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  1. I have ordered a size 8 so I will see when Coliexpat will ship me it back. I wear insoles. I have heard about few comments which women said the boots were narrow for large feet and I am a man so bigger legs. I do not know exactly how much it will cost me for extra fees I know the boots cost me 26,95 E so 57$ CAD. I have paid 7,76$ CAD for the (reexpedition)(don`t know the exact english term). I have used in the past USAdress and it cost me at home 80 to 95$ for customs but for Europe maybe 100-200$. I know the fees are 3X higher than the boots. THOSE BOOTS ARE SO SEXXXXXXXXXXXY!!
  2. So the Standard size chart varies according to the countries? I would have cute little boots
  3. Hello. According to my fits on a sheet of paper my feet have 24,5 cm and 25,10 cm for a size of 7.5 US. Normally I wear a 9.5 US-10 US. Their guide is weird! They said their guide is exact. For them my size is not the same like their own guide. So wear you smaller in France? Shoe Size Guide : Women Shoes EU US UK Lenght (in cm) 36 5 3,5 22,9 36,5 5,5 4 23,4 37 6 4,5 23,8 38 6,5 5 24,3 38,5 7 5,5 24,6 39 7,5 6 25,1 40 8 6,5 25,4 40,5 8,5 7 25,8 41 9 7,5 26,3 42 9,5 8 26,7 Just wanna avoid many fees. https://www.zalando.fr/anna-field-bottines-black-an611na7z-q11.html
  4. They just do not reply to my messages for finding my size. http://www.urbacom-signaletique.fr/escarpins-noirs-à-talon-noir-30386640231-p-253.html I have 9W size for black pumps but I do not know which to select. 9.5 size? The sizes seem not not be correctly fit to the real sizes.
  5. Hi! You probaly know I have tried to get my Czarny Booties but i have found another so pretty but in the same case. I have subscribed at usaddress and colisexpat( For France) for having an address and be shipped to my country. As you can see i have found: http://www.eram.fr/10385240267-boots-decoupe-arrondie-cuir-noir.html. But they do not have the size 42 so I went there: http://www.urbacom-signaletique.fr/boots-découpe-arrondie-cuir-noir-yuzu-10385240267-p-433.html Those website have bad reputation from few website concerning security either they are new or unknown or they just do not work like our normal security protocol. This is not fair. I know scam adviser ruined some companies but what do you think of? Have you tried something risky? Another one: http://www.ibusinesspromoter.fr/boots-decoupe-arrondie-cuir-noir-le-plus-populaire-ref-yuzu-10385240267-femme-boots-bottines-ydnpmhs.html?search=yuzu I have to click on the + bottom center and about Vie Privée(Private life): The safety of your personal information is very important for us. We neither sell nor rent your personal information in thirds in any circumstances. We appreciate your confidence very strongly, and we shall work to protect the safety and the confidentiality of the personal information which you supply for us, and who not to use him. Our site uses the encryption standard Secure Sockets Layer of the industry on all the web pages where personal information is necessary. This technology of encryption protects your name, address, and number of credit card in the course of transport of data. Thank you very much because I am tired to see pretty things I cannot find normally and they are impossible to get elsewhere.
  6. Hello guys and that bootdlawyer never PM me lol. A good year had passed since the end of September 29th 2017. I wanted to update my shoes contents to keep you updated. I had wore my Nine West pumps and suffered with them, I had thought the problem it was the insole I was wrong! I had tried many cushions and have paid for enlarging them without success. They were not enough large! I have visited a Nine West store tonight and found out my real size is a 9 wide width. That explains the sores and the red marks while wearing them and walk so much with. They have made their time enough! I am gonna check the price in order to buy the correct size or I will change to another and I will let you know. I have worn them in hot temperature in summer! The woman seller told me those shoes are hard to wear without adjustments. Patent color is not better than normal leather due to it`s weak material and makes the shoes small. Those I have are still in black leather but not enough large.
  7. Brier Dolly high heel model had switched to Nine West Michelle pumps because they had became too small but It had last a good year.
