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  1. Heels for an interview

    If I'm truthful i wasn't really bothered about the job anyway, it was only a part time school leavers job for a bit of pocket money to see me through to starting my apprenticeship 6 weeks or so later, i only really did it to gauge the reaction and to see if a male could obtain employment whilst wearing heels which is why I chose to apply to a shoe shop, thought that would be my best chance, if my whole future depended upon it I wouldn't have worn them, would love to try it again now to see if times have changed but as you say probably not
  2. Heels for an interview

    Hi guys, here's a little topic i found in the girls section and as i like to obey the rules i couldn't comment, has or would anyone wear heels for a job interview, i did as a teenager many years ago in the early 80's for a part time job strangely enough in a shoe shop in Birmingham, i wore a pair of 4" stiletto knee boots with a mans suit and trousers, the interviewer did pick up on my wearing heels and asked plenty of questions about why i was wearing them and if i would be planning to wear them to work if i got the job, i told her that i didn't see any reason why not but needless to say i didn't get the job, would be interested to know if anyone else has had any experience of this and if things would be different in this day and age particularly in the U.K.
  3. Yay or nay (found new cowboy boots)

    I absolutely love this style but am reluctant to order a pair as i have really high arches and probably won't be able to get down into them without a zip, I'm only a U.K. Size 5 and going up a couple of sizes just to get them on would make them way too big, and as they are quite expensive it would be too much of a risk, would love to find a store that stocks them so i could try a pair first
  4. Gutted

    I'm lucky enough to be a uk women's size 5, I find it much easier to buy typically women's shoes and boots than men's, they look natural on my feet so wear them all the time, no fetish involved, just simply a case of wearing what fits well and looks good
  5. Hey all from the Uk

    Hi Rhys, welcome to the site, I'm also from the uk and love both wearing heels and seeing them worn by others, male or female, I'm guessing you haven't got as far as venturing out in heels yet, i think the quicker you can open up to your wife the better then maybe you can have a lot of fun together in heels, i love going out in my heels especially boots so maybe another challenge for you to experience, look forward to having more chats in the future with you
  6. Collection and pics from down under

    Gorgeous peep toe boots, are those brown knee highs in the background the ones you took off to try these on? They look nice and comfy
  7. Hair on your legs and ...

    I fully understand what you're saying and why you do that and also that is your preference which i respect totally and I'm sure you look amazing in your outfits, i just prefer not to remove hair, wear makeup or paint nails and my point is if you want to do all that, great, go for it, but it's not a necessity to do all that, you can still wear dresses, skirts, heels etc without doing anything as I do, sometimes I don't even shave my face lol but still wear women's clothing and heels in public, it's all about individuality at the end of the day and what works for you
  8. Hair on your legs and ...

    I hear what you say and totally agree with you, thanks for replying and for the encouragement, my main point is anyone can wear anything regardless of gender and men don't have to feminise themselves to wear a dress/ skirt and heels (unless they want to of course) in the same way women don't have to be masculine to wear jeans and sweatshirts with trainers, just be who you want and wear what you want
  9. Hair on your legs and ...

    Sorry it probably didn't come across as i wanted it to, i just basically meant that as a man i am covered in body hair and personally have no desire to remove it, I'll wear any style of male or female clothing along with high heeled boots or shoes but don't feel i have to alter my appearance in doing so, sorry if I've been misinterpreted or offended anybody
  10. Hair on your legs and ...

    I never shave any part of my body except my face, i am very fair haired so probably not that noticeable on my legs and thick denier tights usually takes care of that but I am a man, wish to remain a man regardless of outfit or shoes i choose to wear and part and parcel of being a man is body hair
  11. Heading out >>>

    I don't think there's anything to add to this, great advice but which ever outfit you decide on i think you'll find it easier than you first thought, you'll realise that people don't take as much notice of what you're wearing as you probably think they do and once you get going you won't want to stop, with every trip i make i don't want it to end and i really look forward to the next one, you get such a buzz from going public in such outfits
  12. Hi from down in Ne Zealand

    Hi Craig, Garry here, welcome to the site, as everyone else has said I'm sure you'll find people very friendly and helpful on here, enjoy posting and above all enjoy your heeling, wear them with pride and freedom
  13. NewRock Boots - Austria

    I've literally just tried on a pair of new rocks very similar to the ones in your picture in a shop called blue banana in Birmingham uk, priced at about £250, had to go up a size and still had a bit of a squeeze to get into them but gorgeous once on and the young female assistant couldn't believe how good they looked on me, didn't buy them though
  14. Hi New here from italy

    Hi Daniele, welcome to the site, I think you'll find we all have the same passion on here, you'll also find everyone really friendly and helpful here too, do you like to wear heels and if so do you go public with them, a lot of us do both whilst keeping our male identity, if you need any help or advice on this don't hesitate to ask either myself or anyone else on here, enjoy the site and enjoy your heeling
  15. Wow you're legs look fabulous in boots and i love that black skirt, great styling