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  1. I’ve had the same thing happen in Costa on the odd occasion I’ve popped in without my boots on, think they just come to expect that i wear them all the time
  2. I don’t consider any items of clothing or footwear to be either male or female, they might have been designed with women in mind but there’s no law stating who should wear what, so technically we can all wear what the hell we like and style it any way we like, so in my world no such thing as drag or cross dressing, we are just wearing stuff we’ve brought and love
  3. I would hope not, they’re awesome
  4. Wow, those boots are gorgeous, and i said exactly the same when you posted them on Instagram, i love the boots and i love the way you’ve styled them and don’t let anyone put you off wearing what you like and how you like
  5. You’ll be missed, good luck with future ventures and hopefully we’ll see back here sometime in the future
  6. I have @_etwas.anders on Instagram too, looks a very interesting character, don’t know if he’s on here too though
  7. Looks great mate, lovely boots They look fantastic, good idea with the laces too, with the size of the platform I’d probably just about manage them but not for too much distance though
  8. They actually look like really nice boots there, I’d see about sorting out those worn soles and wearing them regularly, can’t really see the heels in that picture and is that a back zip i can see too, good luck with the shrinking although I’m not too optimistic about that I’m afraid
  9. Simply stunning mate, love the black and white combination and and absolutely fantastic boots, where’s Costa when I need it
  10. Love them, they look really good on you
  11. We do a lot of online shopping and usually if a delivery comes and they can’t get hold of you they usually leave a card to say they called and information on where they left it and even a number to ring to arrange another delivery, so if there’s no card they probably haven’t come yet, think the current situation is delaying things a bit and to be honest, wish are never the quickest anyway
  12. In the absence of Costa at the moment, I had a nice little walk around Lichfield town today in these, popped into B & M Bargains then strolled around town and had a little sit on a bench in beacon park, was lovely to get out in some boots again, no adverse reactions, just everyone going about their business in their own way and social distancing, hopefully there’s light at the end of the tunnel and will soon be able to frequent Costa coffee shops again soon
  13. They’re absolutely fantastic, look brilliant on, definitely worth a bit of a struggle to see the end result, would love to give those a run out in Costa mate, hope you have fun out and about in them
  14. For me it would be boots without zips, it takes me so long to get the dammed things on, getting them off again usually requires help yet I can’t stop buying them, my last 2 pairs were pull ons and I had a couple more pairs before, even just a short zip would make my life so much easier but they do look fantastic once I’ve got them on, I’m also with you on the ballets though, horrible looking things
  15. Not sure about a few months, don’t think I’d ever get used to those, I’ll take my hat off to you if you manage walking them, they do look great though
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