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  1. I am trying to deal with this, but do remember, due to so many bad and untrustworthy mods and admins, there was only 2 of us left and the other guy has a very busy job working outdoors, so cant even use the site at all anymore.
  2. Rather than just having suspicions, which only EVER breed negativity, why dont you just ask and clear the air? Drop me a PM and I'll tell you. :-)
  3. Thats down to what you put in the post. Please keep your personal life, well, erm... Personal.
  4. No more politics, I just dont have the time to sit through all of it and start dishing out penalty points. If anybody so much as mentions politics or anything political, please just report it and do NOT respond to it. C'mon man... NOBODY wears a belt on the outside of a blazer!
  5. What exactly are you talking about? Please show me where it says or states that he is banned or not allowed to take part? Just over 2 years ago he got a slap on the wrist for posting innappropriate images and still has not bothered to acknowledge that. Its on him, nothing I can do. Nobody banned him.. I wish people would check their facts before reaching for the keyboard... Oh and I only saw this because rather than post speculation about me, somebody actually was decent enough to message me directly. Why do people always go for the negative first? You could have said "I might drop Tech a message, see if he has heard from him or find out whats up" Where are these 10,000 posts? He has 4179 content items... That includes PMs, pictures, comments on pictures, the lot...
  6. I've been called a lot of things in the past but never "A Feature" lol
  7. Steve.. Because its meant to be fun.. You were joking when you posted that right?
  8. Tricky indeed. I've only setup 2 so far, so anybody with 1 or more posts is at "Comfy Loafer" right now :-) As more levels / titles get added, they get assigned to those meeting the criteria..
  9. Of course it is... Its just for a bit of fun... Decorating your house is unnecessary, but people still do it because its nice :-) People earn different ranks (Titles) based on their input.
  10. So I'm looking to re-instate membership ranks, make things a little more fun where possible. What would you all like them to be called? 0 = Voyeur 1 = Comfy Loafer (Many were familiar with this when the community first started) 100 = ? 500 = ? 1000 = ? 1500 = ? 2000 = ? 3000 = ? 4000 = ? 5000 = ? More than 5000? What's the highest possible rank you could expect to ever reach? Go...
  11. Folks, let me please ask this 1 LAST time... Please can you STOP quoting peoples images. If you "Like" an image, please dont quote the entire post/image just to say "Like those". Instead, use the "Like" icon in the bottom corner of the post. This thread is at least 100+ pages longer than it needs to be because of this and even after I'm editing your posts to remove the quoted images, and leave behind a message to say so, some of you are just doing it again.
  12. Tech

    Clear Heels

    Depends on the persons feet too... So long as the feet are in good condition, then yeah why not.. They can look good with almost any outfit..
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