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  1. Saw this and thought of you lovely folk. (Might help gauge some conversation if I said that I've been looking into maxi dresses a lot lately) https://www-vogue-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.vogue.com/article/billy-porter-oscars-red-carpet-gown-christian-siriano/amp?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCCAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vogue.com%2Farticle%2Fbilly-porter-oscars-red-carpet-gown-christian-siriano The only thing that sucks, as is brought up frequently here with stories like this, is that he's gay and as such, is somewhat expected of him. Not a bad thing but for hetero guys like me, is... A minor step towards fashion freedom.
  2. New coverage on the event: http://www.wlox.com/2019/04/12/men-put-red-high-heels-walk-mile-her-shoes/ I've yet to have one close enough to drive to.
  3. There's also ShoeDazzle and JustFab (might as well combine them eventually because they both do the same thing). Up to Size 12 - lucky me! - but they want you on a subscription-type plan BUT you can skip months to avoid a charge, which is my game plan. They price shoes FAR below 100$, especially on sale dates (which have been happening a bit recently; don't know if it's because I'm on the sub or not), and a wide range of styles available. I can finally vouch for them since buying a pair recently through them. I had always been curious but scared of the Sub program. Now that I can skip months, I'm a bit at ease & ready to buy more. Like this pair, named "Having Fun":
  4. Sucks that this is a thing! I recently just bought a couple of pair from their BOGO sale, and was planning on another two (until one size ran out of the style I was eyeing). They're also where I've gotten most of my work [gym] shoes from, which have all averaged a length of about six months to a year. Given the prices, it's quite fair. They were also my most frequented place compared to the likes of DSW and Shoe Carnival and some small-name places in my area. Now I feel like I need to run to the nearest one soon & stock up on more work shoes! I'm thinking ten pair should suffice, and maybe a pair of heels or three, yeah?
  5. Oh, I'd be there for sure. As long as the weekend of the 21st-23rd (and the days before and after) are avoided, I'm totally there! I'm very much overdue for a revisit. I just want to remind the shop owner that we still appreciate his on-going business, and that I still plan to buy Something from his shop
  6. Hey everyone! So as I was organizing my many bookmarks saved, I came across "Skyscraper Heels" site, and I saw that it was updated to now say "Celebrating 21 years in June, 2019!" and I figured 'hey speaking of, I should visit HHPlace to see if anyone wants to get together at the store that month' and here I am! Shall we get something going here, or should I repost my post in the "Chicago meet" thread instead?
  7. You know, this exact thing Always happens to me, too. Once I've gone to one place, I want to go to ALL of the places in heels. Even better when I have a shaven face!
  8. I don't think it's so much as "being caught" as it is simply "avoiding Certain people from finding out". At least, that's how I read it. I think some just read too in to the subject I, for one, have not. Though I have been surprised to not get any responses. When I worked at Target and then transitioned into Walmart, I bought a pair of the Kangaroos from Payless, form the womens' side of the store. The colors were sorta out there but not by a whole lot. And rightfully so because no one mentioned them! At all! My last job allowed for us to come in wearing, essentially, what we slept in. We had to change into a uniform that consisted of steel toes so I took advantage of it and wore my flatform sandals often. Me being the 'shy guy' that I am, I'd avoid confrontation when entering And leaving the building, especially on days that I wore shorts so the sandals were on full display. But even after all that, no comments. No word on my shoes. Was as if I was not even trying to get attention! With working at Walmart - one of the bigger locations - I could probably get away with wearing heels out to the mall across the street or related areas, but I'm fearful that one of the places I frequent has that one like-minded coworker whom goes there as much as I do.. ;(
  9. I'd agree with this bolded statement, if there weren't heels that they have that isn't available in a size 12 at the moment. I did want to also stand - and maybe walk - in the 9" or 10" line, but alas. Sizes stop at US 9 Owning a pair would be for novelty sake, by the way. To the topic, I have had heels "scratching" underneath my foot as well. I read that the OP was trying to describe the scenario of his predicament, and the best I could come up with was a "scratching" against certain surfaces, sometimes loud enough to hear a distinctive sound from your feet. It might explain why I actively avoid stilettos anymore! (I'm neither light nor into super high arched heels anymore).
  10. My word! Apologies for the late response! The "Litas" are a size 11 but I can fit them - size 12 - so they run a little big. I'm charging 15$ + shipping, via eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/253735659029?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I also have another pair of shoes on the site, a rare breed even: Charla Tedrick! Size 12 "Trenton" brand, only worn once and in very new condition! Part of the proceeds go straight to charity as well~
  11. I learned of this happening after my move in April/May. Sometime since last September, I wore these YRU Qozmo platform sneakers to a convention for almost a whole day, and that was literally the last time I had put them on. Fast forward to my move and this was the discovery: the shoe separating from the platform! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Still can't, even now. I had only worn them once and from that one wearing, they cracked! I'd like to assume that maybe, also, the environment the shoes are in - my room - make them a bit more prone to easy wearing out; rather, drying out because my room is in the basement with very little moisture depending on the time of day and season. But nonetheless, the shoes I paid a small fortune on were now unwearable Unless I put matters into my own hands. Alas, the best access to anything I can do is either a hot glue gun my step-dad owns, or the "Gorilla Glue" I bought for this case. But BEFORE I do anything/make a possible mistake, do I have the best tools at hand here? Or will I need something more lasting and powerful?
  12. You know, the ones I tried on was either too tight (and I don't think regular wear would loosen them enough to be wearable on the daily) or just wasn't my style/couldn't get into it. And then some I wanted but weren't available in my size, obviously. But as stated, I'll head back to see if they happen to add more or if my mind sways at all.
  13. With the Carsons stores throughout the US closing very soon + my visit to Carsons with the family a week before Friday, I decided to race over to the store and snag a pair or two...and two pair it was! Now I tried on a number of shoes before eventually deciding on these - not a care in the world, might I add; methinks cleaning up my face had a big part of this confidence - and only spent a whopping 25$ for them! Both were regular 40$ each so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. What's more, they fit just right! Brand is "Torrid" and I really hadn't paid close attention to this company in particular until that day, noticing that their sizes go up as high as 13 US! I was both taken back a bit, and happy that at least one company went above and beyond for their customers! These both are a size 11, which is also weird seeing that I main as a 12; and in some pics, they look like they're small but both fit me just fine. I'd need to give them a walk-around to be absolutely sure because the only 12s I saw were the cutout wedges. The booties aren't much of a problem, thankfully. They had a nice serving of shoes left, too, so I might just swing by for another look.
  14. Now I'm not asking for exact details as to where you work or who you work for. But I have seen numerous mentions around the site of "....I've worn these to work time and time..." and "These are my work shoes..." and it begged the question out of me: Where in the world do you all work at?! I happen to work retail & they do allow heels as comfortable as you are able while still doing your job, but not of a ridiculous height, either. But on a hot day, I wouldn't want to wear those same shoes out; in my case, cheap gym shoes fro Payless & small-heeled boots from same place. So before work, I brought in my favorite flatform open-toe shoes &, admittedly, have yet to wear them leaving work. Variety of reasons, really, including not having had done things sooner in heels of some sort. But I digress. Most of you seem to have better chances of [public] heeling, and it seems to ride from the ability to wear them at your job(s). So if it's okay, spill it. What's your current career? (Bonus points for past careers that allowed you some freedom as well) *Bold text = tl;dr, points of interest
  15. Updated the post to indicate what is left. The Clear boots are sold!
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