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  1. Tingles? Yep, still get them with the right heels!
  2. I would, but my wife keeps the brakes on me too. She didn't say anything, but I don't think she thought I would wear them out of the house. I got the "look" when she saw them at the restaurant.
  3. The shoes are great, but the butt crack shot will get your fingers slapped! You need to keep it clean! What brand and so forth are the shoes? Nice to share the info about them too.
  4. I think you were the one that attacked first by calling g him a "dick". His point just "straightened" you out. Pun intended! On topic, I love your heels! I love crazy, wild colors and 4" and higher heels. Show us more!!
  5. It depends on what they are made of. Man made materials take forever, and sometimes never conform to your foot. Leather is much more forgiving and after a couple wearings will conform to your foot. I have both leather and man made that felt fine from the start, and some leather that has taken several wearings, and some man made materials I gave up on.
  6. I wore the Musse-Cloud boots out to dinner with friends last evening. The missus reluctantly approves, but she does not get "it" these, I had gone out to lunch with the husband of the couple and had worn the "lower" heeled Coolway boots I mentioned earlier in this thread and he commented on the heel, but just shook his head and no more comments. He was with me when I stopped and home and changed for dinner and slipped on my Musse boots, and I was having second thoughts. Then I figured, the heck with it, and just own up to it and put them on and walked into the other room, showed him the boots and said "if you liked the the boots I wore at lunch you will go crazy over these!" He just looked at them, shook his head, and asked if I can really walk in them and that was the end of it. When we got to the restaurant may wife noticed my boots and my buddy asked his wife if she saw my boots and she said, just a glance. We ended up over at their place for a cocktail afterwards and nothing was said until I put my boots back on and my buddy told his wife to take a look. I turned sideways, pulled my jeans up a bit and tipped my foot so she got a good look and she blurted out "holy crap!" We all had a laugh and left.
  7. I just bought a couple pair of ankle boots, posted in the "who bought new boots" thread. Both have a western look to them, both have a heel that resembles a western heel. One pair has just under a 3" heel. The other a 4" heel. Check it out if you like western style boots.
  8. I agree. We don't care about your sexual orientation. Don't misunderstand, I believe we are a pretty accepting group, just look at the pictures that get posted. So don't take it wrong. You are more than welcome to be here, but keep it on topic.
  9. Here are a few pics of the Musse-Cloud. And yes, they are good for smaller feet. I am a sized 9 men's USA and like I said earlier, they are on the tight side, but I am betting they will stretch just a bit and fit the way I like.
  10. I just received an amazon order for a couple pairs of boots. Great style for the guy that wants something a bit on the "male" side of the shoe spectrum. Here are links, later I will see if I can get a pic or two. https://www.amazon.com/Musse-Cloud-Womens-Western-10-10-5/dp/B01L6S0J5A/ref=lp_14180302011_1_4?srs=14180302011&ie=UTF8&qid=1489426863&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Coolway-Womens-Brandy-Bootie-10-10-5/dp/B01I5TGXIA/ref=lp_9183602011_1_5?srs=9183602011&ie=UTF8&qid=1489426923&sr=8-5 I am wearing the Musse Cloud right now and although Amazon says 3 1/4" heel, from the rear of the boot it is a full 4" so they are taller than advertised. I have had them on for just a few minutes, and they fell fairly good, but they will need some break in. They are leather so I expect them to stretch a bit. Size is just a touch small, but with a thin sock they feel fine. The Coolway I tried on, and they fit about the same, but again the heel is taller than advertised, about 2 3/4" at the rear of the boot. about mid point of the heel they come in at 2 1/4". Both are keepers. Now to see what my wife thinks as she is not real fired up on heels for men, but as long as they look more "male" she has given in.
  11. Yep, they never show a full body shot with her wearing heels, just shots of her feet tossed in here and there. Probably not even her in the high heels, just edited in later.
  12. I get a kick out of all the people screaming about Trump taking g away thier rights, and he has not done much yet. This Muslim thing is Interesting, something needed to be done about imigration and watching out who are let into the USA, but not sure what.
  13. It is not different state side! When did pajamas become suitable for shopping? Another one I just can not stand is Ugg boots, sure I can give them a pass in cooler weather, but to see them worn in the summer with a cute summer dress, or back to pajamas or sweat pants and Uggs at Walmart again! Some clothing people wear such crappy clothing in public I would not even wear in the privacy of my own home. People have forgotten that if you dress well you feel better about yourself. I read "Dress for Success" years ago and it stuck with me over the years. Even in the middle of a project at home and I need to run out for more building materials or paint I generally will at lest change into clean jeans and t-shirt and take off the grubby clothing I was wearing. My wife and I try to dress up a bit when we go out for the evening, it might be just jeans and a nicer shirt, but it still beats the normal jeans, t-shirt and sports shoes crowd. We went out last weekend. We planned to go out to a nicer restaurant and I told my wife she need to wear one of her skimpy party dresses and I was in dress pants and a fancy shirt. Friends called and asked if we wanted to go out to eat and we told them to come with us, but dress up and they did! Even there we were the best dressed group in the place.
  14. jim102, don'r worry about it! i would guess you speak French as your primary language. I speak English,some might say poorly, and that is all! It reminds me of years ago when I had some dealings with a few Japanese engineers. They spoke broken English and kept apologizing for it. One day I tolf them to not worry about it as they spoke better English that I did Japanese. One of them asked me if I spoke Japanese, no, I don't! One of them explained to the other s what we had discussed and they got a good chuckle out of it!
  15. Just as long as you realize what you are buying.