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    Well I do sometimes wear heels to the office. Generally tend to cover them with long bootcut or flared trousers so they are not too obvious, but definitely still visible. Recently been busy carrying out defects inspections at a new Hotel. 150 rooms to inspect in heels takes it out of you, but has been an interesting conversation piece with some of the housekeeping staff and definitely made such a boring task slightly more interesting.
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    It took a little while to get approved, but now I am here. I have had a love of heels and stockings as long as I can remember. However, I hadn't worn them until the past few years when I found that a friend had the same size shoe as myself. I tried hers on and have progressively become more bold. It started mailordering shoes and boots and wearing them in private. I took it to another level by going to thrift stores and trying them on as quickly as possible and occasionally wearing them while I drive. I've since gone to larger shoe stores and department stores to try them on and while I still try them on while no one is around, I'm less concerned about wearing them while another shopper or associate comes down the aisle. Getting caught wearing them the few times has never garnered a bad reaction so far, so it empowers me to be a little more open each time. I've taken to finding more secluded public places to walk around a bit, but only twice have I specifically walked into a store knowing full well people may notice. The set attached are from a visit to a local park, there were a few people walking around.. but not really near me. At first I bought these on a whim without trying them on at a Charlotte Russe store, the only time I have purchased shoes with the help of a worker and wasn't sure if I would like them. However they are very comfortable to walk in. I thank those of you that have shared previously, as you have all helped me along with my journey. In fact, my approval to this board has inspired me to get up and get out as soon as I am done posting.
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    I popped into a branch of McDonald's the other day wearing some black over the knee boots with 4" heels and gold buckles worn over grey sprayed on denim jeggins, after ordering food i sat down to tuck into my quarter pounder with cheese and large fries. As i was eating i noticed a woman about a similar age to me (mid 50's) sat the other side of the aisle, she couldn't take her eyes off me and whenever i looked back at her she kept giving me a big friendly smile. After about 20 minutes she walked to the dustbin behind me then still with a drink in her hand turned to me and said "i hope you don't think I'm cheeky but would you mind if I joined you" I told she was welcome and to take a seat, she complimented me on my boots and apologised for constantly staring at me, she also asked me about how I felt about wearing such boots on full show in public, i told her that i had been wearing heels and boots for so long now that i never really think twice about it. At this stage I was wondering who she actually was and why the interest in me. She apologised again and explained that she has a husband who also enjoys wearing heels, she said he only ever wears them at home and has never considered venturing out in them, they both considered it totally inconceivable that a man could even think about going out in heels whilst keeping their male identity, and here she was looking at me as bold as brass in otk boots without a care in the world. We chatted for about an hour and she was looking for advice on how she could get her husband to be a bit more adventurous with his heeling, i said maybe they could go out together both wearing heels to possibly take some of the attention off of him to which she thought that might be a good idea, eventually we had to say goodbye and regrettably i never thought to exchange numbers to keep in touch. I may never know how he progressed in heels but i will definitely keep popping into that particular branch of McDonald's in the hope of meeting her or even them together again
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    I just received my last purshase, boots from gianrico mori boots, in white. 16 cm off heels, size eu 44. they are the same i have in black; i am so happy
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    Some new boots from le Silla. And again casadei my personal favorite
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    So I have been reading all of the comments about wearing heels in public and how to do it and what to wear. I have been going to some low end box stores and wearing really long pants to hind my pumps. I really like to wear very thin stilettos. I feel the pants mostly hide them and I avoid people the best I can in the store and then make a dash for the door when it is clear. Look at my phone and go about my business. So this has been working, no confrontations or anything, not even sure if anyone notices. They sure do make a lot of noise as all of these stores have tile floors. So yesterday I went into a place that I have been to a few times. This time I have new black pants that come down perfectly to the bottom of my shoes. I decided to wear my Black Platform heels. They are rounded toe and very easy to walk in. I have attached photos. So I go in and have to walk by a greeter and I go to the shoe section to see if there is anything I can by for myself or my girlfriend. I have two ladies come by me and look at shoes and make conversation. I didn't thing anything of it, I did find a great pair of heels for my girlfriend and went and bought them. As I was leaving the greeter stopped me and shook my hand, he told me I had everyone in the store checking out my shoes. I didn't know what to say, I just shook his hand and said "thank you". The lady that was looking at shoes with me just said have a good day as I walked by her. Thinking back I wish I would have asked him to elaborate a little more. Was it a good think or a bad thing in their mind? I would love to know what they were thinking. Was I a really weird guy or just that I had crazy high heels on and I am a guy?? Any thoughts from you all? Have you been confronted? I have a few friends that know I do this and they have told me who cares what people think, just do your thing. It was a great feeling to say the least but left me wondering more. Your thoughts...
