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Who has bought some new BOOTS?


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On ‎8‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 5:14 AM, maninboots said:

I really like those, for low heeled boots they look really nice and go great with your jeans, I’d definitely wear them mate and love that colour 

Great boots for sure....I just made an offer on Poshmark for a nice pair of Fryes...I have asked questions before, never got any answers, will see what happens with my offer...

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1 minute ago, maninboots said:

Just ordered these from ASOS, don’t know why i keep ordering pull ons when i know i have difficulties getting them on, hope i can get them on when they arrive 


They look great. I recently looked at them as well, when they had their "western/cowboy" campaign … 

There is definitely something more pleasing with pull-on, don't you think?

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On 9/27/2019 at 2:39 PM, Jkrenzer said:

I have a pair of pumps from the same company, exact heels. Really don't wear them much, floor killers. Heels are extremely study. Love the boots..

Yes they are to be fair but that’s why I love them, they are very sturdy indeed would love to have pumps the same

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10 hours ago, Pierre1961 said:

Just received these boots a few days ago. 

They are from Miguel Jones. The craftsmanship is perfect. Unfortunately they fit a bit too large despite of a great care choosing the rift size. 

With a thin inside sole plus a thick sock it’s ok. 

At first I was more looking for a pair of boots I could wear everywhere but they are definitely not carpets boots. Much more adapted to farming or whatever similar. What they are originally created for I guess. By chance I have some acres and horses. I worn them all morning,cleaning the stables and other things outside. Now I love them. Very confortable. 

The heel is 13 cm for a size 10 which is the perfect height for that purpose. Thanks to the very thick heel it doesn’t sink into the soil even damp as it is now here  in fall 

So a finally good purchase 



Great MJ boots!  I had the same experience, his boots tend to big a bit bigger than the size would indicate.  Mine have the 5" heels and pointed toes, and unfortunately, they are only "carpet boots".  Although the quality is very good, they don't seem to be well engineered for walking.  I am so angry with myself for not buying the cool "Western Ranch" boots that were made in Toronto some years ago when they were still in business...

Those boots look great with the jeans....Clean em up after work and wear them out to show them off buddy!

10 hours ago, AlexC94 said:

Got these last week! Patent leather Pleaser Domina 3000 boots I bought for £50. They're super comfy and not as hard to walk in as they look.



Another great pair of Pleasers! 

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4 minutes ago, Mitsysun1400 said:

Apologies to anyone who seen enough of these but I love them with different styles 

I just hope you don't have wooden floors or carpet with thick padding at home.

What's the sound from those heels when walking on hard surfaces?

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16 minutes ago, Cali said:

I just hope you don't have wooden floors or carpet with thick padding at home.

What's the sound from those heels when walking on hard surfaces?

They sound amazing, they are just fine if you tread lightly and surprisingly strong for such a thin heel

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1 hour ago, Cali said:

Can you come over and aerate my lawn?  Just trying to give you more opportunity to wear those killer spikes.

Sure they would do just fine, I was sat on grass just earlier and they were sinking in just with legs crossed before I even stood up :giggle:

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I bought a pair of Miguel Jones boots .

I wanted them with a few modifications .

when i received the parcel , i was speechless !!
Miguel made me a pair of unique boots !!!
contrasting color heels , inside full lenght zipper , rubber soles , square toes .



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Stopped by my local boutique to see what heels they had in. No tall boots this tall enough heels :sad:.  But they did have something I could wear; so I got these


They are Soda Agenda

Platform Lace up Tapered Block Heel in Nubuck: Burgundy with a 1”  platform, 4.5” heel

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15 hours ago, flavio said:


just bought these beauties. Size EU 47 (more like 48, I use to wear around here).

I'm in Milano Italy for a conference and visited the physical store of Ghigo Calzature. Their physical store has the same stock as the website. They have a great customer service. I could try them on at the store (and several other great models).

Heels are thin 5 inch stilettos, leather is stretch, they fit like socks, no zippers, easy to get in. Really comfortable and soles are strong, good arch support. Goes to the knees.

I'm really happy. They are a dream come true. First time I go to a store to try heels that are beautiful at my size. I just had to share this moment with all of you.

I'm sure these will get a lot of wear.

They look great and seems to fit perfectly, isn’t it a fantastic feeling to be able to pop into a store and just try on whatever you like, keep it up mate 

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