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    Used to love to wear heels that high but now at over 60 years old , I can’t handle them anymore. Did wear a pair of white Pleaser pumps with 5.5 heels to a “dining experience” last night. Only response I had was from a man seated close to the entrance. His comment was “a little early for white.” To which I replied : “it was close enough.”
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    Hi everyone. My name is Libreage and I come from Italy. First of all, I would like to thank the staff to adding me, you're great. I've been into high heels for such a long time before reaching this forum, without even know that there was other people out there sharing my same passion. I love wearing heels, and now that I'm in, I'm very excited to be a member of this great family. Thanks to every.
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    I would go with the green! It really makes the whole outfit pop.
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    Had a choice of skirts for my new booties, quite nice in brown. Which is best? ;)
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    Just bought these from New Look (and then they went on further discount...) They fit really well (size 8 UK) and have a 4" block heel. My first pair of block heeled boots (I have a pair of 5.5" sandals with a block heel) - and they feel really nice. I still though prefer the look of a stiletto or wedge heel.
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    I just got these boots off Poshmark for $16. They are brand new! 25" shaft and 5" block heels.
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    These are my favorites, so girly & sexy... on me :)
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    Well after seeing those beautiful and girly bridle shoes I started googling around and found a new world of cute, girly and pretty shoes I hadn't noticed before, and they simply say girly when you see them I LOVE them, though some of them I don't know what I would wear them with, lol. I will be posting some of my favorites. What do you think? any ideas on what to wear them with, out and about? This first ones, OMG so classy pretty and shinny. These could we worn with nice black slacks and shirt and look amazing These are so pretty but no idea what would I wear them with: Same for these:
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    Stumbled on this site just over a year ago and been a member for a while.I'm inspired by some of the members here past and present from reading their stories,seeing their pics and public outfits.My shoe collection keeps growing and becoming a little addicted now. I have been wanting to go public or at least get outdoors for sometime now, and wishing wont make that happen But I eventually got outdoors in heels. For the past few days I've been planning on my first outing on Friday night in central London. After meeting up with my friend i had a choice to either go home or face my fear and wear my heels which i brought with me. I stayed out and went to one of the major public parks which was pretty much empty. After 20 - 30 mins of being stuck in my head i got my Kurt Geiger booties out of my bag,got changed and started walking. And soon realised how much harder it is to walk with heels outdoors than at home.After walking around the park for several minutes I changed into my platform-less Simi stilletos which where easier to walk in. I walked around the park for 20 mins stopping a few times to sit down. Eventually I got near the road which was a little busy and without hesitation I started walking on the footpath next to the road. My heels where fully exposed (so where my booties earlier) as i was walking next to the road, and both my face and heels were visible to cars driving in the opposite direction. It felt good but I was nervous. After several minutes I got back into the park through another entrance. Nearly bumbed into a few people during my time there who could have noticed my footwear even at night, but Im sure some heard the sound. A few times part of me also wanted someone to notice me as a guy in heels, haha. Overall it wasn't a dramatic expirience compared to the early stories of others but for me it was about taking the initial step of getting outdoors and eventually making it a habbit. Since Im going to be heeling at night for now (when its darker and less busy in general), i dont mind my heels being exposed. A few times before i reached the road I wanted to call it a night as my legs were tiring but I'm glad I kept pushing my comfort zone and walking a little further with my heels exposed knowing i could potentially bump into someone at somepoint. Cant wait until Sunday night. Wont be wasting much time in the park this time, but only to get changed. I want to walk next to the road,residential areas and streets for longer, slowly pushing my comfort zone each time I go out. I will post some pics of my collection soon.
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    Hi everyone, As a male heel lover since my teenage years and dealing with lack of support in many long time relationships, I’m finally in peace! For two years my amazing girlfriend is more than a big supporter, she loves my heel wearing and makes sure its not something that will be stuck in boxes or in hidden places. This picture is from a nightclub last weekend. She bought us two pairs of the exactly same heels... from onlymaker. Hope you like it.
