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  1. Really nice. especially with the skinny jeans They look great. Platforms can be super cool!
  2. Love these wedges. Certainly fashionable style right now, and am sure they are super comfy. Enjoy!!
  3. Looking forward to seeing both your purchases.... Wedges and boots!
  4. Looking good! Hope all's well
  5. Thanks mate. For looking at my older shots too! Yes, this is a wonderful pair... Very comfy indeed
  6. Why do you say they would cause trouble?
  7. Nice going @Kjones92 Those boots look really nice. Would love to see the other pairs you have too!
  8. Wow love these wedges. Would love to see some more pics of them. Sounds like you have a great home work setup
  9. Love these tall wedge boots too Such a pity! Don't worry though, and sure there will be other :-)
  10. That must be quite comfy, as they seem to have a formidable platform.
  11. Those are nice @Cali! What would the rest of the outfit consist of?
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