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  1. yup... flip flops, flip flops and more flip flops.... oh, and slippers
  2. Thanks @Cali - i appreciate the effort in dedicating the pics. Wedges, as you know, are one of my fave styles! I liked the boots you pictured as well. Thats a nice comfy looking style, and the straps add some interest.
  3. What a pity. Have always enjoyed reading your posts
  4. That pair of Enhance looks great. I have a pair of the Kendra OTK in UK9 if I recall. Love them, but I don't wear them often enough, similar setup as you, at home..
  5. Really nice. Looks great with those leggings.
  6. Yup. Low to mid heel booties seem to be the footwear of choice right now. Till winter really comes and then it'll be uggs
  7. Great story indeed. You better show her your stilettos next time!
  8. Sure it was a woman? 😂
  9. They look cute, esp under the jeans. but it really sounds like you are disappointed ... as you say, maybe they will grow on you ...
  10. Congrats on being negative ☺️ I like those wedges, and they go well with your jeans
  11. At about age 6 I found my mother's brown leather knee high boots. A high block heel, probably 3-4 inches. I think she hardly wore them, so am surprised that I even knew about it. I doubt I was very good at placing things back exactly where they were back then... So wonder what she thought, and if she even noticed. I enjoyed those boots for many years to come... Probably wore them more than she did, but of course at home only, till my late teens. About 30 years on from that original find, I bought my own high heels- and what a surprise, they were high heels boots!
  12. Thanks for obliging with your story. Your schools teacher is like the story of my life 😉 Except for me it was 1st grade!
  13. Proud of you for holding things up for high heelers!!
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