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    So today was the day for me to wear my boots outside my pants. I did a short 2 1/2 hour in public with my Nine West knee highs and these vegan leather pants as a test run. But today was a long one, 16 hours. I wore my JS Rollin knee high boots and vegan leather pants. First time wearing the JS boots and love them. Easy to walk in, easy to drive in and gorgeous!! Got lots of compliments on them, especially from women, but the most interesting comment came from a guy. "I wish I had the confidence to wear boots like that."
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    First, hello! Been a long time I've posted, and chilled in here. With the hot season gone, it's time for cocooning and web browsing has thus replaced working outdoors. That being said, I haven't stopped wearing heels, far from it. So, I wish to share with you my evolution, progression, gain of confidence, you get the point! I remember last year, having the urge to talk about my love of heels to my fellow coworkers. I work mostly with women, except for one guy who became a good friend. So, last year I told my friend and my boss about my love of heels, openly and without shame. I discovered then that what I believed a long time ago to be true was mostly false. I mean - and it seems like a century ago - that I let my fears be "the mindkiller". I did not feel judged, and telling my story to them made me more confident. So... this summer (I work outside 100% of the time), I decided that I'd on some occasions wear my heels in front of my friends, at the job (during lunch time or after work). I also shaved my legs starting in july, never to stop. (I have tattoos, they look great with my legs shaved, but let's be honest, big hairy legs with sexy sandals doesn't ring a bell for me ). My girlfriend and I had an evening with two of our collegues (and I passed the evening in my little high heels brown sandals). I have also started to wear my heels more frequently in public, like when going to the village, etc. Also, I frequently manicure now, (mostly dark colors). One of my biggest 'accomplishment' (am I spelling this right?) this summer was when I went shopping for heels, for my birthday. I wore my Steve Madden black booties, blue jeans and a black vest. I looked great and felt confident. I had looked thoroughly on Naturalizer's web site, and had my eyes on a few pairs. I had approx 140$ budget. So on this beautiful august morning, I park at the mall and see that it's really already buzzing with life. It was perhaps 10am at this time. A brief moment of panic comes through me, as I see all the people, but I take a slow, deep breath and kick myself. So i get out of the truck. First, I realise that even though I am quite agile in my heels, I am taking steps too long. I am walking too fast. So I slow my pace and walk towards one of the main doors. I open the door for a beautiful lady, who I am sure have noticed my boots. (They are not hidden by my jeans but they do not make the typical heel sound). I walk towards the center of the mall, I don't know where is the Naturalizer but I quickly find it. No customers, I go in. Not that it would have changed anything. I am there! So the lady comes out of the backstore, she's smily and welcomes me. I tell her that i'm looking for a new pair of high heels, I wear size 10 wide and would like to try a pair that I have seen in store. She asks me which, but alas there are not available in my size. We then look at the web site, and prepair the order for the heels I was craving, which they do not have in store also. Then, as we talk, she tells me she might have a pair in the backstore that a lady returned. So during the time she searches for it, I look at the beautiful shoes. I then saw beautiful sandals for my lady, and decided I would not be the only one to have a new pair of shoes. Marlene comes from the backstore with a box, with beautiful subtle sandals in them. I feel a little judged by another customer when I remove my soxes, thus revealing my blue nail polish. I try the sandals, and gosh! I feel like walking on clouds. I'm conviced. At this moment, there was a sale at Naturalizer : when you bought 3 pairs, you had 30% on all of them. So... I bought the sandals for my lover, and bought the other two pairs, the last one being shipping at my home. I had a wonderful shopping experience, and can't wait to return to this great place to buy new shoes or boots. This time with my lover, who was really happy with the gift I made to her. It felt great, it still does, I'm proud of all the steps that I've made. This forum was the starting point for all of this.
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    Today was a milestone of sorts. The office was going to be shorthanded as several people were taking today as a vacation, so I decided to wear my most conservative pair of heels to work. A pair of brown oxford style pumps I got from Payless (also one of my best fitting shoes). I hedged my bet somewhat by wearing bootcut jeans that partially covered my heels. No incidents to speak of over 8 hours, so that's a win. Stopped off to celebrate with a nice dinner, but not before changing into these Jessica Simpson stilettos. Plan to do some more shoe shopping over the holiday week...later..
