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    Hi everyone, As a male heel lover since my teenage years and dealing with lack of support in many long time relationships, I’m finally in peace! For two years my amazing girlfriend is more than a big supporter, she loves my heel wearing and makes sure its not something that will be stuck in boxes or in hidden places. This picture is from a nightclub last weekend. She bought us two pairs of the exactly same heels... from onlymaker. Hope you like it.
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    Yeah... not getting rid of it
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    I came across this piece while looking for something else, and thought, hey this could be fun to work with...
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    +1! I love this casual look. Dress and boots are nice together Today's look
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    many thanks! i have been out there: high heeling and having a lot of fun with it! my wild adventures continue. here is a snap shot from a long ago summer time: that is my reflection: me walking down the sidewalk, a downtown street in Toronto, Ontario. those are my new 6 inch heels, on the same heel and platform as my go everywhere sexy Sherbert sandals. my feet are super tanned as it was August. those are a pair of fun stretch jeans i bought while in Scotland. that was a long afternoon and evening in those shoes: 8 hours worth, with a gal pal. when it was time to take them off, oh my goodness my feet needed the rest! we walked for miles that day.
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    It's not much to do with heels, but my younger son just had his first school band concert last night. I didn't figure going to listen to 128 beginning wind players play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" would be all that thrilling, and I wasn't too disappointed--it really wasn't all that thrilling. However, I think my wife liked it better than she likes my performances, judging from her reaction. My son, who is not visible in this picture or any other, unless somebody took one with a drone, is theoretically where the arrow is. He got to wear his new Cole Haan dress shoes, mentioned several posts above this one, Women's size 8, which fit him just fine. I think I misspoke before--they are not oxfords, but rather derbies. He was the only boy with decent looking shoes in the whole band. His saxophonist friend did outdo him by wearing a jacket, but the boys just don't dress up anymore for anything. The girls looked quite a bit better, and there were quite a few heels, believe it or not. Remember we're talking 10 to 11 year olds here, but I'd estimate that about 10% of the girls had some sort of heel on their shoes or boots. There were a lot of booties, but not all. They were all block heels without exception, and looked like they ranged in height from 1 1/2 - 2 1/2". One girl actually had on sandals with a heel. In January. Even I didn't do that! I wore my DVF wedge heeled clogs.
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    I agree, the skirt looks great.
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    Happy new year to everyone! I rarely post here, but I just had to share this great story. I live in Las Vegas, and if you've ever been here you know it's a great place to wear heels out and about without drawing unwanted attention. At least in the tourist areas it is; that's where l go out in my stilettos and higher chunky heels, anyway. So on to the story: I was doing some Christmas shopping in Walmart one evening and stepped out of the main aisle to check my list. It must have been his height that caught my eye, because a few racks over was a tall, thin guy and a woman going thru the clothes. He was really tall, and as he rounded the rack I could see why: 4 inch black suede stiletto lace up ankle boots! He and his friend chatted and shopped thru the racks and then moved on down the aisle, his heels clicking away. I am not alone, I said to myself (although I was wearing flat riding boots at the time, not heels). Then the very next day as I was leaving the grocery store a gentleman wearing sparkly wedge flip flops passed me in the doorway. Been here 5 years and have never seen any guys in heels, then 2 within 24 hours. So cool.
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    I don't think the shoes are the 'Derby' style, and certainly not 'Oxford'. The punched overlay on the toecap indicates that they of the 'brogue' style, generally referred to in the UK as a 'full brogue' and in the US as a 'wingtip'.
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    I do love them! Shopping in Madrid yesterday
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    Lucky indeed. Which one is you
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    Thanks for the replies, I enjoyed the responses. I'm not planning anymore outings for the near future. As you may know, my mom has been in poor health the last few months & she was finally called home Tuesday morning. She passed peacefully in her sleep with me & my sister by her side...
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    Casual look today around the house. Faux suede leggings and my wedges.
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    It seems like the young girls wear more heels than adult women these days!
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    I have them in black, awesome shoes!!
