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  1. Couple of nice pairs there Jeremy, as much as I love heels you can’t beat a pair of flats on odd occasions and you’re right about the feeling of OTK’s, just something about them you can’t explain, do you wear them out and about or just at home?
  2. Love the boots and love the way you’re styling them, i would happily wear any of those combinations any time any where
  3. Don’t think there’s much to deliberate there mate, i think you know which one I’d go for, wouldn’t mind a day’s shopping in those black boots
  4. Looking really good there mate
  5. Absolutely brilliant mate, keep it up mate, you look fantastic and love those white ankle boots
  6. Happy new year to you aswell along with everybody else on this site
  7. I have to say there’s some fabulous looking outfits on show here, i particularly like the knee high boots, your style is right up my street, keep up the good work mate, you look fantastic
  8. New cowgirl boots from ASOS, uk size 5, pull on style but surprisingly not too bad to get into Another angle of my ASOS cowgirl boots Just to give you an idea of the leg length of my ASOS cowgirl boots
  9. Go for it mate, would love to go with you lol
  10. Excellent choices and really well styled, you look fantastic in all those pictures and both boots are to die for, enjoy your time in them mate
  11. I’ve been shopping at the Trafford Centre today with the family so not wearing heels unfortunately, but i did spot a very smartly dressed chap wearing a fabulous pair of flat heeled black knee high boots over his trousers, i pointed him out to my wife to show her that it can be done without drawing unnecessary attention, she did actually say good on him and it was good to see. I’m also interested to know if the aforementioned chap is anybody off here, so if anyone was at the Trafford Centre in Manchester about 1030 to 1100ish today please make yourself known, thanks
  12. Yeah i think you’re right, if we see a man in heels either on tele or out and about then she always points them out likewise if she sees a woman in a nice pair of boots, she also often says how much she admires me for having the bottle to wear heels in public and for not being afraid to be who I am, but still won’t accompany me in public, by the way, you should try public heeling, it really is a lot of fun mate
  13. Yeah I’m exactly the same mate, i have a good long marriage and don’t want to jeopardise that in anyway, my wife takes an interest in my boots at home and never stops me going public on my own but no way will she accept going out with me in heels, i did pick her up from work once wearing heels and we had to stop at John Lewis to collect an online order, she didn’t realise at first that i was wearing heels as i hadn’t got out of the car, so i told I’d got my boots on and she waited in the car while i went in to collect the order, she did comment that nobody seemed to take any notice as i walked across the carpark towards the store and then back again but it still didn’t convince her that she’ll be fine to accompany me so I’ve just accepted that heeling has to be done alone which for me is better than not at all
  14. Very nice boots mate and great you can find the time at work to enjoy them, did you make your journey home in them too?
  15. I’ve got to be honest mate, those boots look absolutely fantastic with those jeans, I’ll bet you look great out on your walks, keep it up mate
  16. I’m pretty sure nobody takes any notice at all of me in heels and if they do i really don’t care, unfortunately i have to do all my heeling alone as my wife does think everybody will be staring and making fun at me, i keep reassuring her that I don’t experience any of this when I’m out on my own in my boots but she still can’t bring herself to accompany me in public, i can get away with low heels non feminine boots under my jeans but nothing more adventurous than that I’m afraid, I’ll keep working on it though
  17. I could have posted that myself to be honest, that’s exactly me, i used to be terrified to show off my boots for the fear of what people would think, but as time went by and confidence grew I got to wearing them over skinny jeans and not caring what people think, and as you’ve said it’s all about how i feel on the day, sometimes I’ll wear heeled long boots over jeans, sometimes I’ll wear them under jeans but at least it’s my choice how i wear them and not about what others think Maybe at a younger age i would have managed 6” for a limited period but I’m afraid age and physical fitness is catching up with me and 4” is about as high as i could comfortably manage now, as for the under/ over jeans debate, as you say it’s about personal preference, your style does look really good and is a style i like to wear aswell, but i really do enjoy showing my boots off by wearing them over skinny jeans too
  18. That’s very impressive mate, 6” is way too high for me, 4” is about my limit now, i believe to blend in as a man in heels you need to be natural and confident and i can’t be either in 6”, it’s also a shame to have thigh high boots and hide them away under jeans, I’d definitely want them on full show
  19. They’re really nice to be fair, quite like the outside zip for a change, i too have a couple of pairs of flat boots, comfy and practical, would rather wear heels but sometimes you just need a pair of flats
  20. Yeah everything is fine mate, snowed under with work at the moment so not finding the time to visit anything as often as I was, normal service will resume shortly and I’ll post regular pictures and updates then, thanks for your concern though but nothing to worry about
  21. They were size 6 mate, I’ve had to size up one as i tend to get a bit of swelling around the feet and ankles from constantly driving and the pull on boots was a struggle enough in the 6, I’d have stood no chance with the 5 lol
  22. No i didn’t, it was just a nice chance to go somewhere different, wear a pair of my own boots over my skinny jeans and have a really good try on in different stores and interact with the staff and a few customers too to be honest, was a really fun day Yeah they’re some of my favourite stores too, been a few new stores since I last went so all in all a really good day, would have been fun to meet up with someone and try on together but you never know one day
  23. Lovely looking boots there mate and very comfortable looking too
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