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    This site is EVIL. Down RIGHT EVIL. So I have been looking for boots for sometime. Been looking and trying boots on for weeks. Went to DSW and found these...more later.
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    Thanks all for your input.... happy to have facilitated one of the busier threads here for a while Some further clarification: Take a look at my albums, you will see I am no stranger to high heels (truly high!). My topic here focuses specifically on *public* heeling - for which I have virtually no experience. so yes... these Chelsea boots at the beginning barely pass for having 'heels'... but for me its a start. yes - some of us started with 6", but I think that's the exception rather than the rule. For me to start with simple fem virtually flat boots (but still fashionable!) is a place to start and hopefully gain confidence... Thanks to those who understand where I am coming from, like @Shyheels , @pebblesf, @SF , @Heelster and @Peter1 and others Thanks also for the suggestion for something like Cuban or western high heels - had not thought of those... though still prefer the fem heel style! Also I agree - most of us just want nice looking heels - and not always extreme, or the highest or most fetish looking on the market. we all have our styles, and that's OK.
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    hi, its been a while. I thought this was nice to share... A new pair of Nine West right up to the knee boots, and my new leather dress. Very short dress so with the leggins. Its difficult to know if the boots actually stop ! Fantastic. Hi to my friend Maril, hope you like it, a bit of fun. js
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    Hi everybody, I am a man that just recently decided to fling social norms by the window and embrace my attraction to some items of feminine fashion. In my case, this is expressed from the waist down, as I am very fond of men's tops. I tried to find like minded individuals with whom to share outfits but all I could find were men that were in the whole shebang (meaning they fully dressed in women's clothing, doned make up, wigs, fake breast, a female monicker, etc.). As you can already tell, this is not what I am looking for. I am not interested in any way in presenting myself as anything else than a man, albeit one that decided he was going to be the only judge of his wardrobe. I am thus very happy to have realized there were men in here that were also into incorporating female fashion to their own without any change in gender identity. I am also glad that this website has drawn its boundaries as far as CD/TV/TS themes are concerned. I have nothing against those themes, it's just that there are already a bazillion websites catering to this population. I mainly own boots and booties and am very fond of the Frye brand. Clarks is a close second. I hope you enjoy my collection (still very small) and I can't wait to discover yours as well:) I'll usually submit whole outfits but some pictures may just present from the waist down. Moderators can delete them if they are deemed inappropriate. Lastly, I would love to hear anyone's feedback on the outfits I submit here (whether from men or women - it doesn't matter). My goal in my outfits is to present feminine and masculine elements in balance. P.S.: the oufits I submit are outfits I regularly wear out in public and also in my work environment. Best regards!
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    As a cyclist I know that the formula for establishing the optimum number of bicycles one should own is n+1
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    Sefir, Be your own person. Wear what you want. You don't need anyone's permission. Yes, you'll get looks, but rarely questions or comments. You may get compliments from women who love shoes. But most people don't care. Teenage girls in groups will giggle. Ignore them. It's a great feeling of freedom to wear the clothes you want. Be in command of your life. You only get one chance at it, so make the most of it. Beware, however, that you MUST practice in heels to walk gracefully and confidently. You must take the time to do it, and you can't do it indoors - practice outside on real pavement. Watch for grates, cobblestones, sidewalk cracks, and other obstacles. Walking like you're an accomplished high heel expert exudes confidence and most women find confidence sexy. Go for it! Steve
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    Having a couple of days in Melbourne and planning on visiting some shoe stores on Sydheels recommendation _ so here’s hoping! Just got back to my hotel after a quick dinner. Wore my new Wittner ankle boots and they drew heaps of attention!!! Really pleased with them though
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    I can't remember when I just had 40 pairs of women's shoes. I wear women's shoes exclusively now, mostly heels, but sometimes flats, and I've never had more fun! I've long past outgrown the closet space and spilled over to other storage bins under the bed. My wife gave me the ultimatum that each time I buy a new pair of shoes, I have to get rid of an old pair. I agreed but failed miserably to comply. It's hopeless, really. Steve
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    Just ordered these, the Timberland Glancy 10". I have these in the ankle boot form and they have been great. I wear them exposed all the time and are comfortable for longer walks. These will be good when visiting colder friends.
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    Maintenance is the name of the game. It crude to wear open toe heels with un-kept nails .
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    I had a short and uneventful outing tonight. I had some recent purchases that I was dying to take out for a spin, including a new jacket and purse. Here is what I wore. outfit 1) black and white striped shirt 2) grey Forever 21 cropped jacket 3) dark wash American Eagle jeggings 4) greyish brown wedge boots 5) black with silver accents Guess purse Here is 2 pics. The first is the outfit as a whole. The second is the purse and jacket alone. Comments and suggestions welcome.
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    Got my toenails painted and lounging in my heels of the day. Feeling great but off to work soon and back to workboots. There is no comparison...
