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    So I went to my S.O's house to clear things up for the rest of the year and I brought my Pleaser Adore 2043 boots with me for her to try on. When I got to her, I showed them to her, sge dived strsight in and immediately got them straight on her feet! She got up in them and walked in them with minimal effort. Later on, I put the boots on my feet and she donned her boots I got her for Christmas last year. During the time outside we had a high heel boot showdown then took our photos of us in our boots.
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    Ive been a member here for years but i never really participated much. Ive been getting back into my love for heels and i ended back here reading everyone's experiences about wearing heels in public. I decided i was going to go out! I decided i will go to a DSW a few towns away. So i got out my nine west black leather booties with about a 4.5 inch heel and a half inch platform and a pair of jeans that cover all but about a half inch of the heel. I got dressed and headed out. Drove 30 min to DSW and parked, sat in the parking lot for a few minutes trying to muster up the courage to get out. Eventually i said screw and just got out of my car and walked into the store. There were maybe 5 people in the store, no one seemed to notice me besides the one sales women who told me all their sizes are on display but they can order other sizes. I didn't really see anything the i had to have, but i did try one a few different heels and walked around in them untill i found the next pair i wanted to try. I ended up leaving and since no one really noticed and all went well i decided to go to Nordstrom rack right down the road. Took me a few minutes to get out of the car again. But i did and went into the back of the store. Unlike DSW's carpet floors Nordstrom has tile floors so my heels were quite loud and i noticed a few women who looked up when they heard me getting close. I browsed through the shoes but didnt see anything for me or my girlfriend. I saw one girl about my age (mid 20s) look down and smiled when she saw my shoes of course i smiled back but that was as far as it went. So i walked out of the store and back to my car. And headed home First time out in heels was a huge sucess. I wish i would have done this sooner!
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    Got a pair of 100mm boots I think I could live in. Walked around Disney springs for two hours and am not sore today
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    These hot GioHels came in yesterday i ordered them at ebay with my ideas for the material and color (OK the color combi is on the ebay page) the heel is 18cm the plateau is a little bit less then 2cm and they are very good done. the quality is perfect and they are OK for walk..
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    Some that are a little less visible. Ps. I know the light colored stockings don't really work with hairy legs... but I like the way they feel and I'm not about to go shaving the legs... I wear these more just to get into the feeling of getting comfortable in more obvious heels and clothes at night so when I want to go heeling during the day ( wearing something legitimately less eye grabbing ) I really won't feel like I stand out at all.
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    Here are a few pictures of the the outfit i wore out. Jeans and black tshirt I might get out again this evening
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    These are super high and so easy to walk in.
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    Today was a very good day of heeling! Ive been really wanting a new pair of heels lately. So today i went shopping! Wearing the same outfit as my last outing i decided today i was going to find some new heels. I drove to a mall about 30 minutes away and started at macys at one end of the mall. They had a good selection but the few i was interested in they didnt have my size in stock. So i walked through the mall (busiest place ive been in heels) to aldo which just happens to be at the other end of the mall. There was enough noise in the mall that my heels were no where as loud as they were in macys. As i walked into aldo, the sales lady immediately saw my shoes and smiled asking if i was looking for anything inpaticular. Again they didnt have my size in the shoes i was interested in. Although they offered to order my size. After that i left the store and walked back through the mall and macys to my car. Still not finding any new heels i decided to go to dsw and Nordstrom rack but again didnt really find what i was looking for. At this point i am determined to find some new heela today. So about another 30 minutes away is a large aldo outlet, the one in the mall isnt an outlet. Off i go driving to the next outlet. By the time i got there it was dark and not very many cars in the lot. So into aldo i went! Walked around serching the clearance section as the sales lady came over checking in on me. Asked what size im looking for (11) as she informed that they dont get to many 11s in and that she wishes they had more because she also wears an 11. Then she started to bring out evey size 11 they had in the store! I was so overwhelmed with how excited she was getting helping me and seeing me walk with ease in the highest pair of heels they had. Which were a pair of platform strappy sandals (elyni i believe) with about a 5 inch heel and about an inch platform. They were very comfortable and a joy to wear but i couldnt justify buying them since they wernt what i was looking for. All in all it was a fantastic day, i tried on more heels than i ever have and had a great time walking around aldo with the sales women enjoying it as much as i was. I will deffinitly go back! Can't wait for the next adventure!
