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  1. Quite an accomplishment to break a pair of Pleasers! They are built to take a beating!
  2. I have a pair of chunky, high heel boots that are loud. I wear them every where, even work. The are very loud walking on the concrete warehouse floors. I has one vguy look around the corner and said he was surprised to see me, he thought it was the secretary.
  3. A few years ago I bought a pair of platform heels, put them on, took two steps and they came apart in the arch/shank. Sent them back and ordered a second pair. I wore them a couple times and they came apart too. I really liked them, so out to the shop! I carefully pulled back the inner sole and saw where the heel and arch was nailed to the platform, yup, just a couple nails to carry a 180 pound guy. I pulled the nails and ran in a couple screws and they have held up fine. I bought a similar pair of the same brand and they had the same issue, repaired them too. My wife has a matching pair but h
  4. My local DSW has a fair selection of heels, best in the area. Locally, my only other choices are Macy's Pennys, Kohls and a couple other chain stores. None of them is close to DSW. I wonder if DSW stocks stores for what sells for that area. I have been n other DSW stores and their inventory will differ from my local store quite a bit.
  5. I agree, I generally avoid sandals with a single narrow strap over the toes. Wide straps, or multiple straps are much more comfortable, or wearing hosiery with the sandals helps. That little toe can be a problem. I did buy a pair of sandals this summer with multiple straps, Jessica Simpson Zetta. I have to "watch" the toes straps, but they were only $15 so I couldn't pass them up! https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/jessica-simpson-zelta-sandal/477421?activeColor=001
  6. The foot steps crunching in the gravel reminded me... Years ago my wife and I were out visiting. It was late and we knew of a dead end farm road that went back along a river and decided to go back there before heading home for a bit of fun. We got there, laid out a blanket in the grass, (it was mowed, someone keeps the area in shape), and were just getting "warmed up" and unbuttoned then we heard this loud snarl, like from a mountain lion, and we do have them in the area. My wife leapt to her feet and was in the car in a fraction of a second, I am not sure her feet even touched the ground
  7. I worked as a HVAC tech for years. We had to shut down variable frequency drives, (VFD), on an air handler to chance settings in each VFD. It was in a hospital and they would not let us shut the unit down as it was for a critical area. The unit had multiple motors and multiple VFD's, 480 volt, 3 phase power. I pulled the fuses the unit running, one motor at a time, (pulling one fuse would trip the VFD out on phase loss, but it would stay powered up so we could change the programming), reprogrammed the VFD and put the fuse back in. I wore an arc flash glove, and stood off to the side. I was s
  8. I also am envious of your "freedom". I can't wrap my head around going out in even a pair of "respectable" heels, let alone some stretch jeans that show it all. (Still waiting on the pics of the shorts!)
  9. I don't see where the conversation is for sandals only. Sandals were mentioned, but not restricted too.
  10. I for one could care less about Payless. I bought a couple pairs of heels from them over the years and thought the were the worst fitting shoes. Once you buy real leather it is hard to accept cheap plastic shoes, although I admit I do have a few pair, but from better brands. Most of my heels come from DSW or Ebay. One of the last pair of pumps i bought were Micheal Kors. They were over $100 regular price, on the discount rack for something like 50% or 60% off, then they were having a 30% off sale. They were under $30. All leather and very comfortable. If you have a DSW in your area it is
  11. I have a pair of Pleaser 8" heels with about a 4" platform and I manage our stairway here at home without issue. I even go up and down with my hands full. Our family room is in the lower level and we often cook our food and head down to eat. My wife just shakes her head because I handle stairs better than her and she has worn heels all her life.
  12. I have a few bikini styles I could wear, just not that interested with neighbors in close proximity. Our deck is open to our neighbor's yard, they can get good look from their yard. The pink boy shorts with the pouch is enough!
  13. Still waiting for pics! I realize the front view would put Tech into a tizzy, but you should be able to post a rear view! I am fair skinned and blonde. I do like to get some sun in the summer, but I am not crazy and over do it. My wife likes it when I wear these while relaxing on the deck. https://www.amazon.com/Joe-Snyder-Bulge-Boxer-Pink/dp/B07BZTB9D1 I wish I looked as good as the guy modeling them!
  14. Pumped

    Cali World

    Depends on the rest of the outfit. Match the heels to your shirt. Otherwise a solid color that matches a color in the pants.
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