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    As i worked very hard all week i decided to chill out and relax in these heels, their old heels and some of you have seen them before but, i always end up coming back to these heels for some reason.
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    Saturday night heels...purple suede pumps with faux leather leggings and black hosiery.
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    Taking the "kiss" format today...keeping it safe, simple. Skinny jeans and basic black will always look cool...
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    pebblesf Thanks for the support. Suppose i'm use to unspoken criticism of what i wear sort of goes with the territory. Don't feel bad or hurt as years ago because i don't know these people or will remember seeing the same people ever again, even if i walk along the same streets. So the result is who cares, don't know these people or care too, so what! is my response.. Although did observe following a woman on the street ahead in red very wide cut dress pants in black sandal heel 4" stiletos covered by the pants somewhat. Couldn't gain enough ground to see her face before she entered a drug store either to buy more makeup or condoms being it was Tuesday after the weekend. She appeared all dressed up out to do some damage and attractive at that with slim build tight waist and pants clinging along her hips as they flowed wide down to the hems. Figured out or assumed a lot of reactions people made over the years about me. Guessing the difference of what some woman feel negatively because there jealous reactions are versus the ones that don't care but find me amusing. Those that ignore me or look angry after looking are the jealous type attitudes. Others that just laugh or find me amusing because they never seen someone wear outfits that tight before often don't care only entertained at the rare sight and odd style. Agree nobody gets applauded or complimented every time out wearing an outfit. For example observed this attractive married female who visits my workplace where her husband also works. She always wears the best designer clothes, heels, bags that money can buy. She visited once wearing a tight bodysuit with CL platform heels, she enjoys attention many give her observing the subtle queues reactions from people including me. She visited another time and wore different colour bodysuit again with different heels. This time she didn't hide or be escorted to or from place to place. She wanted to flaunt her style and sexy body in the tight bodysuit as before noticing peoples wide eyed, eyeball popping, wow stares including myself with the reactions as before. This time she and i overheard loud chuckling nearby as she passed me away from a group of people. While i know the negative reactions i receive time to time but i felt so heart broken overhearing it as she must of. Suffice to say she never ever wore designer bodysuit again, to bad because her physique is beautiful and suits her wearing a sexy outfit as that. While i determined sometimes even beautiful woman can get negative reactions even though nothing was wrong wearing such clothing but people find it over the top thus laughing. While i tried to understand why people laughed at her it stems from envy, jealousy, because she has very wealthy husband and her clothing she wears isn't cheap and people notice. Also when you flaunt your beautiful body or shape away from beach, gym, or pool your going to receive pushback that your clothing is far to revealing then the location demands. Don't be wearing sprinter tight spandex outfit when going to restaurant for dinner or casual bar for drinks. Sometimes the situation your in needs clothing to match the surroundings. So don't take it personally if someone reacts to your fashion miscues or bold style in negative manner. Least i know the beautiful married woman observes my outfits smiles, smirks at it, yet i know she means well even though she finds my style silly for any male to wear. Do feel on some of my outfits she finds them intriguing ready to match it or find something better. So any negative reactions i don't take it personally as i use to. Feel that woman get undeserved bad reactions so to as male i will inevitably get them also. When you try something different in fashion styles your bound to get unusual stares and outspoken negative criticisms.
