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    Had to start this topic as I am over-the-moon excited and happy! The wonderful woman that I have been dating for the past six months and has been the reason I have not been on here for some time, said YES to my marriage proposal!!! She is not only beautiful, intelligent, passionate about life, and caring, she also is 100% with me on my wearing heels in public! When we talked about my heels and she told me that she was perfectly happy to be with me where ever I wished to wear heels I was stunned. I have heard from many women that say that a man should be able to wear heels, but very few would actually want to walk with you in them. She will and does!! I do not know if I am terribly lucky to have found her and her me or if we were destined to be together. All I know it is such a pleasure to be with her and to have her share my life including my heels!
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    This is what was featured at the entrance to the men’s side of Nordstrom tonight: I realize these aren’t exactly high heels, but that is more of a heel than what just about every man wears these days. If I even see one man wearing these boots on the street, I would say there might be a possible trend towards more men in heels.
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    Ran in these heels this morning. Someone carelessly abandoned a shopping cart at the grocery store, and it started barreling down the parking lot, aimed at a couple of late model German sedans. I was just sitting in my car taking a phone call, so I did what any car lover would do - dropped everything and ran to intercept the collision. As I put the cart away I discover that at least both vehicles in danger were even occupied, and no one cared or was observant enough to see the impending property damage. Oh well, at least I got to run in my heels
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    Working by myself most of the week. I really like this outfit, its a plain white shirt underneath a leather jacket with some plain straight leather trousers, with a nice wide patent belt also but that's underneath. Apart from being leather, its pretty conservative. But the shoes, they just scream ! j
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    Here is my latest acquisition. I picked these up in a thrift store for $15. They are black snakeskin pumps with a heel measuring just over 4 inches. The brand is Sam and Libby. They are extremely comfortable to wear. And they are in excellent condition. I can see these being my go to heels. they will get a lot of use.
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    Good Morning fellow high heel place members , i'm thinking i may head to the piano bar again tonight and see what's HAPPENING !!!!! will report back if your interested let me know who's interested cheers Malinheels
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    Strike while the iron is hot! It seems men who already have experience heeling didn’t need a fashion show to be inspired to do so, but it would be neat to see the runway inspire new people to give it a go!
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    Like many others here I don't work in an office environment, and though I wear heels at work as much as I can, it isn't always possible. I drive rock bands on tour all over Europe in a sleeper bus and, much as you'd think that lifestyle would lead to a fairly open minded crowd where it comes to fashion choices, that sadly isn't the case most of the time. So my high heeling at work is limited to either when I have an empty bus, in which case I'm often in a skirt and heels, or when everyone has gone to bed (we travel overnight between shows mostly), in which case I'm limited to just shoes that I can change quickly if needs be. Wish that wasn't the case, but it's a small industry, and drivers who are known to be a bit 'odd' don't tend to get much work. Now I can and have driven my bus in some fairly extreme heels, 6" flat sole stilettos and higher with platforms, and it's perfectly safe and comfortable to do it due to the driving position on a bus, which sees you pushing down from above on the pedals, rather than down and along as you do in a car. But the discomfort comes not from the feet but from your backside, as your feet are sitting higher off the floor all of your body weight is taken by your arse, which on a long journey becomes pretty numb. So most of the time I stick to a 4" heel maximum, which makes me and my arse happy. Heres a pic of my 'go too' heels, I find myself wearing these a lot as theyre so comfortable and practice, plus they go with jeans or a skirt. They're from Yours in the UK, think they cost about £35.00, and I highly recommend them. I took the pic on the way to Amsterdam on the train today to visit one of my favourite shoe shops (Big Shoe) which was sadly closed. So I consoled myself with a good walk around seeing the sights in the sunshine and a decent lunch instead...
