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  1. I do regular business with a local company and when there frequently see the same lady. The past few months I have worn heels when there. Last month, the lady commented on my shoes, saying that she liked them (see the above post). A few days ago, I again went to the business in heels and we had a friendly conversation but she never mentioned my heels, why would she. As we spoke she mentioned that she was an free lance part time abstract painter. Painting fascinates me, since I have no creative imagination. Towards the end of our conversation, the painter lady said, "may I ask you a question?" I said sure. She asked if she could take my picture, since she wants to "paint" me. I asked why, and she pointed the my sandals and said "that's why, those shoes would make a wonderful painting. She took my pic, we laughed and I went on my way. Will be interesting to see what she does with her creative skills. Enjoy your heels... sf
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  2. I’ve been doing more outings fully dressed in women’s attire and really high stiletto heels. It’s something that I wrestled with myself for a while but I just said, what the hell and went for it. I feel wearing a nice pair of tight fitting skinny jeans or a dress complements the heels I have on.
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  3. Should be interesting indeed. As a photographer I’ve had quite a few artists do paintings based on images I’ve taken and it is always fascinating to see your work as it is perceived through someone else’s eyes.
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