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    Eh, it's actually a beautiful fall day for a change. I'm experimenting with wearing sandals a little bit longer into the season. Girls do it all winter long, why can't I? Plus, I wanted to wear the new sandals before the snow flies. Now? It's time for a costume change before the "traditional" service. Any rock star worth their salt has to have a costume change between sets! =))))) Aaaaaaand. . . Presto change-o!
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    This morning, I sung in the choir at the "contemporary" service. If we sing at this service, we usually don't wear choir robes. Also, I feel more comfortable wearing more casual clothing during this service, so today I experimented with something I like to call "grayscale." I wanted to wear my new gray sandals, so I found matching gray pants, a white sweater with gray accents worn over a gray t-shirt. I'm not sure about this look, but it's a look, I guess. I didn't have a lot of time to futz with it a whole lot. Why do I always seem to be in a hurry?
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    Jaunt #527, 11/23/2019: I know I’ve said this more times than I can count, but I truly mean it when I say I love to push the envelope in regards to what I wear and how I wear it, and this outing was perhaps one of my boldest. Over the last couple of years, give or take, I’ve come to enjoy wearing leggings as they make for a sharp look, especially with my long legs, now, I recall members here having said that for men to wear leggings, it was essential to pair them with a long sweater or similar top to cover the rear end and particularly the front because of the, er....plumbing, and here was where I did the pushing as I eschewed that long top on this outing. The ensemble in question was a black faux leather moto jacket from Sears over a regular length turquoise turtleneck, black, velvet lined leggings, a black handbag and new footwear, Nordstrom brand BP “Nolly” black faux suede ankle boots. Sporting 3 1/4 inch block heels, the boots, which I ordered a month ago were both stylish and comfortable as I broke them in on the outing. But I digress, this day was all about taking perhaps my biggest fashion related dare since the first time I wore a miniskirt. To be a freestyler means being bold enough to wear women’s clothing in public, and I took things to a different level by exposing my behind and front for all to see, and I was perfectly at ease doing so, I mean, what’s the big deal, if anything, I take pride in knowing I have the booty to make leggings work, and that I had zero problem putting it on display. Having driven into town on a mostly sunny and brisk mid morning, there was more hustle and bustle than usual for a Saturday thanks to a half marathon taking place near the Art Museum area, because of that, there were lots more people on the streets having finished their run, lots more people to see me, and that upped the sense of excitement I felt as I strolled down to One Liberty Place for lunch after a stop at my friendly neighborhood comic book shop, making sure I put as much sway in my hips as possible for a man to do, after all, I try as hard as I can to not just sit, stand, but walk like a woman, and that is great fun for me. So, did I attract any attention with my ass on full display? Short answer: nope, not one second glance, dropped jaw or double take the whole time I was downtown, almost two hours. However, that wasn’t the end of my day. Back to the car, I drove over into South Jersey and the Cherry Hill Mall where I went to JCPenney to pay my bill, then I did some wandering in the women’s department where I bought three pairs of Hue black tights, then, I went on a casual stroll through the mall, crowded to the gills with shoppers, and again, no one paid me any attention which was rather cool to say the least. To be honest, I thought I’d get at least one glance, but I didn’t, of course, I have no way of knowing if people turn to stare back at me in passing, but, I have no control over that. The important thing was that I had a lot of fun wearing leggings with a regular length sweater, carrying myself like what I wore was no big deal, and that’s because it wasn’t, plain and simple. While I live for skirts and dresses (not necessarily in that order), leggings are now a full blown part of the rotation because I look DAMN good in them. More to come....
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    Nice low sandals and toenail polish. Manicure are for your fingers and pedicures are for your toes. Don't let the other customers "judgment" stop you. I have been coloring my toes for over a decade now. Fingers for over two years. When I feel I'm being judges I try to turn it around and directly ask "Don't you just love them?" If they say "No" I come back with something like "Will I do and that's what matters."