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    My last girliest shoes sorry for the hairs, not girly
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    It's been a while since I posted anything, but here goes. I have been going out but nothing really postworthy. Today I figured It was worth it! I was reading a recent post/outing from @JeffB and he inspired me to do an outing in pumps. I have worn them before on other outings. But thinking back on my outings, I don't thing I have worn pumps this openly and in plain view before. They were always covered. The pumps I chose were a pair I purchased quite a while a go. But they have been sitting with many of my other shoes unused! The are Nine West. The are greyish black and shiny suede like material. The have a 4" heel despite looking smaller than that. I put together my outfit and I was out the door. Laptop in tow, I headed to my usual internet coffee spot. Despite wearing the pumps I felt very at ease. No nerves whatsoever! Plus it helps that most of the staff is quite use to seeing me there regularly. And they are use to seeing me in such attire as I choose to wear. They treat me like any other paying customer. Usually when I go there I order a hot chocolate and proceed to surf the internet. I rarely have an issue, and tonight was no exception. The place is usually busy and is quite the meeting place. So there is no chance of not being seen or noticed! It is a cheap outing and all it ever costs me is a few dollars for the hot chocolate. One of my favorite staff members was working tonight. I mention this because of a noteworthy interaction I had with her on another recent outing. She is a younger female in her early 20's I would assume. She is not ugly and if I was a little younger......but I digress. I went to order my usual hot chocolate on this occasion and as she was ringing me up she said you know what, it's on me! I said are you sure? She said yes! I said thank you! And then she said something that really made my day, perhaps even my year! She said no, thank you for existing! That is probably the single best comment I have ever received! It really validated what I do. It made me want to do it even more! It really makes me want to push the envelope even further! I have been flying high ever since! But back to todays outing. After 2 hours or so and some oncoming rain, I headed home. I got home feeling great, I felt like this may have been one of my best outfits to date. I was more comfortable in it then I have ever been! And I felt like I truly nailed it! And now for the outfit and pics. The outfit 1) nine west greyish black 4" pumps 2) dark blue American Eagle jeggings 3) black and white horizontal striped shirt 4) black cropped motorcycle style jacket 5) black with gold accents Aldo Purse
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    Well the time has flown again, and Im on my last night here I have ventured out and set many firsts for myself. I have worn my thigh boots over tights to the bar. I have worn knee high, high heeled boots over denim jeans to the restaurant and casino I have worn my peep toe shoes to the bar and the city area in morning peak periods I have worn my tight shiny leggings out to the local DFO, and again tonight to the bar
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    ok, lets try again with pics
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    How about this, my 5,9 inch ( 15cm ) Pleaser Patent Ankel Boots . or those, my 12cm Pleaser Ankle Boots, a little bit easier to handle outdoor than the other 's . I put a metall tip under the heel, so they are loud as hell on concrete ....
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    Hey all I have my new blog up and running at My High Heel Blog Been thinking and planning for this for some time. I am very passionate about spreading the power of men wearing heels, women's clothing etc. Society is so stuck in the past that it cannot embrace the future or individuals that want to express their own style and personality. My blog is created to be an encouragement, a place for advice, a place to share what I have gone through and am going through in this journey we call life. I invite you to check it out, leave comments, etc. It as much a blog for you as it is a story of my life. I will still be here on this site, so do not think I am just leaving. I am expanding my world to reach more, to teach and encourage more. Hope to see you there, and as always, keep strutting those heels! Chow!
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    To me it is more of an obsession that never seems to be completely satisfied. The fact that I was denied many opportunities in my youth to buy and wear high heels openly has contributed to my mind-set of getting all the high heels that do a little more than tickle my fancy. Once I'm allured to a pair that fits well, I tend to buy as many as I can before they are sold out.
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    Prob right but I would let them know who the a%#*€le is. I am a giver but have zero patience and tolerance for people like that in daley life, work or pleasure
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    For me it's a toss up between two pair . I can't decide the pair that is the most girly like . maybe you all can tell me ........
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    Maybe I missed it, but what are the brands of the blue and the yellow heels?
