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  1. jeremy1986

    Men's heels on Amazon

    Cool! What about these: https://www.amazon.com/MAIERNISI-JESSI-Womens-Wedge-Pumps/dp/B079JSQJ68/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_nib_309_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079JSQJ68&pd_rd_r=KSF2FJDMM4B6FGAJR0EZ&pd_rd_w=xSf6D&pd_rd_wg=nu692&refRID=KSF2FJDMM4B6FGAJR0EZ or these wedges - https://www.amazon.com/MAIERNISI-JESSI-Womens-Flatform-Wedge/dp/B079JTBVMD/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_cwb_309_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079JTBVMD&pd_rd_r=X8QRN5G136NW3MS41033&pd_rd_w=kfU2m&pd_rd_wg=2WS9R&refRID=X8QRN5G136NW3MS41033
  2. jeremy1986

    Were you caught by your mother?

    Quite a story! * * * Was never caught by my mother.... but had a few very close calls by my brother... and one time I WAS caught by my brother….
  3. jeremy1986

    Mr. X's travels

    You rock this outfit!
  4. jeremy1986

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Good for you.... heels should (almost) always win!
  5. jeremy1986

    Mr. X's travels

    @Mr. X- fantastic outfit... no hiding that a Very short hemline... and you have the legs to show it... esp. with those cute sandals!
  6. jeremy1986

    Boot cut or not

    Nicely done, @streetheel
  7. jeremy1986


    Very cute!
  8. jeremy1986

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I like the look! Where are these ankle boots from? and what makes you think they really were meant for men... meaning more than the heels we already wear..? A very cute dress! Looks airy and very light to wear - probably a great feeling of freedom!
  9. jeremy1986

    Pride 2018

    Cool! So @KneeBooted, where are pics of your outfit and heels
  10. jeremy1986

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Totally. not sure what the point of that post was...?
  11. jeremy1986

    Wild about Wedges

  12. jeremy1986

    Truffle brand sizing?

    Thanks @Biostim
  13. jeremy1986

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    Thanks @Mr. X and @SF! The heels sounds high, but because of the platform its only a real 4", and they are really comfortable.
  14. jeremy1986

    Wild about Wedges

    Pulled out a new pair of wedges today, that I bought about 6 months ago, and have not worn yet. Asos Traffic Jam - 5.5" heel and 1.5" platform. Super comfy - so happy I bought them! Further details here - https://hhplace.org/topic/24422-jeremys-heel-stories-pictures-thoughts/?do=findComment&comment=377853
  15. jeremy1986

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    Hi all. Its been along while since a real post from me here. Things are a little rough at home currently (that's an understatement), and one of the consequences is that I have hardly heeled over the last few months. Today I finally had some motivation to do so, and I picked a pair of Asos wedges I bought on sale back in December (called Traffic Jam), that I haven't had a chance to wear yet! (see original post at https://hhplace.org/topic/24422-jeremys-heel-stories-pictures-thoughts/?do=findComment&comment=372427 ). They are the exact same build as the wedges in my avatar - cork heel of 5.5" and a platform of about 1.5". They are a very comfortable size UK 9 - which makes for a really great fit, and a pleasure to walk in (as much as I have done till, as yet...). They are a nude color, which I like, for a change - most of my heels tend to be black. They are made from suede, and make a very comfy feel in the inner sole. and here below, are some snaps

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