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    I laughed it off actually. If it doesn't affect his willingness to do business with me, it's irrelevant.
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    Just tell him you like comfortable warm coats. I wear coats and jackets from all sides of a store. Sometimes I layer them, like a puffy vest over a sherpa - a very warm combination. How else can we reclaim some fashion? In the 8 years I have worn this one version of a ski pull over I have only seen one woman with the same type. And it wasn't one of the colors I have. I always get compliments on my Victoria's Secret sweater, warm and very soft and not feminine in anyway, Add a puffy vest and it's great for those chilly mornings.
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    So besides the start up that I work at, I’m also working on creating another start up. This one I’ll hold founders equity. We’re going to run a pilot test in Moscow. I met with one of the probable seed round investors last night. We’ve know each other for about 7 years now. I wore my womens camel coat from Michael Kors, women’s knee high boots, and he called me out on....drumroll....the coat!! Lol. If anything, the coat is more unisex than the boots. He asked if I had bought the coat for a girlfriend and then taken it back, or if I had stolen it from a girlfriend, lol. Truth be told last time we went out, some girl from Black Rock kept saying she wanted to wear my coat and wear my boots. I think he may have felt a ting of jealousy. Wouldn’t be the first time. One time when I partied in Kiev with several businessmen, we met at a restaurant. The hottest girl there somehow took a liking to me. Within the night she snuck her hands onto me where they shouldn’t have been. Later it turns out the king organizer of the night had been unsuccessfully trying to score with that girl. After that he didn’t like me anymore, lol.
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    I've been absent from the forum for awhile throughout the holidays, with all the holiday bustle plus the winter weather (I run a snow removal business on the side). I've finally found some calm time to relax and enjoy the finer things, until the next round of winter weather! Sunday evening I purchased 2 pairs of ankle boots from Poshmark, hoping they will be in by the end of the week. I'll be sure to update when that moment arrives! The first pair is Breah by Lucky Brand - I had been looking for a similar LB style Basel - but these were the perfect price, however several hours after in finalized I noticed the description saying they run small andfit more like a 12, guess if they dont fit I'll just re-Posh them. The second pair is the Petty from Sam Edelman, I think I'm most excited about, as I think Sam Edelman is more of a higher end shoe, I'm usually just window shopping them not buying! The seller had them listed at $50, but I figured I'd just watch hoping for an offer, they did send 2 separate offers both only $3-$5 less with discounted shipping, I counter with an almost "low-ball" offer thinking it would be declined or they would counteroffer, but they took the deal! Must have reallt wanted to let them go. Winner winner! I'll update soon! Glad to be back, hope everyone had a safe and blessed holiday season!
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    Just a comment re gel over acrylic. I also had problems with severe splitting of nails, and found that the powder acrylic treatment solved the problem perfectly. However, I also discovered that I had a nasty allergy to gel finishes of any kind. So for several years now I've been getting acrylics with fills every three weeks or so, and I have the manicure shop apply two or three coats of regular polish over the acrylic nail, either clear or neutral color. Works perfectly well. It lasts until the next fill when it has to be removed anyway.
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    Steve, big congrats on retirement! I did so in August ‘18. Still pretty busy, as we are cleaning out in prep for downsizing, but I do enjoy not being on a tight schedule. Best wishes! Logjam
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    The million dollar question is though, what is the correct size? Are the true to size? Do they run smaller? Bigger? Narrower? Wider?
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    Hey stranger! Glad to see you back! I was missing you and your heeling! I was wondering if you had pissed off Tech and literally got the boot! Don't be such a stranger, and pop in from time to time.
