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  1. Nice @loverleather! Are they a better for than the black ones?
  2. So sorry to hear @chesterx… wishing you all the best :-(
  3. Looks good! Now, lets talk about that beard ;-)
  4. It's doesn't look off, that's for sure. I think the 3/4 sleeves might be a giveaway, if you are concerned. How did you manage the bathroom in the end, re the previous conversation ;-). Must be a bit of a bother to undo everything...?
  5. Ahhhh got it!! PS. Great looking boots!!
  6. what does that mean?? Too much what? (can you tell I'm getting offended on behalf of all knee high boot lovers world wide??)
  7. I've posted these before, so no big revelations, but just wanted to share. My Fioni ankle boots with skinny jeans. They are SUCH a great fit (Size 11 US) and really comfortable. 4.5" heel with a small platform. I could wear these for hours, and I really like their look. Wearing skinny jeans (which may not be as super skinny as some of you wear) really seems to encourage wearing heels and boots with them! Is that just me??
  8. They look AMAZING. I love the style too, and have a couple just like these. Are they knee high boots?
  9. Great looking heels @bailey. Agreed about the lock - kind of cheapens the look?
  10. Wow, amazing, that's really big of her...
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