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    Just taken delivery of some Onlymaker 5" nude heels from Amazon. Size 9, heel measures 13cm.
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    It's been about 10 years since I've posted a picture to HHPlace. I've read and rarely made a comment, but for some reason I decided to shoot some photos. I found my old thread. But it's so old, it's been closed to comments. I don't any of those shoes anymore. I tend to change them out as fashion and my tastes progress. I bought some Jessica Simpson pumps at Nordstrom recently and wore them a number of places, including breakfast and lunch a couple fast casual restaurants and shopping at the mall between. Went into Dillards department store and checked out the shoe department. No comments from anybody this time and hardly any notice at all. I think that if your clothes are fashionably appropriate, you don't really look unnatural, despite the incongruity. I think that may account for the lack of notice and comments. As I was exciting the restaurant, I glanced at my reflection in the window as I strode to my car, much like the pose here.
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    At the Wal-Mart tire center right now awaiting new tires. 5.25" highest heel ankle boots. Surprisingly good fit.
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    I managed to get some more shots of my new Onlymakers. I think I'm in love with them :)
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    I recently wore this exact outfit to the eye doctor, a diminutive but stylish woman, who couldn't be over 5 feet in height. She said, "Oh you shouldn't wear heels around me. I tell my 5'10" husband to always wear flats!" The comment made me wonder what her husband's non-flats were exactly. These are inexpensive boots from Forever 21., but fun for a lark.
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    Here is my latest outfit which I used on a short and uneventful outing. the outfit 1) brown kneehigh justfab boots with 4 inch chunky heel 2) black leggings 3) purple sweater 4) grey and black Reitmans jacket 5) puple Grace Adele handbag
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    Just got these in the new look sale, only £10, couldn’t resist really, little 21/2” block heels, full length zip up the inside and a full length decorative zip up the other side, really comfortable to wear, given them their debut at Costa this week. Got another pair arriving Monday so can’t wait to show you them
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    Well I didn’t post the rest of January, but it was uneventful as I only ended up wearing my Converse wedges. In a different thread though, I had posted about my wife and I getting some new boots for each other on Valentine’s Day. Well tonight was the night we wore them out together. Seeing as how the right boot is still snug on her calf, she opted to wear hers under jeans, as did I. I wanted us to go out to a place called Lazy Dog which is a nice restaurant, usually with lots of people and an opportunity to show off the little bit of visible heel. Unfortunately they had a 45 minute wait just to get seated, which won’t fly with our 18-month old son. In all fairness, I was hungry and didn’t want to wait that long either. We ended up at a chain that my wife hadn’t been to yet, Black Bear Diner. While we weren’t really over dressed, most everyone else was in tennis shoes or sandals. I only saw one woman in some flat heeled ankle boots. I did get a couple of looks at my heels, but no one seemed to laugh, make comments, etc., which again I consider a win. This was also a first as I finally found a woman’s top that my wife and I both liked. It is a ‘football style’ t-shirt from Old Navy. I’ll talk about getting it in another thread. Here are a couple of pictures.
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    I was surprise by how many high heels I saw flying today. Most were either boots - stilettos or booties with block heels, and some high wedges as well. I had a 50 min wait before my flight that increased by an additional 40 minute delay at LAX, so I got up and walked around the terminal. With the hard floors of airports, my Soda booties made quite a loud sound. They were among the loudest, LOL. When we finally landed, the airport was basically closed and the 50 or so passengers had to walk about 25 bays through this empty cavernous airport to exit. You could hear the echo of those Soda booties the whole way. Sometimes you just have to own the sound.
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    Hello everyone, sorry for the small delay, had other things on my mind. I did decide to go to work in the wedges seen at the beggining on saturday again. This time however our new member was with me and she did not even noticed the fact i am taller. It felt so good to be in heels the entire time and people not even paying attention to it. I am starting to get used to not carring at all even if they do notice. That is a nice improvement if i say so myself. This saturday i have a lesson from school for learning on enter exams for uni. I might get my new wedges on Friday but if I do not have them I will wear them ones at the top. So excited about this.