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    OK, let me try to upload some pictures here, instead of to any of my "albums": In any event, I got these nine west boots at the local thrift store a few weeks back. Size 12s, a little loose, but OK. The leather is very soft, and they are easy to walk in, have logged a few miles in them so far. Sorry, the photo quality isn't great, need a lighter back ground.
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    Never say never. If the girls can do it, so can we.
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    So, I decided to get a black pair from Skyscrapers heels to go along with my red pair. Unfortunately they sent pointy toe when I'd ordered round toe. They quickly offered to let me keep this pair while they have a round toe pair made. I like that kind of service! I figured it would be a show of good will to order a pair they had on clearance. Zip up ankle boots will be easier to throw on then the thigh boots for practicing in 5.5" heels.
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    Took a trip out for a couple of hours yesterday in some new boots that I got for great price, and this is my first time doing it in skinny jeans. This was for sure a bit nerve racking for me, usually I am a bit more stealthy about my heeling adventures, but for some reason I really wanted to push things further this time
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    Can any of our American friends identify the name of these Nine West beauties? Thanks
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    Some tan leather Lk Bennett boots that I've just got online.
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    A couple of months ago I participated in The 'Walk a mile in her shoes' event here in Perth and to promote my participation I wore heels to the office. Recently a number of the girls in the office were asking me if I was ever going to wear them again. To which I replied probably not as I thought it made them 'uncomfortable'. The response was quite the opposite and they thought I was kind of cool. So given Friday's are a bit of a dress down day I decided to don the heels as you will see in the attached. They are a relatively new pair from Wittner _ a 12cm stack heel ankle boot. All went well, lots of 'nice heels' comments. Looks like Friday will be heel day for Kim!
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    Hi there. These are the first pictures I have posted of me in my heels. They are a new pair of above the knee, lace up Stiletto Boots with a tiny hidden platform. With a leather skirt and wide belt, its all leather from waist to floor ! A first try, I look forward to more. Have fun. JS
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    Been a while since I've posted here. Quite a few new addittions over the past months. Most recent are a pair of Bordello Bella in white and a pair Bordello Teeze wide fit in White. Already had a pair of both of them (Bella in red and Teeze in black) but I'm such a big fan of them I had to get more. Also got this pair black heels by Blink a while back. They are black 'foe' patent. They are becoming a bit dull (white-ish haze), anyone has a good suggestion to make them shiney and black again?
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    Oh.. i just came back after some time.. so many cool things to see Just have some new shoes for myself: What do you think?
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    Channeling my fellow heeler CAT with my skirt, stockings and pirate boots.
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    Just spotted this thread so a bit late to the party! I voted sometimes. While I don't own many pairs of boots, I have to admit when wearing them, much prefer to show them off over jeans or jeggings. Sometimes feel like wearing my boots but choose to cover them with long boot cut pants - a waste perhaps - although I still get the feel good factor while portraying a more conservative image. Leisure mode Same boots work mode
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    and a pair of boots I got from my wife as a Christmas surprise https://www.longtallsally.com/eu/shoes/boots/lts-milli-flare-heel-leather-boot-16M20/p?option=16M20BLA
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    Well here it is...she said she would take a photo together with our boots on. Now wish I would have got the black too.
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    I was busted for posting in the girls. Totally rediculis. Double standards. I am very glad you are in this forum and are an active participant there are a few other girls in here and I think it's great to have your opinion CAT
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    I saw a pair of old ZU thigh boots on gumtree (Aus 2nd hand selling site) and grabbed them they arrived today leather front, stretch back, 4cm platform, 16cm heel OMFG
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    Hello all i was looking through ebay last night and came across an auction for a pair of size 12 thigh boots i checked this out and the other auctions they had and found these pics the auctions say selling a COLLECTION OF OVER 700 PAIRS OF HEELS. UNWORN BUT HAD BEEN ON DISPLAY WOWEEEE I thought, then i saw the pics mind boggling the pics are screen shots from the auction site so i copy them with references Be amazed ! Be envious !
