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  1. Well, I'm sure he noticed, but he does work for me so he isn't going to antagonize me. I coulda been wearing an ostrich costume & he would not have cared as long as I keep bringing him money...
  2. Same for my area, no 12's...
  3. Payless was the 1st store where I found a pair of heels that actually fit. Just a pair of classic black round toe pumps, but I could wear them for more than just 30 minutes. I wore them so much that a seam let loose on me last weekend. Used to be so hard to find shoes that were even close to my size. Got a nice little wardrobe of shoes going. Having a bit of an issue finding a pair of black patent stilettos in a size 12w. If anyone has any leads plz let me know...
  4. Ran into someone I knew for the 1st time as well this past weekend. My financial adviser. I was getting an order to go at my local wild wings joint when he came out of the restrooms. Walked right up to me while I was wearing my ladies jeans & 4" patent pumps, shook my hand & asked why I didn't return his call from last month. As soon as I mentioned I had some money to bring him his eyes were fixed on mine. Heh, I don't think he even bothered to look down past my wallet at that point! Like most of you guys I am past the point of caring if anyone see's me wearing heels, but I still had that fleeting moment of "Oh No, someone I know!"
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