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  1. Thanks and I’m pleased you like them, i do like stiletto boots too but find a block heel a little more comfortable now I’m getting a bit older, don’t know if you saw my snake skin ankle boots with stilettos, as i said before I’m looking forward to liaising more with you in the future
  2. Welcome to the forum mate, your story is also very similar to mine, nowadays i do wear heels and knee high boots out in public and I’m sure one day you will too, you’ll be surprised how you can integrate heels into male fashion and provide a masculine outfit, take a look at my Costa in boots thread in the guys section and you’ll see some of my styles, I’m looking forward to sharing more stories, pictures and experiences with you in the future. Happy heeling mate
  3. Oh ok, I’d stick with those jeans though, they look great mate
  4. Really nice looking boots there mate and very nicely styled with the blue jeans, wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of your outfit but from what i can see looks very much like the way i would wear them
  5. Why can’t we dress like her, there’s nothing stopping us, I often do, does look good though doesn’t it
  6. Well as i said, normal service is resumed today, back in my regular Costa in my regular seat and wearing my latest purchase from new look, not too many in yet but feeling a lot more comfortable than yesterday now I’m back in my boots. I’ve complimented the boots with some black leather gloves today aswell as it’s a little chilly out there
  7. Great that’s fantastic progress, it’s onwards and upwards from here mate, enjoy yourself and don’t forget to post pictures, we’d all love to see them
  8. No, it was a completely different Costa to my usual visits so nobody would have known i even wear them
  9. Well believe or not I’m actually sat in Costa on Kingsway Covent Garden, no boots or heels but work uniform instead drinking a medium latte, got to say it’s not half as much fun without the boots but i do have a day off tomorrow so normal service will be resumed, cannot wait lol
  10. Thanks Jeremy, really comfortable too
  11. As I’m a man in boots, I’ve gone for boots although this is my favourite shoe type, i actually like boots with a variety of different heel types though, as they say, variety is the spice of life
  12. Very good puffer, it’s certainly not his regular seat at that time on a Sunday morning, I’m there most weeks and I’ve never seen him before, i should have booted him out lol
  13. No nothing at all, he just sat there minding his own business
  14. I think you’re approaching this with a sensible head, I’ve been married over 30 years now, i still wear heels regularly enough to enjoy them but as i said not with her, flat knee high boots under trousers are not a problem and on odd occasions I’ve pushed the boundaries very slightly and got away with it, she accepts me wearing heels on full show around the house and even outside when I’m alone, she knows she’ll never stop me wearing them so now she doesn’t try while at the same time i respect her thoughts on this matter, she actually respects me greatly for what i do and thinks it takes a lot of guts to walk round in public as a man wearing heels and long boots on full show, but can’t bring herself to come with me, a compromise can be found that suits both of you and you can still enjoy your heels as i do, you’ll just have to accept you’ll have to do it in your own time. At home we sometimes wear heels together and have a bit of fun, we’re both the same size so we can swap shoes and boots lol and this helps with her understanding of my passion, we also look at heels and boots in shops together but for me there’s no trying on in shops together, that’s only done alone. Good luck and keep enjoying your heels but be careful not to throw away something very special mate
  15. I’m back here again wearing the same new look boots i wore yesterday, i walked in behind another chap, we were the first two in this morning, he was served before me then he went and sat down on my usual sofa, I’m thinking he obviously doesn’t know who i am lol, so I’m relegated to a different seat today, it’s filling up nicely now and no familiar faces yet, let’s see how it goes
  16. Those boots and jeans look fantastic and that styling is right up my street too. While my wife is accepting of my heels and boots wearing, she point blank refuses to accompany me outside anywhere whilst wearing them, so to be fair i don’t even go there now, she has no objection to me going out in them on my own, so whenever we’re going out together i only ever wear my flat boots where you can’t really tell what I’m wearing. I know it’s frustrating and there’s nothing I’d like more than to go out with her in heels, i keep hoping one day it might happen but I’m afraid that day seems a long way off at the moment, i feel for you but don’t do anything you might regret in terms of your relationship mate
  17. Yeah i must remove them, i always forget to do that to be honest mate
  18. Well I’m here this morning in a very quiet Costa, in fact I’m the only person in here, I’m wearing my latest addition from new look, only arrived yesterday so it’s their maiden voyage, think the half tortoise shell heels add something a little different. Had a nice little chat with the young female assistant about them whilst she prepared my coffee. Let’s see if it gets any busier over the next hour
  19. My other pair i ordered from new look have arrived, black knee high boots with full length zip and 31/2” half tortoise shell heels, had to order a size 6 as the 5’s had sold out, glad i did though as they seem quite small fitting and the 6 fits perfectly, an absolute bargain at only £10, hope you like them
  20. I was out last week in black skinny Nike jogging trousers and tan heeled knee high boots, works pretty well to be honest
  21. Well done on finding a style that you’re comfortable with, would be great to see some pictures, you don’t have to include your head, and if you’ve passed the test of the public I’m sure they’ll be accepted on here
  22. Thanks for your comments and I’m really glad you like them, hope you have explored the rest of this thread and seen a few more of my boots, I’ll keep posting more pictures so keep checking it out and thanks again
  23. Hi and welcome to the site, sounds like you have a fun and exciting life together, would love to see some pictures of your outfits and especially your boots which is my passion, look forward to some chats with you
  24. I totally understand where you’re coming from Don, and also why they wouldn’t want a man around half naked women, but i don’t see the difference between a man just in women’s clothing and a man fully dressed as a woman, it’s still a man at the end of the day, some stores here in the uk have communal changing rooms with more solid cubicles and not just a curtain, maybe this day and age that should be the way forward, male or female you can lock the door and have privacy
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