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  1. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    Thanks! You deserve some new heels too! I'm heading to DSW later. Now that it is spring, I'm thinking I deserve some strappy heels as well.
  2. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    Exactly. The real irony is, Will Munny's famous line, "deserve's got nothing to do with it", is actually a false statement, because he did in fact feel Little Bill "deserved" what was coming to him, just as he thought most people who got shot "deserved it", except for maybe his buddy Ned, and that prostitute. Munny is about settling scores, so in essence, "deserve", at least however that is defined in Munny's mind, has everything to do with getting pumped full of lead! One of the main reasons he showed up in that town (aside from the little fact that he needed money), was because he thought that Quick Mike and Davey Boy needed to get what was coming to them, for harming the prostitute. You see, deserve has EVERYTHING to do with it, no matter how we justify it, or even if we downplay the significance of it, to satisfy our own minds. Most humans, (and many other animal species) primarily act out of greed and vengeance. Two of the most powerful motivating forces known to exist. Sure, there are those humble, well-meaning folks who mostly act out of charity, but I suspect even many of them, are capable of acting out of retribution if someone they care deeply about was harmed or slighted in some way. I know many otherwise meek, humble, generous, and good natured people, who have a mean streak, a mile long, that seems to come out of nowhere, once they or someone they love are crossed! i suspect that what people feel they "deserve" is one of the largest factors contributing to our growing entitlement society! Everyone wants everything, and they want it now, and they want it for free or next to nothing. If they can't get what they want, it's someone else's fault, and it's time to start trashing stuff. Deserve has everything to do with what is going on in society! Corporate fat cats feel they deserve millions in bonuses for running companies out of business, and entry level workers feel that they deserve $15.00 an hour, with no experience or education, all, for flipping a hamburger, and screwing up your order, because they didn't pay enough attention to detail to see that you asked to "hold the mustard", yet they trimmed out your burger with mustard only! I would think the customer who is paying ten bucks for a burger, fries, and soda, deserves to get it the way it was ordered, yet what he gets in return, is the opportunity to wait around and waste more precious time, while they try to figure out what happened, and remake the order. So that customer, if smart, gives the establishment what they "deserve", for hiring incompetent, help, by not giving them business in the future. It's ALL about what everyone deserves! That being said, I feel that I deserve to go out and buy some new pumps later!
  3. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    It does, when one is also entitled to it!;-)
  4. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    Because I deserve to!
  5. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    To quote Shyheels..."because".
  6. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

  7. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    I did not say that I "wanted" it to be dropped. I said I "would have dropped it". There's a difference! I'm not the one who necessarily "wanted" it dropped...everyone else was! However, I would have dropped it, if no one replied. So my question is, why on earth, would anyone keep responding, if THEY wanted it dropped? I'll go all day! I'm a tenacious mo fo!!!
  8. LuvsStiletto

    Shopping for heels: try them on?

    I agree! I've always had good experiences at DSW. I will sign up for the discount card the next time I am in the store. I would have done it that day, however I was running late, and did not want to take the time at the checkout. Purchasing and trying on women's shoes is much more fun, and exhilarating! I love that moment, when a sales associate realizes that you are purchasing heels for yourself, either when they ask, and you explain it to them, or when they first notice that you are wearing heels or trying on a new pair. There's just something about that split second, when it registers with them, that you are getting them for yourself, that feels like a rush! It is amplified, when they signal acceptance, and begin helping you find what you are looking for. In all the years that I have been heeling, and trying on women's shoes in stores, it has pretty much always been a really positive experience. I did have one sales associate (a guy) in a Baker's store back in the early 90's, who gave me a strange look when I was trying on a pair of pumps, but he did not say a word; it was more like a raised eyebrow sort of thing, and after that, he just went about his business. The female associates have always been more than helpful and willing to discuss their preferences when it comes to the heels they wear. It's much easier to discuss heels with women, than most guys think, especially if they know you also wear them. I think the part that I enjoy the most, is when a female associate that you have seen many times prior, wearing flats each time, suddenly is wearing stilettos on your next visit to the store. There's something about a woman whom you've only known to be a wearer of flats, and then you see her in heels. It is hard to describe, but I have always liked that moment, when I discover a woman whom I've seen many times before, never in heels, and alas, I see her again, and she is in heels! Maybe it is because as much as I enjoy wearing them, I really do love seeing heels on women as well.
  9. LuvsStiletto

    Shopping for heels: try them on?

