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  1. Think you’re finding the courage really well now mate and more trips will only increase your confidence, are they long boots or ankle boots, they look great either way, as time goes by you may find yourself wanting to show more of the boots, keep it up mate you’re doing really well
  2. I wish mate, enjoy though whatever happens
  3. Fantastic outfit and lovely looking boots, right up my street that outfit
  4. Yeah i did to be fair, one jealous young girl who tried on the same boots as me and couldn’t zip them up, that made me feel good to be honest
  5. Yeah i think I’m going to have to look into skirts and tights because it can be quite difficult over jeans, even the Moda in pella thigh boots was a bit of a challenge
  6. They were taken by the sales assistants in the various stores mate
  7. Yeah i actually really liked that one but I was sweating buckets trying to get it on then had to get it pulled off for me
  8. I’ve used this trick many times before because believe me there’s nobody worse than me with pull on boots, my high instep has a lot to do with this, the only problem now when you’re in stores trying on they don’t like to give away plastic bags any more so you’re just left to struggle I’m afraid
  9. Reiss Reiss again and the dreaded pull ons, hence the reason I’ve only got 1 on michael Korrs There were loads more pairs tried on that i didn’t take pictures of, was in my element really and also found time for a cheeky little latte in Costa whilst wearing my boots, think I need a week off more often
  10. Had a nice day out today at Meadowhall shopping centre, walked around for about 5 hours in my new look knee high boots over my skinny jeans and tried loads of gorgeous boots, had plenty of interaction with staff and all in all had a brilliant time these were tried on in Moda in Pella Dune Kurt Geiger
  11. Those are great looking boots, too nice to put under trousers, they need to be seen, well done on your progress though mate
  12. I go into stores all the time to try on heels, everywhere from primark to Selfridges, boots ranging from £20 to £2000 or more, it’s one of my favourite pass times and the chance to talk heels with various assistants, it really is great fun, you should try it, and yes you can definitely feel the difference between £20 and £2000, just wish i was able to afford those prices so trying on in stores is the nearest i get to wearing such expensive boots
  13. That’s exactly the sort of outfit I wear all the time except for my boots are usually longer, looks really good on you mate
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