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    Here I go again! I went on another short yet uneventful outing. Nothing much to report on that front. So lets just get down to brass tacks. I metioned In the general forum about a red blazer that I purchased and I new I would be wearing out at first chance. And that happened to be today! I already knew what I was wearing. Soon after purchasing it I spent some good time trying out different shoe and clothes combination that would work. I came up with several great outfits to wear. So I am sure this red blazer will be a staple in many upcoming outings.So here is what I dreamed up for this one. The outfit 1) guess black patent pumps with 3.5" heel 2) Old Navy Rockstar greyish white skinny jeans with a bit of shine to them 3) black t-shirt 4) Streetwear Society red blazer 5) Aldo black and Gold Handbag
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    Another public figure to add to the roster of men who wear heels is Brendan Scanell from Netflix's Bonding.
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    I've met a few at gigs and parties here in LA, and definitely at the Abbey, but they are usually playing a little, it isn't part of their daily dress, unlike me, who loves to wear heels to the post office.
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    Never happened to me! The only one I have ever spotted was myself in a mirror or a store window. Sad.
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    The trick is actually spotting a man in heels. The enormity of people moving in all manner of directions and your eyes trained on one narrow slice of it make the odds small. Your odds get better if you sit somewhere with a view of a busy sidewalk and sit in a mall where you can watch many people pass your vantage point. Back in 2012 before the Steve Madden in Milwaukee closed the staff there had told me they saw men in heels walk by their store every single day from their vantage point. The vantage point one has seems to make all the difference it seems. I'll keep wearing what I like and maybe I'll run into another dude wearing wedges just like me. HinH
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    Changed to a more casual piece tonight that shows the boots and had an interesting dinner down at the bar: Two ladies complimented my boots and wanted to know all about them, including what my wife thought of me wearing heels, etc. They thought it was great, and volunteered that they also wore size 11.5 and 11, and we shared experiences shopping for boots. The men at the bar were a bit speechless...
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    Feeling great!
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    Don't know how I missed this Vivienne Westwood outfit from her Ready To Wear (RTW) Fall/Winter 2019 collection: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2019-ready-to-wear/vivienne-westwood/slideshow/collection#62
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    I think I have posted before in another thread about my desire to one day start wearing heels to work. The new position I took within Tesla opens the door to that opportunity, but not fully just yet. The majority of the time, I end up in a shop environment, wear I need shoes that have safety toes and are ESD safe. Because of this, I had bought women’s Red Wings because the men’s colors were boring. I had wanted to get a blue color, but they only had pink. I figured wth and got them anyway. Now most recently, actually a week ago this past Friday, I decided to test the waters and just wear my Converse wedges. Now admittedly I probably am spending overall less time in the shop environment, but there’s always a chance. So I still took my Red Wings to work, but ended up wearing my wedges the entire day. So to answer the question, so far only a 2.5” heel, but I hope by the time I am done in the shop environment, I’ll be at 4” heels!
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    I’m the same for work as it’s steel toe boots and occasional gym shoes. I wish I could wear heels to work. I’m in an office setting as well as in commercial renovations. When I do wear heels I’m in 5 to 6 inch single soles with no issue. One pair of sigle soles at 6-1/4” that are good for a couple hours. i have a few 7 inch with 2 inch platforms and a few 6 inch with 1 up to 2 inch platforms
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    Thanks, nz! I take every aspect of my freestyling seriously, and that includes accessories. I studied up and arrived at the conclusion that silver paired better with my turquoise dress than gold which looks great with black or red. Speaking of accessories, I’m thinking of pairing a gold wrist watch with gold jewelry and a silver watch with silver jewelry. Thanks! I honestly never thought I’d get this far, and if I were just wearing heels like I had when I first started out eleven years ago, I would’ve gotten bored and stopped long ago. Adding skirts, dresses and other items of clothing from the women’s side of the store has kept things fresh and fun for me. And I’m glad people here have appreciated what I’ve done in this thread over the years.
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    awesome !!! I reckon white shoes are so spectacular ! And you've paired it up so well with other white/silver accessories. Well done JeffB !!
