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  1. Great job on the blog @Tallboots I enjoyed reading the entries and looking at the generous pics. I haven't thought of blogging... I think this site covers it for me too.
  2. Those are a great pair of booties
  3. Long time no speak on this thread anyway nothing much to speak of, at least on the topic of heels. Kids are all home for summer holidays, and we are completely out of routine: late nights, late mornings, not getting to work much, and then filling in at home when I can... so not much opportunity to heel. So just a short update - I recently bought myself a new pair of jeans, and I decided to go for a more skinnier pair than I have in the past, both because I am liking the style more, and at the encouragement of my wife who says they look great... on me (her words !). The pair I chose - while far from "super skinny", is most definitely the skinniest trousers I have, and have a lovely stretchiness to them which I don't recall on my previous jeans. Anyway - been wanting to see how they look with heels since I started wearing them this week, and today the short opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to snap any pics (sorry, I know I appreciate looking at others' pics here ), but I tried them with some classic 4" pumps from Asos, and then with the 6" wedges you can see in my avatar (also from Asos), and I can tell you I REALLY liked the look! I suspect more to come! Wishing you all a great weekend!
  4. While my first heels I tried on were around the age 6 or 7, my own heels that I bought were much later, around 2013 or 2014 - a pair of black stiletto heeled knee-high boots, made in faux suede. I bought them off a local store's website on special and landed up picking them up myself from the delivery company. They were a little small on me, and had chain-bling all over them, which I cut off immediately. Other than the chains, they were pretty classic looking. Heel was probably 3.5"-4" high. I don't think I have any pictures of them unfortunately. They got tossed a few months later in a purge (wasn't much of a purge - I only had a single pair!). I do have a bunch of other pairs now, that are much nicer than those. But as you know, the first ones have a soft spot
  5. These look great. I think I might have also liked the tassle a little more if in black or other darker shade.
  6. Does this site operate only in the US/CAN? As a seller/buyer? it seems like it does from the flag on the bottom right
  7. Agree with the others... First is probably best... To be honest,I think it's because it's the most feminine look with tight jeans and shirt.
  8. Can't really see them well, but they look good. I like them too
  9. @krazykev64, while I cant comment on the medical side... those are a great looking pair of booties, so well done
  10. Looking good @bailey -I like the criss-cross straps and the rear zipper appeals to me as well, I have a few of those.
  11. Hey, whats new in CAN? Hope all's well

    1. bailey


      All is good..got new heels. Posted them on the thread.

    2. jeremy1986


      Just saw - looks like a good buy, hope they fit well

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