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  1. Yes !!! make a proposition !! Prutske 255
  2. Photo on request !
  3. Was a pleasant but short meeting ! enjoyed the time !! Prutske255
  4. On monday 8 or tuesday 9 not possible (i'm working then ) Sorry Pierre1961 !
  5. Perfect ; I plan this !! Prutske255
  6. 7 june possible with lockdown and closed café's in Brussels ? Museum of Africa in Tervuren is possible . What time on the same day ? Prutske255
  7. I have the upper left and the upper right ones . Very comfy and easy to walk . Price is O.K. Prutske255
  8. Prutske255


    When i pay 100 euro for a pair of wedges , i expect good stuff for my money . When it takes 2 months before receiving them , that's long enough !!! I also have to pay 45 euro extra import taxes !! For that price i will have service !!! Never again they sell me a pair of shoes / boots !!! Prutske255
  9. Prutske255


    Hello ; A month ago , i received a pair of FSJ wedges . They arrived more than a month later than 2 other pairs of booties i bought . After trying them on , they have a snug fit , but O.K. . I wore my wedges for about 1.5 hour inside the house , when i heart a strange noise ! Not flipping over my feet , but a "crack" . Before i had the possibility to check what was going on , on the other shoe the same noise . When i checked the shoes , the stitching of both shoes was ripped off !! I contacted FSJ , but no reaction . After 2 weeks , i contacted them again , and receive
  10. what brand and model are those 2 pair of booties ? Prutske255
  11. Hello Enribote ; where specific near Brussels ? I'm from Ninove . Up for a meeting ? Prutske255
  12. they walks easy !! never thought i could walk on them ; but it's fine !!
  13. I bought a pair of Miguel Jones boots . I wanted them with a few modifications . when i received the parcel , i was speechless !! Miguel made me a pair of unique boots !!! contrasting color heels , inside full lenght zipper , rubber soles , square toes .
  14. I have a pair in mens US 11 made by Miguel Jones (Cowboybootsusa ) . Fits perfect !!! Miguel make your boots by hand ! even special requests are possible !! I have several pairs and very satisfied by his craftsmanship !!!!
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