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    Somewhat in a similar position, but I try to go far enough from home that my immediate neighbourhood will not find out. There's a danger that others who know me will see me, but at those times I take that risk. Otherwise I will be stuck at home only, which is no fun. Starting to focus more on potential trips, and trying to plan ahead... OUTING: Had a chance to try my new 5" ankle-boot (no platform) outside, along with another 5" ankle-boot (with 1" platform). It was in a suburban neighbourhood, and it was dark already. My no-platform-boots, although they're size US9, I have no idea what kind of messed up sizing system they used, as US9 would be way too small and unworkable for me, but these shoes are a perfect fit with socks, and I mean 100% perfect, so comfortable. I don't think I've ever gone out in a 5" boot before, but I simply had to try these out. As usual, it was with long jeans covering most of the heels. Getting out of the car is getting less of an issue, and I am starting to not worry about that at all. Although I've worn heels this tall inside, outside turned out to be a challenge. Took me about 10 minutes to get used to it, and figure out how to handle the slopes on a sidewalk, and the ups and downs of driveway entrances. I didn't trip, ankles didn't go out, so am quite proud of myself. Walked around for ~30 minutes, and it was an amazing 30 minutes. Had some people walk by, but didn't care. Did get a small group of teenager guys walk my way for which I stopped and messed around with my phone until they passed. I didn't trust that situation. After 30 minutes of walking about, my feet didn't ache, my toes weren't crushed, I love these. Although the heels are higher than my usual, I'm surprised how well I did. Before calling it quits, I had to try the other boots, so changed into them, and took a quick stroll. I don't know why, possibly because after 30 minutes with a 5" lift, wearing something with a 4" lift was child's play. I felt like I was wearing my sneakers, so comfortable, so easy to walk in. Overall, I had no issues, both new boots did great, and I'm super-happy. Before heading home I considered stopping by a grocery store or something just for the thrill of it, but decided to head home and not freak out my wife (that I went into a store in heels - maybe next time).
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    My latest thrift store find...heel tips not even worn...10 bucks.
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    It's been a while since I've posted here. But today I had the chance to get out and do some shoping!
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    Wore these ankle boots in the clubhouse after playing 18 holes yesterday. On the way out was stopped by a stranger who said " you must have a sexy unbrella too." I smiled and thanked him even i really didn't understand if it was a compliment or not. Sometimes older men equate umbrellas with sissyness. However i didn't care and thanking him may have thrown him off. Also stopped at the local grocery near our vacation spot to get beer and a couple gallons of water. Carried out 2 cases of beer and 2 gallons of water while working it in 5inch heels. So much fun.
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    I used to be that way. Now fully in public but not at work other than under the desk. Been spotted and questioned a couple times at work. Simply said i used them as comfort shoes to relax and work on projects at the computer more focused this way. Many off hand heel remarks since, that i simply off hand reply to the overall subject and move on. I wear colorful heels to work everyday and place them on the passenger seat in plain sight for yrs now as well so I know everyone is aware. Factory requires steel toes in the plant so no heels there, besides i realize where i am so no wearing away from the desk as customers are often about.
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    I (re)claimed heels and wear them as my everyday shoes, so I don't consider wearing my heels out as an outing. To me it just my normal. It's more of an outing when I don't have heels on.
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    Just finished 18 holes. Wife wanted me to pick up subway on the way home. Obviously i couldn't wear my golf shoes and didn't want to put my work pants back so in i went. Love the feeling, hardly the 1st time with shorts on but still a rush. Stopped at the smoke shop for a couple logs for the July 4th holiday. While in there i received a great "how are you doing" by another customer that i know i don't get except for the heels and obvious lack of concern about how i looked. I expect many more outings like this. Unlike many here i love heels even more so in a casual setting. Maybe me, but women and men in casual attire and stilettos is even sexier than in full blown formal wear.
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    Something for the lovers of about 1930‘s style button up boots here. These are not originally vintage but finished last year.
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    Interesting! I haven't flown anywhere since 2003, but I thought female flight attendants no longer wore heels like what that young lady sported, or, at the very least, nothing that high.
