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    I like to keep it masculine. My daily outfit with a 9 cm heel boot
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    Waiting in the lounge before my flight to Italy. 14,5 cm Oxford.
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    Sporting my red pumps at a social event 💁🏻‍♀️🥰👠👠
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    If I were to categorize, then my legs are lesbians. They want to wear heels and love women.
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    A quick afternoon outing, but worth getting dressed up for as I had my annual dental exam. I wore a blue with white pin dots pantsuit from Long Tall Sally. Paired that with a white camisole top, a drooping necklace & rings from Claire's Boutique rounded out he outfit. My blue ItalianHeels pumps played nicely with this outfit, and I wanted to see if I could handle the tallness of the heels. Turned out to be acceptable for a few hours, but a full day would probably be pushing it...
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    Combat boots for the flight back. Not as confortable as the Oxford I was wearing 2 days ago. It was a little bit difficult at the end. Ok,I had to walk quite long from the car return to the terminal. But nevertheless a good feeling Pierre
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    Posting 3 of my newest pairs, as I'm bored & have no reason to wear them out yet. 1st pair are some black strappy rhinestone sandals from OnlyMaker. Just a tad bit oversize but they are wearable & feel nice to walk in (no idea where I'm going to wear them, but I had to have them). 2nd pair I ordered from ItalianHeels.com. The leather is so soft, like butter. I love how dainty they look on my feet. Bit tall to walk in, but I will make it work. I am looking for my 2nd pair from them, just a tad bit shorter of a heel this time. Last pair (picture was blurry, thats not the way the heels look!) are some slight platform black pumps with a quilted pattern from BCBGeneration. Bought them from a lady on Poshmark. Was buying a nice looking pantsuit from her when I saw these in her other items for sale column. Bought them as well. I think they make for a striking look when paired with a pantsuit. Wore them out a couple of times & they feel great, gonna make them part of my regular rotation. Cant wait for things to open up completely so I can get some longer jaunts in...
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    my new shoes, in 40 heel 12.5 cm platform 2 cm or 10.5 cm of arch, super comfort https://www.missy-rockz.com/en/the-most-comfortable-high-heel-ever/black-karma-just-black_215_2444
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    At the 19th hole again. Just git these used Fashion Nova off ebay for 10 bucks.
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    Had to get new shoes today. Yes "men's". Naturally I wore pumps to and from the store. Been years since my last non-athletic heelless purchase. Got several inquisitive looks. Had to go to the ladies aisle to get foot covers.
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    Taking a break and putting my feet up at work. Plan to work from home until Aug. 2021. And I'm on our re-opening team.
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    19th hole at the club house. I've been open for a while but now I'm taking it all tbe way. Got these Steve Madden mule/slings off eBay. 4.75 inch all day heels, lovethe comfort.
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    Jaunt #545, 8/9/2020: Five months and a day later, on a Sunday ironically enough, I’ve finally returned to jaunting, though a tad hesitantly....and, as promised, you’re all the first to know. Let me say up front it wasn’t at all easy to have been patient for nearly half a year before going on an outing, having to deal with the shutdown from the virus with a riot mixed in back in early June that turned most the city upside down for several days on top of that. But, I’ve had to wait while the city and the region slowly righted itself, in some ways, the recovery is still ongoing, and I had to do some reconnaissance to most of the places I regularly visited before the world went insane back in mid-March before I decided it was okay to dip a toe back into the waters of jaunting which I did today, though with a good deal more hair than I had back in March, but I'll deal with that soon enough. For the purpose of that much anticipated return, I kept things simple and didn’t do anything fancy, my outfit was a black tank top, the 16 inch distressed camouflage denim miniskirt from Sears, the Payless “Parsley” flat sandals in black, a black handbag, and a new regular accessory for outings, a face mask, this one was in black to match my top. I'm all about being color coordinated. I’ll openly admit it felt a bit....odd at first to be out and about in a skirt again after all those months away, but I quickly acclimated myself to my passion, though it took a wee bit of time to readjust to my old habit of walking, standing and sitting like a woman instead of stomping about like a guy, but, thanks to muscle memory, those old skills returned, and that made me feel good