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    OK, let me try to upload some pictures here, instead of to any of my "albums": In any event, I got these nine west boots at the local thrift store a few weeks back. Size 12s, a little loose, but OK. The leather is very soft, and they are easy to walk in, have logged a few miles in them so far. Sorry, the photo quality isn't great, need a lighter back ground.
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    Oh.. i just came back after some time.. so many cool things to see Just have some new shoes for myself: What do you think?
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    Attaching a pair of Brandi high heel boots I bought recently from ASOS for a steal (they are New Look brand)
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    Channeling my fellow heeler CAT with my skirt, stockings and pirate boots.
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    Let me re boot the thread then. HaHa at airport waiting on flight. A week in Canberra on course. Wearing my Jo Mercer long boots, 8cm block heel im fairly sure ive packed too many heels. Will have to share lots of pics to make the trip worthwhile James
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    Down in Canberra for a few days with work. Heading to hotel bar for a beer and some munchies
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    Here are a few pics of the Musse-Cloud. And yes, they are good for smaller feet. I am a sized 9 men's USA and like I said earlier, they are on the tight side, but I am betting they will stretch just a bit and fit the way I like.
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    I just received these new Oxfords in the mail yesterday I love the height of the heel and they fit and feel amazing!!!!
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    So I have been reading all of the comments about wearing heels in public and how to do it and what to wear. I have been going to some low end box stores and wearing really long pants to hind my pumps. I really like to wear very thin stilettos. I feel the pants mostly hide them and I avoid people the best I can in the store and then make a dash for the door when it is clear. Look at my phone and go about my business. So this has been working, no confrontations or anything, not even sure if anyone notices. They sure do make a lot of noise as all of these stores have tile floors. So yesterday I went into a place that I have been to a few times. This time I have new black pants that come down perfectly to the bottom of my shoes. I decided to wear my Black Platform heels. They are rounded toe and very easy to walk in. I have attached photos. So I go in and have to walk by a greeter and I go to the shoe section to see if there is anything I can by for myself or my girlfriend. I have two ladies come by me and look at shoes and make conversation. I didn't thing anything of it, I did find a great pair of heels for my girlfriend and went and bought them. As I was leaving the greeter stopped me and shook my hand, he told me I had everyone in the store checking out my shoes. I didn't know what to say, I just shook his hand and said "thank you". The lady that was looking at shoes with me just said have a good day as I walked by her. Thinking back I wish I would have asked him to elaborate a little more. Was it a good think or a bad thing in their mind? I would love to know what they were thinking. Was I a really weird guy or just that I had crazy high heels on and I am a guy?? Any thoughts from you all? Have you been confronted? I have a few friends that know I do this and they have told me who cares what people think, just do your thing. It was a great feeling to say the least but left me wondering more. Your thoughts...
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    I cannot remember a time that I did not wear "girls shoes." I can remember playing in my mothers closet and wearing her shoes as far back as two or three years old. Although my parents tried their best to make me stop, when they took them away from me I'd pitch a grand fit until they gave them back -- which was the only way they could shut me up. One morning, when I was around ten, I was wearing a pair of my mothers best dress heels while getting ready for school. Thinking that I would just put them back on when I got home, I took them off and put them in my closet. My mother was not at home when I returned that afternoon and when I went to change my clothes, I noticed her heels were not there (my mother was wearing them at a function that she was attending.) Later that evening, when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that they were back in my closet. One day several days later, I found a pair of classic black patent pumps with 4" heels in my closet. She had bought them for me, put them in my closet and reclaimed her own shoes to her closet. From that point on, I openly wore my heels around the house. Not long after she had given me my own pumps, we had a long open discussion about the reasons why I liked to wear girls shoes and high heels. Although I could not really explain or give any satisfactory reason why, I knew I could (would) never stop. I also knew that while both she and my father weren't overly thrilled by my choice of footwear, they both realized that I was not about to stop wearing them on my own and they could not convince me to (make me) quit. It wasn't long after that I got my second pair of my own heels. A pair or red leather pumps of the same style as my black patent pumps. I turned 61 on my last birthday,this past January. In hindsight, over the years my life would have been much less complicated if I didn't have this "thing for heels." That being said however, with all honestly I can say that I have truly enjoyed each and every moment that I've spent in high heels and am eagerly looking forward to many more.
