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  1. Not the best place to walk congratulation
  2. Really awesome boots. Male style
  3. Take care with the discount price, because each month you must buy some shoes. Search and read about that. Some people in France have had this bad surprise.
  4. Treacherous ?! Why not ? I prefer the words modern, sexy, classy they're called Tessica on Justfab site, for 49€. First order, maybe not the last.
  5. Bought, received, weared well made, comfortable, and high, as I like size 42 (wide), heel mesurement 13,5 cm
  6. Not easy to find exactly what you are looking for, here you'll see high heel platform sandals, but without metal stiletto heel.
  7. Maybe here
  8. Hello, Good choice. Both. Like you, i share the heel secret with my wife, and considere i am lucky too. One time she had ordered a pair for me, Marziali shoes, some years ago, we still wait for.
  9. hello, just received these sandals from Asos, the style i like. 13,5 cm heels for uk size 9, they fit very good. My wife like to see me wearing heels, too femimine for a man, but really cute
  10. really a good choice ! Here you can see what i like:
  11. La piazza shore salon, not sure
  12. Very nice shoes, 5 inch should be the good Heel for me
  13. Yeeeeaaaah ! Very good
  14. Very good choice. Can you tell us more about your sandals ? Brand, size, price...