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    Well we are dealing with Shelter in Place here in the Bay Area which means stay home unless you’re essential for work or have a darn good reason to go out. Aside from that, I took a couple of days off so that we could work on potty training our son. This extra time leads me to start shopping online... So in an effort to find some more shirts, I went back to browsing the Target app and found some t-shirts that were Target’s in-house brand called A New Day. They were on sale for $5 so I figured what the heck. As a trial though, I only ordered black. The fit seems a little tight but good. I think the next size up would’ve been a bad fit. I put together with it my skinny jeans from American Eagle and Nine West knee high boots.
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    Hi all, got some new ankle boots. Giaro Galana 1005. Size 42, 17cm heels. Almost 7 inch
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    I had an interesting experience last night. A good friend came over to visit (safely, of course, we didn't even shake hands like usual--these are strange times) and he brought his 12 year old daughter and one of her friends. After mostly talking about how both of our jobs are shut down as of yesterday, the subject came up that the daughter's friend played in the school concert band. I asked her, "So, what instrument do you play?" She answered "euphonium." "Well!" I said. "Would you like to see my euphonium?" She immediately followed me to the basement, where my band instrument room is. Yeah, it was obvious she knew how to play, but she was at best average for a 6th grader. After trying a few other brass instruments that I own (with careful use of the extra large bottle of mouthpiece disinfectant that I have on hand), she realized that not only was I wearing heels, she was in a roomful of heels. See attached photo. Not the girls, of course, but an older photo showing the room. Upon discovering the treasure trove, the two girls pretty much wanted to try on everything. And I let them. I gave instructions on how to walk and not look like an idiot. They have a long way to go. Nobody got hurt, thank goodness. And I hope the girl remembers my advice to practice her horn a little bit every day while they're off school.
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    Today’s boots in IKEA ,Algarve mall ( Portugal) 2 hours walk Not only in IKEA which bored me quickly No reaction,but it looks masculine doesn’t it? Not so many people scarred of the virus here. I will fly back home on Tuesday and have canceled all trips until mid April.
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    Ok, so I haven't bought these... Yet. But they went straight onto my saved items list. https://www.asos.com/prd/14224663?acquisitionsource=com.google.android.apps.docs
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    Enjoying a lovely latte again in Costa in Next, gone for a change of boots today, wearing my black knee highs with half tortoise shell heels, there’s a young special needs girl in a wheelchair who I’ve seen regularly in here with her carer, lovely young girl who speaks to everyone, she has taken quite a shine to my boots, not much other reaction though even though there’s quite a few people in here, everybody seems too engrossed in their own little world to take any notice, time to chillax and enjoy my latte then
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    As ask from @bionicbabe here are some pictures with the Oxford
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    Hello everyone, I hope these past couple of weeks have treated everyone as well as can be expected. I didn't get a chance to post until now because life has been so wonderfully busy between home and work. I want to start with last weekend because it by far has been my most daring adventure with heels to church. Some time ago I had asked my followers on Instagram which boots I should wear to church one day. They voted and decided I should wear my Frye Regina boots which have a 4" cone heel and pointed toe. I would say they are the most feminine looking when it comes to the toe box. Anyway, my wife reassured me that I would be fine, and she ended up wearing some of her pointed toe ankle boots as well. Regardless of her wearing pointed toe boots, I still felt incredibly nervous. For one, it was the first time I'd be wearing that high of a heel to church. Secondly, the pointed toe box to me seemed a dead giveaway. We stopped at a local coffee shop on the way and took the kids inside. Being a people watcher, I watched everyone else to see if anyone noticed my heels. While there were one or two that gave a second look, most everyone seemed focused on their tea, coffee, or whatever they had at their table. I don't recall getting any laughs, awkward glances, or sour looks from anyone. It's almost as if, wait for it, they didn't care. That gave me a little bit of a boost to go into church. We always seem to run behind and this Sunday was no different. Service had already started as far as the music goes, and we were unloading the kids when one fellow member also named Jeff called to me from across the parking lot. I was nervous for some reason, but turned around and waved and returned a 'Hi Jeff' to him. Since we are late, and have an infant, we always sit in the back. Upon walking in and being greeted, I didn't notice anyone in particular eyeing my shoes, so all seemed well. During service I noticed two women who couldn't seem to get enough of my shoes. The first was a woman who sat next to us in our row. She kept trying to