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  1. Personally, I don't care for either of those heels. The one straight down the back is too straight, the other too much curve, to under slung. I like something in between. More like this, with a slight curve on the heel, maybe a bit more curve, but not much.
  2. Sad, isn't it! DSW was my and my wife's go to place for heels. I about gagged when I walked in the other day and saw a whole isle of crocs. Even my wife mentioned she had waked down the "wrong" isle. I couple years ago DSW had 2-3 isles of heels, now maybe one. I suppose they are just trying to stay profitable and stocking what sells. I doubt it did nay good, but i sent them and e-mal stating our displeasure.
  3. Don't you hate that!? I was strolling through a second hand clothing store and found the most beautiful and crazy platform heels. They were in the size 10 section and I had to have them. Took them off the shelf and they were a size 9. I tried one on and yep, definitely a size 9. I wear a 10! Damn!
  4. I can buy most any USA brand, (that probably made in China), and they fit like a glove. Nine West, Guess and many others. Onlymaker was terrible. The length and width was fine, but the shape, curve of the innersole was way off compared to other brands and simply did not fit the bottom of my foot.
  5. I know how you feel! We just got back from a trip. On the drive my wife jazzed it up a bit and wore a bright red pleated dress and pumps. She dressed it down a bit with a stylish jean jacket. She looked awesome! On the way back it was tight skinny jeans, tank top, the same jean jacket and high heel sandals. I find it fun to watch the men at gas stations stop what they are doing when she walks by. I love the view when she walks away. 60 years old and she still turns heads. There is a line from a movie, something on the line of, "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away!"
  6. Except they don't fit! I have tried two different pairs of Onlymaker. Worst fitting shoes ever. I find it surprising when I read about people buying and liking them! If you buy a pair, make sure you can return them easily. I bought from Amazon, free shipping both ways, no hassle returns.
  7. I won't wear the poorly made Chinese heels either ! There is some happy medium. Popular American brands made with leather uppers hold up well and can be had for around $100. I question if a pair of Louboutin's would hold up any better. At some point the higher price does not guarantee better quality, but you have bragging rights with the brand. People pay $1,000 for heels because they can.
  8. Keep posting pictures and nobody will notice any errors!
  9. My wife and I made a run through DSW on Saturday. They had a whole isle on Crocs. Gag!😝
  10. The typical lumber yard will not have shall we say, historical molding. You need to hit the internet and look for sellers and suppliers that specialize in older home restoration. You should be able to find what you are looing for, but it will take some time.
  11. Crocs and Ugg boots should be outlawed! At least in public.
  12. Very nice, but we knew that already from all the pics! She is 60 years old too! Size "0" jeans, XS tops. I need to talk to her about the 3 pounds! 🤣 I am a happy man!
  13. She is well feed compared to my 100 pound wife! My bet she is a bit taller than my wife's 5'2". My wife weighed herself earlier to night, all the way up to 103 pounds. When we met she was a whole 90 pounds. I give her crap about all the weight she has gained in the last forty years!🤣
  14. interesting use of lighting to create shadows, but you could use a bit of light coming from left side and brighter on the right. That way you can still se the detail in the shadow,
  15. Much better with the lighting!
  16. This is what I do, Tie a corset Also I take the loose ends and hook them over a doorknob and keep tension on the laces by leaning back.
  17. I wouldn't say crappy, but I do agree a bit more light would be great. I have a couple work lights, a halogen and an LED. When I get serious I set them one side of the camera, facing a light colored wall. If I do it right the pics are bright with the proper shadow.
  18. I wear western style 3" heel boots when i can find them. One day I was walking out of a motel and met a nice looking lady coming in. She looked down and said "I love your boots!" I told her, "thanks, I do too!" she stopped and talked a bit and mentioned that men's fashion is so plain and went on to ask where I found boots like that. I looked at her kind of sheepish, and told her I found them on the other side of the store. She looked at me funny like she didn't get it and I say, "They are from the women's side of the store." Her eyes perked up and she got a huge grin and said, "Good for you! Most men wouldn't even think about wearing women's shoes."
  19. Years ago I started a new job and a customer came in that had a bit of an accent, I don't know from where, but he talked fast and murdered his words a bit. Anyway, I was trying to look up his account, and asked his name a couple times because i just wasn't getting it. Finally I asked him to write it down and handed him a pad and pen. He wrote down C. O. Thompson. The C. O. part was what was killing me. He pronounced it like it was one name, like " Sio" or something similar and of course they wasn't a Sio Thompson in the computer.
  20. I had a pair of nude heels a long time ago, but no more. I prefer colors, or just black or white. Nude looks great with the right outfit, but it isn't on my top ten list!
  21. I think the main point was business celebrate various holidays just for the money. Promote gay pride and gays will flock to your business and spend money, but once pride month is over they need to find the next event to bleed money out of. A true supporter of pride would leave flags and banners up all your round, or at least longer then the 1st through the 30th of the month!
  22. I believe some of you still miss my point. You can be gay all year around why not celebrate the point anytime. Being Christian you can celebrate Christianity all year around, but Christmas is a seasonal thing. Christianity is not seasonal, nor is being gay.
  23. I understand, but I generally don't wear heels outs of the house unless they are fairly generic. Inside the house anything goes!
  24. As long as it is on topic, relating to high heels I don't see why not!
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