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    Had to start this topic as I am over-the-moon excited and happy! The wonderful woman that I have been dating for the past six months and has been the reason I have not been on here for some time, said YES to my marriage proposal!!! She is not only beautiful, intelligent, passionate about life, and caring, she also is 100% with me on my wearing heels in public! When we talked about my heels and she told me that she was perfectly happy to be with me where ever I wished to wear heels I was stunned. I have heard from many women that say that a man should be able to wear heels, but very few would actually want to walk with you in them. She will and does!! I do not know if I am terribly lucky to have found her and her me or if we were destined to be together. All I know it is such a pleasure to be with her and to have her share my life including my heels!
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    Here I go again! I went on another short yet uneventful outing. Nothing much to report on that front. So lets just get down to brass tacks. I metioned In the general forum about a red blazer that I purchased and I new I would be wearing out at first chance. And that happened to be today! I already knew what I was wearing. Soon after purchasing it I spent some good time trying out different shoe and clothes combination that would work. I came up with several great outfits to wear. So I am sure this red blazer will be a staple in many upcoming outings.So here is what I dreamed up for this one. The outfit 1) guess black patent pumps with 3.5" heel 2) Old Navy Rockstar greyish white skinny jeans with a bit of shine to them 3) black t-shirt 4) Streetwear Society red blazer 5) Aldo black and Gold Handbag
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    It has been mentioned several times that I do not provide enough photographic evidence of my fashion sensibilities, and I suppose there's a reason for that. I just don't feel it's very interesting. I haven't really changed all that much--I might have a few more wrinkles than last year, I might have a few more gray hairs, and I still don't have the abs I've always dreamed of. Furthermore, I don't think my style has evolved very far. I am still wearing mostly women's clothing (suits excepted), but you wouldn't necessarily know it just from looking at it. Perhaps the shoes have gotten a bit more daring, and certainly taller, and the pants have gotten a bit narrower, but I don't feel like I'm doing much of anything too different than when I stepped out of the house wearing high heels for the first time just over 7 years ago. I particularly don't know what to do with tops. I pretty much have three modes: 1) Full dress shirt, usually with a tie, 2) polo shirt, which may or may not be from the women's section, they aren't all that different from each other except for size, and 3) plain crew neck t-shirt, although I have many colors which most guys don't wear. And that's basically it. Nevertheless, I have gone to the trouble of having several photographs taken, or tried my hand at the self-timer, which is always awkward, especially when you get caught by your wife. "What the heck are you doing?" "Uh. . . nothing." "You are a very silly boy!" Ummmm. . . yes. . . Yes, I am." So these are the last three weeks of outfits I wore to church on Sunday. The first one, featuring my never before worn by me Jimmy Choo suede pumps, is obviously in a suit and tie. It was the last week of school for the kids, and the last Sunday of what I call my "winter" church clothes. The next two outfits are my "summer" church clothes, and basically the only reason it changes is because I own a heck of a lot of sandals I like to wear out, and I still don't feel it's proper for me as a guy to wear sandals dress more formally. And besides that, me and my dad and a handful of old men are the only ones who still wear a suit to church anyway. So now you know. The second outfit features my Nine West Dancecard mules, in dusty rose with a sort of a cork-esque heel. I'm just not sure about the boot cut pants. They fit well, but I'm not sure I like the look anymore. They used to be a staple of my wardrobe. The last outfit, captured by the aforementioned self timer, features my Michael Kors Sommerly wedges, which unusually for me, are NOT mules, and they are shorter than 5 inch heels. The last time I wore them, the strap dug a hole in my ankle, but this time, they didn't seem to bother me at all. Weird. Also featured here are women's dress pants, which are stretchy tight. I wasn't feeling all that fat on that particular morning, so I just rolled with it. P.S. Evidently, not only has the file size been restricted, but the total of all files uploaded at once has been restricted to about 1/3 MB. Therefore, I guess you only get to see one picture for now. I already downsized it mightily, or so I thought. An even better reason I don't feel bad about not sharing pictures. I think I'm done taking photos of myself for a while. Back to ruminating.