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    I started pedicures when my thumb was damaged, now after several surgery I can't cut my toenails or hold a file long enough to do it that way...hence pedicures. I have only 10 - 15% of the power in my thumb now. I was doing pedicures every two weeks for years. But I had an ingrown big toe nail that I stubbed and had to get it take care of. It took much longer to heal, should have done it earlier, but that's hindsight. That stopped my regular pedicures for awhile. Then I drop some wood on my toe and I had to have a redone on the ingrown toe nail...another break in my routine. Since then I had been busy with other things so I got out of the habit(?). My last one was about a month ago (white with "Christmas Lights" dots of different color). I need one NOW. I started with clear, but once I started to wear sandals it went to OPI's Kyoto Pearl. Now it anything from zebra stripes to ... Manicures started when I had a nail split from the cuticle to the tip. after trying things for 6 months, it was suggested I get an acrylic cover for it. It will NEVER heal. Then I had another nail delaminate .. another acrylic. Finally I got tired of two nails looking so different from the others, so I started to get color on all. Gel because you have to get gel over acrylic. Some people have tattoos for body art, I have 20 small changeable pieces of body art.
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    Congrats! I enjoy being retired and doing nothing!
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    Looks good! Now, lets talk about that beard ;-)
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    My wife is ok with my heeling, but VERY vocal about disliking foot jewelry (both anklets and toe rings, which I like) both on men as well as women. She says it's too slutty for her! So I've never gotten an anklet, but I did make a toe ring once, out of 3/4 plumbing pipe and a round file, just to try it out. It fit well, but it bothered the tender skin of my toes, so I really didn't like wearing it. I'm glad I at least have an approving wife on the important stuff - wearing heels! She wasn't always that way. It took me nearly 20 years of baby steps to get her to feel comfortable with me wearing heels. So I'm not about to jeopardize all that progress by pushing for foot jewelry, which I don't feel strongly about. Steve
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    This is good stuff, and really appeals to things I like! Belted blazers, coats, boots, etc.
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    Congratulations!! Enjoy your retirement - and heels - and Tieks..... sf
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    Thanks for all of the feedback and discussion! I must say that I do have a pair of “high-waist” jeans that I could try the body suit with, but I admittedly don’t like the look of them on me. I don’t doubt that natural waist lines differ between men and women, which if I have a higher waist line than normal so be it. However, comfort plays a big part in this for me as I assume it would most other people. That being said, I’ve never worn anything crazy high waisted and felt comfortable. For contrast however, two coworkers were curious how it would look with a skirt. I figured no harm in getting another look to it, so I went all black. Let me know what you all think! Also, previously someone mentioned that making sure the body suit goes low enough on the sides so that no skin is exposed when wearing the lower rise jeans. I did not think about that originally, so I appreciate that point! I was lucky enough however that the bodysuit sat low enough so no skin was exposed.
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    Hi there! I'm waiting for two new pairs. They are presents. This is the begginning of both. The first one: The second: I'm so nervous.
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    Jaunt #537, 1/4/2020: The weather on my first jaunt of 2020 was less than ideal, what with overcast skies, drizzle and mild temperatures, but that didn’t stop me from going out. However, the conditions forced me to change my plans on my destination, because it was so damp and gloomy, I decided it would be a good idea to be indoors, and that meant the King of Prussia Mall, sporting a black moto jacket over a black mockneck, a 15 inch distressed camo miniskirt, black tights, the Payless “Riot” combat and a black satchel bag. The skirt was one of three that came from the Juniors department at Sears which I bought a couple of weeks ago, like the leopard print mini I wore on my last outing, this camo, a style I had been interested in for years, was extra large, but it fit perfectly well, and, more importantly, it looked good on me. Christmas decorations were still up in the mall when I entered the place, but the atmosphere wasn’t a fraction as festive as it had been a couple of weeks ago, however, there was still a good crowd inside, and, as usual, I went ignored as I went about my business of wandering about. In the comic book store, I got into a spirited discussion with a co-worker and another customer about who was the best big screen version of the Joker, I had Jack Nicholson (Batman), the co-worker had Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and the customer had Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), we all argued the pros and cons of our choices for a good ten minutes and it was great fun, while we never came to a consensus, we all agreed that Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) sucked eggs as we all hated his performance. Following lunch at Subway, I was sitting in a rotunda next to Nordstrom checking my email, nearby were a couple of twentysomething women playing on the Nintendo Switch, when they finished and rose to leave, one of them smiled at me and said, “I really like your style!”, I smiled back and thanked her. I would wander through three department stores (Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s) gazing at womenswear, imagine how I’d look in the clothes I’ve grown very fond of being in, unlike menswear which I find boring as sin, but, it was at Old Navy that I actually bought something, that being a gray peacoat (on sale) to utilize as contrast for when I wear black turtlenecks and sweaters. It’s all about fashion in its myriad forms. My last shopping stop of the day was to Primark where I bought a couple of skirts, one short, the other long, both of which I look forward to showing off in the weeks to come, by the by, while I was in the store, a fortysomething black woman said she liked my earrings, which I found to have been cool. So while the weather outside was mildly frightful, the jaunting indoors was absolutely delightful, still, I look forward to being outdoors on my next adventure. More to come....
