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    Thanks Ron C and Puffer. 2015 was a year I lost four family members; my stepdad on 2 May, an uncle on 4 May, my brother-in-law on 16 June, and my nephew on 17 Sept. My stepdad was the most vivid as I actually witnessed the moment of his passing which was a first for me. Things I had heard before anecdotally came into focus. After a number of hours unconscious his eyes opened and I felt a pressure on my hand accompanied by a steady and warm gaze. He said nothing. The eyes did the talking. It really was a peaceful moment for him. When I do projects I often use the same tools he once did and this is a way I remember him. I have come to understand that nobody is truly gone if you strive to remember them through what they have passed on. I know this is very true in Native cultures in North America and I suspect it is also true in the older societies in the Eastern Hemisphere. Leave only footprints upon the Earth and pass on the imprint of knowledge upon those who knew you. This is what I would hope most of us would and should do. Leave contented as they gaze back at you. HappyinHeels
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