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Who has bought some new shoes

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6 hours ago, chrigi-ch said:

since some month I am a fan of the Sorbern Shop in Aliexpress.
I saw these Sandals in there shop and I had to have them.
the Heel is 18.5cm and they have a stable construction and they are easy to walk.


there lovely .

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On 3/31/2020 at 5:28 PM, RonC said:

"I wouldn't be able to walk in those! :)"

Yeah, I doubt the statement by chrigi-ch that they are "easy to walk".  Sure, a few steps around the house maybe, but I doubt anyone could truly walk with any level of normalicy in a heel that high.   But hey, if it floats your boat, have fun.....


@RonC Hey, please, don't missunderstand. My idea about the 18cm superheels was:
"Despite the height of 18cm (or more) they are easy to walk"
I have other Heels which have the same high t and they are very difficult to walk but these boots are, compared to the others, "easy" to walk.
I did not wear them outside till now, but I will do it next week an then for a longer walk then I will find it out and will report back ;-)

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