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  1. Knowing the gal, I don't think she was trying to cause any trouble. I had known her for years and she is just sweet and easy going. Pretty sure she was just being honest and kind of oblivious to the situation. I did tell my wife about the conversation later and she had to laugh about it. She even said I screwed up as she is a beautiful gal. In the end it doesn't mater as I love my wife dearly and I don't see anyone ever replacing her. Anyone else would be a step down!
  2. Years back I went to my ten year class reunion. I went to school with this beautiful, tall, blonde blue eyed gal. Classic Scandinavian. We were casual friends in school, but never spent any time together. It never cross my mind to ask her out. At the reunion she came over and sat with my and my wife, then went on to ask why I had never asked her out on a date. I looked at her, then my wife, (who was occupied talking to someone) and turned back to her and said, "just stupid I guess!" We talked for a few minutes and she told me she would have gone out with my if I had asked. I never remotely tho
  3. I have tried to buy a couple pairs of shoes from one of the popular Chines manufacturers. They simply do not fit my feet! Are Chinese women's feet that different from women in he USA? I can but from any of the popular US manufacturers and the fit me just fine so I know it is not me.
  4. DSW is the same here. I sent them an email stating I can buy athletic shoes every where but DSW was my go to place for heels, and they have more than likely lost a customer.
  5. True enough! I don't believe there has been any bans either. Some threads got cleaned up and some members were told to clean it up, nor crossdressing pics, and they got butt hurt and left.
  6. I realize that. It was meant in jest!
  7. That could be dangerous considering many here cross the line to dress up! You may have just invited a bunch of cross dresser pics! Now lets see, which dress do I wear?!
  8. You have more patience than me. When ever I buy a new pair of heels I have to try them on in the car in the parking lot! I often wear them driving home. I like platforms, and I didn't have to buy that many!
  9. Then you will like this! https://hhplace.org/topic/25282-my-holiday-adventure/?tab=comments#comment-405264
  10. It was a chilly but warmer than usual evening, plus I was wearing the leather jacket. Also the heater in the pickup works well! My wife was a bit surprised I would wear the boots across the yard. We live in the city, small lots. Our back door faces the neighbors, and to the other direction there is nothing to stop neighbors from a couple houses down getting a good look into our yard. It was about a 75 foot walk to the garage, all out in the open, pretty well lit.
  11. Granted, this is pretty mild compared to some here, but the other evening my wife and I went out for a drive. We stopped at a chain burger joint, drive through then we drove out into the country to see the Bethlehem star, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. We sat out in the dark and looked at the stars and planets, visited and ate our burgers. After that we went for a ride around the city and looked at Christmas lights. It was a pleasant evening with my favorite gal. My point of the my post is this is what I wore, not granted we didn't get out of the vehicle any where, but I did walk
  12. Let me fix that for ya!
  13. Imagine walking this beach in heels! Pebble Beach, Marathon, Ontario
  14. I agree, keep the main topic on heels and if there happens to be a skirt or dress in the pic I don't think anyone will mind.
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