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    Agreed, I usually carry a pair of sneakers as a backup in my car, just in case, so i bring socks as well. I knew my office was going to be on the cold side, so I just wore them this time to keep my feet warm (notice I removed them for the pumps, if you catch me wearing socks with pumps, you have my permission to shoot me...). No one can see them, so I didn't care about the clash. They go great with my pink sketchers though, and I have worn those to the office often. These style of pumps are a good 1st timer heel for those wanting to try heeling in public. Resemble wingtips at a glance, and are not too noisy when walking on hard surfaces. They are surprisingly comfortable too. A somewhat quick outing today, went through the car wash, Walmart shopping, & stopped for some sushi & pho carry out. Wore these black sandals "A New Day" from Target. Only interesting thing was a lady behind me at the Walmart checkout snapped a pic of my heels (I knew I should have painted my nails before wearing sandals!). I consider it doing my part to raise awareness ....
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    And here is the English translation of this newspaper article: https://10.en24.news/2019/men-on-high-heels-it-takes-a-dose-of-courage-and-eggs.html
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    @hiddenheels its always nerve wracking when you expand your comfort zone. Especially those first few steps, we all experience it. But it is also very satisfying when you have expanded it. Good job.
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    Good morning! I wanted to take a quick minute to talk about my heeling adventure at work yesterday, and my forward progress. As I have mentioned before, I have started wearing my Naturalizer ankle boots to work on Fridays. I usually get in around 6:00, and there is hardly anyone there, so I go relatively unnoticed as expected. From there, I head to our gym and workout for 30-40 minutes doing some running on the treadmill. Afterwards, I shower, put the heels back on, and head over to the nearby Starbucks for a Friday treat. I keep them on until I get back to my desk, which usually is by 7:15-7:30. A few more people will have arrived, and the possibility of someone else seeing me in my heels does go up. Up until yesterday however, I am not sure if anyone I had walked past had even noticed. After a post I had read on Instagram, I have been trying this idea out where you give yourself an out for a certain number of times before you just do it. For me I have been trying using the number 4 or 5. This next step was in fact me continuing to wear the heels beyond arriving back at my work and heading to my desk. My coworker who I have recently mentioned sits in the upstairs section of our building. I decided that 'screw it,' I will walk up there and talk to her, and see what happens. Now again, there's hardly anyone in the office at this point, but you never know who is around. So I decided to make my way up the stairs to the second floor and purposefully went up the steps that would cause me to walk the longest path to get over to her desk area. Now the floors are carpeted, so there was no chance of someone hearing the click-clack of my heels and taking notice. When I arrived at her desk, I stood there for a good 10 minutes talking to her and some of the other employees that sit around her about Friday and the like. I was standing in front of their area, which also happens to be a major traffic aisle for employees. It just so happened that there is this girl who wears extremely cute heeled ankle boots that was already in and walked past me to go fill up her water. I continued to talk to my friend and noticed that as this other girl walked back to her desk, she made at least a double or triple take at my shoes. In all fairness, I may have purposefully had one foot resting on the toe of the boot to ensure the heel was being shown off. Aside from the double/triple take, she made no comments or awkward faces. From there I went to talk to another employee in the upstairs area who I had questions for regarding some of the weekend stuff that was going to be happening for work. She also wears ankle boots pretty regularly, but they have little to no heel, which is a disappointment. I stood at her desk talking to her for a good 10 minutes or so, with the heels in view if she were to look down, but she never did while we were talking. As I turned to finally head back to my desk around 7:50 and slip out of my boots and into my Converse wedges, I could've sworn that she did in fact turn and look at them in time to see I was wearing heels. The reason I feel this was the case is because there was an afternoon meeting that both of these girls were in with me, and I caught them both at different times looking down at my shoes, I assume to see if they saw the heels. So the point here is that I wore my heels for longer and in front of people/co-workers that I would normally hide them from. The end result is that the world did not end, no one sneered, laughed, joked, or commented in any way. While I consider that a win, part of me does wish I got a compliment or question about them, lol! I will post later about a conversation I had with another female co-worker from yesterday that I essentially came out to about heeling, but didn't directly say it.
