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  1. I was wondering if you guys would catch on to the photo weirdness! I process my photos using photoshop elements. I was trying to merge two shots into one showing the front & the back to emphasize how frekin' tall they are. I use the panorama to do it automatically. It works great, but this time it seems to have gotten confused & instead of stitching them side-by-side as I was expecting it tried to merge them half-and-half. Done this dozens of times & its never given me results like this. I laffed when I saw it & thought some might find it funny too. Its the sheer tallness
  2. Another Amazon splurge purchase. Was looking for another pair of wedges as I only have 1 pair in my collection. These are way outside my normal scope of style, as I prefer the classic looks, but these kept coming up as recommended ever time I went to Amazon & I finally said what the heck. They are from some fly by night Chinese supplier, no name anywhere on the shoe or the box, will have to look at my purchase history if anyone is curious to know. They arrived pretty fast for overseas shipping. There was a strong chemical smell when I opened the box but it dissipated when i aired them out
  3. Spring is almost here. Time to break out my wedges as well!
  4. I generally agree, as I don't really have much by way of platforms in my collection, but these looked so classy on the models feet I could not resist, & took a chance on them. I am pleased with the look & will add them to my rotation...
  5. Got some new platforms last week on Amazon, one of those fly by night Chinesium companies with a weird name that they don't even bother to stamp on the shoe anywhere. These ones were unique enough that I was moved to buy them. They were a little tighter than I care to see in a shoe, but I figured the mesh uppers would stretch a bit as I wore them, & they did, much to my relief. Gotta expect that from Chinese shoes, as they did invent foot binding after all. Wore them after my visit to the nail salon to get my groceries at HEB. Got a few comps on them, as I expected, as they are somewhat f
  6. Had a LOL moment at that comment "gunna have to see the purse to make the call bro"
  7. I got in a wattage meter today & started testing the appliances I expect I would use during an outage. My space heater is the biggest power hog, at 1385 watts. My 3 little heat traces pull way less than that combined, so 2200 watts should be enough to keep me going if this happens again. During the summer I would use a portable AC unit. I will test it when I pull it out of the closet in a few weeks, but they dont pull near as much as a heater does, so I should be set for summer uses as well. I might even be able to run my little Lincoln mig welder with it, make it a portable welder.
  8. I suppose I could have mentioned I don't fill it completely to the top. After 15 years I have a good feel how much it takes to do both the front & back yards so it doesn't sit with much left in it between cuts...
  9. only on the 1st cut of the year, a pair of stilettos are quite effective at aerating a lawn...
  10. Same with me. I used to buy 5 gallons of racing fuel every year from a place that was on the way to my mothers house for my small engines. I dont go that way much anymore so I had to switch to trufuel, as its the only thing I can find that is close by. I refuse to run pump gas in anything other that my mower. It burns a full tank with each use, so it always has fresh gas in it.
  11. I got a Generac 2200i. I probably should have gotten something with a little more wattage but I simply do not have the room to store anything larger than the generac's footprint. These inverter type generators have gotten small enough now that i can store it out of the way. I got rid of all my 2-cycle engines & only run 4-cycles. I run them on trufuel. The exception is my lawnmower that i run on pump gas until the last couple of cuts of the season, when i run trufuel through it as well prepping it for storage. This system has worked well for me for 4 years so far...
  12. Heat tracing didn't work for me. I have three locations outside that I added tracing to under the insulation. It was useless once they cut off my power for 16 hours. Fortunately only one of those pipes froze enough to fail. I resisted for the longest time on buying a generator but i have ordered one that is large enough to run the 3 trace lines & 2 space heaters up in the attic. Hope i never have to use it but hurricane season is coming soon...
  13. The shut off valve was easy, i just removed it at the unions & jumped across it with a short piece of tubing until i can get a replacement valve. The one in the attic is one of those that takes 10 minutes to actually fix, but 5 hours of dismantle work just to get to it. I still have to put all that panel & framework back together again tomorrow. Shouldn't be too hard as I know how it all comes apart / goes together now. I was very fortunate in that 1) I just happened to have just the fittings I needed to fix the breaks as you can't find anything right now, & 2) the split in the att
  14. Spent all day fixing a burst water line in my attic. Did not find any other damage other than a broken shut off valve that was easy to fix. Unfortunately, I was not wearing heels while making the repairs...
  15. Not much to journal about lately. Mostly short outings to pick up groceries or restaurants for take aways. Mostly the same odd compliments on my heels or nails. One amusing moment a few weeks back while browsing through the produce section in my Jessica Simpson nude pumps, two teen ladies turned the corner & one of them fairly shouted "OH MY GOD!". Startled though I was, I think she was more embarrassed about her outburst. She sheepishly whispered "Those heels are so cute" as she walked by. I got quite a chuckle out of that. Last week I got a chance to wear my new white heels I got from Ma
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