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    So today was the day for me to wear my boots outside my pants. I did a short 2 1/2 hour in public with my Nine West knee highs and these vegan leather pants as a test run. But today was a long one, 16 hours. I wore my JS Rollin knee high boots and vegan leather pants. First time wearing the JS boots and love them. Easy to walk in, easy to drive in and gorgeous!! Got lots of compliments on them, especially from women, but the most interesting comment came from a guy. "I wish I had the confidence to wear boots like that."
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    OUTING: Alright, so this is actually a comparison of two different outings on two different days. About a week ago I bought some shoes like the ones below in the image, similar style, but the colour is solid gray/brown, rather than the leopard print. I think it doesn't look too feminine, and I wanted to buy something that didn't look too feminine (like a stiletto heel). The heels on this shoe are very chunky, and the shoes look great, and are very comfortable. ~3.5" lift, can barely feel it when walking. I bought them for sort of "casual wear". I was so excited by the purchase I put them on, with dark blue jeans, and a sweater and went to a store. I was so nervous, felt my heart in my throat, and almost had a panic attack. Still went in. As I'm standing in one of the aisles, some old guy stops at the end of the aisle and just looks (90% sure at me), and looks and looks. After a few minutes I glance at him, and he walks away... The day following, I decided to try again. Similar outfit... But this time I was not at all nervous, very calm and comfortable. Went to 4-5 large stores in total over almost 2 hours. I even checked out some heels in 3 of the stores, which is my first ever time checking out heels while wearing heels. I could not have denied who I was interested in buying them for, if someone asked. I didn't find any shoes, although did buy the stuff I needed. I was very calm, very comfortable, and very happy afterwards. Halfway through the shopping trip, I even started leaving my comfort-item (backpack) in the car, which I've also never done. It was a lot of fun casually strolling around... Quite a few people around, I did notice a few people look, but got 0 comments. The sky didn't fall. Pushed myself out of my comfort zone a bit further...
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    A short update--my "special" project at work is not yet finished, but some of it has been postponed. I am glad to be home at a normal hour these days, but on the other hand, I wish they would hurry up and get it over with. It is somewhat frustrating to tell the family, "I won't be available to do much of anything but eat and sleep on such-and-such days," only to discover I'll have to make that sacrifice at a later, unspecified date. The overtime money is certainly appreciated this close to the holidays. I haven't bought any new shoes for nearly six months, so I'm trying to make sure I'm wearing the more neglected members of my collection in addition to my favorites. I have had these Bakers Reissa oxfords for several years, but have never worn them in public. I have taken them for a couple half mile spins around the neighborhood early in the morning/late at night, but the fact is, I can't walk in them properly. There's basically a 5 inch difference between heel and toe, and my graceful limit is about 4 1/2". I can walk in them functionally, but it's not pretty to look at, and I can't go around looking like that. So I'm trying to expand the top of my height range, and I've started wearing them around the house, despite the fact that I absolutely hate wearing fully enclosed shoes at home. OK, I hate wearing fully enclosed shoes anywhere, but especially in my own house. Nevertheless, if I'm going to keep these shoes, I'll need to learn to walk in them, and that's not ever going to happen if I don't wear them. The other problem with these shoes is that they have a very short, rounded toe. I'm not a big fan a-them witch toed shoes, but I wish these shoes had a slightly longer, more pointy toes. The reason is that at this height/steepness, there is not much horizontal real estate being taken up, and you have to wear the slimmest, skinniest pants with them. Otherwise, with any flare or fullness at all to your pants, it looks like you have no feet, or that your toes have been chopped off. As an aside, I have bought some new leggings. I have yet to try wearing leggings out by themselves, but I use them both for my yoga practice in the winter, and for long underwear underneath basically everything all winter long. I admit to being cold-blooded, and that extra layer on my legs makes a huge difference to my comfort. My trusty three pairs of Hanes leggings are all looking raggedy and terrible, so I ordered two new pairs in a cropped length. I chose the cropped length because I have very short legs, and I was somewhat frustrated by the leggings sticking out the bottom of my skinny jeans when wearing no socks, an unattractive look in my estimation. So I took a chance on these Jockey cotton cropped leggings, size small. It was a good gamble. They fit perfectly. I wish they were a little tighter around the ankles, but I'm not going to fuss about it. I think they are actually supposed to hit you mid-calf, but as you can see, they hit me a little lower, which is exactly what I wanted. I can now wear clogs with skinny jeans and wear these underneath, and nobody is the wiser. I can still use the three old pairs for work, because who cares? I have to go to wool longjohns if it gets really, really cold. That's when fashion goes completely out the window, when I want to come home with all the fingers and toes that I had in the first place.
