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  1. Well done mate, running in heels is no mean feat, if you’ll pardon the pun, it doesn’t matter that nobody cared, you did so well done you
  2. Oh wow, I’m in Staffordshire so you’re probably the most local fellow heeler I’ve seen on here, would be great if we could arrange something sometime
  3. I’ve never had anyone stop me and ask to try my boots on but i did lend a pair to a girl to wear as part of a costume for a fancy dress thing she was doing, when she showed me her outfit i told her I’d got some boots that would go perfectly, i asked her what size she took and when she said she was the same size as me i suggested that she borrow them, when she returned them she asked me if i really wanted them back as she loved them so much, i told her sorry but yes, they’re one of my favourite pairs too
  4. H, great to see you back, i too like to wear heels out and about as often as possible and also don’t get negative reaction, look forward to sharing stories with you mate
  5. Hi and welcome back, always good to have more fellow British heelers on here, what part of the uk are you from, look forward to sharing some posts with you soon
  6. Great to see and I’d definitely wear those boots without any concerns whatsoever
  7. Wow what a story and how nice to get so many compliments, keep up the good work mate, you’re definitely a great advert for men wearing heels
  8. Hi, that’s a pretty impressive collection there to be honest mate, love how you’ve managed to categorise them, is it mainly shoes you wear or do you like boots too? And interested to know what size you wear as they don’t look overly large although pictures can be deceiving, I’m only a uk 5 so great when you can buy straight off the shelf. Keep enjoying your heels mate and look forward to seeing more in the future
  9. Hi and welcome to the site, my story is also very similar to yours, i do like to wear heels and boots in public and don’t feel any shame or have any concerns about that, my wife tolerates my passion at home but will not accompany me in public, mostly down to embarrassment and concerns that people are talking about me, so all my public heeling is done alone, would love to have a fellow heeler to wear them out with but i do really enjoy any time i can get to wear them and really pleased with my collection, look forward to you joining in with our posts in the future and have fun and don’t feel guilty mate
  10. maninboots


    Got to be boots for me whatever the time of year, I’ve tried different shoes and sandals but i think I’m destined to always be a maninboots
  11. Hi mate and welcome to the site, i totally agree with what everyone has said, and the fact so many have offered the same advice says a lot. Definitely more conservative, you don’t need to hide them under trousers but go for a more everyday look. Take a look at my Costa in boots thread and you’ll see how i do it, my wife is very much like yours, she tolerates it but would prefer it if i didn’t wear them and in public i have to go alone, but I’ve enjoyed boots and heels all my life and no reason why you can’t either. Hope you can find inspiration from mine and other people’s threads on here and enjoy your heeling
  12. Yeah I have to agree they’re very nice looking boots indeed and love that colour, are they in stores or just online?
  13. Contemplating a pair of these from next, a little different to my normal style but look quite nice and only £38, what do you all think
  14. Well I’m back here again after a few weeks without a visit due to work commitments, I’m wearing my next western slouch boots over some proper skinny jeans, a few in this morning and nobody i recognise except the staff of course, a few casual looks but no more than that, sorry i can’t upload any pictures at the moment, every time i try i get a message saying i can only upload 501 kb and i must be on my limit, if anyone knows how to resolve this I’d appreciate the advice, thanks
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