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    A couple pairs of my neutral colored pumps.
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    The brain goes in mysterious ways sometimes. I have developed a liking for female fashion through western inspired footwear - go figure. When I was young, I already liked western boots, and when I figured out that women's western boots had higher heels than men's, the obvious thing happened. More heel more better, right? Every so often, cowboy boots inspire mainstream fashion, and when it does, it still tickles an itch. Around 2012 or so, Nine West had a thing with the western theme. They also tried a more premium less polished brand, "Vintage America", which of course involved western boots. That experiment produced two styles, which I've been luckily enough to both collect, but it has taken a lot of time and money. The cleanest cut is the black "Comete" bootie, of which I removed the buckle. I like is more "elegant". They sport a true 5" heel, and I have a 1/4" heel pad added to them, giving an effective 5 1/4" height. They have to be my tallest non-platform heels. The hottest, I think, is the "Creepin" style - the knee-high one. The color is a bit weird, between tan, brown, beige, grey, nude. Whatever that means. But it works on the boot. The shaft is tall and hugs my calves nicely. I like the look, the picture is of myself just last week - I took it to send to my girlfriend. The least successful style is "Claret", the brownish ankle bootie. It is made on the same last as "Comete", but the leather is not as nice as either Comete or Creepin.
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    Finally decided to try these from Italian Heels. 150mm, so a challenge. I’m hoping these make 5” heels seem easy.
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    I've been lusting over these for a while now, but I can't bring myself to putting down $600 for a pair of boots that is, while attractive, in essence fairly classical. And then there is the thing about sizing, I don't own any Yves Saint Laurent boots yet, so I can't really say if their "41" is going to fit me well. Is there anyone that owns this model and can give some feedback on fit? Cheers
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    Had a nice encounter in Houston the other day at the SLS hotel. The desk clerk and I were enjoying some friendly banter during check in, we were zinging each other about our professions. I came back down from my room a little later in my boots and was enjoying a smoke outside by the valet desk, where smoking is permitted. Suddenly, I was surprised by a fairly loud cry out saying "what are you wearing??". The desk clerk from earlier must have been ending her shift, she obviously noticed my boots as she was leaving the hotel. She said "let me see those boots, and asked that I pull my jeans up a bit". "Damn" she said, "you look great and can really rock those heels". I thanked her and smiled, then we both laughed some more. I could tell the valet boys were trying to sneak a peek also, but didn't want me to notice....

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