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  1. at9

    Hi from Lincoln

    Some resources for larger size heels: https://www.prettybigshoes.com/shops/category/heels https://crispinsshoes.com/ https://www.longtallsally.com/shoes/c
  2. at9

    Hi from Lincoln

    Dave, welcome to HHP. If you look through past threads there's a fair bit about getting larger sizes. I'm UK9 so on the cusp of what's available in the mainstream of heels. At UK11 you have 3 main choices: 1: Fetish and CD/TV suppliers such as Alternative Footwear. Great if you want extreme stuff, less so if want everyday footwear. Take a look anyway as some of their stuff is pretty moderate. 2: Specialist big size suppliers. Magnus and Long Tall Sally are 2 well known ones. Possibly Evans if they are still around 3: Custom. Expensive. One fellow member highly recommends Jean Gaborit
  3. at9

    What colour of belt.

    @Shyheels, you're inviting the inevitable comments about how kangaroo boots help you jump higher:-)
  4. at9


    Unless you're French in which case it's AZERTY. Other languages also differ. In the new film "Colette" they actually got this detail correct. They used a typewriter with an AZERTY keyboard.
  5. at9


    A Japanese typewriter is a fearsome beast. https://www.quora.com/How-did-the-Chinese-and-Japanese-type-their-native-language-before-computers-How-could-they-use-typewriters
  6. Big thank you to Tech for keeping the show running for all those years. I remember going to one or two meetups in London. Must have been over 10 years ago. Tech was certainly at one of them. As was Dr Shoe - I wonder what happened to him.
  7. at9

    HappyinHeels Holiday Greetings

    Boot (UK/AUS) = Trunk (US) Bonnet (UK) = Hood (US) Esky is Australian only. Until I looked it up I hadn't realised it was originally a trademark that became generic.
  8. at9

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    Britain is a relatively small and crowded island. Especially around London and other major conurbations. There are very few toll roads. The only major one is the M6T, an alternative to the M6 past Birmingham. Several major bridges and tunnels have tolls (Dartford crossing, Humber bridge, Tyne tunnel for example). There are a number of minor toll routes. This is unlike France or Italy where there are many toll routes. I've driven in several parts of the US and Canada. Mostly the roads are easy and not too crowded. I've also driven in Manhattan and around the tristate area where the traffic jams can be every bit as bad as back home. I remember trying to get across from NJ to Long Island at around midnight and finding the traffic really horrible for no apparent reason apart from too many vehicles and too little road.
  9. at9

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Just got the 10 wide and they aren't comfortable either. They just aren't the right shape for my feet. Shame, because I quite liked the style.
  10. at9

    Reason for wearing heels??

    But doesn't Vegas have an Eiffel Tower:-)
  11. The goth subculture still embraces platforms for both men and women. But that's not exactly mainstream and shows no tendency to head that way.
  12. Not 100% true. In the late 1960s/early 1970s high heels, especially platforms, were often worn by men as well as women. But generally I think you're right, I can only think of the single counterexample.
  13. at9

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Never heard Beirut described as the Las Vegas of the Middle East before. "Paris of the Middle East" goes back a long way and I saw "Switzerland of the Middle East" recently for the first time. https://www.businessinsider.com/photos-of-beirut-lebanon-1965-2014-12?r=US&IR=T
  14. History has it the other way round. Women were heavily discouraged from wearing men's styles of clothing. It took many years for trousers to become an accepted item of women's clothing.
  15. at9

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    Who made your boots? Was it Jean Gaborit?

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