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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Maybe you have the wrong girlfriend! You need to find a lady with similar interests, find a gal that loves heels as much or more than you.
  2. Trying to bait me? This got me in trouble with Tech a couple years back!
  3. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    It looks like a Nine West Scardino, but I can find it in suede only, so maybe not.
  4. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    I have responded to posts in the girls section, by sending a PM to one of them in the conversation. Then she could decide if she wanted to add my comments.
  5. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Sure, but that certainly does not apply in my situation. I love my wife dearly and she was freaked out when this high heel thing "popped" up. She is used to her man in work boots, flannel shirts and blue jeans. when the shoes came out it was "hell no!" at first, but through time she has accepted it and puts up with me hanging out around home in heels. The funny thing is she bought a pair of heels for me as a joke, and I liked them so she takes some responsibility for getting the cat of the bag. She gave them to me, and said if you like them so much, you wear them, and I did, for a while until she just had enough. That was about 5-6 years ago and today I wear heels most of the time around home. The time may come where i may venture out with her support so I don't push it. I do have a couple pairs of chunky heels boots I wear out that she doesn't have and issue with. I am just giving it some time.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Cali, like I said if my wife was supportive it would make a huge difference. Right now she tolerates my heels. She worries that some how our friends will find out and not understand. Our close friends have seen me in my chunky, 4" heeled boots so I honestly don't think they would be surprised. Untill my wife is on board I will keep the more obvious, like 4" stiletto heels and OTK boots at home. We have a party to go to this weekend. She was planning her wardrobe and I stepped away and put on a pair of black waxed stretch jeans, a dress shirt and my OTK Pleasers and asked what she thought. She said it looked great, but I wasn't leaving the house wearing it! I see these on Amazon all the time and love them. I just don't like the shipping to the US and if I wanted to return them, otherwise I would own a pair!
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    I have seen some "knock offs" that I could not tell from the real thing. Seems most shoes are made in China and I suppose after a time the contract runs out and the factory might continue to manufacture the shoe under their own name.
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Yes, the upper part is lined with some sort of man made material. I guess i didn't notice as my feet and legs are warm in them. I have a couple pairs of women's skinny stretch jeans that i wear with them, as well as some short jean shorts. I wish I had the balls, plus the wife's support to wear them in public.
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Second pair. The first were a fabric pair from Beston, EJ67 on Amazon. I tried a 11 as they said they run small, then ordered the 10 which fit, but were not even close to comfortable. They fit so weird I could not even explain it, so they went back. and ordered the Pleasers, which I am very pleased with. My feet are weird, my right is just short of a women's size 9, the left is closer to a 9 1/2, just about 1 whole size off so I have fun finding shoes that fit. I have learned to deal with a slightly cramped left foot and a loose right, no other combination works! I put the Pleasers on this morning and wore them around the house for 8-9 hours, putzing around and helping my wife with some chores. Took a break for a while this evening and can't sleep, so I am sitting here wearing them again at 2 AM. I would buy them again.
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Earlier this month I sent my wife a e-mail with a link of a pair of over the knee boots I liked. She asked me if the boots were for her or me. I told her they looked like my Christmas present from her. They got ordered, but just did not fit so they went back. I showed her a second pair, Pleaser Indulge 3011 in leather and they came the other day. I am quite pleased with the quality and how they fit. I was not expecting much as they are not known to be high quality, but I believe they are well worth what they cost. A couple years ago my wife about flipped out about my heel wearing and they all had to go, about a year she came to me and gave it and is accepting it. She just shakes her head. She mentioned one day that she gets home the heels come off, when I get home the heels go on!
  11. Sort of related, I find that 4-5 years ago high heels were generally taller and wild. Heel heights have dropped and the styles have tamed down a bit. A few years ago 6"+ heels with a 2" platform were common. They are harder to find today. I bought my wife a crazy pair of leopard mary janes, I really wanted a pair for myself, but she would not have approved at the time. I have an eBay search for them and if my size comes up I am buying!!
  12. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    I have driven hundreds of miles in 3"-4" heels with no issues, but I will agree it depends on the vehicle. With my Ford I put the heel on the floor, off to the side of the peddle and find it very comfortable.
  13. my 017 adventures

    A few years ago I was at a house party wearing a pair of western "shoe boots". They looked like a western boot, but they were a slip on shoe. One gal, (and I use the term loosely!), suddenly burst out with "what are you wearing?!" I looked at her and she was looking at me. I asked "What?" and she returned with "What kind of shoes are those?!" and proceeded to give me a bunch of negative crap about them. By this time anyone within hearing distance had stopped talking and were paying attention to her. I held my tongue until she wore down and said, "I didn't care what you think of them as I usually don't take clothing advise from people that think sweat pants, sweat shirt and runners from Walmart is high fashion!" That is what she was wearing! Everyone got a good laugh from my comment, she shut the hell up and everyone went back to partying. They looked a lot like these only they were a men's shoe-boot, and a pointed toe.
  14. Frustrated with non-durable top lifts

    Wow! No clue why the triple post!! I know I didn't do it!
  15. Frustrated with non-durable top lifts

    I have heard to not walk heel first, but then I watch women walk in heels and I have yet to see a women walk toe first or heel and toe at the same time. All walked heel first. None of them walked like freaks and looked like they were walking properly and comfortably.