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    Currently at home depot, blue jeans sweatshirt and 6.5 inch boots
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    I recently wore this exact outfit to the eye doctor, a diminutive but stylish woman, who couldn't be over 5 feet in height. She said, "Oh you shouldn't wear heels around me. I tell my 5'10" husband to always wear flats!" The comment made me wonder what her husband's non-flats were exactly. These are inexpensive boots from Forever 21., but fun for a lark.
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    I was surprise by how many high heels I saw flying today. Most were either boots - stilettos or booties with block heels, and some high wedges as well. I had a 50 min wait before my flight that increased by an additional 40 minute delay at LAX, so I got up and walked around the terminal. With the hard floors of airports, my Soda booties made quite a loud sound. They were among the loudest, LOL. When we finally landed, the airport was basically closed and the 50 or so passengers had to walk about 25 bays through this empty cavernous airport to exit. You could hear the echo of those Soda booties the whole way. Sometimes you just have to own the sound.
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    Hello We all get stuck in the everyday routine. We get up early to fight the congested traffic just to get to work on time. We get through the hectic work day and race the door to either have a after work drink with coworkers or spend time with the one's we love. As time moves forward so do relationships. You meet someone that makes you feel good and share common interests with. That all happened to me when I was in my late 20's. I was introduced to a hard working woman one night at a chain restaurant. We all had a good time laughing, talking and getting to know each other. After a few dates I began to take notice in my new girlfriend's footwear. There was a variety of shoes she would wear with her summer dresses or just the casual tops with jeans. As time moved on we were spending afternoons and weekends together. She introduced me to her family, friends and coworkers. I did the same when she wasn't working long hours. There was always plenty of conversation and lots of good food when we got together. Then one day she handed me a set of house keys and ask me if I wanted to move in. So after thinking the opportunity over I took the offer and we continued building a good relationship together. Once I was settled in I began to notice the assortment of her clothes and shoe's. I knew that I would have to open up to her about my interests in High heels. I had a pair of size 12 black pumps ( My 1st pair of Heels ) packed away in a storage box in the spare room with my seasonal clothes. As we were adjusting to each other's habits and quirks one night at dinner she ask me what other things excite me in private ? Was I being tested, did she discover a large pair of black heels ? So I slowly shared some ideas of what else I would like to share together in private. She was very curious about my suggestions. So I asked her the same question and she began to open up the me. That's when I knew It was time to purchase her a personal birthday to go with some of her dress up outfits. I ordered here a pair of black pleaser d'orsay pumps size 8. I got out of work before her in time to cook dinner for us and enjoy a big bottle of wine. I left her gift on the table with a assortment of flowers and a card. She was surprised at what she saw on the kitchen table. So she took a shower and dressed into something comfortable to enjoy a peaceful dinner together. Then I passed her the gift and I could not believe her reaction. She tried on the new heels and walked around the house for me. There's something about seeing a tight fitting sweater, jean's and heels. We finished dinner and began enjoying the wine that's when she ask me upstairs for the night and what a fun night it was. Then following morning I woke to the smell of breakfast cooking so I joined her. After breakfast she ask me if I would like to share something personal with her. She leaned into me and whispered I know you have an interest in heels all I could do was smile. She ask me to join her upstairs. As I began to walk in the room she stopped me and said it's ok I not going to judge you please show me what you have. So I went into the spare room and unpacked my heels. I put them on and nervously walked into the bedroom. She noticed a new difference in my overall height. She ask me to walk around the room and was surprised at how stable I was. She pulled me closer to her and we continued to enjoy the moment. After I ask her how she felt about my personal interests about wearing heels in private and she was very accepting. I couldn't believe it I found a woman that I love and she was comfortable with my private kink. So I continued to share my interest with wearing heels with her when we are just hanging out watching a movie or just relaxing together on the couch
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    It's outing time again! The weather was quite nice tonight. And I had some recent purchases I wanted to try out. So it was a perfect time for an outing. The outing itself was short sweet, and uneventful. So lets get right to it! the outfit 1) Ann Michelle black knee high boots 2) Eclipse brand grey sweater like dress 3) tres you brand black jacket 4) Grace Adele purple handbag
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    Found this graphic that might be helpful.
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    I’m usually out wearing boots, but so far no issues out wearing pumps.
