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    That's lifelong. I'm glad that you still wear heels, that they didn't take you personality when they took your leg. As my doctor told me, there is just so much they can do. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with it. For me it's wearing high heels as much as possible for the rest of my life.
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    I’m usually out wearing boots, but so far no issues out wearing pumps.
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    Currently at home depot, blue jeans sweatshirt and 6.5 inch boots
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    Today's boots. These get a lot of wear, borderline guys/girls boots. Not high heels but I like them a lot under jeans.
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    Hello A very late reply here, I have a pair of model 112 from them. Quality is awesome, real leather, very comfortable, fit is perfect because they're made to measure. Here's a photo of me wearing them under jeans. They go up to the thighs but that's too catching for day wearing. Fernando has a serious business, he's a boot lover himself. I really recommend buying from him, even if it's expensive, you're paying for quality and craftsmanship, all boots are hand made to order.

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