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    Howdy, So, I have discovered that JustFab and ShoeDazzle now go up to size 12. I have ordered from both companies with outstanding results and I am now like a kid in a candy store. Two things that really stand out for me with these two online stores are that their size 12 is on the large side and their heels get higher as the size gets larger. My fit is more of a 12.5 wide and the shoes that I ordered fit perfectly. That is a huge bonus. I have ordered many a pair of size 12 shoes that would be lucky to fit on a size 11 foot. More than the generous size that is awesome, I love that their heels scale with size. I have ordered so many pairs of shoes online with a high heel style that I like only to receive the shoes and find that they look more like mid-heels. JustFab and ShoeDazzle won me over with these two qualities. The only thing that I don’t like about JustFab and ShoeDazzle is that to get the best prices you have to join their VIP club. This means that they will automatically charge you $39 each month unless you opt out between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Yes, the funds build up your account to buy shoes (twist my arm) but I don't like anything automatically charging my card. It is only a mild pain in the neck but I think it is worth it. So, I have ordered and received four pairs of shoes and I love all four of them. I bought three pairs of wedges and pair of what look like shoe-ties to me but they refer to them as lace up sandals. All four pairs are beyond fantastic and I struggle to decide which pair I am going to wear. ShoeDazzle has a 50% off sale today so I ordered another pair. They are pumps with a cork looking upper and color strips. I cannot wait for them to arrive. Just wanted to share what to me is a great new find. Happy heeling to you all. Best, Larry
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    Jaunt #505, 7/13/2019: Having devoted myself to wearing dresses, I was curious about how far I could push the envelope, in this instance, it wasn’t about hemline, but, neckline. A couple of years ago, I bought a cute, clingy, sleeveless black dress from JCPenney, while I was intrigued with the style as you can see in the pictures below, I was leery about the neckline with it’s deep plunge, something I wasn’t used to at the time and wondered if I could get away with wearing something like that in public. Well, in the time since I bought that dress, I’ve worn others with low necklines and the world didn’t come to an end, so, I decided to wear this one with the Payless “Noble” flat sandals in black and see what, if anything would happen. Headed east towards downtown, my first stop was to the main branch of the Post Office to buy a couple of money orders. Walking in, there was a good sized line that was eight deep, so I had to wait, while I waited, four more people filed in behind me, but no one in front of me or behind paid me any attention. I found that kinda sorta surprising. Once I bought my money orders, filled them out and dropped them off, it was back in the car and over the bridge into South Jersey to Moorestown Mall where I first had lunch, a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza and a bottle of water, both were tasty, then I headed off to the nearby multiplex (LOVE their comfy reclining seats) to watch Crawl, a masterful summertime horror movie that kept me on the edge of my seat. I heartily recommend this flick if you enjoy chills and thrills. After leaving the multiplex, I walked past a goth girl in her early twenties, dressed head to toe in black, even black lipstick with tattoos up and down her arms, she smiled at me and said, “I like your dress!” I smiled back and thanked her. Perhaps she liked it because it was black, your guess is as good as mine, but hey, I never question a compliment when it comes my way. Back over the bridge in Philly, I swung by Rittenhouse Square Park which was absolutely teeming with people in the mid-afternoon as everyone enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather. Finding a bench in the shade, I took in some reading on my Kindle, and when I wasn’t enjoying my e-book, I took in some people watching, most notably women in dresses, lots of cami/spaghetti strap styles from minis to maxis, and I liked what I saw while imaging how I’d look in clothes similar to what they wore. Oh, and in addition, wearing a dress was imminently more practical as I felt good and cool, even at the height of the heat that day, I was perfectly comfortable. So, my little experiment ended with no one noticing the low neckline on my dress, and that has given me courage and confidence to wear similar styles, and with plenty of summer left, I intend to do just that. More to come....
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    My thinnest heels are some Aldo booties I picked up on ebay some time ago, model name unknown. The heels on these booties are 1/4" or 6 mm wide at the tip, and are 5" in height, with no platform. The shape of these heels are a bit different, being a square cross section. Oddly enough, they are one of two pairs of shoes that I own that I haven't worn outside yet. In both cases, it's because I don't feel comfortable walking in them--they are just too steep for my skill level. Also, I think the extreme setback style of the Aldo's heels doesn't really help much. My second thinnest heels are Steve Madden Barbb mules, 5/16" in diameter, and 4 1/2" high, no platform. I have 3 pairs in 3 different colors. I wear those regularly and love them. The thinness of the heels doesn't appear to make them hard to walk in at all, you just have to be super careful about cracks and gaps in walking surfaces.
