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  1. What a pity I’m agree with you maybe shoud you looking for here http://www.italianheels.com/cgi-bin/show.pl?categoria=slippers&lang=en&da=490
  2. Good choice, cute shoes. Be ready to wait for several weeks before receive your order.
  3. Hello i have ordered in 2001 for the first time, and never disappointed after 6 orders. Always with 12 cm Heels (13,7 cm for size 43). Very well made, designed to look good and to be wearable. They fit like gloves. Like you i have tried China shoes but the quality is not equal with Italianheels, very far. my personnal collection
  4. my new sandals, the girliest ... until the next
  5. Thanks for the compliment. Like you, strappy sandals is the style i prefer. These are gorgeous, and very well made, entierely in leather. The color has been personnalized because of the original was out of stock. The fit is excellent, very easy to walk.
  6. My boots same heels 14 cm Me and stiletto heels, it’ s a long story, i walk easily with https://www.schuhplus.com/damenschuhe/high-heels/
  7. Previously, the size conversion US 11 was 42.5 EU, it fit me perfectly. Since the shoes are made in China, it's 42, slightly smaller. I can wear these in 43, with greater heel 14 cm
  8. The Heel height is perfect for me, the straps hold the foot firmly on the inner sole. Perfect for getting around without the sandal flowing
  9. I have got in size 11 (42 EU 9UK), the heel is 13.2 cm (5.2 inch). My wife doesn't like this pointed toe :)
  10. I’m agree with your appointment, and yes I like this style, high stiletto heels, strapps, the small mirrors, thanks to the designer
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