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    Thank you for these words of wisdom. I have started to realize that I feel really comfortable in heels, and am not really looking at them as women's shoes any more. They're "just" shoes... As such, my comfort level has gone up when wearing them out. --------- OUTING: A few days ago I had a bit of time, and a huge itching, to go someplace in heels. Ended up in my usual outfit, dark blue jeans and a black jacket, but then the debate became the shoes... Which should I wear? Do I feel somewhat shy, in which case maybe my new 4" wedge booties, or a bit riskier and wear a non-wedge heeled boot? At the end, I decided I will wear one of my current favourites. The "bottom" of the boots sort of look like this, but a 4" heel. They are super-comfortable, and amazingly I bought them at a 2nd hand shop for really cheap. I feel very stable in them, and think they look great with a pair of dark-blue jeans and black jacket. Ended up doing some self-talk at home, which although it was supposed to be positive in the end is actually quite negative, almost didn't make it out of the house. After a while, I got upset with myself, put my thoughts aside, grabbed my stuff, and drove out. Went to a store as I needed to buy a few things. Was hoping for it to be quiet, but was actually quite busy. Ended up walking around and grabbing the stuff on my list, paying and exiting. Total of 20 minutes maybe of walking around. I honestly don't remember a lot about the visit, was somewhat pre-occupied, and quite "high" (not on drugs, but emotionally due to the heels, if you pardon the pun). Overall I felt very liberated by the time I finished. After the store, on the way home, I stopped by a coffee-shop. Got out, went in, bought a drink for myself, and went outside to sit by the outdoor tables and do a bit of work. I was there maybe about 20 minutes. The jeans stop about 1" off the ground, which hides the heels quite well when walking, but does nothing when sitting. So I'm sitting there, doing some work, drinking, with the heels essentially in full view. I wasn't flaunting it. Was sitting near the drive-through, in plain view of the people pulling up. Also completely visible from inside the coffee-shop. In the past I usually put my backpack against one of my legs, covering the shoes somewhat, but this time I put it onto the chair next to me. So I'm sure the entire bottom of the heels were in plain sight. It was so liberating. "high" is the best way to describe it (I assume, as I've never done drugs).
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    Before I talk about my recent heeling endeavors, I wanted to take a minute to discuss a topic that has been talked about before, but until recently, I wasn't quite sure why I felt the way I did. The topic is complimenting women who I think wear cute heels/boots. For some reason, I have always felt that paying a compliment was in someway awkward, and I never knew why. I always worried that the girl might find it creepy or strange. Thoughts of "Why would a guy notice my shoes? Is he gay?" "Weirdo" "Creepy" etc. would always swirl in my head to the point where I freaked out just to pay a compliment. But over these past few weeks, I've realized that it's the fear of exposing my own heeling that has made the scenario awkward. Let me expand: Over these past few weeks I have been more courageous in wearing heels other than my Converse wedges at work. 1. I started with wearing my Sorel wedge ankle boots into the office, only to change them after getting in. 2. From there, I progressed into wearing them after my Friday morning workout when I would leave the office for a Starbucks and then return. 3. Then I started keeping them on when I would go to the cafeteria at the office to get my coffee, potentially exposing them to more people. 4. From there, I started wearing the Naturalizer boots that I bought to match my wife's boots into work on Friday mornings. 5. Then I added them to my Starbucks run. 6. Now I keep my Sorel wedges on most of the morning, including my morning coffee chat with a coworker who I'll mention more about later. In this span of 3-4 weeks, I have discovered that my comfort level for complimenting my coworkers has gone up. I can only assume that the increase in comfort has gone up due to the increase in comfort with wearing my heels. With that being said, I have a coworker who I usually chat with in the morning when I get my coffee from the cafeteria, and she her tea. She is aware of my heeling and indulges me in my discussion of cute footwear that I wish I had, etc. Well, it turns out that we are the same shoe size! Over this past weekend, she had sent me some pictures of some heels that she owns, saying I could borrow them anytime I wished. In return, I sent some pictures and told her likewise. One pair that she had which are super cute happen to be a pair of extremely comfortable Dr. Scholl's booties. She really liked a pair of Kelly & Katie heels that I own that I unfortunately would probably never wear. So today we each brought our respective pairs into work, each wore a shoe, and then proceeded to take a couple of pictures. I think they turned out really good! As we 'swapped' each other's shoes for a brief moment, I actually told her she could keep the shoes as an early birthday gift since I am unlikely to wear them. She was ecstatic and very grateful. It was a good feeling to know that someone else would be enjoying the shoes! The instagram pictures are posted below.
