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    One more seen as there’s nothing else much to do
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    oh my goodness is it safe to write here anymore?!!! so many complainers! anyway: the wild adventure becomes more: exciting! sorry to have not shared the last couple of years of fun stuff! i'll try not to tick off you more conservative folks! ah ha ha. the heels are not getting lower.
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    Stumbled on this site just over a year ago and been a member for a while.I'm inspired by some of the members here past and present from reading their stories,seeing their pics and public outfits.My shoe collection keeps growing and becoming a little addicted now. I have been wanting to go public or at least get outdoors for sometime now, and wishing wont make that happen But I eventually got outdoors in heels. For the past few days I've been planning on my first outing on Friday night in central London. After meeting up with my friend i had a choice to either go home or face my fear and wear my heels which i brought with me. I stayed out and went to one of the major public parks which was pretty much empty. After 20 - 30 mins of being stuck in my head i got my Kurt Geiger booties out of my bag,got changed and started walking. And soon realised how much harder it is to walk with heels outdoors than at home.After walking around the park for several minutes I changed into my platform-less Simi stilletos which where easier to walk in. I walked around the park for 20 mins stopping a few times to sit down. Eventually I got near the road which was a little busy and without hesitation I started walking on the footpath next to the road. My heels where fully exposed (so where my booties earlier) as i was walking next to the road, and both my face and heels were visible to cars driving in the opposite direction. It felt good but I was nervous. After several minutes I got back into the park through another entrance. Nearly bumbed into a few people during my time there who could have noticed my footwear even at night, but Im sure some heard the sound. A few times part of me also wanted someone to notice me as a guy in heels, haha. Overall it wasn't a dramatic expirience compared to the early stories of others but for me it was about taking the initial step of getting outdoors and eventually making it a habbit. Since Im going to be heeling at night for now (when its darker and less busy in general), i dont mind my heels being exposed. A few times before i reached the road I wanted to call it a night as my legs were tiring but I'm glad I kept pushing my comfort zone and walking a little further with my heels exposed knowing i could potentially bump into someone at somepoint. Cant wait until Sunday night. Wont be wasting much time in the park this time, but only to get changed. I want to walk next to the road,residential areas and streets for longer, slowly pushing my comfort zone each time I go out. I will post some pics of my collection soon.
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    Not to mention Tom Collins and Harvey Wallbanger
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    Whilst on lockdown I’m making the most of being lucky enough to have a large garden And yard
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    Now's the time to break out those wild clothes and see how tolerant your employer really is. I'm surprise @JeffB isn't taking this time to explore different looks and mixtures of outfits. Instead of jaunts he could be doing runway treads. I enjoyed rocking my faux leather pants all day yesterday. Maybe wear my leather skirt one day soon. You can be stuck at home in flats or in High Heels, take the higher road.
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    Dressing for my studio time. You're at home doesn't mean you can't dress to impress. Change the words from that disco tune "Staying Alive" to "Staying Inside". Lemon season, time to make lemonade (or hard lemonade for some of us).
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    These look very cute Wow. Loved these wedges. They look great. How high is that heel?
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    There is always the option of layering. I know it will be hot and layering seems counter intuitive but if the pieces are light it can be way more interesting than wearing a t-shirt. Something like what I tried here, but with lighter summer pieces underneath: I wouldn't rule out tank tops and crop tops. The more progressive fashion outlets have some pretty cool sleeveless pieces now, like this https://www.differio.com/sleeveless-denim-jumpsuit.html And crop tops are trending for men: https://www.today.com/style/crop-tops-men-asos-selling-them-people-are-confused-t155200
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    never mind this social distancing: if she calls i'm going! and she called! i want to wear this: we'll soon see if i have the GUTS!
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    Tap dancing your way through this? We all need something to do (I don't, I'm very busy with work and I have a garden full of gophers). Why not take up a new hobby, and to be able to include high heels into this new hobby is even better! Great job Tina!