about being out and about. As for my destination, I went west into Springfield as I did have a particular errand to run out there, my first stop was to Acme supermarket to buy a few odds and ends, funny thing, that ages old worry about whether or not I’d draw inordinate and uncomfortable attention in my attire bubbled up to the surface, but, happily, no one paid me any mind, just like in the good old days, and that was a relief. Oh, yeah, I was also reminded of the peril of walking through the frozen food section in a short skirt and how that gave my legs a chill. BBRRRRRR! After Acme, I drove down to a favorite haunt, that being Best Buy where I haven’t visited since before the shutdown, that errand being to return an external hard drive I had bought for my computer, however, I found the same item for cheaper at Staples, so I returned the BB purchase, easy peasy. Of course, since I was in BB, I couldn’t just walk out, nosiree, so I wandered about for at least a solid half hour, just like in the good old days, eager to see what, if anything new in the way of gadgets were on the shelves since my last visit, man, it sure felt good to be doing the old stuff I loved to do, so much fun as always, finally, I left the store with a Blu-Ray copy of Bloodshot, a superhero flick starring Vin Diesel. My final stop of the day was to Bed Bath & Beyond where I bought a couple of replacement filters for my Brita water pitchers along with some cheapo eating utensils and a cutting board. Again, nothing fancy about this outing, and that was just the way I wanted it as I got back into harness, still, I enjoyed myself considerably, and that’s what my outings are all about. As for the next trip, I don’t know where that will be just yet, my return to jaunting will be a slow and measured process, but it feels great to be back to doing what I love. More to come....
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    Jesus, Joe! What happened to your foot? And speaking of Joe, I have to report that my latest purchase is not a pair of 5 inch pumps, but rather (gasp), another pair of mules. I have basically quit buying shoes, for a number of reasons, but these were cheap enough and cool enough to catch my eye on ebay. They are Joie "Raja" mules, and I paid approximately $50 for them, once you include shipping. They are my usual formula of 5 inch heel, 1 inch platform (sorry Joe, old habits die hard). They are all leather, including the sole, and they're rather buttery soft. Only thing is, in a perfect world I would have gotten them in a size 9 instead of 8 1/2. I'm pretty sure once they break in, they'll be all right, but they are bordering on being too small. Buying online, it's the risk one takes. I have learnt over the years, don't buy size 9 sandals, they're always too big. Except when they aren't. Super thin heel on these. I kind of like it, but I kind of don't. One of these days, I'll have to make up my mind about what I'm really going to actually wear versus what I think is pretty cool.
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    @_Etwas.anders girlfriend made a comment on the linked post. I found it especially powerful because most women are afraid to be with a romantic partner who wears heels because they're afraid of losing social status. "What if my friends laugh at me?" "What if other people point?" She addresses that fear in a way that I hope more women heed "But we kept on exploring and we have found that most people think that we are brave, cool, inspiring - and a bunch of other lovely adjectives that make me blush🥰"
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    That’s my first real business trip since the lockdown is over. First flight. Not as fun as before. Here are some pics one at the beginning of the day with 14 cm Chelsea boots. Plus a closer shot on the boots then my dinner outfit with 15,5 cm Oxford. And a closer shot again. Was alone but not feeling lonely. Of course a “ heel buddy” would have been welcome pierre.
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    Sorry I can't give you an answer! A new pair of shoes for me, together with a new dress Both are very comfy 😊
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    My wife and I went shoe shopping Saturday. She is accepting of my "interest" in Heels and we looked for both of us. I bought a lovely pair of Micheal Kors pumps, regular price $109, on the discount rack, on sale for $38, and we both bought a pair of Jessica Simpson Zelta strappy heel sandals, regular price $100, on sale for $15!! I still don't have the nerve to try on in the store, but we talked about it Saturday. https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/michael-michael-kors-yasmin-pump/432181?activeColor=001 https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/jessica-simpson-zelta-sandal/477421?activeColor=001
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    was wearing my sexy Daelyns and caught her staring at my foot! i asked her what she was looking at and she said she was envious of how the black leather vamp was tight around my toes. (photo is from a previous outing but this is the look with the skin tight jeans.) i didn't further the questions but now... thinking back. what did she mean?