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    I've just took delivery of some new Only Maker 5" heels. They're so nice for the money
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    Been quite a while since I posted my own content here. Thankfully, things have calmed down nicely on my home front, still not out of the woods, as they say... but we're doing much better, thanks to a bunch of professionals helping us along. wow - was that cryptic enough Tonight my wife went to bed early and the kids are all down, so I decided I would pick out some heels to wear while I catch up on some work. I was searching for some wedges I liked, but landed up being too noisy for my wife (shoes are all stored under my bed), so I just opted for a pair of block heel platform sandals that were within reach. I have only worn them a couple of times, and despite not always having liked the block heel/platform look, these did have a certain appeal to them. That, and the sale they were on They have a 6" heel and a 2" platform. Makes for a good stable walk, though I must say, I think I am out of practice (it has been a long times since I have heeled properly!). Bought from New Look: http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/navy-denim-knotted-platform-heels-_366158541?isRecent=true I know there are some friends here who will love them, and others who will scowl Herewith, some appropriately sized images for your viewing pleasure.
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    Like many others here I don't work in an office environment, and though I wear heels at work as much as I can, it isn't always possible. I drive rock bands on tour all over Europe in a sleeper bus and, much as you'd think that lifestyle would lead to a fairly open minded crowd where it comes to fashion choices, that sadly isn't the case most of the time. So my high heeling at work is limited to either when I have an empty bus, in which case I'm often in a skirt and heels, or when everyone has gone to bed (we travel overnight between shows mostly), in which case I'm limited to just shoes that I can change quickly if needs be. Wish that wasn't the case, but it's a small industry, and drivers who are known to be a bit 'odd' don't tend to get much work. Now I can and have driven my bus in some fairly extreme heels, 6" flat sole stilettos and higher with platforms, and it's perfectly safe and comfortable to do it due to the driving position on a bus, which sees you pushing down from above on the pedals, rather than down and along as you do in a car. But the discomfort comes not from the feet but from your backside, as your feet are sitting higher off the floor all of your body weight is taken by your arse, which on a long journey becomes pretty numb. So most of the time I stick to a 4" heel maximum, which makes me and my arse happy. Heres a pic of my 'go too' heels, I find myself wearing these a lot as theyre so comfortable and practice, plus they go with jeans or a skirt. They're from Yours in the UK, think they cost about £35.00, and I highly recommend them. I took the pic on the way to Amsterdam on the train today to visit one of my favourite shoe shops (Big Shoe) which was sadly closed. So I consoled myself with a good walk around seeing the sights in the sunshine and a decent lunch instead...
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    Had a nice encounter in Houston the other day at the SLS hotel. The desk clerk and I were enjoying some friendly banter during check in, we were zinging each other about our professions. I came back down from my room a little later in my boots and was enjoying a smoke outside by the valet desk, where smoking is permitted. Suddenly, I was surprised by a fairly loud cry out saying "what are you wearing??". The desk clerk from earlier must have been ending her shift, she obviously noticed my boots as she was leaving the hotel. She said "let me see those boots, and asked that I pull my jeans up a bit". "Damn" she said, "you look great and can really rock those heels". I thanked her and smiled, then we both laughed some more. I could tell the valet boys were trying to sneak a peek also, but didn't want me to notice....
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    Alright @p1ng74 I went and stirred the pot as well...
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    Since social media was brought up, I picked a somewhat edgy photo of my heels and posted it up on r/malefashion to see what would happen: I think I stirred the pot. I’ll keep posting and see what happens...
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    Here is my latest. They are Aldo brand black and copper platform sandals. I got them second hand for 5 bucks!
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    I had an interesting experience yesterday evening. My wife sent me to the local Walmart to purchase a couple of things, and to make a delivery of a few odds-and-ends to the Nail Shop Girls, who run a nail salon that is inside Walmart. Before I made my purchases, I went to the nail salon to make my delivery. While I was there, a customer, a young girl, who was most probably high school age, but possibly college age, said "Oh, I just LOVE your shoes! I want them! Where did you get them?" I was wearing 4 inch Coach wedges/mules in patchwork gold uppers and dark brown bottoms. I bought these at least two years ago on ebay, and I wear them occasionally, but they're not my favorite. So I said to the girl, "What size are you?" She replied, "8 1/2." My eyes widened. "What an amazing coincidence! I am also size 8 1/2. I will give you these shoes if you want them. Would you like to try them on?" She blushed bright red and didn't know what to say. I told her, "I've got some shopping to do, I'll be back before I leave the store." I went and did my shopping, which took some time, but she was still there when I came back. I said, "I'm done shopping now, and I'm serious about the shoes. Would you at least like to try them on? The gal that just did your manicure, whom you know as Diane, I know as em Dung. We have been friends for ten years. She'll tell you I'm the real deal." "Eleven years," Dung corrected. "We have known each other for eleven years now." "See, she even remembers better than I do!" After some banter back and forth, the girl turned down my offer, explaining that she had no place to wear them, an excuse that I always find rather amusing, because there I am in Walmart, of all places, wearing heels. I pretty much expected her final answer, but I really would have given them to her if she'd wanted them. I can't imagine that Dung didn't say anything to my wife about that little exchange, but if she did, my wife hasn't mentioned it to me.
