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  1. I like both @Mr. X but particularly the ankle boots. Enjoy!
  2. Oh no. sorry to hear ... Hope you have recovered... Leg and soul
  3. I for one, love this style. There is something very appealing to me about a wedge heel in stiletto style!
  4. How disappointing. You, on the other hand, look great.
  5. Love the wedges, they look like a perfect fit.
  6. Thanks 😊 Will try got to that soon. That is after all the fun part! I realize now that the snaps from above certainly are not the most attractive angle to take of heels...
  7. Thank you. I'm surprised myself. Been working on it, for around 5-6 years, but very slowly. Its nothing compared to many other folks here ....
  8. I still have a bunch of updates to write here one day soon but for now - small update - I inventoried my heels today first time in a loooong time. Surprised myself with 39 pairs!!!! Also took the opportunity to clean them up a little, as well as the area i store them under my bed - and to snap some pics of them (individually and group shots!). We might be redoing our bedroom furniture, am not sure what kind of storage i will have after that happens... So here is the summary: 11 tall boots: 3 otk, + 8 knee high (2 of which are just up onto the knee) 3 flat, 2 wedge, 5 stiletto, 1 block heeled 6 ankle boots 5 pumps 7 sandals: 2 block heels and 5 stiletto 9 wedges 1 flat 🤣 (inherited from the wife) In my pics here i have some additional pairs - some of those are borrowed from the wife. here are the group shots, if anyone want close up of a particular pair, lets me know. Tall boots: Ankle boots: Pumps: Sandals: Wedges:
  9. Wedges I bought from Asos a few years ago. They are so comfy! 5.5" heel, and 1.5" platform, which makes for a stable and comfy walk.
  10. Cute story! Sounds like a dangerous industry to be distracted in!!!
  11. So i'm an infant in your terms... I have 2 identical stiletto pumps - one black, the other a cream/nude color. Hardly a binge
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