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    ...and the next one. A pair of supersexy High heel with a round toebox from Fuss-schuhe in Germany. Their quality is so good. 16.5cm heel at EU 43 greetings ...and the last for today Fuss-Schuhe from Germany again but more like a sandal with a blue-black leather combination. heel 16.5cm and size EU 43
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    Nice look JeffB. I like animal prints too. I have them in leggings and tops. Today, while I wore my red patent knee boots(3" chunky heels) under my black dress pants, with a women's red mock neck top. I got two compliments from men while shopping after church. Both said they liked my red shoes. I had to lift up my pant leg to show that I was wearing knee boots. Of course my lady friends at my church loved the red color of my boots and top. That goes to show that your adage of dressing up, with confidence for the occasion goes along way in getting compliments. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    THe only way to answer this is via personal experiences. On 2 March 2013 I met several other men wearing boots with heels ( I was the sole sandal wearer and wore the JS "Carlow" sandals once pictured in avatar to a restaurant near Wrigley Field in Chicago. I went there with my friend and shoe store owner Gary and we had a nice evening. Nothing bad happened at all. I have met with Steve63130 several times in Granville, Ohio and done varied things as going to a pedicure, went shopping in Columbus, and went to dinner and breakfast all while wearing rather tall heels and carrying a handbag and nothing remotely bad happened. I had gone both with Steve and with Steve and his wife. Finally there are the many trips shopping, or walking, or running errands I have done in multiple states whilst wearing obvious heels and nothing bad happened. I have had many positive reactions in shoe stores and the like. I'm not sure an exact scientific reaction can be gleaned from this except that, as others have said before, it would seem, that men wearing heels in 2019 is just not the society-stopping activity it may have been in 1989 or before. Sort of like women wearing tattoos or just wearing clothes clearly from the mens side of the aisle. They adapted and everyone else moved on. The desire to wear the heeled footwear of your choice should be fueled by your confidence and have little to do with nebulous and elusive public reaction. That confidence only comes with experience which starts with that first step out the door. Once you do it you'll later ask yourself, "why the hell did I wait so long?" HappyinHeels
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    Yes they were, and I will. A pity Shoes of Prey went belly up before I could try other styles, like their boots. Thanks for the kind words, bluejay. Jaunt #536, 12/28/2019: Since this figured to be my last outing for 2019, I thought I’d dress up for a trip to the King of Prussia Mall, my ensemble being my wine faux leather moto jacket over a black mockneck, a 15 inch leopard print denim skirt, black tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black hobo bag. I mentioned in my previous outing that I had bought three skirts while at Sears, what I didn’t say about those skirts was that they came from the Juniors section of the store. I was in the market for short skirts because I had a fondness for wearing minis since they accented my long legs, so I came up with the idea of looking through the Juniors section as the clothes were for smaller females than what Misses wore, so it stood to reason the skirts would be shorter too, so I took a flier on them. It should also be noted that because the sizes were smaller than Misses, I had to buy extra large instead of large as I didn’t think the latter would be big enough for me, and that gamble proved correct. Whew! Of the three skirts I bought, the leopard print which caught my eye first was easily the most striking, and, in my opinion, the most daring in a visual sense, and that attracted me greatly, and besides, it looked great on me. Driving to the mall, I arrived shortly after eleven a.m., unlike my previous trip two weeks earlier, it wasn’t as crowded and bustling since Christmas had came and went, I can only imagine how off the charts insane it must’ve been there on Christmas Eve with multitudes of desperate shoppers frantically looking for gifts to buy before the big day, the mere thought of all that relentless consumer madness gave me a shudder. Between the brightly hued jacket and the short, leopard print skirt, I was pretty darn colorful, especially for late December, so I figured I’d be