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    Hi all, got some new ankle boots. Giaro Galana 1005. Size 42, 17cm heels. Almost 7 inch
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    Me about to take my dog for a walk, I recommend a brand in the UK for shoes called nooshoes, they also sell via eBay
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    I can certainly relate to that! I was a somewhat late bloomer, and always wished for more hair. Tried to grow a beard at 18, and it was pretty pathetic. Now I am one of those guys who can grow a beard in a day and I don't want it! We won't even talk about hair migrating down from your head to your nose and ears. I definitely de-fuzzed my feet long before it ever occurred to me to shave my legs. Now that I think about it, I have done this occasionally since reaching puberty. I've paid attention to my feet for that long. Thanks a lot Mom, for giving me these chubby toes! I work with what I got. At least my nail beds are reasonably long. It could be much worse.
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    Been a long time since I posted on here. I thought i'd share a new purchase: bought myself a pair of knee high boots from Giaro: https://www.giarohighheels.com/cameron-black-profile-knee-boots-matte.html Very high stiletto heels (17 cm!) but the amazing thing about them is how comfortable and stable they are. The tread sole makes all the difference and gives confidence to every step and I very much enjoy wearing them with skirts (in public). To all of you looking for sexy shoes and boots, check out Giaro , they sell up to size 46! Although not real leather, the quality of their heels are top notch.
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    Hi i wear skirts and heels as a guy, I have absolutely no interest in looking like a woman. I firmly believe in men’s right to wear whatever they want and by openly dressing as I please, I am helping in my own small way break the social conformity that is totally artificial. Plus it feels amazing to wear a lovely skirt and heels when going about my business!
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    My newest editions! They're from Amazon. Elizabet Tang Pumps, the quality is very decent for what I spent on them. And they're VERY comfortable too. True to size and so many different colors! I'll eventually have pics wearing them, but for now I am just obessed with them, my first pair of red pumps! Only thing that is bothering me is the heel cap color.
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    I naturally migrated to this site from Jenny’s high heels web site way back in the day
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    Hello everyone, I hope these past couple of weeks have treated everyone as well as can be expected. I didn't get a chance to post until now because life has been so wonderfully busy between home and work. I want to start with last weekend because it by far has been my most daring adventure with heels to church. Some time ago I had asked my followers on Instagram which boots I should wear to church one day. They voted and decided I should wear my Frye Regina boots which have a 4" cone heel and pointed toe. I would say they are the most feminine looking when it comes to the toe box. Anyway, my wife reassured me that I would be fine, and she ended up wearing some of her pointed toe ankle boots as well. Regardless of her wearing pointed toe boots, I still felt incredibly nervous. For one, it was the first time I'd be wearing that high of a heel to church. Secondly, the pointed toe box to me seemed a dead giveaway. We stopped at a local coffee shop on the way and took the kids inside. Being a people watcher, I watched everyone else to see if anyone noticed my heels. While there were one or two that gave a second look, most everyone seemed focused on their tea, coffee, or whatever they had at their table. I don't recall getting any laughs, awkward glances, or sour looks from anyone. It's almost as if, wait for it, they didn't care. That gave me a little bit of a boost to go into church. We always seem to run behind and this Sunday was no different. Service had already started as far as the music goes, and we were unloading the kids when one fellow member also named Jeff called to me from across the parking lot. I was nervous for some reason, but turned around and waved and returned a 'Hi Jeff' to him. Since we are late, and have an infant, we always sit in the back. Upon walking in and being greeted, I didn't notice anyone in particular eyeing my shoes, so all seemed well. During service I noticed two women who couldn't seem to get enough of my shoes. The first was a woman who sat next to us in our row. She kept trying to sneak a glance down at them. With the pants pulling up from sitting, she had a clear view of them. The other was