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  1. Welcome back @hiddenheels and well done in starting to open up more about it. Sounds like you and your wife are working hard at things and it must be positive, if this space your wife is willing to give you is coming out now. So interesting that she is ok with it outside but not at home. Usually it's the opposite. I share many of the characteristics you mentioned, such as the shame (and wedge boots!). Living in a conservative and even religious community makes it harder too. Great to have you participate here... Looking forward to more.
  2. Both your boots look amazing, guys - Enjoy!
  3. Those looks very unique, @mlroseplant. I like the tan color and the buckles & straps. And even though not exactly "cheap" - what a win price-wise too. happy heeling!
  4. Thought I would paste my recent post here about wedges … also, more on wedges. Our very own Duchess!!
  5. Sounds like it was a fun activity @Mr. X!
  6. This thread has been a little quiet... thought I would paste my recent post here about wedges …
  7. Watched "Murder Mystery" with the wife last night on Netflix. A cute and funny flick - certainly recommended for a light hearted funny movie. The additional element that was interesting in it, was the pair of wedges that Aniston wore pretty much through out the movie. A classic looking wedge (maybe 4") with a small platform, and an ankle tie strap. They looked really nice, and she (or her double...) seemed able to run in them etc. You can see them a few times in the trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YEVQDr2f3Q - the trailer also shows a black pair, but I didn't see them in the movie) and there are a number of articles I just found discussing the "discount" wedge look, based on the movie. Just not sure why they are referring to the wedge trend as "controversial"??? There is a part in the movie where they are walking on the ledge of a building and there is a great view of the heels for a couple of seconds. Recommended viewing for all wedge lovers out there
  8. Some great looking boots. Love the last picture
  9. Last one is good enough to see They look great!
  10. Well done So which boots were you wearing?
  11. Some nice styles, for men. I wonder if they are any different to the woman's versions, or rather exactly the same?
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