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    Cool! I will be in Houston on 6/5, arriving about noon...Staying at the Club Quarters downtown....Stayed there last night also, didn't see a whole lot going on in that area though....Returning to IAH on 6/13 to the same hotel and arrival time....We will talk more as the 5th approaches, hope my trip is convenient for your work schedule....Don
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    Hey guys, I have a few IAH and AUS layovers next month, would be really cool to meet up for coffee/meal, and get out publicly in our boots....Don Just got rerouted to DFW....Staying at the Fairfield Inn in Ft. Worth, will be here until Saturday afternoon, 5/25....Don
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    I have used foot pads from both Bakers, when they were in business, and Aldo but almost exclusively in my pumps as few of the other styles seem to need them. I think part of the reason I put the in the pumps is that I normally wear them with hosiery. I can't ever remember wearing pumps in bare feet. Hosiery will cause the feet to slide a bit more as moisture is being wicked away. I have enjoyed wearing my wedges in bare feet this year which means I have to keep those toes nicely polished. I have had more compliments this year then any previous year. I do encourage you all to wear your heels out and enjoy your life. HinH
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    If you wanted to match the first of the style to a description then these are some I just though of: After "Comfy Loafer", how about "Magnificent Mule", "Delightful D'Orsay", "Wonderful Wedge", "Beautiful Boot", and "Sleek Stiletto"?? Just a few to get started. Like others have said anything to keep it interesting! HinH
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    Damn! Those shoes ARE gorgeous! I hope you enjoy them!
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    And what about giving is a title that matches with our personal competences,knowledges,experiences,skills or whatever ?
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    Nice work buddy! I find it amusing that the owners of the cars didn't even care enough to protect their own vehicles. I find that sometimes it is easier to run in my boots than walk in them! I don't imagine anyone thanked you, but I will......
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    I suppose it would be, yes. One would say I complimented him on his boots...
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    From the world of luxury fashion, I think we're in an era ripe for men to wear heels. Luxury fashion is embracing Non Binary/Gender Fluid expression. Case in point: Gucci. Right now Gucci is one of the hottest fashion brands in the world, not just from editorial/aspirational value Point Of View (POV), but financially too. Aspirationally, the mule loafers that all the girls are wear now (attached)? That Steve Madden copied? Those are Gucci. Financially, Gucci sales amounted to 8 Billion in 2018. According to Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, millennials made up 62% of those sales. Alessandro Michelle, Gucci's Creative Director wears heels. He had Harry Stiles wear heels at the Met Gala. The Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week MENS was a show about Gender Fluidity: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/gucci-wraps-up-milan-fashion-week-performance-gender-fluidity-1202963183/ Gucci's aspirational value + it's financial success has created for luxury fashion an era highly tolerant to men in heels. Now combine that with Stefano Pilati's Worker Boot for Random Identities (referenced just a few posts up)....and from a cultural anthropological angle, times in luxury fashion seem ripe to support men wearing heels.
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    The Payless pump called Habit. The name does fit the design very well.
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    id love to see you walking in those cool platforms in my gallery.
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    That is an awesome look!!!! To bad you can't wear your style to work everyday, maybe at some point!!!
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    I have no real problem with Tech's idea. As far as how high a level one can go we need only look at two members, Bubba136 and Shyheels, who are the only two active members with over 10,000 posts thus establishing a gold standard. Others have opined, and I would reiterate here, that probably two dozen or so members are the creators of 80% of the new posts. Perhaps this is somewhat inevitable in forums. It should be fun and engaging and I believe it is but keeping it interesting is also important. If only 10-20% more of those who have been lurking would join our forum then its dynamic nature might be more apparent. Here's hoping, whether as a Comfy Loafer or a Super Stiletto HappyinHeels
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    Abundant budget shop where heels still seem to be in fashion. Perfect place to find fun summer shoes: https://www.chicme.com/category/Pumps-&-Heels/1H4f8-e9s5e4S-9n5R0-Q1B5X1M8r.html
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    Thanks for sharing your sentiments. I share the same views, "If they help with men wearing heels I'm all for it." Never heard of Freebird till you mentioned it. Visited the site. First thing I thought to myself was "these are very California." .... I can understand how you feel about women marketing heels made for men. From my end, it's sexy that Kate Moss would wear what I wear. For me, when a girl gushes about my heels and wants to wear what I wear, it's a secondary source of validation. (primary is my own self validation). Thanks for sharing. I read it as a light hearted fun article.
