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  1. These are by Dominique Nicole style "Samantha", bought online from Shoe Shoe Mega for $14. I bought some Hot Tomato brand shoes from them as well & am pleased so far. My sister probably knows about my shoe fetish due to some incidents from our childhood but she nor I have never brought it up so ignorance is bliss, so to speak. I dont think she would care but I want to wait until the situation with my mom resolves itself before any big reveal takes place. Any of you guys have experience informing close family members of your choice in shoes / clothing? I kinda felt cheated cutting yesterdays outing short so I finished my chores early & went out for an early supper & to catch a football game at Outback Steakhouse. Afterward I went to the AMC theater. Was a little early so I had an overpriced margarita in the bar area, then watched "Dark Waters". No reactions to speak of, people are defiantly noticing, I can see their eyes, just seems that no one really gives a flip that some guy is wearing heels in public. I was happy to see a young black lady wearing a lovely pair of heels for her night out. Heel sightings have been rare for a while now. Seems most women want to look like they are on their way to a workout at the gym. Seems like women are just not into heels anymore... Wore a pair of Sam Edelman patent nude pumps, the same style as my black patent pumps I wore in an earlier post. I like this brand.
  2. I normally dont bother with my toes as I prefer pumps & closed toe shoes, but I have taken a shine to several really cute strappy heels latley & my nails were not in the best of shape, so I painted them. Been doing my finger nails for years so its a natural progression I suppose. Anyhoo today started with a trip to the car wash followed by Walmart for my weekly groceries. Had planned on catching a movie as well but my sister called & needed some papers mailed to her regarding my mom, so I had to cut my outing short for today. Another nice day weather wise so I chose to wear a strappy number I haven't worn yet by Dominique Nicole. I love the look of these heels but the strap across my toes was a bit rough on me. Need to break them in before I wear them for longer stretches...
  3. Got off work today at noon, swapped shoes in the parking lot and stopped off at a Cheddars restaurant for lunch. This is the one place I can get a comfort style meal since the local Black Eyed Pea shut down. Filled up on meatloaf & mashed potatoes to the point I needed a 3 hour nap when I got home. Afterwards I stopped by a car dealership to buy a part for my car. Though about an afternoon movie but missed the start time, so maybe tomorrow. I wore a new pair of heels, another house brand of Macy's, "Thalia Sodi" Chelsie Platform Dress Pumps. I found these after getting a notification that a pair of INC brand pumps I had set a watch on was back in stock. The Chelsie pump showed up as a recommendation & I loved how cute they looked, plus they were on sale. A fantastic fit assures these will get added to my regular rotation (I could go on a long winded rant here about how crappy modern shoe buckles have become, (i am not gumby dammit!) but these ones were easy to fasten). I have been pleased with all my purchases from Macys, I just wished I had join their patron club & might have saved even more money. Sadly, the lighting of my closet & the richness of my red wood flooring washed out just how vivid the black velvet really is in this photo. I will try to add a link to these shoes, as there is a short video there that shows off the color & charm dangle much better. https://www.macys.com/shop/product/thalia-sodi-chelsie-platform-dress-pumps-created-for-macys?ID=5365556&CategoryID=71123&isDlp=true
  4. chesterx

    Cali World

    I need to talk to that girl cause my pair of Jessica Simpson pumps also ran small!
  5. Decided to go back and catch that movie I missed yesterday (otherwise known as looking for an excuse to wear heels out...). "21 Bridges" was a descent movie, then stopped off for some wings & a football game at wingstop. Wore my black platform heels by Hot Tomato. They feel so much different from my other pumps, the stiffness of them took some getting used to, but I like the look...so much for the holiday week, now back to work...
  6. Today started with a trip to Sports Clips for a haircut. After that I went to the car wash to remove the holiday grime, then stopped off for some Mexican food. Thought about catching a movie as the theater was across the parking lot, but the only show I cared to see had already started, so I went to Walmart & got my shopping for next week done. As it was a nice day out I took the opportunity to wear my Chelsea Moreland nude sandals. No interactions to speak of...
  7. I just got these jeans the other day along with a pair of black leather leggings but didnt realize the leggins dont have any pockets on them, so I'm not sure I can wear them out. The jeans have a larger embroidery on the thigh. When I started wearing heels in public I bought jeans with a bootcut to hide them, but since I want to show them now I only had the one pair of straight leg jeans & was getting tired of wearing them constantly & wanted something different. I didn't notice that, but, yes, I went and checked a pair of Nine West pumps & sure enough they were advertised as 4" but these 13's are at 4 1/2". My cheaper brands don't do that. Update on my Mom, she stabilized enough after the antibiotic treatments that they moved her to hospice care. She still can't walk & finds it difficult to eat, but she is out of immediate danger, & I get to spend one more Thanksgiving with her...