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    Jeremy, I just playing with our friend from down under. I think Sydheel wears his heels in public all the time, so they should be considered just his shoes. I've been wear women's shoes almost exclusively for the past 7 years. The only way I part with a pair that has made it's way into my closet is when they just fall apart from over wear. It's hard enough to find heels I can wear for 12 - 16 hours straight, that's why I don't part with mine. Most of my life I hate shoes, mainly because they never fitted. So shoe shopping was worst than getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time with no novocaine. Since I discovered women's shoes fit, I just love shoes and shoe shopping. It's so nice to wear shoes that fit. So what if I have 50 - 60 heels, they almost all get worn in public. Besides I can't be seen in the same heels twice in one week, I have standards.
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    But kangaroos don't like to fly Qantas. It makes them jumpy. LOL Steve
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    Well, its official, I cant help myself when i see a bargain. Surfing on Gumtree and found a pair of Windsor Smith platform sandals in black leather, in size 11, Cheap and only a 30 minutes zoom to collect They are high, but with platform easy to walk in and Im surprised at how well they stay on your feet. ankle strap is velcro. Heel is 14cm, platform is 3.5cm
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    I've had a beard since 1981. - non stop. It's pretty white now. Now if only folks could see a Santa Claus in Stilettos. Nope - better stick with boots after Black Friday.
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    These were my weekend find at a thrift store. Practically new. Protective covering on the bottom of the soles was still on one pair.
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    No music or fancy editing, just her talking a little at the beginning, then walking and pirouetting, but these just take my breath away...
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    thanks @SF I will, they take a bit of time to get used to the height, Its almost nosebleed territory, but the solid heel and platform make them easy to walk in, you just have to be carefull on uneven surfaces. Plus you just HAVE TO keep your nail polish in good order.
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    Welcome to hhplace from a fellow Canadian. I admire your style. You have put together some great looking outfits. I too like to retain my masculinity from the waist up but prefer skinny jeans and leggings to accent my high heel shoe and boot collection. I often accent with hosiery for the desired look. Have tried a skirt but not really interested in that aspect. My wife is ok with my fashion choices so I leave it at the skinny jeans and leggings. I do not wear my heels in public but do wear them everyday at home. Looking forward to more of your posts. Bnchmrk.
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    By doing this, you are more of a real man than any other men around you. Most men are afraid to death to be associated with anything considered feminine (that is without saying that most people fall apart at the idea of being disapproved by their peers). That is how frail they feel in their manhood. You good sir, on the other hand - and this applies to all fellow men here - are being real pioneers by daring to say "I want that too". I salute the courage women once had when they first ditched the dresses and skirts, even though they had an excuse to do so because they took up men's work while they were out at war. And you fellow men, without any "excuse" for doing so, you ditch the pants and low shoes and don skirts, tights, high heel shoes and other fashions deemed female. If that is not courage, if that is not manly, then I truly don't know what is. So keep it up, I am sure you've done a hell of a good job with your nails, too! You'll always count me on your side:) I wouldn't dare say so. However I do thank you for the compliment:) It took a lot of work to become positive and giving. It involved giving to myself first. Giving myself the right to be me. As said above, we are all pioneers and we ought to be damn proud of that, each and everyone of us:)
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    I couldn't phrase it better Shyheels. I love the british air this forum carries:P
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    Hi @jeremy1986, Thank you for the warm welcome:) Sadly, the ones with many colors had to go back because the shafts were too big (who would've thought, I usually need at least 15.5 inches in circumference since I have very athletic legs). As far as my workplace is concerned, I would say many factors contributed to the integration of my fashion choices - namely: * I work as a U.S. tax attorney which is a very specialized area of law practice - meaning that there aren't too many of us around; * I am particularly good at my work and I know that they need me; * I brought the changes very gradually - starting with women's straight jeans, then bootcut, then skinnies, then leggings and then boots over pants. This slow increase was not intentional though - I was just uncomfortable going out with all these changes. I still remember how I felt when I first went out in public with boots and skinnies, it was nerve wracking. Today? I sport them with huge pride:) My goal is to get to the skirts / tights / boots combos. This is the farthest I am interested in going. * It didn't change my attitude one bit - actually, it increased my confidence. I present myself in a completely masculine fashion and I feel even more confident now in my masculinity because I dared be myself. The majority of people (whether men or women) would not dare go against perceived social norms, just look at all the "fashion rules" videos out there. They exist because they have an audience - and a very wide one at that. * I love helping the girls at the office pick nice outfits for them. I love women and I love seeing them shine at their fullest extent. I guess it transpires; and * I have a reputation of not taking s*** from anyone. I put myself out there for people and go out of my way very often to help fellow coworkers, but when one of them steps on my toe, I make it very clear that I do not tolerate that. For example, I actually had a verbal joust with one of the firm's owner last year and told her I was out of here. We however ended up resolving our issues and yesterday she had me order boots for her. I only do something when I feel confident about it, because then I feel judged and disapproved (it's always me doing it to myself). THis leads to me projecting those feelings on others and seeing / seeking disapproval everywhere, which doesn't make for a very good experience. Now that doesn't mean people might not be laughing behind my back. However, I do not care. As long as I don't see it, I'm fine. The day it happens in front of me, "s***'s gonna hit the fan". That is for coworkers, mind you. Strangers, I would just ignore them. But it has yet to happen. I have a lot to read about who is here and where you guys are at in your process of integrating your fashion choices into your life. I am hoping to develop a nice camaraderie with you all:)
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    Turtle Wax might be the right thing! i cleaned them up since but they're still a bit on the grungy side and threads are filled with icky stuff but i'm just going to leave that. next stop for those shoes are the Halloween parties, soon to be here! now that same gal did call me last night about maybe going for a ride tonight but i told her: no more barn yard adventures please and thank you! so we'll see how that goes, if it goes. i'm going to wear my Steve Madden pumps for this one. Steve Madden pumps: not the easiest shoes on the feet after an hour but maybe they just need to be worn in.
