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    My Sam Edleman "Olencia" boots finally arrived. I normally wear size 11s, but they only had size 10s, unless I wanted suede. I definitely wanted the black leather, they are the classic design that I love and I am guessing the heel height is 4.5-5.0 inches. The are a little snug, but fit fine, and super easy to walk in. I have probably walked publicly about one mile so far with no issues, although my ankle did give way when one heel sank in a crack in the sidewalk the other day in Atlanta. Fortunately, I saved myself from falling. These boots are made of nice leather, and the heels are sturdy, I paid $130 which seemed very reasonable. Sorry for the photos, guess I should have worn lighter colored levis....
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    Hi everyone, my first post on here. I just made a welcome thread too for more info, but here are the booties I recently bought from Call It Spring. Suede front, everything else stretches which is nice, since my feet are kind of fat now.. I love how point they make my toes look. 4.5 inch heel, no platform, size 10US for those curious. I've worn 7-8 inch heels in the past, but none with this arch. And I don't think I can ever go back to anything less than a 4 inch arch now. I definitely like them over leggings or under tight jeans, I love the look. Please enjoy!
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    Recent purchase from Zara, black leather platform boots
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    Yes, people will notice men who wear high heels in public, to which I say....SO WHAT? That fact has always been a given. When I began my outing thread ten years ago, I was noticed when I wore heels under long jeans, today I parade around in skirts and dresses (most of them short), handbags, earrings, even the once in a blue moon dalliance with lipstick, people notice that too, they’d be blind as bats if they didn’t notice a six foot two inch, middle aged black man decked out from head to toe in women’s wear, and you know what....I DON’T CARE! Perhaps I approach this from the angle of having a decade’s worth of experience freestyling under my belt, but, in my biased opinion, it’s just no big deal that people notice. I’ve said on more than a few occasions that people are usually too wrapped up in their own lives and affairs to care about a guy in a skirt and heels, they’ll see me for a few fleeting moments in passing, then I’m quickly forgotten and never thought about again. It simply isn’t that big a deal. Not at all. Something else I’ve said plenty of times, and it’s incredibly important is that you make the best possible appearance when out in public. When you dress well and carry yourself with class and dignity, people will accept you for your presentation, or, more than likely, not give a damn one way or the other. Sure, I’ve gotten looks, long stares, second glances, the whole nine yards, I’ve long since accepted that and it no longer bothers me, not even when cruising down bustling downtown streets or crowded shopping malls. In all the years I’ve done this, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten negative comments and still have fingers left, exactly the opposite, I’ve had women AND men compliment me on my appearance, giving me kind words on everything from my clothes, shoes, jewelry, even my handbags. The fact I’ve been treated well by complete strangers tells me that I’m doing this right, and that means a lot. i understand that not everyone here is as accomplished as I am when it comes to doing outings, and others don’t have the confidence, or the boldness to do what folks like me or nzfreestyler do when it comes to our public presentation, so, you just do the very best you can, and, above all, take pride in how you present yourself so that it doesn’t matter that you’re noticed.
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    Got my leather ankle boots, tried'em on and wow!!! I could walk a thousand mile in those full leather beauties soooo comfy and smooth for my feets
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    Last Tuesday we had the company´s christmas party. Meanwhile my colleagues are already used to see me in heels, I went a bit further and attended with a long black skirt, black pantyhose, black court shoes and a matching clutch. Above the belt I wore a classical white shirt and a coloured bow-tie. Some of my colleagues were surprised, but complimented about my style and teh courage to go that way - even my boss! I had a pretty good time! Although I danced, stood most of the time on the tiptoes and walked back home on heels (~1,5km / 1mi) - the next morning - I had a headache, but no soring feet! The full story (in German) including pics you will find here: http://mohh21.forumprofi.de/erlebnisse-in-der-Öffentlichkeit-f17/mit-pumps-rock-und-clutch-zur-firmenfeier-t3076.html
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    It’s very quiet in Costa this Boxing Day morning, in fact I’m the only person here plus the staff of course,. I’ve gone for the snake effect stiletto ankle boots today although i don’t think many people will see them, will have to see how the morning develops. May go and browse some sales in them when I’ve finished my coffee
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    Yesterday I received, after a long waiting for them to be restocked, these hot babies. They are from Fuss and have a very thin 16,5cm(6.5in) heel and a small, which makes them very stable to walk, 1cm plateau.