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    Sitting in my office catching up on paper work wearing jeggings and my old beat up crazy heel boots enjoy James
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    Well another Friday and wore the same boots and all went well including a few drinks after work at a pub nearby and again very relaxed at work. I'm finding the thicker heel a plus for extended wearing _ nearly 12 hrs in a 12cm heel and no pain! Flew over to Brisbane this morning for a couple of days work and brought my relatively new Ninewest 'Leandra's with me. Just got back from a couple of hrs window shopping and quick meal and can say I'm really happy with them. Despite a slightly narrower fit and nearly 13cm stiletto they are a delight to wear!
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    Hey Tina, Would love to say 6.1/4" as they are so hot, but am going for 5.5" for out and about confident strutting. These are all 5.5"
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    So I went to my S.O's house to clear things up for the rest of the year and I brought my Pleaser Adore 2043 boots with me for her to try on. When I got to her, I showed them to her, sge dived strsight in and immediately got them straight on her feet! She got up in them and walked in them with minimal effort. Later on, I put the boots on my feet and she donned her boots I got her for Christmas last year. During the time outside we had a high heel boot showdown then took our photos of us in our boots.
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    Hi guys, not posting for a long while... But why not start with some photos of my new boots, a gift from my wife. I'm in love with them. Hope you like them.
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    Ok folks here is the 3rd pair i bought 2 weeks ago. Had to get them stretched a little but now ive done it. WOW, they're comfy leather front, stretchy back, 10cm heel, WITTNER 'locky'
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    I don't wear heels to work, construction and heels don't mix. But I do wear them when I go out, shop, drink and eat, coffee, and hang in the city
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    It has been far too long! I'm still wearing heels about three days a week and still rotating my assortment around to keep my selections healthy and fresh. Amazingly I was able to hit the Nordstrom Rack lottery (it had been a long time) and found this first pair in my size. Amazingly it seems that the size 13 section is making a slow comeback (however only a dozen or so total pairs and many still at near inflated retail) and the size 12 area is back and decently sized - for you guys and gals who take a size 12. These are BCBGeneration and I've noticed with their size 12 and 13 heels sometimes they tend to be using what looks like the size 11 heel, so they come up just a hair short. It's not very noticeable unless you really look for it up close but it's something I've come to expect. It doesn't throw my stride off any and the shoes are always really comfortable, but it is something to keep in mind if you put miles on your heels over hard surfaces. I tend to be on carpet most of the time so it's not as much of an issue. These are kind of a textured matte black but are still smooth to the touch, something I call "80's faux leather." The second pair are Christian Siriano for Payless, the "Habit" pumps that it seems everyone is divided on. I tend to wear a 13 in nearly all heels (exceptions made for some Torrid 12W styles, some MUCH older Payless 12W styles, and an occasional pair of Nine West 12M that fit loose), and that's what I ordered in these. Yes, as many have said, they fit tight - to begin with. However after breaking in, these fit PERFECTLY. I cannot think of a pair of pumps I've owned in my life that fit so perfectly. I wish Payless would restock these in black so I could get another pair, along with the faux suede dark teal and silver. Another case of Payless only paying attention to the complaints. These really do have that perfect "foot to shoe" fit and look, but yes, they did have to be broken in.
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    Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
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    A few pics with my latest heels some i whore outside with the wife
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    Hey guys, will try to upload pics of my new thrift shop boots here....A little small, but couldn't resist the heels and chains. Wish they were all leather, but can't complain for $10. Will try them out tonight in Phoenix....Haven't mastered this crazy phone/camera thing, but somehow managed to get the pics uploaded, hope the quality is good enough.... What do you think?
