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  1. Thanks for the replies, I enjoyed the responses. I'm not planning anymore outings for the near future. As you may know, my mom has been in poor health the last few months & she was finally called home Tuesday morning. She passed peacefully in her sleep with me & my sister by her side...
  2. Had a nice outing today. Wore my black Calvin Klein pumps & started by stopping by The Shipping Store to return a DSL modem that I didn't need anymore. Store help was pleasant, got some interested looks from some older gents that were sitting outside of a cafe next door that I got a kick out of. Next stop was the dry cleaners to drop off my formal suit for a freshening up. The lady glanced at my heels but paid no further notice, & was pleasant as she spoke to me. Got a nice wave from a lady pulling into the drop off window on my way out. Next was a afternoon showing of "1917" that I enjoyed. The girl behind the counter asked me where I got my nails done when I bough a drink. She gave me a big smile when I showed her my heels. Got the usual curious glances as I was coming & going from the theater. Next was a stop at my mechanics shop to schedule a repair I need to have done on my vehicle. They did not notice my heels as they were behind a tall counter. Last stop was for an early dinner of grilled trout & sauteed spinach. The greeter said she liked my heels. She later stopped by my table for a brief chat. She said she admired how I could walk in high heels & how she has trouble with them. I remarked it was from practice. As I was walking out of the restaurant another greeter said she loved my heels. I thanked her, then drove back home. Thinking about it, I want to have a talk with lady about heels the next time a woman compliments my heels. Seems it's always "I cant walk in them like you can". I think it is because women love how heels look, but not how they feel to wear them. Where I think, like most of us here, we actually like the idea of wearing heels just as much as we like the look of heels. I think that extra motivation makes a difference. If a woman has to run a few quick errands she most likely would choose flats or sneakers, whereas I see it as another opportunity to wear heels. Thus I choose to wear heels when most women don't. At least that is my theory...
  3. Please do! I love heels but I'm not fashion "aware" as to what outfits to pair with them. I've already gained some direction from your post.
  4. Do you know the Nine West model name of your booties?
  5. Made 3 stops after work in my Jessica Simpson pumps as I continue to break them in properly. 1st to the Ford dealership to pick up parts for my car. I am getting some work done soon & I hope to save some money by buying the parts myself. There were 8 men in the room with me, no women. 2nd stop was another parts store, again full of nothing but men. I didn't have a single issue at either location. Stopped for some Tex-Mex & got a compliment from the server. Then back home. About 4 hours total. Getting used to this now.
  6. I love the look of those Jessica Simpson pumps with the white pants! I have the same pair of pumps & may have to "borrow" this look. Would white pants be appropriate for winter wear or wait till spring?
  7. Personally I don't even think about it anymore. I never cared to put in the effort some cross dressers do, what with the wigs, makeup, padding, etc. I just love the look of feminine shoes. It got to the point I wanted to wear them in public. I took the plunge. I have started to wear other feminine attire, such as tops, but I'm doing so simply because I like how they look. I have no intentions of trying to pass as a woman. I may even try a skirt. Labels don't bother me as much when it comes to finally doing the things I've always wanted to do. The results have been very pleasant so far...
  8. Got tired of sitting around the house today so went out for a quick jaunt to see if there was any trouble I could get into. Stopped by Discount Shoe Warehouse but came up empty. Nordstrom Rack had a lovely pair of strappy sandals with a block heels in blush pink, Hahallie-lea by Halogen. Then ended with some fried seafood & margaritas at Pappadeaux 's. Wore my black velvet platform pumps by Hot Tomato. Was a fun evening. Hey Y'all, Happy New Years! Got kinda dressed up for a quick evening out. Wore a pair of sparkly silver pumps from Hot Tomato, just got them in today, along with my Gloria Vanderbilt print jeans, & my Nine West Sparkly top. Started at Outback Steakhouse, where I got 2 compliments on my top before I even sat down! Enjoyed a prime steak & parmesian fries along with a mojito or two. Finished with a warm cookie & ice cream dessert. Then I went to the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Texas vs Utah game. Again got compliments as I walked in. Sat at the bar enjoying a margarita & the game when some guy comes up up & says "You're rocking that outfit!". I thanked him but it was kinda weird for me as I don't get much interaction with men, it is pretty much women across the board. 1st time for everything I guess. Had one more margarita then left for home as I was getting quite tipsy & the cops were out in force. Overall an enjoyable night out. Here is a pic of the top I was wearing along with the heels. I cant get a descent selfie in the mirror so its the online sales version...
