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  1. Just to up date. Started a dispute with visa over a month ago. Got a letter this week back from visa and they are looking into my claim. Was able to send an Email to wish but since Im now out of time to claim from them I cant see Wish doing anything.
  2. Ideal pair to wear to a wedding as the bride.
  3. I have online tracking to say its been delivered but it has not. I still not recieved them.
  4. Bought a pair of high heels from the website over a month ago. I still not recieved them. The tracking says they were delivered on the 17th April. I was working that day. This is the problem I always going to be at work when my parcels get delivered. I live in a flat with 3 neighbours. I know that 1 neighbour was away that day and the parcel was not left with either of the 2 neighbours. I think the courer did the tracking but didnt leave the parcel. I have tried to contact Wish but just seem to wasting my time in doing so. There is no option in contacting the seller or the courer. Not sur
  5. You can buy full price and not join the club. Otherwise buy at a discount and you be billed each month. Best way is buy via Ebay.
  6. I don't think there been heel meets there for sometime now.
  7. Give me some notice and I be happy to met up with you.
  8. Hello Pete. I also live in Hampshire. More then happy to meet up with you,
  9. There was a time where I would be willing to travel to meet up with other heel wearers but I don't do that any more. I found that no one wanted to come down near me so I do my own thing now.
  10. Is there a reason why you posted these on here?
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