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  1. Not sure if real leather, but feel like real leather. I love the style.
  2. Thanks, im really liking them. Still need some breaking in, but becoming more and more comfortable each day
  3. My Latest acquisitions, over knee boots from River Island. Got them for 25£, originally 70£. 4.5" slim block heel. Super soft.
  4. Yes i would imagine so, if we had the same pair of shoes same heel height but different size foot, the arch would be a bit shallower on the larger shoe size. Therefore , theoretically, easier to walk in.
  5. Uk size 5 (usa 7.5 , eu 38). Heels are abundant in my size, but the arch is steeper
  6. Try a size 5 foot (eu 38) in higher than 5 inch
  7. I do like a skinny jean with heel. The black jeans and black boots with detail look Great
  8. Ok.. So im late to the party, but theres no 2022 thread
  9. Great selection Bravo! Certainly a little braver than i. I would dearly love to wear my heels out in public but i live in what i would call a reserved, perhaps old fashioned area. However i have come to somewhat of a middle ground. I wear mine to work, and spend my morning in them as i work alone in mornings. I enjoy the sound of the heels walking down the street to my car, and ofcourse on the hard floors at work. While its not fully public, its a comfortable comprimise.
  10. As a suggestion, have you tried a 5 inch heel , with a 1 inch platform? That would guve u a foot arch of 4 inches. Also the foot doesnt arch any higher due to the platform. Personally i prefer concealed platforms as they tend to have a nicer look (in my opinion) and look more like a heel with no platform. Excellent heels About 5 inch heel non platform is my max height, any higher and i need a platform, then i can go up to about 6.5 inch and still walk naturally. I only have size 5 feet, so the arch is more pronounced on my feet with heels.
  11. Hi, im in the north east, Newcastle
  12. Recently i started working earlier hours so am generally on my own at work for the best part of the morning. So i figured hey, i can wear my heels for a while and enjoy them daily. Then a new thought, why not a comfortable jacket/coat, then the thought of a handbag for keys, phone etc. Anyway, shopping got the best if me (as it does!). However, they were bargains. Over the course of 4 weeks i managed to pick up 2 jackets, and 2 handbags, similar styles, different colours, depending what i feel like wearing that morning. The jackets normally retail at at least 60£ each, and leather handbags at least 50£ each. Got the jackets for 20£ each, and handbags for 15£ in total, so a bargain i thought. So here they are, got to say, the jackets are super warm and comfortable. Handbags perfect size for what i need.
  13. Oddly enough, back in the very early 90's i studied programming for 3 years, Cobol being one of the 3 languages i learnt. Even though i did well learning the language, at the time i had no idea who would use it and didnt see the significance in it.
  14. Ah thats my weakness, i dont stop at trying, im a bit impulsive wirh buying
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