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  1. People should also know how to follow a thread.... Allow me an eye roll.
  2. Yes. This is definitely what I meant. And exactly what I am having trouble doing. # # # You are right too Different topics and different issues to discuss. Some of us might be happy enough seeing heels on others and enjoying the " second hand smoke" so to speak... But others will want to have that direct feeling themselves.
  3. No reason you can't open your own thread here. Many folks do that. I waited over a year till I did so to share stories pictures and thoughts and it's a great way to share the experiences you have and to generate discussion and feedback. Great that you managed to get out and enjoy yourself today. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
  4. Thanks for those encouraging words! I sway between wanting to accept it wanting my wife to accept it too, and between wanting to stop. And not to have this "abnormal" hobby. So it's a very inner and internal battle even before dealing with others around me. And yes, knowing there are so many others out there is some what encouraging just knowing others are in the same situation. Just today some family friends were over they have a young daughter of age 17 or so who is developing her own taste in shoes. She has some really nice heeled sandals and today was wearing some cute looking brown suede cowboy like boots with a 1 or 2 inch heel. I enjoyed seeing her in them (on a normal level of enjoyment... Nothing more of course!) and was thinking whether it's enough for me to just see heels on others or if I really want that personal experience of wearing them myself... * * * I actually bought them while aboard from some kind of an outlet store that must have received some old Payless stock. Works fine for me though!
  5. jeremy1986

    Cali World

    Hope it went well! and safe travels tomorrow!
  6. Great look - enjoy, when you get them! Safe travels! take any heels with?
  7. Yeah, saw this recently - they are really pushing it, it seems. Even copying posts from our local sell/buy/rehome group. Haven't found too many in my size though!
  8. Interesting theory. Its possibly I guess …
  9. Wow, good for you @Krystof, that's great you were able to happily "go public" with your wedges boots. They really look great on you and am sure they don't attract too much attention. Keep it up!
  10. Welcome @WenHH to the forum. Great reading your "getting started" stories... not so different to many folks here too (my first try-ons were my mother's high block-heeled knee high leather boots!). Glad to read that you can wear the heels freely around the home and that your GF is so accepting. Like you, I;m in a conservative community, so can only heel at home. Looking forward to seeing you here more often sharing stories and pics! Cheers!
  11. These are great looking wedges (despite being mules ), am sure you need great balance to walk in them naturally and comfortably. hmm... Maybe lets start with those red cork wedges I mentioned maybe??
  12. Nicely done, @inquisitor. I especially like the Vince Camuto heels.
  13. Nice looking boots and great outfit in general
  14. Thanks! Next step - see them on
  15. Quite a collection there @Max! I like the red/cork wedges in the middle of the back row. Cant really see most of them well enough!
  16. Cute outfit, Jeff - love the dress and wedge bootie look!
  17. Great looking heels, @Mr. X and @Pumped
  18. A great buy, on all accounts - enjoy! That's a cute buckle, too
  19. Well done @Krystof - sounds like a success! Keep enjoying... and keep us posted!
  20. Agreed, same thoughts as I saw them - they really look like amazing boots, but just too big somehow …
  21. Looking great as always @maninboots
  22. Looks like they are a perfect fit!
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