noticed for a change, but, much to my mild surprise, I went ignored, despite my appearance, I suppose I should’ve expected that, however, I thought sure my ensemble would draw the attention of others, but that wasn’t the case. Oh well, them’s the breaks. In the food court, I gave a couple of guys an endorsement for the Subway beef brisket sandwich which I’ve had a time or two or three, they took my suggestion and would later thank me because they enjoyed the sandwiches. Ahh, it’s nice to be helpful. Now, I didn’t go totally ignored, while walking past a rotunda with a huge tree bereft of it’s Santa Claus, a twentysomething woman walking past flashed me a thumbs up and said, “Cute skirt!”, I grinned and thanked her. Getting compliments from women on my appearance never gets old, let me tell you. Later on, at Old Navy, a shopping destination of choice, I bought two dresses, one for winter, a second for summer. Not that I actively took note of how long I spent at the mall, but it came out to a shade under four hours there, covering practically every square foot of the place, wandering in and out of shops and department stores to window shop (for women’s clothes of course) and had a great time as I always did while at KOP. When I think about how far I've come in my outings at the mall, from heels under long jeans to womenswear from head to toe, I'm both amazed and pleased with my progress, and evolution as a fashion freestyler. More to come....
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    Today I was in a good mood for heeling. The 1st stop was to a shoe store in the local mall to see if they had a pair i saw online in stock. Didnt so I had to order them online. In fact they had sold out all their large size shoes. After I stopped at Macaroni Grill for early supper. I had the Lamb Braciole & man it was fantastic. Lamb wrapped in prosciutto, pan seared till crispy, then baked till tender inside. I left not a bit on that plate, let me tell you. Last I went to see the latest Star Wars flick. I enjoyed it. Was a bit fast paced in that I didn't quite understand all the relationships between the main characters, but I'm not much of a fan boy, just interested in the movie itself. I wore a pair of heels I was saving for a special occasion but I don't have anything planned as yet, & I thought it prudent to test how they felt before committing to a long evening in them as strappy heels can be a real bear sometimes, comfort wise, they turned out to be very comfortable to wear & walk in. They are by Bellini and have a 4" heel, although they didn't feel that high to me. I love the look of these, although I don't know of many places I can wear them as they are so dressy. The theater has these blue leds lighting the aisle & they lit up the sparkles on the straps so beautifully. I was planning to wear a different pair but when I tried to walk in them they were smashing my toes pretty good, no way I was going to last an evening in them, so chose the Bellini pair instead. Funny those heels seemed to fit when I tried them earlier in the year. Guess I will see if I can stretch them. Overall it was a standard outing as I usually have, with one memorable exception. As I was leaving the mall a pretty young lady was ahead of me with her boyfriend. She was wearing a super cute outfit. A black shinny A-line mini skirt, an off the shoulder red sweater top with long sleeves, & a pair of black round toed velvet platform pumps, similar to the pair I wore earlier in this thread, but with a block heel & a thin ankle strap. They were parked in the same row as I was so I stayed behind them to admire the sight. One thing I enjoy almost as much as wearing heels is watching others wear heels. We got a ways down the row when she stopped while her BF kept walking. When I reached her I stopped & said "He's not leaving you is he?" She said "No, he is bringing the car". I said "Hurting that much?", & she replied with a smile "Yeah". I paused a second then said "Mine feel fine..." She stared at me for a bit till I motioned toward my feet. She looked down & her eyes widened "OMG! Those are so cute! Let me see!" I pulled up the cuff & showed them off for her. She was so excited about my heels. We talked about the heels we owned for a couple minutes till a car came up looking for a spot. I wished her a merry Christmas and left for the restaurant. That was wonderful. She had a fun memory she can share with her friends & I made a lovely memory as well. I used to fantasize about talking to women about heels so this was a chance to live that, at least for a moment. I hope to have more of those types of interactions in the new year. Merry Christmas Y'all!