actually a mother and daughter sitting across the aisle from us. They've noticed my wedges before, and I've come to notice that if they come in after us, they conveniently sit somewhere to be able to see my shoes. This Sunday however, they were there before us, and I ended up giving them a nice view of my heels today. The mother and daughter sometimes wear boots, but usually low heels, no more than 2" I'd say. After service was a completely different story. As people made their way out into the lobby, it was as if the flood gates opened. The sound of the heel combined with the pointed toe box seemed to draw attention like no other. The attention was mainly from women, but there were a few guys who were caught off guard by the noise of heels being attached to a guy. I think my favorite reaction was this couple that greets for the second service. A few weeks back, I started noticing the wife checking out my shoes and pointing them out to her husband. This Sunday I didn't make it all the way into the lobby as I had stopped to talk to the other Jeff whilst holding my daughter. I took a glance and saw the wife looking for me. When she did, she looked down and I saw her eyes grow big and she had a huge smile on her face. She eagerly poked her husband to get his attention and check out my shoes. I don't think they're laughing at me. I think they thoroughly enjoy seeing what shoes I have on each week. I was feeling good at this point and turned in such a way as to show off the side profile a bit better for them. I swear they never stopped looking at my shoes until I was out of their line of sight. Anyway, I strutted out still holding my daughter and went to get my son from the child care area. There were quite a few younger women who kept glancing at my shoes. One I believe had seen me from behind and couldn't believe a guy was wearing heels. She came around to the front of me to get a glance at me. I was looking at her the entire time, and when she looked up and saw me looking at her, she just smiled and turned around to go on her way. At the end of it all, it felt amazing to have worn a significant pair of heels like that to church and have nothing bad happen. In all fairness though, I spent time putting myself together, so a compliment would have been appreciated, lol. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now we get to today. Today our daughter was one of three babies that were part of a baby dedication that is done at church. It's essentially the church placing a blessing on them, but no baptism. After last Sunday's HUGE win, I was feeling an amazing high going into the weekend. However, the thought of going up on stage in front of the church had me wary about wearing heels. We decided we would pick out our outfits on Saturday night, so we wouldn't be rushed this morning. My wife ended up going with a green dress and her Naturalizer boots. She wore the same outfit about a month ago and really liked the look. I decided I would wear the boots that I wore that weekend as well, but my wife wanted me to wear something other than jeans. I decided to throw on my green American Eagle kick boot khakis that I usually wear for work. For shirts, I chose my burgundy colored sweater that I had bought from Target. Of the three husbands, I was definitely the most well dressed, as the other two wore jeans and tennis shoes. I for some reason was nervous about the idea of being up on stage, even in a subtle 2.25" heel. Once I got up there though, I realized that the way the lights were, I couldn't really see anyone in the audience, so it didn't matter. One of the other moms was wearing some riding boots which looked cute. After service, we ran into an older couple and their daughter (mid 20s IIRC), all of whom we hadn't seen in a while. We exchanged hellos and the daughter complimented how nice our daughter looked and then added that I do as well. It threw me off to get a compliment, but I thanked her and we went on our way. The couple who greets for second service was not as delighted as the previous Sunday when I wore my 4" heeled boots, but they did seem to have a conversation pointing back and forth to both my boots and my wife's boots. I suspect they were trying to figure out if they were the same style. So as far as church outings go, I have attracted quite a lot of attention from my heel wearing, but once again, the world and life as I know it did not end. I have no doubt that I'll come across a negative reaction eventually as the math is there to prove it. However, the lack of anything negative seems to further push my confidence in wearing higher and more noticeable heels on a regular basis. I am still not as comfortable at work, but I am working on that. I am going to add pictures into my gallery since I have multiple photos that will put me over the size limit. Please feel free to look and give me feedback!