sneak a glance down at them. With the pants pulling up from sitting, she had a clear view of them. The other was actually a mother and daughter sitting across the aisle from us. They've noticed my wedges before, and I've come to notice that if they come in after us, they conveniently sit somewhere to be able to see my shoes. This Sunday however, they were there before us, and I ended up giving them a nice view of my heels today. The mother and daughter sometimes wear boots, but usually low heels, no more than 2" I'd say. After service was a completely different story. As people made their way out into the lobby, it was as if the flood gates opened. The sound of the heel combined with the pointed toe box seemed to draw attention like no other. The attention was mainly from women, but there were a few guys who were caught off guard by the noise of heels being attached to a guy. I think my favorite reaction was this couple that greets for the second service. A few weeks back, I started noticing the wife checking out my shoes and pointing them out to her husband. This Sunday I didn't make it all the way into the lobby as I had stopped to talk to the other Jeff whilst holding my daughter. I took a glance and saw the wife looking for me. When she did, she looked down and I saw her eyes grow big and she had a huge smile on her face. She eagerly poked her husband to get his attention and check out my shoes. I don't think they're laughing at me. I think they thoroughly enjoy seeing what shoes I have on each week. I was feeling good at this point and turned in such a way as to show off the side profile a bit better for them. I swear they never stopped looking at my shoes until I was out of their line of sight. Anyway, I strutted out still holding my daughter and went to get my son from the child care area. There were quite a few younger women who kept glancing at my shoes. One I believe had seen me from behind and couldn't believe a guy was wearing heels. She came around to the front of me to get a glance at me. I was looking at her the entire time, and when she looked up and saw me looking at her, she just smiled and turned around to go on her way. At the end of it all, it felt amazing to have worn a significant pair of heels like that to church and have nothing bad happen. In all fairness though, I spent time putting myself together, so a compliment would have been appreciated, lol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now we get to today. Today our daughter was one of three babies that were part of a baby dedication that is done at church. It's essentially the church placing a blessing on them, but no baptism. After last Sunday's HUGE win, I was feeling an amazing high going into the weekend. However, the thought of going up on stage in front of the church had me wary about wearing heels. We decided we would pick out our outfits on Saturday night, so we wouldn't be rushed this morning. My wife ended up going with a green dress and her Naturalizer boots. She wore the same outfit about a month ago and really liked the look. I decided I would wear the boots that I wore that weekend as well, but my wife wanted me to wear something other than jeans. I decided to throw on my green American Eagle kick boot khakis that I usually wear for work. For shirts, I chose my burgundy colored sweater that I had bought from Target. Of the three husbands, I was definitely the most well dressed, as the other two wore jeans and tennis shoes. I for some reason was nervous about the idea of being up on stage, even in a subtle 2.25" heel. Once I got up there though, I realized that the way the lights were, I couldn't really see anyone in the audience, so it didn't matter. One of the other moms was wearing some riding boots which looked cute. After service, we ran into an older couple and their daughter (mid 20s IIRC), all of whom we hadn't seen in a while. We exchanged hellos and the daughter complimented how nice our daughter looked and then added that I do as well. It threw me off to get a compliment, but I thanked her and we went on our way. The couple who greets for second service was not as delighted as the previous Sunday when I wore my 4" heeled boots, but they did seem to have a conversation pointing back and forth to both my boots and my wife's boots. I suspect they were trying to figure out if they were the same style. So as far as church outings go, I have attracted quite a lot of attention from my heel wearing, but once again, the world and life as I know it did not end. I have no doubt that I'll come across a negative reaction eventually as the math is there to prove it. However, the lack of anything negative seems to further push my confidence in wearing higher and more noticeable heels on a regular basis. I am still not as comfortable at work, but I am working on that. I am going to add pictures into my gallery since I have multiple photos that will put me over the size limit. Please feel free to look and give me feedback!
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    Fantastic ! I am always excited when I find a similar and matching pair that my friend Maril has. She is always impressed, even comments on my good taste ! Thanks.js not an exact match but pointy, red, patent, stiletto will do.
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    As usual, when I get bored, Instagram private messaging random hotties usually ensues. This time I found an Italian that stopped me dead in my tracks. Beauty personified. Heels too. Usually I don’t instantly fall for an Italian girl. But Chiara, OMG DM’d her. This is how the convo went. Too bad I’m not rushing to Milano soon.
