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  1. 4 inch is about my limit now as I'm not getting any younger, but pretty much all of us on here wear heels and a large majority of us including myself have no worries about wearing them out in public, how about yourself, would be interested to hear mate
  2. Great outfit, you look great, great attitude, all in all great
  3. Fantastic boots, should look great on, Dune always do a good range of boots, get out and about in them, they're too nice not to be shown off
  4. Fantastic boots, should look great on, Dune always do a good range of boots, get out and about in them, they're too nice not to be shown off
  5. Lovely shoes, too nice to keep locked up indoors, get out there and show them off, wear them with pride, you've only got to take that first step and it'll get much easier after that
  6. For me it's not about a man wearing women's shoes, fashion is gender neutral, anyone can wear anything, if anybody asks why I'm wearing women's shoes or boots i always reply I'm not, i tell them these are mine, if they were women's then a woman would be wearing them, let's all be who we want to be and wear what we want to wear, women don't have a problem wearing jeans, sweatshirts, trainers etc so why should it be a problem if men want to wear heels or even dresses or skirts, as it's already been mentioned, we are not breaking any laws, if people don't like it then they don't have to wear it, it's individual choices at the end of the day
  7. I have to be honest and say 4 inch is comfortable for me but also about my limit now, think age must be catching up with me, i used to go higher but now don't see the point if you're not comfortable, you will draw negative attention to yourself if you're struggling in your heels, to pull it off you need to be comfortable and confident with your walk
  8. Go for it, can't wait to read it
  9. Shame to hide them, get some women's tight skinny jeans, pull on the boots over the jeans and walk around with pride, you'll be surprised how easy it is and how good the reactions are, there's no better feeling, trust me, i speak from experience
  10. I know, i actually find it easier to get women's shoes and boots than men's, what a wonderful problem to have eh
  11. I agree, think they are women's but i would happily wear them with no hesitation at all
  12. Very 70's, not my style nowadays but back in the day would have worn them
  13. Nice boots, I did try them on in a size 5, fit really well and felt comfortable but a bit too similar to another pair I've already got so didn't buy
  14. I like the feeling of being a little taller even if I don't actually look taller but I also like the elegance and posture that a high heel gives you together with the adrenaline buzz and attention you get when wearing them out in public
  15. I'm about the same height as you and feel the same about having the extra heel height, I think 1.5 inches would be a safe men's heel, think you can afford to be a bit more adventurous and go to 3 to 3.5 inch Cuban or block heel, not sure what size you take but I'd look at women's cowboy boots still worn with your cut jeans and you'll look and feel amazing, what part of the uk are you from, I'm in the midlands and would love to meet up with you and help you shop for a pair