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  1. What?? Would have been crazy to pass on that deal!!!
  2. Nice looking wedges @brewfan49- classic and tasteful - exciting but still sooo comfortable!
  3. Yeah, seems like it was a non issue, no doubt due to your attitude
  4. I too miss your stories and snaps!
  5. Nicely done! Yes, i know what you mean, about the bling's texture on you, and the sound as well. Very pleasing.
  6. I hear ya, A nice dream still... sounds like its something you would like to do ... ooh - do tell!
  7. Not 100 percent sure, but I think she likes your legs
  8. Quite the heel on those, @mlroseplant - nicely done!
  9. Hi all. So, a very interesting thing just happenned! My wife and I found this strip of outlet shops about an hour away from us, a week ago when we took our son to a school event. Various clothing shops, and - a shoe shop. We landed up spending an hour+ there browsing. they had a HUGE range, mainly of kids shoes, but also men and women (mostly flat - blah!)- quite well priced, but not crazy-cheap. But there was a section at the back with various heels, and interestingly, sizes that might just fit my wife and I - possibly! I couldn't convince my wife to get herself a pair, and she j
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