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  1. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Lovely looking boots mate, dune boots are usually very good quality
  2. maninboots

    Modified ballet boots 2018 edition

    Great if you can manage them but not for me, I'd draw too much unwanted attention, i think the secret to successful heeling is stick to what's comfortable and be natural, couldn't be either in those heels, sorry
  3. maninboots

    Looking for the producer of these boots

    Absolutely no idea mate but wouldn't say no to a pair, they're gorgeous
  4. maninboots

    UK heel loving guy

    Hi and welcome back from a midlands heeler, look forward to future chats with you mate Congratulations on your first purchase and enjoy the try on, i remember my first pair of boots and it's been onwards and upwards from there so let this be the start of something great, we'll have you venturing out in them before long
  5. maninboots

    Hello from the UK

    Hi and welcome to this site, I'm also from the uk but my passion is more about the heels than the clothes, I'm interested to know do you keep a male identity when wearing skirts and heels or do you transform, do you wear them in public and what part of the uk are you from, I'm in the midlands by the way
  6. maninboots

    Hello and thanks.

    Hi and welcome to the site, reading your introduction post i could have written that myself, you have just described me to a t, great to have a fellow Brit on here too, looking forward to more chats with you in due course, enjoy
  7. maninboots

    Greetings from a new member

    Welcome mate, you're among friends here so enjoy the site and i look forward to conversations with you
  8. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Bargain mate, how can you refuse them and they look gorgeous
  9. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    WOW, don't think i need to add to that, did you try them on in store before you bought them? Could have a lot of fun with those around town
  10. maninboots

    Goodbye from Kittyinboots

    Sorry to see you're leaving us, good luck and keep heeling
  11. maninboots

    Just ordered these babies

    That's not a bad idea to be honest, will see how i get on first then may look into that
  12. maninboots

    Just ordered these babies

    Will do if I've still got the energy, not as young as i used to be but I'll manage some pics just for you
  13. maninboots

    Just ordered these babies

    Thanks, just a bit worried i won't get them on when they arrive but I'm sure with a bit of persuasion and possibly the old plastic bag trick i should be fine
  14. maninboots

    Just ordered these babies

    I've just ordered these from next, tried them in store, must be mad with my high arches and no zip, half hour of well worth while struggling but look fantastic once on, had to order as the pair i tried was a size too big, not sure how I'm going to get into a size smaller but sure they'll fit better once they're on, can't wait for them to arrive and bring on the challenge
  15. maninboots

    Hidden Heels... Maybe Not Pointless

    I totally agree, most comments and compliments i get are from females but as you say most people will have a look but usually say nothing at all, love your look though, right up my street although i tend to go for slightly thicker heels these days, age related I'm afraid, and also great to see a fellow Brit putting it out there, keep it up mate

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