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    It took a little while to get approved, but now I am here. I have had a love of heels and stockings as long as I can remember. However, I hadn't worn them until the past few years when I found that a friend had the same size shoe as myself. I tried hers on and have progressively become more bold. It started mailordering shoes and boots and wearing them in private. I took it to another level by going to thrift stores and trying them on as quickly as possible and occasionally wearing them while I drive. I've since gone to larger shoe stores and department stores to try them on and while I still try them on while no one is around, I'm less concerned about wearing them while another shopper or associate comes down the aisle. Getting caught wearing them the few times has never garnered a bad reaction so far, so it empowers me to be a little more open each time. I've taken to finding more secluded public places to walk around a bit, but only twice have I specifically walked into a store knowing full well people may notice. The set attached are from a visit to a local park, there were a few people walking around.. but not really near me. At first I bought these on a whim without trying them on at a Charlotte Russe store, the only time I have purchased shoes with the help of a worker and wasn't sure if I would like them. However they are very comfortable to walk in. I thank those of you that have shared previously, as you have all helped me along with my journey. In fact, my approval to this board has inspired me to get up and get out as soon as I am done posting.
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    These showed up a couple of weeks ago...never thought to post these colorful babies until now. I know they are not most peoples taste but I like them and thats all that matters.
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    Thanks THB and heelsareme When I say tall I mean that I stand at 6'4 without heels.. My sis was egging me on but to be happy. She played volleyball and just sat and watched. She was happy and proud of me for stepping out I front of people, also she has my back 100% so she will stare at people if she thinks they are being rude or mean lol I wore lose jeans so they wouldn't have looked good inside my boots. Plus being the first time out I didn't want to much attention considering everyone else was in flip flops or barefoot. See pics
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    Hello went into a shop today and dound they sell pleaser boots. Tried on a size 10 pair that went all the way up. The tops were touching each other
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    For my two cents worth, here are some rules I have typed up based on my experience wearing heels. I should note I wear high heels every day and would wear pumps 90% of that. I've been intensively wearing heels for over a decade. Almost every shoe I own is a stiletto heel. following these guidelines would mean you could wear heels openly and comfortably, overall enjoyable experience: 1. Must fit perfectly. (Always buy high heels later in the day because feet do swell during the day! The higher the heel the snugger the fit must be. if they don't fit perfectly do not wear them - you will have get uncomfortable or have an accident. Leather high heels get looser the longer you wear them during the day, the higher they are the looser they get so you need a snug fit to begin. Stockings will mean your shoe fit is even more slippery later in the day eg after 8 hours, so again a snug fit to begin is essential for 4 inch + heels) 2. Heels to match your ability. (you'll know your real ability if you wear high heels out and about, if not I'm sorry but in my opinion you won't know your real ability. If you aren't wearing heels all the time then an approximate measure of a starting point is to wear a pair(if strappy, with straps undone) , then stand on tippy toes and arch your feet, thereby lifting your heel out of your shoe. If you can't do this by a definite inch higher then you definitely don't have enough flexibility to wear the shoe properly in common situations) 3. never take a short cut. (walk the safest route for underfoot surfaces as well as your safety), similarly don't take short cuts with your outfit (coordinate if you can, groom your legs, only ever wear hosiery that is lighter than your shoes. You must make extra effort to look good since you will be looked at ). 