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    I got out tonight to do a little Christmas shopping, also to look for some cool new shoes.
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    Yesterday last time at work this year. Evening with dogs, like every day.
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    Well I made it back out to California and I must say that it wasn’t without it’s struggles due to weather,etc. So I am attaching here the pictures of my outfits during travel. The picture of the jeans tucked into the wedges was on my trip to Indiana and the picture of the jeggings pulled over the wedges was my flight back out to Cali. On my connecting flight from Atlanta to San Jose, I ended up sitting across the aisle from a woman who was wearing some Sorel boots as well! I complimented hers, she complemented mine, then we had a brief 5 minute chat about how great they are! I noticed that I got lots of looks, but no one appeared to laugh, sneer, make rude comment, etc. I made eye contact with a few people and we smiled at each other. Don’t get me wrong, compliments are nice, because that’s an acknowledgement that people not only notice but like our look. But I am perfectly content moving through the day without any comment, because to me that means that my look gave no abnormal notice.
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    I watched the video and concluded no straight man will be convinced to give heels a try based upon this dynamic duo. They are convinced that cisgender men will never try heels in their lifetime. Firstly, the two are very young so they have a dearth of life experience. Secondly, they live in a gay urban bubble and do not seem to grasp the bigger picture. Thirdly, their company's selections are not attractive looking nor very affordable. They essentially did nothing to encourage heterosexual men to want to wear high heels. They did everything to promote the gay community and reinforce the notion that heels are paired with either femininity or homosexuality. Well done guys! When any one of us heterosexual guys goes shopping, does errands, or simply has a conversation with fellow human beings while wearing our heels we all do more to convince others we are doing our thing, enjoying our lives, and perhaps encouraging other men to do the same thing. And doing it with no apparent agenda. Going to the Bata Shoe Museum might be a much better idea. Especially if you visit it in heels. HappyinHeels
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    Happy Christmas to all heelers !
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    Well it’s 7 AM on Christmas Eve and I’m sat enjoying a latte in Costa again, wearing my Dorothy Perkins black knee high boots with 4” heels over my grey jeans, walked in with 2 other women who were having quite a good chuckle to each other, don’t think it was at my expense though, one of them was wearing a quite nice pair of boots herself to be honest, i took my coffee to my table and they ordered to take out, nothing actually said though, will sit here for a bit before finishing off my last bits of Christmas shopping Thanks, they’re one of my favourite pairs, comfy to wear all be it a major struggle to get into them without having a zip, well worth it though
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    Well today I am flying back to Indiana for probably the last time for a while. Our stuff is packed up and is slowly making its way across the country. Closed on the house on Wednesday, so I’ll not be seeing the inside of it again. But I wanted to talk about my travels so far today! I decided at the last minute to go with my jeggings and Sorel wedge boots. First stop: TSA - Now those who have read the previous posts know that I’ve tried to thwart the need to take off my boots when flying, much to no avail. This morning as I went through the metal detector, like clockwork it went off. I just assumed the boots and made my way back ready to take them off. BUT NO - It turns out in my haste this morning, I went through the metal detector with my cell phones in my back pocket. The agent was quick to point this out, so I went back through minus the phones and bam, no alarm! So now I’m convinced my wedges will be my travel boots at least going through TSA. I am sure along the way there were people that noticed but no one said anything to me before boarding the first leg. Uneventful flight, started watching the movie ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and will hopefully finish watching it on the connecting flight. On to the BIG WIN for the day. This is only the second time I’ve worn the Sorel’s out since moving to California, the first time being uneventful. However, as I was walking past some gates in DFW to try and find food, a woman, who was likely a couple of years younger than me, made it a point to tell me she loved my boots! Talk about that amazing feeling! I absolutely loved the compliment, said my thanks, and went on about my time here. I am not one trying to find a place to take a full mirror selfie here at the airport, but I will post the picture of the boots for now, then a whole picture of the outfit later.
