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    Wow, that is becoming the story of my life, shoes failing catastrophically. It seems I am always gluing something back together, and it doesn't necessarily get better as you go up in price point. Some of my worst offenders have been Michael Kors, which are not all that cheap. I've also had trouble with the Vera Wang "Lavender" series shoes, which are even less not all that cheap than the Michael Kors. As I've said many times before, it all comes of walking in shoes that were really not designed to be walked in. I wonder if it wouldn't be more advisable to find another pair of booties that do not have the walkability drawbacks of these Zodiacs. At that height, I can't think of a reason why you should put up with them being hard to walk in, especially now that they've failed on you badly.
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    Jeff, you look nice in all those dresses, the cami and skirt is cute, though I think a midi pencil skirt would have really suited your figure more! Surprising no one pays any attention, unless you have learned to tune out any negativity. I didn't want you to force to stay with skirts, but I think it's just a more balanced wardrobe with both skirts and dresses, but the choice is yours. Mark, pictured below wears skirts and skirt suits, but not dresses, so I guess we all have our preferences. Looking forward to seeing your next sartorial gem
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    Sorry for your loss @pebblesf. When you get over your morning go to DSW or Macy's and get yourself a nice and fun bootie, like this klick
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    Ok, so I know I need to update this and cover at least the topic of heels at work; a subject I brought up a while back. However, I felt I should post this picture because this is my mood this morning. I believe I have posted a picture of the coffee mug before, but sitting out back enjoying some coffee this morning, it just felt right in heels.
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    I've just took delivery of some new Only Maker 5" heels. They're so nice for the money
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    Well I didn’t post the rest of January, but it was uneventful as I only ended up wearing my Converse wedges. In a different thread though, I had posted about my wife and I getting some new boots for each other on Valentine’s Day. Well tonight was the night we wore them out together. Seeing as how the right boot is still snug on her calf, she opted to wear hers under jeans, as did I. I wanted us to go out to a place called Lazy Dog which is a nice restaurant, usually with lots of people and an opportunity to show off the little bit of visible heel. Unfortunately they had a 45 minute wait just to get seated, which won’t fly with our 18-month old son. In all fairness, I was hungry and didn’t want to wait that long either. We ended up at a chain that my wife hadn’t been to yet, Black Bear Diner. While we weren’t really over dressed, most everyone else was in tennis shoes or sandals. I only saw one woman in some flat heeled ankle boots. I did get a couple of looks at my heels, but no one seemed to laugh, make comments, etc., which again I consider a win. This was also a first as I finally found a woman’s top that my wife and I both liked. It is a ‘football style’ t-shirt from Old Navy. I’ll talk about getting it in another thread. Here are a couple of pictures.
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    Last night wasn’t anything super interesting, although I did convince myself to wear my Aldo ankle boots. They are a size 40 and definitely not a perfect fit, but for the small amount of scrunched toes, they were comfortable to walk around in. I normally shy away from stilettos but they weren’t horrible to try and maneuver. Haven’t decided for tonight and time is running out lol!

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