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  1. Personally, I agree, but each to his own
  2. These sandals are very cute but I really love that denim mini - really nice!
  3. What about what about ?
  4. I love the outfit - the wedge heels go so well with those little shorts - especially with your smooth slender legs in-between Loved the story too!
  5. I agree with @Cali - now that its out there, and no one is objecting (and to have the minister's wife happy with it is a big thing!) - you might as well push forwards and enjoy it!
  6. Quite funny, but I guess they have your best interests in mind, and I think its great that your employer is willing to do what it takes to keep you all safe.
  7. Wow - I absolutely adore this look - I wear similar occasionally. just stunning!
  8. The pinks pumps look great, @Sydheel - you have a lovely arch. What heels did you wear into the shop?
  9. Looks great with the jeans skirt!! And that looks like a wonderful yard!
  10. These are stunning - love them!!
  11. Cute story, @maninpumps
  12. These are stunning
  13. What a stunning & Sexy pair - enjoy them!
  14. Stunning, @blueparrot - I like the last pair most - its a great color!
  15. Good job, @mlroseplant Now lets see them on also - what shoes are you wearing in this photo?