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    Tell your shoe buddy to take a look at Classic Pumps - www.classicpumps.com - she might find something she likes there without them being overly expensive. The quality is similar to and maybe even slightly better than Nine West.
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    I usually wear boots with heels that measure over 4" into the office and have settled comfortably into that height. It's enough to have the effect of wearing heels, without being over the top. I am 6 feet tall without heels...
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    I don't often wear heels at work, factory setting even for engineers has rules. I have been spotted with my 5 inch 1969 basic black pumps several times but other than wearing them at my desk I don't wear them. I have on occasion worn 3 inch Cuban heels, even wore a pair out. Hydraulic fluid and leather are not a good match and it killed my Cubans quickly. I do wear 4.75 to 5.25 single soles around town more than not and many coworkers have seen me in them. Although not what you asked.
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    Another one from the Met Gala - Cody Fern in boots with nice heels:
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    I think we all know where Harry Styles got his Inspiration from.
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    I wear 3 1/2" to 4" heeled cowboy boots on a daily basis and they are very comfortable for me and my clients and friends love by boots and the higher heels that they have. As a matter of fact, they usually give me crap when I am not wearing my boots. I am trying very hard every day to get the people around me to be comfortable with me wearing boots with heels and make it more normal for them. I am trying to do my part to make it more normal in this world for all of us. I have a massive boot fetish and I am done feeling that I can't wear them on a daily basis.
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    Hello my dear friend kneehighs. It's been more than 10 years that we talk to each other around this forum. As you may remember, I'm married since 2005 and wife know my "thing" about heels. The "thing" has grown to other attire from the girls wardrobe so I'm more to the gender fluid kind of thing, or freestyle fashion which I identify myself more. She knew about the "thing" before we got married. She was always supportive since the very beginning. And she never ever saw any problem with it, but to be on full display, getting out. I've made it to closed controlled environments like fetish parties. Since I moved to France and it's a safer country compared to Brazil, I've made it to the streets a few times, usually late at night, or two times during the day when I wore boots under pants. Here is a picture, I'm at a Tattoo studio and I walked the block in this without any trouble, went to a grocery store and a bank. I made it alone, without her. She got angry and jealous because she wanted to be with me that day. I have kids, a girl and a boy. The boy is 9 the girl is 6. They don't know about the "thing". We always discussed a lot about the "thing". It's never an easy talk. I'm sure she accepts myself as I am but she has to protect her reputation and the kids. If you want to know about it, I think she's right. Unfortunately the difficulties I have while getting out, showing myself as I am, that I fight for a lot, it is also *her* problem. No matter how much she loves me, respects me, supports me and even enjoys what I do or how I wear, she may fight her internal fears and the most basic instincts to protect kids in these days of bullying. What I would suggest to you is that you'll have to be brave. I completely understand your desire to be with someone that matters, that is serious, probably someone that fits your needs of company and may be the mother of your kids. I'd say, if you're really sure about this girl, go for her. To better handle the situation, the secret is talk. Talk about your feelings. Be real. Why do you really wear what you wear. What does it represent to you. She already said that she is supportive and likes you indoors. But, to be open with a guy dressed differently to the accepted norms, it sure is a new thing for her and she needs time to adapt, to think and understand that to be with a special heart as yours, she will need to give. Explain as better as you can and, above anything, listen to her. Her fears and reasons. She is surely not just complaining that you don't look good in heels. In this site, we're all looking for support and acceptance, and here we have found a world of our own. The real world won't change for us. We're are not the norm and we take risks to do what we want. Some of us are more comfortable with risks, some not. Some have been assaulted, others don't. Some live in safer cities than others. We're a minority and I bet we'll be for the foreseeable future. I always envied how you managed to be out and about on your shoes, I really see you as an example and a personal goal of style. Talk to her. Listen to her. I wish you the best!