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    These are Steve Madden "Citrus" wedges which I got at Macys last Sunday. THey have 6"/15cm heels. HinH
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    I've been called a lot of things in the past but never "A Feature" lol
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    Thanks everyone. I'm doing great!
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    This is what was featured at the entrance to the men’s side of Nordstrom tonight: I realize these aren’t exactly high heels, but that is more of a heel than what just about every man wears these days. If I even see one man wearing these boots on the street, I would say there might be a possible trend towards more men in heels.
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    Ran in these heels this morning. Someone carelessly abandoned a shopping cart at the grocery store, and it started barreling down the parking lot, aimed at a couple of late model German sedans. I was just sitting in my car taking a phone call, so I did what any car lover would do - dropped everything and ran to intercept the collision. As I put the cart away I discover that at least both vehicles in danger were even occupied, and no one cared or was observant enough to see the impending property damage. Oh well, at least I got to run in my heels
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    I think I have posted before in another thread about my desire to one day start wearing heels to work. The new position I took within Tesla opens the door to that opportunity, but not fully just yet. The majority of the time, I end up in a shop environment, wear I need shoes that have safety toes and are ESD safe. Because of this, I had bought women’s Red Wings because the men’s colors were boring. I had wanted to get a blue color, but they only had pink. I figured wth and got them anyway. Now most recently, actually a week ago this past Friday, I decided to test the waters and just wear my Converse wedges. Now admittedly I probably am spending overall less time in the shop environment, but there’s always a chance. So I still took my Red Wings to work, but ended up wearing my wedges the entire day. So to answer the question, so far only a 2.5” heel, but I hope by the time I am done in the shop environment, I’ll be at 4” heels!
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    There seems to be a bit of bias towards streetwear on r/malefashion, but I thought I’d drop this and see what happens:
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    The funny thing is, I am not wearing a skirt. Perhaps the silhouette and heels are a little deceptive
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    It was fun to stir the pot, but I dialed it back on my next post to r/malefashion. Blocky Cuban heels seem to be a bit less shocking to the larger crowd, and there are already many on the sub who are getting into the trend of heels as male fashion.
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    Working by myself most of the week. I really like this outfit, its a plain white shirt underneath a leather jacket with some plain straight leather trousers, with a nice wide patent belt also but that's underneath. Apart from being leather, its pretty conservative. But the shoes, they just scream ! j
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    Wow, I have not posted in here since February? Sheesh, where does the time go?! The excuse is that work and family take most of my time. The truth is I have a tendency to be lazy and when there isn't much going on, I don't see a need to post about it. However, I thought I would take a few minutes and post an update here to say, 'Hey, I am still here and still heeling!' Since I last posted in February, there honestly has been little in the way of noticeable heeling, aside from my Converse wedges. Those things are just so darn comfy, and they go with everything! The first thing I want to talk about is church. The church that my wife and I have been attending regularly since moving out to the Bay Area in California is wonderful. It is not 100% of what we like/want, but then it's not really supposed to be about us. It does do a great job of getting the message across, and we really enjoy the atmosphere and people that we attend with. Since we have been attending this church, I have worn my Converse wedges every Sunday. I usually wear my American Eagle kick boot jeans with them, so hardly noticeable, right? However, the nursery that our son is in during church has the same staff each week. They are a wonderful group of ladies who just adore and get so excited to see our son. Now I tend to be an observant person whereas my wife is not. Needless to say, there was one week where I caught one of the younger staff checking out my shoes, then looking up to see a guy wearing them. She didn't say she liked my shoes, but she didn't give a sneer or ugly look either. She smiled and we dropped him off. But when we came back to get him after the service had ended, I now noticed that her and another younger girl on the staff(when I say younger, these two girls are in their mid-20s I'd guess, so younger than me, lol) were checking out my shoes. I looked to see if there was any kind of response; nope, they just smiled and wished us a good week. Each week that I wear a different colored pair, they definitely make an effort to see which ones I am wearing. To expand on church today, I did change it up a little bit. Seeing @JeffB and his posts about fashion free-styling made me realize that just because I don't wear "noticeable" heels, that doesn't mean I cannot post about them! So today I changed it up a bit, but it was the result of my 20 month-old son picking out my boots. I set out a pair of riding boots and a pair of 3" heeled boots. He chose the riding boots, so I decided to make it work. So today I did not have on but 1" heels, but it still felt great! They are my Frye Melissa back-zip riding boots. I wore my usual AE kick-boot jeans and my Old Navy top. Now I think the top maybe got a few looks, but my wife also noted that from straight on, it makes me look 'wider' than I really am, lol! I admit I have been wanting to find/wear some slimmer fitting tops, but I am still working on my gut and love handles... However, I noticed no looks from our friends in the nursery today. I guess I need to be more adventuresome next week! I've got more to post about, including wearing heels to work for the first time! That will be in another post.