  8. Yes they are in a size 12W. I have never been "fitted", so I dont know my official size, but I seem to fall between 12/13, which is why I can fit into a 12W, although I have a couple of shoes that are a bit tight, but this brand fits well in 12W. Today started off with getting my car inspected. I knew the guy that owned the station so I wore sneakers, then switched to my latest Nordstrom Rack find, a pair of Calvin Klein stilettos. I was a bit shocked when I measured the heel to be 4 1/2" as they didn't seem that tall in store. Cant beat nappa leather though, as it molded itself to my foot, a fantastic fit for a heel this high. Next stop was an afternoon showing of "Midway" at a new AMC theater that opened near me. Walked by several people along the sidewalk & in the lobby with some notices, but no issues at all. Afterwards I stopped for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Again, no issues at all. Was treated like anyone else by the staff. So there I was eating dinner in a crowded restaurant, wearing 4 1/2" pumps, when it dawned on me, I had achieved what I had wanted for so long. To wear beautiful shoes in public like it was no big thing, without the fear & anxiety I used to have when I started months ago. Not sure what is next in this adventure, but I'm sure I will be wearing heels when I do it!
  9. I "think" I am a 12W/13M as I have shoes in both sizes that fit, and the INC brand fit well. I have 4 pairs to prove it. Keep watching Macy's website as they put these shoes on sale quite often, I don't think I paid full price for any of the pumps I bought. Just a quick outing as my internet was out, so spent a couple of hours at a strip mall wandering the stores then getting some Asian food. No interactions as there were not many folks out. Wore my blue stilettos from Hot Tomato, these are comfortable to me for some reason, even though they are taller than I normally wear. I get an uneasy feeling walking in them as if the thin heel is going to snap on me, but they held up, at least for this trip...
  10. Nope, other than more head turning than usual, was pretty much a normal experience. I kinda like colorful heels, got a pair of blue stilettos I'm thinking of wearing to dinner tomorrow...
  11. Made a few stops today. Had to get a replacement handle for my toilet, so Lowes was my 1st stop, browsed around for half an hour, the went to Best Buy to pick up a PS4. Then some wandering around Macys. Finished up at Nordstrom Rack where I picked up a pair of nude Sam Edelman pumps. My heels today were a pair of red pumps by INC, which is the house brand of Macys. I like these pumps as they are quite comfortable to walk in, I have a few pairs in different colors. No subtlety in these heels as I got noticed several times. Had a mother & her young daughter walk by me as I was watching a display video & I noticed the mom walking past say something to the girl & her head spun around towards me. I turned towards them & the mom was jerking on her arm in a "don't stare!..don't stare!" kinda way while the girl just stared back & smiled at me the whole time. I got a kick out of that. Red heels are not for the faint of heart!
  12. Agreed, I usually carry a pair of sneakers as a backup in my car, just in case, so i bring socks as well. I knew my office was going to be on the cold side, so I just wore them this time to keep my feet warm (notice I removed them for the pumps, if you catch me wearing socks with pumps, you have my permission to shoot me...). No one can see them, so I didn't care about the clash. They go great with my pink sketchers though, and I have worn those to the office often. These style of pumps are a good 1st timer heel for those wanting to try heeling in public. Resemble wingtips at a glance, and are not too noisy when walking on hard surfaces. They are surprisingly comfortable too. A somewhat quick outing today, went through the car wash, Walmart shopping, & stopped for some sushi & pho carry out. Wore these black sandals "A New Day" from Target. Only interesting thing was a lady behind me at the Walmart checkout snapped a pic of my heels (I knew I should have painted my nails before wearing sandals!). I consider it doing my part to raise awareness ....
  13. Today was a milestone of sorts. The office was going to be shorthanded as several people were taking today as a vacation, so I decided to wear my most conservative pair of heels to work. A pair of brown oxford style pumps I got from Payless (also one of my best fitting shoes). I hedged my bet somewhat by wearing bootcut jeans that partially covered my heels. No incidents to speak of over 8 hours, so that's a win. Stopped off to celebrate with a nice dinner, but not before changing into these Jessica Simpson stilettos. Plan to do some more shoe shopping over the holiday week...later..
  14. Heck, I forgot about all those outlet stores. Don't get up around Conroe much these days. Thanks for the heads up, always open to new shopping opportunities.
  15. Actually in the Spring area north of Houston. Thank you for your kind words! Thank you! The Pneumonia is mostly under control but they discovered the 2nd infection they were hunting is one of those damn super bacteria. They have her on the strongest anti-biotic possible. Its in her intestines & she had it before getting hospitalized, so in a bizarre way the Pneumonia probably saved her life, cause the bacteria would have killed her within days. We had to put on scrubs & gloves to be with her & washed with some nasty soap afterwards. After tonight's visit I plan on returning this weekend, now that she is somewhat stable. I brought some Jessica Simpson heels I want to try to break in with me thinking I might stop on the way home to eat but was too weary, so maybe later...gonna keep some heels in my car to take advantage of any opportunity that may arise...
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