJjXGg1g7 followed by ice cream at Di Pola's: https://goo.gl/maps/NKtdem9yiMWEJUGV9 Just a few miles from Hastings is Rye. Exceptionally historic and picturesque but most visitors forget about Winchelsea: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winchelsea Unlike most English towns this is built on a grid of roads, just like many in the USA. Except it was laid out in the 13th Century! Look for Spike Millgan's grave in the churchyard.
  2. at9

    Boot "season"?

    As Puffer said, unless you have a specific reason to visit the castle etc, Dover wouldn't be high on the list of great places to see in the UK. Yes, the White Cliffs are famous but best seen from a boat in the channel. I've walked along the top of the cliffs from the Dover visitor centre to the South Foreland Lighthouse (open to visitors) and on to Deal. It's a lovely walk but I did it because I was down in the area for other reasons. The county of Kent (in which Dover is situated) has many wonderful places. The strange landscape of Dungeness, Canterbury with its cathedral, Chatham Historic Dockyard (you can go aboard a submarine there), the national apple and pear collection at Brogdale, assorted castles and gardens, vineyards and much, much more. If you want to use the UK as a base for seeing other parts of Europe it's great that you can get on a train in London and be in Paris or Brussels a couple of hours later. PS: My post crossed with Shyheels, who lives in south coast seaside town. I won't say which, to protect his privacy. You can spend a lifetime in London and not see all of it. Shyheels mentioned the V&A. There are several other world class museums and galleries, mostly with free admission. Plus a load of smaller places. A few that I like and come immediately to mind are John Soanes museum, Grant Museum of Zoology, London Museum of Water and Steam, Last Tuesday Society.
  3. @Prutske255 Thanks for sending me payment today. The boots will be in the post on monday.
  4. Reduced to £40 + postage.
  5. Can't see that contact page linked from the home page or anywhere else. Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough.
  6. Dubious looking website. Absolutely no contact details that I could find.
  7. Rick Owens wedge boots. I can't find a size marked on them but they are a bit small on my UK9/EU43 feet. Length is OK but difficult to zip up over my high instep. Heel approx 4" 100mm. Approx 0.5"/12mm concealed platform. They weren't new when I bought them, they are in good but used condition. They were resoled and heeled before I owned them. Similar used boots are being offered for $595/£470 which strikes me as rather optimistic: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RICK-OWENS-MENS-BLACK-100MM-WEDGE-HEEL-LEATHER-ANKLE-BOOTS-SIZE-41-W-BOX-/202640154062 Bargain at £100 including tracked/next day postage within UK. Please ask if you want them posted to other destinations. Collection in person is welcome from North London.
  8. Your chances of meeting another guy in heels in London (or anyone else) is pretty small. Unless you are going to fancy dress (inclduing Rocky Horror screenings) or CD/TV/fetish events. Not sure where I've seen this, but have heard that some gay venues (where you might think there are more guys in heels) have felt unwelcoming, verging on hostile.
  9. As a Londoner I'd say there are some of the outer areas where you'd be noticed. Some of the rougher areas might be a bit iffy. But then these areas can be unpleasant regardless of who you are and what you're wearing. If you're just visiting London then you aren't likely to be going to those areas unless you know people there.
  10. If you're using Windows, download the free program Irfanview: https://www.irfanview.com/ It has simple tools for resizing images. Lots of other useful tools too, without being complicated to use. It's also an excellent image viewer. If you're using Linux or Mac I don't know what's available. Generally it's better to start with a high resolution image and then resize it. If you start with a low res image it will have artifacts that make it harder to compress it further.
  11. at9

    Cali World

    Electromagnets can be AC or DC.....
  12. Looking good. There's been a recent thread about image file sizes so I thought I'd take a look at @jeremy1986 's image properties. Choosing one at random it was 1000x750 pixels and 64kB. Yes, just 64 kilobytes for a good looking image. Might be worth posting in that thread about what you did to the original picture to get a small file with good quality.
  13. at9

    Cali World

    I've seen people in stilettos struggling at the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. It's a wondeful museum but take a torch (flashlight to those across The Pond) and if you're wearing heels make sure they're block ones. There are lots of grids in the floor.
  14. at9

    Cali World

    Glad you had a good time in the UK. The US/£ exchange rate was nicely in your favour too. I've lived in the UK all my life and I don't think we have many cobbled streets. Much more common in some parts of continental Europe. Perhaps there are more in areas often visited by tourists but in London (where I live) I rarely encounter cobbles. In Birmingham some of the areas around Gas Street Basin (a popular area for tourists, nightlife etc) there are certainly cobbled areas. I've seen local women in high heels walking on these with no problem. They must be well practiced. This article gives a few cobbled streets in the UK. Most in areas popular with tourists: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/7154413/britains-most-picturesque-streets-revealed-as-cobbled-lanes-and-historic-buildings-which-will-leave-you-awestruck/
  15. Never mind drugs that are illegal in your own country, you know about them. Beware of some over-the-counter and prescription medication that 100% legal at home but illegal in some countries. Some of the problems are ones you might not expect. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/4850748/prescription-drugs-abroad-banned-egypt-laws-tramadol-codeine/
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