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    Even if this answer is cute, because she really wanted to say that you mean a lot to her, it hides something important: The way you dress and your feelings are very important to *you* while she doesn't seem to appreciate it somehow. The question is how much time will it take for you to discover her real feelings about you wearing heels. Insisting on the subject may be worst, you should try to find the best possible moment to talk. I don't agree with you and this idea. She may discover that you're doing things without her knowing and blame you on cheating, and you really will be cheating on her somehow. Girls have strong sense of bonding and partnership and you'll be breaking it. What I did, and work for lots of people like crossdressers, is to agree on limits. What, when and where could you express yourself (other than amongst four walls) without hurting her. If you're the same size, she may be just afraid of you stealing her shoes Well, it's up to you my friend. I wish you the best, more more power to you. However, I'm really really worried about your last statement... for me is the same than, let's say, "baking cakes is priority over the sun", is just not related.
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    I definitely like to wear them. I like the lift, the feel of them in my feet, and I like the puckish satisfaction of rule-breaking, doing something I oughtn’t.
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    Found a pair of pants tonight at Last Call. At first glance they are another pair of black office appropriate pants that blend with everything else. But this is my first experience with Lyocell fabric, which I am really liking so far. I refuse to wear the polyester fabrics that they put in many mens’ pants. Polyester breaths poorly and feel awful. This Lyocell and cotton blend, on the other hand, drapes and moves around really nicely. I wore this down to the bar tonight and a guy pointed out how tall I am and asked why I am wearing women’s shoes. I responded with the usual “they are my shoes now, I like them”. He added that he has never seen a guy wearing high heels before. I replied that there is a first time for everything. He raised his beer glass and said he is down with that. One step at a time...
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    It's been about 10 years since I've posted a picture to HHPlace. I've read and rarely made a comment, but for some reason I decided to shoot some photos. I found my old thread. But it's so old, it's been closed to comments. I don't any of those shoes anymore. I tend to change them out as fashion and my tastes progress. I bought some Jessica Simpson pumps at Nordstrom recently and wore them a number of places, including breakfast and lunch a couple fast casual restaurants and shopping at the mall between. Went into Dillards department store and checked out the shoe department. No comments from anybody this time and hardly any notice at all. I think that if your clothes are fashionably appropriate, you don't really look unnatural, despite the incongruity. I think that may account for the lack of notice and comments. As I was exciting the restaurant, I glanced at my reflection in the window as I strode to my car, much like the pose here.
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    @pebblesfYes she does allowing me more than I would imagine. Check photo below @maninboots Sure I saw yours snake skin ankle boots I have python skin otk 15 cm heel 3 cm platform boots with full side zipper ;). Will post them later or when I create my own topic someday ;). Sorry about that mess in the background and dog
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    Welcome to the forum mate, your story is also very similar to mine, nowadays i do wear heels and knee high boots out in public and I’m sure one day you will too, you’ll be surprised how you can integrate heels into male fashion and provide a masculine outfit, take a look at my Costa in boots thread in the guys section and you’ll see some of my styles, I’m looking forward to sharing more stories, pictures and experiences with you in the future. Happy heeling mate
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    Haha, sure. Any particular pairs you would like to see on? By the way, my current favorite pair are these wedges from FSJShoes (you can can see them in my pic next to the boots). They are super comfortable to wear in the house. The quality is very good and they are very affordable. The heel is 18.5 cm (13,5 cm minus the 5 cm platform). I have size US women's 14/EU 45.
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    Another freestyle fashion contribution. I've worn these out and about with some frequency.
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    @Mr. X - well done on a great looking outfit. Dress is cute and the boots are great, and you certainly have the legs for them both!
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    Hi all, I just wanted to share my collection of heels with you (you click the images to enlarge them). Among them are many pairs from Pleaser, but I also own many handmade pairs that are based on an exact model of my foot. Pricey but very comfortable! I spend about 12 hours a day in heels, including in the office, where I have more pairs, and where I work behind a standing desk. Although heels are fully comfortable to me I want to further enhance my training. A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of ballet splints, I can't wait to get them! Love to hear your thoughts. If you want to see a close up of a certain pair let me know! Regards, Max
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    Don, I heard that some airlines started to fly into Paris some time ago. Maybe you could check that out. Cheaper than moving. Maybe see you in Paris in June.
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    Hi Pierre I've seen guys in heels around Paris three times, maybe we have already crossed our paths This is kneehighs' thread, we can discuss an encounter in the real meetings forum or just pm me and we can arrange. bonne journée ! Flavio
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    Today's boots. These get a lot of wear, borderline guys/girls boots. Not high heels but I like them a lot under jeans.