  9. No problem for me. I enjoy interesting conversations such as this one.
  10. That looks handy to have, so I placed an order for one. Thanks!
  11. Had a quick outing today. Went to Kohl's as they were having a sale on Gloria Vanderbilt jeans & I wanted to pick up a couple pairs to brighten up my jeans selection with some different colors. I also walked by a sparkly top I had to have, just in case I find some place to go for New Years Eve. Stopped off on the way home at Wings & More for dinner & some football, then back home. I chose to wear my Jessica Simpson O'dorsey pumps that I wore earlier. They were too tight when I wore them then, but I really like how they look so I tried them on again & this time they were a lot more comfortable. I had them on about 3-4 hours & could have gone longer, so I am happy about that. I'm goint to make them part of my regular rotation. Hoping to fit in more heel opportunities between visits with my mother.
  12. Thanks, I was just in an off mood due to my mom's health issues. I'm still stressed a bit I guess, but nothing to do about it except keep my chin up and keep moving forward. I'm leaving to see her again as soon as I hear what hospital they moved her to....
  13. Spent most of my time with my mother as she is back in the hospital, but got in a few hours of heeling today. Wore my shorter black heels by 14th & Union. Got my nails done as I don't think I'm going to have the time looking forward. A quick stop at Walmart to return some items & then a stop for some pad thai. I happened to run into the 1st person to ever compliment my heels at the Walmart. I chatted with her for a bit & found out where she works. I intend to stop by and chat with her on a more regular basis. I have not been able to plan anything for New Years as I dont know where I will be, so those sassy red sandals I was wanting to wear will just have to wait for another occasion I suppose...
  14. Today I was in a good mood for heeling. The 1st stop was to a shoe store in the local mall to see if they had a pair i saw online in stock. Didnt so I had to order them online. In fact they had sold out all their large size shoes. After I stopped at Macaroni Grill for early supper. I had the Lamb Braciole & man it was fantastic. Lamb wrapped in prosciutto, pan seared till crispy, then baked till tender inside. I left not a bit on that plate, let me tell you. Last I went to see the latest Star Wars flick. I enjoyed it. Was a bit fast paced in that I didn't quite understand all the relationships between the main characters, but I'm not much of a fan boy, just interested in the movie itself. I wore a pair of heels I was saving for a special occasion but I don't have anything planned as yet, & I thought it prudent to test how they felt before committing to a long evening in them as strappy heels can be a real bear sometimes, comfort wise, they turned out to be very comfortable to wear & walk in. They are by Bellini and have a 4" heel, although they didn't feel that high to me. I love the look of these, although I don't know of many places I can wear them as they are so dressy. The theater has these blue leds lighting the aisle & they lit up the sparkles on the straps so beautifully. I was planning to wear a different pair but when I tried to walk in them they were smashing my toes pretty good, no way I was going to last an evening in them, so chose the Bellini pair instead. Funny those heels seemed to fit when I tried them earlier in the year. Guess I will see if I can stretch them. Overall it was a standard outing as I usually have, with one memorable exception. As I was leaving the mall a pretty young lady was ahead of me with her boyfriend. She was wearing a super cute outfit. A black shinny A-line mini skirt, an off the shoulder red sweater top with long sleeves, & a pair of black round toed velvet platform pumps, similar to the pair I wore earlier in this thread, but with a block heel & a thin ankle strap. They were parked in the same row as I was so I stayed behind them to admire the sight. One thing I enjoy almost as much as wearing heels is watching others wear heels. We got a ways down the row when she stopped while her BF kept walking. When I reached her I stopped & said "He's not leaving you is he?" She said "No, he is bringing the car". I said "Hurting that much?", & she replied with a smile "Yeah". I paused a second then said "Mine feel fine..." She stared at me for a bit till I motioned toward my feet. She looked down & her eyes widened "OMG! Those are so cute! Let me see!" I pulled up the cuff & showed them off for her. She was so excited about my heels. We talked about the heels we owned for a couple minutes till a car came up looking for a spot. I wished her a merry Christmas and left for the restaurant. That was wonderful. She had a fun memory she can share with her friends & I made a lovely memory as well. I used to fantasize about talking to women about heels so this was a chance to live that, at least for a moment. I hope to have more of those types of interactions in the new year. Merry Christmas Y'all!
  15. Yeah, I'm making too much out of it I suppose. Certainly did not middle finger the guy. Imagine Adam Saddler giving a sarcastic thumbs up to an annoying person, that was the jist of it. I try to remember when I'm out heeling that I'm the one being provocative. People are going to look. I try to base my attitude on that, & try to cut the public a pass on their behavior. I'm supposed to be having fun after all. I had to convince myself to even go out today. As I said above, I should have stayed home. Dont go out in public with a chip on your shoulder, would be good advise. Tomorrow I'm going to pick out my cutest heels & cut loose with a movie & dinner...
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