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  1. No idea how the hell that happened, have moved the post to "For the guys".
  2. Chrome... Ergh.... Fast because all the functionality was removed... I've yet to find a reason to stop using firefox after 20 years, but I do keep repeatedly finding reasons not to use Chrome or Explorer. Thats not an opinion, thats just the exeriences my customers and I have regularly.
  3. So we simply delete history because it is of no use to 1 person? Not really going to happen.
  4. Jim Do any of these topics/conversations break the website rules?
  5. The reason you havent had a reply yet is because there are no "Admin"S" nor moderators, its just me, I had to kick all the mods out for their shitty attitudes and pathetic behaviour. I did just now edit your post to remove the email address (I dont like spam) So, I do indeed remember that you sent me an email a while back asking to have your username changed, but I can tell you now, I did NOT send you that, so god only knows where that has come from. Drop me a PM (Private messege) and we can exchange email addresses to figure out what the heck happened there... I cant promise a rapid response though, as I'm doing some seriously intense work place training at the moment which is almost 7 days a week, teaching and coaching, so dont get to look in here often.
  6. WARNING If anybody see's your browser trying to download a file called "Your_mortgage_payments.rar" do NOT download it. Simply cancel the download. If you do see it, can you please post a reply here and tell me what, forum advert you have on the screen at the same time, or ad's from any other websites and what browser.. So far, it seems to only affect Chrome, so am trying to work out if its a bug in Chrome that has been exploited..
  7. Ahhhh, indeed, how strange.. The insert attachment wqindow suddenly becomes the entire website page, as if you were browsing your attachments.. Apologies for the delay too, am soooo crazy busy right now, I'll definately be maxed out for the whole of August, not so much towards the end maybe.. At the first opportunity I'll get the devs to sort this out..
  8. Where? Which thread?, What OS and browser are you using
  9. Pro-active is always better than Re-active.. Cheaper too.
  10. Neither items are a necessity... I wasnt for 1 minute likening the OP to an overweight person in spandex.. Man you guys just cannot do banter can you... By the way, your profile is in need of updating. Sex/Location missing. Long overdue is an understatement.
  11. You have seen the first post in this thread right? "Poorly fitted shoes" / "Strappy sandals allow for larger sizes to squeeze in".. If you weigh 300 pounds / 200kg / Too many stones and whatever's, you can still fit into spandex.. You definately shouldnt expect to look your best, nor boast about about it, but sure, its doable.. Like skydiving without a parachute.. Possible, but definately a really bad idea... If you really have to squeeze youself into something poorly fitted because its far too small, thats natures way of saying "This will look great anywhere, just not on you"...
  12. Everything I say is sensible, it just depends on the level of understanding its read with :-)
  13. All said as Banter between friends... This is a hobby, not a job, so shouldnt be taken so seriously. Nobody was knocking the fact that he chose to wear heels, only the choice of heels.. No different to any of your mates rocking up in a new hat that just looks terrible.. You not having a crack at them for wearing a hat, but you will have a crack at them if it clearly doesnt fit properly at all and is covered in plastic fruit and noisy bells to go for a quiet drink in the pub... If your friend says they are getting rid of their crazy hat collection, you might say "Good idea, they looked mental anyway".. Your not saying "Yeah hats are not for you", your just saying "THOSE style of hats have there place, and you are never in it"
  14. Hi Megan Best thing to do is to simply bookmark that thread, or, as you have posted in that thread frequently, just bookmark the "My followed threads" page from your profile. You cant really bookmark the latest post, because it will always keep changing, so just bookmark this:
  15. "No one on this website has the right to criticise another member,s choice of footwear." Yes they do. Anybody is free to express their opinions or offer feedback or criticisms, Blimey, were not all wrapped in bubble wrap. If you are going to do something a bit controversial, and do it badly, don't expect the world to praise you for fear of offending everybody. I'm happy for others to criticise me, its how I improve and reflect on what I do, and I openly welcome it at all times. I constantly train to become a better person both in my coaching, teaching and all round. "Last year I posted a pair of me wearing a pair of heels and on seeing the photos I could see they didn't fit well. Another member on here also criticised me for wearing. them. He had no right to do so." NONSENSE, get a reality check, and quickly too... Everybody has the right to tell you what they think when you openly share your pictures. If you dont want to hear it, or want to absolutely gaurantee the possibility of anything that is not praise, then dont throw yourself into the spotlight, simple. Every member has the right to express their opinions. So long as nobody is attacking you or insulting you personally, then its all just banter. "Never criticise another person on here or in real life as you can be epected to be criticised back. No one's prefect." Wow, that has to be the most "hide in the cupboard" thing I have ever heard in all my life. What a sheltered like that would cause. A life without improvement, a life without new challenges and a life without any fun or reward. WOW... Seriously, this is just a crazy thing to say. Sure nobody is perfect, but without any feedback/criticism/opinions, how the heck can anybody be expected to improve? Were adults, and if you need everything sugar-coated for you, then you must be finding life itself pretty damn tough.. HHPlace is NOT the "Happy holidays BS" club where everybody has to be scared of offending anybody... So what if something looks like crap, and somebody tells you it looks like crap? Really, so what? Would you rather hear it honestly from somebody who understands what you are trying to do or would you rather be ripped to shreds in public and have all of your fellow friends face-palming because you just stuck another nail in the coffin of the cause by doing something so badly?