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  1. I brought these recently from ASOS, quirky little 3 1/2” heels and pretty comfortable to wear
  2. Good for you, I’ve been doing that regularly in 4” stilettos boots worn over skinny jeans for the last 42 years lol and as you say, nobody ever really takes any notice and if they do they’re usually complimentary, just keep wearing them and take no notice lol
  3. I started wearing my mother’s boots at around 5 years old, as I got into my teens i used to smuggle them out for trips to town until I started work which was when i started buying my own boots, been buying and wearing boots ever since and I’m 58 next month lol, don’t think anything of wearing heeled boots out in public and couldn’t imagine my life without them
  4. Hi, its been a while but looking forward to posting more pics and sharing experiences with you all again and of course adding to my Costa in boots thread again I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram so if anyone is on there look up heel_sandbootsguy and send me a follow request, always happy to have new followers and keep spreading our message, hope to catch up with you all soon
  5. Hi and welcome to the site, it’s always good to find fellow English male heels wearers, looking forward to seeing more posts and pics from you and maybe some good conversations too
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