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  1. Yeah I totally agree, i wear knee high boots on full show all the time here in the uk and do get loads of compliments, i do sometimes wonder how sincere some of them are though
  2. Looking great, love the boots and congratulations on the compliments as long as it was meant as one and not just sarcastic micky taking
  3. I’m loving the wine coloured boots, probably more so than the black, would love to see more of them and maybe over some skinny jeans
  4. Ha ha yes, i see where you’re coming from my friend
  5. I’ll bet that will be great fun, you’re so lucky having a girlfriend who supports you wearing heels in public, my wife is fine with me wearing heels but not with her and it would be a lot more fun if I had someone else to go out in my heels with. you’ll have to post some pictures when you do get to go out in them, look forward to seeing them and have fun
  6. They look fantastic tbh mate, would be great for a little Costa in boots session lol
  7. I’ve had the same thing happen in Costa on the odd occasion I’ve popped in without my boots on, think they just come to expect that i wear them all the time
  8. I once went to our local 10 pin bowling centre and without really thinking about it i wore 4" stilletto knee high boots, naturally i had to take them off to swap them for the shoes provided, this didn't really cause any concern until i went to return the shoes, the young girl assistant took the shoes from me and went to replace them where they belonged only to find a pair of stiletto boots, she turned to me and said "I'm really sorry but I think your shoes have been put in the wrong place, what am I looking for?", I replied "no problem, it is actually those boots you are looking at, she apolog
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