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  1. I think I need to sign up for Instagram!
  2. Pumped

    Shoe closet

    Nothing interesting in my closet. I do have a cabinet with my tiny shoe collection. Nothing worth posting. I might have 8 pairs of heels. Nice collection. Those yellow boots are crazy!
  3. Is it too much to ask for people to post brand , model and where purchased info with their shoe posts??
  4. Pumped

    Just fab

    I looked into Just Fab, but as soon as I found out about monthly membership fees I dropped the idea. Too many other places to buy online with no fee, plus I noticed their shoes where obscure brands.
  5. I buy her heels from time to time. She comments that she can't wear them like she used to so she tells me not to buy her heels any longer, but I still do.
  6. I bought a pair of Onlymaker platform pumps a while back. Nice looking shoe, but I couldn't wear them, they just didn't fit and I tried my normal size which was too small, then ordered a size up, which was long enough, but still very tight in the toe box. Strange fitting shoes, IMO! I was very disappointed, I had waited until the pair I wanted were available on Amazon Prime so I could return them if needed. good thing I did as i just can't wear them. :-(
  7. I bought these of Ebay the other day. With the warmer weather I needed a pair of summer pumps! I was wearing them while watching TV when my wife first saw them. She loved them and was disappointed when she couldn't get a pair in her size!
  8. Umm, never see women wearing these, outside of a stripper bar? I see women wearing similar shoes fairly often, with a tasteful dress. My wife has similar shes she will wear out on a date, and she is a 58 year old mom. Your comment seems narrow minded.
  9. Pleaser Classique? https://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Womens-Pleaser-Classique-20-Pump-Black-Patent/10025091/product.html?recset=28a62a97-133c-4cf7-b952-0b7264c828e0&refccid=IQHLDEX42KRK65KJXVNYYZVMOY&recalg=927,925&recidx=0
  10. I changed jobs a few years back. I often get up by 5 AM to drive a good distance to see my first customer. I still rarely get to bed before midnight although I admit I might have a power nap right after lunch.
  11. I have always been the opposite. Go to bed late, then sleep in. My clock is slowly adjusting to getting up earlier over the years. Years ago I would go out to my shop and putz around until 1-2 AM, then hit the sack. Even so, about 9 AM was about as late as I would sleep in. My father in law was an early riser and he would always give me crap about my hours. In his mind any work done after 6 PM had no value. It was funny as I had many discussions with him over it. He would go to bed early, but sleep more hours than I did. He normally would get 8-9 hours of sleep, where I run on 6-7 hours, some nights as low as 5 hours. I ran my own business for a few years and often would hit it hard in the evening. I could get a bunch of work done when everyone else was shutting down for the night. It was nice and peaceful, no distractions.
  12. Pleasers run up to size 12 or more. Those 10" heels are available up to size 12, just hard to find. https://www.amazon.com/Pleaser-Womens-Beyond-008-Platform-Sandal/dp/B07FML9SHN/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=beyond+008&qid=1556336453&rnid=7141124011&s=apparel&sr=1-1
  13. Can you pull the inner soles out and run in a couple screws? I have fixed a couple pair this way.
  14. I bought a pair of heels the other day. I found them in a second had clothing store and knew I had to but them, $10, who could refuse! They are 'Glaze" brand. Never seen the brand before, probably a "store" brand.
  15. I just bought a couple pairs of Levi's 710 skinny jeans. I absolutely love them. For stretch jeans they are a bit on the heavy side, plus the lycra makes them really cling. Not a lot of ball room, but I can deal with that. They are tight right down to the ankle.
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