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    I found these shopping at one of my regular thrift store haunts, I first tried them on as a bit of a goof, but they were very comfortable... so why not. Well, the lady at the register said "Wow, these are amazing" then turned to a coworker about 20 feet away and yelled " I love these... not that I would have anywhere to wear them". So much for a low visibility purchase. She then turned back to me and I said, "I've got no where to wear them either, but I'm getting them anyway." She responded with a dead stare and "Your kidding right?" At that point I felt tiny and embarrassed... I thought she was judging me and was relieved when she followed it up with "I'm a size 10, and you fit into a 9? I'm so jealous of you". Boom... day made.
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    Hard to get a picture that shows the detail. Wore these to work with shorts. Had numerous women tell me they LOVE my boots. One woman wanted to a picture on her phone with both of us showing our boots. That never happened when I wore men's shoes.
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    Recent purchase, Shoes of Prey. Good quality, lots of sizing including half sizes and many width choices as well. Not inexpensive but worth the price. Pictured shoes are size 13, with small platform and over 5" heel. Comfortable and happy with purchase.
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    Hi WalkingTall, Do you wear your heels openly - in public daily ? You say you don't understand and I suspect therefore that you don't wear heels regularly. Hi Jeremy - I know you don't wear heels openly. The dilemna for wearing high heels means everyone is going to look at you, especially so for women because their clothes also are form fitting etc and/or revealing in subtle/deliberate ways. Womens fashion is tough - women are the harshist critics too - and a lot have trouble knowing what looks good on them - and/or they lack the confidence to get out there and wear it. What society/fashion thinks is sexy in an outfit for a woman can be so hard to wear - mens fashion is fully covered up, womens fashion is mostly uncovered or hard to disguise your flaws. What is definite is that all eyes are on you in a pretty dress and high heels - thats great if you've learnt to embrace that and like it - but if you're a little self conscious, or apprehensive its not easy until you become used to the attention. Sometimes women need to learn that they look good in their clothes - and they sometimes need help to find styles of clothes that suit them. Perfect example is many women put weight on around the thigh/bottom. They hide it by wearing a baggy top and jeans etc! Bad move. Wear an a-line knee length dress, bare legs & pumps. 10 X feminine compared to pants for that shape. Women without defined waist to hips shouldn't wear a bodycon, they should go for a skater/tulip dress etc that gives them curves. The most flattering hemline for all legs is just above the knee. The shoe choice depends on her ankles too and thats important as the right shoes must suit her ankles in order to lengthen her legs. The challenge with womens fashion - which is what I like about the womens wardrobe is that the choices are almost limitless - and thats what makes it very hard for everybody to get it right. Whats trendy doesn't ever suit everyone, women need to know what suits them and their shape and just like us guys too, many don't know what they should wear and might need some help. Anyone can wear high heels at home but to wear them out is ten times harder - coordination and fitness wise - let alone the embarrassment/anxiety of slipping/wobbling or getting sore feet. To become relaxed with high heels she needs to wear heels a lot, and then thats half of it, then she needs to want to be looked at - she needs to have the self confidence to enjoy being watched. If she can get to the point of thinking (and knowing) she looks good in her clothes, and she's wearing heels semi regularly, and prepared to give taller heels a go out for an evening, then likely she'll embrace it and enjoy the attention and it will be a positive self fuelling journey. The trick is to make sure she is confident in her appearance - the trick is in the wardrobe. Keep her wearing heels/ wedges even - preferably wedges that are still narrow - even 2 inches high is fine - they're wobblier than 3 inches in my opinion anyway. Buy her a fantastic small handbag (perhaps a clutch although a clutch is more limiting) in a feature colour she would like - eg red. This would be great used daily/ dressier daytime casual is great and would compliment what she regularly wears. Eg red bag works with a white floral summer dress/skirt because the flowers will have red in them. The accessory accentuates the outfit. Next get her some gorgeous red heels.... If she likes and uses the bag, she will likely ant to try the heels of her own accord....Try and work out what she is not comfortable with in her appearance to begin with - there will be something holding her confidence back. Buy her a versatile cropped leather jacket in a neutral colour - heels to match. This style of help I realise is probably a lot easier said than done, but I believe it the key ingredient. At the end of the day every woman wants to feel like a woman and that does mean being 'pretty' and 'sexy' and high heels are definitely the best tool women have. I know a lot don't understand heels, haven't the persistence to get used to them, and in most cases haven't had the confidence to get over the 'I'm getting stared at by everyone' first hurdle. They need to get the 'I look good' and 'oh - and everyones now noticed how good I look' thoughts going on and they'll be away. Its all about confidence for a woman just as it is for a guy to wear high heels. Its all about positive experiences little bits at a time, and finding things to go to, and keeping going. eg. some friends of mine meet up every 2 weeks 'Mad Hatters' they call themselves - about a dozen women get together - all friends - all frocked up with hats/heels etc just like for the races - for fun - and go out for lunch together. Encourage this sort of thing too... Anyhow, enough of my ramblings, hope that might help?
