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  1. I think that OTK boots will absolutely be the go to uniform for this winter!
  2. Absolutely understand….I’m very new to sharing my love of boots externally….hope to chat soon.
  3. Not a million miles away….do you ever meet up?
  4. Thank you for posting a reply. I’m in Wiltshire so depending on which part of the South Coast you may be quite near. I’ll post some more boot pictures soon.
  5. Working from home has totally changed my boot wearing. Happily I can now do this most days in comfort and my walking in heels has dramatically improved…..practice makes perfect!
  6. Thankyou Shyheels….I also have some Fernando Berlin knee boots as well…just uploaded a photo to my album. Do you like the style?
  7. Hi I’m Dave from the UK. I’m happily married and been a boot wearer for 30 years….mostly behind closed doors but occasionally drive in boots and go for short walks. I’ve always viewed as a guest but now want to meet like minded people as life is too short! Hope to chat with you soon. Dave
  8. Hi I’m new here, is there anyone from Wiltshire or adjoining counties?
  9. I visit many building sites with my work…not sure I would get away with wearing this outfit! Or get away with this one either…..
  10. Hi to you all! I tend to mostly wear thigh boots or chap boots when I work at home and knee boots when I’m driving….knee boots with a 3” heel. My thigh and chap boots have 4” heels. Here is a picture of my comfy Fernando Berlin thigh boots
  11. That’s a very classy look NrthEastHeel. I do like long brown boots.
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