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  1. I got this set this past Monday & have already gotten several compliments, from both men & women. I always have some type of painted nails going on so I'm not sure why this set attracted so much attention...
  2. There was a shoe related incident at my office that involved a lady wearing slide type shoes, she tripped over a flooring transition fell into a desk, requiring a trip to the emergency room. We are no longer allowed to wear any shoe that lacks full heel backing or straps into the office. I dislike those styles anyway but I am concerned that the safety goodie two-shoes in the building may ban high heels. This office is the only place where women regularly wear high heels in my daily affairs. I have not worn heels to the office outside of a couple of covert wearings, but I do like having the option to do so if I some day wish it...
  3. every weekend, & once or twice during the week, depending on any errands that need doing...
  4. I leave the house in heels, but I park in a garage so none of the neighbors could actually see me.
  5. I really like them too, but I don't know where I would wear them. A bit of over kill for my normal trip to the grocery store.
  6. Speaking as a guy that sometimes wears skirts I can say that skirts garner far more attention than my heels ever have. I seldom wear a skirt in public these days, but I always wear heels, & I get next to nothing in regards to compliments these days when I'm only wearing heels. Maybe its because I tend to go to the same locations & people are just not impressed by heels on a guy anymore, but I'm just not getting comped like I used to. I suppose that's a good thing, to be accepted as normal, but I really enjoy the interactions I used to get...
  7. chesterx

    Cali World

    Welcome to the "head over heels" club!
  8. I have a couple of hers as well, although they are straight leg & I prefer skinny jeans with heels, I still wear them on occasion. I started out by wearing boot cut or bell bottom jeans as I felt more secure hiding my heels but as my comfort level grew I never wore them again. I was going to toss them out or make cutoffs out of them when I realized they would be great for doing yard work in. They have lots of stretch & the flare helps keeps the debris out of my shoes. I am going to buy more of them when these ones wear out.
  9. 5" is the limit for me. I have a handful of heels that tall, a couple, that are sandals I can walk in, but the others are too much for my left ankle. I am fine with that I suppose, as people in heels in my area are already a rare bird but anything over 4" is unheard of outside of a party type event, if even then. If its going to be a short outing I may wear them just to justify keeping them in my crowded closet, but mostly I keep to 4" or so. I stand out enough as it is anyway.
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