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  1. I am wearing the size 13's, they are 4 1/4" tall when I measured them.
  2. Got in a little bit of shopping today as I needed some prescriptions refilled. Didn't spend too much time wondering around though, so as to limit my exposure level. Then stopped by a sandwich shop for lunch to go. Way too short of a time to truly enjoy my heels, but we all have to make sacrifices these days. At least I got to try my newest heels out in the wild. They are a pair of rockstud clones, this time by Torta Caliente. I have taken a shine to this style as I find it to be classy with out being ostentatious, and I got them for 25$. I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable they were, I could have worn these all day with ease. This is the softest synthetic leather I have run across. I don't know how long they will hold together, but I intend to find out, as I am adding them to my regular rotation.
  3. It looks like some of the younger folks are starting to die from this thing. Maybe this reality check will convince them to take social distancing seriously. I have been going out for lunch everyday just to get a chance to wear heels for a bit. Of course it's all take out only, but it's better than nothing.
  4. Seems to me people today are just lazy. Virtue signaling is the laziest form of social warrioring. Catch phrases make virtue signaling even lazier...
  5. Man what a sad situation we are in. Went out to buy groceries & 2 hrs later my weekend outings are over. At least the panic buying has calmed down. It is rainy to boot, so I wore my nude mid heel pumps by INC out of caution. Saw one other young lady wearing some black pumps a little taller than my own. Turns out from the name tag she was wearing that she is a bank employee. Everyone else was wearing horrid gym kits. I still remember when folks would make an effort to dress nicely when going out in public. What can you do other than set a good example....
  6. I pull on a pair of Nine West pumps a couple of times a day for a few minutes. They are my highest heel, I'm just using them to keep my ankles trained till this blows over. Otherwise, flip-flops...
  7. Baffles me how that came to be, as shoes or clothes don't mean you gay, having sex with another man is what means you are gay...
  8. chesterx

    Cali World

    We have been instructed to take our laptops home every night. It has actually been a rule for some time, but no one ever bothered with it as we don't have docking stations. Its a hassle to climb under the desk to plug / unplug it in every day, plus resetting the monitors. They have threatened us with a loss of vacation days if we are without our laptop & the office is closed...
  9. Had an awful morning to start the day. Was almost to the office when I heard a hideous bang from the rear of my vehicle followed by a continuous thumping noise when moving. It appears something in the axle assembly gave out. I called AAA from the nearest parking lot I could find, & got towed to my mechanics shop after a couple of hours. I have spent far too much money over the last few months, & now it looks like the economy is tanking, so another large expense is all I need right now. After securing a rental car I returned home just short of noon. Not wanting to waste a half-day, I got in a couple outings I was planning for Saturday. I wore my new rockstud clones from FSJ for the afternoon excursions. 1st stop was at my nail salon for an overdue fill. Then a stop by a new hair salon that I had a coupon for, so it was worth checking them out. Nothing out of the norm happened at either location. Final stop was my local food jobber for the next weeks' supplies. It was amazing to see the Wuhan virus frenzy in full effect, as most items were wiped off the shelf, good luck getting bottled water! That made no sense to me, I can't see them shutting off the local water supply for an illness, a hurricane, yes, but then again, I have very little experience with mass hysteria on this magnitude. Again, very little outside of the norm when it came to my heels in public, with 1 notable exception. As I was contemplating the myriad offerings of the corn chip aisle, a young lady came up to me and said she loved the heels and was looking for a pair like them. I told her where I bought them, then she pulled up the website on her phone. After seeing the huge selection to flip through, she asked if she could take a picture & search for them later. I agreed, then we chatted a bit about how crazy the virus scare has become, then went our separate ways. It was a fun way to end a depressing start to the day.
  10. chesterx


    I wore my only pair of FSJ heels out in public for the 1st time today, a pair of rockstud clones. They held up fine other than an odd squeak I was getting from the heel tips. I imagine that will go away as I break them in. Two things I didn't like was that it took over a month to receive them, but they were custom made & shipped from China so I am not shocked. The other was a strong chemical smell that went away after a few days, I ran them though with a shoe stretcher anyway to start the break in process, so no big deal either. Also my idea of what leather is differs just a bit from what they consider leather, but overall I am satisfied, but not sure I would bother with another pair from FSJ unless it was unique. I am now waiting on a pair of pumps from Only Maker, I have seen good reviews on their shoes so I have high hopes.
  11. 1st weekend in recent memory when I didn't get a chance to wear heels & the worlds economy goes spinning off the tracks. Cause & effect? No since taking chances, so I hereby pledge to wear heels in public at least once per week! Its for the common good...
  12. chesterx

    Cali World

    How fun it is!
  13. Agreed, I can't wait for the weather to warm up enought to wear my wedges. They just look so good when paired with blue jeans...
  14. Heh, I was scheduled for a Saturday appointment for a fill. Have to wait and see how it heals. Don't want any acetone getting in there! I was cutting open a box with a utility knife. It was an old & beat up knife I just should have thrown out long ago. It jammed up when I tried to retract it & I tried to force it. I failed. It cost me a trip to the emergency room & 7 stitches, but the nurses did compliment me on my nails!
  15. This is my absolute dream scenario. Only way it could be better is if I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I love those dresses. Anyway, lucky bastard...
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