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    I joined this site just a couple of weeks ago. I found it while shopping for shoes. I am short and always looked at my high heels as a functional asset to me. I never thought about or noticed anyone admiring my high heels, as I've been wearing them since high school. I may get the occasional comment of, "how do you walk in them?", "don't they hurt your feet?", or "wow, nice shoes" but thought nothing more of it. I have delved into this site and it's opened me to a whole new view of high heels and how much of a sight they can be. This was all proven to me on Saturday when I took my two sons and two of their friends to Disney World. I dressed rather conservatively with a white sleeveless blouse, a pair of dressy white shorts with a small cuff and they came down to just above my knees and my good old 6 inch slides with a 2 inch platform in front, white also. As I made my way around the park, I did notice quite a few people taking 2nd glances at my shoes. I saw a woman nudge her husband and nod in the direction of my shoes. When I was on the monorail I sat down and crossed my legs. I have a natural tendency to let my shoe dangle off my foot when I'm sitting. I noticed a man who pretended to be looking at his phone, but his eyes were glued to my foot & shoe. At first I thought I was imagining it, but after a few casual glances out the window past him, it became obvious that he was staring at my feet/shoes. I was a little embarrassed and uncrossed my legs and put my feet flat on the floor. I can't believe I've been wearing high heels for 30+ years and never knew the attraction they have for some people. I can't help but wonder how many times over the years I've been dangling my shoe or standing and slipping my foot in & out of my shoe and was being "admired." Where have I been? (LOL) So now I have a whole new appreciation and awareness for my shoes, thanks to HHPlace. We had a great time at Disney World. We were there for close to 8 hours and my feet were comfy the whole time. I did see a couple pairs (now I'm noticing!) of wedges that were about 3 inches . high. I also saw one young lady who couldn't have been more than in her mid 20's. She had on a very pretty floral dress and a pair of, I'm guessing, 4 inch pumps. She got really dressed up for Disney World. But I felt sorry for her because you could see by the way she was walking and the look on her face that her feet were killing her. About 3 hours later I saw her again and she was barefoot, carrying her shoes. I wouldn't dare say a word, but I felt like saying to her, "get slides, they are much more comfortable!" But from what I saw, I would have won the prize for highest heels in the park that day. A month ago I wouldn't have given it a second thought. Have a great day, Carol My Disney Shoes:
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    Ladt night in Adelaide. Just heading to bar for a beer. Jeggings and grey ZU booties.
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    I just turned the big five-0. I still think I look pretty good for 50. I do wish I would have started earlier. I get pozitive compliments all the time. I would imagine I'm pushing the limit BUT I have no intention of stopping just yet. Some of my outfits are more age appropriate but as I have said many times before,,,, I always seem to end up in a miniskirt and 6 inch heels fishnets are a favorite but not always appropriate for where we go. I was out with my girlfriend last night, she took the pics. Last night she was not dressed up as much as me. You tell me if I look 50,,,, I can take it lol
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    hi all Just ordered a pair of Arollo Boots. Model is 'Queen'. Can't wait to get them & wear them out! I'll post my pics when I receive them.
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    These hot GioHels came in yesterday i ordered them at ebay with my ideas for the material and color (OK the color combi is on the ebay page) the heel is 18cm the plateau is a little bit less then 2cm and they are very good done. the quality is perfect and they are OK for walk..
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    I wanted to stretch myself a bit further, put myself in public areas with no chance of backing out. But OK, not with really tall heels, wearing my Clarks Gelata Fresca Boot. Only a 2 inch heel, but still a woman’s boot. I had to travel for work this week, both directions with one stop to change planes. Outbound trip, I wore the boots from home, with customer facing work cloths, kakis and company shirt. The kakis pretty much covering the heel. Parked in the offsite parking, jumped on the bus with just a few other people, the heels in plain sight. Checked my baggage. This is one part of why I wanted to do this, after checking my baggage, with other shoes, work and sneakers, this was my point of no return, no chance of backing out for the next 6 hours, which turned into 9… And went through the security where I had my only real hiccup. I have Pre-check, did not take off the boots, and they do not go through the metal detector without going off. Tried it twice, removing belt first, then sheepishly, more for having to do it than anyone seeing me taking womans boots off and putting them on the conveyer. But the rest of the trip was amazingly great. Walking in the boots everywhere I had to go. Having aisle seats in which anyone could look down and see them. Not a problem. On the trip back the next day, I was second guessing if I wanted to wear them again. I actually ended up wearing them the whole day and was wondering if my feet were going to be sore. But on the way to the airport, I couldn’t not wear them for the thrill. This time I was wearing a pair of jeans, which had a smaller diameter leg, and the jeans sat all the way up above the heel. It didn’t really bother me. It just added to the pushing the limits in that everyone could see. Checked my bag again wiping out any chance of changing my shoes for the next 6 hours. (Thanks God it still ended up being 6 hours.) This time I took them off before going through the metal detector, standing out as the only Pre-Check person removing their shoes. I had to go through Chicago on the way back, my connection in far different terminals. It was a good 15 minute walk. Felt great as I was literally walking among thousands of other travelers in the terminal. Man, it’s been a while since I have been to O’Hare, but it is literally crazy busy with thousands and probably multiple thousands of people walking, standing, sitting around you. And I just having fun walking among them. I have another trip in a few weeks. I’m thinking of wearing my Clarks Mission Alfa booties which have a 3 in heel which will stand out even more. I am looking forward to it.