4. Slow down. (avoid running in high heels, especially not on marble or polished floors. The taller your heels the slower you'll be. slow down and enjoy your shoes. As per rule 3 its often practical to take a longer route if the floor is better, or there are no angled pavements, or no loose stones etc...Speed will not negate rule 5. If you fall over then you won't save any time and it will be embarrassing) 5. Expect to be noticed and do not avoid being seen in your high heels - especially if it means a risk of breaking rule No 3 or 4. (You have to be confident and proud.) 6. Maintain your heels (rotate your shoes - don't wear the same pair for more than a day at a time, replace your heel tips regularly, condition the leather, check your heels are firm, take them for repairs before they're too worn. 7. Never carry awkward objects. (Small weights on your sides is ok - eg bags on your elbows/forearms. Back packs are not practical. If you must carry a bulky or heavy object have someone help you. Get someone in flats to help. If you are both wearing high heels then carry such an object by taking a side each and walking forwards with it between you - except for doorways. When wearing heels don't carry anything in front or behind you, whether you're on your own or helping. Carrying stuff is the biggest nuisance/ limitation of heels.) 8. Be aware of your heels. (Be very very careful stepping over obstacles in high heels. Lift legs well clear, much higher than required for safety. Lift your heels over bar stool rails if you're like me and like to hook your heels! Never rock back on your heels, they do bend/break/weaken! Turn your feet slightly sideways when descending stairs so that as you extend your foot down to the next step you can keep your heel further forward and more distant from snagging the previous step! You can be heard walking so this can impact on personal safety in cities, especially in the evenings. Do keep an eye out for unsavoury characters. 9. Avoid Soiling/Damage. (often fabrics/ ornamentation and the leather/patent uppers are surprisingly fragile. usual stuff such as pavement grates, gaps in wooden decks all damage stiletto heels. Never walk on grass/gravel. Don't put your feet up on furniture/chairs/desks. If you must sit on the grass, or on the floor remove your shoes first and place them soles down beside you.Don't drive in high heels because I've found the heels do get scuffed. (hence rule 3 regarding presentation/ shortcuts and and rule 11) 10. Wipe your feet! (whenever its wet outside and you enter a building carefully wipe the soles of your shoes dry on the floor mat, this is all about the toe area sole. The only grip in a stiletto is from that toe area and if its a smooth wet sole, or maybe in autumn has a slippery leaf stuck to it as then you're on a skating rink! When its dry no problem) 11. Flats are still ok (if high heels are no longer possible, or they will get damaged definitely take them off .Nothing is worse than seeing someone in heels who is awkward. If you need to carry heels, put your first finger in one shoes toe are, your second in the other and let them dangle. This way the heel tips will not scuff the other shoe! Note - if you carry stuff at your elbow then your fingers are free to carry your heels!) 12. Think ahead more. To wear a pair of heels all day is easy and pleasurable if you get it right. You won't always get it right because plans change and unexpected stuff happens! Think about what you have to do today, what you're wearing and pick a shoe that both coordinates and can do the activities. Sometimes you'll be limited by uniform rules for the day so that's a no brainer & no options day, I understand that - I have 4 of those days a week, as do most of us. Blah! 13. Loosing Control of your heels? this happens. Question during the day is why. 2 most common reasons. Tiredness in ankle/ankle shakes - this is because your heels are too high for you! . Take your heels off and next time drop down in heel height. The other is walking out of your heel If so then your shoe is too big. Go to the pharmacy/chemist or cobbler and get some heel inserts - go there immediately while in your heels! why not! Are you wearing stockings - take your stockings off and you will get more control of your heels. Get through the day but you will need to get shoes that fit you better. hope this helps! best wishes Craig
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    Sorry about the blur in the image, my phone had a smudge on the lens. These aren't what I consider good looking, however I tried them on just to see if I liked them as an option for a less obvious outside world choice. With the pants hanging down, you can only barely notice them as high heels. Yet at the same time the heel is somewhat hard and makes a definite heel sound when walking across a tile floor. I have worn these into a store and was extremely self conscious, though I doubt anyone noticed at all. They are EXTREMELY comfortable.
