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  1. This is what I do, Tie a corset Also I take the loose ends and hook them over a doorknob and keep tension on the laces by leaning back.
  2. I wouldn't say crappy, but I do agree a bit more light would be great. I have a couple work lights, a halogen and an LED. When I get serious I set them one side of the camera, facing a light colored wall. If I do it right the pics are bright with the proper shadow.
  3. I wear western style 3" heel boots when i can find them. One day I was walking out of a motel and met a nice looking lady coming in. She looked down and said "I love your boots!" I told her, "thanks, I do too!" she stopped and talked a bit and mentioned that men's fashion is so plain and went on to ask where I found boots like that. I looked at her kind of sheepish, and told her I found them on the other side of the store. She looked at me funny like she didn't get it and I say, "They are from the women's side of the store." Her eyes perked up and she got a huge grin and said, "Good for you! Most men wouldn't even think about wearing women's shoes."
  4. Years ago I started a new job and a customer came in that had a bit of an accent, I don't know from where, but he talked fast and murdered his words a bit. Anyway, I was trying to look up his account, and asked his name a couple times because i just wasn't getting it. Finally I asked him to write it down and handed him a pad and pen. He wrote down C. O. Thompson. The C. O. part was what was killing me. He pronounced it like it was one name, like " Sio" or something similar and of course they wasn't a Sio Thompson in the computer.
  5. I had a pair of nude heels a long time ago, but no more. I prefer colors, or just black or white. Nude looks great with the right outfit, but it isn't on my top ten list!
  6. I think the main point was business celebrate various holidays just for the money. Promote gay pride and gays will flock to your business and spend money, but once pride month is over they need to find the next event to bleed money out of. A true supporter of pride would leave flags and banners up all your round, or at least longer then the 1st through the 30th of the month!
  7. I believe some of you still miss my point. You can be gay all year around why not celebrate the point anytime. Being Christian you can celebrate Christianity all year around, but Christmas is a seasonal thing. Christianity is not seasonal, nor is being gay.
  8. I understand, but I generally don't wear heels outs of the house unless they are fairly generic. Inside the house anything goes!
  9. As long as it is on topic, relating to high heels I don't see why not!
  10. Sure but Christmas is a seasonal thing. People don't celebrate Christ's birth all year, just like you celebrate your own birthday just one day a year. You can be a Christian all year, but you still celebrate Christmas in December.
  11. So high heels woman buy a woman are ok, but if worn by a man not ok? What are appropriate heels? Who defines appropriate? "Well your honor, the heels go with my skirt, so I believe they are appropriate!" Really a vague law!
  12. I have a pair of Pleaser sandals with a 4" platform and 8" heel. Clear plastic platform and heel, and clear plastic uppers. They just scream "Stripper"!! I like wearing them with my bubble gum pink poly skirt and a white blouse.
  13. Sure, but unlike Christmas people are gay all year around!🤣
  14. Pleasers are decent heels, not top of the list quality, but pretty good. Many of the heels are built on a one piece molded plastic platform and heel. I seriously doubt you could break a heel off one! I believe they build them so dancers can trash 'em and stay on their feet!
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