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  1. This is actually a UK based forum with a lot of UK members. Going back to the original post, while I can fit into some UK9 women's shoes it's not universally true. For those unfamiliar with UK sizing, men's and women's sizes are MEANT to be the same. I normally wear UK9 men's shoes so UK9 women's ought to be OK. But women's shoes often seem a bit smaller. Sometimes, like Aldo, a lot smaller. At the other extreme I have some UK9 women's boots from Next which are a bit big on me, easily solved with insoles. All of which goes to show that sizes can be rather approximate.
  2. Thanks. I'm sure I've heard the Phantasy Quintet but am not familiar with it. I'll have to look it up.
  3. What was the work by RVW? His Tallis Fantasia is one of my all time favourite pieces and I love a lot of his other works.
  4. Or possibly unacceptable (breaks HHP rules) images that have been deleted by Tech so the link is dead. Or even that a member has been banned for breaking the rules and all his content deleted. Again breaking the link.
  5. This topic has been discussed on several occasions here at HHP. Shyheels correctly summarises the situation. I can remember a time when the rule of "no guys in the girls forum" didn't apply. Guys used to post often inappropriate comments in the girls forum; we have precious few female members at HHP and they deserve to be well treated. There was never a problem with girls posting in the guys forum so no rule was needed. I suspect that there is little day to day moderation of HHP at present as Tech (the forum owner) has many other commitments and there are no other moderators at the moment.
  6. Having been to a number of Bar Mitzvahs, including my own, I don't recall seeing any footwear of special note. Neither on men nor women. Perhaps I mix in the wrong circles.
  7. Looks like very limited availability.
  8. Short length of chain run under the sole and round the ankle. Plus a small padlock. Cheap, simple, effective.
  9. Well done. It's unlikely that anyone will even notice that you're wearing those heels. Loads of women wear heels like that with jeans and you'd not notice them doing so unless you were really looking. There's no need to push on to higher or more noticeable heels unless you really want to. There are some HHP members such as CAT and TBG who happily wear much more obvious heels out and about. Kudos to them, but you're not in competition with them or anyone else. Best of all you have the support of your wife so you're not trying to hide anything from anyone.
  10. This is the thread to which Spikesmike refers. Most of it is about Fabulously Fetish. If you read that thread I doubt you'll order anything from them.
  11. You can see the video here: And probably in a thousand other places.
  12. HeeledSteve, welcome to HHP. There are plenty of us from the UK. It's a UK based forum too. I too wear modest heels out and about with male clothing. For example I went to the theatre this week wearing 3" block heel boots under trousers. I have no wish to go public in high stilettos or to present as female. I have every respect for those HHP members who push the enevelope much further than I would.
  13. Notably: " I'm sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that. "
  14. I was in Buenos Aires recently for a few days.There were a lot of women wearing very chunky platform sandals, often with minimal rise at the heel (flatforms) though with some up to 5" heel. 2" platforms were commonplace with some up to 3". Shoe shops were full of similar footwear. Very few stilettos or other more elegant high heels except for the dancers at a tango show. Since the temperature was 25 to 30 degrees celsius, sometimes even higher and mostly very humid, it's hardly surprising there were no boots to be seen. Didn't see any men in heels except for some 2" heel cowboy style footwear in a tango show.
  15. Assuming you paid by credit card and the transaction is within the EU (which is appears to be, even though the compnay itself is in China) the card company is jointly and severally liable, hence you can get a refund from them. Technically this is only valid for purchases over £100 but in practice the card companies will often pay up for smaller amounts. As will banks for debit cards: If you paid by Paypal their dispute procedure should cover you. If you paid by bank transfer or Western Union then tough. The alarm bells should have rung very loudly. They were ringing pretty loudly anyway, the place is obviously a fraud as I noted in an earlier post.