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  1. Those boots are fun, but I liked the Wittner suede boots a lot better. I have a pair that are that tall but I haven't worn them out and about. I have a pair similar to the Wittner suede boots that I wear whenever I want a fancy look.
  2. I have had a toe plate (tap) attached to most of my boots to prevent that wear. The first trip to the cobbler is heel tip and toe plate.
  3. I stand corrected - 6'7" is tall, even outstandingly so. Try a full knee high (or higher ) pair for the boots over jeans look. The jeans don't have to be skinny jeans. You should be able to wear those boots and jeans anywhere without attracting too much attention (but what is the fun of that ). As Cali said, "Nice heels".
  4. I think a lot will depend on the area of the footprint. A stiletto heel pump has a fairly small footprint over which all the weight is distributed, where as a running shoe has a large footprint where the weight is evenly distributed. With any material, the more you concentrate the area of wear, the shorter the lifetime of the material. I haven't kept statistics on this but I have replaced a lot of stiletto heel tips but have only resoled two pair of boots.
  5. The hardest step to take in heels is getting out of the car. I still remember the first time I got out in thigh boots. I suspect this was more a product of your imagination that based in fact especially with only a 3" heel. Then you should have worn them over your jeans. All in all it sounds like you had an exhilarating first outing and congratulation for taking the step. Each step does get easier and more fun as your anxiety is reduced. Keep pushing your boundaries, but be sure you do it with confidence. I can't emphasize how important it is for you to like the image you are presenting. If you think you look good, go out and show the world that "This is the look I like". If you don't like the look, don't go out. Presenting yourself with confidence is the key. By the way boots over jeans is a classic look. Give your Sis a big thank you and what did she think of your outing?
  6. I use Gorilla glue. It takes a couple hours to set up but it holds like mad. If you can lightly clamp it it will work better.
  7. @jeremy1986 and @Jkrenzer - Thanks for the comments, they are really appreciated. My only comment is that I find wig shopping as much fun as shoe shopping, and not all my boot purchases are as successful as others. _______________ I went to a weekly jam at a restaurant tonight where the owner has always comment (positively) in my boots. I figured that tonight I'd really give him something different. I wore a gray long turtleneck, black leggings, and red faux suede OTK boots with 4" block heels. We played for several hours and the other folks in the jam noticed my boots (they aren't blind) but just figured it was something I'd do. As I left and was putting my stuff into my car, one of the patrons in the restaurant called out across the parking lot, "Hey, I like your killer boots". I called back a thanks and headed home. I think this was the first public outing for these boots in a music setting (which I treat more conservatively than just being out and about). I had fun.
  8. I usually acknowledge the attention with a nod and a smile.
  9. Bombard away. I enjoyed them. Your son has good taste in shoes.
  10. Nicely done. Communications strikes again. Your Mom sounds like someone you should get to know better.
  11. I've changed the picture since your post, but I suspect your comment will be the same. I'm not sure I'm trying to hide my age, rather I'm having fun having hair.
  12. I went to a gig this morning wearing a black top, white denim pants and black faux suede OTK boots with 4" block heels. This is the monthly pancake breakfast and it is the last one of the season. I've been playing at these breakfasts for several years and I always wear boots so they are quite used to seeing me wearing them. I played for a couple of hours and as I was packing up an middle aged black lady came in and said, "Oh I love those boots". I didn't recognize her as having been there before. After she said that, two if the ladies running the breakfast (white, 70s) spoke up and said, "I do too". This was the first time any of the they had said anything. I think they have just been polite and not knowing if their comments would be welcomed. I made a todo of thanking everyone. On the way home I stopped in the wig shop with the intention of getting a new one and just having fun trying them on. The sales lady greeted me warmly from across the store and wondered where I had been. While I was trying wigs on she commented, "You know, you're a free spirit". I thanked her. That seemed an appropriate description for a guy in boots with 4" heels trying on wigs. She grumble at me for not wearing one of her wigs when I came in and I said I would next time. I selected a 30" straight wig in a reddish brown color. Looks better with a colored top. Anyway, I had a fun morning, and the pancakes were excellent.
  13. First WELCOME to the site. There are folks here with many different interest in heels. Some of us like to wear them, some not so much. We always enjoy hearing a different point of view. Italy does have a reputation for nice heels, and the shape of the country reminds me of a great thigh boot. Old Photoshoped image Have you ever tried? It really is a lot of fun.
  14. Well that has a little to do with it. Somehow the proportions are wrong. My first impression was that someone stretched your neck with Photoshop (the least painful way to do it). My second impression was that your waist is in the wrong place (too low). Looking back at your April pictures, the waist looks fine, the difference is you left your shirt out in the April pictures and that hides the waist. Because it is hidden, my eye places it higher. Also In April you were wearing short sleeves and that also raises the impression of where the waist is located. I love short shorts (although I wear my with tall boots) and yours look great with your heels but try the shorts with a different top. If the picture you posted in May is your friend, she appears to be a little shorter than you and she is wearing shorts with her blouse hem covering the waist.
  15. That would be a worthwhile investment. After ll who, posting on this board, doesn't have more shoes than they can wear? Excellent advice! Always listen louder then you talk, and more often too.