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    "Shooties" is the name for these type. Not a boot and really not a flat shoe. I had a pair in the later 70's 80"s and they fell apart in the 90's. Loved those shooties.
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    Rather like those. Not really my thing, but I can appreciate them. To me, those are clearly shoes, as they are cut well below the ankle. The only reason they might be kind of boot-ish is that they come up much higher on the foot compared to most women's shoes. If you looked at it from the perspective of men's shoes (think of any men's dress shoe), they are clearly shoes. I dig 'em, by the way.
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    Domage we haven’t bumped into each other. Sorry. My mistake. It is FSJ shoes.
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    Figured you guys would like this video. She's a bit old for my taste, but others might find her appealing. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.[1][2] ASMR signifies the subjective experience of "low-grade euphoria" characterised by "a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin". It is most commonly triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attentional control. (Wikipedia)
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    Super high platform heels GREAT condition $20 + shipping
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    This is my first time posting pics what are your honest opinions on the look
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    A nice outing, Chesterx. Hope your Mom is doing well and that you and she have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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    @JeffB good for you for expanding your comfort zone. It most likely gives you great joy of accomplishment. I too have been pushing comfort zone to include leggings. I want to wear my knee high boots on the outside and that requires tight-legged pants. The vegan leather pants I have wore to work several times already are basically leggings with a zipper and a button, called/sold as leggings. On my last kayaking trip I wore my VSX leggings and posted a picture in them elsewhere; they have a small VSX logo on them.
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    There has been a debate for quite some time about "Are leggings pants, or not?" The debate is not over, because my wife just took a new job, and they will not allow her to wear leggings as pants to work. I suppose if she wore them under a skirt or dress, that would be fine. In the larger picture, it has become clear that leggings ARE acceptable as pants. You see them everywhere now, and nobody bats an eye. I have yet to try leggings out in public (I wear them all the time at home), but when I do, it will be with a long sweater or shirt. Unless I take up ballet, I don't think I'll be doing leggings without a little more coverage, but that's just me. I really do like the color of that sweater, by the way.
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    That's a good pair to be pictured in!
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    That's great @SophiaHeels!! Looking forward to seeing the other pair too
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    As I posted in the "new shoes" section, I got new shoes for the first time in six months. Nothing I completely love, but I think I like both pairs. I have taken the DVF clogs for a one mile spin, and can report that they are most probably full-time wearing/walking shoes. In my experience, you don't really know until you've gone a full 2 miles, but there are no signs of any faults after one mile. I have yet to wear the Michael Antonio Studio mules outside, so I can't comment on those yet. They are flawless and comfortable, but are obviously very cheaply made, despite being actual leather uppers, and I don't have high expectations about their durability. I will repost a couple of pictures, but won't recap everything in detail. The first full day I had the new shoes, I had the opportunity to wear them somewhere, but I didn't instead. I had to go to a committee meeting at our church, and I thought about wearing the new olive green clogs, but instead I chose my Guess oxfords instead, which I always say I should wear more often, but they are just funky enough that I don't wear them very much. They're not dressy, and they aren't casual. At any rate, I chose to wear them on that particular night, and to most people they are impressive because they're visually quite high, at 5 1/4 inches, and have patent leather heels and platforms. With a 1 inch platform, that still makes 4 1/4 inches of difference, but they don't feel it. I wore them with skinny jeans and a lightweight, high-collared sweater which covered up the work t-shirt that I had underneath. During the meeting, one of the women there commented that she didn't understand how I could wear such heels. I replied that life is too short to be wearing flats. She retorted, "Absolutely not! Life is too short for heels! I'd fall right over in those!" Later on, I made a particular show of vacuuming the floor in heels (our activity that night, preparing candles for Christmas Eve, made quite a mess). "What, you don't do this at home?" This lady and I have a jovial, but somewhat adversarial relationship. And the fact is, she does very occasionally wear 2 inch heels, especially boots. Nothing you might probably break your neck in. Additionally, I suppose I should add that this woman is 65 years old. I guess the point is that not all of my received comments are "Oh, I just love your shoes!" But neither are they, "Well, that's just wrong for a man to be wearing heels." I suppose this might put me on equal footing (pun intended) with a woman who wore crazy high heels all the time. I suppose such a woman might get similar comments of disbelief.
