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  1. Both my mom and dad are old school conservatives. I had a conversation about men wearing women's clothing with my mom. Some show with men cross dressing on TV triggered it. I thought she was going to explode! Nothing but hate and vile coming out of her mouth. I mentioned I didn't care what people wear and if a man wanted to wear high heels or a dress I could care less. All I got back was a death stare! My dad is equally closed on the subject. Any mention of alternate lifestyles and he just gets mean. I mentioned to him I knew a couple gays and I can not repeat what he said! If I wore heels around him I think it would end up in a hospital ER!
  2. I didn't wear heels at all yesterday, and I wear heels pretty much every day. My excuse? My 90 year old dad came over for a visit and I don't want to push his heart any harder than it is already!!🤣
  3. Ok, thanks. The square toe kills it for me! I would buy a pair with a pointed toe.
  4. No luck finding them! Could you please post a link? I just bought these! Used from eBay, but they were like new. Steven Madden Brenna.
  5. What are the boots on the left? And where do I buy them?!
  6. Well, I imagine that 95% of shoe sales are size 41'ish and lower. It does suck to be a person with larger flippers. I am a nice size ten, or 40-41 depending on the manufacturer.
  7. Pumped

    Cali World

    Yes, it is terrible! They did the change last summer some time. I was about sick when I saw the high heels were maybe on row and sneakers have taken over the store. for what ever it was worth, (probably nothing!), I wrote an e-mail to DSW and told them I was very disappointed. I told them I could buy sports shoes in any store, everyone carried them, but DSW had been my go to for high heels. They had been filling a niche that nobody in our area filled. I suppose they are trying to stay in business and high heels don't sell as fast as sneaker.
  8. I don't know about skill, but like I mentioned earlier in the thread, my ankles will just not flex far enough! I can slip on the 5" heels, try to walk in them and I can barely lock my knees straight. The muscles in my legs don't seem to care as I don't have sore muscles while or after wearing them. Pretty sure I have simply reached the end of the range of motion in my ankles. But I do continue to wear them in hopes something changes!
  9. I was wearing leggings 35 years ago when I would go for a run. I didn't cover them up like some guys do. I let the bulge show!
  10. I "needed" a pair of black platform pumps and decided to give these a try. I bought these from Amazon (Link) . I don't know why, but I have 5 pairs of black pumps. I guess I like them!
  11. There are many styles of woman's booties that will have a block heel in the 3" range. I have a couple pair I wear all the time.
  12. My "go to" is 4". Like Melrose I started with 3: and worked my way to 4". I find it funny that I thought my leg muscles were going to explode wearing the 3" heels, and then as I moved up again the muscles were arguing with the heels! Now I can pull on a pair of 4" heels and after a couple minutes for the muscles to settle in I forget I am wearing them. Some time ago I bought a pair of 5" heels with no platform with the intentions of working my way into them. It may have been a year and I just can not seem to wear them. It seems to me I am simply at the end of the range of motion in my ankles. nothing short of surgery will help! I do keep trying to wear them. If nothing else it has make the 4 heels easier to wear.
  13. I read the article, personally, I don't think Rose has any clue about heels! Not a spike or stiletto heel mentioned!
  14. Cat, I give in! You win! You look great! Plus you are out and about dressed and in heels! Plus I see my picture is gone so perhaps a bit too much! Hell, I was wearing heels!
  15. If you order a pair of Onlymakers, make sure you can return them easily. I have tried two different times with different styles and they simply do not fit my feet. The length and width were correct, but the shape of the instep, or inner sole was really weird. I can buy shoes from most any well known company and they fit fine, Guess, Nine West, Micheal Kors, Jessica Simpson, JLO, I could go on, but Onlymakers just don't fit!
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