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  1. Hi and welcome to the site, i too love to wear long boots with heels ranging from flat to around 4” both block and stiletto, I don’t consider my boots to be women’s as i wear them as part of male fashion, I’m sure you will find higher heels in your size, be bold and pop into different shoe shops and just try a few pairs, it’s all about experimenting, you can have a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised what you might find
  2. maninboots

    Boot "season"?

    Certainly in the uk boot season tends to refer to the availability in the shops, during the summer you only really find sandals and flip flops and light shoes whereas boots don’t really come into stock until mid August to the start of September hence “boot season”and I’ve noticed this year due to our exceptionally hot summer boots are actually quite late coming into stock, I’m with the majority of you though that boots season is all year round because i wear them all year round
  3. maninboots

    Midland meet up

    Hi all, as my wife accepts my wearing heels both at home and in public, unfortunately she will not accompany me out in heels, therefore all my public expeditions tend to be alone, i would love to meet up with fellow heelers for the odd shopping trip and a coffee preferably around the midlands area as that’s where I’m from, i do work long hours and most days off does tend to be spent with the family which does make meetings difficult to arrange but I’m sure i could sort something out if anyone is interested, look forward to some responses
  4. maninboots

    Uk Heelers Info

    Hi mate, i know this is a few years after you posted this but I’m not too far away from you in Staffordshire, I’d love to meet up some time and do a bit of heels shopping with you, I’m only a size 5 so could be a lot of fun, message me if you’re still interested, thanks
  5. maninboots

    Hi from South of England

    Hi, welcome to the site, I’m always pleased to see fellow brits on here, you’ll have to try venturing out in your boots, think you’ll enjoy it and when you do it’ll open up a whole new world for you, i love to wear heels out although i have to admit that dresses and skirts in public is something I’m struggling with, you can start with your boots under trousers and not too high and then progress from there as you get more confidence, i now wear long boots over trousers or jeans without a second thought, will be interested to hear how you get on, enjoy the site mate
  6. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I’m not seeing them on the website anymore but you may be lucky enough to find an odd pair on a sale rack in a store, they were last seasons stock though
  7. maninboots

    Short, fat, middle aged men

    To be honest Puffer i either get no reaction or good reaction, very rarely anything negative, I’m only a size 5 so my boots do look quite natural on my feet
  8. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    These are a uk 6, probably could have done with a 5 but there was no way i was going to get my feet into them, it’s a struggle enough with the 6, quite lucky to have women’s size feet though really, shouldn’t complain, and yes i do wear hose in them, does help a little with pulling them on
  9. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    These are a fairly recent purchase of mine, western slouch boots from Next, 3 1/2” heels, no zip so a lot of fun to get on and off but very comfortable to wear, barely been off my feet since I’ve had them, and only £30 in the half price sale, how is a man meant to resist? Loved it Cali
  10. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Absolutely love my early morning latte in Costa with my boots on, love watching people come and go and check out their footwear, don’t know if anyone checks out mine though, which Public places do you guys like to just sit in your heels and observe other people
  11. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Yeah i thought that, there was me and a random woman both trying them at the same time, not sure she could believe her eyes lol, her mate did say they looked better on me than her though which i don’t think amused her very much
  12. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Not M&S by any chance, tried a pair that looks remarkably like them only last night
  13. maninboots

    Chores in heels

  14. maninboots

    Have you been caught?

    I bumped into a girl who works in our office at work in Sainsbury’s the other day, i was wearing my 4” high heels boots from Next under my jeans, we stood and chatted for around 20 minutes about work but nothing at all was mentioned either then or since about my boots, still don’t know if she even noticed or not
  15. Love the boots, I’ve always thought boots are like a corset for legs and trust me my legs need all the help they can get lol

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