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  1. I have a couple of hers as well, although they are straight leg & I prefer skinny jeans with heels, I still wear them on occasion. I started out by wearing boot cut or bell bottom jeans as I felt more secure hiding my heels but as my comfort level grew I never wore them again. I was going to toss them out or make cutoffs out of them when I realized they would be great for doing yard work in. They have lots of stretch & the flare helps keeps the debris out of my shoes. I am going to buy more of them when these ones wear out.
  2. 5" is the limit for me. I have a handful of heels that tall, a couple, that are sandals I can walk in, but the others are too much for my left ankle. I am fine with that I suppose, as people in heels in my area are already a rare bird but anything over 4" is unheard of outside of a party type event, if even then. If its going to be a short outing I may wear them just to justify keeping them in my crowded closet, but mostly I keep to 4" or so. I stand out enough as it is anyway.
  3. I usually wear some type of leggings (usually sheer nude, but it depends on my outfit) with my closed toe shoes in the winter, but its just too hot in Texas in the summer to do that...
  4. Ill fitting heels were the bane of my existence in my younger years. I was just impossible to find anything in my size in those days. I can still remember the joy I felt when I put on those simple black pumps I got from Payless that finally fit! I often trolled through that store just admiring them when one day I saw a pair in 12W. This store never carried anything above 11's & my heart skipped a beat when I saw them. I wore those suckers down to a nub, although I wasn't out in public at that time. A good fit makes all the difference.
  5. Not much has been happening with me that is worth mentioning. Other than the odd compliment here & there not many people care to mention my heel wear. Kinda a bummer, as I have come to enjoy the interaction I was getting early on in my outings. I did have a fine time on a recent lake cruise. Its not often I have gotten to dance in public in heels. I wore my rock stud knockoffs in nude & gave them a good workout. There was a hen party going on & I got in plenty of dancing with the young ladies. Was a bit disappointed that none of them wore heels. I dont see many younger ladies wearing any type of heel around here come to think of it. I had a few days off from work due to illness, so I finally got my shoe collection sorted out. I caught myself ordering a pair that I already owned & had to cancel the order. Not the 1st time I've done that either. So I pulled everything out & categorized them, took a photo, & stacked them neatly in my closets. Turns out I have 84 pairs, with one more on the way, that one is going to be a swap out for a pair I already own. Its one of my favorite styles & the heel tap is worn down. Not going to repair them cause they never really fit & could blister me if I wore them too long.
  6. Can confirm. I also have several pairs of Onlymaker, with only one pair I consider unwearable. Have also had good luck with FSJ brand larger sizes as well, but shipping can take some time...
  7. I have not had any luck stretching modern shoes. I suspect the materials they use these days just doesn't respond well. Years & years ago I had a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt pumps that were a size too small. Back then heels in my size were not available so I had to make do. These GV heels were made of the most supple leather I have owned in a pair of shoes, & they responded nicely to stretching, to the point I could wear them for more that a few minutes at a time. I lost them when a water pipe leaked in the place I was hiding them & fungus ate them up before I noticed it. Also, Patent leather like the ones in your photo are probably going to be quite difficult to stretch.
  8. Well shuxs, guess I won't get to find out, as my service has been cancelled. Was actually looking forward to it as I don't have many events in the near future that would make for a good outing to get dressed up for...
  9. Best tool I have found for self polishing, a box of cotton swabs, in particular, the ones that come to a sharp point. They are made for polish work. One end for dipping into polish remover & the other end for cleanup. Works great for getting into the crevices on the sides of your nails...
  10. Just got a summons for jury duty at the end of the month. I wonder if it would cause an issue if I wore heels to the proceedings. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this subject matter?
  11. I never get a chance to wear heels during the week, but on the weekend I run all my errands in heels, about 4-6 hours total I would say.
  12. Jeez, If I was a restaurant owner I would ban anyone wearing shoes like that into my establishment. They look like they could do a world of damage to wooden chair legs like the one you are sitting in!
  13. Years ago before I went public with my heels I bought a pair of chinesium glossy knee high boots. I didn't particularly care for the style as I'm not into fetish stuff, but back then finding anything with a heel that fit was good enough to play with. They sat in the back of my closet for a good year in their box & they sorta melted together. That is when I discovered just how important all that tissue paper they wrap all shoes in really is! Seems the proper way to store shoes you don't wear that often is to take them out of the box & place them on a rack...any thoughts on this matter?
  14. Spent months following this board, gaining the courage to pursue this passion we share. Your stories inspired me so I thought I would share my excursions & maybe help the next guy overcome their fears. I also want to chronicle my worn heels so I don't wear the same ones too many times...got so freakin' many of em now it's hard to keep track! So, Halloween, wanted to duck the trick/treaters in my neighborhood, so stopped by chuy's Mexican restaurant for the evening after work. Wore my black patent pumps by Sam Edelman. Was a bit surprised how loud they were, but I find the sounds heels make to be appealing, so no biggie. Place was almost full. Was seated in the midst of everyone. Had a nice meal & sat back to watch TCU & enjoy some margaritas. The young ladies seated behind me asked if I wanted some candy, then complimented me on my nails. Spent about 2 hours tv/people watching then went home... That Saturday did my normal shopping for the week at Walmart. Wore my Charles Davis wedge heels (so comfy). Love this look with jeans. No encounters to speak of... This past Friday stopped by Cracker Barrel for dinner. Wore these nude peep toes from Torrid. Was somewhat crowded. Had one older gentleman seated at the next table with his family notice my heels. Just gave me a little smile & went back to eating. Finished my fried shimp & went up front to pay. Asked a group of girls to let me grab some peppermint sticks & one remarked "oh, he's wearing heels", was expecting some giggling, but they just went on their way like it was no big deal...
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