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  1. Getting back to normal, somewhat. 1st time I have had a sit down meal in a restaurant in months. Went to my local cracker barrel for a fried fish lunch. Then to the grocery store for my weekly supplies. Went smoothly with no comments or noticeable second glances. Seems to be the norm these days. I did see not one, but two of my neighbors at the grocery store, but they didn't see me. I don't really care if they do see me wearing heels, but I'd rather not deal with it if I can avoid it. I wore my nude open toe pumps from Torrid as I wanted to show off my nails a bit. I also wore my skinny jeans by Reba that I got on sale awhile back. They are short enough that I don't have to turn up the cuff to show off my Aporro anklet. Not planning on any other outings so this will probably be it for this weekend.
  2. Its not really a clasp per se, its a bar that you pass through a hoop. It stays put once you put it on, & its spot welded together, so it will not break easily, that's for sure. Can be a bit difficult to grasp the bar if you have long nails, but you can say that about most items when your nails are as long as mine. The Aporro anklet has springy push together clasp with a hasp lock on either side, so its not going anywhere either.
  3. It sure is. I bought it to help support her channel. Unfortunately, the heels she features are not available to me. It's not the cost of the heels but the lack of larger sizes available in designer heels. Still, I like seeing them modeled. I also recommend trying Cammile1. Her channel is pretty good for heels & fashion, & some of the shoes I could actual wear.
  4. Beautiful style. I myself have really taken a shine to strappy sandals lately. I have a couple of pairs getting shipped & will share a pic when they arrive.
  5. Haven't bought anything off of Ebay in ages. Amazon seems to have access to just about anything I would ever want these days. I bought exactly 1 item from poshmark, a pair of Nude Jessica Simpson Paryn pumps to match the black pair I already owned & fell in love with the style, so I had to have them when I saw them listed in my size. Never heard of Mercari, wouldn't you know it, the 1st pair of shoes it listed in my size were those very same Nude Jessica Simpson Paryn pumps in my size, & $10 cheaper than what I bought them for on poshmark! Go figure!
  6. I intend to add some bling to my toes with a ring or two after seeing how lovely these anklets look with my heels. I might add some rings to my fingers to accentuate my nails as well. I ordered a sizing band to figure out what size to get, so stay tuned for further developments. Ha! Now I'm suddenly getting bombarded with ring advertisements! Damn you Google!
  7. These were the first pair of womens shoes I ever bought that fit perfectly from the get go. Also the 1st pair I wore in public, not counting keds. Bought them from Payless on sale for $9 about ten years ago, & I wear them as slippers around the house these days...
  8. Just got this anklet in a few days ago & I just love it! It's a 10mm White Gold Cuban Anklet covered in Cubic Zirconia stones. I bought it from Aporro after seeing one of my favorite Youtube fashion ladies do a review on it. It was a bit more than I was wanting to spend, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I bought it to get that devil on my shoulder to shut up. I'm glad I did because its so gorgeous in person, my photo doesn't do it justice at all. The other anklet is one I bought from another Youtube gal who shares our love for heels.
  9. Another quick outing today to pick up some food. Really only notable because I finally made myself wear these pumps. The color has always struck me as being a bit over the top for public wear. I figured today was a gloomy, rainy day & I wanted to brighten things up a bit, so off I went. Of course, nothing came of it, and my nails as usual got all the attention. I'm so happy the salons are back open again.
  10. Yeah, it just isn't worth taking the time to post these days. I still wear my heels most every day, but at a half-hour or so for outing and those being non-eventful, it's not worth the time to journal them.
  11. Oh yes indeed, I was on the waiting list for when they re-opened & was one of the 1st patrons the day they re-opened.
  12. I am in a happy place mentally now...
  13. I got an appointment for Friday & it can't get here soon enough!
  14. Spent the morning walking around my local hardware garden center, looking for deals & trouble. Found neither, but got to walk around in my black platform pumps from Hot Tomato for longer than I had been able to the last few weeks. Bought some WD40 just to make it look like I had a reason to be there. Then got my grocery shopping done for the week. Nothing of note happened at either venue, other than a nice smile from a young teen lady in front of me at the checkout line.
  15. Another brief trip to Walmart for supplies. Nothing of note occurred, other than the opportunity to wear this pair of red patent strappy heels I have had for a few weeks, but have yet to wear in public. They fit & wore well compared to my other sandals that tend to eat my feet up more so than pumps do. Plan to wear them out and about more often. They are from a company in San Fransisco named Daily Shoes. Dont remember how I found their website but I'm glad I did because I like these heels.
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