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    As a French born guy I have to apologize. CB shoes could look nice but they are uncomfortable and often even not long lasting And the ones for men( flat) are ridiculous,designed for no taste nouveau riche. Sorry about that.
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    I would love to have a pair of these!
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    These boots could easily go on my wish list... Not usually a fan of chocolate brown, but I'd wear these..
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    These are stylish boots. Wouldn't mind a pair...
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    That's my variant of the look These high heel boots are a men's model in 45D (Men's width) and it goes well with all types of jeans and pants. If someone here needs boots like that, let me know I'll share a link to the store where I bought them.
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    Time for another outing report. I was doing some window shooping today on a day off from work. I stopped by most of my usual haunts. One of my favorite thrift stores was a gold mine! I managed to get a few things that I will most likely use on future outings. But the star of the show was the boots I found. As soon as i saw them I knew they were going home with me, provided they were my size. I checked the label and sure enough, they were! I tried them on and they fit perfectly, if not slightly big. I was wearing thicker socks and they fit well. So I figured with lighter socks they would fit a little looser. They felt very comfortable on. As comfortable as any boots I own! They are beige in color with a plush suede like material. The brand is Just Fabulous. They are knee high and the heel measures a near 5 inches! The first thing I asked myself is why someone would want to abandon these beauties? They were in pretty good condition. They looked like they had only been worn a handful of times at the most. They were a little dirty but I figured I could clean them up relatively easy. The only reason I could see for letting them go is the height! Whenever I see shoe ads online there is a theme I see more often than others. Women claim they are selling the shoes because they are too high! They say something to the effect of "I bought these and did not realize how high they were". "I have trouble walking in them". Their lose is my gain. And the best part about about these beauties was the $15 pricetag. I repeat $15! I happily paid for my purchases and headed home. I could not wait to wear my boots out. An evening outing was in order! I cleaned the boots and they were ready to go! Now for the outing. I put together an outfit rather quickly and was out the door. I grabbed my laptop and headed to my usual wi fi spot. As comfortable as the boots were navigating my stairs both inside and out was a challenge! The heel height took some getting use to at first. Even for a seasoned high heeler like myself. Flat surfaces were no problem at all though! Once at my destination nothing major happened as usual except for one little nugget. I was sitting at my table and there was a couple of older ladies sitting next to me. They obviously saw how I was dressed. They decided to go grab a coffee and one asked if I could watch their stuff. I said sure! The other one said she would wait with the stuff. Then the other said don't worry "this person" said they would watch our stuff. It could be coincidence but I think my androgenous look confused her momentarily. That is why she did not use the words "he" or "she" when referring to me. Other than that I quietly and uneventfuly internet surfed, then headed home. Now to the outfit and pics. the outfit 1) Just Fabulous beige kneehigh boots 2) Aeropostale light blue skinny jeans 3) Green t shirt 4) black/grey/white Reitmans coat 5)Jessica Simpson grey handbag Now some pics of the outfit and boots themselves. Comments and suggestions welcome.
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    Finally got out again. It's not that I haven't been out lately I just haven't had anything post worthy. After running a few needed errands the rest of the outing was spent window shopping and general Mr. X time. The outing went off without a hitch. Nothing interesting to report from the outing. I wish there was but there wasn't. Now on to the outfit I put together an outfit today using some old pieces I own, as well as some new pieces I purchased recently. Once I put the outfit on I really liked it! It is probably one of my favorite outfits I have worn, ever! It is probably my most favorite outfit dating back to day 1! Here is a breakdown of it. The Outfit 1) Aldo tan boots with 3 1/2" chunky heel 2) Black leggings 3) black and white long length horizontal striped shirt 4) black cropped motorcycle style jacket 5) tan crossbody bag Here is a couple of pics. Enjoy! Comments and Suggestions always welcome.

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