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  1. @krazykev64, while I cant comment on the medical side... those are a great looking pair of booties, so well done
  2. Looking good @bailey -I like the criss-cross straps and the rear zipper appeals to me as well, I have a few of those.
  3. Hey, whats new in CAN? Hope all's well

    1. bailey


      All is good..got new heels. Posted them on the thread.

    2. jeremy1986


      Just saw - looks like a good buy, hope they fit well

  4. wow @bailey - great collection and neat storage space you have there
  5. It will stop with more experience - and if it does you're wearing them wrong
  6. Well done mate, both on getting into uni and your heels outing!
  7. Congrats. Don't forget to send some pics our way
  8. I haven't had much success selling here, but some have. So why not post here and see if anyone bites
  9. @Jkrenzer good looking pair of pumps there! @likeheels, I like those boots!
  10. well done. Great boots, by the way
  11. You can post how you like - no real rules about opening a new thread or previous one. So you're good. The heels themselves- look great on you. Especially the pumps. (Personally not a big fan of open toe booties, but that's just my personal preference of course) Kudos for the full frame pictures!
  12. That's cool @P08C -just like you can be your own person by wearing heels, you can be your own person in wearing them where you want and how you want - and not how others think you should wear them ENJOY!
  13. Hey, lets get back to talking about boots ;-) Great ones @AlexC94 - enjoy! Hope you can work out more pics! (and yes - I find it easy to resize/render images to a good size, but certainly understand that those working solely off phones, or some who are less techie will have trouble - it IS quite annoying to have to do this... but I guess that's what we get from a freebie forum (that we are all happy to be a part of!)
  14. Should have called this thread "Feeling pumped" … sorry - couldn't resist
  15. They look great @Peeptoe, as you say, good price too
  16. That's great! Where are they from? (EDIT: just remembered the thread title… Sam Edelman!) Its great that your wife is so supportive. Don't take that for granted! And by all means, enjoy your alone time too, to build your confidence.
  17. Great looking pumps and they go very well with the skinny jeans.
  18. Thanks! Some really nice wedges there, but am afraid that at $50+, they are above my budget
  19. @HappyinHeels they look great. Very sharp and glad they are comfy as well. Am sure you'll get a lot of good use out of them. @chrigi-ch congrats on your buy as well. I like high wedges as well, but these are probably beyond my comfort level. They have the benefit of looking like "normal" heels, and not far down the fetish route. Do you mind sharing the store link? Enjoy!
  20. wow @redandwhite -those Prada boots are out of this world! And you really rock them!
  21. Nicely done @kneehighs - both look great. @AZShoeNut - well done! Those wedges look amazing, and am sure you felt great wearing them. And i certainly know that deep clop-clop noise as you walk in them … Well done on the outing. Where did you go?
  22. These look great! love them. yeah, well, that's how it is for some of us :-/
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