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    Got bored and went for a morning walk in my Pleaser Domina stiletto boots. Only got at least one or two stares but nobody really bothered. Feel pretty vindicated and might do it again next week or next year.
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    I’ve got to be honest mate, those boots look absolutely fantastic with those jeans, I’ll bet you look great out on your walks, keep it up mate
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    Here is a pic of the boots I worn for walking up and downhill a few days ago For those who know Geneva ,it was a trip from downtown up to the exhibition place. 3 km uphill,then 1 down. And back. Average slop 3% As I wrote I got tired ankles and calves. As Miroseplant wrote,I also need a regular training if I want to keep my legs in a good shape and a sufficient ability. the effective height of these shoes is 13 cm. Which isn’t so high compared to Alex C 94 ones. Congratulations !
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    Like the look. As for walking in 6 inch heels it's beyond my graceful level. 5.25 inch is my limit with my size 10.5 (womens) feet. Uphill is much easier than downhill, slope adds or reduces effective heel hight plus the lean angle of the shoe. Downhill slopes tend to cause your foot to lose grip and roll forward. Uphill actually is harder on the shoe as it places the heel tip more forward and you put a greater bending stress on the heel and shoe intersection. Even though it's easier to walk uphill i have broken more heels going up tgan down.
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    I am curious as to just how far your walk was. A mile? Two miles? Half a mile in those boots would be pretty impressive! What I have found is that if I don't walk fairly regularly, I experience what you did in that my ankles or calves get tired. I used to walk an awful lot in heels, but nowadays I've gotten pretty lazy. I usually walk a one mile loop around my neighborhood (down from two miles once upon a time), and I'd be happy if I would do that every other day, but I hate to admit it's become more like once a week, and incidental wearing (like to the supermarket) is just not enough to maintain endurance for the long haul, should it arise.
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    Legs were burning afterwards but that was it. My feet felt like they tolerated my boots but my legs didn't. Going uphill was as slow as going downhill but since I took smallish steps it didn't worry me. 6 inch heel stilettos aren't a problem now; it's only the surrounding area! My feet could tolerate them, but my legs didn't once I got back home.
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    You might check out activskin.com. They have competitively priced items specifically for men. If you prefer women's hosiery, fine, but a lot of men prefer hosiery that's sized for men and designed for male anatomy. It's a lot more comfortable. Full disclosure: I own the company and have been operating it for 21 years. I don't normally promote my business on this web site, but you asked, and other readers might be interested in this optional resource. Steve
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    I agree, its like a 5 to 1 ratio of nails over heels compliments. I have been getting my nails done for over 2 years now, stayed with a standard french tip for months but got bored with it & said screw it & went with bold colors....glad I did because those get the most compliments!
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    Got these of eBay worn once, 7 inch pencil heel, not for long walks but feel so good to wear!
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    I have a box of 3-4 pairs of boots/heels that I keep meaning to send in the post to my cousin-in-law? She’s the same size as me, and there are a few pair that I will likely never wear. She has seen them, and loves the ones I would be sending her. So it’d be nice to occasionally see them being worn and enjoyed by someone else.
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    Im have ordered a couple pair of Onlymaker. Nice shoes. Bad deal is they don't fit me! I have Nine West, Guess, Pleaser, Luichiny, Sam Edelman and a few others that fit me just fine, but the Onlymakers just don't work for me. I can't really explain why, but it seems that the sole of the shoe doesn't match up with my foot at all. I know many people here have them, just not me! And I really wanted them to fit as they make some cute shoes and boots. Also they are sold on Amazon.

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