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  1. My latest thrift store find...heel tips not even worn...10 bucks.
  2. Another pic of my new pumps.


    1. heellover00


      Beautiful. I love the color.

    2. jeremy1986


      Love the heel on these!

  3. Out of season...but a deal is a deal...and I love my platform boots.


    1. jeremy1986


      Great looking boots!

  4. My new pumps. Love the color....



    1. jeremy1986


      Very well put together, am sure you enjoyed wearing them.

    2. bailey


      It was an enjoyable day in hose and heels.:happy:

  5. My new heels arrived today.


    1. heellover00


      Love the color.

    2. jeremy1986


      Wow what a look!!

  6. One of my favorite pair of wedge boots. I believe they are one of my first pair of boots I bought and would hate to part with them. Already had to re-glue the sole once because it was lifting. Out of season right now but will be back in season soon enough.
  7. Just need to vent a bit...without making it too public except to those who follow me. I must say for a sight that supposed to be open to all heel lovers I find that there are too many posts that label our heel preferences as "eff me heels" or fetish, or stripper heels. Maybe I am taking it to personal but not once have I ever labeled someones choice of heels, bland, "run of the mill" or conservative. Just because I like a style of heels and showcase them on my profile or album, I do not want to be labeled. Even if it is in a general statement not directly issued to me, I still find it opinionated. I wear what I like....maybe not publicly, but I do wear them daily at home or while driving and its not a fetish. I know I am getting long in the tooth but sometimes it gets old and would rather not listen to peoples negative opinions. I am sure I am not alone, but feel its better to vent here rather than stir the pot more on a specific thread. With that.....I said my peace and next time I will just scroll past a negative comment and still enjoy my heels like I always have.

    1. jeremy1986


      Well said!

  8. Distressed womans skinny jeans and a couple prs of heels.



    1. jeremy1986


      Love the look!

  9. I have modeled these heels before but I really like them with these pants.


    1. Pierre1961


      Just magnifique ! 

  10. Probably some dark denim, or black skinny jeans. Something like this...
  11. My new "sky scrapers" I have coming. Found a deal on ebay, new in the box from a private seller. Have been looking for a pr. this color for a while now.
  12. Casual tuesday...Brash suede pumps, t-shirt and jeans.:cool:


  13. A couple pairs of my neutral colored pumps.




    1. heellover00
    2. jeremy1986


      Great!! My vote goes for picture number 2

  14. Yep....that or a pr. of bell bottoms and a denim jacket too.
  15. They would look great with a pr. of denim skinny jeans. You should try some, I am sure they would look and feel awesome with these sexy platforms.
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