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  1. I got a couple quotes to take the evergreens down, both were in the $1500 range. Cost me about $400 to do it myself and help from a neighbor. The fun part is working out of an aerial bucket. Almost like a carnal ride as the bucket sways back and forth and it feels like the whole works is going over.
  2. I cut down two evergreens in my yard, 70 and 75 feet tall. There was no where to just drop them plus right next to the house so I wasn't taking any chances. I rented a aerial man bucket and limbed them from the ground up. When I was 50 feet in the air I realized how tall they were. We tied off a rope to my truck as high as I could reach and lopped off the top 20-25 feet then started cutting off the trunk in manageable chucks. No blood was shed!
  3. I like her curves. I like my woman on the slim side. I have been married to both. First wife was a larger gal, rubenesque, the second a tiny little 100 pounder. I prefer the 100 pounder. Easier to toss around in the sack.
  4. It might be time to learn how to do your own nails.
  5. I bought from Ebay a pair of white platform heels with the Britsh flag all over them. The seller sent two right hand shoes. Neither of them fit my foot. Luckily the seller took them back, including shipping. I was rather disappointed as I really liked them!
  6. I think you have just had bad luck, or bad sellers! I have bought a few things from EBay, including shoes and they have showed up quickly.
  7. I don't have a "hair issue" as I do the same with my head as I do with my beard, but not as often. Every 3-4 days i use the same razor on my head as my face. I gave up on the concept of hair on my head a few years back and keep it clean and shiny.
  8. It has been a few days and I can say I am in love with these shoes! I have been wearing them everyday, Sunday from morning until bedtime and they are super comfortable. I have other shoes I wear a lot, but these kick butt as far as comfort.
  9. I just bought these off EBay, $10, plus about the same for shipping. I am quite impressed, they look better in person, fit well and are a nice solid shoe.
  10. Someone mentioned Telly Savalas, I am closer to this look,
  11. I still NEED to know what you stepped on!
  12. I have seen pics of w6ish in his jeans, they can't be posted here, not the front view anyway! From the rear there should not be an issue!
  13. I am still working, employed by a company that falls under "essential". That said I am working only four days a week, but still getting paid for five. I was on the road doing sales calls, but now am an overpaid delivery driver bring parts and equipment to customers. We are not under a full "lock down" here, home stores are open, clothing stores are closed, as are bars, unless they serve food, then it is take out only. The extra day off has me doing odd jobs around the house. A bit of minor remodeling. I am replacing three windows, as soon as they get here. My wife cleaned out the hall closet, repainted and I hung new shelves. (We have been in this house for almost thirty years and the first time that closet has been painted since!) My mom called me the other day. she had a foot of water in her basement. She got it pumped out on her own, but need a more permanent solution, so I had to break quarantine and help her out, a bit of PVC and a new sump pump. I have some projects with my motorcycles in my shop. Plus the weather is finally nice so we can get outside. I might have to get my bicycle out. I am probably busier now than before!
  14. It is simple, She hates herself that she loves you so much! She loves your crazy heels and outfits, but dreams of marrying a "banker type". You bring out the animal in her and it scares her!
  15. I can second that! I hate Ugg boots. I just don't understand why a nice looking young woman will put on a cute outfit and slide on a pair of Ugg boots. Cute little mini skirt, nice top, maybe pantyhose, then Ugg it up. The just look so sloppy and unkept. We need a puking emoji! Crocks set me off too. I can understand for being lazy around the house, put they should never be seen in public. I have never seen anything that just screams lazy and "lower class" any louder than Crocks.! Unlike the other comments. do like platforms, but maybe 2 inches at the most. The ridiculous super high ones are to crazy and should one be worn at home or strip clubs. (Sorry, I do own a pair of 4 inch platforms!)
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