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  1. I'm not trying to control what anybody writes and nobody said anything about rules except you. Shyheels has his opinions as does Kneehigh's, however, it seems that Kneehigh's side of things is coming across as rather annoyed maybe that somebody doesn't see things his way? Have all the heated discussion you like folks, I'm all for it, delve into whatever you want, but have your pros and cons, but lets not turn into snowflakes and start reporting posts/threads just because 2 guys are having some banter over a matter, and lets not start bashing somebody because they don't share your views of social media. If your going to bash somebody, at least do it over something that is worthwhile, like highly inappropriate images being posted or something....
  2. Tech

    Chilling in my hotel room with my boots on

    Well done :-)
  3. Guys, you each have your own thoughts and opinions, but if you let the opinions of others stop you from being yourself, then you will never, ever achieve anything. Just agree that you both are not on the same page, and co-exist without trying to fight each other into believing your side. Lets not bombard the rest of this thread with anymore stats, figures or trying to persuade the whole world that they must accept something. Shyheels, be happy there is somebody in the world with a passion for what they do, and be happy for them, not discouraging... Kneehighs, quit bombarding us all with sales and stats, just enjoy being you, and that others here, no matter how "non-encouraging" are not here to put you off or run you down, the get it, they accept it, and lets leave it at that :-)
  4. Do you really think I have the time to babysit somebody who cannot be trusted to post sensible, childsafe images of themselves? Do we really need to see what is most likely to be your private parts? This is not the first time either, 6 points already, 1 more for innappropriate images = a ban... So, what should I do? Do I really need to ban you as you just cannot control yourself? Guys, quick reminder, READ the website rules, and the first post in this thread! If your crotch is visible, then what you are wearing is not enough! If you have boobs, your on the wrong website! Both will be deleted with points/bans.
  5. @kneehighs, you have your opinions, but seriously, do NOT start insulting others and demanding them to be grateful or having a go at them if they are not grateful. Really bad form. I cant help but agree with Shyheels, he does his thing, has his opinions, but he isn't having a crack at you or demanding that you be grateful for anything. If he wants to be sceptical, so be it, he can be whoever he wants, just as you can, and he shouldn't have to put-up with others being rude to him for it.
  6. Maybe you could explain what was so offending about my profile picture that I was awarded 5 points? It was a lower half with me in a latex skirt, stockings and heels. What was so unsatisfactory about it? Please explain. 

    1. Tech



      #10 / #21

      The fact that you even had to ask, then you did it publicly instead of via PM should also tell you all you need to know.

  7. Please update your email ASAP. Your emails are bouncing.

  8. #1. Update your personal information.

    This is why people get banned, when their emails start bouncing, and they ignore requests to update it.

    #2. Don't post "I'm back" messages on threads that are completely different topics, telling everybody you were banned.

  9. Tech


    Why don't you ask the owner of the video. That's the only person who can give you permission to use their footage.
  10. Tech

    Which bathroom do you use?

    Totally innappropriate subject matter. If you REALLY ever need to question which bathroom to use, just check in your pants. Regardless of what you are wearing, it is NEVER ok to simply invite yourself into a females personal space! The fact that you even post this publicly to ask.... OMG!
  11. Tech


    Making such a general, non-informative post is really going to get ignored. Nobody in their right mind would reply to such a post.. Try getting to know people first mate.. 14 Years a member and only 4 posts, all of which are very off-putting..
  12. Tech : Question. For years now I have received notes saying "  NAME --  has reacted to a post " etc. Has some one 

    sent a message or made a comment to me ? If so, Where is the comment , where do I find it ? I have never found

    One any where. If there is a comment that requires a response, I would not want anyone to think I am rude by not

    responding.  I am NOT computer smart.     spikesmike598360f79f8d2_DSCF5249(1).thumb.JPG.9d69dea3f9c00ed418c8e01235b8602a.JPG

    1. Cali


      On the top of the forum you should see a small bell. That's your notification place. Clicking the bell you should see what the notifications are. The envelope next to the bell is your email/message button.

    2. Tech


      A reaction can be anything from a comment to a "like", using the little heart icon below something you have posted.

  13. I'm going to let existing community members tell me what they think I should do with this thread.... Folks, feel free to post your replies or use the "Report" icon if you want to remain unseen.
  14. Tech

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome IGNS! Hope you enjoy yourself here at HHPlace :-)
  15. So its now been a week, and time to make it known to all, if you want to come on over to Legwear Place then come and join in. Tell anybody you know, share the link on other "cough cough forums/board" lol legwearplace.org

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