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  1. Indeed! Well said. Some people come here and make long term friends and stick around, some come here and use it as a lauch pad and once they realise they can do this and there is nothing to fear, off they go... Some sadly, mostly females, dont stick around for long because of all the guys who creep on them. Far too many, far too often. They literally make it impossible for any real women to even want to hang out because they too busy thinking with their pants... I've removed hundreds and hundreds of them in the last 15+ years... So, Mike, either stick around and be a decent human, or dont... Both options avoid a lot fo headaches. But lack of time means headaches will just not be tolerated. I'd rather there were 20 good people here than 200 headaches. Quality over quantity all day long..
  2. Oh man, that could have been a great pun... "Hope the knee heels up soon" 👍
  3. Hiya Folks... Is there anything the members would like to see here at HHPlace in the future? Anything you think "It would be great if could do this or that or have X features or anything? To date, nobody has ever asked for anything that I can remember, but I thought I'd ask and see what comes of it. Question is, will I now regret asking 🤣
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