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  1. Certain words used in posts will cause a post to be held back for moderation. Just to ensure topics dont veer off into unwanted subject matter for the website.
  2. Then it is working exactly as intended. Because its not reference information, people dont really need to see everything from the last 15 years worth. You can of course go find it if you so desire, as info here is somewhat organised, whic is a huge beneft over any social media platofrm, ever, but the website is deliberately setup not to show everything, only a certain amount. Case closed then.
  3. Is your wife a member here? Are we ever going to see entries of you?
  4. Which is it? No results or just less than Google does? Is it working and only returning things that are recent and relevant or not returning any results at all? A smudge of clarity would be marvelous.
  5. Hi Folks So instead of a "Legs and Heels" contest, this year I thought we could hold a "Best Dressed (In heels)" Member contest instead. Max of 1 entry per-month of no more than 2 pictures. No pictures in bedrooms/toilets! (Thats just creepy) Bonus points for full body photo More bonus points if photo is in public. Competition open to all members. No pics of just your feet. Picture must have been taken in 2021. In Jan 2022 the Winners will be announced. Hopefully, if the world hasnt destroyed itself by then, I'll be able to send the winner and a runner up a little thank you gift.
  6. So I'm looking to re-instate membership ranks, make things a little more fun where possible. What would you all like them to be called? 0 = Voyeur 1 = Comfy Loafer (Many were familiar with this when the community first started) 100 = ? 500 = ? 1000 = ? 1500 = ? 2000 = ? 3000 = ? 4000 = ? 5000 = ? More than 5000? What's the highest possible rank you could expect to ever reach? Go...
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