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  1. A little free time today....trying a summer "vibe" even though there is a foot of snow on the ground. Showing my true colors "eh ".:)




    1. p1ng74


      The boots look great for a snowy day.  

    2. heellover00


      Wow, love all red heels. One of my fav color. Hard to choose which one I like the most.

    3. jeremy1986


      Love these... first 2 images look great, IMO!

  2. Thrift stores are a great place to find those hidden gems for next to nothing. Denim skirts are a great option. Just like denim jeans, they are casual, and tend to work with a number of colors, patterns and textures. Once paired with hosiery they will go with many styles of heels, whether it be wedges, stiletto, or block heel designs. Not to mention boots of all styles. This is an example of one my denim skirts.
  3. Sunday.....heel and skirt day! Tried a variety of both. Some of my favorite pics..





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thighboots4


      Fabulous! Black leather and blue heels! Great outfit 

    3. jeremy1986


      Great collection of heels there!

    4. ohnoberty


      All great, love them all but the purple heels are epic.


  4. Hanging out in the man cave while enjoying my boot collection on a Saturday night. This is a pr. that I haven't wore in a while. 



  5. Any new boots lately? 


  6. Thigh high wedge boots. A thrift store find in hard to find size 11. I think they will look good with a pr. of dark denim skinny jeans.
  7. Found these yesterday...thrift store find. Thigh high wedge boots, 4.5" heel single sole. Who would pass up these up for 10 bucks, not me....


    1. jeremy1986


      WOW! What amazing boots! 
      As you, wedges are a fave for me... and in boot form  - its the best of both worlds!!

      Looking great!

    2. bailey


      Thanks, They are size 11 and could wear them all day. Today is my "me" day. I have a couple more prs. of heels I have yet to post which I have bought lately too.

    3. jeremy1986


      wow, size 11 is just perfect. These boots get better and better ;-)
      My size too! 

      Enjoy your "you" day - hope its a fun one!

  8. Taking a "walk on the wild side" unfortunately only around the house. lol. But a quiet day to enjoy your heels is always a good day!


    1. Barr


      Those are cute. I just got some platform heels in the mail! Almost same style!

    2. bailey


      These are Pleaser Delights.

  9. Really?..lol. With those great stiletto boots I am sure it did take much deliberating. Enjoy your morning!
  10. Not sure yet about the lock, I will decide whether it stays or goes when I get them.
  11. These are not my usual style (single sole) but I love the color and that they have a dorsay style with ankle straps. I could not pass them up.
  12. Soon to be mine....or at least once I receive them. Will post pictures asap.
  13. My pair of mary-janes that I purged along with some other regrettable heels that I still wish I kept. Never again...
  14. Got these sandals...Charlotte Russe brand, 4.5" heel with criss cross strap and rear zippers.
  15. I agree Cali...mules are much easier to dangle and when wearing pumps, anything that is too snug to slide back on easily makes it awkward.
  16. These are a few of my heels. The others are stored in totes.
  17. A pr. I have had my eye on from Amazon for a while.
  18. As much as I love my heels, I am still not a "public heeler". I stay confined to my home or the car. I just do not have the confidence to do so. Still I appreciate he compliments on my heels and pedi. I do my toes myself and vary in my colors quite often but usually in the purple and pink tones.
  19. New wedges...another great deal from a liquidation store. Half price!
  20. My latest thrift store find...heel tips not even worn...10 bucks.
  21. One of my favorite pair of wedge boots. I believe they are one of my first pair of boots I bought and would hate to part with them. Already had to re-glue the sole once because it was lifting. Out of season right now but will be back in season soon enough.
  22. Probably some dark denim, or black skinny jeans. Something like this...
  23. My new "sky scrapers" I have coming. Found a deal on ebay, new in the box from a private seller. Have been looking for a pr. this color for a while now.
  24. Yep....that or a pr. of bell bottoms and a denim jacket too.
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