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    Got out for a little shopping trip last night, bought some new lighter blue skinny jean's. I think they go better with more colors than my darker pair.
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    I have been wearing these boots without socks because they were a little too narrow, and losing the socks gave a little relief from that. Also, the more direct feedback of the sole was helpful in learning to walk in heels. However, I slipped the socks on at the airport so I didn’t have to walk through the TSA Check point barefoot. I ended up leaving the socks on after the checkpoint, as they felt way more comfortable. I think all the walking with direct skin contact was finally taking a toll. Also, the boots have stretched out a bit and no longer feel too tight even with socks. I may regret this during my flight when we get up to altitude and my feet swell, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my dinner and beer. These restaurants at the PHL airport really add to the travel experience.
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    My latest ankle boots, Ecco style 75 they seem to be a good fit, the heel fits nicely and so feel secure when walking. They feel snug and secure without being too tight so they feel like they would be ok to walk in. I haven't worn them outside yet as wouldn't be able to get a refund once I've done that. For just over £26 new though I doubt if I will find anything similar for the price and based on how they feel wearing them around the house for hours at a time they are staying.
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    Well it’s been a long week at work so happy to be back here in another pair of boots, these were brought from a vintage and retro shop in Lichfield , knee high with a full length zip, about 4” western style heels and particularly like the little gold bits on the back of the heels and the toes, very 70’s ish, I’m wearing them over my grey straight jeans, not too busy in here yet but let’s see what happens over the next hour and a half, oh and did you spot the medium latte in the background
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    That is what I am doing right now
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    Stopped in for a quick americano after work before driving home. Enjoyed a ten minute relaxing break before leaving to drive home. It's a good way to get out in public with my boots especially the walk down the High Street to and from the car and sitting with the heels showing relaxing back with a coffee. Coffee and heels what better way to start the weekend.
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    Good advice. I find the same thing as regards getting there early. I nearly always have a heavy camera pack which complicates things. Once I checked in with somebody - another photographer - who had an identical pack to mine but which was much lighter. The woman at the check-in counter insisted we weigh our carry-ons - she suspected, rightly, that they were too heavy. I knew mine was, but the other guy's wasn't so we distracted her and she weighed his pack twice. It was sweetly done.
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    After work lounge wear...faux leather leggings and hot pink heels. A great way to end the day!
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    If your feet bloat on the plane, just take the socks off and place them in your pocket. I wore 4.5 heels on a plane from Brazil to ny to Syracuse and the bloat was an issue with no laces to loosen. Still though loved walking JFK in very high very noticeable heels, nothing like owning it.
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    Appropriate to be renting a “high altitude” Jeep on my trip with the 4.25” heels! I was determined to go about my day like I normally would, and did 15 hours in these heels yesterday. It was very educational. The stretching of the ankles to maintain the steep downward point of the feet is no longer a noticeable feeling. While spending half an hour in the afternoon standing i found it to be more tiring on the feet than walking. I finally figured out that I was putting too much weight on the ball and toes, probably because I was initially compensating for the strain on the ankles. I started training myself to distribute the weight balance back towards a more natural spot on my feet, now that my ankles could sustain the weight comfortably. Still, it is was a long day. I had some time after work so I went for a 1.5 mile walk through the King of Prussia mall, which brought the day’s walking total up to 4 miles. I would be lying if I said my feet were comfortable in the end, but I certainly got to the point where I could walk comfortable on many surfaces without much extra thought. The floors were ripped up over parts of the mall for construction, but unexpected bumps and cracks didn’t hinder the heeling last night. I have now spent a day and a half working with dozens of colleagues that I have met for the first time, and no one has said anything about my heels. I consider that to be positive, in that no one is finding me to be clumsy or inappropriate in my footwear. I think most people don’t even notice how high the heels are, as they aren’t used to even looking for such things on men. At quick glance they just look like dressy shoes.
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    Today I walked from the hotel to the exhibition place. 3 km. 45 minutes. Not so fast .Not so slow. I am not so disappointed because the surfaces were quite easy but far more difficult than the ones we can find in an airport. skinny jean and Cuban Oxford as shown on the picture Then i changed for " normal " flat shoes for my working day. And back to the hotel ,same distance,same time. Quite happy ! I got one congratulation from a black woman who asked me :"what time is it now" " i love your shoes" Tomorrow: same program. Under the rain I am afraid of! Pierre
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    I finally got the chance to meet up with a member from Europe after years of talking back and forth and trying to coordinate schedules. In my haste, I only packed one of my stiletto boots, but was wearing my Frye cowgirl boots. We spent hours talking about working for the airlines, and all the heels/boots we love to wear. It was raining, but we did get out for a walk and enjoyed a simple dinner together. The few hours passed so quickly, and I appreciate that he was able to stay awake after traveling all day from Europe. I meant to take a few pictures, but forgot in the excitement. Meeting up with other guys who love to wear heels is a great time indeed. I even got a compliment on my boots from a young man while riding the elevator in the parking garage. Needless to say, I had a great day!
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    I just scored a pair of nine west wedge knee boots and a pair of aldo ankle boots for $10 each at a local thrift store. Both new never worn I can't wait to wear them out!
