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    It was scary at first. But you can only hear the statement "If you don't like it you can leave" so many times until you say, "I had enough of that" and "I tried of doing everything wrong". When it becomes abundantly clear that you and your spouse are not working on a common future together, then there is no future together. Besides she has awful taste in shoes. I'm much happier now. And every time she has done to "get back at me" has back fired on her. And I just smile. I stay civil for the sake of our children, otherwise I would never talk to her again.
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    The temperature was in the upper 60F (19C) with lightly cloudy skies and I needed to do a little shopping so it seemed like a great day to go out and about wearing a gray knit dress, white hose and gray OTK boots with 4" block heels. I decided to complete things with a good face, hair, earrings and a necklace. If I remember to hold my stomach in the dress doesn't look too bad, but I'm still standing 6'4" so it is hard to blend in. My first stop was my favorite thrift store where, out in the parking lot, one of the make clerks, who had never seen me wearing hair before, called out a "Hello there, what did you do to your hair?" I just fingered my hair and threw him a smile and he waved back.. In the store I wandered around but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. The next stop was Staples (office supply) where I bought some refills for the cutest Post It note dispenser I have ever seen. The next stop was Sam' Club where I just needed a few things so I didn't wander around too much. The only thing "interesting" was hoisting the 42lb (19K) container of cat litter while wearing 4" heels. I stopped at my second favorite thrift store and found a John McCutcheon CD with a ton of children's songs I had never heard before but plan to add to my repertoire. I tried on three pair of size 11 boots but alas they were too small. The last stop was Kroger (grocery) where it was also a quick in and out. I really didn't do much "shopping" as I have my eye on a new pair of boots, and the gloves I recently bought has made a dent in my "discretionary" budget.
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    As you allude, there is a long list of members of this community that have preceded you along this path. So sad that she isn't willing to talk the situation through with you -- at least trying to understand your side. While I fully recognize her disliking your "unusual attraction" to female footwear, I am really surprised she wouldn't even consider listening to your explanation on the subject before making her decision. Perhaps she has and just couldn't adjust to the idea that her man was "different."
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    I'm sorry to hear this R&W. I'm sure there are other reasons as well. In my last marriage I wasn't ever wrong, just never right. If I said "A" then she would said "B" and if I said "B" then she would say "A". If she wanted "A" and I did "A" then it wasn't right either. I could never do anything right (according to her). She would say something and then forget what she said and change her mind, so I got hung out to dry too many times. What really got me was her inability to compromise, which is an important component in a healthy relationship. And it is required if you go to marriage counseling. Since she couldn't compromise, I said no to marriage counseling. It was her way or the highway, I chose the highway. After 20 years, two kids, and... I had enough and said so.
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    I've been fortunate, that I have never really had an issue with pumps that slip off. I have had more of an issue with pumps that run smaller, and suffered through painful break in periods, until they stretched. Part of the reason I believe slippage has not been an issue for me, is that I never half size up, in pumps, as I sometimes do in boots (to allow for socks). As much as I totally love pumps with ankle and t-straps, there's just something about wearing a regular pump, with no straps, and having the ease of removal, and being able to dangle freely, without having to bend down, and unfasten buckles. I love watching women dangle their pumps as well. I don't think I could ever tire of watching an attractive woman playing with her stilettos!
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    Sorry HinH not all thumbs are like that. If my thumb gets knocked out, I have go in (surgery) and have a nylon thread replaced....I'm bionic. The tape method can also be used to keep your baby toe from escaping out the side of a gladiator style sandal. I also want to repeat the best advise I have recieved while shopping for heels: Life's too short for shoes that hurt. I will spend 4-6 hours straight mostly walking. I will sit on a table top for a minute or two while the students pull out their camera phones and take photos of the boards. So I only wear shoes that don't hurt. Foot care is very important to me. JeffB look into reflexology. It's worth every penny. As a person ages the fat pads on the bottom of your feet thin and that is what is causing pain to may of you. That where gel pads help. I use gel pads in every pair I have. I am very lucky, my Reflexologist tells me I have the thickest pads she has seen.
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    on the other hand when your thumb gets knocked out of its joint in athletics (football, hockey, baseball) you just walk over to a trainer and look away and like magic your thumb is functional again.....after a gasp or two. Tape can do wonders to soothe the mind and ease cramps. Never underestimate the power of tape! HappyinHeels
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    Well, you are definitely not the bad guy...I'm sorry to hear of this, I can relate to your situation totally, my boots have brought my relationship to the brink of disaster several times....We are still together, but I realize the relationship is badly damaged even though we truly love each other very much... Best of luck to you, I'm hoping the sad ending to this chapter of your life will eventually lead to happiness and a more accepting girl friend/wife.
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    This actually works somewhat if your pain comes from some kind of pinched nerve. I used this trick with my work boots when I was having such a problem with pain in the balls of my feet. Naturally, I used electrical tape. I rarely have this kind of pain from wearing heels. My pain usually comes from muscular fatigue, usually when I get too ambitious with the heel height for a given circumstance. In that circumstance, no amount of taping anything is going to help much.
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    I have heeled in HH Cowboy boots for many many years now. I started with a 3" heel which raised no looks at all. I now wear 4, 4.5 and 5" heel cowboy boots, and occassionally get comments like, "Wow, I haven't seen boots like that before" but they are usually followed with, "Those are pretty cool!!"
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    Well, this week I join the group of failed marriages due to heels/Boots fetish. I think there's worse "addictions" to have, mine obviously thinks it's too much. At the time we met (both in our late teens) she wore heels often. When we started dating, she knew I liked heels/boots more than the average person. When we were married I treated her to nice footwear, which was also a treat for me!!!!. Some she actively liked, some she hated and I returned. As time went on she wore them less and less, it led to resentment and my eventual decision to wear them. It came to a head recently and she decided to end it all. Somehow I'm the bad guy!!!!!!
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    Nice boots, look very comfortable! What brand are these beautiful shoes? Might grab a pair!!
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    Beautiful boots and skirt - a very nice outfit! I just thought that it might be a challenge not to hit anyone else with those impressive spurs! But it certainly looks very good!!!
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    I don't usually like lace-ups, but these are really clean cut - well done!
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    My new boots the stiletto heels are 10 cm
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    Those are really awesome!!!!