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  1. Yep, I know that feeling of jealousy when a lady walks by in a lovely outfit & gorgeous high heels. Felt that way for years. Thought about what I could say to you over the last couple of days, but really there isn't anything that will stop you from feeling that way. It's just something that seems to be built into us from the get go. I eventually gave in to temptation. I didn't have the complication of family, as I'm 90 minutes away. Just know we understand & will help as best as we can...
  2. Actually no, a suburb of north Houston. The more I thought about it, it seems more that I am just so comfortable now that I don't notice the little things anymore...
  3. Friday after work I made a quick stop for gas then by the hardware shop for some garden supplies, wore my 14th & Union mid-heel pumps. Felt wore out so I just went home afterwards. Saturday I put on my Black Calvin Klien 4" pumps, then went to the sporting goods store for some ammo. Next was a stop by Office Max for some printer ink. Spent the next hour at the gun range (changed into sneakers for that) then back home for a quick nap on the couch. That evening I put my heels back on for dinner a the outback steakhouse, then ended the night by getting my groceries for the week. Was a lot of walking around but didn't get anything other than the occasional second look. No compliments, snickering, bugeyes, or anything like that. That seems to be the norm these days. Maybe they are getting used to me...
  4. chesterx

    It's a start

    My very 1st foray into wearing womens shoes in public was a pair of womens loafers very much like these, the other being keds. I remember being nervous as hell the 1st time, even though they could easily pass as mens wear...
  5. They are American Eagle flats I bought from Payless years ago. They were the 1st pair of womens shoes I ever bought that actually fit me well. All my other shoes over the years I ended up getting rid of, but not these. I wear them around the house instead of slippers. Would love to get a new pair but AE doesn't make this style anymore that I can find...
  6. Friday was a typical half-day & I decided to wear my booties that resemble wingtips, except of course for the 4" heel that is. That was it for heeling on Friday other that a quick stop by the post office. Saturday was a some what busy one. I started with an appointment at the nail salon. The work stations are too low for me to wear heels, so I wore some flats instead. After swapping out my flats for my black patent Sam Edelman pumps I had a stop by an office to renew my carry permit. I got a compliment on my nails when she took my finger prints. Then it was time to catch a movie at the local AMX theater. Couple of notices, otherwise uneventful. Then I stopped to grab a late lunch. Again, it was uneventful. Lastly I went to gather my groceries for the coming week. Got some notices there, as these heels make a distinctive sound on ceramic tiles, but nothing unusual, just the standard guy in heels looky-lous. I paired my pumps with my Gloria Vanderbuilt black jeans & a top by Perry Ellis. It was enjoyable on the whole...
  7. When I notice someone sees my heels I try to initiate a friendly greeting as soon as possible. That seems to take the edge off any awkwardness they may feel about me wearing heels. It works for me most of the time...
  8. A typical half day of work, only this time I had my regular physical exam scheduled 1st thing in the morning. I had originally intended to wear heels to this visit, as I did with my dentist, but the more I thought about it, the idea of getting a prostate exam while wearing 4" pumps was a bridge I was just not willing to cross! After work I put on my black heels by 14th & Union. Only two stops today, the 1st being my ford dealership to return a core part. I've been in there so many times they recognize the heel wearing guy by name. He even remembered my mom was sick & asked how she was doing. I thought that was so cool. My last stop was at Walmart to pick up gun cleaning supplies for my 1st trip to the shooting range in months. They were out of ammo so I will have to buy the over priced rounds at the range. I didn't notice any second looks while I was in the store but as I passed through the lot a lady who was gathering carts said she loved my heels as I walked past. I thanked her, then she asked if I was breaking them in. I replied that indeed I was, as they were still a bit stiff. As I was driving home I thought about how kind of odd it was that she asked if I was breaking them in, as I had never been asked that before. It lead me to ponder women's remarks in general. I'm of the mind that women are not so much in "love" with my heels, as I tend to wear classic styles. I don't recall ever hearing women compliment each others heels so much when they are wearing simple classic pumps, but I get that a lot. I think they are just fascinated by a guy wearing heels. If I ever get a chance to hold a descent conversation with these women then I intend to ask them about that...
  9. Agreed, that has been my experience as well. Honestly, I don't think I was emotionally ready to handle the crass remarks back then as well as I can now...
  10. Bought these VALENTINO GARAVANI knockoffs from FSJ shoes (sorry Valentino, if you want my money, make them in a size 13!). Took a long time to receive them. Need to stretch out the toe box a hair, but I think they are fine for what I paid for them.
  11. Not one to let a bad encounter bring me down for long I chose today to push the envelope even further as I wore my new pantsuit & Jessica Simpson pumps to my afternoon dental appointment. These people have known me for years & this is the 1st time I have worn heels in front of them. As I expected, nothing came of it. I'm sure they had a talk about me after I left but at least they will have something fun to talk about for awhile!
  12. The very 1st time I wore heels in public Some guy in a store said quite loudly to his friends "Look at his shoes!" in a mocking mannerism. I was already nervous as hell & his words cut like a knife. I remember going from the exhilaration of wearing heels to burning shame & wanting to hide & find the exit. It took years for me to try again. I had to come to grips with the fact that there will always be some jerk out there, & I just might run into them some day. I finally chose to not let those few random jerks that I will never see again ruin something that I really wanted to do. Time has proven me right, as just about every interaction I have had has been neutral at worst to very complimentary. I figure I'm going to run across jerks someday whether I'm wearing heels or not, so I choose heels...
  13. Ready to get back to heeling, so Friday I threw on my Nine West nude pumps in the morning for my visit to my doctors office so they could draw my blood. After that I threw my sneakers on for half a day at work. After work I put them back on for a stop by Nordstrom Rack & Dillards. Nothing at the rack but at Dillards I found a cute pantsuit, it was more than I should have spent but I just had to have it, then went home. Saturday I wore my tan heels by INC for a stop by the dry cleaners. Then off to the grocery store. After that I drove through the car wash, then something disturbing happened. As I was finishing toweling off my car, some guy drove by looking at me, I just casually waved. He pulled into a parking spot a bit a ways from me as I was getting into my car. He backed out as I drove off & it seemed he was following me. I drove around the parking lot to the exit as he tried to pull up beside me, but i turned before he could. He followed me to the light. Well I wasn't leading him to my house, so I turned the other direction. He again followed me the pulled alongside in the other lane, I did not make eye contact. I slowed, he slowed & stayed beside me till for what seemed a lifetime, then finally u turned. I drove on to make sure he stopped following me & my heart rate slowed to normal, then I went back home. That was more excitement than I needed...Anyone else had this happen to them?
  14. Thanks for the kind words. Its been a rough few weeks for my family. I'm back home now & I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular routine & back to heeling.
  15. The grocery store is the one place I visit every week, & I make an effort to dress nicely. It's also the place I get the least amount of notice or comments. I recon most people are too busy looking at items on the shelve to notice me wearing heels. Most of the women there are dressed poorly in my opinion. Still see people there wearing socks & sandals
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