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    Rare day off today so able to spend some time here again before a long day of Christmas shopping, gone a bit more conservative by my standards, black western slouch boots from next with 31/2” black heels worn under blue jeans today, nothing too noticeable, there’s a few people here but not too busy, i expect the shops to be a lot busier later though
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    We drove back home yesterday stopping of at the motorway services twice on the way. I was wearing my Ralph Lauren ankle boots with a 3 1/2” heel, zips up both sides. We stopped at one Services for an hour where we wandered around browsing in the various shops as well as having something to eat. After eating we went and sat in the Starbucks as that was all that was on offer in terms of coffee choices. we relaxed back in some comfortable seats to have a decent break from the car. The heels on my boots were very clear to see and it was very busy, probably the busiest public space I’ve worn heels in to date. I was surprised how easily I managed to drive in the boots but they didn’t present any problems. I’ve attached photos of the boots, apologies as the photos are not the best quality.
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    I would personally liked it more without the platform but they are something I would like to have in my closet. Not sure how they would look taken outside, but I guess with skirt or dress they could go amazingly well.
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    And a pair of Monicarinas... Would be nice if someone knew where I could get a similar knock off pair.
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    Since we are on the topic of exercising in heels, this might be inspiring... 7CBC8547-E9C9-42EE-B498-051BD1CCB557.mp4
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    I haven't posted in a while! These are my new heels! My friend helped me pick them. We did a weekend in Vegas where I actually wore heels in public for the first time ever!
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    Its a quiet morning here again today, one chap sat over the aisle reading the paper and another just come in and ordered a takeaway. I was discussing Christmas with the young female assistant who asked me if I’d had any new boots for Christmas, i replied no not this year but may have a look in the sales before I’m fully back at work though, she then completed my order and i went to sit down, think she’s probably seen most of my range that i wear regularly by now so I’m due some new ones, comes to something when I’m buying boots to keep the staff at Costa interested lol. I’ve gone quite understated again today, dark blue woolly jumper, black jeans tucked into my Dorothy Perkins black knee high boots with 4” heels, i have to say black jeans and boots blend in very well, Working all day tomorrow so will be back on Sunday.
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    HinH, I personally have given up reading his posts. Generally very negative, and quite honestly, they are rarely about heels, rather focusing on yoga duds or some such thing. They don't really apply to the focus of HHPlace in my opinion.
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    MackyHeels, I think p1ng74 is neither pointing out your fashion sense is wrong nor is he certifying you are crazy indirectly or directly. Fashion sense is highly subjective and its beauty or not is in the eye of the beholder. P1ng74 is neither trained professionally to render a diagnosis for you nor does his pattern of thoughtful posts tell me he is about to declare you crazy. Perhaps if you posted what YOU wore and not that of women you saw on the street or in print media we could have a better dialogue. We are interested in what you wear and the positive aspects you experienced. We are not interested in 600-word diatribes about soap opera-like actions and reactions. I feel like reading your posts is reliving a scene from "the Matrix". Macky appears in skinny jeans and heels and the stares descend upon him like lasers in slow motion. My best advice: Be concise. Be positive. Post pictures of yourself. It's no more complicated than that. I would like for you to get more from your outings than a knot of stares and gasps or whatever it is. Untangle your interactions with the world and you'll be able to relax. Can you relax? That may be the first question. I'd like for you to get more from this website rather than making it a dumpsite for your negativity. Confidence starts with love of self before the first step outside can be confidently taken. HinH


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