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    So I thought I would start off the fall/winter season by posting some pictures of my and/or my wife's heels when we go out. This is kind of a big deal for us, as my wife hasn't worn heels in 10ish months due to her having been pregnant with our precious little boy. However, that changed tonight! We decided to go see Thor, and we decided to both wear heels. She definitely took a few minutes getting the hang of it, but she is a trooper. We stopped for a quick sandwich, and while there, I honestly don't know if anyone paid attention or noticed my heels. Both of our pairs of boots make noise so I am sure some people heard, but no one gawked or said anything. At the movie theater, I wasn't surprised to see a number of women in riding boots, which is always visually appealing for me. At the theater, I feel like a couple of employees may have done a double-take of me, but no gawking/laughing/etc. that either of us noticed. Here's what we wore on our feet tonight.
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    So I figured since I had a day off and I havent actually photographed all my boots in quite a while, I figured I'd share with the class. Dont mind the cardboard showing in some of them, it's a pair of cardbaord wrapped foam inserts that came in a pair of Nine West boots and are perfect for making the boots stand up on their own. In order of appearance... Nine West Fairvinda in dark brown. By far one of my favorite pairs of boots, soooo comfortable with their 3.5" heel Pleaser Vanity 2013 in White Leather. My 2nd favorite pair of boots. Also quite comfortable despite a 4" heel Unknown Brand, bought on Amazon for less than $30. Hard to see in a picture, but they almost have a shimmer to them. Super soft almost like microfiber. Pleaser Legend 8899. Another go to pair for me. 5" heels on these and still easy to wear. Jennifer Lopez ankle boots. Wife surprised me with these after a clearance sale at Kohls. They are a size too small and dont really fit. Clearance + open box = no returns... oh well. Pleaser Vanity 2013 in Red Leather... same as above, however, the leather on these is much stiffer. Not as pleased with these. G by Guess - Drea. I like the style of these with the faux zipper on the outside. The heels have some flex though and make an annoying scrape/pop noise with every step. Makes them sound cheap. Madden Girl Zilch... sorry they arent really high heels, but they are still nice to wear and part of the collection at hand. Absolute nightmare to take off and put on though, needs some zippers. Another flat pair... last ones I promise. Wife surprised me with these too from Payless. Nice comfy boots to lounge around in. Saw a woman at the grocery store in the same pair but in brown, couldnt help but stare. Pleaser Seduce 3010. Classic black PVC with a 5" heel.. what else to say? Pleaser Dagger... 6.5" heel is difficult to walk in, but add in they are two sizes too big and they are nearly impossible! They are for sale to anyone who wants them. And last but not least... Pleaser Medic. These dont quite fit right in the foot area, which was a big disappointment. Over the top of the foot is really tight, even with the laces loose. And the storage area... nice to have enough rack space to hang up the boots.
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    Nice boots Jeremy, hope you take them outside for a spin. Last week I got the midnight blue version of the Ompi Owney to go with my black pair. Got several compliments the first day I wore them.
