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    These are all relatively new but I thought some might be interested in seeing our matching styles and colors. .
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    Hello , I have a question for you I would rather not ask in the open forum . Just out of curiosity did you ever wear the 3" and above heels and if so around what age did you start to wear the lower heels in your pictures ? The reason I ask , the lower heels like the 1 1/2"- 3" with platforms are starting to be more my thing . The stilettos are about gone from my closet and I have no desire to wear them anymore . Did this ever happen to you ? Respectfully , MIP
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    I think it is really cool to see couples who share the love for heels not everyone is able to do that so if you can be proud show the group pics of them
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    My Brash heels with bodicon skirt and bare legs.
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    Some time to myself so I decided to try my teal sandals with my leggings and floral tank top. Also reorganized my heel cabinet. This is some of my collection.
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    I found these Steve Madden Dejavu platforms on sale for 50 dollars. I couldn't say no! So know we have another matching pair!
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    A bit surprised that you're finding so many platforms. My trips through the local shoe and department stores showed next to no platforms with the exception of wedge sandals. I pretty much figured the trend was over.
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    Qupid Penelope-134 Double Strap Mary Jane Pump.
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    I finally got the time and the sun to take pictures of my second pair of the Freebird Canti. The second shows both pairs. The brand Freebird no longer appears on the Steve Madden website. Anyone know if Steve Madden discontinued this high end line? Will get the SM Mel tomorrow.
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    Bubba136 : The rope part has possibilities.
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    It depends on the shoe. I just so happen to have been in a Steve Madden store today. The sale associates know me since I have purchased several shoes from them. Empty so I had the store myself as both women helped me. Wore lace-up Steve Madden 5.25" wedges in. (And I have seen another man shopping there for himself as well.) I had checked their website and they have several shoes I wanted to try on in their store. I wanted to try them on before buy at clearance prices. I have a large girth toe box and high arch. I wear a US women's 10, 11 if a pointed toe Here's the shoes I tried today. (1) Karlee Nubuck upper material - Man-made lining - Man-made sole - 5.5 inch heel height - 1 inch platform They had it black...I might have purchase this shoe if it fit. My arch was too big...too bad. Can't you imagine going to work in these (2) Aubrey Patent PU or nubuck upper material - Man-made lining - Man-made sole - 5.5 inch heel height - 1 inch platform. Couldn't get my toe box in....too bad. (3) Mel Man-made upper material - Man-made lining - Man-made sole - 5.25 inch heel height - 1.25 inch platform I'm buying this one! A little bit tight but that should stretch out by walking a little in them.
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    These are a new favorite.
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    I bought these a few weeks ago. They looked intimading, but they looked too sexy to leave them behind.
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    Pulled out a new pair of wedges today, that I bought about 6 months ago, and have not worn yet. Asos Traffic Jam - 5.5" heel and 1.5" platform. Super comfy - so happy I bought them! Further details here - https://hhplace.org/topic/24422-jeremys-heel-stories-pictures-thoughts/?do=findComment&comment=377853
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    These just arrived from 1969 Boutique in Italy. I'm very impressed with the quality! I realize the exaggerated pointy toe is kind of a love or hate situation but I definitely fall into the love category. The 13cm heel is definitely a challenge. I can't believe the difference 1 cm makes! I walk like a troll!!!
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    This is my collection so far...
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    I had a feeling they were wedges, and not just platforms I love them all - totally my style! I tend to go with black usually, but the color in these is really great. You have small feet, fitting into a 38? Lucky bastard Thanks so much for snapping the pic for me. Now to see them on ya
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    Thx for all the positive comments! Here's a photo of the two of us together!
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    Today I wore this pair in the afternoon. Maxx Out Wedges.
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    Keep on heeling everybody !
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    Character shoes are nice. I haven’t got a pair, but I may do one day. I prefer the high heel ones. I have got a pair of ladies tap dancing shoes that look similar. They have a quite a low heel I know a lady who does a lot of dancing. She knows I wear heels and she might be getting me a pair of dance shoes. They have open sides, toe box, heel cup and an ankle strap. The heels are a tapered thicker stiletto. She showed me her pair and I liked them straight away.
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    Here's where a picture is worth at thousand words. I can sit out in my garden and enjoy the sun on my feet. Luving my new leggings.
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    There is no such thing as to high assuming I can get them on
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    Hi there. These are the first pictures I have posted of me in my heels. They are a new pair of above the knee, lace up Stiletto Boots with a tiny hidden platform. With a leather skirt and wide belt, its all leather from waist to floor ! A first try, I look forward to more. Have fun. JS


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