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    Pushed myself a bit farther on the trip home. I’ve been wearing Clarks light brown leather booties on the plane lately. I guess they can go both ways, they have a 1.5 inch heel. Anyone who would look would know they are women’s. After my trip out last night, I was feeling a bit more daring. I was thinking over night to wear my Clark’s Mission Alfa booties on the plane ride back. Technically, they are supposed to be 2.5 inches, but my ruler measures 3. I never thought I would wear heels that high on a plane ride, go through security, sit next to people for 3 hours. But this morning I just thought go for it. I have to do it. Everything else was packed away and checked luggage. I figured once I left the hotel wearing the Alfa, there was no turning back. I would have to wear them everywhere for the next 5/6 hours. Felt great the whole way. I’m looking forward to the next trip.
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    I bundled up for the unusual cold weather this week, but I’ve already started thinking ahead with plans to stay in boots all year.
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    Here's a freestyle fashion contribution of the sort that I think @kneehighs was asking for when he started this thread years ago.
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    Hello We all get stuck in the everyday routine. We get up early to fight the congested traffic just to get to work on time. We get through the hectic work day and race the door to either have a after work drink with coworkers or spend time with the one's we love. As time moves forward so do relationships. You meet someone that makes you feel good and share common interests with. That all happened to me when I was in my late 20's. I was introduced to a hard working woman one night at a chain restaurant. We all had a good time laughing, talking and getting to know each other. After a few dates I began to take notice in my new girlfriend's footwear. There was a variety of shoes she would wear with her summer dresses or just the casual tops with jeans. As time moved on we were spending afternoons and weekends together. She introduced me to her family, friends and coworkers. I did the same when she wasn't working long hours. There was always plenty of conversation and lots of good food when we got together. Then one day she handed me a set of house keys and ask me if I wanted to move in. So after thinking the opportunity over I took the offer and we continued building a good relationship together. Once I was settled in I began to notice the assortment of her clothes and shoe's. I knew that I would have to open up to her about my interests in High heels. I had a pair of size 12 black pumps ( My 1st pair of Heels ) packed away in a storage box in the spare room with my seasonal clothes. As we were adjusting to each other's habits and quirks one night at dinner she ask me what other things excite me in private ? Was I being tested, did she discover a large pair of black heels ? So I slowly shared some ideas of what else I would like to share together in private. She was very curious about my suggestions. So I asked her the same question and she began to open up the me. That's when I knew It was time to purchase her a personal birthday to go with some of her dress up outfits. I ordered here a pair of black pleaser d'orsay pumps size 8. I got out of work before her in time to cook dinner for us and enjoy a big bottle of wine. I left her gift on the table with a assortment of flowers and a card. She was surprised at what she saw on the kitchen table. So she took a shower and dressed into something comfortable to enjoy a peaceful dinner together. Then I passed her the gift and I could not believe her reaction. She tried on the new heels and walked around the house for me. There's something about seeing a tight fitting sweater, jean's and heels. We finished dinner and began enjoying the wine that's when she ask me upstairs for the night and what a fun night it was. Then following morning I woke to the smell of breakfast cooking so I joined her. After breakfast she ask me if I would like to share something personal with her. She leaned into me and whispered I know you have an interest in heels all I could do was smile. She ask me to join her upstairs. As I began to walk in the room she stopped me and said it's ok I not going to judge you please show me what you have. So I went into the spare room and unpacked my heels. I put them on and nervously walked into the bedroom. She noticed a new difference in my overall height. She ask me to walk around the room and was surprised at how stable I was. She pulled me closer to her and we continued to enjoy the moment. After I ask her how she felt about my personal interests about wearing heels in private and she was very accepting. I couldn't believe it I found a woman that I love and she was comfortable with my private kink. So I continued to share my interest with wearing heels with her when we are just hanging out watching a movie or just relaxing together on the couch
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    Currently at home depot, blue jeans sweatshirt and 6.5 inch boots
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    2”-3” heels for me with my bootcut “girl” jeans for years now, with many compliments. I just decided a few years back this is what I choose to wear, and have had many “you wear it well” responses. Guys if you want to wear the footwear of you choice, I discovered that the one that was really holding me back was me. We cannot change what others think or say but we can change what we think of ourselves. Rock your heels and own who you are. Happy heeling!!
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    Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The Brand is Delicious and the heel measures between 4 and 5". And the best part is, I paid less than $10!