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    At last, the outfit I have been trying to put together for some time. The boots you have seen....I also have a new Lambskin Leather Skirt and Top. The hat I borrowed, I'm not a hat person, nor is it a hat outfit, but for privacy and not to chop off at the head... Although Maril might chop my head off if she finds me wearing her hat, with my skirt. I can wear my leather dresses, pants, shorts and coats, but not keen on the skirts. I also have a nice leather jacket to match but a bit too much today. Thanks all. js
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    never to warm for long boots @heelsareme Im wearing the new ZU thigh boots tucked under my jeans today,
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    Hi All, I have a place I like to go to (generally in the evenings) where I can walk about in my heels (very quiet area). I was sitting on a bench just enjoying the coast and then in the distance I could hear talking and it was getting louder! by now i'm starting to panic slightly and they walked right past me.... I froze OMG it the first time I I had been caught! so I had to just keep my head down and sat there.... was a horrible experience but after it was over and I thought about it, it wasn't too bad and I have been back since. I was wearing black jeans with black heels and nude nylons (so I did stand out a bit with the nude nylons) I have always worried what other people think (easier said than done not to worry about it) so maybe now it's happened, I wont feel so embarrassed if it happens again
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    22 cm steel heeled platforms.
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    Only one week before the giohel pumps came in I received the blue sandals. they are from a chines manufactor via ebay but the quality is perfect. the heel is 18cm and very hard to walk. Anyway the summer is over so sandals will have to wait for there big moment till spring. so, i got enough time for indoor practicing
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    Hi, I'm from the midlands uk and heel in public all the time, only the other day i sat in McDonald's with a pair of 4" heels knee high boots over skinny jeans, got a great compliment from a female member of staff, just be confident and act like you're wearing any pair of men's flat shoes, once you've done it once you'll want more, can't help with the size issues as i only take a size 5, but don't be afraid to go into shops and try on, shop assistants are very helpful and you often get the chance to engage in conversation about the wearing of heels, good luck mate
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    I’m 48 years old heterosexual happily married. My love of wearing women’s boots goes way back to my teenage years when my first real girlfriend had some over the knee boots and wore the same size shoe is me. One evening she asked me to put them on to see what I looked like I felt strange doing it. Since that day I’ve always owned women’s boots and have currently over 30 pairs. I’ve been married for many years and my wife shares and understands my passion of these. Now all my boots are flat or under 1 inch heels which I wear every day under my jeans or pants. I only have two pairs of high heel boots which I only wear when I’m in the house. I have no desire to wear any other type of women’s clothing and feel that in the case of knee-high or over the knee boots that are flat or let someone heal should be marketed for men as well. If you go on eBay or primarily Amazon and look at the comments made from people buying boots similar that there are many many who are from man so the manufacturers need to take note of this fact I can’t imagine life without wearing boots interested in your thoughts. Also I have included a picture of one of the fry pair of ovary boots I have I wouldn’t normally wear them over jeans obviously in public but wanted you to see what these look like and how as a guy you could get away with this
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    I love it because the sun can shine under and the wind and the falling leaves can blow under my feet.
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    Good topic. For me, like most guys on here, it started out as fetish, but about 10 years ago I made the decision to go public, and by wearing heels everyday, the fetish aspect quickly wore off. But the enjoyment didn't. I still love wearing heels. My wife didn't want to see me in heels at first, and still wouldn't be comfortable with me in public in really femme shoes, like stilettos, strappy sandals, bright colors, ultra high heels, etc. But she's fine with me in boots, sandals, pumps, clogs, wedges, flats, and even with a pedicure (and manicure, too). I always carry a purse and almost always wear legwear. What is it about heels that I love? I love the feeling of being a little taller, and the feeling of having my foot bent into an S-shape instead of flat. I love the way women's shoes caress my feet. I love the way heels look, too - how they can be like works of art sometimes. That about sums it up. Steve
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    In Kindergarten, there was a game we played to learn colors. and the name of items. If you were wearing an item with the color called, you got out of your chair and skipped around the circle of chairs. "Black Patent Shoes" was called out. I had on black shoes and therefore, I learned there was a difference between black shoes boys wore and black patent mary-jane shoes the girls wore. I was embarrassed and also aware that girls got to wear something different than boys. I think my interest was piqued at that point as I noticed girls shoes from that time onward. It was forbidden for me to try those shoes with the strap when I was in a shop later for a new pair of shoes. I wanted to know what it was like to wear shoes like the girls and was "informed boys don't wear girl's shoes" at a young age and the seed was sewn but unwatered. In 6th grade, a girl came to school with something totally different on her feet that made the girls go wild with jealousy --- a bone colored pointed toe pumps with a 1 1/4" stiletto type heel - what I learned later to be called a Jet Heel. Not long after, I tried a pair of Mom's shoes only to find my feet were too big for her size 6. I did find out that I could get into my grandmother's size 8 1/2 open toe velvet sandals with a quarter strap 2" wooden block heel. I found it fascinating as to how it changed the way I could walk. I was able to rock back and balance on the heels only when I took my steps. I was enthralled by the feeling and enjoyed the difference. It was something my parents did not know I was doing until that one time I got too brave and tried while they were there instead of being there alone "watching TV" as they took her shopping. I was "well informed" again that boys did not wear girls shoes - EVER. It was not until I was out of the house and in the college dorm that I Got my first pair of 3 strap Black Shiny Mary-Janes with a mini heel in a size 10 that I had so admired for so many years. They were tight but I could get them onto my feet but they were tight. I took great care in keeping those in a locked trunk in a locked file box. My second was a pair of white smooth classic pointed toe pumps with a "high" 2 7/8" heel. I was hooked on the "Feel of the High Heel" from that point forward. Like others have expressed, no urge to transform but just wish it was fully acceptable to wear as well as the female of the species. My Bride was one who wore heels for a while and I really enjoyed the opportunity to go shoe shopping with her. I convinced her to get a pair that was higher than her normal wear and she looked fabulous in them and even her sister commented that she looked great. But she was not comfortable nor confident in those and the ones I got her for birthday and Christmas never saw the light of day again. I fail to understand why she does not enjoy the same feeling I do in mine. Probably never will.