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    Just bought these the other day, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N43XKDS/ref=twister_B07SMTV3B6?th=1&psc=1
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    hiddenheels, Good for you friend!! I've said a number of times before that wearing heels out is one enjoyable thing but wearing them into a shoe store really sends a message. It virtually guarantees better service than you may have otherwise seen. Go for it!! HinH
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    Yeah, as of right now, my wife doesn’t appear jealous. I admit though that the shoe sharing with my coworker has only just started, and even when at work is rarely in the forefront. It is more of an ‘oh hey, I’ve got a few minutes of free-time’ instead of a priority in my day-to-day
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    Hi @Pierre1961, pardon my ignorance but could you provide a link for FLS shoes? I honestly can't find anything online. I could find Extreme HH though. Here's the link for those who are interested: http://extremehighheels.net/en/ I have a similar pair from Jeffrey Campbell (Legion-1) and I love them. And guess what? I also wore them in Paris
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    Last Tuesday we had the company´s christmas party. Meanwhile my colleagues are already used to see me in heels, I went a bit further and attended with a long black skirt, black pantyhose, black court shoes and a matching clutch. Above the belt I wore a classical white shirt and a coloured bow-tie. Some of my colleagues were surprised, but complimented about my style and teh courage to go that way - even my boss! I had a pretty good time! Although I danced, stood most of the time on the tiptoes and walked back home on heels (~1,5km / 1mi) - the next morning - I had a headache, but no soring feet! The full story (in German) including pics you will find here: http://mohh21.forumprofi.de/erlebnisse-in-der-Öffentlichkeit-f17/mit-pumps-rock-und-clutch-zur-firmenfeier-t3076.html
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    These days I'm disappointed if I DON'T get noticed. Worked a half day Friday & changed into my velvet platform pumps with a 1" platform & a 5" heel. Stopped off for a late lunch, sat at the bar, walked to the restrooms, talked to the waitress about her lovely long nails, no issues with my shoes at all. Finished my burger & walked to my car, walked back in cause I left my dang jacket behind . Stopped by CVS for a flu shot, walk through the store to the back & stood there waiting for the folks in line to do there thing. This little old lady finishes her order & starts shuffling by when she looks me in the eyes, looks down at my heels & walks straight up to me and says "Are those stilettos?" "Yes Ma'am" "How do you walk in those?" "I get lots of practice ma'am". She shakes her head & walks off muttering "I dont know how you do it. I would end up breaking my neck..." Gawd, heels can be soooo much fun sometimes!
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    Thank you for these words of wisdom. I have started to realize that I feel really comfortable in heels, and am not really looking at them as women's shoes any more. They're "just" shoes... As such, my comfort level has gone up when wearing them out. --------- OUTING: A few days ago I had a bit of time, and a huge itching, to go someplace in heels. Ended up in my usual outfit, dark blue jeans and a black jacket, but then the debate became the shoes... Which should I wear? Do I feel somewhat shy, in which case maybe my new 4" wedge booties, or a bit riskier and wear a non-wedge heeled boot? At the end, I decided I will wear one of my current favourites. The "bottom" of the boots sort of look like this, but a 4" heel. They are super-comfortable, and amazingly I bought them at a 2nd hand shop for really cheap. I feel very stable in them, and think they look great with a pair of dark-blue jeans and black jacket. Ended up doing some self-talk at home, which although it was supposed to be positive in the end is actually quite negative, almost didn't make it out of the house. After a while, I got upset with myself, put my thoughts aside, grabbed my stuff, and drove out. Went to a store as I needed to buy a few things. Was hoping for it to be quiet, but was actually quite busy. Ended up walking around and grabbing the stuff on my list, paying and exiting. Total of 20 minutes maybe of walking around. I honestly don't remember a lot about the visit, was somewhat pre-occupied, and quite "high" (not on drugs, but emotionally due to the heels, if you pardon the pun). Overall I felt very liberated by the time I finished. After the store, on the way home, I stopped by a coffee-shop. Got out, went in, bought a drink for myself, and went outside to sit by the outdoor tables and do a bit of work. I was there maybe about 20 minutes. The jeans stop about 1" off the ground, which hides the heels quite well when walking, but does nothing when sitting. So I'm sitting there, doing some work, drinking, with the heels essentially in full view. I wasn't flaunting it. Was sitting near the drive-through, in plain view of the people pulling up. Also completely visible from inside the coffee-shop. In the past I usually put my backpack against one of my legs, covering the shoes somewhat, but this time I put it onto the chair next to me. So I'm sure the entire bottom of the heels were in plain sight. It was so liberating. "high" is the best way to describe it (I assume, as I've never done drugs).