    I purchased a pair of pumps at DSW recently. The ones I wanted were in the back of the store, so I headed there to try them on. Trying them on was pretty uneventful, as there were not many people in the store at the time. There was one sales associate wandering around, and I'm pretty sure she saw me take a box from the stack and open it, and she may have also seen me try on the pumps, however, she was a few rows away, and never made an effort to work her way towards me and ask if I needed any help, so I just tried them on, boxed them up, and walked to the register at the front of the store. The cashier was a female, in her mid 50's, I'd say. She was also a heel wearer! I caught a glimpse of her black, single sole 4" stiletto pumps on the way into the store, when she was out from behind the cashier counter, helping another employee with something. As far as I could see, she was the only female employee in the store, who was wearing heels. She opens the box, checks to see if both shoes are the same size, then boxes them up again, and asks if I have a DSW member discount card (which I don't, but probably should...). She was one of those overly pleasant types, who felt the need to make a lot of idle chit-chat and ask numerous questions, in an effort to pass the time, as she cashed out my purchase. It's not that I don't like pleasant people, but I'm not one to share a lot of personal information with someone I don't know, and when I'm in a rush (as I was that day), I'd rather just have a smooth, efficient transaction, without being put through the third degree. However, it is what it is! As she's getting ready to put the box into a bag, she looks up at me and says, "I bet she'll love these!". Out of all the random comments and questions she tossed at me, THAT was the one I had been waiting for! I looked her in the eye, and replied, "she already has a pair; I liked them so much, I decided to come in, and get some in my size." Without missing a beat, she says, "well you both have good taste, this style is on my wish list, but I may not wait for hubby to buy them for me. I think I'm going to have to purchase them myself". That was the perfect opening to ask if she planned on getting a pair for him, too, and although, even if he isn't a heel wearer, I know she would have played along, and had a good laugh, but for some reason, I chickened out, and did not go there. The experience was proof that most of these sales associates are used to men purchasing heels, either for their wives or girlfriends, or for themselves. She did not seem surprised or taken aback whatsoever, by the fact that I mentioned they were for me. It was if she had had the same interaction with male customers 1000 times before. Which she probably has! I say, go in, try them on, and have fun with it. Life is too short to worry about what strangers think about a guy in heels!
  10. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    I would have dropped it LONG ago, but people keep responding to my last posts, reiterating what I already know (or what has already said by others, as though they are telling me something I don't already know, just to "sound good" and "police" the thread! If people truly want to drop it, then by all means, let's not reply to what I'm writing now, and let's get onto a different topic altogether! Because if people keep responding, I'm going to answer them! I can pretty much guarantee, someone will reply to this, saying the same thing you, and a half a dozen others before you, have already said!;-)
  11. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    Evidently, there is an assumption, that just because one doesn't agree with a rule, that they must have a desperate desire to do it. I'm glad so many people feel the need to remind me, that this is a "rule"! Oh, no...IT'S A RULE!?!?! Let me be clear... I have no desire to post in the girls' forum! Never did, never will!!! As stated BEFORE....that doesn't mean I can't disagree or have an opinion, and it doesn't mean, that just because I think the rule is ridiculous, that I am "desperate" to do it!!! The two are not mutually exclusive. I thought I had made that clear, in an earlier post, but I guess not. If people didn't express their opinions, or dissent when they don't agree with something, this world would be a sorry place! At least, much sorrier than it already may be! I totally understand it's the "rule", and that I am here voluntarily, however, I'm no sheep! If I don't agree with something, I say it!
  12. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    It's not causing me ANY pain at all! Like I said, I just began to find the whole thing wholly ridiculous and profoundly ironic and amusing!
  13. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    You're right! It's his forum, and he can do what he wants with it. That doesn't mean others are not entitled to an opinion about it, though. I looked back at the post history of the female only forum here. It's more of a case, that there were not many women participating there, to begin with, than it was, that hoards of women got "chased away". We are talking literally, about a handful of women...about as many as currently post in the guy's forum now. The gals have had a forum all to themselves, ever since the rule got implemented, and their forum barely gets any use. There are a total of 21 pages of activity in the female forum, compared to 163 in the male forum! This appears to be a case of guys "wishing" women were more of an active part of this site, then they ever have been, or would have ever been intended to be..."fantasy" compounded with "night and shining armor syndrome", where guys rush in, to "save" women from guys asking how women feel about guys wearing heels...as if the ladies needed "saving" from something very few were barely participating in, to begin with! The more I read and look back on the history of this whole thing, it becomes more clear, that this is about a bunch of guys who want to get a "special star" on their homework...ie. brownie points from the flocks of ladies who are not even present, yet desperately wishing for women to have their own set of crayons, so to speak, so we can all sit around and read what types of heel related topics they post amongst themselves, unencumbered by droves of aggressive, thoughtless heel wearing guys, who may have had a few questions about a female perspective on heels, but drove them ALL away! Except, it didn't really drive them all away, because there were never many to begin with, and what few there were, are posting in the for everyone section and in the guy's section, because there is nothing going on in the female forum, even though they have had it all to themselves, for a while now. I just think the whole thing is more laughable, than anything else, because it is so evident how desperately guys want ladies to be part of a site, that by and large, they were never interested in to begin with. It's kind of funny, because it just points to the fact that guys are more approval seeking than women these days, and clearly need to be the knight and shining armored defenders, of what is quickly becoming the stronger sex (women do and wear whatever they want, and ask not for permission, or make apology. They wanted to start wearing pants, they did it! They wanted to start wearing heels, they did it! They wanted to start wearing male cummerbunds to formal events, they did it!) Meanwhile, guys are like, "is it ok if I wear 1.5" block heels to work?" The irony is truly uncanny!
  14. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    I never said I, myself wanted to post in the female forum, only that males not being allowed to post in that forum, is a double standard. I am of the mindset that there should only be one forum, for anyone to post in. Imagine the outcry, if women could only post to other women on Facebook, but men could post to whomever they wanted. Like I said in my previous post, it's pretty much back to the way it was originally, because the few women who post, post in the guys' forum, because they have no one to talk to in their own, so having a separate forum for them, that men can't post in, without getting "dinged", just seems totally pointless to me, which was the point of my original comments. I could care less about actually posting in there, myself, but that does not mean that I didn't observe how ridiculous the whole thing is.
  15. LuvsStiletto