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    I think it will take time and actions to convince women that we are not putting our masculinity on the shelf when we wear heels. This is why I am taking every opportunity to go out looking comfortable doing normal things while wearing heels. Forgot something back in the car? Yes I am sprinting, even while wearing 3” heels. Lifting my luggage at the airport? Changing a flat tire? I do it in 4+” heels. Nothing changes. I will still hold doors and elevators open for women, and bend over to pick things off the ground that get dropped. When I walk to the office at the beginning of the week I bring the whole week’s worth of lunch to keep in the refrigerator. There is a gallon of milk and ice, among the other things, in the cooler. I have two laptops in the bag. Yes, wearing 4” heels added a new element to this routine at first, but it’s a fun routine that is now normal.
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    Here is my latest acquisition. They are studded candy striped t-bar slingback heels. The brand is Wild Diva Lounge. They look and fit great! The only drawback is the colour. It will be hard to pair them with things.
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    If you went to Bed Bath & Beyond in Turnersville yesterday with a female companion (Wife? Sister? I don’t want to assume...). I saw you in your black high-heeled boots! You looked good!
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    Another freestyle fashion contribution. I've worn these out and about with some frequency.
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    Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The brand is Anne Michelle. The heel measures 4.5". They are very comfortable to wear. And the best part is, I paid just under $20!
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    This 100%. In my discussion with the girl I'm seeing, I was careful to articulate that me wearing heels doesn't change my spirit of leadership, spirit of responsibility, or spirit of ambition. It doesn't change my intelligence, my sense of humor, or my self confidence (things she finds attractive in me).
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    Received them finally, pretty high heels for my standard, but walkable and very comfortable. They are from The Glow Brand is anyone is interested.
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    Well I’m here this morning in a very quiet Costa, in fact I’m the only person in here, I’m wearing my latest addition from new look, only arrived yesterday so it’s their maiden voyage, think the half tortoise shell heels add something a little different. Had a nice little chat with the young female assistant about them whilst she prepared my coffee. Let’s see if it gets any busier over the next hour
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    Work boots for today and how I wear them to work How I wish I could wear them.
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    Hi all, I just wanted to share my collection of heels with you (you click the images to enlarge them). Among them are many pairs from Pleaser, but I also own many handmade pairs that are based on an exact model of my foot. Pricy but very comfortable! I spend about 12 hours a day in heels, including in the office, where I have more pairs, and where I work behind a standing desk. Although heels are fully comfortable to me I want to further enhance my training. A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of ballet splints: https://www.churchofsinvention.com/sinvention-ballet-splints I can't wait to get them! Love to hear your thoughts. If you want to see a close up of a certain pair let me know! Regards, Max
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    Even if this answer is cute, because she really wanted to say that you mean a lot to her, it hides something important: The way you dress and your feelings are very important to *you* while she doesn't seem to appreciate it somehow. The question is how much time will it take for you to discover her real feelings about you wearing heels. Insisting on the subject may be worst, you should try to find the best possible moment to talk. I don't agree with you and this idea. She may discover that you're doing things without her knowing and blame you on cheating, and you really will be cheating on her somehow. Girls have strong sense of bonding and partnership and you'll be breaking it. What I did, and work for lots of people like crossdressers, is to agree on limits. What, when and where could you express yourself (other than amongst four walls) without hurting her. If you're the same size, she may be just afraid of you stealing her shoes Well, it's up to you my friend. I wish you the best, more more power to you. However, I'm really really worried about your last statement... for me is the same than, let's say, "baking cakes is priority over the sun", is just not related.
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    I definitely like to wear them. I like the lift, the feel of them in my feet, and I like the puckish satisfaction of rule-breaking, doing something I oughtn’t.
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    Found a pair of pants tonight at Last Call. At first glance they are another pair of black office appropriate pants that blend with everything else. But this is my first experience with Lyocell fabric, which I am really liking so far. I refuse to wear the polyester fabrics that they put in many mens’ pants. Polyester breaths poorly and feel awful. This Lyocell and cotton blend, on the other hand, drapes and moves around really nicely. I wore this down to the bar tonight and a guy pointed out how tall I am and asked why I am wearing women’s shoes. I responded with the usual “they are my shoes now, I like them”. He added that he has never seen a guy wearing high heels before. I replied that there is a first time for everything. He raised his beer glass and said he is down with that. One step at a time...
