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  1. I think we mentioned her in that previous thread that I have now just found:
  2. Sorry, that doesn't quite get to the core of the subject.......
  3. I've tried and failed to find an old thread about musicians who play while wearing heels. ISTR an organist doing incredible things on the pedalboard in heels. Also pianists and others. I wasn't looking for heels, only for music, but today I found a video of one of the world's top concert pianists, Yuja Wang: QUite apart from superb paino playing she's wearing some very high heels which can be glimpsed occasionally. At 3:43 and 3:11 for example.
  4. Order more than 1 size and return as needed. All free.
  5. I think I have wide feet but the standard width was fine in the leopard boots. If wide UK9 had been available I would have ordered it. The worst aspect of the boots was a very slippery insole so my feet slipped down to the toebox. That's why I used an extra insole (a contoured one from an old pair of walking shoes) which makes them very comfortable.
  6. I should add that these Asos leopard boots were clearly marketed for men. The range of sizes was UK5 to UK13. (The smallest common UK man's size is 6 so having size 5 available is unusual. Smallest common UK women's size is 4, sometimes 3. For those across The Pond, UK uses the same sizing for men and women, at least in theory) https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-heeled-chelsea-boots-with-pointed-toe-in-leopard-print/prd/21030697
  7. Just bought these from Asos. Under £40 after discounts. 3" heel. Ordered UK9 and UK9.5. Kept the 9.5 which is larger than my usual UK9 as they worked well with insoles. The insoles stop my feet slipping forward. My first footwear with a pattern of any kind.
  8. UK dress size 10 is equivalent to US dress size 6. This table confirms my belief: https://www.asknumbers.com/ClothingWomensConversion.aspx
  9. For UK10 the usual conversions are EU44, US women 12, US men 11. But as several have said, sizing is a bit of a jungle.
  10. I guess these are the ones: https://www.honour.co.uk/goddess-skyscraper-heel-knee-high-platform-boots-black.php I wish you much fun wearing them.
  11. Platforms can be deceptive and treacherous. A small bump in the ground that you'd hardly notice in flat shoes and cause no trouble in non-platform heels can easily turn an ankle in platforms. I have a pair of goth style platform boots, 5" heels, 3" platform, that are very comfortable and easy to walk in. I've had a couple of near misses.
  12. Welcome to HHP. Sizing is a perennial problem. In the UK and European sizing systems, male and female sizes are supposed to be the same. Unlike the US system where they differ. Conversion between systems is also inconsistent. For example UK9 is meant to be the same as EU43. I've had shoes marked UK9 that range from loose on my feet to impossible to put on. Shoes sold for women tend to be narrower than their men's counterparts. Choices about legwear, underwear, skirts etc are purely personal. HHP is not a cross dressing forum. There are plenty of other places for that. A small he
  13. The relevant UK legislation is the Consumer RIghts Act (2015) or if earlier, its predecessor, the Sale of Goods Act. Both require goods to be "of merchantable quality" and "fit for purpose". Standard steps in the UK: Put the complaint in writing. If no satisfaction send "Letter Before Action" saying you will take the matter to the County Court in (typically) 14 days. I've had to do this a couple of times and was successful; companies will usually resolve a problem before going to court. Win or lose, it costs them too much to go to court for a small claim so they might as well settle. The
  14. Full explanation here: https://www.howtogeek.com/254830/why-your-photos-dont-always-appear-correctly-rotated/ Basically photos are often stored by your camera in the oritenationt hey were taken, along with a flag that says which way up they are. Some apps allow for the flag and display photos the right way up, others don't. I use a simple image editor such as Irfanview to put photos the right way up before uploading them to forums etc.
  15. When professional removal people carry awkward loads down stairs I've seen them kick a heel against the riser of each step as they go. Then they know when they have reached the bottom, even if they can't see it. It also means they plant their feet securely on each step. You can't really do this in any open backed shoe unless it has an ankle strap.
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