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  1. I had been doing mine with basic colors but last week i bought some silver glitter overlays to go over the french tips on my finger nails. I had some left over so I tried overlaying the Pacific Blue polish I had on my toes. It turned out pretty nice, kinda like a holo effect...
  2. 13M, although i can also get by with a 12W on occasion. I find them where i can. Most of My Jessica Simpson heels came from Poshmark. I got a lot of 13's from Macys. Nordstrom Rack was another good source, but it has been awhile since anything nice has come up. Shoe Show Mega had some decent cheap heels at one time, but they haven't updated their styles in quite awhile...
  3. Seems most of us have a cross to bare when it comes to women's heels. For me its the fact that 95% for the available styles are unobtainable due to my size 13 feet...
  4. I bought these heels many months ago but when i got them in they did not fit well enough to wear for any period of time. I had them in the purge closet & decided to try them one last time before getting rid of them when to my surprise they fit! Not sure why the difference, maybe my feet were swollen when i 1st tried them. They were still a little snug in the toes but these are genuine leather all around, so i wore them to the grocery store confident they would stretch with wear. After 90 minutes they did indeed form nicely to my foot. What a nice surprise, because these are well made shoes
  5. Thank you! Just back from visiting with my siblings. Felt so awkward having Christmas with out my mom around but it was good to see my kin again after so many months apart.
  6. Got to have a little fun today, starting with a visit to my mechanic to get my annual tuneup, then the salon for a fresh set for the holidays. I wore low heels for that as the desk they have are too short for me when i am wearing high heels. After that I switched over to my 4" Calvin Klein pumps & got a burger for lunch. Had a nice chat with the gals behind the counter but they were not busy & seemed desperate for anyone to talk to. Final stop was the AMC theater as I wasn't ready to go home yet & all the retail stores along my route were packed. Sad to think but it seems theaters
  7. My favorite place to go whether I'm fully dressed or just wearing heels is to a nice sit down restaurant like Chilis, Red Robin, or Outback. The staff are always friendly & complimentary & everyone else is mostly minding their own business. Some of the greeters even know me by name now. Of course, easy access to the house margaritas helps as well!
  8. I love my Nine West Tatiana nude pumps. I have worn them more than any of my others & they fit like a glove. Its the only pair I have found in my size 13 other than black, but I already have a good pair of black pumps. I keep checking for more colors but so far no luck. Those black pumps i mentioned are by Calvin Klein. They are my go to heels that match most any outfit. They are also well broken in. Jessica Simpson Prizma D'Orsay Pumps - (2) pairs one black napa & one nude patent. These are soooo sexy. I wear them quite a bit. They are a bit tight until they warm up then fit
  9. I didn't see anyone having issues, but I was quite focused on myself. I could see where the glare hit the floor that people were leaving footprints, that's how humid it was. I never actually slipped, it just felt like I was going to if I wasn't careful with my steps. It was the standard tile surface, it was just a perfect storm of factors is all I can say. I wore those same heels many times there with no issues at all...
  10. Went back to the same store today to pick up a prescription that was ready. No problems at all. seems they have the humidity issues sorted. I walked at least 3 times the distance of last weeks trip in that same store, & it was quite enjoyable, even got a couple of compliments, so hopefully that will be a one off experience...
  11. That's the weird thing about it. I have been on that very floor many times, often in those very same heels, with no problems at all. this time though was a killer. Mt calves are twitching just thinking about that day... Agreed. When i 1st started heeling in public i always used a cart as it gave me a since of security. I have no explanation as to why it helped, but it did. All i was wanting was some wings for lunch, but it turned out I'm the one who's lunch got eaten that day!
  12. I had my 1st real experience with High Heel pain a couple of weeks ago. I have been trying to keep my legs in heel shape by wearing them for any little trip I take, even if its as mundane as running to the corner store to gas up for the week, as long term outings have not been available for quite some time. One such quicky was to Lowes for a flashlight replacement bulb & some batteries. I was wearing those Jessica Simpson pumps i adore so much, they are now nicely broken in. Spent about 30 minutes browsing after finding my bulb then left for home. I drive past a Walmart & decided i wan
  13. Not much happening for me lately, other than some quick trips to the grocery store, or to pick up some lunch, a couple hours seems to be the best I can manage. I wear my heels as much as I can but sure miss the full Saturday outings. I try to visit my locale Red Robin at least once a week as a take out. The hostess there has taken a shine to me, as she always comes out & compliments me, she even remembers my name. Says she is a heel lover too, & was wearing some modest pumps herself. I wore some new pumps I got in from Macys. I like their INC brand pumps as they are well made & fit
  14. Can vouch for the decline of Nordstrom Rack. The one near me had a nice sized section for size 12-13. I bought several pairs there. Last time I was in they had converted that area in rack storage. My office is in energy corridor area of Houston. Its as stereotypical Nine-to-five as you can get. Most everyone dresses accordingly. I once had to go into work when most everyone on my floor was home, as I forgot my laptop cable. I wore some cute black flats with my slacks that day, but sure wish they were my 4" Calvin Klein pumps instead.
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