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    The 3 - 4" block heel is best for daily use. I also carry to work and to the city to my customers. I'm doing lighting projects and looking at implementation. High heels and thin heels for solemn occasions. I don't wear heels at home because nobody sees them.
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    my girly, new heels from Highest Heel
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    My latest pair of sandals is somewhat unusual for me for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are not mules, which I usually prefer, and number two, I paid quite a bit more than I am usually willing to pay. I regularly browse ebay, usually looking for certain things (like more mules or clogs), but every once in a while something just catches my eye. When I saw these Alaïa sandals, I knew I had to have them. Thick straps, just the right tan color, high but not too high wooden heel, and just a look of quality about them. However, I then noticed they were Alaïa, so I was afraid to look at the price. I think they initially wanted 175 USD for them. Not too bad, but after getting my Jimmy Choo pumps and being somewhat disappointed with them, I wasn't going to pay nearly 200 bucks with shipping for just a whimsical feeling. However, I did put them on my watch list, and there they sat for several months, being listed and re-listed without selling. Finally, they dropped the price down to 110 USD, and at that point I offered them 85. They let them go for 96 USD plus shipping, which as I recall was about 15. I surely shouldn't have done that, but it was a months-long process, and I thought they could be a rather practical addition to my collection. And the fact is, I just really liked them. They spoke to me. A few days later, the reason why shipping was 15 smackers became obvious. They came in the bulkiest, fanciest shoebox that I've ever seen in my life. I don't know if the box is covered in actual leather (I think it's imitation), but the little belt that holds the thing shut is real leather. Affixed to the box is a tag that reads "Barneys New York, Size 8 1/2, $975.00." JESUS, I thought to myself, I've hit the Big Time here. And then, a second later, who the f*%& would pay a thousand dollars for a pair of sandals? And then not wear them? Anyhow, on to the particulars: 4 1/2" heel, a sort of tiny platform, but it's not really a platform, just a very thick leather sole, of the thickness you'd find on a men's dress shoe. It's arranged in such a way that there is about 4 1/4" of effective difference between ball of foot and heel. The heel itself I have no idea what to call. It's not really a block heel, not a cone heel, just a tapering, wooden heel that slims down to about 7/8" by the time it reaches the ground. Super nice. Now for the bad news: They're a little tight. However, I still have hope because they are real, thick leather straps and they didn't even have any signs of toe prints on the insoles, and hardly a mark on the heels, just a little scuffing on the leather sole. They look like they were worn once or twice to some sort of special event. Therefore, I have every confidence that they will stretch a bit over time. I will not be using the Steve Method to stretch these (wearing them in the shower). I'll just have to be patient and disciplined and wear them for very short periods of time frequently.
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    Here is my latest. They are Aldo brand black and copper platform sandals. I got them second hand for 5 bucks!
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    These are Steve Madden "Citrus" wedges which I got at Macys last Sunday. THey have 6"/15cm heels. HinH
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    JS Claudette, wanted forever.