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    "I can do that" and "Just Do It" are two phrase to use. Years ago there were certain things I wish I had the confidence to do. I am finally getting the confidence to do many of these and I am much happier because of it. Last year I was a "want to expose my knee highs" type of person, this fall I got the confidence to break that self imposed glass ceiling.
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    I recently wore this exact outfit to the eye doctor, a diminutive but stylish woman, who couldn't be over 5 feet in height. She said, "Oh you shouldn't wear heels around me. I tell my 5'10" husband to always wear flats!" The comment made me wonder what her husband's non-flats were exactly. These are inexpensive boots from Forever 21., but fun for a lark.
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    I bought these at a resale shop a month or so ago for $20. Guess brand, no style name noted in the shoe. It appeared that they had never been worn. They have a heel of just a smidge over 4". For a stiletto, they are pretty darn comfortable, though I'm having my usual issue of walking out of the left shoe. I did wear them out shopping one evening, which is not like me as I tend to stick to less obvious heels when I am in public. It was a thrill for me, and I just loved the way the chrome ornament caught the light when I walked in them.
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    @hiddenheels its always nerve wracking when you expand your comfort zone. Especially those first few steps, we all experience it. But it is also very satisfying when you have expanded it. Good job.
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    Haven't been to this mall in ages & noticed they had a SHOE SHOW store now. Went in & found they had some larger sizes available. Ended up buying a pair of HOT TOMATO booties & my 1st pair of over the calf boots by ITS OK! Had a nice talk with the sales girl. She said the 12' & 13's don't last long. Other than the mall kiosk urchins harassing me it was a good trip. Sorry didnt notice the booties pic was blurry... TY! Gave me a chance to rest easy, if only for a little while. Gonna drive back down tomorrow afternoon to give her the candy & say hello, then drive back...
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    And here is the English translation of this newspaper article: https://10.en24.news/2019/men-on-high-heels-it-takes-a-dose-of-courage-and-eggs.html
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    They don't make them in leather any more. At least the boots. I still have an old pair, I should on what they look like these days. I love the matt leather look. Never been a patent guy myself. And they really were the most comfortable 5.5" heeled shoes you could and probably still can find.
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    chesterx, Welcome to our forum and for sharing your outings as well as recent news on your mother's recovery. I'm guessing you are in the DFW area but that's just a guess. My wife and I were there in July for an uncle's (by marriage) funeral. I had finally gotten to know the guy in October of 2018 only to see him succumb to some really painful and progressive disease. But I did succeed in knowing him. I'm glad your Mom pulled through. Pneumonia takes more people than many realise. Again thanks for joining our group and sharing your photos. You're in the right place friend!! HinH
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    Hi guys! Good news as the doctors were able to get her pneumonia under control. They were not expecting her to recover at all, but she has, and it has bought her some extra time. She is still in ICU but she can breath on her own now & get some restful sleep. Now I can too! She asked me to bring her some chocolates so I stopped by the local mall after work. Wasn't gonna let this opportunity go to waste. Slipped on my Chelsea Moreland nude pumps & had some fun. They are a little tight but I only paid $10 for them.
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    I was sitting at the bar waiting for a burger. Was chatting with a guy when I “accidentally” bumped his leg with my boot heel. He looked down and exclaimed. Nice boots man! Not much of a compliment but I’ll take it!
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    Now you are EXPECTED to wear high heels.
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    The boots I wore were like that, not exactly that. Faux leather, goes up to my knees. But under jeans, who knows... Self-talk sucks. I need to learn never to start it. Regarding compliments, I was somewhat expecting to hear some comment, but heard nothing, positive or negative. So far in all my adventures, I've heard nothing from anyone, just noticed some looks. But hey, I would also look if I noticed a guy wearing something unexpected. --------------- As an aside, I've noticed a transition in my own patterns recently. Up until about 2 years ago, I wanted nothing more than to walk out during the night, in places where the chances of meeting anyone were small. About 2 years ago, I started going to parks during daytime where I knew I would probably not meet anyone, and still wanted to take advantage of any opportunity to go out at night in quiet locations. Then something changed about 6 months ago. Now I lost pretty much all desire to go out during the night to secluded places, and much rather go out during daytime and "just do my normal thing" but in my preferred shoes. If the opportunity was there for me to go out during the night, I would prefer to go someplace a bit more busy. Just reflecting on this change... Weird.
