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  1. I agree. I get a kick out of guys and gals that post pictures and videos, here and Youtube wearing shoes they can't handle. I don't have any desire to see someone clomp and shuffle around in 6" heels with their knees bent. Now if you wear a 6" heal and strut your stuff, bring it on! Any heel pic I post I can actually walk in!
  2. Boot cut or not

    I would keep an eye out for how women wear pants and heels and mimic that to some degree. I believe most women wearing heels would be wearing dress slacks with a baggy, boot cut style, or skinny jeans. A straight cut leg jean, a bit shorter than normal, about ankle length could work too, if the tight skinny look is a bit much to work out. Too short or to wide of leg and they will look odd. Ankle length boot cut would just be bad! I don't recall women wearing heels and boot cut jeans, unless they were wearing boots.
  3. I don't wear out of the home, but generally as soon as get home the heels come out. Many evenings I will go through a couple pairs.
  4. Here are my old gams. Not too bad for a 59 year old balding fat guy!
  5. Who has bought some new shoes

    I feel I should warn people here. The Luichiny heels I posted a pic to are pretty poorly constructed. I bought one pair and the platform came undone form the rest of the shoe. The shoe was still in one piece, but when I walked the left hand shoe would flex and make a popping noise. The eBay seller was great and swapped them out. I got the second pair and within a few hours of wearing them the right hand shoe started doing the same thing. This time I figured I would fix them as I love the style. I went out the the shop and carefully peeled back the inner sole out of the toe. I could see where the sole was attached the the platform with staples so I carefully drilled a few small holes through the sole and into the platform until I hit solid material underneath. Two 1-1/4" long sheet rock screws and they are like new. Time will tell how they hold up. If I had payed the retail of $80 I would have sent them back, but for the $36 I will take a chance.
  6. Heel Heigth Advise

    It is funny how some styles are easier to walk in too. I have a pair of ankle boots with a 3/4" platform and 5" heels, so about 4-1/4" difference. I have pair of pumps with 1" platform and 5-1/2" heels, so about 4-1/2 difference. The ankle boots stress my ankles more than the pumps, go figure! When I started wearing heels a 3" heel would kill me, now a 4" to 4-1/2" is about my limit. I continue to exercise my feet an ankles, trying to stretch them to the next taller size. I might buy a pair of Pleasers with a 5" heel to practice with.
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    I ran across these a while back but I was too cheap to pay nearly full price. I saw them again on eBay for $36.00 and figure I could afford it. I love crazy tall heels, crazier and trashier the better! 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform. Luichiny May Lynn. https://shoespost.com/luichiny-may-lynn-red-snake-imi-lea/
  8. Skyscrapers Explicit Heels

    You didn't look very hard! http://www.skyscraperheels.com/shoes1.html
  9. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Maybe you have the wrong girlfriend! You need to find a lady with similar interests, find a gal that loves heels as much or more than you.
  10. Trying to bait me? This got me in trouble with Tech a couple years back!
  11. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    It looks like a Nine West Scardino, but I can find it in suede only, so maybe not.
  12. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    I have responded to posts in the girls section, by sending a PM to one of them in the conversation. Then she could decide if she wanted to add my comments.
  13. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Sure, but that certainly does not apply in my situation. I love my wife dearly and she was freaked out when this high heel thing "popped" up. She is used to her man in work boots, flannel shirts and blue jeans. when the shoes came out it was "hell no!" at first, but through time she has accepted it and puts up with me hanging out around home in heels. The funny thing is she bought a pair of heels for me as a joke, and I liked them so she takes some responsibility for getting the cat of the bag. She gave them to me, and said if you like them so much, you wear them, and I did, for a while until she just had enough. That was about 5-6 years ago and today I wear heels most of the time around home. The time may come where i may venture out with her support so I don't push it. I do have a couple pairs of chunky heels boots I wear out that she doesn't have and issue with. I am just giving it some time.
  14. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Cali, like I said if my wife was supportive it would make a huge difference. Right now she tolerates my heels. She worries that some how our friends will find out and not understand. Our close friends have seen me in my chunky, 4" heeled boots so I honestly don't think they would be surprised. Untill my wife is on board I will keep the more obvious, like 4" stiletto heels and OTK boots at home. We have a party to go to this weekend. She was planning her wardrobe and I stepped away and put on a pair of black waxed stretch jeans, a dress shirt and my OTK Pleasers and asked what she thought. She said it looked great, but I wasn't leaving the house wearing it! I see these on Amazon all the time and love them. I just don't like the shipping to the US and if I wanted to return them, otherwise I would own a pair!

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