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    Since you like pics of new shoes on. On the way to work this morning
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    Well it finally happened. A while ago I mentioned to my wife about me wearing heels. Yesterday, we had some time alone and I wore heels around her as we did some housework. Not glamorous, but successful. She was more accepting then I hoped. What a wonderful woman. Her main concern was was for my feet and legs. Dont think she will accept public wearing for some time, but she did enjoy watching me vacuum in heels. Thanks to everyone for their support.
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    newest 6 1/2 inch heel 2 1/2 inch plat
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    Loving that outfit Cat! I had a happy occurrence myself in a McD's a couple of months back. It was about 2am on a Friday night in Manchester. I was feeling brave that night, so I'd been out for a wander in my new Jeffrey Campbell black suede Lita ankle boots, which have a pretty high heel and platform, with skinny black boot cut jeans and a grey knitted sweater. I was a bit peckish so went into the restaurant and queued up to order. Almost immediately a group of 3 pound girls, maybe 18 or so, joined the queue behind me, and I could hear the muffled comments when they spotted the boots. I turned to see one of them angling for a picture with their phone, so I asked if they wanted me to pose for a better shot! This started us chatting, with all the usual questions about why I was wearing heels and was I gay. I replied happily, and explained that just because I wore heels didn't mean anything about my sexuality, and that, at the end of the day, people should wear what they like, its only clothes after all. At this, one of the girls gave me a big hug and said "Aww, I wish you were my Dad"! In 5 seconds I went from possible fashion icon to feeling very very old, and I'm only 45! Ah well, at least I made them smile...
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    That's a pretty cool meeting. Never thought that's where your story would go!! I too have ended up at McD late late at night !!! Here is one of my outfits
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    Thought I would chime in on this thread based on my similar style. I just had a great night in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. After a long day on my business trip, I changed into my favorite look. Tonight I wore my tight denim blue riding jeans along with my tall brown high heel boots in my avatar, bright red dress shirt, topped off with my slim fitting black leather jacket. Since I was away on business, I felt daring since nobody knows me. I started out my evening with some complimentary alcoholic beverages and appetizers at my hotel which offers an evening refresher or happy hour. No one paid too much attention to me. Afterwards I headed on out to a local pub for dinner. What really made my night was a waitress who was working another table came up to me and asked me where did I get my boots. I was happy to talk to her since she was sincerely complimenting my look. I told her that it was an Ebay purchase. She asked if these boots were zipper or pull on style, to which I mentioned that they were pull on style. Then she asked me what brand of boots they were, then I mentioned that they are Italian boots, no brand name specified. She thought these boots looked good on me, as she was filled with enthusiasm as she asked me about them. She went so far as to say that my overall look was quite chic and sexy. Here is a shot of tonight's outfit from my hotel room.
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    Here's another pair that got away... Casadei platform over knee boots from a couple of years ago. They were heavily discounted at the time and a real bargain. For some reason, I procrastinated and...
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    Not in a million years. While I like to think I can do my heels justice, there is no way I can compete with my wife, or indeed a great many other ladies.The girls just look so darned hot in their heels. Mind you, not one to give up, been out practicing today in my red pumps and skinny's.