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    You asked them for an elevator and they gave you the shaft! Sorry about that. Steve
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    My new purchase Windso r Smith Heels
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    Here you go sire, as promised Dang the shafts are stiff, can barely bend my knees
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    I’ve seen a male sales assistant at a Saks wearing heels to work in the women’s shoe section. He spotted me wearing heels and seems to want me to try on anything they had in my size. I work for the family business and while my parents found out I liked heels while I was growing up I’ve not pushed to make it a public thing with them.
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    Tonights heels....these are one of my favorite pairs. Comfortable to wear and sexy too....
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    The cold weather is coming....boot season is upon us. Have these on order.
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    A couple of thrift shop finds. Just could not leave them on the shelf.
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    I bought a pair of Nine West Fallon's in black, size 12. My comments from my album: The front is Nine West's flexible nubuck leather, the back is a stretchy synthetic with a flocked lining inside the shaft. The outsides actually blend well together, and are not visibly different. The gold tone zipper pulls were a surprise. Usually Nine West keeps its hardware silver/chrome. I love the pointy toe which is a nice change from Nine West's usual almond toe. The stiletto heel is stylish and a manageable 4 inches, albeit on my size 12 feet. I also liked the no-nonsense cut between the shoe upper and the shaft that wasn't just a straight line. What I didn't like was the huge amount of slack around the very top of the shaft. The shafts fit nicely around my calves, but I find the extra space above them a curious design choice, s the soft material makes the slack sort of flop around, It should be easy to take up the slack by hand-sewing a dart along the seam in the middle of the synthetic back Sorry for the hairy legs
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    A good advice use to be test on a hidden spot if a miscolouring occur.
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    I try to limit the number of shoes I own too. Really. I also buy several different colors of sandals and boots when I find one that is really easy to walk in, specially when I see that style disappearing. I enjoy the ability to have so many choices, something I never had in men's shoes.
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    I know, right Hopefully they are all stored better than mine - stuffed in the storage below my bed! Keep us posted with the sales
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    A great look!! very sexy!
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    Hi James, Another kudos on the new heels and polish, and a tiny bit of jealous, Logjam
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    Bring on the summer...an optimistic thought as we in England slide into the back half of October...!
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    I have worn block heels to interviews before. Nothing was said. I wore heels and got my curren job. Unfortunately the dress code is casual, so more trainers than shoes or boots.
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    I tone it down and wear my 4 inch heels boots to interviews.....
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    I love the combination of the skirt and top, it brings out your complexion and killer legs! Cute skirt, the length suits you as well. In winter i wear the same length skirt as that but with thick tights to keep me nice and warm. Looking great and the earrings are cute as well. Have you peirced your ears now? Looking forward to seeing that new denim pencil skirt too
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    I really like the second pair. I have a similar pair in black !!!
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    Unknown brand worn but in great shape, heel tips are still great. I just have too many now $20 + shipping to you message me with questions.
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    Sounds like you had a great time, Jeff! You look good, though I would be in tights as it's getting a little cooler, but that's just me. Your purchases sound interesting, can't wait to see the size 12 pencil skirt on you. There's something satisfying about dropping a skirt size as well. I've gone from an 8 to a 12, but the 12's have been getting baggy so dug some of m old 10's out of the wardrobe. Looking great!
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    Really nice boots there bootlover thumbs up. Got my new MJ boots today Took a pic as quickest. 5 inch stacked/cuban (?) heels
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    Here are some photos of my wife's new boots too. Hope you like them.
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    Steve.... Yes, she is the greatest, nice gal too !!!! As for the sandals, they have been around for a few years. Actually got them at Target. Forgot the style name. Mine are an 11 and hers are a 6 1/2. The kitten heel is about two inches. I (we) have worn these sandals on occasion both individually and together. They are good for short walks, not too comfy for longer walking, i.e. going out to dinner. For me, I really like the thong sandal style and look...... To each his own..... Take care.... sf
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    I had always been interested in wedge sneakers myself, but couldn't bring myself to pay so much for the Dunk SkyHi wedges... Fortunately, I found the Converse Lux MidWedge sneakers at their outlet locations for no more than $30 each! The wedges are no more than 3", but they are super comfortable.