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    Glad your trip to the shops went well, @hiddenheels. It can be very nerve wracking the first time out. Observing how others dress helped me. There's this guy on Pinterest who has it down to a fine art, with a kind of corporate chic. So even in the workplace, fashion freestyling can work. Take your time to find a skirted style that works, this can take weeks or months, I understand the trepidation to share a picture, but one (with head cut off) is fine if you want critique or pointers
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    To add my two cents worth (inflation factored in), I’d say that it’s understandable that you expressed confusion over how quickly you went from just a guy who wore heels to a guy in a skirt and heels. For those of us here, myself included, that evolution occurred over the course of several moths, perhaps even years, it all depends on the individual and their own mindset about how much to wear in terms of women’s clothing. I’ve been wearing skirts with heels full time on my outings since 2014 and I’ve never looked back because I love how I look in womenswear, I’ve also added dresses to the equation as I look smashing in them, and that’s the important thing, that you feel supremely confident in your appearance and that it’s no big deal for a guy to wear skirts and heels in public....because it’s not. As long as you feel confident about yourself, then the sky is the limit. Since you’re just beginning your journey as a fashion freestyler, I would suggest that you take things slow, there’s no need to rush into things when it comes to outings and such. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to study up on fashion, to learn what women wear, why they wear it, how they wear it and take it from there.
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    Yeah I really like tall boots, and the taller the better, but this is at the fringe of practicality. I think pairing leather pants and boots together could achieve the same effect more easily?
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    I've got a few flat knee high boots, but I've only got a couple with a heel. I like these a lot. I like that they are wide around the ankle. They are Vince (Camuto), size 10. I'm typically an 11, but occasionally a 10 will work. It''s a bold look with shorts, which I've only worn a few times. Once to a paint store, where a woman complimented me on the boots, in the midst of talking about house paint options. Another occasion walking through the parking lot to an office supply store a woman glanced down and gave me a broad smile without comment. I'm much more likely to wear with pants however, shown here with men's clothes all from Zara.
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    many thanks! i have been out there: high heeling and having a lot of fun with it! my wild adventures continue. here is a snap shot from a long ago summer time: that is my reflection: me walking down the sidewalk, a downtown street in Toronto, Ontario. those are my new 6 inch heels, on the same heel and platform as my go everywhere sexy Sherbert sandals. my feet are super tanned as it was August. those are a pair of fun stretch jeans i bought while in Scotland. that was a long afternoon and evening in those shoes: 8 hours worth, with a gal pal. when it was time to take them off, oh my goodness my feet needed the rest! we walked for miles that day.
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    Perfect outfit for sure buddy, I am so envious. You have taken care of you long/lean figure and deserve all the benefits for sure....No one may actually comment, but they surely do notice...I will look for those Aldo boots.... Another home run outfit..
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    A fun scene from the Halloween adventures, 2019. I'm wearing a tell all black body suit and my white 7.5 inch heels! Made a 6 hour adventure of it, a beautiful evening and a very beautiful lady next to me!
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    This is pretty bold fashion, with the white and black, but I did wear the boots to a dermatologist appointment with two interesting comments. First, as I was entering the Doctor's office through underground parking, I noted a woman looking my direction as she got into her car. Before I made it to the entrance, she had turned her car around to pull up along side me and said something through the car window. I didn't quite make out what she said and I swirled around on my heeled-white-booties to ask, "What's that?" She then repeated, "You look fabulous!" I thanked her profusely and headed into my appointment. In the dermatologist's office there were a few female helpers and interns all crowded around my chair during the simple treatment on my forehead. Just as we were finishing the dermatologist said "Your boots remind me of my new Tesla." I said, "In what way?" He replied, "All of the seating is in white leather" "Cool", I said. The boots are a size 11, inexpensive footwear from Charlotte Russe, paired with ankle pants and Keith Haring T-shirt from, both from Uniglo and blazer from H&M, all male attire.
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    Totally agree with you!!!!!!