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    Casual photo shoot in pumps.
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    Yikes, Cali! Hope you heal quickly, heal thoroughly. Logjam
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    I’ve noted that several of the thrift stores here do not sort shoes by size. Kind of a pain, otherwise I’d probably go more often. Of course as others noted, so 13 are spare pickings no matter where I go.
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    Have come to appreciate second hand stores, like GoodWill . Recently I try to stop by when I'm in the neighbourhood, and have gotten lucky. In one store I found two boots, one brand new (based on the sole) while the other was barely used. Yes, they're a bit older, but they were cheap (less than 20$ each), and they fit great. One has a huge heel & platform, really sexy, but probably too sexy for me to ever wear outside. The other is a 4" stiletto heeled boot, looks awesome under jeans, and is very comfortable. I've worn them out a few times and they're great. Most recently, I stopped by another GoodWill and found a really good selection of shoes/boots. Envious that the selection in size 7-8 (my wife's size - but she doesn't care for heels) is much larger, but the selection for size 10US is OK. Found 3 candidates, all of which I tried on in the closet where you try on cloths. One an ankle boot fit great, but was too beat up to be worth it. Another looked great, nice ~5" inch heel with 1" platform, which fit great and was too comfortable and cheap for me to pass up. Probably worn once or twice before landing at GoodWill. After looking up the brand name, I found the shoe which retails for ~100$USD... The third boot was interesting.... It was a brand new knee high boot, no platform, thin 5" stiletto heel. It was a size 9, which is too small for me, but the shoes were so gorgeous I couldn't resist trying them. So I removed my socks, got out my pantyhose-socks thinking maybe with that I'll fit. When I tried them on, they were huge! Put my regular thick socks back, and the fit was perfect. I don't know what kind of size 9 they are but it was sooo comfortable that I had to buy them. The top of the boot, covering the calves, however was another story. My calves aren't thin, but these boots could have fit calves that were 3x the size of mine. Imagining someone with calves that size wearing those boots, I felt sorry for the boots. The top portion of the boots were ugly (raunched, I believe it's called) and way too big, but the foot was a perfect fit. Had to buy, thinking I'll figure it out later. When home, after much thinking, I decided to cut off the portion covering the calves, fold the material in, and sow it in (took me an hour to do all that). End result, I now have a new beautiful pair of 5" ankle boots, something I've wanted for a long time now, that I am super happy with. I paid ~30$ for the 2 pairs. I have to stop by these stores more often. Sometimes I find nothing, but sometimes there's a good find, and with shoes this cheap, I can get creative! Anyone found anything exciting in these places?
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    I've just taken delivery of these 5" heeled sandals from Amazon. They're really easy to wear and I'm a little bit in love with them :)
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    I usually have pretty good luck at thrift stores. And a good portion of my collection has come from such stores.
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    Wedg-day. Same shoes as yesterday, different color.
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    Back when my ex-wife worked for AA, 20+ years ago, female flight attendants were required to wear heels in the airport. Nowadays, I doubt they're required to wear them, though some still do. Somewhere in my own thread, I noted that not only did one of my flight attendants on my flight to Korea wear substantial heels in the airport, she actually worked a Trans-Pacific flight in heels (lower than her airport heels, of course). The Asian airlines still require heels in the airport, but none of their "dress" heels is anything to write home about--I've never seen one exceed 2 1/2", and I think they are provided by the airline, as you don't see any variation at all like you do among American flight attendants.
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    I agree with Puffer - Dover isn't really all that great. Yes, the white cliffs are pretty, and the castle is worth a visit, but if you have limited time and want a day trip from London there are much better options available. The Globe Theatre is great. Highly recommended. And if you don't mind standing during a performance you can get tickets for as little as £5. You can get a very nice afternoon tea next door, too. You can go down the river by ferry to Greenwich and visit the maritime museum and the observatory - stand on the Prime Meridian. The V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museum is excellent. They have a lot of stuff on fashion too. A couple of years ago they had an entire exhibition on high heels. The Museum of London is often overlooked, but it too is excellent - just up from St Pauls. I wouldn't bother driving in London - it's no fun at all. Rail fares are high, yes, but if you don't mind travelling off-peak not quite so bad. You can check timetables and fares here https://www.nationalrail.co.uk If you want a trip to the seaside - Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings are all much nicer than Dover and within 90 minutes of London by rail. From Hastings you can easily go to the village of Battle, about 5 miles inland, and see where the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest took place in 1066. The Abbey built by William the Conqueror to commemorate the dead from the battle is nice, with an excellent museum, and the walk around the old battlefield is scenic. If you're feeling really energetic and feel your boots are made for walking, you can go to Pevensey - between Eastbourne and Hastings - which is where William landed with his men in 1066 and follow in their footsteps 15 miles to Battle - a great hike, but maybe not in three-inch heels! Anyway, I'm sure you'll have fun!
