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Found 42 results

  1. I sell these Green and Brown Suede Platform Knee Boots size EUR 40 (UK7). Heel height is 5 1/2in (14.5 cms) and platform 1 1/4in (3 cms). Lateral zipper. Brand new. Very comfortable lining. Valid up to sizes EUR43 (UK9.5) since the suede is very flexible. Price is 25 EUR (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  2. I sell these Grey Velvet Platform Ankle Boots from Zara size UER41 (UK8). Heel height is 5 1/2 in (13.5 cms) and platform 1 in (2.5 cms). Lateral zip. Brand new. Price is 30 EUR/ 35USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  3. Finally met up with CAT after strolling around in Chicago in my Sam Edelman boots. It was great to meet a guy who enjoys wearing traditional female gear and has the confidence to pull it off in most any social setting. We talked work, family, life and heels, while enjoying a few drinks and food. The waitress was all smiles, I did notice one little kid seated next to us look under our table trying to "figure it out". I even forgot I was wearing my boots until I headed to the restroom on the darn slippery tile floors....Didn't slip/fall, but was walking like it was my first day in heels for sure....Once back outside, I took another stroll around to regain my heeling stride. Hoping the traffic subsided so CAT got home without delay. A great time for sure, hope we can do it again buddy....D
  4. I was having a great time in my RL boots walking around in Vegas the other day when I stumbled a bit and noticed more clicking than usual coming from my 4" stiletto boots. Sure enough, logging the miles had blown out on of the heel tips. I made my way back to the hotel and took a seat in the bar/casino area to watch the world go by. I did notice one nice looking tall gent with long grey hair was having a great time with a few people around him, all laughing it up.... I then noticed he was bare footed and was holding a pair of strappy heels in his hand! Stay cool I thought, don't be creepy, don't go lurking around him. But, on the other hand, I did not want the opportunity to meet this fellow and compliment his footwear get away. I watched as he and his friends got up and headed for an exterior door, better hurry up and do something I thought. I followed the group as they went outside, they seemed to be waiting for a cab...Then, the gent turned around, headed back for the door, I intercepted him by opening the door for him and giving the usual "like your heels" compliment. The gent laughed saying he was creating quite the stir, he claimed one of his gal pals' feet were killing her while wearing the strappy silver heels. The gent had given her his sandals and was holding her heels....I almost blurted out with something like "well I'm sure those heels would look great on you...." compliment but decided he might be offended so kept my trap shut (amazingly). We laughed as he went back out the door. Funny thing is, I forgot all about me wearing 4" stiletto boots, and I don't think the gent even noticed my boots....
  5. Any boot guys in Charlotte NC? I will be there tomorrow, 6/1, arriving in the morning, staying downtown.... PM me if you would like to talk more, will forward my phone number.... Don
  6. hi folks! I'm looking for an online site etc. which sells this kind of elegant & classic thigh high boot model. Should be genuine leather and black WITHOUT platform. Heel 5" or more. First picture is from a chinese site, PU boot but model is right. The other picture, with white background are Pleaser made thigh high boots not anymore in production. Its kinda strange how hard it is to find this kind of very classic model. Or maybe I have just searched wrong places...anyhow, thanks in advance! BR, BootHill This I found: https://www.sky-scrapers.co.uk/index.php/k5b07-thigh-boot-with-inside-zip.html And its nice looking model.
  7. I sell these Leopard Leather Ankle Platform Boots from Zara size EUR41 (UK8) tough valid up to size EUR42 (UK9). Heel height is 5 3/4 in (14.5 cms) and platform 3/4 in (2 cms). Lateral zip. Brand new. Price is 30 EUR/ 35USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  8. I sell these beautiful fetish Black Leather platform tight high Boots size UK10 (EUR42-43) from the Spanish shoemaker website http://extremehighheels.net/es/. Heel height is 6 in (18 cms) and platform 1 3/4 in (4 cms). Lateral zip and back upper laces. Brand new. Hand made. Original price in website is 480 EUR Price is 350 EUR/ 400 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  9. These are from the brand Penny Loves Kenny. I got them on shoes.com. I really just wanted a nice rugged pair of heeled boots, but these came embellished with patches. They were fabulous for a while, then the patches started to annoy me so I painted over them, leaving only the instep patch. For a "combat" boot, these are pretty flimsy. Not very well made, but still comfortable.
  10. My shoe collection has increased a lot lately and when I counted it was 25 pairs. Now I have to bulid a new closet for the shoes. Ny latest heels are 3 pairs of yellow boots and some orange pairs. I Will show pictutes later.
