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  1. I love these! be sure to snap us some pics when you receive them.
  2. Totally agreed. She took them to a wedding we went to last night, but opted for another pair of heels instead. Been ages since she has worn heels, so was nice regardless. Sooooo many stunning heeled boots and heels there... OMG! When we got back, she said she'd have to check these heels out at another event. I asked her if I can check them out too, she said yes 🙂
  3. I have often found it amusing that I have around 20 pairs of high heels (shoes & boots), and I'm still on the look out for some styles I would like. But on the male side of things, I generally make do with 4-5 pairs only for routine use: running shoes, casual lace up, chelsea style, Keen sandals for the summer and a pair of formal shoes. I have another few pairs too (hiking boots, extra pair of formal etc) - but these 5 are the ones I wear routinely. So - how do you folks compare with this? Whats YOUR ratio of mens VS womens shoes? Mine is 5 M to 20 W!
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