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    Our church has three services every Sunday. They are basically the same service with three different styles of music. Oftentimes, for one reason or another, I have to attend more than one of the services. Usually this has something to do with musical performance, but one constant is that I pretty much have to show up to the traditional service at 11:00 every Sunday no matter what else I've had going on the rest of the morning. When it so happens that I need to go to the 8:30 service, do my thing, leave, and come back at 11:00, I often do what I laughingly refer to as a "costume change." Just like any rock star would do. On this particular Sunday morning, it just so happened to be about 45º (7º C) and sunny by about 7:30, so I decided I was wearing sandals, and I wound up wearing this totally pink-toned outfit (except for my belt and my watch). I started out without the necktie, but decided it looked better with the tie, even for "rock-n-roll" church. As I gave myself one final look-over in the mirror on the way out the door, I thought, "Wow, this is pushing my look a little bit further than I thought, both in terms of color palette and silhouette." But by then it was too late, because I was on the verge of running late. And wouldn't you know, despite my concerns, I got like 4 compliments on my outfit that morning, which is unusual. On a usual Sunday morning, I sometimes get 1 comment, sometimes not. When I got home, my wife didn't even comment on my clothing, which is also unusual. I had a cup of coffee, practiced my cornet (which I used at the 11:00 service), and changed out the pink pants and shoes for a charcoal gray suit and heeled loafers, and the wife and I went to the 11:00 service, where nobody said anything about my outfit at all. And why would they? This is what I typically look like pretty much every Sunday.
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    Didn't have a lot planned for today & my toes were still smarting from yesterday, so I kept my outing brief & my heels mid-height. A stop by the theater & the grocery store. While waiting for my order to arrive at the theater concession, two young ladies were cleaning up a popcorn spill near me after the carpet monster attacked a young child. It was inevitable that one would notice my heels. "Oh, I love how your heels & jeans match! <name>, check out his heels." The other lady kinda surprised me by saying "Yeah, I know about him, he gets his nails done too..." Apparently I'm famous among the staff at this theater! We had a nice little chat for a bit till my food arrived. I wished them a good night as they argued about who was working next weekend or some other office intrigue. That was pretty cool. Nothing else of matter occurred outside of the normal notices. I wore dark brown (though not as dark as the photo depicts) by Gloria Vanderbilt & dark brown heels by INC in a snake skin print. I like this look & can wear these INC brand heels with ease. Oh well, another heeling weekend gone. Going to be a long wait for the next one...
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    Wore my little wing tip bootie heels to work again today. So far either no one has noticed i'm wearing 4" heels or they don't care. Either way I'm happy with the results. Left work at noon to have my cars radio system upgraded for a backup camera, bluetooth & all the other bells & whistles I will probably never figure out how to use. Was scheduled for 2 pm so walked around a few stores in a nearby mall. Took close to 4 hours to retrofit my old truck with the gear, but the TV in the waiting room was playing a John Wayne special, so I got to watch Big Jake & most of Liberty Valance before it was ready. This was one of the longest outings I have had, at nearly 11 hours. Every time one of my outings has come to an end I felt sad that I was done, but not today. My pinky toes were beet red, but no blisters, so I'm calling that a win.
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    Thigh high wedge boots. A thrift store find in hard to find size 11. I think they will look good with a pr. of dark denim skinny jeans.
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    Some pics highlighting adventures with friends.
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    I think that any guy who wears heels should invest in a heel repair kit. I did. I have a wide assortment of heel tips that I can use to repair my heels. Far cheaper than going to have it done by someone else. When I replace my heel tips I make sure to carefully remove the damaged or worn tip. I then make sure that the end of the heel is flat before installing a new tip. I select a tip that fits well into the hole and the tip is about the correct size and shape for the heel. Once I have the tip fully seated in the heel. I take my Dremel tool and carefully shape the tip to match the contour of the heel. Once that is close I use a buffing heel to make it perfect. If needed, once that is all done I will color polish to match the color of the tip to the heel color. Now I may be more anal about this than some, but I want the heel repair to look perfect. Ciao!
