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  1. Your first ever post, in 7 years of being a member, and it wasnt even to drop in and say hi, no intro, just straight into the fetish stuff immediately! Really?
  2. Why not possible to send private messages to other members ?


  3. Why would you list them on the German eBay when your in UK? Given the extremely high price, do you not think showing the brand and pictures only of the shoes would be a better idea? You havent mentioned the brand at all, and nobody wants to see somebody elses foot in them which those pictures really dont look flattering at all. It looks like the price is just far too high, as they look very similar to shoes that sell for half that price?
  4. Hello from Malta

    HHPlace is not a dating website, and your first post is to ask for women to meet? Do you have any idea how creepy and weird that is? You need to get to know people first, then, and only then, will people decide if they want to meet their new friend!
  5. New Here

    Homosexual? Bloody hell, that word just fell right out of 1990! What the heck is there to be afraid of? Its human nature to call other people something, no matter what it is, people will label you one way or another. Gay, straight, grumpy, happy, idiot, intelligent, people will and do label each other. Unless that label is "Criminal" or "Terrorist", who gives a poop what it is... Nobody cares except for the person getting the label. As for being classified... Are you a top secret government project? Would you have to kill us if you told us? If you live in Russia or "The Bible Belt" part of the South, I could understand being thought of as "Gay" could cause you problems, but footwear is just footwear.. Them's just something to keep the street, off yer feet..
  6. Should everybody around her be focusing on her "flashy boots" or what she is trying to teach them? Is it appropriate to teach in party attire, espcially if said attire carries sexual connotations? Over the knee is not the problem, its the party heels and platform that change the tone. That, is what appears to be the problem. Plus if she falls down the damn stairs, the school may well then be without a fantastic teacher?
  7. Please let this be a reminder, as it seems some people are just blatently ignoring the rules here. HHPlace is NOT a CD/TV/TG website, nor will ANY content of that nature be tolerated. Please ask yourself before posting any pictures, "Is any part of this picture fake, or unsuitable for viewing id a child was to see it? So GUYS, the next person to post images with fake breasts, or half naked, or crutches showing etc etc, will be banned instaly. 1 had just been banned for life for being a twat, and one has just had a final warning for posting pictures with fake boobs and innappropriate images. IF your pictures are "close to the edge", then you are already at the edge, so dont post it. There just isn't enough time in the day to moderate everything, so the quickest an easiest option is to simply ban those who are incapable of some civil decency.
  8. This is NOT a website nor forum announcement is it?
  9. Hi all from CA

    Do really I need to remind people that HHPlace is NOT a CD/TV website? Posting pictures of yourself with fake breats is highly innappropriate.
  10. A Quick Introduction

    HHPlace is NOT a "Guys wearing heels" community. Its a "Anybody who wears heels community". The guys who wear heels community is "heels4men.net"
  11. Hey, I like your boots/shoes...

    @Thighbootguy Be VERY careful with your posts.I've now had to waste an hour removing and checking this thread, for inappropriate images. Thanks for that, I wont get that time back or be able to "un-see" some of these things. Grrrr. I suggest you re-read over the rules/guidelines. @spikesmike What in the name of god is wrong with your waist? It looks like you have tried to shape yourself into a muffin? It looks sooo wrong, unnatural and weird!
  12. Email link wait time

    Bit fed up of having to tell people to READ THE RULES YOU AGREED TO! Am closing this thread, this account was banned for ignoring the rules.
  13. Email link wait time

    Thats ALMOST correct. Members validate and approve themselves, instantly, however, they then get put into a queue, awaiting admin approval and checking over their profile. This is made clear to them the second they validate themselves, however, so few ever bother to read anything they do, as 80% of the signups are ignoring the rules, or just using total BS details, and are just getting banned instantly. Every single moderator has tried to screw the website and piss people off, trying to weald "power" over members or just being plain nuts, and the admins, well there is only 1 who actually is a true saint who can actually be trusted 100%, but like me, life is currently demanding our attention elsewhere. So, coming over here to spend an hour to approve new members who have validated themselves is never at the top of the "to-do" list lately. However, opening a new thread in the tech support section sends me an email straight away, as does the website "Contact" form where you can also send a direct email to me. At this moment in time, the queue is currently empty.
  14. Sadly TBG, you were not correct. There was a reason you could see them, then couldnt, but it was not due to any faults with the website, it was simply coincidental timing of events. Try not to assume everything is faulty software, and that you are not the only person using this website.
  15. Am I in the wrong forum?

    Wow. <== The last word in this thread which is now closed :-)