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  1. New skinny jeans with my pleaser adores







    1. pebblesf


      those heels really show off your great legs also

  2. New boots.







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    2. bailey


      Got them on ebay from a private seller. China made boot, 6" heel 1.5" hidden platform. The front of shaft has diamond cut pattern faux suede. Shaft is a little large but is contoured and looks good with jeans.



    3. Peter1


      Nice! The cuts on front make them great looking espacially with your skinny jeans! A good purchase for springs days coming :wink:

    4. jeremy1986


      wow, what a fantastic looking pair. Great looking heel and platform. Looks fab with your skinny jeans.

  3. Totally agree...my favorite combination. A casual look but with the right colors and styles...a great look.
  4. Thinking about ordering these in the new year. Definitely would qualify for "girly heels".
  5. My peeptoe pumps with the bows are from Justfab.
  6. Picked these up the other day. Not usually into single sole boots but I like the gold accents and tassles on the zippers. They fit amazing and are about a 3.5" heels which is relatively shorter than I normally gravitate too.
  7. Got them at a store called Urban Planet. www.urban-planet.com
  8. Just bought a pair like these today. Not my usual go to style which is platform stilettos but I have been eyeing them for a couple of weeks. Simply love the bright red color and were not very much when you find a 40% off sale.
  9. My wife is well aware of my heels and knows about hhplace. I have found that being honest about my heels has been very beneficial and her acceptance makes me feel very lucky to be married to such an awesome lady.
  10. Have not seen or read anything about the competition being over so I decided to post another contribution.
  11. Love this style and color. They would look amazing with some dark denim skinny jeans.
  12. I like to put on my boots occasionally during the warmer weather but some styles lend more towards the proper outfit and outside temperatures. For example...this pair of over the knee fur trimmed boots are not what you would expect to be wearing when its 25 to 30 degrees celcius outside. Never the less still fun to pull out of storage and try on once in a while.
  13. Steve Madden wedges with studded accents.
  14. These are not mine....I only wish but they are my wifes. I found them yesterday for her. Black velvet mary-janes with accent bows on the straps. Anything with a bow "ups the girlie look".
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