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    Well i got out again tonight. (same outfit) i went shopping at kohls and tjmax, i didn't see anyone notice me click clacking around. I was headed home and remembered i also needed to stop by walmart. i was going to change into sneakers in the parking lot because walmart is uaually pretty busy, but when i pulled in the was only about 10 cars in the lot. So i decided to go in in my heels. I picked up the few things i needed and headed to cash out. On my way out a women alittle younger than me probably early 20s stoped me and told me she loved my shoes! I was so nervous as she was the first person to talk to me/really notice, but the nerves quickly turned into a very happy "Thank you!" After that i paid and left. I never knew how great a compliment could feel! Adventure #2 also successful!
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    Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I am from Northern Indiana, fairly close to the Michigan border. I have been married for 19 years to a wonderfully understanding wife. For about three years now I have been wearing high heels first at home but now a lot more in public. I am a big proponent that guys should be able to wear heels and women's shoes if they so wish. I find that when I wear my heels, they make me feel good, feel more confident and I find them sexy. My heels tend to range from 4 to 6 inch in height. I have t-strap heels, calf high boots, open toe heels, thigh high boots, etc. I tend to stay with simple, classic design and color with a little bling on them. I will attach a few photos so you can get an idea of what I wear. I first got into wearing heels when I first got involved with Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. This is an international men's walk to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. I have been walking in the event (more than one in any given year) for about ten years. Hope to be a help, and encouragement and build bridges with this group. Thanks for listening and hope to get to know you all better!
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    Great to hear that your first public walk in heels! It's cool taking that first walk in public.I was just like you the first time, was so nervous that someone would call me out on wearing heels. Now wearing heels in public is an almost daily wearing of heels in public. The only time I don't wear heels is at work. But when I shop at stores like Wal-Mart, Kohls or other places, I wear heels. And my heels are not low heels. My heels are between 4 to 5 inches for normal wear. Women are most responsive to them, some are complimentary on my heels or simply smile. Older women might just look and look away. Guys tend to be oblivious to the heels or just don't say anything. Good luck on your continued forays in public wearing your heels. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't wear heels. Wear them proudly and confidently.
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    Was in TKMax this evening and I don’t normally adventure over to the shoe/heel section other than when I’m with my partner, but today I was near a store after finishing work, so I went into the store and looking at some heels, found a stunning pair, black and white 6” stilletos (leather) AND I even tried them on! I stood up while wearing them and I felt amazing! While trying them on one guy and one women walked past. Women being a worker, looked down and smiled, the guy just walked past after looking and carried on browsing! I felt so proud just trying them on! And then to see people looking at me while wearing them! Felt like such a big accomplishment, to others it might sound stupid but to me I was on top of the world!
