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  1. Yes definitely, no better place to sit in heels and watch the world go by
  2. Yeah i agree, think we’re all of the same opinions here mate, thanks for your response though mate
  3. You’ve all told what i thought to be honest, I’m really greatfull for your advice and i think I’ll stay away, thanks everybody
  4. I’m interested to know if anyone has ordered anything from the online retailers Just Fab, I’ve set up a profile with them and viewed their range, they’re offering huge discounts on first orders but not really understanding how they work, do you get tied into making regular orders and paying regular amounts, would appreciate any info on how this works please, thanks
  5. Hi Yulia, good to see you back, hope to share more of our passion with you in due course
  6. I really like those, for low heeled boots they look really nice and go great with your jeans, I’d definitely wear them mate and love that colour
  7. Big steps in the right direction mate, you’ll find the more you do it the easier it gets, and people’s reaction is probably more your imagination than anything, in any case you will become less caring of others and just go about your own life in your own way, act naturally and don’t feel you’re doing anything wrong, before long we’ll have you strutting around in longer boots on full show over your jeans, most of all enjoy yourself mate
  8. Not sure how to vote here based on the question, is yes to hiding them or yes to showing them, I’m a bit confused,
  9. Just tried this on in phase 8 and although i don’t usually do dresses, i am quite tempted, thought it might go pretty well with the afore mentioned boots, just need to find a pair of them now
  10. I remember that style pretty well, i was only young and like shyheels I knew a girl at school who used to wear them, luckily for me my mom had a pair, they were way too big for me so i used to pack my feet with several pairs of socks and secretly try them, I’d love to get hold of a pair today, I’ll have to search some vintage shops, the picture posted is the nearest i could find although my moms didn’t have a zip, they were like a plastic stretchy leg with a shiny patent foot and you pulled them on
  11. Hi and welcome to the site, some nice looking heels there mate, i prefer wearing longer boots and also don’t give a stuff what people think, i look forward to exchanging stories with you in the future and always great to have fellow brits on here
  12. You’ll be surprised mate, i wear stilettos with only male fashion, find it works pretty well
  13. Same here to be honest, only just worked out how to resize pictures lol
  14. My little contribution to the shorts and heels thread And another one to be going on with, hope you like them, glad I’ve finally got the resizing issue on the iPhone sorted lol
  15. Well done on both wearing those boots in the golf club and on having a very good reply to a ridiculous comment, I’m assuming he thought your boots were sexy so I’d take that as a compliment to be honest mate
  16. maninboots


    I hear what you’re saying but i believe there’s a difference between people noticing and people taking notice, I’m sure when I’m sitting in Costa with a pair of heeled knee high boots over my skinny jeans that people do actually notice what I’m wearing but apart from the odd compliment nobody really takes any notice which really goes to prove that anybody can wear anything with full freedom
  17. I’m with you on the weather redandwhite, lovely looking boots though and you only need it to cool off a few degrees and you can have lots of fun in them Nice boots to be fair, like the colour too, not dissimilar to my next western slouch boots only mine are pull on as opposed to the short zip on yours, we’ll have to have a Costa meet sometime and have a proper boot show off
  18. Quite like the look of these but seems a bit pricey at £129
  19. I usually go to the one in Lichfield just off wall island on the A5, would be good to meet up in there
  20. At least you managed to get out the car and go into a coffee shop in the end, maybe now you’ve achieved this you might want to try your first choice coffee shop again, as you may have seen, i love to frequent coffee shops with my boots and heels on full show and i tend to find nobody takes any notice at all or even cares about what I’m wearing, stick with it and your confidence will increase with every trip which in turn will make you more adventurous which also increases the level of fun you will have, good luck mate
  21. Wow what a fabulous collection, make sure you have a lot of fun with those mate
  22. Nice boots and yeah I’m sure you’ll find the courage no problem, I wouldn’t think twice about going out in those, just act natural and forget you’re even wearing heels, i often find the busier the place the better, nobody will even take any notice mate, enjoy
  23. Yeah I’ve bought many pairs of boots from new look, not a bad combination of cost and quality, next is always worth a look as is river island, most stores have sales on here at the moment and it’s usually the larger sizes that’s still available so should be able to bag a few bargains, enjoy your trip
  24. That’s great mate, can’t beat a good shopping trip in heels, i love wearing my boots and going into shops and trying on more boots, having a good interaction with the staff, really good fun, keep it up mate, and enjoy yourself
  25. Couldn’t have said that better myself, a life without heels would be unthinkable
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