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  1. The famous chef Escoffier wore high heels in the kitchen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auguste_Escoffier
  2. Patrick, welcome to HHP. Your English is very good, better than some native speakers I've seen. Though something has gone very strange with the line breaks, resulting in very long lines that don't fit on the screen properly. I would have expected the forum software to format the text sensibly but somehow it's gone wrong. What you never discovered was if your girlfriend liked you in those boots. She might have wanted a pair for herself!
  3. Also remember that unlike the US, air conditioning is relatively uncommon in the UK.
  4. I have a fast connection so large images don't worry me but they cost you money to store and those with poor connectivity will suffer long response times. I too get irritated when people email huge attached images without good reason. If you're sending email attachments from a phone then both Android and Iphone have an option to send smaller image files. I've not uploaded an image to here from my phone but I would expect the same facility to be available. On my desktop I use Image Resizer for Windows, a free download, that allows you to resize images from the right click menu. or I use Irfanview. Similar tools must surely be available for Linux and Mac. Tech, some forum software has an option to automatically resize images when they are uploaded. Is that possible here?
  5. I don't usually read that sort of publication but apparently the press are waging war on Meghan (Prince Harry's wife) at the moment. For no good reason other than to make mischief as far as I can see. One of the downsides of a free press but censorship would be far worse. And Meghan is also often seen wearing HH and wearing them well.
  6. She routinely wears all sorts of high heels so nothing exceptional about wearing those HH boots. In the rain or otherwise. Except that they don't look very waterproof.
  7. Both HiH and Shyheels are right. An employer doesn't own the employees's whole life. However it doesn't stop them trying, both in the past and present. But that's black and white, life is messier than that. If an employee commits a criminal act in his/her own time then the employer has every right to be interested. But what if an employee is arrested, tried and acquitted? Should that have any effect on the employment? If an employee goes on a demonstration protesting about some controverisal issue. Whether it's pro or anti abortion or anything else. Should that matter to the employer? There are plenty of other grey cases, especially for teachers, social workers and others who work with young and/or vulnerable people.
  8. I agree. Some of their pages have outdated certificates and there are no contact details. These are required by the UK Distance Selling Regulations.
  9. Size EU41 and others available here: https://www.zalando.co.uk/jeffrey-campbell-legion-2-lace-up-boots-je711n02s-q11.html Various sizes here. Based in USA but will ship with prepaid tax etc to Europe: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/jeffrey-campbell-legion-high-heel-boot-women/4397339 Some sizes on Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jeffrey-Campbell-Womens-Legion-Boots/dp/B0757NV7LZ Probably others if you look around. No need to ship from Australia unless you need a size that somebody's got there and nowhere else.
  10. Since the US is, in itself, a free trade area of more than 300 million people, I don't think there is much understanding there of the barriers that can exist between multiple small countries. The EU is a free trade area comparable to the US, though a little bigger in terms of population. So a German company can send stuff to France just as a a guy in Alabama can send stuff to New Jersey. People can also move freely between EU states, just as they can between US states. You can drive across the France/Belgium border and there's no customs post. Just like driving between NY and PA. I am well aware of the tension that exists between State and Federal govenments within the US. Just as between countries and the EU. In the EU a country can't impose different rules on trade or movement of people. In the US a state can't do this. In the EU each country is free, for example, to set its own rate of sales tax. Just like US states. When stuff comes in from outside the EU that's where it differs from the US. As I understand it, the rules for import duty etc are set at a Federal level in the US. Doesn't matter whether you're in NY or North Dakota, the enforcement is the same. This isn't true in the EU. Although there's a common rulebook each member state has its own procedures for enforcement. In the UK it's fairly lax, a lot of packages that should attract import taxes get through without being stopped. In Germany I think the enforcement is a lot stricter. So if I (in the UK) ordered those boots from Australia they would probably get stopped by customs. I would get a note in the post saying I had to pay taxes and fees, something I can do online. The package would then be delivered by Royal Mail, DHL or whoever the carrier was. But there's a fair chance the package would just arrive, with no demand for tax. I don't know the German procedure but I can be pretty sure it's different.
  11. Riding boots for sale. Marked EU44 but they fit my EU43/UK9 feet fairly snugly. Not leather, probably rubber or synthetic leather. Waterproof. Padded lining. Good condition. £15 + postage. I think postage to UK will be about £6 using Collect+ Collection welcome from North London.
  12. " I do wish there was a zipper for easier on and off. " I can see a zipper in the photo. Is this purely a decoration? A zipper with speed lacing hooks usually works badly. The laces tend to fall off the hooks when you undo the zip. The fix is to squeeze up the hooks.
  13. Some resources for larger size heels: https://www.prettybigshoes.com/shops/category/heels https://crispinsshoes.com/ https://www.longtallsally.com/shoes/c
  14. Dave, welcome to HHP. If you look through past threads there's a fair bit about getting larger sizes. I'm UK9 so on the cusp of what's available in the mainstream of heels. At UK11 you have 3 main choices: 1: Fetish and CD/TV suppliers such as Alternative Footwear. Great if you want extreme stuff, less so if want everyday footwear. Take a look anyway as some of their stuff is pretty moderate. 2: Specialist big size suppliers. Magnus and Long Tall Sally are 2 well known ones. Possibly Evans if they are still around 3: Custom. Expensive. One fellow member highly recommends Jean Gaborit
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