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    Hi Mr Puffer, sadly I have got older, and if these type of sites were available say 30 years ago, my input would be totally different as it is I have done over a thousand inputs to this site. Yep I have meet people, been to a few healmeets and had a good time, but sadly things change and I know I am older than you, and I do not go out and challenge myself anymore, been there done that, so now I do my own thing I wear my heels daily and don't give a dam what anybody says and I do not have any problems. I remember first time finding this site (first one patenet letter if anybody remembers) and then I realised I am not the only guy in the world with my problem. Hope this quick answer fits in ok, Anyway back to the sixties, only jokeing.
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    Totally agree. We my kids were younger they were amazed to read in Enid Blyton stories about children going off on adventures on their bicycles miles from their houses, totally unsupervised - they couldn't even conceive of the kind of freedom we totally took for granted. I would love for them to have it, but given the amount of fast aggressive traffic, crowded onto streets and roads that were never designed for it, and the number of dangerous creeps out there, I wouldn't dare let them. And they'd be scared to try. Sad.
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    I had a similar experience, 38+ years ago.... The gal is still my wife.... Good luck, have fun.... sf
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    Indeed. You wouldn’t refer to your hobby of, say, wearing jeans, or your hobby of wearing silk ties, or your hobby of wearing brightly coloured Converse sneakers. That’s just a matter of your taste and personal style. Wearing heels should be no different.
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    Sorry @Puffer but I have been very busy the last couple of days. First let me can confirm that Jeremy and I are different persons. I felt that Jeremy wants his wife to be more supportive of him in the respect to wearing heels and at the same time he is questioning himself for wearing them. This internal conflict is hard on yourself. The first step is to stop calling it abnormal. This gives it a negative connotation which makes it harder to accept. I would also keep away from using the word hobby.
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    These are my overknees that I love to wear with faux leather pants I have a full picture of myself in those but it may break forum rules (I'm wearing a corset). I'll try to post more when I got other ones. They are made in Brazil from Victor Viccenza. Round toes and 5 inch stiletto heels, I love the feeling on legs. Never put them in the streets, I should be doing it soon. These ones had a lot of street wear, they're from Fernando Berlin and they're thigh highs. When in full freestyle mode, I wear them out of pants. When in moslty guy mode, I wear under jeans like this: I was waiting to get tattooed in the last picture, before that I went to a grocery store and a bank. I remember hearing someone on the street say something. Nothing valuable, really.
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    It looks like someone has written a book on high heels and femininity, published by Bloomsbury Press. Here's a bit of an excerpt from it in today's Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/mar/20/sex-power-oppression-why-women-wear-high-heels
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    That is food for thought indeed! If my wife (and others I know or see frequently) wore attractive footwear (especially heels) more regularly, I for one would be less inclined to desire them for myself. I suppose it boils down to each individual man's preferences, i.e. 'admirer' or 'wearer'.
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    Hello my dear friend kneehighs. It's been more than 10 years that we talk to each other around this forum. As you may remember, I'm married since 2005 and wife know my "thing" about heels. The "thing" has grown to other attire from the girls wardrobe so I'm more to the gender fluid kind of thing, or freestyle fashion which I identify myself more. She knew about the "thing" before we got married. She was always supportive since the very beginning. And she never ever saw any problem with it, but to be on full display, getting out. I've made it to closed controlled environments like fetish parties. Since I moved to France and it's a safer country compared to Brazil, I've made it to the streets a few times, usually late at night, or two times during the day when I wore boots under pants. Here is a picture, I'm at a Tattoo studio and I walked the block in this without any trouble, went to a grocery store and a bank. I made it alone, without her. She got angry and jealous because she wanted to be with me that day. I have kids, a girl and a boy. The boy is 9 the girl is 6. They don't know about the "thing". We always discussed a lot about the "thing". It's never an easy talk. I'm sure she accepts myself as I am but she has to protect her reputation and the kids. If you want to know about it, I think she's right. Unfortunately the difficulties I have while getting out, showing myself as I am, that I fight for a lot, it is also *her* problem. No matter how much she loves me, respects me, supports me and even enjoys what I do or how I wear, she may fight her internal fears and the most basic instincts to protect kids in these days of bullying. What I would suggest to you is that you'll have to be brave. I completely understand your desire to be with someone that matters, that is serious, probably someone that fits your needs of company and may be the mother of your kids. I'd say, if you're really sure about this girl, go for her. To better handle the situation, the secret is talk. Talk about your feelings. Be real. Why do you really wear what you wear. What does it represent to you. She already said that she is supportive and likes you indoors. But, to be open with a guy dressed differently to the accepted norms, it sure is a new thing for her and she needs time to adapt, to think and understand that to be with a special heart as yours, she will need to give. Explain as better as you can and, above anything, listen to her. Her fears and reasons. She is surely not just complaining that you don't look good in heels. In this site, we're all looking for support and acceptance, and here we have found a world of our own. The real world won't change for us. We're are not the norm and we take risks to do what we want. Some of us are more comfortable with risks, some not. Some have been assaulted, others don't. Some live in safer cities than others. We're a minority and I bet we'll be for the foreseeable future. I always envied how you managed to be out and about on your shoes, I really see you as an example and a personal goal of style. Talk to her. Listen to her. I wish you the best!