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    Just booked a trip for our family to London! Planning to wear the knee high boots with 3” heels for the whole trip. We’re going to pack the 7 day itinerary with a variety of cultural and educational adventures. Must-dos we have so far on the list are the Globe and Tower of London. I’ve gone back through Cali World’s thread and picked up additional ideas. A day trip to Dover might be fun.
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    Don when are you going to be in Chicago
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    not my cup of tea - but they certainly are striking and very stylish!
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    Any chance you actually work on the planes in flight? Asking because there's this cute Flight Atttendant based out of Chicago. She posts on Instagram frequently. Seems friendly based off a cold Direct Message I sent her on Instagram. She has a lot of photos with various black pumps in them.
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    I don't get up to Sacramento very much any more, my friend died of cancer. But I do go up to South Shore and North Shore once in a while. But there's no Costa in Sacramento. Back on topic. Returned the Jessica Simpson Dany today, then went looking around the mall at other shoe stores. When to Steve Madden and the sale associate told me nothing new in the styles I like but new boots were coming in in the next two weeks. Picked up some gel cushions at Aldo and walk thru the Macy's shoe department. Almost tried on some Michael Kors but decided not to. Wear my Steve Madden Manners - chestnut and shorts. Just love wearing these heels.
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    It is great when we actually finally do the thing we've been wanting to do! With my physical issues, I cannot walk too long in heels anymore, but I still enjoy the occasional outing. WIth the heat of summer here, things will be limited for a while as long jeans and 90+ temps don't really go together so well...lol
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    Yes, absolutely. I too have always wondered what becomes of the shoes I have donated. I have also wondered what the workers think when they come across large shoes like that. I have heard stories recently about just how crazy it is working at GoodWill from some of my wife's coworkers who have weekend jobs there that I doubt they even notice the large size shoes. Compared to some of the other things they find I doubt that the large shoe size even hits the radar.
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    Great job buddy! It feels so liberating to wear the boots we love publicly... Just be a little careful, try not to venture out in boots that you can not walk confidently in, tripping/stumbling/sore feet can cause a big set back...On the other hand, sure sounds like you handled your new boots with ease. Confidence will increase with each trip, before you know it, you might even forget you are wearing boots while out and about... Seems like you have made more progress in a few weeks than I have made in years....Good for you...Just be careful not to accidentally wear your boots home (forget to change them in the car)! I almost did that once....
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    Keep it up buddy, great work indeed...Confidence builds with each outing, and it feels so liberating.... I am older also, but have found that I am less worried about what others think with each passing year. All that matters is that I think I look great in boots. Please don't misunderstand, I know that many have families and can't put themselves "first" very often. My partner hates my boots, fortunately I work for the airlines so can wear my boots freely while away on layovers. I am very lucky in that respect....
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    It’s nice that you are skilled enough to improve those boots with your cutting and sewing. I’ve done a lot more sowing that sewing in my life. It yields tasty food but doesn’t help with clothing :p.
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    Dresse de as a man,with heels. That's totally unusual. And that's why it's fun. No one can put a tag on you! I am getting old also. So I am wearing heels visible more and more. Go ahead. Pierre.
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    Wow! Lucky! Here in Canada the selection is much smaller in online stores that carry really nice looking heels... Congrats on the purchase!
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    I've been thinking about this... Mixed feelings when reviewing my own shoes: Where the heel is in the middle, they are easier to walk in. However, i prefer the look of heels when they are at the back of the shoe. To me it just gives a cleaner, sharper look. Having said that, I have heels of both styles, and like both styles and find both can be comfortable...
