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  1. I'm looking at a delightful pair of leather SM wedges, but size UK 8, which sometimes is a perfect fit. Does anyone know if they run big or small?
  2. I know... so tempting . Now if only they shipped to the UK!!
  3. Wow, happy to have raised such a fun discussion! And thanks @Jkrenzer, it makes perfect sense to me too!!!
  4. Love the booties, @vinheel and @Cali
  5. What's the prize??? You need to take a victory round, me thinks!
  6. Well done @JeffB. I really like your boots and outfit in general. That kind of classic looking comfy wintery outfit.
  7. Wow indeed. Really love those. Totally up my alley. And as the others said, a perfect fit.
  8. You can wear them. But can you walk them ;-)
  9. Well done @hiddenheels - not so hidden anymore!
  10. Not my style either, but I looked at the site, and they have some nice classic looks too. Like these - https://www.shoes2go.shop/product-page/vida-9 https://www.shoes2go.shop/product-page/sparkles-328 https://www.shoes2go.shop/product-page/vida-8 https://www.shoes2go.shop/product-page/evelyn-603 but only a handful going up to size 11 and their site looks VERY much "in beta"... with all the placeholders still there. I assume they don't ship over the pond either
  11. jeremy1986

    Cali World

    Well done Cali. I like the black version
  12. @KneeBooted - well done on all the small successes! The look is definitely appealing, and not hiding the heel at all!
  13. well done @JeffB - was a kind of a relief to read that even an experience freestyler like yourself was concerned about the talk at the office. Weird he didn't notice that you were 4" taller...??
  14. I'm assuming the straps don't allow his foot to go down much further … wow, 5+ inches with no platform would be a tall stretch for me! What toe does your wife prefer? and did you mean like for her, or for you ?
  15. I've generally liked JC's heels - mostly a chunky look, but not too way out. Would be interesting to see where this goes. Are these being sold as MEN's heels, or "standard" women's?
  16. yeah, would love to try as well. didn't get too much interest here on the sales forum though :-(
  17. I know some of you are fans of metal heels, and came across these at asos.com not clear to me if they are actual metal heels, or metal looking... but they have up to size 42/9 UK which should cover many of you :-) https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-nation-metal-heel-barely-there-heeled-sandals-in-black/prd/12198149?clr=black-patent&colourWayId=16421041&SearchQuery=metal heel let them know I sent you
  18. You hit on one of the sore points - being pasted all over social media. Indeed, some of the gang here would probably not mind... but I believe I would.
  19. Wow quite the sandal. The heel looks very high, but in the text I see it's 4.49" (!) They seem to have a good size range there
  20. Rocking that wintery outfit @JeffB Especially the cute Booties
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