    Am I in the wrong forum?

    All I'm saying, is that they have had their own "girls only" forum for some time, and it hardly gets used, even though men are not allowed to post. What few females do decide to participate on the site, end up posting in the guys' forum, because there is nothing going on in their own. Hence my point...a certain number of females and a certain number of males will participate, despite the restriction. I find, that most women who wear heels, don't feel the need to come into a male dominated website to discuss high heels with other females. Females have the luxury and benefit of wearing heels pretty much wherever and however often they wish, without much thought. Though many may love to wear heels, or love how wearing heels makes them feel or look, to them, wearing heels is merely a societal and functionally accepted part of being female. In other words, to women, wearing heels is about as big of a deal, as wearing lipstick, or coloring their hair. They may casually mention they bought a new pair of heels to a girlfriend, but most don't feel the need to get into a forum, to specifically discuss heel wearing with fellow females. Sure, some hard core females who are addicted to heels may, but the vast majority don't or won't, hence why you don't see many females on the site. Guys are here for the acceptance, the comradery, and the support, that most women don't need when it comes to wearing heels, because they wear them whenever they want, with little to no fanfare. It's no big deal to them. As for fashion...it's basically the same thing, most are not coming onto a male dominated heel site, to discuss heel fashion, with mostly guys. They have their own forum on this site now, and there are a handful of posts from within the last five years, which pretty much proves my point. I'm just calling a spade a spade. HHP is a great place, but let's not fool ourselves, most of the reason this site exists, is to have a place for GUYS to discuss heels! Sure, females are welcome, but the stats pretty much speak for themself. And no matter how you slice it, or try to justify the rationale as to why guys were disallowed from posting on the female page, it still boils down to being a double standard. I remember a time, when pretty much all topics about high heels were discussed by both men and women on the experience project website, and it really wasn't a problem. If any males on this site were guilty of not being civil or kind to females' posts back in the day when they could post in the female page, then maybe then, those males should have been reported, marked, or blocked, or whatever, but to totally keep guys from posting is a double standard. Again, there's nothing going on in the female forum anyhow, so what few females are active here, are posting in the guy's forum, which puts the whole thing back to the way it originally was, anyhow. It's just my opinion, but the whole thing just seems totally pointless, no matter how well intentioned it may have been. The net result, puts it back to the way it was, and there are still very few women participating on the site, despite the fact they have their own forum, no matter how badly guys here want to pretend that masses of women want to come onto a site largely regarded throughout the internet, and male heeling world, as a place for guys to discuss heeling with other guys, to talk heel fashion with other women, who instead of being here, are out and about wearing heels.

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