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  1. My tenth was the last one. Friends from school days I want to se, I still see. The rest I could care less. I remember this one gal at my ten year. At first nobody knew who she was, quite attractive, slim, but curvy, wearing a sexy dress and heels. Finally I walked over to introduce myself as I just had to know. When I walked up I saw her name tag and had to pick my lower jaw off the floor. I recognized the name right away. She just laughed at my reaction and said, "I get that a lot!" When she graduated she was a bit pump, with this horrible witches' nose, really drab, seriously, nothing t
  2. I don't mind crocs for around the house or at the beach, but when going shopping or just today my wife saw them at a doctor's office, just say no! Also Ugg boots, I don't care for them, but wearing jeans and a hoodie in cool weather, ok, I can survive, but when college aged women would wear Uggs with a cute skirt or dress I would just about loose my lunch. Dress up nicely and then put on the sloppiest footwear you could find! Birkenstocks, more casual beach wear, or a back yard barbeque.
  3. I like those, but may favorite is just a simple classic black pump. I personally can not do a five inch heel, I would love to but four inch is the limit for me.
  4. I bought a pair of heels from eBay. when they showed up I looked the one over and slipped it on, then grabbed the other and not really looking at it slipped it on my other foot. The one shoe fit great, the other was uncomfortable beyond belief. As I took them off I realized I had two lefts. I contacted the seller and told them when I bought shoes I just assume I would get a right and a left. They were good about it and credited my money and told me to toss 'em.
  5. Probably depends on the area you live. Big city, east or west coast, probably not much thought about it. Farm and ranch country and you will get some second looks and maybe a comment or two.
  6. It probably has to do with your own personal anatomy, and when you start wearing heels. Start young and you body has a easier time adjusting. Start at 50 years old, like me and there is not much hope! I started out with 3" heels and I thought they were going to kill me. I wear 4" heels now with no issue, but it takes a minute to get thee tendons stretched before I can walk gracefully. I have a pair of 5" heels and no matter what I do I can not wear them comfortably. I can not stand up straight and lock my knees, not enough range of motion in my ankles. It feels like I have simply reached
  7. My bet is you made them a bit nervous!
  8. I guess I could have made it more clear, but i poster the "pics or it didn't happen" comments referring to KatieS' comment about "That’s just what peeves say to get pictures of woman".
  9. Same here, my ankles don't have that much range of motion to point nearly straight down.
  10. That is the rub about shoes made in China, they just don't fit. I have ordered a couple different pairs from a well know Chinese manufacturer and although the length and width were fine, they were unwearable. Strangest fitting shoes ever! They must have weird feet over there!
  11. I typically don't wear heels out, other than some boots I have with a 3" block heel, but in the winter I will slip on a pair of 4" pumps and wear them all day on the weekends. I might change to a different style, but i will wear them from 8AM to midnight. Also, I am probably not on my feet that much, but i will help wit the cooking and cleaning and putz around the house. Also, the "pics or it didn't happen" is a pretty standard forum comment on many forums, so I don't see anything sinister about it. I have seen it on motorcycle groups, cross dressing groups, home repair groups, you name i
  12. I disagree, he would be welcomed here. Women's clothing is fine, it just can not be the main point of posts. He heels all the time and wears skirts most of the time. I don't think Tech would have and issue. The constant wearing women's clothing and no heels is what got some threads axed. It makes no difference, Mark is too busy and too famous to hang out with us "regular" heel wearers! ;-)
  13. I talk to him from time to time and have also mentioned this site. He was very active on another site I am on and has disappeared. He comments that he is very busy and not looking for more internet groups. Even on Pinterest he has cut way back. His favorite hang out Instagram, and he has not posted much lately since his new found fame.
  14. I know what you mean. I see pictures of women in extremely high heels and the front of their leg and the top of their foot in a straight line. All I can do is about a 45 degree angle. I have been wearing 4 inch heels for a few years and I believe I have reached the end on my flexibility in my ankles. To get any more range of movement to wear taller heels would require surgery!
  15. I bought two different pairs of Onlymaker heels. The length and width was fine, but the shape of the sole was weird. It was like they turned flat for the toes at the wrong place. I forget if it was short or long, but the bottoms of my feet sure didn't agree with them. I was really disappointed as I really loved the style.
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