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  1. Finally managed to get a quick picture of them
  2. Well they’ve arrived, had a right struggle to get them on but I got there and they look fantastic, I’ll post some pictures when i can but I’m a little restricted at the moment as my son’s working from home, we’re pretty much on lockdown and of course no Costa to sit in, hopefully this won’t last too long
  3. Wow they look fantastic, think they might be a bit ambitious for me but they do look great and well done if you can walk around in them
  4. Just had an email telling me they’ve been dispatched, they’re on their way then Sod’s law all the Costa’s close for sit in’s just as i was looking forward to showing them off
  5. Well I’ve just had my last visit to Costa for a while, they’re closing the sit in part and only serving take aways from tomorrow, wore my snake print stilettos shoe boots this evening, you can see them further back in this thread, sat and had a lengthy conversation with a middle aged woman about corona virus, chatted for a good half hour and no mention at all about my footwear, she must have noticed, they’re not exactly inconspicuous but didn’t feel the need to say anything, finally left to collect the wife from work, going to miss that place for a while
  6. Still able to visit Costa at the moment but it’s noticeabley quieter than normal, peaceful though
  7. I have to admit it’s brilliant really, I’ve even been the envy of a lot of women to be honest when I’ve sat in a shop and just slipped into a pair of boots while they’re struggling with the zip or getting their feet in and you get the inevitable question, how did you do that? It’s not fair, love it really
  8. Sorry I can’t answer your question but so glad i don’t have the large feet problem, my little uk size 5’s will fit into most shoes and boots straight off the shelf
  9. Another visit to Costa in next and I’ve gone for some old faithfuls with my black knee high boots with 4” heels from Dorothy Perkins, the special needs girl has shown an interest again as has a young female member of staff, fairly quiet in here this evening but i do enjoy the walk though the store first to get to Costa, gives a nice chance to browse the collection and try on some other heels too, talk about killing two birds with one stone, waiting delivery of some otk’s from Topshop so can’t wait to test drive them in here
  10. I totally agree with you, it’s not because I’m a man that i don’t wear skirts, i don’t wear them for the same reason a lot of women don’t, and it’s nothing to do with my legs, it’s just my general body shape doesn’t seem to suit them, i have been considering one of these pinafore dresses, probably in denim with a T-shirt under it, black opaque tights and knee high boots, tried one on in matalan the other week and didn’t think that looked too bad, that might be a nice option to begin with
  11. That’s great, the only reason I don’t wear skirts is because i don’t think I look good in one, much prefer skinny jeans with long boots over them, nothing but respect for men who do though, if only i was a little taller and much slimmer
  12. Hi, love hearing stories of outfits from fellow British heelers, do you maintain the male identity when wearing heels and skirts in public or do you go for the full transformation?, I’ll definitely look at Giaro, although sizing is not a problem for me as I’m only a uk 5 lol, i do wear heels boots in public but not got into skirts yet although I do wear my long boots over jeans and always keep my male identity, would love to know what part of the uk you’re from, I’m in the Midlands, hopefully you’ll post some pictures soon, would be great to see how you style your heels
  13. Nice looking boots there, goes well with the blue jeans
  14. Really glad you had a good ending to what started as a bad day, amazing how we can transform our day with this passion. Really nice shoes by the way, look great with your jeans
  15. Just ordered these from the Topshop website, down to £60 from £159, ordered them in a size 5, not sure from the description and pictures weather they’re pull on or zip up, hopefully the latter or may struggle otherwise, expected delivery date is 23rd March, as long as they fit, look out on my Costa thread for some visits in them, can’t wait for that, been wanting a pair in that style for quite a while now
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