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    I have worn these pants for about and hour and have already received a compliment on them. I was in the auto parts store this morning and the sales associate asked if I was a model. I gave a “don’t know what you’re taking about” look and he called out my pants and shoes. I told him no, I just like to look good! He liked that answer. Who knew $48 is all you have to spend on pants to get there. Guys, if you want to look like a model, wear heels!
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    Sounds like you handled that with aplomb. And the net time he sees a guy in heels he'll say, yeah, I remember a guy wearing heels at a bar in (fill in the blank) As you say, one step at a time...
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    I would consider 2" as barely qualifying as a 'high' heel, in the context of these discussions. Most men's 'flat' shoes/boots have a heel that is around 1", and anything up to about 2" is scarcely noticeable. The men's cuban-heeled boots readily available usually have a heel of around 2.5" (or a little more) and it is the shape and taper of such a heel, rather than the height, that makes it 'different' (and potentially noticeable and perhaps a matter for onlookers' comment). My avatar 'cowboy' boots (see at left below) have a heel of 2.75" and it is noticeably slimmer than a man's block heel. Worn under normal length jeans (as I invaraibly do), the boots can pass muster anywhere, although the height is fairly obvious. (My wife has seen me in them; she dislikes them but has never challenged them as being other than a man's boot.) Steve's 3.5" boots have a very similar-looking heel, just higher, and I would be very happy to wear them in public. Alas, I have yet to find such a boot in UK11! The boots at right below were from Evans, with a more tapered 3.5" heel and a little too obvious (for my taste) when worn in public - and the heels tend to splay inwards when I walk, which is not helpful, due to poor construction. (For those interested, I saw today that Topshop has reduced still further several nice-looking boots with slim block heels of around 4", e.g. 'March' at £35 - but largest size is UK8 or small 9.)
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    happy to help as I mentioned I wear heels openly everyday and with skirts/dresses almost always. If you've got any questions etc just ask me. Cheers
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    Thanks and I’m pleased you like them, i do like stiletto boots too but find a block heel a little more comfortable now I’m getting a bit older, don’t know if you saw my snake skin ankle boots with stilettos, as i said before I’m looking forward to liaising more with you in the future
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    Thanks for saying Hi I saw Your topic when I was browsing forum as a guest couple weeks back and even have photo of Your knee boots somewhere on my mobile. I like Your styling too, and I hope one day I will wear heels in public too, but I like more stiletto type of heel . One day I will open new topic with my adventures in heels. I have few stories to tell. Thanks and cheers mate.
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    A good school would prepare a child for life, and a lifetime of learning.
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    I never allowed school to interfere with my education.
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    The immense popularity of the new-fangled bicycle in the 1890s had a huge impact on women's fashion - and indeed on just about every other aspect of society. Women in particular took up cycling in vast numbers - here was mobility and liberation, and they seized it gleefully, and became one of the main drivers for the huge bicycle industry that flourished in that decade. Pedalling a bicycle was much easier, neater and safer in bloomers and so came a sea change in fashion...