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    Here is my latest acquisition. I picked these up in a thrift store for $15. They are black snakeskin pumps with a heel measuring just over 4 inches. The brand is Sam and Libby. They are extremely comfortable to wear. And they are in excellent condition. I can see these being my go to heels. they will get a lot of use.
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    I have been debating on whether to say anything, but for professional reasons (I just installed one that is bigger than the average person's living room), I feel compelled to point out that UPS, other than being a shipper that often brings me new shoes, stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Because we have to make sure that all those cat videos on social media aren't interrupted. Congratulations on passing 500, by the way!
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    Got these shodazzle 5 inch mules off ebay and i can't take them off. Went to home depot this morning and stopped at a dozen garage sales. The comfort level on these is a 10, I'd classify these as perfect shoes. I can spend hours in them including a lot of walking around and the look is stunning, i.e. perfect heels. Structurally sound as well.
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    hi heelers HaHa i just thought i'd show apair i've purchased and are on their way from FSJ shoes these are going to be my new go to casuals
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    Hey fellow heelers, just wanted to say that i've noticed on ebay here in Australia in the high heels section(womens shoes) that there are now lots of advertisments from shoe manufacturers headlining thier addvert with MENS HIGH HEELS , this for me is solid proof that us guys are such an untapped well of business for shoe manufactures / sellers that they now recognise the fact lots of us love those styles originally only for women , and why not for guys , because shoes with a raised rear section , made from materials off a roll of PU or leather and crafted into a shape does not give the item a gender they are able to be worn by any person male or female or transgender . It's this simple if you like them , YOU LIKE THEM . I went to a Psycologist long ago thinking i was a freak for wanting to wear womens shoes , the Psyc told me my like / love for high heels could be summed up with IT IS MUCH LIKE YOUR FAVORITE COLOUR , YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY IT IS , IT JUST IS . High heels for me are the same i really love them , much like the variations of the colour green happy heeling guys Malinheels
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    My favourite bootmaker Fernando Berlin is advertising more and more for men this year. Picture on home/landing page (maybe you'll have to wait a bit to appear): https://www.fernandoberlinboots.com/ Photoshoot of his current collection (several styles, watch the whole video):
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    Went out and about with the family this morning in the new 19” tall cowboy boots with 3.5” heels, and nobody paid particular notice. They look a lot like the other pair with 3” heels that I often wear, so I wasn’t expecting it to draw any attention really. But it feels good to keep building up heel height in nice footwear that doesn’t cause controversy with my wife over “girls’ shoes”. Meanwhile, there’s been some good response to the boots on Reddit. I think there is a growing trend towards guys wearing higher heels, especially in boots and Cuban heels.
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    My custom boots were completed and I picked them up yesterday: Went with subtle elephant overlays and they are pretty fun!
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    Jeremy Pope wearing a very modest heel at today's Tony Awards. See attached. And this tweet from Jordan Roth back in April to celebrate the end of Kinky Boots Broadway Shows https://twitter.com/Jordan_Roth/status/1114902824951918596 Hahaha!! Had to laugh out loud at the first comment, "looking like the secretary the wife is worried about." Lots of great feedback there! Good job.
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    Here I am at Costa in Booties getting into the action from Scotland. LOL
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    @Rowland - wow great pictures there bud, especially the first one. I've seen some model's legs that are not that good looking from that angle.
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    Common sense always must take precedence over desire. Certainly in this case. Pack a pair or two in your luggage for in private, but wear something normal for the journey. You are not living in the West, people. The biggest common mistake that Westerners make when they travel abroad is that they continue to behave as if they are still in the West. Like ignore the dress code, the religious code, or the most stupid, use narcotics like weed. And in too many places of the world they get away with it, because the locals have become utter whores for Western cash. Which reinforces that behavior. But there are also many places in the world that don't put up with that behavior. And you know what, I'm 100% cool with that. Their country, their rules. There's endless talk in the West that the new immigrants should integrate into Western society and not become yet another shadow society within the West, so why should we get to behave abroad like we are still back home? Our countries, our rules, their countries, their rules.