  8. 13 months later after many wearing my flats were no more pretty for me and especially they had marked and hurt my feet. They became too small for me. Recently I have managed to find I need a 9 Wide insetad of a simple 8.5M. They had a 0,25 inch heel. So I have decided to throw them away by giving them to an organization. Also I do not not like to wear flats since then.
  9. I need to find them available for North America! I can use usadress if needed. It can be for that kind of boots too: Very pretty they are better but I just got the link of them and it is giving Nothing useful to get them. They are just exposing them like that on the page without anything!My search today led me to that website which is also bad by scam adviser: www.necpapillonclub.co.uk/black-boots-baldaccini-5360000-czarny-s-boots-high-boots-and-others-womens-shoes-15171100-p-18182.html I have sent messages to ask about how safe is their website and no answers! I have search online to have better Tools for detecting frauds and unfortunately no websites I have gave you where the boots are located are unsafe! No https protocol! I am gonna wait and forget those pretty booties. I have done everything in few weeks to get them but it is too risky to be hacked. I didn`t know it would happen like that!
  10. There is also another website either: Bernadette-Marchetti http://www.bernadette-marchetti.com/black-5360000-czarny-s-baldaccini-womens-high-boots-boots-75160219reliable-reputationuk-store-p-5889.html They are at 147,56$ CAD but when you read their return policy its seems safe. It is very expansive but maybe better secure ChrisG your link leads to a page displaying: Baldaccini - sklep internetowy 503 Overloaded Nie możesz używać sklepu w swoim kraju. Przepraszamy za niedogodności.
  11. Hello! I have followed for a long time those boots but I only find them on suspicious websites. I have registered on both of them but I will change my details. Here are those websites included the booties I find so much beautiful: http://www.niwaradeepak.com/womens-shoes-baldaccini-c-643_110/authentic-united-states-boots-baldaccini-5360000-czarny-s-boots-high-boots-and-others-womens-shoes-baldaccini-fallwinter-2016-p-19737.html http://www.pcremedy.ca/buy-authentic-canada-boots-baldaccini-5360000-czarny-s-boots-high-boots-and-others-womens-shoes-p-19739.html http://www.savemypalette.com/womens-shoes-baldaccini-c-377_465/y3940011099-united-states-baldaccini-fallwinter-2016-black-boots-baldaccini-5360000-czarny-s-boots-high-boots-and-others-womens-shoes-usa-us-size-11-p-11099.html Other websites are in polish but not safe: http://www.lansipyora.fi/baldaccini-5360000-czarny-s-boots-musta-naisten-saappaat-178756532-p-11844.html http://www.alnusamedya.com/Damskie-Botki-BALDACCINI-5360000-Czarny-S-skóra-naturalna-licowa-UBHX0CP1LL-wygodne-6216.aspx My computer tells me a ! for unsecure websites. I sent a message to Niwara but no answers. The websites are very similar! Niwaradeepak ,pcremedy, savemypalette, lansipyora and alnusamedya not better! Otherwise there is another website but not in my money currency but they cost 140$ and more: http://www.insspire.co.uk/5360000-czarny-s-womens-boots-baldaccini-r3miebm12160995-black-boots-p-12814.html https://www.efootwear.eu/boots-baldaccini-536000-0-czarny-s.html (Does not ship to Canada they said) They are not on eBay and amazon or zappos. Too bad they are extremely pretty by viewing the boots on the sides!!!!!!! Thank you very much!
  12. Now I am embarrassed to choose which pair of high heels my Naturalizer one do not make enough sounds. I liked so much the noise of the Ninewest Applaud but they are almond. They are at 130$. The evolution of the Clarks Brier Dolly I have had it is: Clarks Adriel Viola. Comfortable better than my previous one but they do not make so much noise. They are at 79,98$ instead of 110$. They are big heels and I like so much to see those styles on women: http://www.casimages.com/i/171011121418929570.jpg.html Also those two images are taken form heelpredator( heelpredator # 348) on YouTube. They look like the heels I talk about: http://www.casimages.com/i/171011121434656584.jpg.html http://www.casimages.com/i/171011121442434459.jpg.html The blonde girl has a very cute small voice and seems pretty! SO Female! I like Also pretty on (heelpredator #346). Maybe it is not clarks but it looks like terribly. Really really pretty cute shoe look!!! On the other way I have found: http://www.nepforums.co.uk/s6001259-geox-marie-claire-pumps-black-1-women-sizeuk3445556-uk-online-store-p-1259.html http://www.casimages.com/i/171011123035860540.jpg.html At 99$ They have only 8.5 Size. On my Naturalizer I have 9. For the Clarks I have had tested and it is 8,5 for the leather heel and 9 for the patent style! So I am so so confused!! I like the looks of the Clarks and the sound of the Ninewest heels. The Ninewest make the better sound and the Clarks it is top of comfortable shoes.