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    Thanks for the kind words! Jaunt #437, 5/13/2018: Despite past comments to the contrary I’ve made in this thread, sometimes, it IS all about the shoes, I mean, that’s why I’m here in the first place, and I’ve got a killer pair of heels that I’ve been dying to show off, but I waited for just the right moment to display my latest acquisition, having come from Shoes of Prey. For anyone unfamiliar with the online company, they sell customized shoes, designed to the specifics of the customer, offering scores of choices in terms of styles, sizes, heel heights, colors, accessories, the combinations are near endless, and that’s no exaggeration. I chose the model called “Savoca”, a rounded toe pump which I ordered in 13 wide and customized in black leather with a four inch stiletto heel, beige soles and a deep red lining for a cost of $149, making them the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought, but, I have to say they were worth every penny as the craftsmanship was first class. I paired the “Savoca” pumps with a white and black print sheath dress I bought from JCPenney some two years ago and something I never used before....a faux croc clutch that matched the shoes. The dress was perhaps the most dynamic I’ve worn to date and I felt absolutely elegant in it as it was just warm enough outside despite cloudy skies that I didn’t need a jacket as I went to Olive Garden in Springfield for a late lunch. Since it was Mother’s Day, I figured there would probably be a goodly number of women dressed to nines for the occasion, so I thought I’d be able to fit in with the crowd. As for the new shoes, breaking them in was fun as I found them to have been comfortable, thanks to the rounded toe while the heels made a delightful sharp click on the pavement as any stiletto worth it’s salt should. Entering Olive Garden, I was taken to a table and, as I anticipated, the place was packed to the gills with diners, and there were nicely dressed women, as I walked by, I heard a woman gasp, “Oh, wow! Will you look at him!” I could clearly hear awe in her voice, so I’m guessing she was talking about me. Ahh, a compliment! I did get a few turned heads here and there, nice to be noticed to say the least. Regarding lunch, since I’m still watching calories, I opted for the Herb Grilled Salmon which was delicious. Since that was my one and only destination of the day as the weather was iffy with showers in the forecast, I headed back home after I finished lunch which was most pleasant. But, I achieved my desired goal, which was to take those Shoes of Prey pumps out for a spin, and I was most pleased with them. If you can afford to make the expenditure, by all means, invest in a pair of SOP shoes, you won’t be disappointed. More to come....
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    Heelers : In April 2018, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada. I drove out in my car (Buick ). As some of you know, wearing high heels is an every day thing for me. One place I enjoy eating is The Hofbrauhaus . On Paradise & Harmon Ave. This was my attire.
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    Few pics for the contest, hope some my like a few, wish me luck. Thought not to cover my face in the pictures don’t know if judges subtract that from the visual when voting.
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    This afternoon/evenings get up: Floral dress, beige cropped jacket, beige pumps.
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    This Friday, floral dress, cropped jacket and black slingbacks. (picture with jacket off is not very good quality - oops!)
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    Although I’ve already posted pics, I want to throw these uber sexy pics (according to my fans and friends) into the mix!
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    Hi guys, not posting for a long while... But why not start with some photos of my new boots, a gift from my wife. I'm in love with them. Hope you like them.
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    Hi, Arollo have similar boots: https://www.overknee-stiefel.net/AROLLO-long-thigh-high-boots-crotch-online-store/Arollo-princess-tall-thigh-high-boots.html?XTCsid=7f153d62346a93d7d52e057738701bb8 and https://www.overknee-stiefel.net/AROLLO-long-thigh-high-boots-crotch-online-store/arollo-long-shaft-thigh-high-boots-julie-stiletto-hot.html?XTCsid=7f153d62346a93d7d52e057738701bb8 . I am well aware that they are not exactly the same.
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    Hi MissBoots, welcome to HHP. I have more than a few pairs of SkyScraper heels including some zip up knee and thigh boots, although sadly none of their lace up boots. Quality wise never had any issues, and with a very rigid shank and little to no heel flex are a shoe capable for all day wear. With regards sizing, while they advise a size larger than your normal, I've found them to be fairly true to size with perhaps erring slightly on the narrow side. They do offer half sizes but I have felt very little difference between pairs of UK 8 and 8.5 in the same style. I appreciate your concerns regarding shaft widths and while they are made to order this is not a full custom service. However, it may be worth speaking to them regarding adjustments to calf and ankle widths as there are options to change shaft length on knee boots. In fact for the zip up thigh boots even on the website it states in addition to length the calf and thigh widths may be adjusted. Just to give an idea of fit, I have skinny 8.5" ankles and these boots in UK8.5 have a 14.5" calf and 9" ankle as a standard order.


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