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    Retro Tuesday...off to work in my black FB Canti
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    One of my outfits from my albums on a night out in the city. Do you wear your heels and outs out in public?
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    Hi all, I would also like to join this contest wearing my only pair of heels, Pleaser Seduce 420. Thanks! LB
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    When I was growing up in the 1970s and 80s, wingtips were what the old men wore to church. I have very little memory of what shoes I wore, other than tennis shoes (trainers). When I was a senior in high school, my father bought me a pair of Florsheim oxfords, very plain, to wear to the Homecoming dance on my first real date. I wore those shoes for years when the situation dictated. It is no big surprise, then, that my entry looks very similar to what I wore most of my adult life when it was time to "clean up" and look nice. They are Aldo brand, and look just exactly like men's oxfords, only with 4 1/4 inch heels. Pictured here are not the shoes I own, but they are the exact same model. They are the first stilettos I ever wore in public, and they were my only pair of stilettos for a long time. They go well with men's suits, and they look pretty decent with jeans, too.
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    My latest pair, BGBGirls snakeskin print mules in a sort of a silvery-nude color. They were a bit tight at first, but have broken in nicely with a minimum of discomfort. Also, they are low enough (4 1/2" with a smallish platform) to where they're not much of a challenge to walk in. I've had really good luck with BCBG shoes (the cheap lines). Hopefully, these will continue that trend.
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    Are they still selling them, would love a pair
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    Hi everyone... Long overdue posting to say Hello to everyone.. 40 something guy from the south of England.. Love heels , particularly boots... Usually try to wear them with suitable outfits even if it's only skinny jeans or just a skirt.. Have occasionally got the courage to go out in heels but not very often.. must try harder..!! Longer introduction on my profile page if you're really stuck for something to do..!!!
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    I just joined here, and am really glad to have found this place. I already had a growing affection for western boots, and last year when I started purchasing more boots to wear I also developed an affection towards heels. It started when I bought a pair of Tony Lamas, initially because I liked the tall 16" shafts, but they also happen to have a 2 3/8" heel. The first night out with them my wife complimented the way the heels made my feet look, and my interest towards heels and shoe fashion grew from there. Since then I have worn western boots every day, all day. I am always on the lookout for taller boots with higher heels. I might have more footwear now than my wife, and it has to be stored in various closets around the house, LOL. I haven't figured out yet how to get into the kind of heights that you all wear here. I know cowboy boots with high heels exist, though they are in women sizes. Fortunately I have narrower feet, measured 9C at my favorite custom bootmaker, but I am not sure how that translates to off the shelf shoes. The other day I was walking through Nordstrom and I almost melted when I saw that one of the sales guys was wearing a pair of lace up boots with 4" block heels. He was working the women's section, and it's too bad all I did was admire them, rather than walking up and asking him to sell me a pair! Anyway, attached is a picture of the elephant boots I am wearing today, just to give an idea of the kind of shoes I wear all the time. I am open to suggestions on where to go from there!
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    Like your, I like boots. I am a fan of knee and slightly over-the-knee boots, typically with low heels though - it is the overall style of a taller boot that appeals to me not so much the height of the heels. I have a pair of ankle boots with 2.8" cuban heels that I like very much as well though. And like you, I wish there were more boot styles open to men.
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    So yesterday I made myself proud and finally had the nerve to wear heels to a mall. Before the mall my first stop was a local Payless store I always wear heels to. As I was browsing there was another woman in there shopping and she clearly seen I was wearing heels, so she complimented my heels I had on and how she wished she could walk in heels as good as me. I told her that when I was younger I wore a lot of my moms heels and liked wearing them. I told her that I started out wearing heels in private cause I would feel embarrassed wearing them in public. Her response was “ Boy you better wear them heels and be proud “ It gave me a boost of confidence, so then I found a pair of Cristian Siriano 4” pointy toe pumps(pictured below) and made my purchase. I left and proceeded to drive to a mall that I always wanted to wear heels to but never got the nerve. Usually my heart would be pounding out my chest but it wasn’t I just kept remembering what the woman said and proudly walked in the mall in my 5” stilettos heels I had on. It felt great! I went in two stores, Charlotte Russe and another Payless . I got a couple of stares but it didn’t phase me I walked proudly in my heels!
