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  1. Try it out and play with it. :-)
  2. Now enabled, new feature, see how it goes.. Feel free to try it out and play with it. Any questions or issues, drop a reply in here, I have opted to be notified of replies here.
  3. Welcome back. I found your old posts and merged them into your new account..
  4. Indeed. People quoting an image, or worse, a post with 10 images where each image is 3mb (This was done recently) and then people keep quoting the entire post many thread pages later means each page load = 30mb minimum... (Was closer to 70mb with all the other crap people kept quoting, plus, it just makes reading it all a horrible pain in the backside as people then have to keep scrolling forever to get past the stuff they have already seen.
  5. There is such a thing as "Too much information" Ergh...
  6. No, of course it doesn't, who told you it does?
  7. I guess you can sit facing a wall?
  8. Nope because: A. Those websites go down quicker than the sun in winter and vanish faster than a dodgy market trader at the first sign of a trading stands visit. B. This also means that the links can potentially be replaced with inappropriate content or malware which then show up as coming from this website and not the dodgy image hosting site that gets sold to hackers in the same way Android apps do. If you upload it here, it stays here forever, doesn't get replaced for malware and doesn't need to be checked by mods & admins that we dont have. Yep, I'm getting real bored repeatedly removing them all and leaving behind the "Stop quoting the images too" message. Seems its not being seen or just being ignored.
  9. Definitely ditch those gloves. They give an air of "Seedy / Serial killer" that you may not want... The rest seems ok although you obviously cant sit down in that outfit without things getting VERY inappropriate instantly..
  10. There is no such thing as "unlimited space nor "unlimited bandwidth". They dont exist. All of the big name hosts, they all oversell the crap out of shared servers and will give you about 10% max CPU usage before shutting you down and certainly will never, ever given a website 100GB of monthly traffic and 20GB of space with 200% CPU usage.. I'll also add, you need to stop trying to advertise your email address in your profile, I really dont have enough hours in the day to babysit you! Your 1 click away from a permanent ban.. Looking at the montly traffic shows a pattern that matches the bigger image uploads. Around April/May 2016 the site was using around 40 to 45GB a month of traffic, then it started rising and 12 months later, in April 2017 its up to 75GB a month and by Nov 2017 its peaking at 99GB a month of traffic. Don't forget, it take a LOT of memory and CPU power to deliver 99GB a month of database driven content. Its in the 90's every month now, so monthly data transfer is now more than double what it was 3 years ago. Jan 15 it was never more than 30GB a month, at its peak, averaging around 15 to 25gb up to that point. So were now 3 times the monthly traffic of 4 years ago. Averaging around 14k to 19k page views per day.
  11. Perfectly said. Sadly for every 1 person taking a picture of themselves out in the real world, far too many are hiding away in their bedrooms taking 1000 pictures of their feet, thinking anybody cares about it. In 15 years, I "think" I can count on just my hands, how many members actually "Just get on with it" instead of hiding indoors.
  12. Well, I have repeatedly asked, spent ages re-editing peoples pictures then emailed them to ask them to keep the sizes down and its just getting daft now. Because people are uploading directly from their phones, people are literally snapping with their phone camera and uploading full size. This is not rare, its fast becoming the norm and file uploads are getting to be over 3mb per image, 90% of the time. Some members like yourselves are nice enough to reduce their file sizes prior to uploading but phone cameras just make it far too easy for people to be lazy and do nothing, they just expect it to be somebody else's problem. The last time I went through them, I deleted over 100 images that had been uploaded within the last weeks that were all 3mb or more. A few were close to 10mb. It has absolutely nothing to do with people viewing them on their phones or people mobile phone data plans, it has everything to do with the storage and monthly traffic that I pay for. I have asked, I have helped, emailed and its just being ignored. Oh and yeah, I do know full well that dimensions and file size are not directly related. Very well aware of that. As for living in the 90's, I dont think so. In the 90's, on dialup, 100kb was the equivalent of what people are doing today by uploading 10mb attachments, or 1 page of posts that had 45mb of images attached to it less than a week ago. I had to delete every single image in every post on a thread. 100kb per image is plenty to keep things fast and the bills down. I literally had to order new memory for the server last week at a cost of £150+vat to stop things grinding to a halt.
  13. Annoyingly, not quiet., hence my asking... I can specify gallery image sizes, but images attached to posts, I can only specify total size of the post itelf, not a "per picture" size. Have now just changed it so that it wont accept anything over 100kb or 800 x 600.
  14. I'd like to think it wasn't even a "thing", they just did it and so be it... It didn't need "accepting" as they didn't view themselves as doing anything wrong or having anything wrong with them?
  15. Today I've seen a member post that he has been out with his "accepting" girlfriend and have seen others say "My accepting wife"... Why does your footwear have to be "accepted"? I wish everybody would stop using these derogatory terms to describe what you put on your feet like you have some sort of disease! What terms do you personally use and/or have seen others use that create negative images that shouldn't exist?
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