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  1. Pumped

    A phenomena at eBay...

    I don't have a problem with Pleaser, but i do agree that they have swamped Ebay and even Amazon. I have a couple pair of Pleaser and they are ok, but I don't like wading through the tons of them on the different sites. I do the "-" on Ebay.
  2. Pumped

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    Plenty of women's dress pants available. Loose fit, pleated waist line. With the proper styled leg they go well with pumps. Women's regular cut jeans, men's Docker style pants. Help us out with what you are looking for!
  3. Pumped

    Dream vs reality

    I know you can stretch your muscles and tendons with exercise, but I believe at some point the body just hits a stop. Joints flex only so far. When I started out a 3" heel was a killer. I can do a bit over 4", maybe 4-1/2", but no way can I do 5". I have been doing exercises to get more range of motion but I wonder if I have hit the end. I have been stuck at this point for a few years.
  4. Pumped

    Boots platforms peep toes or wedges

    Pumps for me, but really, it depends on my mood.
  5. Love these two. Care to share brand and style?
  6. Pumped

    Show us your girliest Heels

    I just ordered a pair of the Luichiny heels like the red ones, only with a leopard print toe. A while back I bought my wife a pair and decided we needed matching heels!
  7. Cat, IMO, you and JeffB are a crossdressers, as are a few others on the site. Some guys get tense about it, but for sure you two wear clothing that is obviouslly designed for a woman, and wear it well. The reasoning behind why you choose to wear it is unimportant, but you do. Call it fashion, or what ever the point still remains that the clothing came from the women's side of the store and is obvious. I believe there are more guys on this forum that are CD'ers, but will go to their death before admitting it! I make this comment, not to offend, but just to make a point. You may, or may not agree and that is fine. I do have to give you two guys credit, especially you,. You guys wear it well, and I am envious!
  8. No, because a leather belt does is not obviously male or female, way too general. You must have missed my point that there are many styles of clothing that could go either way, no obvious "gender" for the lack of a better word. If women never wore leather belts and they were solely an male item, then yes, but you can buy a masculine appearing belt in the women's section of the store. IMO, like I have stated before, it has to be a bit more obvious what the "gender" of the clothing is. Also, women's wear has the privilege of stealing style from the men's side of the store. Men do not share the right. I don't know why this has to be "heated". Unless some people are afraid to accept where they are at. I am not afraid to say I am a crossdresser and I am ok with it. Right now I am wearing a women's stretch faux leather pants, women's panties, a man's t-shirt and my obviously female 6" spike red high heels. Earlier this evening I was wearing the same panties, work boots, men's jeans and denim work shirt while working on my Harley.
  9. Exactly! One item is not, but two is, or maybe three items of clothing. Where is the line, and who decides? I spend some time on crossdressing sites and some there might just wear women's panties under their male clothing and they feel they are crossdressing.
  10. Pumped

    A strange idea about the ridicule of men in heels

    Until the average male quits trying to be so macho, to the point that anything that is not macho offends him we will continue to deal with the lack of acceptance. I see so may guys that when the term gay is mentioned I fear they are going to hurl their lunch and roll around on the floor like one of the three stooges.
  11. I agree. I know of men that crossdress and make no attempt to pass as a woman but they fully admit that they are crossdressing. I believe some men that crossdress are afraid to accept that they do, and write it off as a fashion choice thinking it is more acceptable, like they are scared to admit it. Fashion choice or not the term covers the broad area of men wearing woman's clothing. Sure, you will find blurred lines, clothing that is accepted both ways, such as the tie or boots you mention. It was not very long ago that it was not acceptable for women to wear pants ans they were for men. Women that wore pants were looked down on and questioned much as male crossdressers are today. 400 years ago it was wrong for women to wear heels, they were men's wear, time changes. Find me main stream stores that sell high heels directed to men, or bras and panties, dresses, the list can go on. Do we see men wearing dresses on a daily basis? Or even occasionally? When was the last time you were out shopping and you saw a man in a dress and heels? Most items of clothing are easily placed as male or female, many are not. Pants are accepted both ways, it is also acceptable for women to wear men's wear, but not the other way around. Pink shirt? If the cut is made for a man, then no, although it fits the blurry area as the color is typically female. Now add some lase or a frilly bow to the pink shirt and then yeas it is crossdressing. IMO, many men run from the term "crossdressing" like it is some sin or the plague when it is just a term. Men, relax and admit you like to wear women's clothing, it is ok!
  12. Pumped

    Dream vs reality

    I have worn heels around the house all day. A few hours of shopping is killer in the same heels. Not sure if it is all the walking and standing. At home you walk a bit, sit a bit, plus you don't walk any great distance.
  13. Macky, you return clothing you have worn to the gym? Unless it is defective I have a problem with that! IMO, returns are for unworn, or defective clothing. Once you get it sweaty, it is yours! I know a gal that bought a dress for prom. She was able to tuck in the tags so they would go unnoticed. Wore the dress to the prom and returned it. I felt it was a crappy thing to do.
  14. I am trying to digest this. You wear "women's" leggings to the gym, you run into someone that goes to the same gym, and it is a problem? If it were me, I would assume I would get "busted" sooner or later and be somewhat prepared for it. What were you going to do if your boss starts using the same gum, or the guy that lives next door, or some guy you play ball with....
  15. Pumped

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I am 5'10" and really don't notice any difference, except my 5'2" wife is shorter yet!

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