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    Here is my latest acquisition. I picked these up in a thrift store for $15. They are black snakeskin pumps with a heel measuring just over 4 inches. The brand is Sam and Libby. They are extremely comfortable to wear. And they are in excellent condition. I can see these being my go to heels. they will get a lot of use.
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    New sandal, really starting to love sandals. Any advice on how to wear them? I'm a tall skinny guy, usually only wear boots out and about.
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    Had some time this morning.
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    Just arrived yesterday. Cute and comfortable!
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    So as promissed i said that i will give you what happened during my time out. To be honest with you guys nothing interesting. Sadly i was trying to get home soon. So no venturing to shops or so. Will do some in like 2-3 weeks probably as i need to find a few things to wear for summer. Again nobody cared at all which is really nice to know and I am happy with it. I have to say that the more i go outside the happier of a person I am. This is really big for me as I do suffer from deppression even tho I am not really into trying to get rid of it. (my bad) So this picture is just from my home. After arriving and almost sending this :-)
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    I am basically a newcomer to this perspective of fashion, and I hope I am not drawing a shallow connection here. The reason I am here is because “men’s” fashion is boring. There is so much uniformity that men have lost aesthetic discernment. They pick what to wear based on what everyone else is wearing. I am not saying that all men should want to wear skirts or heels. We each select the pieces that are practical for our lifestyles and body. I don’t wear sandals or any open toe shoes because it does not match my lifestyle, but I think men should have all those options available. I think when we welcome tasteful expansion of men’s fashion options we are all supporting the same cause. Heels and skirts are relatively easy to physically wear and incorporate into men’s fashion and lifestyle. But there are many mental barriers to men accessing the option, and I think most of those barriers are shared between heels and skirts. They are made, marketed, and sold very widely in only women’s sizes and departments in stores. There is unfair social association with cross dressing or oddness. I think there is opportunity for general improvement in the way fashion is perceived by men and those who design for men. It would be nice to progress to a point where we see heels displayed in men’s shoe departments, and nice kilts hanging with trousers on the rack like skirts do in women’s departments. We’re not insisting you to wear one, but we should welcome having these options.
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    I am more referring to external synergies than internal. I looked around on men in skirts discussion groups to see if there is enough talk of heels to warrant participation and found that it is sparse - there is no direct association. But externally, any progress others make on acceptance of men in skirts is a win for men in heels I think, and vice versa. It is about opening men’s minds beyond their generally narrow view of fashion, in general. Some of us do this through different ways, whether it be heels or skirts, but I think we can still support each other in these individual ways towards the broader goal.
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    I recently wore this exact outfit to the eye doctor, a diminutive but stylish woman, who couldn't be over 5 feet in height. She said, "Oh you shouldn't wear heels around me. I tell my 5'10" husband to always wear flats!" The comment made me wonder what her husband's non-flats were exactly. These are inexpensive boots from Forever 21., but fun for a lark.
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    Three things which will almost certainly increase a man's odds at surviving adverse situations: duct tape (as Cali stated above), a lighter, and a knife. mlroseplant, Congratulations at another successful landing in Vietnam! I couldn't help but notice the cooler weather clothes on people in the photo. It must be cooler there than I would have imagined. I don't know if you left after the "polar vortex" visit in the Midwest. Today it was a high of 46F (8C) or some 77 degrees warmer than on Wednesday morning when the temperature hit -31F (-35.3C) at our house. Isn't that range just stupid?? I'm sure you'll enjoy the mild weather there in northern Vietnam. Asia isn't the only place where heels are still common. Anyone visiting Latin America will attest to heels being ubiqitous. You can even see the difference in crossing the border from Calexico, California into Mexicali, Baja California. Skyscraping heels are a common sight and the independent shoe store is alive and well. I'm guessing Vietnam is quite similar. Do enjoy yourself while there! HappyinHeels
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    Interesting. Some beautiful heels and wedges here.
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    Hi guys Last night my wife questioned why I hadn't been wearing the heels she bought for me. So tonight I did. She was pretty comfortable with the skinny leg jeans which really show off the shoes and heels in particular! What do you think?

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