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  1. New heels on order....I love anything leopard/cheetah print.
  2. I love wearing hosiery with jeans and heels...looks and feels amazing!



    1. Cali


      Look into shorter jeans to really show off your heels with jeans. The extra material distracts from the look.

  3. Yes, I have missed your posts. You always have a great pair of heels to display. My boots are a velour so they are amazingly soft too. I am not usually into single sole heels but I am slowly adding more depending on the style. Myself I am not a fan of single sole open toe sandals and much prefer them in a pump. Looking forward to seeing some of your outings.
  4. Thigh high leopard boots. Out of season, they were on a clearance sale. I have been looking for a pr. forever. Especially after seeing a pr. that Cat posted and knew I had to have a pair too. Only wish they were a little higher with a platform. I was not about to pass them up with sale listing them for 60% off.
  5. I love pink heels....just a few of mine.
  6. New to me heels. Founds them online, but made by Aldo.
  7. These are boots instead of the normal shoes but look pretty girly none-the-less, with the abundance of fur trimmed laces and the boot tops.
  8. Thought maybe some black faux leather leggings might look good too. I just found a deal on these shiny gold pumps. Should be here next week.
  9. My caged sandals showed up.
  10. I have a couple pairs of caged sandals on order. Should be here by next week if all goes right.
  11. bailey


    Todays pick for heels...
  12. Too bad...those are amazing boots! Love the color.
  13. Plenty of time on my hands now to wear my heels. I enjoyed these ones today.
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