  11. So, I just wanted to tell my brief story about the one and only time I wore my boots out in public. It's nothing really super exciting or nearly as daring as some of you, but I just feel compelled to share it. So, I had wanted to try wearing my heels out for quite some time and couldnt find the best place to do so without endangering myself or my wife. We don't exactly live in the best of areas near people that I would entrust to not start something with someone they didn't accept if you catch my drift. After some discussion, we determined the best place to go where I would never "stick out" was the adult shop. Yes it seems cliche, but we have been to this shop a couple of times and know it's never busy and anyone shopping in there are usually either too nervous to even make eye contact with another customer or they are too busy making fun of the sex toys to notice anything. So after packing my boots into a bag to get them out to the car (I have family that lives on both sides of my house and they do not need to know about these things) I got in the car and put my boots on while my wife drove. I had on long jeans and a cheap pair of faux leather OTKs we had bought at Sears a few years ago. I had the pant legs over the boots so you had no idea how high up they went. They also had a thicker 4" heel which was mostly exposed. The walk across the parking lot was a little nerve racking because the heels were echoing off the pavement and anyone outside instantly knew my wifes flip flops werent making that noise. The inside of the store is carpet, so nothing happened in there. We bought a couple of toys and headed out. My only mistake was picking that pair of boots to wear, not that I had too much choice at that point. My other boots were either grey knee high platform boots with 6" heels, leather thigh high 5" stiletto heels or thigh high PVC boots. I didnt have quite the selection I have now. Keep in mind, I said these were cheap boots. The foot bed had 0 padding and after 10 minutes I had a hot spot on the balls of my feet. My god did that hurt, but I wasnt going to let that stop me. It was certainly exhilarating (even with being so uneventful), and I would like to eventually try it again some day. Just like I said, we have to be very selective where we go. The mall would be an awesome experience to browse through Macy's and Dillard's, but there are too many "boyz n the hood" in the main section of the mall and I get uncomfortable even in normal clothing when I go, never mind having heels clacking away to attract their attention.
  12. I sell these Fetish White patent knee boots actual 7.5in (19.5 cms) heel with no platform, lateral zip and back laces, size EUR45 (US13), super pointed toe. Second hand but very little use (sole is almost new). They run big (up to one size more). Price is 80 EUR (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only.
  13. Went out and bought a couple new pairs of ankle boots for winter. Both of them have 3.5" block heels which will help with walking in the snow. The brown pair are from Payless Shoes and the black pair are from Wal-Mart. Did not spend a lot on them as they will be my winter boots and I know that they will get beat up a little with the weather around here. I think I paid around $ 60.00 for both of them. And they both fit my feet well and are well built. Have treated both shoes with leather and heal protector to help them endure the snow and slush we have around here. So here are my new boots...
  14. Selling my shoes and boots collection. some prices shown are the price I paid for please enquire for price and size and shipping cost prices are negociable to sell MAKE ME AN OFFER Thank you
  15. I sell these Black Suede Platform High Tight Boots from Aldo model ERTEL size EUR42 (UK9). Heel height is 6 1/4 in (15.5 cms) and platform 1 3/4 in (4.5 cms). Valid up to size EUR 43. Lateral zip up to the ankle. Brand new. Price is 80 EUR/ 90 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  16. I sell these nice Black Velvet Platform Boots Tight High size EUR 43-44 (US12) from Pleaser model ADORE-3002. Impressive heel height is 7 in (18 cms ) and platform of 2 3/4 in (7 cms). Brand new. Very elegant and surprisingly easy to walk. Price is 90 EUR / 100 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  17. I sell these impressive White Patent Platform Boots Knee High size EUR 43-44 (US12) from Pleaser model TABOO-2021. Impressive heel height is 8 in (20 cms ) and platform of 3 1/2 in (9 cms). Brand new. Front laces and lateral zipper. Price is 90 EUR / 100 USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  18. This is not a great time to wear heels outside! But being the heel nut that I am, I do go out in heels even in the snow. Now I not stupid I don't try wearing stilletos in the snow. I only use my ankle or calf length boots in the snowy season and they all have blockier heels for stability. Now that brings me to what I want to talk about this time. A couple good places to score some good heels. So here we go! Shoes of Prey Shoes of Prey is a site that allows you to design your shoes online be they heels or flats the way you want. That means styles, fabric, colors, trim, etc. They do go up to size 12 in most of the styles and up to a 4" heels on some of the styles. All of your design choices are easy to apply on the site. You can then view your new heels from various angles to get a better idea of what they will look like. You can always go back and make any changes you want. And if you just cannot decide they have a