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  1. My point is other than the news, I never heard anyone in a personal discussion mention it. I think various news companies were trying to make something of it, but it really did not go anywhere.
  2. I don't believe it was that big of a deal. Other than the mention in the news I never heard anyone comment on his choice of footwear.
  3. What style name is the brown Nine West with the stacked hell?
  4. Personally, I like the typical guy attire with high heels more then the full blown skirts and woman's tops. But whatever floats your boat!
  5. I see you are following me, I should be following you! After all you are the daring one!

  6. My wife is a little squirt. She is half my weight and 8 inches shorter. No sharing clothing!!
  7. You might get them repaired, but pretty sure the repair will be obvious.
  8. I have bought a few pair of pumps, G by Guess. I need to find another brand. These are man made material and every pair is right across the top of my foot and the edge of the foot opening presses into the top of my foot. Funny, I can wear them for a few hours, but if sitting, shortly they get uncomfortable. The size is good, length width. I have noticed some brands flare the opening upward a tiny bit right at the toes. Perhaps this would not bite in so hard.
  9. There are a couple videos of this guy prancing around the streets in high heels. He can really strut wearing them. He could back off the "fem" just a bit. He reminds me of a flaming gay!
  10. Tingles? Yep, still get them with the right heels!
  11. I would, but my wife keeps the brakes on me too. She didn't say anything, but I don't think she thought I would wear them out of the house. I got the "look" when she saw them at the restaurant.
  12. The shoes are great, but the butt crack shot will get your fingers slapped! You need to keep it clean! What brand and so forth are the shoes? Nice to share the info about them too.
  13. It depends on what they are made of. Man made materials take forever, and sometimes never conform to your foot. Leather is much more forgiving and after a couple wearings will conform to your foot. I have both leather and man made that felt fine from the start, and some leather that has taken several wearings, and some man made materials I gave up on.
  14. I wore the Musse-Cloud boots out to dinner with friends last evening. The missus reluctantly approves, but she does not get "it" these, I had gone out to lunch with the husband of the couple and had worn the "lower" heeled Coolway boots I mentioned earlier in this thread and he commented on the heel, but just shook his head and no more comments. He was with me when I stopped and home and changed for dinner and slipped on my Musse boots, and I was having second thoughts. Then I figured, the heck with it, and just own up to it and put them on and walked into the other room, showed him the boots and said "if you liked the the boots I wore at lunch you will go crazy over these!" He just looked at them, shook his head, and asked if I can really walk in them and that was the end of it. When we got to the restaurant may wife noticed my boots and my buddy asked his wife if she saw my boots and she said, just a glance. We ended up over at their place for a cocktail afterwards and nothing was said until I put my boots back on and my buddy told his wife to take a look. I turned sideways, pulled my jeans up a bit and tipped my foot so she got a good look and she blurted out "holy crap!" We all had a laugh and left.
  15. I just bought a couple pair of ankle boots, posted in the "who bought new boots" thread. Both have a western look to them, both have a heel that resembles a western heel. One pair has just under a 3" heel. The other a 4" heel. Check it out if you like western style boots.