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    Probably have to be this one, apologies on the quality
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    Well done mate, if in doubt you can always rely on a good coffee shop, great progress though, you’ll soon be wearing your boots over your jeans before long, keep it up mate
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    Great job buddy....Doesn't it feel liberating? You will gain confidence with every outing, have fun....D
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    At least you managed to get out the car and go into a coffee shop in the end, maybe now you’ve achieved this you might want to try your first choice coffee shop again, as you may have seen, i love to frequent coffee shops with my boots and heels on full show and i tend to find nobody takes any notice at all or even cares about what I’m wearing, stick with it and your confidence will increase with every trip which in turn will make you more adventurous which also increases the level of fun you will have, good luck mate
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    Yes,great job @hiddenheels!! Your post is so similar to what I ( and many others here probably) have experienced. Same choice of a far enough location Same firt our side walk in the dark and hidden heels. Same duration Same messing around with the phone if a group of guys is in sight. That is still the only situation I could be worried about Same feeling walking in flat just changing for 1" lower. Have fun ! Keep on posting ! Pierre
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    Somewhat in a similar position, but I try to go far enough from home that my immediate neighbourhood will not find out. There's a danger that others who know me will see me, but at those times I take that risk. Otherwise I will be stuck at home only, which is no fun. Starting to focus more on potential trips, and trying to plan ahead... OUTING: Had a chance to try my new 5" ankle-boot (no platform) outside, along with another 5" ankle-boot (with 1" platform). It was in a suburban neighbourhood, and it was dark already. My no-platform-boots, although they're size US9, I have no idea what kind of messed up sizing system they used, as US9 would be way too small and unworkable for me, but these shoes are a perfect fit with socks, and I mean 100% perfect, so comfortable. I don't think I've ever gone out in a 5" boot before, but I simply had to try these out. As usual, it was with long jeans covering most of the heels. Getting out of the car is getting less of an issue, and I am starting to not worry about that at all. Although I've worn heels this tall inside, outside turned out to be a challenge. Took me about 10 minutes to get used to it, and figure out how to handle the slopes on a sidewalk, and the ups and downs of driveway entrances. I didn't trip, ankles didn't go out, so am quite proud of myself. Walked around for ~30 minutes, and it was an amazing 30 minutes. Had some people walk by, but didn't care. Did get a small group of teenager guys walk my way for which I stopped and messed around with my phone until they passed. I didn't trust that situation. After 30 minutes of walking about, my feet didn't ache, my toes weren't crushed, I love these. Although the heels are higher than my usual, I'm surprised how well I did. Before calling it quits, I had to try the other boots, so changed into them, and took a quick stroll. I don't know why, possibly because after 30 minutes with a 5" lift, wearing something with a 4" lift was child's play. I felt like I was wearing my sneakers, so comfortable, so easy to walk in. Overall, I had no issues, both new boots did great, and I'm super-happy. Before heading home I considered stopping by a grocery store or something just for the thrill of it, but decided to head home and not freak out my wife (that I went into a store in heels - maybe next time).
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    I (re)claimed heels and wear them as my everyday shoes, so I don't consider wearing my heels out as an outing. To me it just my normal. It's more of an outing when I don't have heels on.
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    Keep it up buddy, great work indeed...Confidence builds with each outing, and it feels so liberating.... I am older also, but have found that I am less worried about what others think with each passing year. All that matters is that I think I look great in boots. Please don't misunderstand, I know that many have families and can't put themselves "first" very often. My partner hates my boots, fortunately I work for the airlines so can wear my boots freely while away on layovers. I am very lucky in that respect....
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    Dresse de as a man,with heels. That's totally unusual. And that's why it's fun. No one can put a tag on you! I am getting old also. So I am wearing heels visible more and more. Go ahead. Pierre.
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    Oh! That sucks! If my 1/10000 odd is good ( which is probably not), crossing the CDG airport departure/ check in level all the way long approximately 30 times a year,with at least 1000 persons able to see me,that make 3 pictures of myself in someone cell phone! Plus all other airports and different places I use to go with unhidden heels,then more than 10 could possible But! Not so many people notice someone walking from the front,a lot from behind and for sure standing in the escalator. In that case the face is not visible i never noticed someone obviously taking a picture of myself. What a good thing not to be a well known personality! Conclusion: I won't give up wearing visible heels in public!
