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  1. That's why he wrote Higher Watha [sic]. I'll be off now
  2. Sorry to be a grouch but I reckon this is totally unnecessary. Others may differ.
  3. Don't forget the study of Latin names: Accelleratti Incredibus Carnivorous Vulgaris
  4. Don't forget the wonderful cartoon physics. Newton's laws of motion are definitely not obeyed. It's amazing how something can hover in mid-air, then plunge to the ground at constant velocity.
  5. Of course using external hosting will reduce site storage and bandwidth. It will also give broken links when those photos are removed for any reason.
  6. Mostly hideous. Why do footwear designers persist in putting a slim heel right at the back where it unbalances both the shoe and wearer. It should be under the centre of the wearer's heel.
  7. I may have seen an attended petrol station in a very rural part of Somerset a few weeks ago. Not 100% sure.
  8. Here in the UK, at most petrol stations, we still fill up our cars before paying at the kiosk. An increasing number have card readers at the pump, you insert your card, enter your PIN, fill the tank and it charges the correct amount to your card. Attended service is now very rare indeed. When I'm out of London I've bought fruit, veg and honey via honesty boxes.
  9. I fully understand why you're doing this but 100K is pretty tight. When posting to other forums that don't impose a size limit I keep my images below 500K as a matter of courtesy. It would take rather more effort to keep them below 100K, especially when posting from a phone.. The size in pixels is much less important. It doesn't directly relate to file size. The main reason for keeping it down is to stop pictures appearing too large on the screen. Since pictures can be portrait or landscape format I suggest that 1024x1024 would be reasonable. One thing the forum software does seem to do correctly is automatically orientate images based on the EXIF information. In many places you see sideways or upside down images. I usually try to get the orientation correct (using Irfanview) but those posting from a phone usually won't even know that their image isn't the right way up.
  10. Were these women seeking acceptance? Did they have "accepting" husbands or boyfriends?
  11. In the 20th century when trousers started to be routinely worn by women, there was substantial opposition. Followed by acceptance.
  12. The famous chef Escoffier wore high heels in the kitchen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auguste_Escoffier
  13. Patrick, welcome to HHP. Your English is very good, better than some native speakers I've seen. Though something has gone very strange with the line breaks, resulting in very long lines that don't fit on the screen properly. I would have expected the forum software to format the text sensibly but somehow it's gone wrong. What you never discovered was if your girlfriend liked you in those boots. She might have wanted a pair for herself!
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