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    Went shopping today and bought some new boots! Can't wait to wear them out!
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    I wear my 4" stiletto heel booties regularly but, as maninboots suggested, I do so with longer jeans that cover the heel. The click is a bit disconcerting at times, but I've never heard a bad comment (or any comment for that matter).
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    Just out having tea and cake. My boots do not have heels - they are just nice dressy brown riding style knee boots - but one nice thing about wearing tall boots at this time of year is warmer ankles and calves, something that is something of a novelty, and one I very much like on a brisk raw autumn day.
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    Jaunt #470, 11/10/2018: Just when I thought I was evolving from wearing skirts to dresses, I went and got sidetracked as I think I’ve gotten hooked on wearing long sweaters and leggings. And, from the photo below, it’s not hard to see why as it’s a good look, one I only experimented with a few years ago, now I feel I have it down pat, and I love the end result, like with today’s outfit, a black leather jacket over a burgundy sweater, black, fleece lined leggings, the Payless “Riot” combat boots and a black handbag. Despite lots of sunshine, it was gusty and cold, but the leggings which I had bought only the day before kept my legs nice and warm as did the sweater and jacket, as for the boots, the more I wear them, the more I like them as they went well with the ensemble. I also added white socks worn just above the tops of the boots after seeing young women sport that accessory and thought it looked neat. As for the outing, I had to take my car to the dealership for an oil change and take care of a minor recall issue, I arrived shortly before my 10:30 appointment time with my Kindle in my bag to keep me busy for what I figured to be a couple of hours, there were four people in the waiting area, no one them took notice of me. Around one p.m., a technician came to me and said a problem was found in the steering column that made it slightly loose and needed to be fixed, fortunately, I had an extended warranty, so it wouldn’t cost me anything, thank goodness, but that added another hour and a half to my wait time, so the work wasn’t done until almost two thirty, but hey, I only spent about $38.00, so it was all good. From there, I drove into town to visit my friendly neighborhood comic book shop, it was a good deal chillier with winds whipping through those concrete canyons, but I was still good and warm, however, I walked down to One Liberty Place to enjoy some hot chocolate from Saxbys before returning to my car and going home. I suppose that by the time my next outing rolls around, I’ll be back to wearing skirts or dresses, but it’ll be a tad hard to resist the growing lure of long sweaters and leggings, something that could well be a staple of the winter weather that’s on the way. More to come....
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    Great outfit for more then just grocery shopping!!!!!!!’ Awesome!!
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    pebblesf, It's Canada, every city is clean. Canadians know how to use garbage bins and recycling containers and their cities are organized and functional. It may not have the glitz of the USA but there is a reason Canada is perpetually in the top ten nations for livability, transparency, and overall quality of life. These observations are based on annual trips to Canada as well as travelling to other US and foreign destinations over the years. I served the USA , in either a military or civilian capacity, for 36 years so I think I've earned the right to speak my mind about it so I can tell you the amount of blight tolerated in American cities is scandalous compared to Canada. Neighbourhood blight and educational blight are the biggest differences between the two nations I am convinced. Special interests leads to divergent municipal funding and a lack of coherent educational policy in many urban areas has brought many American cities to their present state of decay. Canada seems to have avoided this because special interests are kept in check and government appears more responsive and transparent. That's my perspective. HappyinHeels
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    I had a breakfast at the hotel. Nothing so exciting! People didn't react so much. But it was obvious they noticed the shoes. Two males waiters stood behind me and looked at my shoes during nearly a minute. They haven't realized that I could see them in a mirror,on the wall! Funny! The female waitresses behaved normally These oxford with the thin heels are from Peter Chu. Close to Toronto ( Hamilton).I just got them on my arrval day. I have asked for a bigger width and they fit perfectly. I hope I could have time for a visit to the Bâta museum. Depending of an appointment tomorrow. My flight is at 6.45 pm. Let's see. The fun would be to walk there. But the weather is more than crappy. Typical for Toronto in November. I also would have wished to spend some time in the gay area. Just because I am curious about how the people react there to a man in heel. Next time i should plan a longer stay .And maybe in springtime
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    Um, Beer and heels, just my 2 cents.
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    Went and did grocries last night
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    And these shoes for the breakfast they draw stares but no comment
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    During the late seventies I acquired a pair of lace-up booties with 3 inch heels from my first wife. I don't remember how I got them, but she knew and was okay with it. I wore those for over 16 years until the sides blow out and the shoes just fell apart. I had to part with them. Now I have pair of SM Estrella that I wear all the time at home. Sometimes from getting out of bed. I have a new pair on the side lines, but I just can't switch yet. How about you?
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    Funny you should mention it, I just posted in my own thread/blog a picture of some shoes I will probably never get rid of for sentimental reasons. They were my first pair of truly high (more than 4") heels I bought and wore publicly. I suppose I could wear them as beaters for doing work on cars or construction or something, but I've gotten to the point where I've quit doing that, opting for more practical tennis shoes or work boots for such projects. Still, I'll probably keep them, and my children will have to dispose of them when I'm gone.


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