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  1. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Absolutely love my early morning latte in Costa with my boots on, love watching people come and go and check out their footwear, don’t know if anyone checks out mine though, which Public places do you guys like to just sit in your heels and observe other people
  2. maninboots

    Hi from Lincoln

    Hi Dave and welcome, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your new found freedom, sorry can’t help you with the size 11, I’m only a women’s 5 so don’t have that problem, you’ll soon make many friends on here that I’m sure will be able to help, I’m in the midlands so not a million miles from you, do you like to get out and about in your heels, if you look in the guys section at Costa in boots you’ll see quite a bit of what I’m about, looking forward to more chats with you in due course. Regards Gaz
  3. maninboots

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Yeah i agree, and they look great aswell
  4. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Oh yeah, didn’t think of that to be honest Jeremy but you never know, watch this space lol
  5. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    You’re too kind. This is becoming a really eventful visit, the woman sat nearby when her husband disappeared to the toilet leaned over and said gorgeous boots and they look great on you, to which i replied thank you, if you come here around this time most weeks work permitting you may see a range of different boots, and she said great I’ll mark that in my diary, her husband then returned and they left giving me a cheeky little wave behind his back, I then spotted a young girl about 10 or 11 look at me then lean to her mother to whisper something, she seemed to that I’d spotted her and got a bit embarrassed, her mom whispered something back to her and then smiled at me, i wonder what that was about lol. Another group of 3 girls ranging from about 16 to 19 ish walked in and the one girl was wearing the most gorgeous pair of otk leather heeled boots, didn’t have the nerve to ask her where she had them from but oh my god i want those boots. So glad i came today and can’t wait for future visits now
  6. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    I’ve not been here since new year due to work commitments, so missed this greatly, really happy to be back here today though, wearing my next western slouch boots with 31/2” heels (not posted pictures as you’ve seen these many times before). Walked into a fairly crowded Costa today but with a lot of familiar faces, the staff commented that they’d not seen me for a while, nice to be missed, Got a woman sat near by giving me lots of smiles, I’m either a really handsome chap or she’s fascinated by my boots, suppose it could be either really lol. Quite a lot of comings and going’s here at the moment so should be an enjoyable visit,
  7. maninboots

    Myleene klass boots

    Hi Fez00, welcome to the site, i agree with Happyinheels that a better introduction and a little bit about yourself will help you get to know people a bit more, but i do remember these boots, they were part of the river island range about 3 years ago, I’m sure they might be the ones you’re looking for although i can’t find any images of Myleene Klass wearing them, i actually tried these on in black in river island myself, i remember having to go up a size to get them on as my normal size 5 was quite small and although i just about got my foot into it i couldn’t get the zip started, even the 6 was a struggle but i got into them in the end, i even asked the assistant if she wouldn’t mind trying them aswell and she also found them a small fit, they did look and feel great once on but i didn’t buy as they were around £160 and it was a bit too close to Christmas to justify spending that sort of money. Hope you’ve found this useful and i, and probably everyone else on this site look forward to hearing more about you and your experiences with heels in the near future
  8. maninboots

    Shopping in M&S

    Nice little walk around M&S after my morning coffee,
  9. maninboots

    Shopping in M&S

    They’re down to £22.99 now so the price is definitely right
  10. maninboots

    Shopping in M&S

    Just tried these on in M&S, contemplating weather or not too
  11. maninboots

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Those boots look a perfect length to me and probably have the opposite effect of elongating your legs, if i could find some jeans skinny enough I’d wear them out but would have to be super skinny jeans as i don’t really do skirts They look really nice to be honest mate and give your feet a really good profile, as my title suggests i prefer boots to shoes but would wear a boot with that heel and platform and i do like M&S, I’m guessing you’re a uk heeler like myself
  12. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Thanks for the compliments everyone, and I’ll keep posting in the new year
  13. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    New Year’s Eve early morning and it’s busier than i expected, pretty much all male customers and no familiar faces so far, i walked in wearing my next western slouch boots over some skinny biker jeans, the 31/2” heels are quite clicky but no one seems to be paying any attention, let’s see how many more come in this morning. And for the benefit of Jeremy I’ve photographed the heel aswell this time lol. Happy new year everyone Gaz xx
  14. maninboots

    Comfortable high heel boots

    I would have said yes i know if it had been me, I’ve done it quite a few times before and it can get an interesting reaction sometimes too
  15. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    That’s brilliant mate, great style and nice looking boots
  16. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Yeah I’ll do that, but if you scroll back to other pictures I’ve posted in this thread you’ll see a full view of the heel when i wore the same boots previously You look great mate and nice boots too
  17. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Yeah you’re right, sometimes you can buy 10 cheap pairs to one expensive quality pair ultimately costing more in the long run
  18. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Yeah I’m sure, I’ll bet it works out a bit more expensive though
  19. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Yeah, I’ve often believed that tall boots fit men’s legs better than women’s anyway, there are exceptions of course but you need to fill a boot for the perfect fit and a lot of women’s legs are too skinny, i don’t mind a slight struggle with a zip to get a good fitted look, if only the shoe size range was a bit bigger then we’d all be in business and maybe then more men would consider them, I’ve been told many times by female assistants when I’ve been trying on that they think they look better on me than they did on her and that’s really only down to a little extra leg width filling them out and not sagging like wellies lol
  20. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Yes i know i am, very lucky really, think i may have to diet a bit in the new year as I’m starting to struggle a little with the leg widths which is not really anything I’ve had a problem with in the past, i know as I’m getting a bit older my legs are swelling a bit especially after a full days driving at work so that’s giving me a few problems but generally i can go into most shops and just try and buy, a decent pair of support tights is quite helpful too
  21. maninboots

    Costa in boots

    Its a quiet morning here again today, one chap sat over the aisle reading the paper and another just come in and ordered a takeaway. I was discussing Christmas with the young female assistant who asked me if I’d had any new boots for Christmas, i replied no not this year but may have a look in the sales before I’m fully back at work though, she then completed my order and i went to sit down, think she’s probably seen most of my range that i wear regularly by now so I’m due some new ones, comes to something when I’m buying boots to keep the staff at Costa interested lol. I’ve gone quite understated again today, dark blue woolly jumper, black jeans tucked into my Dorothy Perkins black knee high boots with 4” heels, i have to say black jeans and boots blend in very well, Working all day tomorrow so will be back on Sunday.
  22. maninboots

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Love those boots mate, not sure i could pull off the skirt although you look great in it, I’m on the look out for some boots like that to wear with skinny jeans
  23. maninboots

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    And so you should be, every step forward is progress no matter how big or small, won’t be long before you’re stepping out in boots and heels without a second thought mate
  24. maninboots

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    You’re totally right, although to be honest i wear the heeled variety also over jeans and with a tasteful outfit it still goes unnoticed,
  25. maninboots

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow heelers and good friends all over the world a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Thanks for all your support and encouragement and long may we continue heeling in the new year, If you’re having a drink be careful in your heels, keep safe everyone. Gaz xx

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