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  1. Ditto what the others are saying. I enjoy your contributions here, but certainly understand the need to disconnect once on a while...
  2. Welcome buddy. You "only" have 12 pair, but sounds like you are swimming in brand names!
  3. Quite the boots - really quite marvelous. Hopefully you helped her zip them up, doesnt look like there was much give. wow. lets see 'em in action! This pair looks great. Must be a nice comfy and solid wear.
  4. Welcome. The ladies heels section is a little more quiet than the men's (admin requires a separation... much like the clothes stores have men shoes and ladies shoes ) but hopefully you will enjoy your stay!
  5. Well done on coming out. Hope it works out well. That's a cute initial response. How did it continue and what were the other responses?
  6. These will look great, pretty much anything 🙂
  7. Nicely done! But if there aint a picture, it didnt happen... LOL, Just kidding ;-)
  8. Well at least it was an easy fix
  9. Looks great to me. I have that issue sometimes with the jeans. I supposed skinnier jeans or leggings would be better. I have also seen girls tuck their jeans into their socks, maybe that's a quick and easy solution? Anyway, the boots look suits you!
  10. Agreed. I also have a pair of black flat OTK suede boots, just a few inches over the knee. They are very "normal" looking.
  11. Yup. I think it was very much an 80's style. Likewise 😊 @HeelsWearer
  12. Same here. Always looked a little too "prostitutish" to me... (No offense...), Or cheap looking, especially with the patent look. But then I saw this beautiful stiletto style boot, black suede. Very classic looking, and they really looked good And on special. So, I took the leap
  13. Thanks. Hope to get some snaps soon
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