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  1. I bought a pair of heels the other day. I found them in a second had clothing store and knew I had to but them, $10, who could refuse! They are 'Glaze" brand. Never seen the brand before, probably a "store" brand.
  2. I just bought a couple pairs of Levi's 710 skinny jeans. I absolutely love them. For stretch jeans they are a bit on the heavy side, plus the lycra makes them really cling. Not a lot of ball room, but I can deal with that. They are tight right down to the ankle.
  3. Pretty sure most of the Highest Heel brand comes from the same place as Pleaser. They have other styles, but if you look close the platform and heel looks the same.
  4. They look like Pleasers. I have a couple pair. I was concerned that they would be of poor quality, but mine have held up well. I have a pair of clear platform sandals with the same shape. Virtually identical, but clear heel and platform, same clear toe strap but with ankle straps. I wear the hell out of them. May favorite knocking around the house heels.
  5. Pumped

    Cali World

    I will pass on the info to Crissy.
  6. So........if a female posts a pic of her torso, with boobs, will it be deleted? Hey guys, don't feel bad. Years back I had a picture deleted because it almost showed too much! It was in a "best legs" post, and I was wearing shorty shorts, and I had cropped off the pic right up to my crotch because I knew male "bulge" was not acceptable. It didn't show anything but leg and was deleted.
  7. I agree. In my earley heeling days, about 6 years ago, Payless had some attractive heels. The last few years they have been disappointing.
  8. I work with one. She is 5'10", I asked! She is tall and thin, but a very nice figure for a skinny gal. Also, she wears high heels every day, plus tight, skinny jeans most days! Extremely attractive. I did take a chance once day and mention to her that I have an attraction for high heels and we have had short discussions on heels although I have not admitted how far my attraction to heels goes. The other day she mentioned that she noticed my boots I wear have fairly high heels. I have worn them only a couple times. I may tell her about them. I feel she is "safe" but I will proceed carefully!
  9. I have a pair of Pleaser heels, about 6 1/2" heel, but a 3" platform. Actually my go to shoes for lounging around as they are so comfortable. If you study up on Pleaser heels you will find they stay at about a 3"-3 1/2" difference from the platform to heel, no matter what the heel height is. I have been tempted to buy a pair with 8" heels.
  10. My wife and I were at a office party. I was wearing a men's dress shoe. Later on in the evening one of the women was complaining that her feet hurt, she was wearing a nice pump with a three inch heel. I asked her what size she wore and she gave me a strange look and asked, "why?" I told her I could trade with her for a while, she got a big grin and said size 9. Crap, I wear a 10. She went on to ask me if I was serous, and I told her I was. I could tell by the look on her face and her reaction that she thought it would have been fun. Plus I would have been out in heels in a fun way, and if anyone got weird about it I could have easily played it off as just messing around.
  11. I get tempted to buy a pair too, but would rather have just black leather, instead of the patent leather
  12. Pretty sure he is talking of the male naughty parts!
  13. It isn't all all complicated when you deal with it daily. Most homes are just wired for lights and outlets at 120 volt, then add a clothes dryer at 240 volt and air conditioner. You wire the larger 240 loads as an individual circuit, so the breaker and wire is sized for the load. The USA allows home owners to do wiring in there own homes, so it can not be too terribly difficult. (although you should see some of the messes they create!) The 208/240-460 volt three phase is commercial wiring and pretty much only seen there, but all the basic rules apply as for breaker and wire size.
  14. Pretty sure most states in the US use the same code book, National Electric Code. The big issue is enforcement. There are not enough inspectors to look at everything and there is many do it yourself types pulling wires with no clue what the book says and never getting an inspection.
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