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  1. yeah, I also wasn't sure what this meant
  2. @Bootslover29 - you rock those heels with that denim skirt! @six5luvheels - a great read - sounds like a successful outing!
  3. A great looking pair, @stiletto15 Would love to see more of the heel itself.
  4. Sounds good. Would love to see the styles
  5. Looking good @WenHH- I like the black ones more!
  6. Girly indeed - especially with all that lace!
  7. Hope you enjoyed the outing! re the limit - I think its the limit of the upload image to the forum. you'll need to reduce the size/weight (on your phone) before uploading.
  8. Very nice, quite formal looking. a good summery boot!
  9. Thanks! Indeed very comfy and easy to wear. Also pretty quiet when walking around a house full of sleeping children! Another thing I like about this pair is the heel. Not really visible here, but unlike most wedges that have a wide and chunky heel, these are very slender, closer to the thin shape of a stiletto, which makes them a little more stylish.
  10. Thank you, @HappyinHeels. I hope we're getting there. As you say - open communication is the best way of improving one's marriage (and relationships in general) - even though it may sometimes bring tension, but in meaningful relationships as marriage, one should try always be open rather than swallow and keep things inside. Like you, I really agree that these are unions worth fighting for, as I think we are 'wired' to be with spouses, and ones close to us who love care and support us. Thanks for the ever-true outlook for life! As for me, tonight I'm doing so work from home, wearing my pointed to wedge boots, and enjoying them immensely!
  11. jeremy1986

    Cali World

    Looking good @Cali BTW, why would fill zipper boots be significantly more than others? That just sounds odd...
  12. Agreed - denim/jeans skirt is a very nice and casual look - and its pretty much always in fashion too, in some form or other.
  13. Lovely heels @Bootslover29, am sure they feel great with the hose
  14. Hi Patrick - welcome, again. Great reading about your background, I look forward reading your entries here. I too, live in quite a conservative community, though I don't hate it like you sound like you hate yours But yes - certainly very limiting. Once again - great that you have the backing of your GF! Definitely make use of that! Both the heels and boots (yours or hers?) look amazing, love the classic look too. Cheers! Jeremy
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