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  1. Love this look..faux leather leggings and ankle strap pumps.


    1. heellover00


      Nice outfit combination

    2. jeremy1986


      Looks great - love those pumps

  2. New magenta pants...and Pleaser mules. 


  3. Weekend heels with jeans...hot pink suede pumps.



    1. jeremy1986


      Classic and pleasing look!

  4. Simple basic pumps go with everything. ie..burgandy faux leather leggings.


  5. Got these sandals...Charlotte Russe brand, 4.5" heel with criss cross strap and rear zippers.
  6. I agree Cali...mules are much easier to dangle and when wearing pumps, anything that is too snug to slide back on easily makes it awkward.
  7. These are a few of my heels. The others are stored in totes.
  8. Morning tea and heels. I love starting the day off this way but the leggings do not really go with them.


    1. heellover00


      Sexy heels and leggings ;-). I love them both.

    2. jeremy1986


      Love the heels on those 

  9. A pr. I have had my eye on from Amazon for a while.
  10. "Chillaxing" in wedges on a hot summers night..lol.



    1. heellover00


      Nice shoes

    2. jeremy1986


      Great wedges. They look amazing on you. 

  11. As much as I love my heels, I am still not a "public heeler". I stay confined to my home or the car. I just do not have the confidence to do so. Still I appreciate he compliments on my heels and pedi. I do my toes myself and vary in my colors quite often but usually in the purple and pink tones.
  12. New wedges...another great deal from a liquidation store. Half price!
  13. My latest thrift store find...heel tips not even worn...10 bucks.
  14. One of my favorite pair of wedge boots. I believe they are one of my first pair of boots I bought and would hate to part with them. Already had to re-glue the sole once because it was lifting. Out of season right now but will be back in season soon enough.
  15. Probably some dark denim, or black skinny jeans. Something like this...
  16. My new "sky scrapers" I have coming. Found a deal on ebay, new in the box from a private seller. Have been looking for a pr. this color for a while now.
  17. Yep....that or a pr. of bell bottoms and a denim jacket too.
  18. They would look great with a pr. of denim skinny jeans. You should try some, I am sure they would look and feel awesome with these sexy platforms.
  19. If they are going to keep this going, I will add another to the collection. I must say there are some amazing legs posted here!
  20. I have no research to share on such subjects and do not wish to start a public debate or wish to share my personal experiences on this subject. I just theorize on my own personal experience on the subject. I in no way am trying to catagorize, label or say that is this is what drives each person in their clothing attire choices. Just saying it may be a factor in some cases based on myself.
  21. That's amazing...what a confidence booster to walk hand in hand with a wife that wears heels and is proud to be with a man that also does so. Congratulations!
  22. Lets hope it will be a more common practice. I do think testosterone levels and such effect our desire to be more feminine or want to wear such attire in some cases. I have had my own experience with elevated prolactin levels and medications to control it. I feel that it does contribute to my drive my desire to do so.
  23. Can not find what I am looking for.:sad:

  24. bailey


    All I can say is that opinions are like elbows...everyone has one one. Whether you like platforms or not each has their own taste and reasons for choosing their own style. All I can hope for is that we are open minded enough to not denegrade someone for their choice in heels. Again heel height is a choice or preference not a competition who can wear what height whether it be with or without platforms. Another old saying...."if you can not say something nice....better to not say anything at all."
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