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  1. Lets just say I find that very arousing! Very sexy! Here is a gal that can walk in heels. I like how the contour of the leg and the top of the foot is straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afCuigvACaM I dream about having that flexibility in my ankles and feet!
  2. Plus she was complaining about everything over 2 inches!🤣
  3. WOW! The great majority of my heels are 4" or 10 cm. I have a few 3" or 8 cm. I also have a couple pair of 5" or 12.5 cm that I struggle with. Now I will admit I would not want to walk very far in 4" heels, I certainly would not go shopping in them, but I see no issues hopping a cab or Uber and getting dropped of near the door of my destination. 3" I believe I could wear for an extended time. I do have a pair of block heel boots that are around 3 1/2" that I have worn while shopping. Stilettos would be a bit more to endure. 2"?? All day long baby! Regular every day height in boots. I have to wonder about the author. Did she wear nothing but flats for the last few years? If yes, I would say there are very few people that could dive into a pair of 3" heels and wear them for an extended time comfortably after a long hiatus. 4" would be a big no, but buy a pair, wear them around the home, get the muscles and tendons stretched out again. My first stiletto heels were 3". I thought the calf muscles in my legs were going to explode! I got used to them then bought 4" heels, same deal, calf muscles cramped up and got very sore in a few minutes. Today I wear 4" around the home all day with no issues.
  4. I don't feel he said anything wrong. Some people feel if you are not for them you are against them, there is no neutral ground. I think the interviewer was assuming he was all in and supported the LGBT community, where it seems he is fairly neutral about it. I understood his point of gays making his situation tougher, I fail to see how that was taken as negative, he was simply stating his situation. How many of us get the same response? Wearing heels? Certainly you are gay! Hetro men do not wear heels!
  5. I few times I have left wearing heels. I normally don't go out, but once in a while my wife and I just got for a drive and we get dressed up a bit and I wear spike heel boots of pumps. We have a detached garage and the neighbors house is right next to our driveway so no missing me walking out if they happen to be looking. If they have noticed, nothing has been said as we do visit with them a few times a month so it is not like the chance never comes up.
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