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  1. I'm going to let existing community members tell me what they think I should do with this thread.... Folks, feel free to post your replies or use the "Report" icon if you want to remain unseen.
  2. Hello from the UK

    Welcome IGNS! Hope you enjoy yourself here at HHPlace :-)
  3. So its now been a week, and time to make it known to all, if you want to come on over to Legwear Place then come and join in. Tell anybody you know, share the link on other "cough cough forums/board" lol legwearplace.org
  4. Hello everyone

    Stilettoes or "heels"? I didnt say nobody wears heels due to back pain....
  5. Australian Business Man on High Heels

    Is he not already a member here? This guy is freakin awesome! (Trousers are a bit short though, looks school boy'ish)
  6. Hello everyone

    Nobody wears stilettoes for lower back pain... You want stability, not to create instability and walking on your toes in flimsy battered shoes.
  7. Donations

    So as a thank you, I'm creating a special "User group" for those who are very kind. "VIP Supporter" lasts for 30 days and has the following benefits over regular members: Dont have to wait 10 seconds to use the search again. Can use signatures without havingto have 50 approved posts/pictures. Signatures can have 2 lines of text and 1 link, instead of 1 line of text. Profile photo size can be 250kb instead of 50kb Private messages increase to 200 + attachments instead of 100 with no attachments. Editing your posts within 60 minutes will also now not show "Edited by" Does that sound reasonable as a thank you for supporting the community?
  8. Donations

    It does indeed.
  9. So on Monday, I'll link to the site publicly for all to see, if you want to get registered now to grab a preferred username, this weekend will be the last..
  10. Bump... Legwear site now up and running... PM me if you want to get in first and get your username secured. Am holding off on broadcasting the site URL for a bit just to give folk a chance to pick their usernames as I know a lot of you like to use the same ones.
  11. Is "reshaping my body" a new phrase for just plain old "lose weight"?
  12. Just a quick FYI that the site guidelines and terms of service have been updated. All that has changed is I have.. Removed the part about new members having a 10 post restriction. Added the contact us by "reporting the post in question" Added a section to differentiate individuals views from that of the community.
  13. Right folks... Its done... If you would like to get registered first, I'm keeping the URL secret for a bit to allow members here to register and secure usernames if they want to, plus, I'd also like your help in creating the structure.. So, if you would like to join, drop me a PM and I'll get back to you within 24hrs with the URL for you to register, get you approved and start setting out the shop so to speak...
  14. your opinion

    One thing that many seem to do, which in my opinion doesnt look too good is when people dont match the heels to their body shape. If you are carrying a few extra KG around, prancing about in wafer thin stilettos just looks odd. whereas if you match the style of the heel to your body shape it actually looks so much better. Chunkier folk also seem to crush the crap out of stilettos and they end up looking battered and akward.
  15. It seems several of you folks are exceedingly kind and have repeatedly asked about contributing/donating towards the community setup, so in response I have setup a donations app to allow donations to be made should you wish to. You can also enable the "annonymous" setting too if you do not want to be visible as a donator. A big thank you to those that asked and offered, it means a lot.

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