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  1. Video worked fine for me. I wish I had that problem with my size 12-13 feet.
  2. Admittedly I have a bias towards boots but I like the look that shows them off. Boots and jeans is a classic look. The gals figured that out long ago, I guess that's what makes it classic. Add the leather jacket and you have a killer combination you can take out and about. Hopefully pictures are coming.
  3. You mean you passed up all of these great looking boots? I like #3 for daily wear but #5 for really looking good. I'm envious that you can comfortably wear a pointed toe style.
  4. Morning coffee reading about jaunt Inspiration for the day Looking good JeffB
  5. Welcome to HHPLACE. I'm a little late in this post as you have already blended in with the rest of the gang. It is intriguing having the perspective of a full time heel wearer. What discipline?
  6. Traveling the city Heels skirts dresses all ignored Jeff started something ___________________________ All the rest of you word wizards chime in before JeffB realizes what he started with a simple question.
  7. Nice heels. They all look comfortable for walking.
  8. Nah, just a clunky poem. "Haiku" is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme. Winter dull and dark High hems and Spring raise hopes Tall boots even more
  9. I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum this afternoon. Today was one of those "In for a penny, in for a pound" days so I wore a gray knit dress, black belt, black hose, gray OTK faux suede boots with 4" block heels, a gold bar necklace, earrings, hair, and a black leather jacket. I also took the time to apply a little makeup. I'm starting to have an appreciation for what the gals go through all the time. The parking lot was full so I drove around the to rear lot and headed in the back entrance. One of the guards at the desk, who hadn't seen me in at least a year and never with hair, just nodded and said, "Nice". I spent about two hours wandering around and sketching. I chatted with several patrons about the art and just had a good time. I only noticed one askance look and other than that I was just another patron touring the museum. Rubens - Sampson and Delilah (sketch) In the way home I drove through downtown Cincinnati where folks were getting ready for Red's game (the stadium is downtown). I finally saw a lady wearing a poncho, black pants, and gray OTK boots with a 4" block heel. Hers had a back zipper and I thought she looked great. There was no opportunity to comment as I was not about to roll down my car window and shout, "Hey, those are great boots". I also stopped in Eden park for a picture. All in all a fun afternoon.
  10. Winters gone And done its worst Time to break out The short skirts (which look great with thigh boots )
  11. Great boots and I like the belt and skirt. I'd suggest a shorter skirt (or jeans/leggings with the belt) with those boots. Boots that nice should be seen.
  12. I wear a women' US 12 so DSW doesn't have too much to offer me. Last year I stopped in at the end of boot season and found a pair of lace up knee high boots in a 12 on the discount rack but they were still a little more than I wanted to spend. I told a manager I didn't want to spend that much for the boots and he said he couldn't change the price but he could change the discount rate, which he did and I bought the boots. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that the boots were for me (I was wearing a dress) and everyone was cool with that. A sale is a sale. Absolutely.
  13. @Dutchbootman - Welcome to the forum. There are lots of boot lovers here. I have a lot of boots, but I'm finding the OTK length is a little more practical for out and about wear than thigh length. I'm not so sure about old folks can be pretty set in our ways. The trick is to like boots and heels before you get old.
  14. I don't have any images on Flikr, but try clicking the "Insert other media" button at the bottom of this editor and selecting "Insert image from URL" and pasting in the Flikr image's URL. If the image isn't protected (password) it should display. I repeat I've no experience with Flikr. The reason uploaded images are encouraged is that is maintains the integrity of the thread, which would be lost if the Flikr image was subsequently deleted.
  15. I posted my opinion several pages back but let me have one more go at it. I've been a member of this board for a long time and my first post was in a thread on thigh boots the gal's section (long before the rule was in place). Over the years we haven't had too many gals posting but often those that did were met with male chauvinistic or crude comments. The rule was put in place to give the gals a "safer" place to post. Most of the guys doing that kind of posting have either dropped off or have been banned, but times and attitudes have changed so the rule may be obsolete. I suspect if the gals had invaded the "For the Guys" forum with the same type of comments, there would be a matching rule about gals posting in the guys forum, but they didn't and the guys did so we only needed one rule. I really do appreciate the civility on this forum that the users maintain and that @Techenforces, and I think that most of the folks that have posted here for a while also appreciate it. As I said, times have changed and the rule may now be obsolete but we are still attracting new members and the rule stands as a reminder of lessons learned the hard way, so I think it should be retained. I have, after the rule was implemented, errantly replied to a post in the gals forum. When I realized what I had done, I clicked the Report Post button at the top of the post and left a message that it was an errant post and please delete it (with a promise to be more careful in the future ). Wearing heels and carefully stepping down from my soapbox... TBG