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    High heels , boots and shoes
  1. selling my extreme shoes and boots collection

    Many thanks for the shoes i bought !! Ultra quick delivery !!! THANKS !!
  2. Why not possible to send private messages to other members ?


  3. For sale: High heel boots and pumps EU43/44

    Not possible to send a message !!!
  4. For sale: High heel boots and pumps EU43/44

    Interrested in 1st en 3rd pair . From where are they shipped ? Prices ?
  5. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I like the Jones boots !!! I have more than 10 pairs Of Jones Boots . I know how it is feels to wear those brand of boots .
  6. How's the pink heels? 

    You didn't tell me if you liked them :)

  7. What brand (make ) and model are these boots ?

    Looks very special !!!

  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    What brand and model ? Those like very high !! Easy to walk ?
  9. Netherlands

    Hello ; Not from Netherlands , but Belgium !! Witch region ? East-Flanders here. Prutske255
  10. NL/BE Meet

    Has someone a suggestion about a specific date ? preferably a saturday , sunday or a common holliday nearby ?
  11. Hi Guy,


    These suede wood mules are still on sale. They are of very high american quality. The insole is as well suede.


    Shipment to Belgium with the Spanish postal is around 33 euros plus 110 the shoes 143 euros.


    I'll do you a little discount (10% approx) as frequent customer so let's round down to 130 euros.


    As usual to my paypal account (cervantescaro@ya.com) but please remind to use the money transaction among friends and relatives.


    Thanks and best regards


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    2. Rodriguez


      Hi Guy


      Shipment on its way to Belgium. Tracking no: RF121791829ES


      Hope it will arrive for your pick up on weekend.





    3. Prutske255


      Thanks for the update .
      Let you know as soon as i received the package .

      Guy / Prutske255


    4. Prutske255


      Received the mules this weekend .

      Fitting is snug , but PERFECT !!!!

      Thanks again !!!

      Guy / Prutske255


  12. Interrested for these mules . Please mail me . Prutske255
  13. Hello ; Th selled brand is Gianrico Mori . I have several pairs of their shoes / boots . Great craftmanship , perfect quality !!! True to size ( sometimes a little wide ) . I have high arches . I take normal size for boots , one size smaller for shoes .
  14. NL/BE Meet

    Hello ; No date for meeting ? I'm also interrested ! I live in between Gent and Brussels !
  15. Hi Guy


    Then you are interested in 3 new shoes:

    - Brown suede booties from Dress WE

    - Black strap sandals from Zara

    - Black booties elastic from Zara

    Prices were 25 EUR the Zara ones and 60 EUR the Brown suede, then 110 EUR.


    I'll do you a discount of 20 EUR so the 3 pairs by 90 EUR plus shipment. I estimate this time the shipment in 35 EUR (no big boxes, Zara's ones got no shoe box) so total 125 EUR, as usual by paypal. Please do not select commercial transaction but among relatives/friends to avoid extra paypal fees.


    As soon as posted the shoes I'll send you the tracking number.


    By the way did the previous shipment of 4 shoes already arrived or are you going this sunday 27th?


    Thanks and cheers





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    2. Rodriguez


      Hi Guy,


      The postal tracking system states the package has been delivered, guess you will go this weekend to pick up the shoes.


      Hope you will like them.




    3. Prutske255


      Hello ;

      Correct !!

      I go overthere this weekend .

      I will keep you informed about the shoes .



    4. Prutske255


      Hello ;
      Received package in excellent condition .

      Tried on the black sandals : narrow but good fitting .

      Tried on the brown booties : Perfect !!!

      Black booties : very narrow .

      Thanks !!!

      Guy / Prutske255