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    While we wait for this disease to go away... new outfits and shoes are being tested... matching outfits are something to be tried in the future! Wearing golden sandals from Lovirs.
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    The new boots were out of the packaging so I made a point to wear them to church today, and I knew that doing so would get a thorough reaction from my wife. She asked if she could maybe have a pair made too, wondered if they made “women’s boots too”, and tried them on, so I would say that this is a success. She thought the tall tops were a bit hot for July, and the heels a bit tall, but we can go with something more “normal” when we design her pair. I had followed her feedback and reduced the underslung angle and went with round toe, so I think we’re all happy - I’ve managed to design boots that satisfy my craving for heels, and yet don’t have issues with controversy over “girls’ shoes”.
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    Sorry I don’t have the link you can send the pic and ask for the same ask for: all mat black leather, no patent nor suede 15 cm ( it will come with 155) round toe box if you don’t want them pointy I am W 12 in the US that makes 43,5 EU for them hope it would be ok,sometimes the shoes I received are totally wrong . 75% happy,25% unhappy And here is a shot of the shoes I am wearing right now in the airport,waiting for boarding
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    A 1st for me today. Went to pick up my lunch from a cafe I frequent that makes a particularly nice eggplant burger. Outfit similar to my last one with flats as I was just going there and back, no side stops. Cashier actually said she was disappointed that I wasn't wearing heels!
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    @Jkrenzer and @HappyinHeels, I'm going to respond to your posts, but probably in a couple days, as I have a lot of ruminating to do today, and I don't want to make this post extremely long. I have only two items to report, but the story is a little bit long. Suddenly, things is happening! My wife sent me to Walmart last night to pick up a few things. As you know, Walmart now requires masks to enter the store. So they have a person underneath a canopy outside making sure everyone is following the rules. So here I am, walking up to the entrance of the store, and this little Mexican woman yells at me, "I HATE you, I absolutely HATE you!" Don't be alarmed, it was the Walmart employee, whom I've known casually for years, expressing her frustration about how she can't wear heels anymore. I'm guessing she's about 55 or 60. She always comments on my shoes every time I see her. Interestingly, she always wears Dansko clogs to work, often in patent leather. She even has a pair of fire engine red patent leather clogs that she sometimes wears to work. So I stopped to talk for a minute. There was a man there also, obviously another customer who also knows her. She said to me, "How do you wear those heels all the time? I used to wear heels when I was young, but I can't wear them anymore." I said, "Well, I didn't get started until I was in my 40s, but I've practiced a lot since then." The man really didn't react one way or the other. I then said, "Sorry about this, I really need to shave my legs." I had been lazy and let it go for about four days. She said, "I can't see anything from here! You have great legs!" I sheepishly thanked her and proceeded into the store. As soon as I got into the store, I was accosted by a young woman. I don't know whether she had heard the earlier exchange between me and the Walmart employee a few seconds earlier or not, but she asked me, "HOW? How do you do it?" I said, "How do I do what?" She said, "How do you walk in those heels so easily and gracefully? I sometimes trip in my flip-flops." I swear, she actually used the word "gracefully." I said, "Really, it's just like any other athletic activity. It's just practice. I'm not really all that talented, but I am experienced." She nodded, and we both went about our business. After purchasing my items, I met the Walmart employee at the front door again, and we had a nice chat about immigrating to the U.S. and learning English. This came up because my wife works at Walmart also, and as many of you know, her first language is not English. It is rather amazing and inventive how people wind up learning a language. This woman said she learned English watching Sesame Street and reading children's books. Her foreign accent is almost undetectable, it's really quite amazing. I have not yet subjected her to my terrible Spanish.
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    I am not the best fan of clogs and mules in general.But these may help me change my mind. So comfy! And so easy to slip in after the shower in the morning. I still prefer shoes that cover the feet. But nevertheless quite happy to have gotten these.
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    Just arrived 3 pr of Shoe Republic LA. Just shy of 5 inch heels. 10 dollars eac on ebay. They are a touch tight but shoukd break in fine. These are a well made middle quality heel and i like them. The soles are rubbery but do wear into a harder white colored surface. I like that as the soles last longer. I really miss the super hard soles of the 80's shoes.
