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  1. New wedges on there way. Should look great with jeans.
  2. I have these prs. coming soon. I found both on poshmark and both very good deals. 



    1. heellover00


      Nice. I really like the first pair.

    2. jeremy1986


      Same here 🤗

  3. I think you may be pretty safe on the train. Those boots are amazing and probably could be considered lethal weapons.😁
  4. I love those first pr of boots! They are all fantastic. Doing the same thing tonight...thigh high boot night.
  5. I have just the perfect top for them..😁
  6. Something new and a little unique. Classic pump style with a twist...
  7. Staying inside during these times, lends toward more online shopping. Found these wedges on poshmark. Not appropriate winter footwear but a deal is a deal.😁
  8. Classic style but with a little bling.
  9. A follow up picture....they arrived today.
  10. New pleasers to replace a pair I purged a long time ago. Never again... .
  11. A christmas present to myself. Decided to get something festive.
  12. An amazing find at the thrift store.
  13. Whats up..your message board not working?

    1. heellover00


      give it a try now.

  14. End of summer sales are great to find good deals on sandals. Just got these, a match to my leopard ones.
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