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  1. Guilty. I'm thinking of taking two pair that have a cute design & having them converted to capris.
  2. It's been pretty mundane the last few weeks. Mostly short trips to get groceries. Nothing worth adding to this journal. But this past Saturday was worth noting. It started with a trip to the salon for a waxing update. A couple of hours later, and several winces later, I made it to the local HEB for groceries. Not sure why, but I got an unusually high number of compliments. Not sure why people were so nice this time, but I really enjoyed the compliments, it was a real pick-me-up. Mostly for the dress I was wearing, but I suppose that was more of a reflection on JC Penny than me, but I will take
  3. That had not even occurred to me. I dont even have any mules at this point. I agree, that would have been a good choice. Years ago I had a pair made by Candies, but ditched them in a "purge". Think I need to add a pair to my wardrobe...
  4. Had one errand, pick up an order at JC Penney. Ended up doing a little browsing & ended up buying a couple of earrings that were on sale & a pair of feminine sunglasses, as my only intact pair are wrap around & don't work well with my outfits when out in the sun. After that a stop in at Outback for dinner. Pretty uneventful, even at Outback, where I got tons of compliments last week, but they were very busy today. Was treated respectfully at both locations. I wore a sheath dress by Stetson from Pinto Ranch & a jeans Jacket from Cavenders, I got both of them delivered today, al
  5. Heck no, this is just for fun. Putting on makeup is not fun in my book. Besides, living as a woman, I cant afford the cut in pay! Thanks. I have been too busy this weekend to post an update, but after work Friday I was still in a mood to go out, wore the shorter wig with white jeans & my Jessica Simpson patent nude heels, & went to the Outback Steakhouse down the road from me. I've never gotten so many compliments as I did that night. Seems every server in the place had to stop by & say something nice to me, whether it be compliments on my nails, my hair, or my heels. The ma
  6. Working from home today when I was told not only was a wig I had ordered ready but a handbag was ready as well. I took the opportunity to dress up a bit as I wasn't too busy, so took a long lunch. 1st stop was the wig store where I had a nice chat with the owner & a couple of patrons. Got some nice tips. I love what she did to style this wig for me. It doesn't show, but the back is done in a french braid to my middle back with some strategically placed loose hair. Afterwards I went to the local mall to visit the Coach store & pick up my order. Its a small bag, cream colored with silver
  7. I couldn't agree more, unfortunately I couldn't do anything about it as my salon appointment was the next day. I decided to just roll with it as it was a just for fun & a quick meeting with my estate planner, then back home. I had my arms waxed in addition to my legs (really looks nice now), & a small portion of my upper chest as no one wants to see a muskrat in a tank top... I dont intend to go this far for most of my outings. Mostly when I have the time to put this much effort into it. I recon for special occasions & the like. But heels will always be a main component of
  8. Had an appointment with my estate planner today, wasn't long, but I made the most of it. I was working from home today so I had time to dress up a bit. Got a classic double take from the receptionist! My attorney & all the witnesses & notary were good sports about it. I had a fun time, felt very comfortable the whole time. I am glad the public isn't so weirded out by things like this like it used to be years ago. Got many compliments on this outfit. It's a top & skirt I got from Ann Taylor. I thought my nude Nine West pumps were a good fit. Also considered my red strappy heels fro
  9. This is fairly recent. I had some interest in full cross dressing years ago, say my late teens & early 20's, but it faded over time. The only passion that has persevered has been my love of heels. I guess I should blame / thank Jeff, as I follow his jaunts with admiration, he has been an inspiration. It has stoked the fire, so to speak, & rekindled my interest in most things feminine.It also stoked some of the thrill that has worn off now that I am comfortable wearing heels at pretty much any time...
  10. Crossed the Rubicon today, I suppose, as one of my wigs arrived. Still have some work to do, but having to wear a mask helps, lol. Plan to get my arms waxed next weekend. Not sure where I'm going with this, but my focus is still on heels. Went grocery shopping, & no one seemed to really care. Got two compliments on my nails, one from the butcher of all people. After that, went home, as I was still a bit nervous. Plan to take a nice nap this afternoon...Wore my Macy's mid heel print pumps, jeans from Long Tall Sally, & a top from Amazon...
  11. I got in a new pair of dangle earrings in the shape of blue starfish. Very cute. 1st time i wore them to Walmart the strap dislodged one of them when I put it on. Didn't notice & made it to the front entrance before it fell off. I just happened to hear it hit the pavement, otherwise I would have lost it. Kinda embarrassing to turn around & pick it up in front of everyone, especially while wearing heels, but I wasn't losing that sucker!
  12. Best I can tell it is a mixed bag. Some cross dressers have commented about being harassed for not being a full on drag queen, & most patrons will assume you are gay, so there is that aspect as well.
  13. I can agree, but the younger ladies seem to pull that look off fairly enough. Older women seem to be into gym wear, which I find to be somewhat lazy...
  14. Hey folks, been kinda slow lately on the heel front. Having to transition to a new contract at work with a stupid fast completion date, so lots of overtime in the future. I make a lot of money but I'm generally too tired to mince about in heels when the week is done. This past Wednesday they made us return to the office, and our group will get Fridays as work from home day for the next 4 weeks. Me being the dunderhead I am I left my laptops power cord at work on Thursday, so I ended up going in anyway. I made the best of it knowing the floor would be mostly empty by wearing my trusty old Ameri
  15. A 1st for me today. Went to pick up my lunch from a cafe I frequent that makes a particularly nice eggplant burger. Outfit similar to my last one with flats as I was just going there and back, no side stops. Cashier actually said she was disappointed that I wasn't wearing heels!
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