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  1. Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to HHPlace. I think your choice of username is really not going to help your situation. It will simply encourage you and others to think of you in that manner. If you want to change it, let me know.
  2. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    So your actually telling us that the heels ARE more important, but asking us how do you convince her that they are not? Are you for real? What kind of person puts the shoes first and the person second? Go back and read your introduction too, you clearly dont care who you meet, you are more interested in a pair of shoes.. Nobody wants to be in any relationship where they are second place to something they own or wear.
  3. Hello from the US!

    OOOHHHHHHHHHH KAY!!!! HOLD ON A MINUTE! Guys, seriously... Did we just let somebody awesome in?
  4. Hi Guys So after receiving several messages from users about the possibility of a legwear forum, a cleanly run one that isnt a bolt on of some marketing company, and is managed properly, I'm just dropping a quick question to see how many others would be interested? Yep or Nope?
  5. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Hi @_Boot_lover_ Are you able to re-post these pics but keep the pics less than 512kb each? Currently, just your 1 post is 18mb+ worth of images, as each of the 5 pics is almost 4mb each..
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    How big are the images? (File Size) Ideally, aim for 512kb or less. Anything over will "likely" and "possibly" be removed.
  7. Goodbye from Kittyinboots

    He is fine. Things change, people change. Always welcome here, anytime...
  8. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    I think its important here to also mention that warning points are not a witch hunt. Currently, they do stay on the members record indefinately, because when they were introduced, it was the only way I could keep track of who the wasters were and let them hang themselves, so with enough diligence and patience, they did, and they were gone. Its actually the exact opposite now and has totally acheived what it was used for, in getting rid of the trash and making nice folk mindful of personal space for the ladies. It may now be time time to adjust the warning points so that they expire after 12 months? Good long term members are not going to be banned for hitting 10 points, heck we're all human, we make mistakes, but now, thats all it is, a mistake, and not some bonehead who thinks its amusing to post pictures of himself in a thong and stilettos in the girls forum asking for a date.. (Sadly that did happen several times) Does this sound right?
  9. My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    @Huhwhat Apologies but a lot of your images had to be removed, as most were too big (File size). They need to be 512kb or less, but yours were 3.5mb+ each.. If you can re-size the files by lowering the quality a bit, rather than the image dimensions you should be fine, then repost them.
  10. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    If using the "All activity, it tells you which section the post is in that you are about to reply to: PSA
  11. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    The problem stems from guys not giving the ladies any space. Far too many just pile into things without looking nor thinking, as is STILL evident today. The problem hasnt gone away, but it is now far less common as people are far more mindful of others, and a LOT of the guys who were very disrespectful were simply banned, as many of them were just jerry springer stars in the making. These days it simply happens by accident, not by malicious intention, so why ban anybody? 1 warning point is often enough to ensure most have a second look before posting, and those who keep ignoring it, well, they wont last long, as several of yesterdays male members accumulated 7 points and a 2 week ban, many are repeat offenders. There are just not enough hours in the day to babysit adults, so the logic these days is simply "Behave or be elsewhere" Every time I have to go into mod mode, and start dishing out pathetic points infractions for stupid stuff, its time I cant spend doing actual admin stuff, like checking the awaiting signups to let the real people in and blacklist the fakes and spammers, or emailing people to tell them why I had to delete some of their images for being over 23mb+ per picture...
  12. EU42 = UK8, Not a 9 to 10.
  13. Youtube. What A Resource!

    Luke, do yourself a favour here... READ what I have said, and it also seems that what others are saying too is 100% spot on. "Step down and give others a shot"? There are no "others".. The community has only 1 admin, as the "others" that we used to have turned out to be 2 faced, and caused more problems than they helped with. I often found myself having to undo things moderators did as they were extremely heavy handed in dishing out punishments that were just nuts. I dont care for punishments, bans or any more rules than absolutely neccessary. Keep things simple is the preferred way. I do however get pissed off when people cannot have any sense of self decency, or self regulation, in how they behave as part of a "community" in that we all work together, yet some people still have that "Well its your job" mentality, as you have clearly displayed here. Please, go read what I have written because it answers every single comeback you have posted, which only demonstrates that you have not read what I wrote, and what others are telling you. Start behaving like a community and not like a "its somebody elses job to cleanup after me" or find somewhere else, its extremely simple. Follow what HHPlace is actually about, and if you see something that doesnt fit in, for gods sake dont copy it, use your brain and report it. Oh, and thank you to the people who sent me PM's today thanking me for stepping in to keep HHPlace a family friendly and outwardly "fashion orientated" place, your PM's mean a LOT :-)
  14. Hello from newbee

    Hey, welcome to HHPlace. Nice of you to drop in an intro too, awesome. Hope you enjoy your time here at HHPlace and get to make some new friends.