  13. jim102

    Ballet Flats

    I really like Hernaezjames`s lower east side black flats on page 4.
  14. I have recently noticed women are starting slowly to wear high heel booties. In my way my heel love is asking me to wear high heels often. I was only wearing heels by occasional times since my old incident with my father few years ago. But now heeling takes more and more place in my mind. I dream about high heel I am looking for but I never find pretty boots or pumps in the stores when I sleep lol because all is changing HEHEHE!!! There is Something I do not get it. The fashion of heels evolves and I find beautiful few kinds of high heel boots. They are black leather half suede behind. Alfani Venus from Macys: https://www.macys.com/shop/product/alfani-womens-vennuss-wide-calf-dress-boots-created-for-macys?ID=4826754&CategoryID=25122&selectedSize=&swatchColor=Black#fn=COLOR%3DBlack%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D19%26ruleId%3D78%26slotId%3D13%26kws%3Dalfani boots%26searchType%3Dac%26ackws%3Dalfas%26searchPass%3DexactMultiMatch Brownshoes: Melana--> http://www.brownsshoes.com/MELANA/235664,default,pd.html?dwvar_235664_color=013&sz=12&cgid=1305 but too expansive Those one: http://www.brownsshoes.com/ARTICA/230866,default,pd.html?dwvar_230866_color=013&sz=12&cgid=813 OH! They are all really pretty but half leather and suede seem not to interesting but why this style?
  15. Hello! I am back from last year. I still have the same nice black boots but I had switched from Brier Dolly Clarks black patent pumps to Naturalizer Michelle black leather pumps. Yep I had decided to change because my last heels last more than 1 year and near the half. Size became smaller. So last week during the big week of hot temperature I had in Quebec city I have decided to start wearing my pumps even if the temperature was hot. I did not want to wear my flats. Since I had bought them I had to remove the N5 insole technology and put a simple leather insole. I couldn`t wear them for a long distance like a commercial center due to the sore. So I have decided to change the insole. I couldn`t put Something into the insole was high and deep. After I had decided to try gel cushion without success. My feet were slipping and especialy in hot time recenlty. So i have ordered another kind of cushion pad in another material. During my heeling I have got No REACTIONS! Even if I had trouble sometimes by walking like feet always staying in the front of the shoe due to the slipping. Walmart, IGA groceries I went. So tonight I went to Costco store and only one woman was wearing Brown high heel ankle boots! Most of women were late in the begining of the season for wearing heel. Few of them still have their stupid thongs or tongs (whatever you call them) ugly sandals. I was so unhappy to see that!!! Last year so many women wearing high heel boots in summer and winter so I was the only person wearing black high heel boots!!! Jeans in the boots!! It was a little hot but I really wanted to put them. I have just heard two .laughing maybe it wasn`t at me and the guy cashier told me I was like a big star! I said Nothing and continued my way. Normally no comments nothing but I wear black pumps and get Nothing and I wore black high heel boots got Something but they can say whatever they want without disturbing me seriously I don`t care! My heeling season begin and will not end fastly! I wear high heels to (unlazy and uncoward) women. They don`t for stupid physical reason so I wear heels at their place lol! And If I do not wear heels I have at home I will not be proud of me! What do you think when you wear heels? Myself I think I am well fit than others (especially men in tongs!!! ) and other people are completely( low level) from me! Waiting for my new cushion pad to test them out if they will have anti-slip. Here was my first adventures of the year!
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