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    Welcome to the forum mate, your story is also very similar to mine, nowadays i do wear heels and knee high boots out in public and I’m sure one day you will too, you’ll be surprised how you can integrate heels into male fashion and provide a masculine outfit, take a look at my Costa in boots thread in the guys section and you’ll see some of my styles, I’m looking forward to sharing more stories, pictures and experiences with you in the future. Happy heeling mate
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    I am actually suprised we don't have one of these yet. We Have a thread elsewhere for shoes and boots that we have bought. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for other things fashion related that we have purchased. It could be a new piece of clothing. Or how about a new bag, or piece of jewellery that we have bought. Something that is not shoes or boots, but that will most likely be worn in conjunction with them. Anyone male or female can participate. I'll get us started. Here is a couple of bags I purchased recently. One is a black Aldo brand crossbody bag. The other is a purple Grace Adele brand handbag. I have already used the purple one on some outings. And I will no doubt be using the other one as well
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    Haha, sure. Any particular pairs you would like to see on? By the way, my current favorite pair are these wedges from FSJShoes (you can can see them in my pic next to the boots). They are super comfortable to wear in the house. The quality is very good and they are very affordable. The heel is 18.5 cm (13,5 cm minus the 5 cm platform). I have size US women's 14/EU 45.
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    I know it's your tag line and everything, and a very catchy one, too! But is it 100% true? I suppose it depends upon one's definition of "looking like a woman." Obviously, you are not trying to "pass" or "transition" or anything of the sort, but trying not to look like a woman at all? I'm not buying it. I am also not beating you up or criticizing you for it, because I think the majority of us here (notice I didn't say "all") try for at least a somewhat feminized version of ourselves, because let's face it--women just look better than we do, in general. My contention has always been, "I enjoy looking at that, so why wouldn't I want to look that way myself?"
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    I think the guidelines are pretty clear here that this is a fashion website, not cross dressing, and the content here fairly appropriate reflects that. Yes, there is a bit of diversity, but isn’t that healthy when it comes to fashion? The problem with most shallow people outside of HHP is that they have an incorrect definition of cross dressing. They think that if you put on a pair of heels, you are cross dressing. So even if you had a website where men are just wearing heels with suits, the website would not convince them of anything, but rather they would still think of it as a cross dressing website. The issue is not the content of the website, but that most people have a shallow and narrow minded concept of fashion. I admit that when I first found HHP, it shocked me a little as I had never put that much thought into fashion. But I read the guidelines, lurked a little, started to understand, and found that this is generally a polite community of like minded people, which is hard to find on the internet anymore. Showing someone HHP is not going to magically redefine cross dressing for someone overnight. But if they are ready to open their minds to talk about fashion beyond the mainstream, it is a very supportive resource.
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    Pierre, Your single best resource is not a website but your own ability to communicate. That reassurance a certain choice of footwear does NOT mean you are gay or are about to get an operation to become a woman. That reassurance the wearing of heels has nothing to do with what attracted you two in the first place. That reassurance you are the same man she admired and wanted to be with, the same one she fell in love with, and the same man she could sing, as the group "Orleans" did in 1976, "You're Still the One." These are the resources you have and should use to reassure the love of your life. Part of la joie de vivre is also la joie de communiquer. It can be done in a variety of ways but for it to be effective there are only two real requirements. Those are it must be done regularly and it must be done sincerely. Most people are reasonable and most reasonable people respond very positively to effective communication in all its forms. Je te souhaite tout le meilleur mon ami. HappyinHeels
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    Surprised no one has posted this article from US Vogue.com Men In Heels? I Put the Tricky Trend to the Test Authors conclusion "The final verdict? Men’s heels are much more of a commitment than my go-to sneakers, sure, but can give you that extra pep in your step. I found myself walking taller, and even feeling more confident along the way. Sometimes, I even strutteddown a hallway at work, as though I was Bella Hadid. (I am most definitely not.) And that change of demeanor, at least for me, is worth the aching arches and pinched toes alone."