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    Great topic, @TXGuy. I'm in a very similar situation as you - love the heels, and love seeing them around - whether on my wife or others... it gives me sexual excitement seeing them, handling them, talking about them, but I just love feeling them on me too. nothing better than some bed time in heels with the wife, but like you, its fairly infrequent. my wife also does not get it, but she puts up with it to a certain point, generally quietly, other than a comment here or there. she even helped me shop for my first few pairs (we are almost the same size!). Not sure what is my motivation for liking heels - I remember loving a pair of leather high block heels my mom had when I was young, as well as playing with the shaft of some suede boots a teacher had in first grade. I always wonder what went "wrong" with me - was I looking for something more feminine around that I was not getting enough of in my younger years? guess I will never know that part.... but now I love the shape, love what I does to the feet, love the feel of heels and all the different styles. my love had always been for stilettos and stiletto boots, but over the years my likes have expanded to various other styles, and now I love wedges and sandals and (stylish) platforms etc - mostly of the classic look, and never the fetish or over the top patent stuff (no offense to those who enjoy that). I even find some flats being cute and attractive, but do not own any. I would love my wife to wear heels more (she has some fab styles), but she hardly wears them now - she's already tall and has put on weight and does not want to draw more attention to herself... she used to wear them very often when we were younger... when i ask her to wear heels , like on special occasions, telling her I enjoy seeing her in them, she says she doesn't mind if I look at other women's heels. I do... but its certainly not the same... sigh... I do wear other feminine items too (I love lingerie), but the focus is always the heels and around the heels, but very rarely fully dress (and I don't pass anyway) How to explain the love for heels? good question. I have had some discussions with my wife... explaining the above. but at the end of the day, I don't understand the "why". I enjoy the feel, the styles, the very many options women have... and the bottom line: unlike many brave folks here. I am doing it privately, usually in the privacy of my own home, no one sees or knows, and its harmless. does it change who I am? no. does it mean I am less devoted to my wife or family? no. does it mean I want to be a woman - def no. sure - I agree its "weird" (the gang here will no doubt put me down for saying that!) and its [unfortunately] uncommon, so folks aren't used to it. Would love to continue chatting about this - seems there are many of us in the same boat.
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    Yes. It is a good topic. I would say the main one. I started as a kid wearing my mum shoes. I enjoyed the feeling. Never try to know why. Then it became a fetish and it was impossible to imagine having a relation with a flat shoes wearer. I for sure missed many interesting women because of that. Then,wishing to see more often nice shoes around me,I decided to go in high heels myself. I love the feeling( never high enough) and the look. Now it is a habit ( need?) and ,as most of us here,I just wish a guy in heels would be considered as normal. Note: I am straight,not a cross dresser and no wish to change. Pierre
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    Absolutely true what's been said about wearing heels in public being very different from wearing them just at home. I started off wearing cowboy boots with heels around 2.5 inches and expected everyone within 100 yards to fall about laughing. No reaction. I then put inserts in, which brought the heel up to about 4 inches. This made them feel nicer but unfortunately they put the whole boot off balance and it was difficult to walk in them without slapping the sole down. I then wore boots with block heels around 3.75 inches, and still got no reaction, so since then I've had my daily boots (4.5 inch wedge) and concealed heels (about 4 inches including a small insert). I've also worn very thin four inch wedges but they're a bit noisy so not suitable if I don't want to draw attention to myself. More people notice them, but no one has ever commented. I've also worn stiletto boots a couple of times away from home to see what reaction I got in a busy shopping centre. None! Shoes are a bit more difficult, as there are any amount of beautiful low-cut stilettos etc, which I'd love to wear, but I want something to go with the otherwise masculine look. I have some Oxfords with block heels just under four inches, and I've worn those quite a bit, although my wife doesn't like them as they look like the shoes old ladies used to wear, in her opinion! I've tried to get out of her what shoe styles she DOES like, but got no firm answer. I find sandals most difficult to choose and wear. Nearly all wedge sandals also have a platform, or thin straps, or both, so to get something which will blend in with my male attire is time consuming. I finally found a pair of Fly sandals with four inch wide wedge heels and (unfortunately) a one inch platform, and I wore those all the time in the summer. I have several pairs of block heel sandals about 4-4.5 inches which I'd like to try but the main thing is I'm not confident enough about their comfort to go far in them. With all of them the straps seem to dig in or rub, and I think my wife would think them a bit too feminine for her liking. It's mainly a matter of confidence and holding your head high, walking about as though wearing heels were the most natural thing in the world. People latch on to self-confidence, just as they do to furtiveness. I now try heels on in the shop rather than sneak them off the shelf, fumble with cash payment and creep out. I put them down on the counter and make small talk with the cashier. The staff know they are for me, but they'd also know it if I were furtive. Anyway, I'm already wearing heels, so... You'll be much more aware of different surfaces, slopes, uneven ground, etc., and you need to be careful. I'm sure my wife occasionally takes me over such ground purposely, and I've never been sure whether she does it because she knows I like it or because she's trying to make me overbalance! The biggest challenge was a hump-back bridge over a canal. It's taken time to get to this level of confidence, so don't rush it. Just keep pushing the barriers slowly. I've never been challenged as to why I'm wearing them, but I have two kinds of answer ready depending on the kind of remark. If they're obviously just trying to embarrass me, and I think I can get away with it, I'd just say they came attached to the shoes. My second answer, which is also completely true, is that they stop backache, so I'm after the sympathy vote there! I've recently been sparring with a troglodyte on another site who calls me a perv. I've finally, today, after rather an amusing exchange, told him about my backache, so I'll see what response I get, if any. Interestingly, no one else has supported him, and this is just a mainstream social media site. Ah! a response, just before sending this message! 'Ever thought of getting medical heels?' I've asked him what they are.