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    I'm going to post my outings in this thread, just to share. A few things about me: Have been married for a long time, with kids. My wife knew about my heels before we got married, but was never supportive, and eventually all heels became hidden (hence my alias) from view, we didn't talk about, I didn't wear it in front of her, nothing. Recently the topic came up, and the conclusion was that she said is OK if I go out periodically, she might join once in a while. It's slowly been improving, I showed her my heels, we discussed them, etc, but she doesn't want me wearing them at home. I'm used to that, so it's OK. Traditionally, 50% of my outings have been at night, with noone around, lasting about ~30 minutes. 50% of my outings have been to parks, or other more-deserted locations, during the day, hoping noone would be around. I usually wear jeans which cover the heels, and the heels vary depending on my mood. I much prefer boots, or ankle-boots, so it's almost always that. I have never ventured into a store or anything like that. Now I'm working hard to change that... More recently however, I've been getting really angry, sad, anxious, etc, most of it I am convinced is because of my inability (self-imposed or otherwise) to wear heels out. These emotions have been really difficult, and have preoccupied me greatly. I am getting really fed up with it, and have decided to try to challenge myself a bit and try to wear them outside. This is all recent, and has been happening in the last 2-3 months... OUTING A while ago I had to go downtown for work, and was in a huge mood to wear heels. I decided to take the required cloths with me, and a ~3.5" ankle boot that looks professional, no platform. After I was done with my work stuff, I quickly changed... Jeans covering almost the entire heel (about 1" was showing), and off I went. Broad daylight, with your general downtown population moving about, roads, etc. Put in headphones and walked around downtown, looking into stores, just browsing. Obviously lots of people saw me, but I was having fun. Didn't bother me who saw, and I didn't hear, was busy listening to music. Once I was done walking around, I walked too far from the car, so I decided to take the bus back. Got on the bus, in heels, sat down, and paid no attention to anyone. Was a bit self-conscious, but it was great. This was the first time I went out in public, ever, in broad daylight. I had a blast, still processing the experience. Cloths were: jacket, white shirt, very dark blue jeans, and black ~3.5" chunky heel ankle boots. The outfit I think worked perfectly. OUTING A few days after the above adventure, I got another chance. Was near a shoe store that I don't get a chance to go to often. Was coming home from a work-thing, and wanted to challenge myself. After my work-thing, I got changed, put on very long jeans, and a pair of 4" stiletto boots which I simply love. So comfortable. The heels could barely be seen. I got out of the car, shuffled around a bit, battling my thoughts, but then decided to just go for it. Ventured into the mall, past some coffee shops, and into a large department store. I looked around a bit randomly, just enjoying that I'm there in my heels. Then walked around the mall for a few minutes before making my way to the shoe store. I looked around, found nothing of use, then walked around the mall for a few more minutes and out to the car. The entire thing took 30 minutes or something, but it was broad daylight, with lots of people around, and I loved it. I was just a bit self-conscious. Cloths were: dress-shirt, black sweater, long blue jeans, and black 4" boots. I think it looked OK, upon reflection the outfit could be improved, but am still trying to figure that out. OUTING, OUTING, OUTING, OUTING A few days after the above adventure, over the course of ~2 weeks, I had the chance to be alone during the day once in a while for some hours to do my own thing. I wanted to challenge myself again, and wear heels. This time I decided to go to a coffee shop and grab a drink & some food, and work. So I did just that, picked a coffee shop that was far enough away from home, packed myself into the car, and went. This time I was quite self conscious in my brown wedge ankle boots, and long jeans covering most of it. While standing it was OK, the heels weren't showing, but when sitting I'm sure they were. I tried it out before going to the coffee shop and the jeans would ride up if I sat down, so I assume people could see some of it. But I sat down, enjoyed my drink, ate a bit, and worked on my laptop. Spent about an hour there. Got to repeat this 3, maybe 4 times over the course a few weeks. Quite enjoyable, but doesn't beat the above two adventures. Cloths: Varied, but long blue jeans with 3" wedge ankle boots covering most of it. --------------- The above outings might show progress, and they are huge progress compared to what I was doing a year ago, or further back. But I am still very much conflicted with this heeling thing, and I am sure these emotions will not go away for a while yet. I am trying to challenge myself, and in the process wear my heels, and so far so good. I am still very uncomfortable showing photos or URLs of the heels, or myself. I love it when others post photos of themselves in coffeeshops, etc, but I am not comfortable with that, for various reasons.