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    Last night, after I got home from visiting my shoe buddy (mentioned and pictured in my ongoing personal thread/blog), I was contacted by a young woman we know who has just graduated from college this month. The reason we know her is because she is from the same city as my wife, Hanoi, Vietnam. Some 3 1/2 years ago, I received a telephone call from a friend who works at our local college, saying he had a freshman in his office from Hanoi, and she seemed kind of lonely and homesick, and would we be interested in meeting her. Of course, we said yes, and we became mentors of a sort to this young lady. Oh, and did I mention, she's rather attractive, to put it mildly. At any rate, I got to chatting with her last night, and somehow the subject of my heel wearing came up. I thought about reproducing our chat here, but decided against it for the sake of her privacy. But basically, she said that her mom (whom I've met several times, both here and in Vietnam), was very surprised about my choice of footwear. Unfortunately, I didn't really get details of that conversation, but she did say very clearly that she thought my choice of footwear was really not all that strange to her, and that she had absolutely no problem with it. She even hinted that maybe I should try wearing a skirt! Just FYI, she herself favors extremely short skirts and shorts. It can be a strange dynamic between a 49 year old guy and a 21 year old woman, so I didn't really say much, other than to thank her for accepting me the way I am. The only reason I am posting this is because it was a huge confidence booster, and I hope it can help others know that there ARE females out there who are open minded. Maybe there is hope.
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    Hi there. I have read a post, the jaunts of JeffB. A good read and gives me a bit more courage. thanks. I really liked the quote at the bottom of that post...'I don't want to look like a woman, just dress like a woman'. I have dressed up at home, to the office (when working alone), gone for short drives....It actually fills a void in my life...gives a fair comfort and for some reason makes me feel really good. I must say that sometime ago I just realised that i loved womens shoes and some time shortly after, womens clothes. Particularly leather clothes, as you will gather ! I recently got a fantastic pair of Stiletto Ankle Boots...they fit really well...which I will be wearing. I also have about five leather suit outfits, Pants Skirts Dress Jackets. My question...is that jumping into the deep end...wearing a leather outfit ? I'm inclined to try a pant suit photographed, and I would welcome anyone's opinion. Thanks. js
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    Thanks Freestyle75, some good pointers there! Unfortunately work got in the way again on Friday/Saturday, but I've tried to make up for it today. Just got back from a few hours wandering around the old bit of Frankfurt, stopping for an excellent lunch and beer in the main square. Got a couple of funny looks, but mostly I was ignored. Took a bravery pill as I went with shorts and hose for the first time in daylight, along with the new ankle boots I bought in Payless on my US trip earlier this year. Really pleased with them, though the heel is slippery as hell and needs a rubber foot. And really pleased with my outfit too, so much so I'm thinking of going out in something a bit racier later! What do you think?
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    So today I worked from home... my wife was here working too. I had the urge to choose some heels, but felt uncomfortable for some reason choosing first thing in the morning, in front of her. So I waited till she left, and deliberated a little on which heels to choose, and decided in the end on these below - classic pump by London Rebel. It has a 4" heel and the suede is divine! I knew my wife would come back in an hour or so, and didn't bother taking them off. She knows I like heels and wear them occasionally. She doesn't love it, but she tolerates it (she even went shopping with me the first few times and tried on for me - we are almost the same size). Anyway - she came back and saw me, and said "ooh those are high!" and I smiled. she went about her business and I mine, walking here and there around the house. I had to step out for a few minutes and took them off - only to put them on as soon as I came back. I am sure she heard me clip clopping down the stairs.... a little later she came to visit me in my office and we chatted for a while about this and that, I could see her looking at my feet every now and again. and at some point we start cuddling and kissing... it got quite hot, but we didn't go past 1st base... later tonight ... anyway - it was a real turn on making out with her while in heels - Loved it!