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    I'm itching to buy a new pair of heels. I have a pair of wedges I have been eyeing for a few months - they have come down in price very nicely and are now about £15. the heel is about 5.5" and has a platform. its wide fit too, so that's a plus! I have a few other wedges - none exactly the same as this one, but somewhat close in style. On the other hand, I just saw a stunning pair of knee high boots... stiletto with pointy toe - just gorgeous... priced at £36... Now, I have another pair, very similar - differences are small - like round toe VS pointy toe, half zip VS full zip... but pretty much the same boot. £36 is also more than I was hoping to spend (and more that I have ever spent on heels...). another factor is we are coming into winter now... a reason to buy more boots and not a summery wedge??? I know most folks will tell me just to get the boots probably... and yet I am still putting it out there for your thoughts and comments. Thanks!
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    Out again, 4” heel boots, at Hogs Breath saloon.
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    hi, its been a while. I thought this was nice to share... A new pair of Nine West right up to the knee boots, and my new leather dress. Very short dress so with the leggins. Its difficult to know if the boots actually stop ! Fantastic. Hi to my friend Maril, hope you like it, a bit of fun. js
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    I was never a boot guy ( especially block heels) but because of the people on this forum I have become appreciative of boots. So here some photos of my first pair.
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    So very true. When I am out in Chicago on display in front of a million people shopping and dinning with them on Michigan Ave hardly anyone notices. I stayed at a hotel a couple of weeks ago with my GF for a weekend getaway wore leggings and boots or this outfit right out of the hotel to shop and dinner, the few that noticed said I looked awesome or fantastic outfit.
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    They probably never noticed, to be honest. People go about in their own little bubbles. You could have been sitting there in a deep sea diving helmet or a space suit and oiling a tommy gun in your lap and unless you went out of your way to call attention to yourself, they'd just walk right on by and, if asked later, would remember only that there had been somebody sitting on a bench - if they even noticed that much.
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    Just arrived in Melbourne for 3 days. wearing my Nine West SWARM booties. Hopefully some shopping and heeling. Will post as i can
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    @jeremy1986, I would wear them without any problem. Let me tell you about my experience. I've lived in UK for the last 4 years. I've just moved to Munich in Germany (btw, anyone around me?). I bought my first pair of tall boots at Schuh (West Quay, Southampton). They have a low heel (a tiny bit higher than those) and I started wearing them over my tight jeans everywhere - supermarket, town, work, etc.. This was 4 years ago. At that time I got some people looking at me but never had a negative reaction. I actually had one of my female neighbours telling me she liked them. Anyway, I got more tall boots over the years. My favourites are Clarks Orinoco Eave and Orinoco Jazz. Again, I've been wearing these everywhere and not just in the UK. Some examples - Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Hungary, etc. They have proper Winters there. Nowadays, no-one gives a s***. I don't know why, I don't know what happened but it seems people got used to see "different" things. Anyway, when I want to go "under the radar" and wear heels, I always go for the Clarks Mojita Crush. They have a block heel, 6cm (2.3 inch) and I wear them under my jeans. They look like man's boots but people notice I'm wearing heels. Why? Simply because I'm taller. And do you know what I say if someone says something to me? "I came on a horse today". For some reason people love when I tell them that. Have a look at Clarks. You might find something which you like. Up to 2.3 inch heel you're good. I've done it. Hope my story helps you somehow to overcome your fear.