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    Hi @Pierre1961, pardon my ignorance but could you provide a link for FLS shoes? I honestly can't find anything online. I could find Extreme HH though. Here's the link for those who are interested: http://extremehighheels.net/en/ I have a similar pair from Jeffrey Campbell (Legion-1) and I love them. And guess what? I also wore them in Paris
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    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! Does she know about this website?
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    Cali, You certainly did well and those knee boots look so good on you. Have only ventured out once with jeans tucked into knee boots. Don't know why though since I have worn knee boots with a dress. I do a Macys card so perhaps I'll look for these. Haven't used the card since June when I got my tan coloured wedges which I posted here back on 2 June. Your Halloween outfit looked nice and you certainly appeared comfortable. Keep up the good work my friend. HinH
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    For the first time in six months, I actually got some new shoes. It was long overdue. I'm done buying more brass instruments and vintage lawn mowers for a while, and I got some overtime at work, so I decided to update the collection a little. First pair that caught my eye a long time ago was the Diane Von Furstenburg DVF (I assume the initials denote that it's the cheap line) clogs in a sort of gentle olive green. Model name unknown. That's a new color for me, but it is still very neutral, so I would say it will go with just about anything. The ebay seller has been trying to unload these things for several months, and the price came down from something like $60 to $23, so I decided to buy. Heel height is right at 5 inches with about an 1 1/8" platform. They seem comfortable, but I haven't really worn them, so we'll see. At least they fit. Second pair is something called Michael Antonio Studio, model name Tedrick. They are a medium gray color, also a first for me, at least in leather. I have some gray fabric shoes, but nothing in a leather sandal. I gave a whole 8 dollars for these, plus shipping. The exact heel height on the mules is somewhat difficult to determine due to the design, but is definitely somewhat in excess of 5 1/2", possibly 5 5/8", but maybe not quite that high. Platform is 1 1/2", which is a little thick for my taste, but is not ridiculous looking. Probably because a lot of that height comes from the deeply lugged soles, which is kind of like a mini logging boot sole, and a good portion of the platform is covered by the attachment points of the sandal straps. If it were 1 1/2" of solid wood, I think it would look way too clunky, but it looks all right. These fit me very well, have a soft cloth lining, and I really wanted to take them out for a short spin last night, despite having pulled a 13 hour day at work, but it was pouring down rain, so I didn't instead. Edit: The photos keep displaying in a random sort of manner, but you'll figure it out.
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    Heck, I forgot about all those outlet stores. Don't get up around Conroe much these days. Thanks for the heads up, always open to new shopping opportunities.
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    Happy to hear the update @chesterx, may she continue to recover. and happy about your new acquisitions too - well done!
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    I don't really hate these shoes, but I also don't love them. I assume you wear U.S. Women's size 12 by your comment? Unfortunately, these are U.S. Women's size 9. If they fit you, I would just give them to you, because I know you love oxfords of all stripes.
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    I hear ya buddy, being a care giver is emotionally and physically exhausting for sure. My Mom is scared also, all you can do is be there, there aren't many words that can comfort. My Mom is such a fighter, have learned never to "count her out", somehow she bounces back. I just don't want her to linger, hoping we can have a nice steak dinner, tell stories, have some laughs, and she will pass in her sleep....Wish it was that easy.... Please take good care of yourself....
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    Hey everyone! I got interested in heels quite a while ago and i never had a chance to take them out. I only wore them inside when nobody was there to see me. Last year I have travelled to England to study there but after a year I have returned to take a break from studying. Back on topic tho. I did wear heels there but I never had the confidence to take them to school or anything along those lines. This year I finally forced myself to change that. I went out on saturday to work in heels (seen below) and stayed in them the entire day. To be honest it was only for 3 hours and I was alone there (working at a shoe shop) so it wasn't that scary but I was so excited that I walked in them all the way to work and back. I have to say that I always said to myself that people do not care but you never actually believe it untill you go out. Nobody noticed who cared enough to say something and people that did notice did not say anything. I am so happy that through this I gained the courage to go out in them. I will keep you updated at what is happening but it will not be too often. (have only 1 from 3 saturdays in a row).
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    "Weird" or "Growth"?????