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    Had a need to go to some stores, and though I would try some new heels I bought. Lower, ~3" chunky heels, but light brown, harder to hide. Jeans, TShirt and my bag. Sat in the car for a few minutes, contemplating things, then got out and just went for it. I felt very comfortable, and not so self-conscious as last time. Walking in heels outside is interesting, can't hurry as much as I usually do, which is kinda nice. Anyway, went into one store, browsed around for ~20 minutes but didn't find what I was looking for. Reparked by another store, a much busier store, and again sat in the car for a few minutes. Then got out, and went in. Timing couldn't have been better, as a lady with awesome heels was walking out. Went in, grabbed what I needed and walked out. Nothing unusual happened, no comments, no stares, nothing. The boots do look a bit like cowboy boots, but they were very hidden under jeans. I'm now happy, I got it out of my system for the time being.
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    I respectfully disagree. Religion has everything to do with this, thanks to countries like Saudi Arabia, the same people who brought us the wars in Yemen, Syria and the dismemberment of Kashogi, thanks to them mosques all over the Western world are feeding hatred of gays to the average Muslim rank and file. A lot of opposition to the LGBT community native in the West also comes from religious groups, the Nashville accords ring a bell, but not on the same scale as in the Islamic community. Gays are being murdered for being gay in basically all Muslim countries. I've spent a lot of time with Muslim young people as part of my previous job at a youth center, I've been to the Middle East several times and plan to go there many times still. I like traveling there and enjoy Arab and Persian culture. But I am not blind to their cultural failings, just like our culture has them. And the one thing I have learned is that even though you can have a Muslim who sounds and appears like a open minded westerner, eventually the cultural differences will come through. I once courted a Muslim girl and I thought she was both moderate and open minded. And then she asked what would I do if I had a son who was gay. Well, as long as he's happy I would love and accept him no matter who he decides to bring home, I said. Let's just say that that was not what she wanted to hear. What that taught me was that no matter how liberal your Muslim friend might appear, be willing to eat pork and drink alcohol, that in no way guarantees that they don't still hate gays. Tl:dr: Yeah, there will be thugs of Western descent who still have caveman attitudes, or who like to beat up people for shits and giggles, when given the choice between two approaching groups of young men, one Western, one Muslim, I'll take my chances with the Westerners. Not because they are better and Muslims are inferior, but in this regard they do suffer from greater homophobia. And guys in heels = gay to most people. That being said, the best course is to avoid getting into this position and avoid parks at night altogether. Because unless you find a late night party with lots of light, music and smiling happy people, you generally don't want to hang with people who congregate in parks late at night.
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    Hello Amanda here are some new pics with a better leg attitude. I hope you would prefer these ones Pierre
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    Amanda : I like this post. Will you also be judging us on age differences ? Or any thing else like heel height ?
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    Hi there. These are the first pictures I have posted of me in my heels. They are a new pair of above the knee, lace up Stiletto Boots with a tiny hidden platform. With a leather skirt and wide belt, its all leather from waist to floor ! A first try, I look forward to more. Have fun. JS
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    Tx FoxyLady... About that wall pose. I hear what you say, but on the other hand I think it is also sexy when stilettos sink into the turf. That aspect of penetration is seductive and powerful. You should read up what I say about it in my study called, "The language of stilettos" on my website. Tx for the comments Stilettography
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    Hello ; A month ago , i received a pair of FSJ wedges . They arrived more than a month later than 2 other pairs of booties i bought . After trying them on , they have a snug fit , but O.K. . I wore my wedges for about 1.5 hour inside the house , when i heart a strange noise ! Not flipping over my feet , but a "crack" . Before i had the possibility to check what was going on , on the other shoe the same noise . When i checked the shoes , the stitching of both shoes was ripped off !! I contacted FSJ , but no reaction . After 2 weeks , i contacted them again , and received a mail that they can do nothing about it . The shoes left the factory in good condition and that's all !!! I'm very disapointed about that company ! Prutske255

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