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  1. Welcome to the forum. Although we are primarily about shoes/boots and heels, there are a bunch of folks that enjoy your hobby. You're wearing great shoes, and by the way, makeup is fun.
  2. I went to on out doors jam session with the temperature in the upper 80sF (32C) with the humidity in the 80% range (the jam session was ended when it started raining). I wore shorts and had dug out an old pair of crocks and really felt embarrassed wearing them. As we were leaving one of my buddies looked at my feet and said, "Where's your boots?". It seems I have a reputation to uphold.
  3. The unrestored image looks good, but do what you can to preserve it.
  4. The water isn't that deep. This site is primarily about heels, and your do look great, but many of us do venture into alternate clothing style and image presentations. I have always counseled that you need to really like the image you see in a full length mirror, but I'm going to add to that you also have to say, "I feel good wearing this" or "Wearing this makes me feel good". Feeling good relies on you definition of "good" which could range from excited to calm and collected. From your post, it seems like you have already discovered this. I have an affinity for leather. I tend to shop thrift stores and for a couple of years one shop always had a leather skirt, in my size, on the rack every time I went in. I bought a lot of leather skirts/pants so I have a large collection. I have done all leather outfits but I prefer to use leather as an accent or contrast; leather skirt with a fabric top, leather jacket with fabric skirt. Although I really like leather clothing, I don't find it that comfortable to wear and that is taking on a larger degree of importance (that happens when you get old). There is lots of good advice here, and it on the web so it has to be true. Be comfortable and happy in your own skin. If that is supported by high heels and clad in leather or flip flops and sweat pants/shirts or some where in between, it is you that has to be comfortable and happy.
  5. I went shopping at Sam's Club and Krogers (grocery) today wearing an outfit I had never worn before. The dress features flared sleeves and is reasonably short. I added a belt and wore hose with sandals with a 1½" platform and 5½" heels. This is a @CAT style "leggy" look. Today I felt like the character in Paul Stookey's Talking Candy Bar Blues, "Every bodies looking... Every bodies staring... at me". None of the folks I know at Sams were on duty so I was like walking into a brand new store and the parking lot, thus the store, was packed. In addition those shoes put me a full head taller than anyone else. I did my shopping as I normally do but I was aware of being noticed. Krogers was more "normal". Folks just ignored me and I had a register clerk that knew me. She is probably only 5'2" on her tip toes so I was towering over her (at least it looked that way to me). I must have presented myself confidently because no one said a thing and everyone just let me go about my business. I'm still trying to figure out what was so different. It is the first time I have worn this dress. and one of the few times I have worn those sandals. The outfit needed a necklace but I really think I missed wearing my boots. In the past I have noticed that wearing boots is a mental crutch that really does embolden me like nothing else. That is probably because I have been presenting that image for a long time and am totally comfortable with it. Nobody ever said, "Change is easy", at least if they were being honest. The big change today was the shoes. They are comfortable and I think they looked good but they were a really different experience. I'm relating to the new folks that go out in heels for the first time. I should look around for a pair that are lower. Not that walking was a problem but being heads above the crowd made blending in a challenge. Oh well, it was a learning experience, and I did get my shopping done.
  6. It does sound like you have taken a big step in your heeling. HappyinHeels in right that the desire to wear heels will not fade. That is based on many posts here and personal experience. Now is the time to listen to your wife closer than you have ever listened before! Put yourself in her shoes (metaphorically, I know you're a 13 and they won't fit). Is she seeing a change? I was very serious in my previous post... Quality work takes time.
  7. I don't recall the last time I wore a "new" pair of jeans. After I discovered how many comfortable jeans were available at thrift stores for next to nothing prices...
  8. First Welcome to the forum. There are lots of folks here that can relate to how heels are fitting into your life (and your feet into them). Looks like you have great taste in shoes. The second pair could be worn anywhere and raise nary an eyebrow. Never say never... Quality work takes time. As far as "coming out of the closet"... It's starting to get crowded in here. Enjoy your heels.
  9. I don't know what part of the country you're from or how close heeling venues are to you but let me suggest a few that generally attract folks that don't care what you have on your feet. Art Museums Libraries Bookstores Post Office Shoe Stores It really is all about presenting yourself with confidence. In many other posts I have talked about liking what you see in a full length mirror. If you don't like that image, don't go out. For some, there is a certain amount of "I dare you to say something" bravado about wearing heels in public. That is a little more adventurous then my style so I cant offer advice. My best outing is if no one pays any attention next is if I get a "You look nice" or "Nice boots"comment. Regardless of how you approach public heeling, you have to have confidence in yourself. By the way, public heeling is a great way to boots you confidence in yourself. You have to say, with your demeanor, "Yep, I'm wearing heels, I like them, and I think they look good". Ok. Off my soap box. Absolutely no excuse for not having great looking shoes/boots. By the way, Knee high boots over jeans is a great look and an easy one for guys to present. Enjoy your heels.
  10. Not ready for the fashion police... but it was comfortable.
  11. Funny, I've never had a pair of boots do that to me, even in 90F (32C) weather.
  12. I just received these 80cm gloves custom made. It only took a couple of days to have them made and shipped, the other couple of weeks was transit. There was no additional charge for the customization. They fit... like a glove. Unfortunately the temperatures today are headed for the 90sF (33C) so leather boots and gloves are for an air conditioned area. I'm still not sure I like this image for public presentation, but it sure does feel good to wear. I was into gloves long before I was into boots so this is coming full circle. I had another pair of long gloves that I posted about long ago and I literally wore them out. I think I will cut off the fingertips of those gloves and make them fingerless. I could even play guitar with them on. They also make these gloves in suede. I have always thought thigh boots were opera gloves for the feet. __________________________________________ This white satin top and mini skirt show off the gloves and make them easier to pull on and off. But still not good for 90F weather.
  13. Very nice. Pointy on both ends.
  14. One last shot: I thought I remembered that Illustrator could do this. It took a bit of research to regain the skill. I'll let JeffB get back to posting about jaunts.