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    My latest heel adventure was different from any other time when going to the mall. Had meet with female friend so called mall date. Was running late as usual so i quickly made my way through the crowded mall parking lot and into the building. Texting messaging was my only thoughts. In the past i would be like some members who have shared their experiences having wrote in there wearing heels in public butterflies in the pit of there stomach. Little did i care or think i had on heel booties with my skin tight legging jeans and waist length parajumpers parka lined fur hood. Once i got to the place for a meet up with my lady friend she acknowledged me before i discovered where she was. She made a scene raising her hand waving me over. As i walked towards her she looked at my heels immediately loving the shoes. Other people she was with were in shock although she introduced me to them. We parted ways from her friends left together walking around the mall to grab beverage. Didn't notice one person around the mall that gave me erie stare or snubbing reaction. In fact i had long time family friend stop me with my lady friend to catch up, but left as quick not wanting to intrude in our outing together. As we sat having beverage together sitting at table seemingly in middle of the square of crowd of people none seemingly recognize my footwear or skin tight jeans. After parting from my lady friend i walked to my car alone through the mall. Seemingly found none gave any care what i was wearing. Total difference if i were alone going on to do my errand thinking what other maybe thinking of my outfit. Looking at any slightest reaction expression from others was my hobby making it more clinic then it is actually. Later went to another mall alone feeling very confident yet my feet began to hurt from the 4 inch block leather booties. Didn't care what others thought but seemingly was if i was wearing average joe plain clothes and flat sneakers. Knew i appeared very different from others for sure but that wasn't what i concentrated on all day. So when questions are asked on the forum is it easier to heel with a woman? Answer is Yes! wonderful experience. Wish more women would accept men in garb i wear. It only takes one and she totally loved it as much as me, noticing me smiling lot more. Suppose it was what i wanted to wear giving me happier expression thinking for that brief time my outfit is acceptable in public eye or at least tolerated and ignored like every plain joe or jane. Yet difficult for me to ignore some nice looking ladies on my trip that day, pleasant eye candy to observe .
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    Hi @TXGuy and nice to see some of your trip stories again ! Great that you enjoy your time heeling out
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    Flawed question. Heel type is independent of boots, sandles, pumps, etc. I voted stilettos, easiest of all types to balance on as I have said before. A single point of contact no matter what. That is pumps, boots, slingbacks, Mary Jane's, T-Straps, mules. All stiletto heels with no platforms.
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    Do not browse eBay during influence of alcohol, it tends to be expensive, kinda. Got two pairs from same seller. Giaro gold/red wedgies and montego bay brown/cork wedgies.
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    I dont agree with any of that. If that's what you want more power to you. But I myself what to try and make this work. Yes I love heels but I certainly love the woman I am seeing more than heels. I know my love for heels isnt going anywhere but I'm willing to work on this and try to make it blossom into something great instead of just running away so I can wear heels everyday.
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    Yea I agree at the moment I dont think she will see the site as a bunch of other straight guys who wear heels. I think she will see it as exactly the opposite :/ and most definitely all other feminine clothes are very well hidden. thanks for any help and support. Its greatly appreciated!
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    Well tonight was a disaster. My girlfriend and I were supposed to go out to dinner. So we were getting ready and as I watched her pick out her outfit and then pick out her heels to match it I thought. I want to wear heels tonight instead of my boring mens sneakers.. I found a nice shirt and grabbed the pants and the heels in the picture below. Got dressed and thought to myself. This looks good I can't wait to go out to dinner! I came out of the room and she lost it. Started crying saying she hates that I have heels and hates that I want to wear them. Men dont wear heels. We talked a little but she wouldn't listen to me she has some image in her head and I can't get it out of her to really know what's going on. I offered to change into my regular sneakers with no luck. In the end we didn't even leave the house... I guess my healing is now put way out on the back burner :/ Hopefully tomorrow we can have a real conversation once she has calmed down a little.
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    Here's a high wedge made for me by Tony Shoes of Los Angeles in 2017. Pure cork base at exactly 7" (17.8cm) so it cost $135 at the time. I specified a slingback strap. Nice neutral colour so it will go with a lot. I have a bag matching this colour too. I think I posted this before but I resized it. I really want to wear these to some outdoor event this year.
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    I remember there being an article in the local newspaper about a clothing store, I think it was Zara telling a men who couldn't use the women's dressing rooms to try on female clothes. And that it was causing a minor stink. The store also said he was welcome to try the clothes in the men's dressing rooms, which I thought was fair. The few times I've tried on women's clothes in stores I've always taken them to the men's booths. No problems were ever had. Although I reckon this would be harder in a store catering only to women.
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    Thanks for your comments and I’m really glad you like them, hope you have explored the rest of this thread and seen a few more of my boots, I’ll keep posting more pictures so keep checking it out and thanks again
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    I’m back here again today on a really foggy Sunday morning, showing off my new tan riding style boots from new look, nice little 2 1/2” block heels, worn over some skinny black jogging trousers. Lots of people in here today and a few regulars who have passed the time of day with me. Time now to enjoy my latte and quietly observe. Hope you like them by the way

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