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    In my experience, there are as many different reasons why many women do not like to see their man in heels as there are women. A big chunk of them, however, fall into the category of, "Oh, what will the neighbors think?" Or friends, or coworkers, or whomever. My ex-wife, who is one of these people who is intolerant of intolerance, strongly disliked my heeling, and you would think she would be the first person to support such an endeavor. Well, she is--for everybody else but me! Certainly, her objection had nothing to do with feeling protected or not, as that just simply wasn't my job by the time I started heeling (we were already divorced by that time). I think she just didn't like it, and that's fine. I am convinced that a good part of women's objection to men in heels is that they're simply not used to seeing it. I think there is a shock value there, and people in general tend to react negatively to things that they don't expect to see. Think of the first men who wore earrings. They took a lot more shit than maybe we remember. Today, no one thinks much of it. In our case, I don't think there is a great deal we can do about it--there are simply not enough of us to really make a dent in a significant percentage of the population. To some extent, we will always be thought of as being a little eccentric, only a few will actually think, "Hey, that's really cool!"
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    Hey dear heeling friends. I have been to the practice lessons for the uni entrance exams. And it was with the wedges that are up there. Still waiting for my new pair of sneakers, too excited. I also did get new wedged sandals for home shoes purpose and I will get a foto of them once I get home. However about my time out. Well I do not think anything interesting happened. Nobody noticed or paid attention as far as being out loud goes. I think most of them (there was 16) of us noticed at some point but nothing said. We did however had an interesting experience getting into the building. They have a door that can only be opened by card or by ring (where you ring someone and they can open the door). Yet the ring was not working and nobody had a card that could open it. So like 8 of us was stuck in front of the door waiting. Our lecturer did walk downstairs to get us in the end but it did take a while. In the end I enjoyed my time in heels and I know that I will be sticking to it for the entire uni. Also I think that thanks to heels I will learn to walk with my back straight. Still unsure what to do during the summer as I am not completely confident going out in sandals yet. Also what are your tips about shaving legs and so. I know I should do it if I want to be ever wearing heels with shorter trousers or shorts (skirt and dresses). I just can not make myself to do it.
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    I like those new Mary Jane heels. I've had my eye on those as well!
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    Will be in Vegas first week of April. Have my days free. Looking wear heels and enjoy the sights.
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    Jeff, You look fabulous! Nothing wrong with how you're dressed, and the green dress even nicer as it's a skirt length I'm more comfortable with. I know how it is to feel incomplete without a particular accessory, I've never been great with lipstick except for special occasions, but I feel self conscious without tights or stockings if I've not shaved my legs for a while, or if in a skirt length out of my comfort zone. If you get called Miss, take it as a compliment, you certainly have the legs for it! Don't feel ashamed of expressing the fem side in expressing it through fashion, or how the clothes feel. It's nice to look forward to a more colourful wardrobe than with regular shorts or trousers
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    Nice looking boots and great outfit in general
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    Las Vegas is a fun place to wear heels. I have been heeling in Las Vegas many times and had no problems. It’s Vegas baby! No one cares.... Have fun..... sf
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    Here's the latest shoes I bought and wore on an outing today: the Walking Cradles "Minx" Mary Jane pumps in black leather with three and a half inch block heels which I ordered from Zappos. I've never owned MJ shoes and this offering intrigued me enough to order a pair, the styling was sharp, the fit was good and comfortable, and the heels were nice and loud on the pavement.
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    2”-3” heels for me with my bootcut “girl” jeans for years now, with many compliments. I just decided a few years back this is what I choose to wear, and have had many “you wear it well” responses. Guys if you want to wear the footwear of you choice, I discovered that the one that was really holding me back was me. We cannot change what others think or say but we can change what we think of ourselves. Rock your heels and own who you are. Happy heeling!!
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    Hello everyone, sorry for the small delay, had other things on my mind. I did decide to go to work in the wedges seen at the beggining on saturday again. This time however our new member was with me and she did not even noticed the fact i am taller. It felt so good to be in heels the entire time and people not even paying attention to it. I am starting to get used to not carring at all even if they do notice. That is a nice improvement if i say so myself. This saturday i have a lesson from school for learning on enter exams for uni. I might get my new wedges on Friday but if I do not have them I will wear them ones at the top. So excited about this.
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    We drove back home yesterday stopping of at the motorway services twice on the way. I was wearing my Ralph Lauren ankle boots with a 3 1/2” heel, zips up both sides. We stopped at one Services for an hour where we wandered around browsing in the various shops as well as having something to eat. After eating we went and sat in the Starbucks as that was all that was on offer in terms of coffee choices. we relaxed back in some comfortable seats to have a decent break from the car. The heels on my boots were very clear to see and it was very busy, probably the busiest public space I’ve worn heels in to date. I was surprised how easily I managed to drive in the boots but they didn’t present any problems. I’ve attached photos of the boots, apologies as the photos are not the best quality.

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