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    I personally prefer the styling of a more classic pump's heel. I like for the heels to curve smoothly forward to the tip of the heel. See pic of my Baker's shoes below - to me this style makes for the perfect stiletto. But, this backward slung style heel seems to be in style and hard to find much other so I do have a few pairs. I haven't noticed any additional challenge walking in them though.
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    Yes! Very nice
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    love the heel!! U like the masculine thing, i hope i have the courage to wear them out
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    I am frankly surprised at the response so far, because I know there are a lot of people who are dead set against setback heels. I am in harmony with most of the replies so far, in that I don't mind setback heels. In theory, I agree with the notion that the heel ought to be underneath one's actual heel of his foot. However, in actual practice, I have been unable to correlate anything definitively between heel position and walkability. I have plenty of setback heels that are just fine to walk in. I will say, however, that setback heels create a unique hazard when walking down stairs. It is much easier to catch your setback heel on the stair you've just stepped off of, leading to an increased chance of serious injury or death. Or at the very least, severe embarrassment.
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    Here are some more practical shorts, created for me by my tailor friend. They have a 4 inch inseam. I played many a tennis match in shorts this length (but not this style) back in the 80s.
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    I bought these of Ebay the other day. With the warmer weather I needed a pair of summer pumps! I was wearing them while watching TV when my wife first saw them. She loved them and was disappointed when she couldn't get a pair in her size!
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    I posted this before, but it has been a while.... Short and to the point, I like it - and so does my wife!!! sf
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    The brain goes in mysterious ways sometimes. I have developed a liking for female fashion through western inspired footwear - go figure. When I was young, I already liked western boots, and when I figured out that women's western boots had higher heels than men's, the obvious thing happened. More heel more better, right? Every so often, cowboy boots inspire mainstream fashion, and when it does, it still tickles an itch. Around 2012 or so, Nine West had a thing with the western theme. They also tried a more premium less polished brand, "Vintage America", which of course involved western boots. That experiment produced two styles, which I've been luckily enough to both collect, but it has taken a lot of time and money. The cleanest cut is the black "Comete" bootie, of which I removed the buckle. I like is more "elegant". They sport a true 5" heel, and I have a 1/4" heel pad added to them, giving an effective 5 1/4" height. They have to be my tallest non-platform heels. The hottest, I think, is the "Creepin" style - the knee-high one. The color is a bit weird, between tan, brown, beige, grey, nude. Whatever that means. But it works on the boot. The shaft is tall and hugs my calves nicely. I like the look, the picture is of myself just last week - I took it to send to my girlfriend. The least successful style is "Claret", the brownish ankle bootie. It is made on the same last as "Comete", but the leather is not as nice as either Comete or Creepin.
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    That's so early! 3 am! Sometimes that's when I'm just going to sleep. Early bird! So many early birds here. I understand your father in law thinking an early bird work schedule is best. From my end, I live closer to your sleep schedule though. I usually go to bed around 2 am. Get up around 8 am. And my productivity often skyrockets after normal business hours too: yoga, cycling, apartment improvements, and normal computer work.
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    I think it depends on the heel and the contexto, ear heels with a 2 inch platform most certainly seem striperish. However in am in LOVE with these pumps, it think as @Heike said they go with everything of the feet look nice and are weel groomed like @Tech said. However since we al go against the "norm" and try to avoid clothing stereotypes saying their are strippe shoes is about the same as saying high heels are girl shoes. If you know what I mean. I even said it and I even say I love girlie shoes, the girlie the better. In the meantime I leave with these:
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    Black Pumps are mine. Loubs from a hot mysterious blonde on the right.
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    In NYC, wore black stiletto pumps with track pants, a blazer, a white button down shirt out the other night. A guy came from nowhere and excitedly asked me "are you wearing heels?" The voice tone was friendly. My answer was "yes". His response was "you're more of a man than me!" Then he went back to sit with a girl he was talking to.
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    Regent Shoes was still in business in Wardour Street until the late-60s; I recall furtively admiring shoes in its windows as I passed. A one-time member here (Heelfan) was employed there in that period as a window dresser etc and recounted several tales of its customers, male and female. He was also the author of Lucy's stories, a blend of fact and fiction, and a search may well produce some background info on this interesting retailer and its contemporaries. I do wish we could turn the clock back to that golden age of heels!

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