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    Howdy folks, it's been pretty quiet around here lately. The only really cool thing that I've done lately is participate in an online hymn sing at our church, which has been re-closed until at least Aug. 30. The choir director and I took turns leading the singing and providing accompaniment, and I actually got to play the organ this time! I wore the salmon colored shirt for the video, but I wore organ shoes instead of the pumps pictured here. I still can't walk in those suckers, in case you're wondering. I put them on to model them for a fashionista friend who can't wear heels anymore due to an unfortunate combination of health issues. The other outfit came about sort of accidentally. My wife had bought my 11 year old several t-shirts, because of course, he's a growing boy, and you have to do that every so often. She overestimated his size by quite a bit, however, and so I wound up with them. They're crappy t-shirts, but my immediate thought with the yellow one was, "I bet that would go with my DvF wedges pretty well." And it does. A further thought about my fashionista friend. I know her from college days, and I remember she used to have these black suede pumps that she wore fairly regularly. Well, not regularly like what we do here, things was different back in them days, but that's sort of my whole point. To me, at the time, these suede pumps were shockingly tall, and they absolutely were, compared to what most girls were wearing at the time. They were every bit of 3 1/2 inches. I think sometimes we remember the past differently than it really was.
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    Right @pebblesf ! They are very confortable. I put them on at 9 this morning and am still wearing them now at 7 pm. No need to take them off. They come from Extreme HH in Spain. Quite expensive but worthies the expense. Perfect balance. No feet,knee or back pain !
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    Yah, i know how to spell, I'm a bit surprised I didn't typo it though. I turned off the "smart" phone word assist a long time ago. Rather have a few typo's than constantly having it replace my words with the wrong ones. If star strek's universal translator used smart phone technology Kirk would have been killed before the 1st season ended. 🙂
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    I grew up in the '70's and 80's when all shorts were really short. My boxer briefs are longer now than the shorts were in those days.
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    Gidday recently I've been wearing a few corsets - started from a sore back and I wore a brace and thought I would try a corset for a bit and the effect was similar. Now from a fashion perspective I am liking the styling and the silhouette I have with a corset. I do feel it is very edgy a look - but I also really like it and have worn these corsets quite a few times out. They are not really restrictive unless you had the wrong size and wore them too tight - but they do help posture a lot !! heres a pic
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    These are my observations(and, I am not gay). It appears that within sexual categories and division and subdivision, there are a sets of behavior characteristics that, more or less, outline each category. It appears, for instance, gay men are attracted to male characteristics and seem to be are less attracted to men that exhibit female attributes. Then there is a subcategory of gay men that are attracted to other men that desire to dress, look and act exactly like women. I.e: she-males, lady Boys, etc, and all differences in between. Same for lesbian divisions. However, it appears to be easier for females because society today seems to accept a female exhibiting male dress and behavioral habits more readily, and with less attraction, than men wearing female attire. Go figure. Psychology goes more deeply into this further than I want to go. Because after thinking about it, I don’t really care. In my. Teenage years, I used to think quit a lot about the reasons why I loved to wear “girls shoes.” Thought tons about it.. tried to quit/stop/change without being able to. So, about half way through my high school years, I decided to give up and stop trying. My philosophy: “if you don’t like it, screw you! And, from that time onwards, (excepting for my military service) I have worn only shoes crafted for girls. And, I don’t intend to stop now (too old). So, I’ll do my thing and everybody else can do theirs.
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    One pr. of heels showed up today. I love leopard print and they should look hot with a number of outfits.
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    It's a common theme with me. Get use to it.
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    To each his own, that's why there are so many styles of heels out there today. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Hiya all! Hope all's well with y'all. Have been off the forum for a few months... you know, lock down, kids home, work stuff, moving offices, vacation and all …. I certainly missed some of the banter that goes on around here, and the feeling of a bit of a community built around our little hobby / way of life. Nothing much new by me in the realm of heels... but toying with buying a few pairs now. Have hardly the opportunity to heel at all right now, so wondering whether I can justify the cost... after all, money doesn't grow on trees anymore. Will just paste some heels I showed my wife recently - I saw them on ASOS, and they looks a little ridiculously attractive… know what I mean?? My wife expressed some interest in them (for her!), and said the right outfit needs to be found to match. Not much to worry about when wearing them at home though Hoping to hear from all you gang I used to be in touch with... Pls do reply and comment cheers!