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    My pist sort of fits in this topic but i might add it to my blog later as well. Apologies to those that may read it twice. ;( i was in the Wittner outlet store in Sydney the other day. Just trying things on. Killing time there are about 6-8 things i like but narrowing the selection down is hard. Quite a few other shoppers invluding a lady mid 30s very athletic, thin legs. She was also trying on boots but having less luck than me. She was tring a suede pair if knee high pull on boots So there i was, sitting down taking off a pair of knee boots with a tall heel and the lady pauses near me and asks "your boots look great on and you wear them well. I think these ones are too baggy. What do you think?" i was stunned that my opinion was been sought on womens boots by a women. So i jumped right in. I said i like boots to be firm up the legs and the one she was wearing were way too baggy especially at the top for my liking. I suggested a pair and walked her down to where they were that are leather front and elastic back. (Theyre too tight for me) I suggested these and she looked at them. They have a block heel about 8cm. She started to say thd heels were too high for her but about 3/4 way i think she realised she was talking to a guy walking in 10cm heels and stopped herself so she tried them on. They fit her nicely but I don't know if she bought them. im still just so chuffed that i got asked for my opinion thought such a positive meeting needed sharing james
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    yeah its a fun way to dress up! well the word that comes to mind about my Friday lunch date is: hilarious! to start, i thought i would be smart and take off an hour early and get there before the gals but the traffic was insane. so instead of arriving early i was late! i had the butterflies of course but was also very excited at the same time. i got into the diner and the ladies were already at a table and i heard my gal pal say there he is. so they all stopped and stared as i walked up to them. i stood there in front of them for a few minutes apologizing to my gal pal for being late and she introduced me to her co workers. they were all middle aged gals in basic office wear. lunch was simple and these gals all wanted to know why i was wearing high heels and where did i buy them, things like that. one aggressive gal said: you're wearing those famous black sling backs again huh? she said she had seen the photo of them at the office and wanted a closer look so i gave her a little foot and shoe show! when it was time to leave i walked out ahead of them and we all parted ways in the parking lot. my gal pal gave me the "nudge nudge wink wink" look and told me she would drop me a line sometime this weekend. haven't heard from her as of yet but i look forward to hearing from her and what her co workers might have had to say about our amusing lunch date.
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    We've gotten several inches of rain this week, so my red rubber Sorel wedges are getting a lot of use.
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    CAT: What do you mean ( All of this would be done in heels of course. ) ? Are you implying that there are people who do not wear high heels? I would be driving over from Columbus, Ohio in stilettos. It is almost to a point where I don't wear ugly shoes anymore. spikesmike
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    Cali So what is the hold up? This is America. You have the rite to wear what you like to wear. IMAGE away. spikesmike
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    I didn't end up going out in these heels as I am away for work so swapped for usual black shoes, but I wanted to share my pic. If society was accepting I would wear this regularly to office work and around. The other picture is of a outfit that looks amazing.
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    Since you like pics of new shoes on. On the way to work this morning
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    Well, here I am, a little worried but thankful for the opportunity to join this community. Like I said in my introduction, I am just a simple straight guy who loves heels, and considers his feet feminine. It started when I was a little boy, wearing grandma's heels. My wife has beautiful feet and loves shoes, so I satisfied my "craving" through her, until I accidentally discovered few years back that ladies' shoes are now available in my own US women's size 13 (US men's 11.5). Fast forward, and now I own a couple of dozen heels myself, and go out shoe shopping regularly. My wife does not like my hobby but accepts it. I only wore them around the house for years, but recently I just have to wear them outside. I always try to be discreet, wearing them with long pants to hide as much possible, mostly later in the day when the crowd is gone. If somebody sees them, then oh well, but I generally do not like attention. I am tall, 6'2", so if I add 4 or 5 extra inches, then that is too much attention already. Anyway, I am glad to discover that I am not alone in this in the world. Thank you for being open about your own hobby.
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    Thank you! I'm in Mainz now, had a good walk around the town, followed by some dinner at an old street restaurant near the Dom (cathedral). Didn't manage to get anyone to take my photo this time, so you'll have to make do with this 'bottom-half selfie' from the hotel terrace bar
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    Style: stiletto pump Rise: Platform ht.: 0 inch Heel ht.: 6 inch Net rise: 6 inch Shoe size: EU 41/42 in most shoes. Being higher these are 41. Pics (excuse quality - just ran into bathroom for hard surface to stand on!)