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    They are comfortable and the neutral colour will go with anything. Didn't wear them to the wedding as it was a former co-worker. I have, however, dressed as my alter-ego and attended some outdoor weddings. It is fun just like going anywhere in heels. HinH
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    Hi everyone, Even though I don't like your answer, they are probably reasonable to follow. Merci à tous Thnaks to you all for coming back to me on this and same me probably a lot of troubles
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    JS Claudette, wanted forever.
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    Since this is still going and I have not had anything fantastic lately in my opinion,!,!,!,!, here are my entry’s
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    There seems to be a misconception that gay men are universally accepting of heels or freestyle dressing, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of gay guys who get offended by a guy doing anything feminine. Some go as far as being very anti woman. You might be physically safe in a gay neighborhood (unless someone’s there to beat up gays and goes after you), but don’t expect everyone to celebrate crossing gender lines.
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    Good Morning fellow high heel place members , i'm thinking i may head to the piano bar again tonight and see what's HAPPENING !!!!! will report back if your interested let me know who's interested cheers Malinheels
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    They've finally arrived!
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    Strike while the iron is hot! It seems men who already have experience heeling didn’t need a fashion show to be inspired to do so, but it would be neat to see the runway inspire new people to give it a go!
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    SF: Sounds like you had a good time. And, at the end of the day, that's the ultimate goal. Jaunt #498, 5/18/2019: Lucky me, it was a Saturday, and it didn’t rain, a constant of sorts the last couple of weeks. With sunshine and warm weather, I headed to the King of Prussia Mall in a black and white stripped jersey dress from H & M, the Payless “Geneva” loafers and a black quilted hobo bag. I felt like going casual, and that dress was tailor made for that purpose, and it was short enough to put my legs on display, something I enjoy when the mood strikes. Also, while it was warm enough for sandals, I liked the loafers with the dress more, I just thought that made for a better pairing. The mall was quiet when I arrived shortly after eleven, as is always the case, no one paid me any attention as I wandered about, and that’s fine by me as I sought to blend in with my surroundings. At the comic book shop, I spent a good ten minutes chatting with the store’s staff about Avengers: Endgame which I had seen last Sunday and enjoyed like crazy (relax, I won’t reveal any spoilers in case anyone here hadn’t seen it yet), then went to Dick’s Sporting Goods store where I bought a rear view mirror and a water bottle for my bike as it’s warm enough now to get in some riding on a regular basis, something I’m looking forward to greatly. From there, it was off to the food court for lunch where I had a special experience, that being a pizza flavor I never had before, chicken bacon ranch, and man, was that ever GOOD! Not to worry, I’m still fully loyal to my diet regimen and only had that one slice which I washed down with a bottle of water, a few years ago, I would’ve had two, perhaps three slices, but I’m more careful about my caloric intake these days. Over the course of my post lunch wandering, I was looking over dresses at Old Navy when a woman in her fifties said to me that she liked the necklace I wore, adding that it suited my complexion, pleasantly surprised, I grinned and thanked her, that was a very nice compliment, especially since my complexion wasn’t a concern when I bought the necklace, I just liked how it looked on me. Heh! By the by, I did buy a dress from Old Navy, followed by another from Primark. The more I wear dresses, the more I like them, the more I realize they suit who I am as a freestyler. I’ve said that I’m working up to the time when I’ll be all dresses all the time on my outings, but, I’m not there yet as I still enjoy wearing skirts, after all, they replaced pants and jeans which I haven’t worn on my adventures since mid 2013, and I don’t miss them at all. And, with warm weather in place, I’ll have lots of dresses to show off for everyone. More to come....
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    That's why he wrote Higher Watha [sic]. I'll be off now
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    The heel height that I wear in the office is between 4" and 5 1/2". For me, it is more about wearing heels that are comfortable and match what I am wearing plus with some thought on the attire worn at the workplace. So my shoes tend to be conservative in terms of color and style. Simple pumps or booties are my main choices. But then I wear heels about 90% of the time so I can have on more striking heels when I am not at work. My typical heels at work are like the ones below:
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    A couple pairs of my neutral colored pumps.
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    Late night look...new floral denims with my pink pumps.
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    Interesting! I was just hoping homosexuals would be more open minded. But it's just the same. Depends on the person,not on the community Disappointing
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    I was walking through a mall in Toronto and passed an upscale shoe store that was going out of business and everything was on sale. I spotted these Vince Camuto sandals, regular price, $168.00 Canadian. It was the last day and they were on sale for........$19.95 Canadian. Had to have them. Other than trying them on, I haven't had a chance to wear the m yet but will be able to in a few days. Just being in the right place at the right time.

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