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  1. Indeed. Diversity is great, but changing the primary topic of content is far from ideal. This is not a community about "Men in makeup" nor is it a community about guys who dress as women". Quite the opposite. First and foremost, its a high heels footwear fashion community for all. I hope he doesnt leave too, but if the only thing he is interested in truly is dressing as a women or dressing in womens clothes, with no interest in heels, then maybe he has outgrown HHPlace? Your photo is not really correct either. So long as your not trying to look like the opposite sex, your f
  2. I have removed a "few" of your posts that were clearly just about womens clothing and nothing else, but these are not recent rules and are nothing new, but simply as you have correctly pointed out, recent moderations. People do veer off topic, some more than others, and naturally, it should be 100% expected that clothing is a part of footwear choice, that much should hopefully be obvious, but when things turn to "I'm all about femme clothing/items/makeup" etc and nothing else, then things have gone way off the rails. Funny because there is also a similar train of thought for most partners
  3. Nope. An administrative nightmare that I definately dont want to contemplate.
  4. Way off-topic is closer to it 🙂 We all consider Jeff a friend, hence his thread is still there, awaiting his reply and the chance to clean it up. Look at his first posts, then compare them to his recent content. The difference is night/day. Anybody else, that would have been wiped without a second thought. Heck I removed over 200 photos from the galleries recently, without so much as even notifying the gallery owners (No time for sending all those messages) Other content is fine "In context" but when the other content becomes the only content, then its gone off the rails. P
  5. There's nothing much to tell. the technical nuts and bolts, nobody really asks about often, just the odd "how do I" and the approvals of new members which is done manually to ensure spammers are kept at bay and thats it. The public stuff is all in the guidelines already. I pay the bills, press the buttons and try to get on with other things unless folks drive things off-track here and I either just happen to notice (Rarely) or somebody reports the posts as off-topic or innappropriate etc (In most cases). I try to just let you all "get on with it" so long as it all stays on-topic. Sad
  6. There really isnt. Why would you make that assumption? This is a very simple shared interest community, no agenda's, no politics, nothing "going on". Just keep the place on-topic and enjoy it. I dont understand why that causes so much friction?
  7. Works for who though? This is not a business, and if we dont experiment and try things, how will we ever know... Members came here for the content/topic, nobody asked them to join. A chance of some quality female members is far better than doing nothing and ensuring no chance. I'd always choose to try, and to fail, than to never try and gaurantee failiure. Every member here should understand that. Such a negative outlook is something I would not have expected to see from you. For anybody wondering, this thread is NOT permanently closed, I'm awaiting a reply from Jeff, so th
  8. It is indeed. Its very CPU intensive. Tried it several years ago and it was very problematic. Already been a facility since Feb. Click on your name in the top right, then "Settings" > Content View Bahaviour.
  9. None of this is about building an audience, nor cashing in on what you do, and the intent of the website has never changed. This is a place where all those with an interest in high heels can gather, but, it is not a place where members can change the outward apparance of the website to make it seem like a website for guys into dressing as women. That has been crystal clear for many years. Just like the very section you have highlighted, that still applies today. This is a high heels community, for everybody. If you were to post non-stop about dresses, skirts, painted nails etc,
  10. Jeff. Please read what has been written, clearly. Your thread has gone way off-topic. This is not about if you wear jeans or not, and I cannot understand how/why you even said that. This is not a "Guys in dresses" or "I want to dress like a woman" website. As soon as any member here starts to drive the site topic off-track, it should be addressed, but, as trustyworth moderators seem to only exist in fairytails, its just me doing everything, so I do have to play catchup, big-time, and the gaps between my visits are huge, so I do have to gate-crash and swing hammers around a bit as the
  11. 🤣 That curtains reference was actually aimed at everybody else except Jeff, we all know he's an out and about kinda guy. The only issue here is that this thread is now all about a guy in womens clothes. Its totally off topic now, and needs to get back on track with a huge re-wind cleanup.
  12. Nope, it isnt. Thats why heels4men" was started, to avoid exactly this statement! This is a high heels footwear community, for everybody, but sadly, the amount of men in dresses put-off any females joining at all. Something I drastically want to address/change. Its only due to lack of time that I havent been able to spend a week clearing out ALL of the unwanted threads/pictures and more. If your posts are NOT about High Heel fashion, then please do not expect them to remain and please do not post them. Lets not have anymore guys in plastic outfits hiding behind their curtains, its it
  13. Not always. Not every woman has long hair, breasts and wears full makeup! Was just a question based on an observation. Am quite surprised that a few people seem to have got a bit riled up over it. Not trying to cause any offence or upset either, was just a question, so Bubba can take a chill pill for starters This isnt a contest. How long somebody has been a member and how many posts they have made doesn't come with a free pass to do as you please. Nobody is getting dumped, kicked or told off, it was just an observational question. This is NOT a "Heels for guys, as guys"
  14. He certainly has the figure and the style to pull it off, and seems to be getting it just right too.
  15. Forgive my question but your signature says you dont want to look like a woman, yet here and in many posts, you look 100% like a woman. Have things now gone way beoyond heels and totally off-topic into full on "appearing as a member of the opposite sex"? Just asking because this is not a TV/TG/TS website, and any content of such, is far from ideal as it makes HHPlace look like its a TV/TG/TS website, instead of a footwear website for all.
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