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  1. One friend of mine complains that some pieces of music have far too many notes in them. Her husband and son are both very musical (mainly classical and vintage 1920s-1950s), she just puts up with it. This is the sort of thing she really hates:
  2. Policing in the UK is different to most countries. Our cops don't routinely carry guns. Policing is, or should be, done with the consent of the community. The police are meant to be part of the community, not "other". When this relationship break down, the whole system of policing breaks with it. There have been serious problems with racism in the police. Though that problem is hardly unique to the UK. This story is disturbing. From 2 news outlets with very different political viewpoints: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/26/police-officer-robyn-williams-sentenced-unpaid-work-possessing-child-abuse-video https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11171358/senior-met-police-sacked-child-abuse-possession/
  3. Example of truly idiotic police officer just a few miles from where I live: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/28/bakery-threatened-80-fine-drawing-chalk-pavement-promote-social-distancing-12471130/
  4. I have them in black, brown and tan. All in size UK9/EU43.
  5. I have a couple of pairs of DM "Una" clogs. 4" heel, just under 1" platform. Very comfortable. Photo is from a website, not of my pairs.
  6. A few years ago I linked to this excellent high-heeled performance on the piano. It's good enough to repeat on this thread: Or for a very different genre of music being played in HH:
  7. A least one of the comments in Youtube refers to her high heels. Quite incredible the way she dances over the pedalboard. Another video of her, in higher heels, with rather different repertoire:
  8. I don't think Darwin was a eugenicist. Although his theories have been abused by eugenicists.
  9. I joined in 2006. No idea how I found it. Probably while googling for HH footwear. I've been to 1, maybe 2, HH meets in London and met a few of the "names", past and present. Including Tech himself.
  10. Ultimately there are combined boots and trousers/pants such as: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/tamar-mellon I've seen others in leather throughout (possibly synthetic leather) but can't find the links at the moment.. i think there was a complete "boot suit" in the past made by Atomage. All the way from boots up to the neck. Effectively a cat suit with intgerated boots.
  11. The headline: "Nuts screws washers and bolts" may well be apocryphal. Writing headlines for tabloid papers is a highly skilled job. Though as Shyheels has found, the "quality" press has its moments too.
  12. A warning to any civilians who wandered in: That article is satirical. The title tells you that immediately.
  13. And now for something completely different. I hate seeing monstrosities like: "She would of gone to the shops". It's a consequence of how you hear: "She would've gone to the shops" but that doesn't make it any less horrible. Unfortunately we may be fighting a losing battle against this one. Language changes through usage. "For free" seems to have become established. "Free" would be entirely adequate. Alternatively "for nothing". Compared to French, English, a language with a very rich vocabulary, actually lacks here. We use "free" in two senses: "beer" and "freedom". The French have "gratuit" and "libre" to make the distinction clear. "I'm free!" Or at least not too expensive.
  14. Other fruits are available. How many fruity brands can you think of? Apricot used to be a maker of computers. Mango are a fashion company. Orange are (in the UK they were, don't know about elsewhere) a mobile phone company. Long before Apple computers, the Beatles used Apple as a brand for their records.
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