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  1. Finally had a full slate of activities worth getting dressed for. Started with a 10 am nail appointment. Glad I waited till 10 as a thunderstorm made the early morning a wet one, but it kept the sun at bay for most of the day, so that was nice. Went with a robins egg blue with a silver accent nail. While I was there my 1 pm appointment called & asked if we could push it back to 2. That worked out great as I was able to get a hair cut & shop for groceries after my nails we done. Nails & hair went normally but wouldn't you know it, Wouldn't you know it, I get stopped while going into HEB by two employees that wanted to go on & on about my heels. Normally I just love to discuss my heels, but I was getting pressed for time, so unfortunately, I had to cut it short. Picked up my items & checked out with no issues, even stopped for a smoothie on the way out. Made it to my house & unpacked, then headed for my 2 o'clock & made it there with a few minutes to spare. This was a waxing bar, I got it in my head I wanted to try it as I don't like shaving my legs at all. I have to say, I had a "ripping" good time of it. My tech was a hoot & I enjoyed the conversation & stories. It wasn't near as bad as the YouTube videos made it out to be, & I'm enjoying the sensations of beat skin. I imagine I will continue to wax as I am told it gets easier the longer you do it. I may have my arms done next time. Today I wore my bling jeans from Sexy Couture & a lacey top by charter club I just got in from a Macy's sale. It looks good & I like how airy it is, works great in this heat. My black Jessica Simpson pumps rounded out the outfit. I also included my mask, as that is pretty much a standard part of my wardrobe these days. It feels really good to get back to some normal heeling...
  2. They are good quality heels. I just ordered another pair today, but specified 4" heels. As mentioned, the heel does scale with size, so the 5" heels I ordered in a size 44 actually have a 5 1/2" heel. That is usually well outside of my comfort zone, but these I was able to tolerate for my dental exam. I think it is because the leather is so supple. It did take awhile for the shoes to make it over the pond, but I am seldom in a hurry & can fill in the gap with my "modest" collection of shoes...
  3. Can confirm. They are just a tad bit too high for long term wear. I am getting another pair from them with a 4" heel, just can't decide what I want. They have a bewildering array of selections...
  4. A quick afternoon outing, but worth getting dressed up for as I had my annual dental exam. I wore a blue with white pin dots pantsuit from Long Tall Sally. Paired that with a white camisole top, a drooping necklace & rings from Claire's Boutique rounded out he outfit. My blue ItalianHeels pumps played nicely with this outfit, and I wanted to see if I could handle the tallness of the heels. Turned out to be acceptable for a few hours, but a full day would probably be pushing it...
  5. Posting 3 of my newest pairs, as I'm bored & have no reason to wear them out yet. 1st pair are some black strappy rhinestone sandals from OnlyMaker. Just a tad bit oversize but they are wearable & feel nice to walk in (no idea where I'm going to wear them, but I had to have them). 2nd pair I ordered from ItalianHeels.com. The leather is so soft, like butter. I love how dainty they look on my feet. Bit tall to walk in, but I will make it work. I am looking for my 2nd pair from them, just a tad bit shorter of a heel this time. Last pair (picture was blurry, thats not the way the heels look!) are some slight platform black pumps with a quilted pattern from BCBGeneration. Bought them from a lady on Poshmark. Was buying a nice looking pantsuit from her when I saw these in her other items for sale column. Bought them as well. I think they make for a striking look when paired with a pantsuit. Wore them out a couple of times & they feel great, gonna make them part of my regular rotation. Cant wait for things to open up completely so I can get some longer jaunts in...
  6. I can't remember how many cylinders the old one had. There is a gap between the end of the work bench in that shed we kept it the Evinrude mounted for storage. When I set the Merc in its place there was a noticeably larger gap all the way around the powerhead & wall / workbench. To be honest, I like this little 4 stroke more than I did the Evinrude, it's quieter, runs smoother, but I only have a few hours of run time on it. Check back with me in 40 years for a thorough comparison review...
  7. The Merc is single cylinder & only weighs around 55 pounds with fuel in the tank (it has a built in tank). Its just easier to move around than I remember the Evinrude to be, I know it has a smaller footprint because it fits where we stored the Rude with some room to spare. Those fuel pumps always cracked from the center bolt to the uppermost spout. I think it was from the heat built up in that storage shed we kept it in would turn them brittle every 10 years or so. It was a cheap & easy fix, we always carried a spare just in case, but thankfully they always failed when we were running it in a trash can...
  8. I agree, that Evinrude ran like a top for 40 years, only ever had issues with cracked fuel pumps, went through 4 of them. I did not like that they weighted a freaking ton, pert near threw out my back every time I tried to mount it. This Mercury is dandelion fluff in comparison!
  9. I get so many packages these days I bought one of those cages that you set out & the delivery person can put the package in it & close the padlock. It came with crappy locks but have my own, & locked it on the front porch with a plate that slips under the door threshold & my old bike lock. I had always been nervous about it but last month I got a package of 5 grand worth of gold & silver coins that were just left out for all the world to see. Fortunately I got an email that the package had been delivered & took off early from work, but I'm not gonna let that happen again...
  10. Theses last few years I have been public about my clothing choices, nails, ect., I have yet to have anyone ask if I'm gay. Closest I have come is one young lady asking me if I was transitioning, she seemed disappointed when I said no, just enjoying the outfits. That's me, in a nutshell I suppose. I wouldn't mind a little camaraderie now & then, but was quite disappointed with my google search for "cross-dresser meetup", the returns are NOT my intent at all....
  11. Oh boy, that is an understatement. I got two pcs 3/4" thk & 2' wide x 4' long. I was able to rework the transom such that I could cut one in half length wise & sister them together with epoxy. I plan on taking the other sheet back for a refund. I just need to figure out the best way to fill in the extra two holes I am left with in the aluminum hull. Think I will try brazing them shut, along with a small crack in the bow. This boat belonged to my dad, he bought it the same year I was born. Thanks to my brother, the '69 Evinrude Fisherman it came with is sitting somewhere on the bottom of the Brazos river. The hull has been propped against a utility barn on its side for the better part of a decade, partly buried in the mud. Decided to drag it out after my mother passed & get rid of it, but I was amazed to see it was still in great shape. No pitting or corrosion at all, even where it was buried. I have been told that boats in that era were made from leftover military grade aluminum stockpiled during the Korean war. A fine hull like this deserves to live again. I have a spanking new 6hp 4 stroke Mercury & a trailer I have already refurbished, so not much left to do to get it back on the lake. Need to find someone that can paint it for me...
  12. One errand & two stops today. Picked up some marine grade plywood I ordered from Lowes. Need to replace the transom on my old flat bottom boat. After that I stopped off for lunch at a Mexican joint for some slow roasted carnitas & onions & that tasty green sauce. Then grocery shopping. A small shop opened inside the HEB's, so I popped in after paying for my grocery's and ordered a smoothy for the road. Talked to the girl about my nails as she brrrred up some mangos. Other than that, nothing of interest occurred. I wore my nude rockstud clones from FSJ with some jeans. Its getting awful hot these days, I may just have to break out that denim skirt next week to beat this heat...
  13. I adore my Nine West pumps, as I wear them quite often, my outings thread will a test to that fact! They are my most broken in pair of heels & are my go to when I can't decide what to wear on an outing. I keep searching for them in a size 13, but they are as rare as rubies...
  14. Heh, that was my original intent, but my manicurist said everyone was doing that this week, & I'm far from being a conformist!
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