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    Uploading some snaps of my new boots from New Look more pictures here:
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    Morning all Another day, scooter into work, stop at my Fave cafe for a coffee. Wearing my INC Bellona Suede booties sz 11. I bought these on ebay from that huge seller apparelsave. 12cm stiletto heel, 1cm platform. Very solid feel, easy to walk in despite the height, They are a bit snug still but theyre loosening up with each wear, and I can wear them all day now. Have a great day. James Procaffeinate: To put something off till after youve had coffee.
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    Gday all, just chiilin at work, wearing my knee boots by Jo Mercer in size EU 42, with a 9cm block heel, in and out for coffee and about, train to and from today. I find it amazing once you overcome the inner headspace voices just how easy it is to do as youd like and how little anyone notices or cares. James
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    My new Nine West Sabora boots. <3
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    These pumps are getting to be my favorite for looks. I finally wore them fully exposed to get dinner, paired with dark skinny jeans, like the second pic, but I tucked the shirt in.
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    A rainy day here in Sydneytown. As summer comes to a close. I chickened out and caught the train to work as a scooter in rain is not so much fun. Wearing my cheap K-Mart knee high boots. 5 inch stiletto 1 inch platform. 100% genuine synthetic (if you can figure out what that label means) Enjoy
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    Another in the "Why Oh,Why don't they made theses in 44/US12-13" bucket: Doc Martens Gilda and black patent Dreama
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    Just obtained these 3 new pairs of shoes from uk eBay (even tho came from China), still breaking them in (except the boots).
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    Oh man, I cannot find this style on the web, it's from DSQUARED2 men's 2017 collection. Wow if I saw a guy wearing these be prepared to be followed. lol
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    Yesterday, I had a decision to make about whether I was going to wear heels to an event. One of my friends and coworkers was going to be playing with his band at a fairly good-sized venue, for a good-sized event, and a few of us made plans to go see him. Normally, I would not have the least reservation about wearing heels to such an event, but then it came to my attention that there wasn't going to be just a handful of us at the concert, but a substantial crowd of people from work, many of them travelers who most likely had no idea about my fashion proclivities. These are the same guys who gave one of the safety crew a lot of trouble because he wore jeans with fancy stitching and a few rhinestones on the back pockets one day. Would I make my future work life miserable for quite a while for just a few hours of fun? On the other hand, my general foreman knows about me, but has never seen me, and I'm sure he would have given me a hard time if I didn't wear heels, so I vacillated for a time about whether to ditch the heels. About an hour before we were to leave, I finally decided to wear the heels, but which ones? I'd pretty much decided on my outfit, which was going to consist of skinny jeans (but not super tight ones) and a busily patterned yet not in-your-face button down black shirt, which I had planned to wear untucked. Before I even chose the shoes, I looked in the mirror, and didn't like the look. So I tucked in the shirt and added a close fitting jacket. Much better. I immediately thought that this was the time to break out the knee-high boots and wear them loud and proud, but after getting two seconds' look in the mirror, it was, "Nope. Definitely not." I tried some stiletto shoeties/booties, but they just didn't look right with the length of the pants. They probably would have been good with boot cut pants, but not these. So then I looked at my platform loafer pumps, which are about the highest heels I own. And I thought they looked far better than anything else. Wait a minute, am I really going to wear these absurdly high (5.5 inch), basically high-cut pumps to go meet a bunch of construction workers for the first time socially? Yes, I guess I am. What is it they say nowadays? Go big or go home? Something silly like this, but perhaps apt for this situation. As it turns out, it was fine. There were a lot of people there, some I knew, some I didn't. I only got one comment from the guys, and two comments from strangers, both women. The coworker, after standing there talking with me for 10 minutes without noticing anything, suddenly said, "What the hell is that on your feet?" I answered, "Well, I guess I'm busted, let me buy you a drink, Brother." And that was almost the end of it. He did mention later in the evening that perhaps I should have worn leggings like the attractive lady that had walked past at that moment. I told him that even I have my limits, and we laughed about it. No other coworker who had never seen me before said a word, though I am sure that most, if not all, noticed. Actually, the most awkward feeling I had during the night had nothing to do with heels, but rather because one of the people who showed up was a job superintendent, and it was a little strange interacting with him socially, outside of work. He's always treated me decently, and I don't expect that to change going forward. A random woman approached me fairly early in the evening and told me that she loved my shoes. She said it twice. I smiled and thanked her, and she went back to her table. Another random woman, several minutes later, who was wearing black Ugg boots with a Harley-Davidson logo embroidered on them, accosted me. She went on and on about how in the hell could I walk in those. I ran into her again later on, and she started in again, pulling nearby people into the conversation. She then asked me what size I wore, and I told her Size 9. So then she wanted to try on my shoes. I said, "Well. . . um. . . OK, why not?" She could barely manage to stand in them, and was unable to straighten her knees, so that lasted about 30 seconds, and I got my shoes back. Several more minutes of "How can you possibly like those shoes? My feet are still hurting from that 30 seconds. . ." Since I am not comfortable asking people to take my picture, especially with the aim of highlighting my high heels, the only picture I have is a selfie in the mirror in my dingy, disorganized basement. Sorry, it'll have to do. The other picture is, as you can imagine, a portion of the group that showed up. All in all, it was a worthwhile and fun experience, and both bands were playing well that night, and the sound was good. By the way, the general foreman I was worried about giving me a hard time for not wearing heels never showed up.