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    I started on a short shopping trip that got longer before I even got out of the door. Unlike @JeffB, I really don't plan do a lot of planning before I head out and I thought this would just be a boots and jeans outing but I pulled on a white satin top and the combination looked so good I figured it was worth the effort to put some more effort into it. Since I had new glasses that let my eyes be seen I added some eye lashes then some light makeup with lipstick. I added hair, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and small watch. I finally pulled on a pair of knee high faux suede boots with 4" narrow heels. When I was done, the outfit and overall look felt very natural and comfortable. I thought I really don't mind being seen like this. Anyway I originally was planning on a quick trip to Sam's Club but after getting dresses I made an it an outing. The first stop was my favorite thrift store where the folks at the front counter game me a big "Hello" as I walked in. I wandered around but didn't find anything I "just couldn't live without" so I headed back to my car and then off to Sam's. At Sam's I took my time walking in from the parking lot and as soon as I got into the store my favorite manager spotted me and called out from some distance away, "Ohh you look nice today". Several folks looked to see to whom she was calling. I waved back and started my shopping. One of the items on my list was a 128G thumb drive. It seems they didn't carry them anymore but they had a 256G one that filled the bill. (I remember back in my early IT mainframe days when I could even conceive of having that much storage available.) After Sams I stopped at two more thrift stores where the folks didn't know me and I got no reaction at all. I was just another customer. All in all it was a fun outing and worth the extra effort to get dressed.
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    so hey last week i went out with a gal pal of mine for lunch and some afternoon fun. i wore my black sling backs, super tight jeans and tight tops, so i was outfitted for a fun time. at one point in the outing we were on an escalator and i was ahead of her. my 6 inch heels were at her eye level and of course she loved my shoes but this back view caught her attention. she snapped a few pictures of my shoes, from the back, at eye level and made no mention of it. over the weekend she got to looking at the photos and had one printed, which she then put up on her board at work. that was yesterday and she said one her co workers came around and saw the photo and said: wow, does she have awesome shoes! my gal pal said not she, he! well that started it and the next thing my gal pal knew is all of her co workers had to come by and see this famous photo! the photo is a close up of my shoes, on the escalator, so you can't see any part of me except the bottom of my pant legs and the heels. all of her lady co workers said they loved the shoes and couldn't believe a man would wear them! they also wanted to see of course, the side view of the shoes and of course any photo of me, with them on my feet! she didn't allow any of that. but she got into a discussion about my shoes with one of her co workers and they talked about how my heels and platforms were a "work of art" and they both wished they could wear such beautiful shoes. she says of course, now, everyone wants to meet you! ha ha! that is not going to happen!
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    my own version of the painted toenails: tough to see them in this photo... i'll snap a close up once i have mine fixed up!
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    Hello from Atlanta, GA! I was at a giant Asian supermarket and took the opportunity to get in a selfie, with help from a couple of cans on the shelf.
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    I was riding the BMW home from work on US 75 in the middle of Dallas this evening. The traffic ground to a halt and a guy in a white Honda Accord rolled his window down beside me. He said "nice boots man". I am used to getting compliments on the motorcycle but this one kind of caught me off guard. I was wearing a pair of classic style Coach knee high riding boots in chocolate brown. (bought them a few months ago at the Bloomingdales outlet store a few blocks from there for 80% off) Usually men don't every mention boots unless they are being a comedian or sarcastic. The ladies often compliment me but not out in traffic.
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    Another cold morning and i wussed out and caught the train wearing my relatively new black ankle boots with a 9cm wooden block heel in a nice light contrast. Boots by Atmos & Here in size 10.
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    So today my wife and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We went up to Cincinnati to shop at IKEA yesterday, and went outlet shopping up in Monroe. I admit I didn't think an opportunity would come about to convince my wife to get wedge sneakers, but because they were on sale, we both got a pair! I will post a picture of hers later, but these are mine. They came with red laces but I really liked the look of the white laces in there.
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    Heelers I am in a mall in Columbus, Ohio. We were doing the " Walk a mile in her shoes " After words: Several HHPlace members went across the street for a get together dinner at P.F.Changs China Bistro. A lot of photos were taken that day. Steve, I think you should remember that day.
