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  1. Is there a reason why you posted these on here?
  2. Another pair that I bought the other week.
  3. I,m in a awkward postion when it comes to buying high heels. I,m between a size 9 and 10uk. Most shops in the uk only go up to 9uk and that if you can find a size 9 in ahops these days. I buy most of my heels on Ebay or New Look online now. With New Look I can return any heels that don't fit without a problem. I just drop them of at the local New look store. I buy a size 9uk from New look online. Some fit fine other are on the small size. I would buy in a wide fitting if i could just to see if I could find a better fit. I just never find any in a style I like. Both pairs that I have just posted are a size 10uk. The first pair are made for a man's foot so a size 9 should fit me fine in theory . Wasn't sure what size to buy so I stayed safe and bought them in a 10uk. Both pairs seem to fit well and are comfortable. They don't feel loose on me.
  4. Put it another I don;t I wear my heels out. Haven;t worn heels out for a very long time and yes I did wear jeans out then. As I only wear heels at home I wear a skirt with them.
  5. I never were jeans with heels. I bought 4 pairs last week. This is the second pair.
  6. Been loads of heels in the last few weeks. This pair is from Noo Shoes. 7" heel with a 2" platform
  7. This pair are from Next This pair from Just Fab Last pair from Pleaser. Very tight fitting so will sell on later.
  8. Bought a few other pairs in the past. Just havent got around to posting photos on here. I find this pair easer to walk in then those platforms I posted before.
  9. Bought these two pairs about a month or so ago.
  10. Any of the Pleaser- Sexy styles look good
  11. All three pairs have been sold.
  12. First pair from New look size 9uk 2nd pair from The highest heel collection. Size 12us 3rd pair from Queen of the Catwalk. Size 9uk Pm me for more details. At the moment listed on Ebay uk.
  13. I can.t say I,m a fan of these hidden heels. Just look so ugly.
  14. I like the last pair of heels you have listed but I,m a size 9.
  15. Bought this pair couple of weeks ago. I took loads of photo as i always do and pick best 1 to show here. I find there's no need to show loads of photos of the same shoe. From New look.