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  1. Keep your eyes peeled, as they used to say in the A-Team
  2. I used to enjoy reading about your adventures! Hope all's well!
  3. Yup, agreed - thanks!! My toes often get cold, wonder if wearing boots like this more often would help. Hope all's well by you?
  4. Hiya all. Today being nice and chilly, I decided to borrow my wife's flat Nine West knee high leather boots - with fluffy "sheep skinned" lining. We bought them a couple of years ago from a Nine West outlet that opened near us for a short while. They had much more exciting boots (heeled!), but these were the ones that fit... and my wife liked them! They are a size 10M, and are very comfortable fit. Reeeeeealllly cosy to wear. I can see why my wife likes them so much. They have an interesting outside zip, which I'm debating whether its more user-friendly or not... not that I have a choice though The leather is really soft and luxurious, very well made. Almost makes up for them being flat heeled Cant imagine what these must have cost at full price.
  5. Cute booties @JeffB and heck - that mini gives meaning to its name!
  6. Totally... I agree with most of you guys have said. Its not unusual for women to wear this kind of shoe … it just looked odd with a skirt, and not having seen my wife in that kind of shoe before. I don't think she "likes the look" per se, doubt she will be wearing them unless she really has to, and isn't part of "a look". And that was the point I was making, when we do get some "offish" comments from our loved ones - it might just be because it looks odd and usual to them, and having seen this in the reverse, just made me think about it - like we are expecting (or wishing) total acceptance and even support & encouragement, and need to sometimes look at it from the other side.
  7. I wouldn't stress about it too much - as you say, she hasn't made a big deal out of it - and I suspect many people don't even look at the "viewed" list of their stories...
  8. Great looking sandals there, @chesterx - both of them. I don't always like the 'bling' on sandals, but done tastefully as you have here, they look great
  9. Can you imagine what you would have got if you asked for heels more importantly - do you still have those heels
  10. very well together @mlroseplant and yes - those mules are high!!
  11. Thanks. Keep looking - the right pair will find you
  12. So my wife recently started a new job. Part of it is working at a site that's currently under construction, so she has to wear safety gear - hard hat, vest and yes - steel cap safety shoes (I know some of you here are in the construction industry!). The company gave the employees an amount towards buying a pair of these shoes, and allowed them to buy whatever they wanted. What my wife bought is your standard safety shoe thing -much like this style - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Blundstone-140-Steel-Cap-Safety-Work-Boots-/172434370904 Yesterday she wore them around the house and while we moved stuff around (due to some construction - read a little more here) . She was wearing a nice denim skirt and these ugly boots - it really looked odd. And it struck me - this is kind-of the reverse case of what's more common on the site: a woman wearing shoes that are most generally worn by men. And it looked very odd, and really took me a while to wrap my head around it. So, yes - seeing us guys wearing heels and such just, looks odd. Its not necessarily about not having an open mind, or not allowing freedom of clothes etc - but it just looks odd, and takes getting used to! This site as we know, does not focus on crossdressing. But for the sake of comparison between our heeling and crossdressing - How would we all honestly react if someone close to us "came out" about wearing heels or items of the opposite gender? Just food for thought.
  13. Hi all, So yesterday I was working a little from home, as we have some renovations going on. I decided to wear a pair of flat boots for a bit (wearing heels might be pushing it, what with the builder here ) I decided to wear a pair of comfy little flats, that actually belong to my wife. They were a bit of a squeeze to put on, though I was wearing thick socks, but still fit ok. They are some local brand (though apparently a fancier local brand???) called Zamsh. They are mid calf high, with a rubbery sole that makes for a tender step (if that makes sense?). Its interesting, how when wearing my regular shoes (usually a sport style of Merrel), my steps have a heavier and more present style - whereas in boots like these (or flats as well for that matter), even walking the same way (meaning, I do not adjust my walk to walk femininely) - the steps are much quieter and tender like. Attaching some pics below. I think these could probably pass easily enough out and about, though the seem in the middle of the foot might be a telling sign. but still - not many people would notice. Yes - I know most of you are well past this point ------------------------------ hmmmm - I see the images above were removed? maybe too large? Re attaching smaller versions....
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