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    Just bought these from New Look (and then they went on further discount...) They fit really well (size 8 UK) and have a 4" block heel. My first pair of block heeled boots (I have a pair of 5.5" sandals with a block heel) - and they feel really nice. I still though prefer the look of a stiletto or wedge heel.
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    My most recently added wedge boots. Very simple and effective. I like how they look on me. Please don't notice my shirt getting out on the second picture!
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    New update: so last night, I told my wife about this. She laughed and said that since I banter back and forth with this girl on a regular basis, I should just call her out on it. So I did... It turns out she was checking out my shoes! She had a shoe fetish and had never seen a guy wear shoes like I did and she really liked them. Needless to say we developed a new friendship last night!
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    Warm weather is coming and all I can think about are sandals! I had my eye on a couple of them, and it only took an email from Shoebuy.com with a Presidents Day sale of $40 off a purchase of $100 or more. So I took the plunge! I bought a pair of Naturalizer "Zahn" sandals (peep toe, real leather slingback, with 3.5" block heels) in black. These are at: http://www.shoebuy.com/naturalizer-zahn-sandal/769096? Scroll down the page to the reviews. The review by essgkay (that's my initials - SGK - get it?) is posted. Please click on Helpful? Yes. I need more votes. I also bought a pair of White Mountain brown Siesta sandals (criss cross, faux leather*, platform sandal with 3.5" block heels). These are at: http://www.shoebuy.com/white-mountain-siesta-sandal/786878 They posted my review of these shoes, too. Scroll down to see it. Please click on Helpful? Yes. I can only presume that the more Helpful? Yes votes they get, the more it will convince the suppliers that men are reviewing women's shoes in substantial numbers and maybe they should stock more larger sizes. If you post a review of shoes you bought, and make it known that you are male, I would recommend that you post a notice here so that we can go to your review and give you a positive vote. There's strength in numbers. *One last comment. How many fauxes are slaughtered each year to get leather for shoes? Steve
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    These are the boots I wore out shopping last week over a pair of blue skinny jeans, got loads of compliments
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    I played tonight wearing a black turtleneck, jeans and red OTK boots with 4" block heels. I lost count of the "I love your boots" comments. The camera prospective makes the guitar look a little bigger that it really is (but not much).
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome. I forgot to mention the shoes are Pleaser Domina 415, in at the deep end eh? I certainly don't see me going out and about presenting as a female at anytime, but as you can see from the pics of the shoes below we had a play last Saturday evening at home!
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    So I love my wife, and there are a million reasons! Now, there's one more! I had shown her these boots a few days ago, and she had been on the fence about letting me get them. Not because of how feminine they are, because she is still getting used to that, but she is frugal and didn't know about me spending that much money. However, I was sad to see they sold out of my size, 10, until I found them on eBay brand new in box for $74.99! This morning, she told me she loved me, and finally gave in, letting me order them! I have to wait a looooong while before I bug her for more boots, but this will make the experience of getting these and showing them off that much more significant! Here is the link to them on the Nine West website: http://www.ninewest.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-ninewest-Site/default/mProduct-Show?pid=23228500 I purchased them in black.
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    I've always had a thing for oxfords, I think it might have something to do with the way they totally enclose the foot and won't slip off. These shoes have done nothing to stop me liking oxfords at all. Lovely shoes. I have two pairs of oxfords myself.
