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  1. My boss came in and attempted to shut me down yesterday, I am in over the road sales. He told me to go ahead with this week, but the next two weeks to plan on staying close to the office, and then we will evaluate the situation then. So far the customers I have talked to today thing this whole Corona virus deal is a bunch of B.S.!
  2. I have bought replacement ankle straps on EBay. Are you straps removable? My heels had a loop that the strap went trough. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-Detachable-Shoe-Straps-Heels-Buckle-Belt-Removable-Ankle-Strap-Pumps-Decors/202309058523?hash=item2f1a8f3fdb:m:m_-dR6A4E2WEjLLneH-jufw
  3. That is just screaming to have something a bit startling in a shoe box for her next visit! Hmmm, a rat, or snake or maybe a vibrator?
  4. Rats! I have had zero luck with Onlymaker. They just don't fit my feet. Onlymaker is on Amazon too.
  5. They had more size 9 and 10, but not for what I paid for them! https://www.ninewest.com/quizme-platform-boots.html?web_style_color_name=257 I love 'em! What are they? Brand and style?
  6. I get a kick out pricing. I bought these boots right off Nine West's web sight. I had watched them on and off most of the winter. They never varied off the regular price, at least not much, then the were $79 and they paid the shipping so I grabbed them. Looked again this week, on sale for $149.
  7. I got a fairly good deal on these the other day, regular price $179, on sale for $79. Nine West Quizme. I had been watching different web sights all winter looking for a pair of high heel boots. Plus the price needed to be right. This was a bit more than I hoped to pay, but what the heck!
  8. I ran across these on EBay the other day and had to have them. I love crazy heels!
  9. You guys worry to much. You are supposed to post pics like many young women do. You know, bedroom pics with dirty underwear and clothing strewn all over plus dirty dishes and take out boxes.
  10. Related water usage, I find it strange that we irrigate crops in arid areas of the country, and in the area I live in we grow easily crops with no irrigation, but the government pays farmers to put land in CRP, Crop Reduction Program. We have millions of acres of good farm land sitting idle that will grow crops with little effort. There are parts of the country that should have never been populated. Most of southern California is a desert and we pump millions of gallons of water from the Colorado River that direction. If the LA basin had to fend for itself for water and electricity it would be in trouble.
  11. I remember one young lady I went to high school with in the mid '70's. Very attractive young lady. She came from a wealthy family and dressed the part. Even in blue jeans she was well put together. She would never show up in jeans and a plain shirt or sweater. Always had a scarf, necklace, bracelets or some other addition to accessorize what she wore, a complete package. She often wore dresses and heels, and her style of her dresses were more of what a bit older woman would wear, not your typical high school student dress. Very prim and proper, stylish, nice conservative dresses and heels. I keep thinking of Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis when i think of her. I believe she helped me get through puberty faster! I wonder what became of her. Most likely married, 4-5 kids and gained 100 pounds!
  12. Yes, it was similar to what you describe. These were closed toe shoes, very high heel. The shoe length was fine, but the toe box was longer than need be, so the ball of my foot behind my toes was sitting on a flat spot that continued back 1/4"-1/2". I have a few pairs of odd branded heels from china that fit fine so I can not blame Chinese shoe design.
  13. Im have ordered a couple pair of Onlymaker. Nice shoes. Bad deal is they don't fit me! I have Nine West, Guess, Pleaser, Luichiny, Sam Edelman and a few others that fit me just fine, but the Onlymakers just don't work for me. I can't really explain why, but it seems that the sole of the shoe doesn't match up with my foot at all. I know many people here have them, just not me! And I really wanted them to fit as they make some cute shoes and boots. Also they are sold on Amazon.
  14. Hey stranger! Glad to see you back! I was missing you and your heeling! I was wondering if you had pissed off Tech and literally got the boot! Don't be such a stranger, and pop in from time to time.
  15. Definitely two different people. I talk to Mark fairly often on another group. He loves heels and id an avid, full time skirt wearer. https://www.pinterest.com/Mark_as_in_Mark/me/
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