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    OMG they're here today! and they fit perfectly! on the front AND back! family fun safe photos to follow!
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    I appreciate your concern. I'm doing fine and working on a return to my outings as I'm gauging the surroundings of all the places I regularly traveled to in order to make sure all is good before I step out again.
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    Yes, I can't even explain my own preferences. I wish I liked lower heels, but I just don't. There is a point where even I think they start to look odd. That for me is somewhere in the 5 1/2" range, on my size 9. There are some 6" heels that look pretty hot, but it's very easy for the design to go south pretty quickly. More than that, there is hardly anybody who can walk in such shoes, anyway. To be fair, I probably have a pickier definition of "walk" than some people.
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    New heels on order....I love anything leopard/cheetah print.
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    Finally had a full slate of activities worth getting dressed for. Started with a 10 am nail appointment. Glad I waited till 10 as a thunderstorm made the early morning a wet one, but it kept the sun at bay for most of the day, so that was nice. Went with a robins egg blue with a silver accent nail. While I was there my 1 pm appointment called & asked if we could push it back to 2. That worked out great as I was able to get a hair cut & shop for groceries after my nails we done. Nails & hair went normally but wouldn't you know it, Wouldn't you know it, I get stopped while going into HEB by two employees that wanted to go on & on about my heels. Normally I just love to discuss my heels, but I was getting pressed for time, so unfortunately, I had to cut it short. Picked up my items & checked out with no issues, even stopped for a smoothie on the way out. Made it to my house & unpacked, then headed for my 2 o'clock & made it there with a few minutes to spare. This was a waxing bar, I got it in my head I wanted to try it as I don't like shaving my legs at all. I have to say, I had a "ripping" good time of it. My tech was a hoot & I enjoyed the conversation & stories. It wasn't near as bad as the YouTube videos made it out to be, & I'm enjoying the sensations of beat skin. I imagine I will continue to wax as I am told it gets easier the longer you do it. I may have my arms done next time. Today I wore my bling jeans from Sexy Couture & a lacey top by charter club I just got in from a Macy's sale. It looks good & I like how airy it is, works great in this heat. My black Jessica Simpson pumps rounded out the outfit. I also included my mask, as that is pretty much a standard part of my wardrobe these days. It feels really good to get back to some normal heeling...
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    What about that look. I feel like exploring it soon
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    @w6ish Yes, she is. I think the key to finding a partner who is okay with it is telling them early. I told her I like to wear high heels occasionally on our second or third date. Anyway, last weekend we went out, and I was wearing my Litas again. She was wearing her Converse shoes so I was towering above her (normally I am only 1 or 2 cm taller than her).
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    i wasn't in my heels last night but i was in my super short stretch jean shorts and t shirt, barefoot in the rain, chatting with the gal in the apt. on the ground floor and what fun that was. fun and beautiful. how i wish the club scene was open like summers in the past...
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    Sounded like the perfect "ice breaker" to me. You needed to keep feeding her lines and open up the conversation. You never know where it might have ended up! Perhaps another woman to enjoy your heeling adventures. I was leaving a local department store and I had a woman compliment me on my medium heel boots, I told her thank you and that I loved her high heels too and gave her a better look at my boots. We talked for a few seconds and I told her I loved high heels and I got a knowing smile from her. I told her it was nice talking to her but I had to go. Plus I don't think my wife would approve with me socializing with other women!
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    While I'm not gay, all I can do is postulate from years of observation. I think some gay men might not want to look in anyway feminine because it hurts their masculine mask, while other gay men seem to embrace it. It's why many excel in sports (Caitlyn Jenner. for example) because they think they must prove they're "real men". It also may have something to do with their like (love) of the masculine image. Not all lesbians are "b_tch" with crew cuts or very short hair. Just like gay men, there are many subgroups under the lesbian banner, including the very femme women
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    I was tempted by those Guess sandals, but I have resisted!

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