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  1. @Thighbootguy Be VERY careful with your posts.I've now had to waste an hour removing and checking this thread, for inappropriate images. Thanks for that, I wont get that time back or be able to "un-see" some of these things. Grrrr. I suggest you re-read over the rules/guidelines. @spikesmike What in the name of god is wrong with your waist? It looks like you have tried to shape yourself into a muffin? It looks sooo wrong, unnatural and weird!
  2. Bit fed up of having to tell people to READ THE RULES YOU AGREED TO! Am closing this thread, this account was banned for ignoring the rules.
  3. Thats ALMOST correct. Members validate and approve themselves, instantly, however, they then get put into a queue, awaiting admin approval and checking over their profile. This is made clear to them the second they validate themselves, however, so few ever bother to read anything they do, as 80% of the signups are ignoring the rules, or just using total BS details, and are just getting banned instantly. Every single moderator has tried to screw the website and piss people off, trying to weald "power" over members or just being plain nuts, and the admins, well there is only 1 who actually is a true saint who can actually be trusted 100%, but like me, life is currently demanding our attention elsewhere. So, coming over here to spend an hour to approve new members who have validated themselves is never at the top of the "to-do" list lately. However, opening a new thread in the tech support section sends me an email straight away, as does the website "Contact" form where you can also send a direct email to me. At this moment in time, the queue is currently empty.
  4. Sadly TBG, you were not correct. There was a reason you could see them, then couldnt, but it was not due to any faults with the website, it was simply coincidental timing of events. Try not to assume everything is faulty software, and that you are not the only person using this website.
  5. Wow. <== The last word in this thread which is now closed :-)
  6. No idea how the hell that happened, have moved the post to "For the guys".
  7. Chrome... Ergh.... Fast because all the functionality was removed... I've yet to find a reason to stop using firefox after 20 years, but I do keep repeatedly finding reasons not to use Chrome or Explorer. Thats not an opinion, thats just the exeriences my customers and I have regularly.
  8. So we simply delete history because it is of no use to 1 person? Not really going to happen.
  9. Jim Do any of these topics/conversations break the website rules?
  10. The reason you havent had a reply yet is because there are no "Admin"S" nor moderators, its just me, I had to kick all the mods out for their shitty attitudes and pathetic behaviour. I did just now edit your post to remove the email address (I dont like spam) So, I do indeed remember that you sent me an email a while back asking to have your username changed, but I can tell you now, I did NOT send you that, so god only knows where that has come from. Drop me a PM (Private messege) and we can exchange email addresses to figure out what the heck happened there... I cant promise a rapid response though, as I'm doing some seriously intense work place training at the moment which is almost 7 days a week, teaching and coaching, so dont get to look in here often.
  11. WARNING If anybody see's your browser trying to download a file called "Your_mortgage_payments.rar" do NOT download it. Simply cancel the download. If you do see it, can you please post a reply here and tell me what, forum advert you have on the screen at the same time, or ad's from any other websites and what browser.. So far, it seems to only affect Chrome, so am trying to work out if its a bug in Chrome that has been exploited..
  12. Ahhhh, indeed, how strange.. The insert attachment wqindow suddenly becomes the entire website page, as if you were browsing your attachments.. Apologies for the delay too, am soooo crazy busy right now, I'll definately be maxed out for the whole of August, not so much towards the end maybe.. At the first opportunity I'll get the devs to sort this out..
  13. Where? Which thread?, What OS and browser are you using
  14. Pro-active is always better than Re-active.. Cheaper too.
  15. Neither items are a necessity... I wasnt for 1 minute likening the OP to an overweight person in spandex.. Man you guys just cannot do banter can you... By the way, your profile is in need of updating. Sex/Location missing. Long overdue is an understatement.