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  1. That must be quite comfy, as they seem to have a formidable platform.
  2. Those are nice @Cali! What would the rest of the outfit consist of?
  3. These look very cute Wow. Loved these wedges. They look great. How high is that heel?
  4. Nice going @maninboots - as you say -these are always winners. Hope you can continue with the outings!
  5. Nice going @maninboots
  6. Ok, so I haven't bought these... Yet. But they went straight onto my saved items list. https://www.asos.com/prd/14224663?acquisitionsource=com.google.android.apps.docs
  7. @KneeBooted - I enjoyed reading your accounts. sounds like some amazing progress for you. Enjoy :-)
  8. @JeffB - great to see you in knee high boots again! And nice looking outfit in general!
  9. Well, @Boots29 - good to hear from you on the one side, but so sad to hear of your issues. You do seem in a pickle, I needn't tell you. Your wife is naturally upset and feels betrayed after you lied to her. Sure, you and we know the background, but hiding things is not a great recipe for happiness in a marriage. At this point, I think you need damage control. Is your wife/marriage/family your first priority? If so - put everything else on the side for now. Make every effort to do so. It doesn't mean throwing things away, but yes - put them away in some storage unit and tell your wife you have done so, as she is the most important thing to you. Yes - I hear the others here saying how its nothing, its just shoes. That ight be trues - but that's not the issue here. The primary issue is having betrayed your wife's trust again. You need to focus on rectifying that, and then after that, try work on the heels issue. Sure, there night be a middle ground that can be agreed on (many greys between white and black), but you first need to relay the trust. Show that you are commited and love her. Good luck!!
  10. Loving those wedges, @balletboot - totally up my alley too :-)
  11. I hear ya, mate. I still don't know how I did it myself, with heels. if it means a lot to you, you will have no choice but to breech it with her and work it through.
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