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  1. Tech

    Understanding wife

    Dont lie to her, just be yourself. If you like something, it doesnt just happen overnight.. If you seriously think that all of a sudden one day your going to just suddenly have a liking for something and pretend like its new from scratch, and that she will believe this then you are VERY much mistaken. THIS is exactly why guys have problems with wearing footwear, because YOU make it into something it isn't. Your making an issue out of it, thus it is then an issue. If you make something normal into an issue then those around you will naturally think "what the heck is wrong with this guy".. Just live it as it is. "Hey hun, I like heels.... Cool?" and move on... If she has questions, answer them, and roll with it... The second mistake SO many guys make is to dive in head first with the fetish/outrageous heels, and thus its naturally thought of as some kind of sexual fetish, thus the wife will just freak out, naturally, through lack of understanding and time (Too much too fast).. Just rock in one day with some decent guy looking chunky boots, something that most women might think "Hmmm, not bad actually", tell her you like em and leave it at that... Do not, under any circumstances lie or try to pretend or make stuff up... It will destroy your relationship, and if you put your footwear before your partner, your insane! Oh and you havent "Asked the moderators" anything... No PM's from you at all... Ever..
  2. Tech

    Wow look at this dude's moves

    This is NOT a good video, not by a long shot.... Do we really want to give kudos to anything that re-enforces stereotypes?
  3. Before HHPlace started (In 2002) it was a delphi forums or something, one of those free ones, I forget its name exactly.
  4. He became a woman and went off to live his life as Tara.
  5. Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to us.... Happy Birthday dear HHPlace Community.... Happy Birthday to us.... HHPlace is today officially 17 Years old! The community has come a long long way in the last 17 years and knowing all of the original founders, one of whom was a good friend back then too when he passed the community over to me to look after (13 years ago) has been a lot of fun and at times, a bumpy ride... I only wish that in the last 17 years, wearing shoes would not still be such a taboo. You would actually be considered more of an oddball if you were barefoot! We can however celebrate that several members here are on a daily basis proving to the world that its actually not an issue and its simply the fear in your own heads that are holding you back.
  6. Tech : Where did I go wrong ?  I never intend to be sexually suggestive . Was it a photo I posted ?

    Can't even remember it . Help me out here so as not to make a mistake in the future .  spikesmike



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tech


      Oh, do you mean that youtube video?

    3. spikesmike


      Tech :  Yes , the u-tube video. Two guys talking about men wearing heels. My intention was to make the point 

      that there is/are those of us who DO wear high heels.      spikesmike

    4. Tech


      Pass, send me a PM about these things instead, this really isnt "Profile" content.

  7. Tech

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    See if you guys can keep the thread on-topic this time please.
  8. Tech

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    OK, so dont laugh, this is just getting stupid now. Google once again has written to me to state that this thread contains links to sexual content and is punishing the website for having links to "Sexual material" in this thread, so the only thing left to remove was the link to the YouTube video. I'll re-submit the review and see if its ok now, but Google are getting seriously OTT with this, I get at least up to to 3 of these a month for things that really are NOT sexual or even close. But, as the websites main source of loose change at best, we either like it or lump it. Grrr
  9. Tech

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Sadly folks Google has complained about this thread and has withdrawn advertising in this thread due to "Sexually suggestive content" or "Links to it". Annoyingly, they never ever tell you exactly what the problem is, so its up to me to "Go take a guess"... So have removed the highly unnecessary photo of Mike and if the problem still persists, then the link to the YouTube video may need to go too... If you really need to hand out "Business cards" to tell people "I'm not weird", then you kind of are, instantly. The best thing anybody can do is just do their own thing as if its an every day normality. The more you make a "thing" of it, the more weird it gets.
  10. Tech


    I had to edit your post. Yet again I'll remind you to keep what you do in private, PRIVATE and please, please use paragraphs and sentences otherwise reading your messages is almost impossible.
  11. I'm not trying to control what anybody writes and nobody said anything about rules except you. Shyheels has his opinions as does Kneehigh's, however, it seems that Kneehigh's side of things is coming across as rather annoyed maybe that somebody doesn't see things his way? Have all the heated discussion you like folks, I'm all for it, delve into whatever you want, but have your pros and cons, but lets not turn into snowflakes and start reporting posts/threads just because 2 guys are having some banter over a matter, and lets not start bashing somebody because they don't share your views of social media. If your going to bash somebody, at least do it over something that is worthwhile, like highly inappropriate images being posted or something....
  12. Guys, you each have your own thoughts and opinions, but if you let the opinions of others stop you from being yourself, then you will never, ever achieve anything. Just agree that you both are not on the same page, and co-exist without trying to fight each other into believing your side. Lets not bombard the rest of this thread with anymore stats, figures or trying to persuade the whole world that they must accept something. Shyheels, be happy there is somebody in the world with a passion for what they do, and be happy for them, not discouraging... Kneehighs, quit bombarding us all with sales and stats, just enjoy being you, and that others here, no matter how "non-encouraging" are not here to put you off or run you down, the get it, they accept it, and lets leave it at that :-)
  13. Do you really think I have the time to babysit somebody who cannot be trusted to post sensible, childsafe images of themselves? Do we really need to see what is most likely to be your private parts? This is not the first time either, 6 points already, 1 more for innappropriate images = a ban... So, what should I do? Do I really need to ban you as you just cannot control yourself? Guys, quick reminder, READ the website rules, and the first post in this thread! If your crotch is visible, then what you are wearing is not enough! If you have boobs, your on the wrong website! Both will be deleted with points/bans.
  14. @kneehighs, you have your opinions, but seriously, do NOT start insulting others and demanding them to be grateful or having a go at them if they are not grateful. Really bad form. I cant help but agree with Shyheels, he does his thing, has his opinions, but he isn't having a crack at you or demanding that you be grateful for anything. If he wants to be sceptical, so be it, he can be whoever he wants, just as you can, and he shouldn't have to put-up with others being rude to him for it.

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