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    I do enjoy test driving $2000 boots in the store
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    @jeremy1986 and @Jkrenzer - Thanks for the comments, they are really appreciated. My only comment is that I find wig shopping as much fun as shoe shopping, and not all my boot purchases are as successful as others. _______________ I went to a weekly jam at a restaurant tonight where the owner has always comment (positively) in my boots. I figured that tonight I'd really give him something different. I wore a gray long turtleneck, black leggings, and red faux suede OTK boots with 4" block heels. We played for several hours and the other folks in the jam noticed my boots (they aren't blind) but just figured it was something I'd do. As I left and was putting my stuff into my car, one of the patrons in the restaurant called out across the parking lot, "Hey, I like your killer boots". I called back a thanks and headed home. I think this was the first public outing for these boots in a music setting (which I treat more conservatively than just being out and about). I had fun.
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    Cali Today 5-22-2017, A similar situation happened to me in the Meijer parking lot. I was already in my car. Engine running. I heard someone shouting ( woman ) and thought she may be in trouble. NO, she just wanted to ask why I hear high heels. I spoke to her a few minutes and we went on our way. Nice lady. spikesmike P.S. this is not the outfit or the high heels I was wearing at the time.
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    Well, I did it and told my parents. I was alone with my mom first so I told her before my dad. Her reply was, if it's you and you accepted it it's fine with me. It's no problem at all and next time we visit i'd like to see your collection. And by the way, why didn't you tell me years earlier don't wait so long again. I explained my history with heels and that I had an interest in shoes from a young age. She was a bit surprised by the amount of heels I have. She asked if she can tell her cousin and I approved. We also talked about tat I don't know about the why and she said it must be something you're born with and it's you. My dad is a bit less communicative and needs to overthink things, he didn't really know what to say. But he said, what am I supposed to say, if it makes you happy it's fine. My mom ephasized that she's fine with it. Overall I call it a success.
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    Thanks. Ever since I started CDing again, my mind and mood had been at an all time high, even after I "logout" of girl mode to go back to my regular self. This is a good hobby even if I'm just doing it privately. It's giving me motivation to start exercising again to lose some weight. Just took these pics tonight with a new outfit.
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    The pants and ankle boots look great together. I have tried to set up pants or leggings many times but as you know always end up in a skirt usually a mini that my GF had no problem with but reminds me "Please don't bend over to pick up your keys if you drop them " lol. I have a few pants and leggings outfits set up to wear and will post pics as it happens. I think the skirt you are modeling would look a lot better with a pair of single sole or platform black leather pumps. Not the right seasonal but knee high, otk, or my fave thigh high stiletto boots!! I always get a ton of positive comments when I wear a leather skirt and boots.
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    Bought a pair of NewRock Boots M.PUNK005-C1, great leather kneeboots ! Only changed the plastic heel tip to metal ones. (like the sound on hard surfaces and like to catch much attraction ) https://www.newrockonline.com/de/footwear/punk/m-punk005-c1-high-boots-punk.html
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    These photos are a couple of different days. The first two were a visit to a local stadium/park that I knew wasn't going to be too crowded. I was seen walking by a handful of people, but outside of a double take or two, not much more than that. The next two are in my home with a pair that I think are very sexy but not particularly comfortable for long term wearing. The third set of 4 is the same pair as the first, but I wore them out with the specific objective of getting gas at a station. I wore some jeans that would cover them when I stand still, but they show when walking and they make the beautiful sound great heels do. You can see the chain I had locked them to my foot with, it wraps under by the heel, crosses in front and locks behind my ankle. I had tried to go out and hit a public place with the intent before only to become intimidated and take the heels off. I figured no better way to commit to following through than to force myself to comply. There was apprehension on the drive to the station which certainly peaked when I went inside to pay and only grew more intense each time a car would pull around or to a nearby pump while I was filling the tank... however, the drive home after completing the small task I set out to do I was completely ecstatic. I hope I didn't post too much or something uninteresting for my first day as a member. I look forward to being part of this group with all of you.
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    I do like your selection, and I applaud your effort to buy American. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you in this effort. One pair of heels is equivalent to groceries, gas, meds, and other required purchases for 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. I'm done ranting - - - been a bad week.
