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oh well, I tried....

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I was having a great time in my RL boots walking around in Vegas the other day when I stumbled a bit and noticed more clicking than usual coming from my 4" stiletto boots.  Sure enough, logging the miles had blown out on of the heel tips.  I made my way back to the hotel and took a seat in the bar/casino area to watch the world go by.  I did notice one nice looking tall gent with long grey hair was having a great time with a few people around him, all laughing it up....

I then noticed he was bare footed and was holding a pair of strappy heels in his hand!  Stay cool I thought, don't be creepy, don't go lurking around him.  But, on the other hand, I did not want the opportunity to meet this fellow and compliment his footwear get away.  I watched as he and his friends got up and headed for an exterior door, better hurry up and do something I thought.  I followed the group as they went outside, they seemed to be waiting for a cab...Then, the gent turned around, headed back for the door, I intercepted him by opening the door for him and giving the usual "like your heels" compliment.  The gent laughed saying he was creating quite the stir, he claimed one of his gal pals' feet were killing her while wearing the strappy silver heels.  The gent had given her his sandals and was holding her heels....I almost blurted out with something like  "well I'm sure those heels would look great on you...." compliment but decided he might be offended so kept my trap shut (amazingly).  We laughed as he went back out the door.  Funny thing is, I forgot all about me wearing 4" stiletto boots, and I don't think the gent even noticed my boots....

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A guy did notice my Frye cowgirl boots while I was sitting in the hotel lobby yesterday though!  "I like your cowboy boots" he said, I smiled and thanked him for the compliment....

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