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    Interesting looking boots! I have two pairs of western boots which I've had for 24 and 12 years respectively. As to women's shoe sizes if you are a 9C that would roughly be an 11B. Generally you'll add two sizes to get the right woemn's size but that is a generality. Since most boots are closed toe many can usually go up an additional size but since your foot is narrow an 11B should work. There is no substitute to actually trying them on instead of ordering online and hoping for the best. I'm not sure if you joined our forum because you're actually interested in wearing shoes from the women's side of the aisle or just a general interest in boots. Our site is mostly focused on foot elevation via the high heels whether it's in a boot, sandal, or pump. Thanks for joining and posting. HappyinHeels
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    My custom Wilson boots came in the mail last weekend and I love them. I posted this picture on reddit and the response was "I'm confused. These are men's or women's boots?" That's about as close as I have ever been to being accused of wearing women's shoes. I wear boots like this every day, and love that western boots offer more fashion flexibility than what men usually wear.
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    Got to wear my heels for a while before going to work. Just a casual look today in jeans.
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    Here are my Masculine Heels. In fact, they are "Mens" Block High Heels from forverhighheels.com. 5" Heels
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    The urge to go shoe shopping hit Saturday morning and what an urge it was . Torrid seemed to be my first choice , always have good luck there . I found the style for me on sale for $56.90 then they were on sale at $27.97 . Given they are half off how can one go wrong ? The sales associate rang up my purchase and says I owe her $15.00 total with tax . I asked her if that was the right pri ce she said yes because they are half off ....... who am I to argue . They fit me and my wallet great !
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    Back on topic, I fid the finishing touches of a bathroom remodel, plumbed a sink and installed a toilet, while wearing my Pleasure thigh high spike heel boots! My wife just thinks I'm crazy!
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    welcome, @stevieuk7610 - great to have you. and am enjoying seeing your lovely heel and boot collection - and the matching outfits!
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    Hi, welcome to the site, I’m always pleased to see fellow brits on here, you’ll have to try venturing out in your boots, think you’ll enjoy it and when you do it’ll open up a whole new world for you, i love to wear heels out although i have to admit that dresses and skirts in public is something I’m struggling with, you can start with your boots under trousers and not too high and then progress from there as you get more confidence, i now wear long boots over trousers or jeans without a second thought, will be interested to hear how you get on, enjoy the site mate
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    Ok @Cali thanks for the answer. Good to know. I agree. I have never been able to find any Oxford with: decent heel height,wing tips,size us 12! If i would I buy 10 pairs! Just to show I am also wearing them. That's my business outfit but I will have to change for classic flat fest before I meet the clients. Then back to these 14cm Oxford as soon as the meeting finishes.
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    The highest heels that I have worn are my Ballet Boots and my 7.1 inch Silver Pumps. However, I am able to walk decent in my Silver Pumps but am still trying to master the Ballet Boots !!!!!!!!!
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    I'm thinking these will be my next purchase. I found them at a Nordstrom rack nearby and I think will look great under my normal jean's for a more masculine look or with my skinny jean's for the more freestyle approach
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    All, Here's some photos which I intended to post before but weren't all edited. Four different looks with Bakers "Payson" pumps at 6.7"/17.4cm, Steve Madden "Wheatley" wedges at 5.5"/13.7cm, some Aldo "Villariota" sandals at 6"/15cm, and some Zigisoho "Amy" kneeboots at 6"/15cm. Hopefully these are worthy of consideration for our leg contest. HappyinHeels
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    I'll think about. This has been an unusual week. I had 3 males tell me they liked my heels on Tuesday and then today another male walking in the other direction stop me to tell me that "I wears heels too, but those are gorgeous". And off he went. SL98 Manji-H And my new tan SM Manners showed up today


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