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    Friday after work I made a quick stop for gas then by the hardware shop for some garden supplies, wore my 14th & Union mid-heel pumps. Felt wore out so I just went home afterwards. Saturday I put on my Black Calvin Klien 4" pumps, then went to the sporting goods store for some ammo. Next was a stop by Office Max for some printer ink. Spent the next hour at the gun range (changed into sneakers for that) then back home for a quick nap on the couch. That evening I put my heels back on for dinner a the outback steakhouse, then ended the night by getting my groceries for the week. Was a lot of walking around but didn't get anything other than the occasional second look. No compliments, snickering, bugeyes, or anything like that. That seems to be the norm these days. Maybe they are getting used to me...
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    Got some new boot 2 days ago by mail. If got these type of heels as sandal, slipper, boot, and bootie and now as knee high boot as well: These type of shoes are surprisingly god at walking. Facts (as requested some threads ago): heel: 18cm plateau: 2cm Size: EU 43
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    Hey there at the last day of this year I am able to show you one of six new heels I purchased in december. I was searching a long time through the net to find the right one`s- I wanted that special type of boot which is in fashion right now. I found them on a chinese webiste, but chinese...? My experience is they look super hot on the picture but if you receive them you think that you bought something complete different. This time it was perfect, the boot looked exact like on the picture AND LIKE I WANTED them, YEAH. Pointy toe, thin, straight heel with perfect 13cm heel height. They look so nice with skinny jeans. I love them so much. Long time short, here they are:
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    Let's just say that a 4 inch height increase from heels is significant in @mlroseplant's case. Wanted to try out the look of my Levis 311 and JS Rachie together. I think this is a winner look. And the Rachies are extremely stable and easy to walk in. The Rachies are a slightly tight, but the are real suede so they should stretch out and fit like a glove in no time. Just have to have to wear for short periods until they are ready. It going to rain for a week and these still need to be sprayed first anyway. Took a break and ran some errands in the rain. Put the Rachies in some shoe stretchers. Came back and wanted to see how my Express leggings worked with them' From the front, legging with a hoodie. Finally with my new sherpa. I prefer the Express leggings over the Levis 311. Much larger pockets as well, as I have my wallet and cell phone in my pockets
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    Got these from the internet outlet Minaloo. These are my very tall at 5.2 inches. Well made and i really love them. Size is Chinese 265, US 10.5. Name inside is Maiernisi.
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    Ordered a couple of different boots in English red a beautiful colour. Wiehes by my wife.
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    Having fun at ruby Tuesday after league bowling tonight. These are my very well broken in pumps from 1969. They know me well here as the guy in heels.
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    I just like these three pictures. No other reason. Sort of shows a bit of enjoying ones time ! js
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    At breakfast this morning and stopped at walmart for balls and tees. I think my golf tees have wider shanks than these heels.
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    Heelers : There are a lot of great looking high heels on these four (4) pages. This is my contribution.
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    Hi, I’m always pleased to find new heelers on here and especially fellow uk ones, very interesting story and takes me back many years when i was scared stiff to venture out in my heels in case i was spotted by someone, how things have moved on where i now wear up to 4” heeled knee high boots over jeans in broad daylight. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Costa in boots thread, you’ll see quite a few different pairs i wear on there and possibly a nice coffee shop would be a good place for you to get started heeling in public, I’m actually enjoying a latte in a branch of McDonald’s wearing my next western slouch knee high boots with a 31/2” heel as i write this reply. Nobody really takes any notice and if you do get any comments they’re normally complimentary. I think if you keep your style masculine and contemporary it really won’t look out of place, try the coffee shop mate, think you’ll find it beneficial and hope you keep progressing in your heels, I’m sure we’ll speak again soon and good luck