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    I switched to only women's shoes about a decade ago because of fit. And now I enjoy the benefits I get from 4 inch heels. I don't hide the fact that I wear heels, rather I embrace it; I own it. Once you OWN IT, you walk with more confidence which boost your comfort level which gives your more confidence which .... Looks like those booties have rear laces. Real or faux?
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    And sadly JW succumbed to lung cancer.... Looking cool only goes so far..... If smoking wasn’t so bad for ya, I would smoke all the time... sf
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    I have water on three sides, ocean and two lagoons so I'm not in an at-risk area. My eyes can feel the smoke from the wine country fire. I have friends who survived the Paradise (in Paradise during the fire) and other friends in the wine country who have been evacuated.
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    That outfit looks awesome, wish I had white pants like those...
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    I'm sure they look great with normal pants/jeans, I hope you are safe in Ca....
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    I love the "retro chunky heel look". I have several heels in this style...these looks like my Freebird Cantis. I wear mine without socks and pants with thinner legs.
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    Fantastic outfit and lovely looking boots, right up my street that outfit
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    It depends on what the thought is in the overall outfit. r/malefashion is nuts over fits like this: Agree, John Wayne was not showcasing his sandals when he wore this: https://imgur.com/gallery/CpAEjaD
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    Absolutely love my early morning latte in Costa with my boots on, love watching people come and go and check out their footwear, don’t know if anyone checks out mine though, which Public places do you guys like to just sit in your heels and observe other people
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    Finally I have finished my shoe closet. My wife asked me to build one though the heels were everywhere. Please share some pictutes of your closet.
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    These are a few of my heels. The others are stored in totes.
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    I like cork wedge Sandals and I like very hig heels. So most of time the cork wedges have a high heel but a high plateau as well. My wish was something really high but walkable. By random I cam across a shop in Aliexpress which have some cork wedge high heels, but for me not high enough. So I decided to ask the shop Manager if they can customize a wedge heel and he said: Y E S So I gave him the püicture of the heels from his shop and asked for the customization and he said: NO PROBLEM and the Price with $76,- was quite nice. So here we go cork wedges Size EU12 Heel 18cm plateau 2cm and I am very happy with them. They are a bit difficult to walk in but this is something I really enjoy:
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    The 3 - 4" block heel is best for daily use. I also carry to work and to the city to my customers. I'm doing lighting projects and looking at implementation. High heels and thin heels for solemn occasions. I don't wear heels at home because nobody sees them.
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    So as promissed i said that i will give you what happened during my time out. To be honest with you guys nothing interesting. Sadly i was trying to get home soon. So no venturing to shops or so. Will do some in like 2-3 weeks probably as i need to find a few things to wear for summer. Again nobody cared at all which is really nice to know and I am happy with it. I have to say that the more i go outside the happier of a person I am. This is really big for me as I do suffer from deppression even tho I am not really into trying to get rid of it. (my bad) So this picture is just from my home. After arriving and almost sending this :-)
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    Excellent work ! Tailored pants is the way to go because they keep your legs slender, which is harmonious with a slender high heeled shoe ! I love your pumps too - an open instep (half d'orsay) is a lovely variation. Loving this look too!
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    Cali is so well-established in his corner of the world that he may actually ANGER people by not wearing his heels. Sort of like a person brews really tasty coffee and people come to expect it. People are expecting to be entertained by whatever Cali has on his feet so I imagine does not want to disappoint them. HinH
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    I totally agree with you CAT on how awesome the sound of metal heel tips are!!! My girlfriend and I went for a walk Saturday evening and the sound of my metal tip stilettos were so much louder than her plastic tip stilettos!!! I loved it and so did she ☺
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    I bought a pair of boots a week ago. The seller just sent a message saying that they have another pair if id like first dibs. SIREN brand crotch high boots. 15cm heel, 2cm platform interesting hole punch design what do you think
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    Hi guys Last night my wife questioned why I hadn't been wearing the heels she bought for me. So tonight I did. She was pretty comfortable with the skinny leg jeans which really show off the shoes and heels in particular! What do you think?
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    I have a similar situation with a female friend (not a coworker). We are not the same size, but our shoe adventures have caused much friction with the wife, to the point that our families have quit seeing each other altogether. Hopefully your wife is actually not jealous, instead of merely claiming to be not jealous, like my wife.
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    I would absolutely love to have a pair of Christian Louboutin "Hot Chick" Heels but sadly they don't come in my size

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