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  1. Will you send them to Belgium ? Say how much for them ? Prutske255
  2. Prutske255

    How many pairs of shoes do you have

    I lost count last year an had more than 200 pairs at that moment . Every week there are a few pairs more . At this moment 2 rooms full of boxes and bags with shoes / Boots . I'm awaiting 3 pairs this week . Prutske255
  3. Prutske255

    Missguided Thigh high boots EU42 US11

    Please update me about the Axel Boots i bought from you !! Prutske255
  4. Prutske255

    NL/BE Meet

    How was your Rocky Horror Show event ? Received comments ? Prutske255
  5. Prutske255

    Brand Bionci

    I think it is BIOND . I have a few pairs , but have to seek (out of 300 pairs ) . Prutske255
  6. Prutske255

    SOLD Iron Fist Manslayer Wedges - Hot Pink. SOLD

    Will buy them !!! Postage to Belgium . Greetings ; Prutske255
  7. Prutske255

    For sale: Booties Amanda Gregory size US10 / EUR 42

    30 euro . Greetings ; Prutske255
  8. Prutske255

    selling my extreme shoes and boots collection

    Many thanks for the shoes i bought !! Ultra quick delivery !!! THANKS !!
  9. Why not possible to send private messages to other members ?


  10. Prutske255

    For sale: High heel boots and pumps EU43/44

    Not possible to send a message !!!
  11. Prutske255

    For sale: High heel boots and pumps EU43/44

    Interrested in 1st en 3rd pair . From where are they shipped ? Prices ?
  12. Prutske255

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I like the Jones boots !!! I have more than 10 pairs Of Jones Boots . I know how it is feels to wear those brand of boots .
  13. How's the pink heels? 

    You didn't tell me if you liked them :)

  14. What brand (make ) and model are these boots ?

    Looks very special !!!

  15. Prutske255

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    What brand and model ? Those like very high !! Easy to walk ?

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