great team of people that will assist you with creating your dream heels or just a new pair of heels for a special evening our outing. Here is one design that I was working on and need to tweek a little before I pay out the $ 129.00 the heels will cost: Once I am done with the final touches on this shoe, I will post an update on the fit, comfort and detail on the shoes. DSW DSW, as many of you know is a retail store that sells men, women's and children with the tag line, "Designer Show Warehouse." They have some great heels at the store, but I have found that they have very, very few size 10 and above in heels. You may luck out on one or two, but it can be a frustrating search. However all is not lost at DSW! Just go online, they have a number of heel styles available up to size 12. Maybe not the sky high sexy heels that we know and love, but some really nice heels all the same. You can order the heels online and then have them shipped to the store for free or have them shipped to your home. Either way, I would give them four stars for what they do have. JustFab JustFab, is and online store that caters to women's shoes and clothing. Has some really nice heels and their clothes are to die for all at very reasonable prices. You have to check this site out if you have not already! Basically the site works this way, your first purchase is discounted a lot. Like when I did my order the other day for a couple of heels. Cost me only $39.00 for both! (see them below). Now when February comes around I will have to buy another item or let them know I am skipping the month. If I do not let them know I am skipping the month by the 5th, then I would be charged $39.50 for that month. But, that money will be there when I do decide to but something. And knowing me, I will have little trouble buying something every month. Oh and they have a thing called the "My Boutique" where you let them know your styles so they can make better recommendation to you. So with out any further things, here are the two shoes that I ordered. They should be here Monday at which time I will model them for you. Well that's all for now! And as always get out there and strut your stuff!
  19. Hey, My name is Emma from USA. I am feeling great to be a part of this forum, so thank you so much for accepting my request. Being a great admirer of quality footwear, I was looking for a platform to share my viewpoints and suggestions especially on wedges, boots & booties. I also love to wear heels from a young age, but now I love to wear wedges, boots & booties. These three are the most comfortable and stylish pieces of footwear I have ever worn. I would really love to communicate with Fashion-minded people who are equally crazy about wedges, boots & booties as I am. Looking forward to take part in the discussion and know the taste and viewpoints of others on them. Thanks.
  20. Ok, so I own a pair of Jessica Simpson boots, model Yana. The front platform is solid wood and doesnt flex. It's also got a cup shape where the edges curve upwards on the sides and sort of hug your foot a bit. They were super comfortable, note I said were. I've only worn them about a dozen times or so indoors with a decent amount of sitting, but for some reason now my feet, especially my right foot, slide sideways inside the boots and a small part of my foot overlaps that edge of the platform. (circled below) I walk duck toed with my toes pointed outward rather than straight and I think the leather on the side of the boot has stretched a bit. There is no visible damage to them and if I sit down and slide my feet around inside the boots, I can get my foot to rest in a position where that isnt happening. As soon as I start walking again, my foot instantly slides over and the pain starts. This wasnt a problem when I first bought them. I tried gel inserts, but they made the whole foot bed feel funny and uncomfortable. Im really saddened by this as I searched long and hard to find this pair of boots in my size and in this color after they were discontinued. Hard enough to find boots I really like in US 11, lets make it a very specific color and model combination from a designer that typically stops at 10 on most shoes.
  21. Hi girls, What do you think of the Pleaser Womens XTREME-1020 Boot? Have any of you worn it? I normally buy higher end heels but my husband wants to buy me a platform and likes the look of these. Personally i see it only has a heel 4 inchs higher then the platform so it shouldn't be to difficult I dont think. Do they hold up?
  22. I sell these Black Leather Tight High Boots from Zara size EUR41 (UK8) tough valid up to sizes EUR42-43 (UK9-10) since they are very flexible. Heel height is 4 3/4 in (12 cms) and platform 0.5 in (1 cms). Lateral zip. Tight High. Brand new. Price is 45 EUR/ 50USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  23. I sell these Black Leather Ankle Boots from Zara size EUR41 (UK8) tough valid up to size EUR42 (UK9). Heel height is 5 in (12.5 cms) and platform 1/2 in (1.5 cms). No zip, elastic ankle Brand new. Price is 25 EUR/ 30USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
  24. I sell these impressive Black Lycra Tigh High Platform Boots from Pleaser size US12 (EUR43-44). Heel height is 6 1/2 in (16 cms) and platform 1 3/4 in (4.5 cms). No zip, the lycra adjust to the leg as a second skin. Brand new. Price is 80 EUR/ 90USD (or best offer). I'll ship (discretely) anywhere in the world though shipment costs not included in the price. Paypal only
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