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  1. At least you managed to get out the car and go into a coffee shop in the end, maybe now you’ve achieved this you might want to try your first choice coffee shop again, as you may have seen, i love to frequent coffee shops with my boots and heels on full show and i tend to find nobody takes any notice at all or even cares about what I’m wearing, stick with it and your confidence will increase with every trip which in turn will make you more adventurous which also increases the level of fun you will have, good luck mate
  2. Wow what a fabulous collection, make sure you have a lot of fun with those mate
  3. Nice boots and yeah I’m sure you’ll find the courage no problem, I wouldn’t think twice about going out in those, just act natural and forget you’re even wearing heels, i often find the busier the place the better, nobody will even take any notice mate, enjoy
  4. Yeah I’ve bought many pairs of boots from new look, not a bad combination of cost and quality, next is always worth a look as is river island, most stores have sales on here at the moment and it’s usually the larger sizes that’s still available so should be able to bag a few bargains, enjoy your trip
  5. That’s great mate, can’t beat a good shopping trip in heels, i love wearing my boots and going into shops and trying on more boots, having a good interaction with the staff, really good fun, keep it up mate, and enjoy yourself
  6. Couldn’t have said that better myself, a life without heels would be unthinkable
  7. maninboots

    Cali World

    I’d love to have a go though
  8. Yeah, if you’re ever in the Birmingham area let me know and I’ll show you some good Costa heels action, could be fun
  9. Some really nice shoes there mate and look really good on too
  10. Great looking boots there mate and really nicely styled aswell, what’s not to like there , love it
  11. Hi and welcome to the site, it’s definitely possible to remain masculine whilst wearing heels, even stilettos can still be masculine if styled correctly, think I’m actually living proof of this, I’ll wear regular male outfits and put a pair of heeled knee high boots over my jeans, notice i don’t call them women’s boots because they’re not, they’re mine, they only become women’s when worn by a woman, check out my Costa in boots thread, styled correctly you can go very unnoticed, it’s all about being natural and confident and don’t try to draw attention to yourself, get out and enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anybody or anything
  12. I agree with everything people have said, just be yourself and act natural and show confidence, it’s really not that difficult, i also don’t think gay bars are a good idea, gay men don’t nessaserily wear heels and i think they might feel insulted by a straight male coming in wearing heels possibly suggesting that it’s normal attire for gay men, i may be wrong but that’s the impression i got when i tried it and to be honest, never again. The chances of you meeting another male in heels is slim unless it’s someone from on here of course so just wear yours because you want to and not specifically to try and find others wearing them
  13. Lovely boots there mate, are they back zips, they will certainly give your legs a good shape
  14. Look really cute and faith always did nice boots to be fair mate
  15. Love all of these, all right up my street to be fair
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