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    I am lucky in this regard to know the joys of intimacy with my spouse while in heels or completely dressed for that matter. The support of other really important people in our lives accentuates the expression of wearing heels. HappyinHeels
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    here is a video worthy of this thread. It is from CBC news in Canada. It is a short vignette on the band Motley Crue. It talks about the band playing a gig back in 1982 eventhough they received a bomb threat. The video cleary shows all band memebers wearing high heeled boots.
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    I had an appointment with an optician this morning and so as not to make a spectacle of myself(), I wore a beige turtleneck with matching boots over jeans. During the exam, while she was checking my eyes, she said, "You look normal". I told her that was the first time anyone had ever told me that. I did get new glasses and chose a frame-less pair with a small lens. These are quite different from what I had been wearing and you almost don't notice that I'm wearing glasses. (Contacts are not an option for me.) I really like the new look. I'll be wearing this outfit to the restaurant where we played last month as a group of friends are playing there tonight.
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    Cali, My favourite store to look at shoes in one place is Nordstrom Rack or what I have referred to before as the "Shoe Disneyland". Typical shops on my circuit are the Aldo Outlet store at Prime Outlets in Kenosha, a Steve Madden store in the "Bucktown" area of Chicago, a Call It Spring store at Gurnee Mills Mall, and several DSW locations between Milwaukee and Chicago. I do like Jessica SImpson as the shoes always fit well and the styles are edgy. If you are a regular customer that always makes a big difference. If you wear heels while entering a store then that makes it the best possible experience. Ask anyone who has done it. Wearing the same brand as the store you're in may lead to an unpublished discount. It's all about the interaction which is why we shop in-person. HappyinHeels
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    Mackyheels, Anyone, and this will invariably only happen when accompanied by at least one other person, who is giggling or staring you down in apparent disbelief, or talking out loud about YOUR fashion choices is insecure in their own identity which is the driver of this behaviour. You know who you are which is why is you wear what you do. All of us do not wear any type of heel because we take into consideration what some half-witted, simple-minded, can't-think-without-the herd, passerby may or not say. If we are doing this then perhaps we should cut off our nut sacks. It's a pair of shoes and, on your feet, they are YOUR shoes. They are NOT on your feet on a conditional basis. The idea anyone would would allow their personally-chosen wardrobe choices to be judged by random rejects is ridiculous. A quick "Well, do you like them?" is probably exactly the tonic needed in this situation if arises. Like Ghandi said "Be the change you most want to see in the world." It starts the moment you look in the mirror. It takes nothing to follow a crowd. It takes tenacity and character to stand tall when weak-minded fools try to topple you. HappyinHeels
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    Hi All, Saw my favorite Aldo store manager today and ordered these which were on the clearance rack but only in 8.5. They will be at the store in about a week. They were "wedged" between other sandals so I couldn't see the profile on my last visit there. They are the "Gwyni" wedge which are about 6" high and in this same color (size 11). So cute I may wear them out of the store. I figured this wedge thread is still going well so why not post here instead. HappyinHeels or maybe Wild in Wedges
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    A Last Call in Lauderdale had a pair of YSL Babies 90 lace up boots I've loved the look of, so decided to try them out. They were nice but I kinda liked my timberlands more (YSL smooth leather, Timberland the other). Sometimes wearing heels while shopping lets you know if something is worth the extra cost or not
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    It sure is. I have some heels on display in my livingroom, no need to hide those anymore when I get visitors. One of the gest new options.
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    Well it finally happened. A while ago I mentioned to my wife about me wearing heels. Yesterday, we had some time alone and I wore heels around her as we did some housework. Not glamorous, but successful. She was more accepting then I hoped. What a wonderful woman. Her main concern was was for my feet and legs. Dont think she will accept public wearing for some time, but she did enjoy watching me vacuum in heels. Thanks to everyone for their support.
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    I like several stiletto pumps thigh high boots 5 and 6 inch single sole 6 and 7" with 1-2" platforms. My go to all time favs are Steve Madden Dejavu's in black and beige in the pics. I also just found a pair in leopard!! My Pleaser Devious Daggers are 6-1/4 single sole with ankle strap that I was in Chicago out and about for 7 hours. My usual time out in heels is 5-7 hours with no problem