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    These are being delivered today
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    Frankly, the same reason women like riding motorcycles, wearing pants, and wearing heels. Because.
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    Hi Changed shoes.... Yes skinny jeans and these boots go well. However I must say the Leather Outfit is empowering and a lot of fun Thanks js
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    Who doesn’t like heels? Well for me it started from a young age. Tried a few pairs on here and there. Growing up I always knew I liked the look of heels and how people wore them. Again, who doesn’t? When I could actually buy a pair of heels with my own money that’s when it started happening more frequently. Some people like heels for a lot of reasons like me, I love wearing them, touching them, talking about them and seeing my partner in heels. I can’t explain why but I just do. It’s obviously very sexy to see women wear heels but for me wearing them myself makes it even better. Now that it’s out in the open with my partner, things have got much better, which is a bonus!
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    Well, I can certainly relate to what has been written so far. My "interest" in women's boots began when I was a kid, much before puberty...So, I guess I am wondering how I could have developed what might be referred to as a fetish before I had even developed sexually. I too, have spent/wasted so much time and emotional energy trying to "figure this out". I should try harder trying to find written material on the subject written by those with psychological knowledge on these things. I guess your best explanation is the simplest one, much like you have written.... You like the way you look in heels/boots You like the way heels/boots make you feel about yourself You think high heel boots look great These same explanations could be applied to why we make several purchases, such as cars, homes, jeans, sneaks, glasses, etc. I guess societal norms have been drilled into us so effectively, we make ourselves crazy trying to figure out why we would like to ignore what is "acceptable male clothing". I guess one big reason is that we question our "manhood" or sexual preference because we like to wear what society has labeled "female clothing/footwear". Being a member of this website has shown me a very important lesson, many different types of men enjoy wearing heels. There is no direct correlation between guys who enjoy wearing heels and sexual preference. The way I see it, a guy who has the guts/confidence to wear the heels he likes publicly is truly masculine and confident man indeed.
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    As you will find out, most of us started when we were young. I have a picture of myself wearing my mother´s boots. When I was younger I loved the feeling of having boots on, I can´t really explain what the feeling was. When I got a little older I was attracted to the boots and heels. Again, I can't explain the feeling but it definitely got me really excited and turned a little more into a fetish. I forgot about my love about high heels for a while but when the internet started getting more used I started looking for shoes in my size. Most of the shoes in my size were thigh high boots and I bought a few pairs of them. I definitely felt really excited wearing them. After wearing them I would feel as if though I was doing something wrong, and I got rid of most of them. When I became an adult, I told my then girlfriend about it. It was a little complicated but she accepted my interests, not really enjoyed them. I started buying a really nice collection of boots (knee and thigh high). I have ventured into trying all types of female attire, which makes me feel really good when I wear. In trying to figure out what I feel I can tell you; I like the way I feel more with this type of clothing that with male attire. I put it this way, this type of clothing makes me feel sexy, comfortable and good about myself. Unfortunately, I feel really sexy and nice when I wear them, but I don't feel quite as good when I see pictures of myself using them. It is contradictory but that is the way I feel. I love the way I feel with this type of clothing, it makes me feel good.
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    This is a good topic. For me I was similar early on. Nowadays I enjoy the postural change most, I like the feeling with my pelvis tilted forward from heels and I like my back arched a little and the firm feeling I get right up the backs of my legs from tall heels. I prefer stilettos as I like the silhouette and I like to see my feet arched, and I find them easy to wear. For me its a personal image thing now. I like how I see myself, I like to be seen in high heels - I don't make any attempts to hide my heels. I like them noisy, I'll wear a mini skirt. I have no hair on my legs so I enjoy being bare legged, especially in summer- which to be honest is just so good with a skirt. I am lucky I have a good figure so again I am a bit vain but enjoy flaunting a bit out there. Must be a bit of an exhibitionist in me ? I prefer the fashion statement that a skirt & heels has - and I can show off my legs! Don't know if that answers the question rightly? Quite a hard one to explain without writing a lot and spending a lot of time structuring a logical explanation? I've never bothered to analyse what I do - I'm just to busy being selfish and enjoying myself as it suits me! (naughty me)