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    Oh the perils of wearing heels in public so much that I forget that sometimes I should think before wearing them in certain places. Well if you are like me and wear heels most of the time, you can sometimes space out that wearing the heels in certain places can get you gawked at and can hear the comments about you being "something less than a man for wearing heels." But that is the story here. I was doing some contract work in a town that has a high percentage of Amish, Mennonite and farmers last week. And I decided that one day to wear a pair of my sexy black high heel sandals even though it was not exactly sandal weather. I, of course wore nude nylons with the sandals to help keep my toes a little warm when outside (which consisted of walking between the car and the building). At noon I realized that I had to go to the bank and as luck would have it my bank was just down the street from where I was working. Hopped in my car and drove to the bank and noticed that the bank was kinda busy but didn't really give it a thought. Okay getting out of my car and starting up to the bank entrance, I started to notice that there were a number of Amish guys heading for the door, too. Crap! it was to late to go back to the car and way to late to just stand there and wait for them to go through the door in front of me. So sucking in ever ounce of my courage, I just strode up to the door and went in. Now there was no way that they did now, nor the people inside not notice that I was wearing 4" heels! My heels were making that musical click-click as I walked across the lot and the bank floor. Heads turned to see and they saw me! The Amish women looked away and whispered to each other while the men smirked and laughed amongst themselves. None of them had the guts to say anything to my face (thank goodness!) but I could hear the snide remarks about a guy wearing heels. I, for my part, put on a brave face, stood proudly in my heels and strutted to the teller, did my business and walked proudly back to my car. Was I freaking out on the inside? You bet! But I was damned if I was going to cower and run away. I wear my heels because I love them, not to impress anyone else. So please take this away from my story; don't let people intimidate you for wearing heels and if you find yourself in a situation like I was...just walk proud, walk confidently and do what makes you feel good. Maybe one day men wearing heels will be more accepted. But it takes each one of us that love heels right now to stand up and be proud of our heels, wear them out in public and encourage others to wear heels proudly. Thanks for listening, and as always...keep strutting your heels!
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    I don't know if boots qualify, but these Luichiny Real Lee knee high boots are the girliest out of my three pairs of boots. As with all Luichiny shoes they feature their trademark heart stamp sole. The Real Lees also feature wonderful straps along the back, adorned with rhinestones. The soles. The rhinestone straps.
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    I just ordered a pair of the Luichiny heels like the red ones, only with a leopard print toe. A while back I bought my wife a pair and decided we needed matching heels!
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    Hello everyone, I propose on 7 June at 6.30 pm, Grand Place in Brussels around a beer. Regards 12 cm
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    Very professional job! I'm impressed. Steve
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    Agreed with all,,,,,, even with Amanda in some cases. There are some men and women that I often ask myself,,,,,, "did you look in the mirror before you left the house?" Although I have no problem wearing heelsin public I have yet to have someone tell me I look bad or rediculis, yes I get the occasional stair or point but I could really care less. And as most of you know I'm not trying to pass as a guy looking like a girl, I am clearly without any doubt just a guy in heels and a skirt and from my outings and post have been told I pull it off pretty well, even at 50 years old, even with my bowed legs that some here and in public make sure I am well aware of. As I have said in the past, I'm not hear for a long time, I'm just here for a good time ! Just my 2 cents.
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    I've been watching this thread since October and you guys really aren't getting anywhere. Somebody has to step forward and say, "This is the date, and this is the place. Be there." Then it will happen. If you just continue to talk around it and nobody takes charge, it will never happen. Heel meets are fun. But somebody has to be the organizer. Good luck! Steve
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    I thought the expression super arch denoted shoes with an arch profile much more pronounced than on an ordinary arch, which in a lot of cases on a very high heel can be almost straight. They give much more support to the foot than ordinary arches but can make the actual angle of the foot more than with an equivalent height heel. The Archenemys site used to sell them and a lot of their models wear them. I think they're what Peter Chu calls special arch. http://www.orientvisual.com/shoepage.php?querytype=id&searchstring=OTB_B1
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    Under jeans for me right now. Would like to expand my confidence in the future and work on wearing them over jeans. But I'm still happy wearing them out, regardless!
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    New to the forum, I wanted to share a pic of mine, and maybe to share some more soon, congrats for this great place, keep working! -Anton.
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    DONE. Forum member Shakala from Sydney, Australia I like the details on the pants. The pockets and zippers and the little pieces of black set in contrast to the rest of the pant color.
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    Heh, I was scheduled for a Saturday appointment for a fill. Have to wait and see how it heals. Don't want any acetone getting in there! I was cutting open a box with a utility knife. It was an old & beat up knife I just should have thrown out long ago. It jammed up when I tried to retract it & I tried to force it. I failed. It cost me a trip to the emergency room & 7 stitches, but the nurses did compliment me on my nails!

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