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  1. I just posted some new pictures of some boots I just bought, tell me what you think of them. Thanks Everyone......
  2. Way to rock this outfit!!!!
  3. I have had a couple of times where people wanted to touch my boots and feel the leather and it is exhilarating when they do and what a compliment!!! That is awesome that you had a girl try on your heels. I bet it had to be awesome to watch her wear your heels.
  4. Love the boots and the color, wish they had them in a size 12. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Love the outfit, great boots.... You look great!!!
  6. Love these boots in Red, they are better than the ones I have in White!!!
  7. Very sexy and masculine boots. Amazed that you wore them the whole trip, I don't think I could do that.....
  8. Those boots are smoking hot!!!! I want a pair!!! Those boots are smoking hot!!!! I want a pair!!!
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