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    With nothing better to do (retired), I decided to get dressed and go shopping. I have a new black dress with a cowl neck I hadn't worn before and decided to give it a try. This dress is a knit of 61% silk,17% nylon,14% angora rabbit fur, 5% polyester and 3% metallic. It is a size medium which means it is a tight (and short) fit. I added the belt for looks and to keep the dress stretched down to a decent length. I paired it with black leggings and ankle boots but decided with a dress this nice I needed my best looking boots so I pulled on a pair of black OTK faux suede with 4" stiletto heels and that (in my humble opinion) completed the outfit. I added a gold bar necklace, took a deep breathe, and headed out the door. I thought this looked fancy enough to try adding gloves and maybe, with a wrap this would work, but not for the venues to which I was heading so I left the gloves at home. I walked into my favorite thrift store and got some "Hi"s and appreciative nods and smiles from the folks at the register. I wandered around and spotter a Keurig coffee maker for $8. I have always wanted to try that system but have been unwilling to make the initial investment. I also saw a pair of white jeans in a size 12 that I immediately thought would look good with OTK boots and especially the ones I was wearing. I took my finds to the register and suggested that I thought the white jeans would look good with the boots I was wearing and got an "Oh yeah, that will work" and then she continued, "We're going to have to take fashion lessons from you. You always look so good when you come in." I thanked her for the complement and headed out to my car. I also stopped at my least favorite thrift store and tried three pair of boots that alas were too small but I did find a white dress with black trim that looks like it is from the 60s and only needs a pair of go-go boots (mine have long since vanished) to complete the image, but I think it will work with my red OTK boots (pictures later). The last stop was Kroger (grocery) for some frozen yogurt and some Keurig coffee. When I got home I brewed a cup of coffee and I now understand why folks like it. It is strong enough to make hair grow on the bottom of your feet, but it sure is good. I pulled on the new jeans and my boots for a picture. The jeans are tight enough to almost make @w6ish happy and there is some fancy stitching on the hip pockets that would get me laughed off @mlroseplant's job site. All in all it was a fun outing.
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    I dont have a full body picture of what i wear but its just black long tee and denim skinny jeans when I bought these pretty strappy heels. Got a lot of odd looks and giggles but i just walk straight to the mall parking to my car and ignore them. (Thats the only time i got the chance to take these pictures. In addition i got the mary jane flats right before i got the strappy heels.
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    Hi all I have been reading forums on this website for sometime. Ive only just recently decided to join. I have been wearing heels secretly for about 4 years now. I only get to wear them when I am home alone (which unfortunately doesn't happen often) so I wear them during the night when everyone else is asleep. I like wearing my 4 - 6 inch heels, I have about 6 pairs (2 boots, 1 open and 3 closed toe). I would have more if I had the money, more time to wear them and if more shoes were in my size of womens US 12. I am already quiet tall (long legs) and young so there aren't many people that I can talk to and show my clothing style. Nowhere days the idea of gender and how its portrayed has begun to change (this website for example) so the ideas of gender and clothing is not black and white anymore. It is becoming more a spectrum rather than binary, which means that in the future men and women should be able to wear whatever they wish. These are a few of my shoes in my collection.
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    I always liked to look at high heels even as a kid. I can remember looking at the Sears catalogues and admiring the high heels. I never actually owned my first pair of heels until after my divorce from my first wife who never knew about my admiration for heels. Being by myself I decided to buy my first pair and see what it finally felt like to wear a pair of heels. They were a closed toe sandle, black with a heel cup and ankle strap. They were about 4.5" with a 1/2" platform. They felt fabulous and definitely thrilled me. My collection grew until I felt awkward and shameful, thus the collection was purged. I am very glad that I was honest and upfront with my present wife. Now we both have marvelous heel collections and we enjoy shoe shopping.
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    I wore the Musse-Cloud boots out to dinner with friends last evening. The missus reluctantly approves, but she does not get "it" these, I had gone out to lunch with the husband of the couple and had worn the "lower" heeled Coolway boots I mentioned earlier in this thread and he commented on the heel, but just shook his head and no more comments. He was with me when I stopped and home and changed for dinner and slipped on my Musse boots, and I was having second thoughts. Then I figured, the heck with it, and just own up to it and put them on and walked into the other room, showed him the boots and said "if you liked the the boots I wore at lunch you will go crazy over these!" He just looked at them, shook his head, and asked if I can really walk in them and that was the end of it. When we got to the restaurant may wife noticed my boots and my buddy asked his wife if she saw my boots and she said, just a glance. We ended up over at their place for a cocktail afterwards and nothing was said until I put my boots back on and my buddy told his wife to take a look. I turned sideways, pulled my jeans up a bit and tipped my foot so she got a good look and she blurted out "holy crap!" We all had a laugh and left.
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    I am way behind on presenting new shoe purchases. I'll probably just skip over a whole bunch and go right to spring. Here are three new ones, only one of which have I had a real chance to take for a test drive yet. All three purchases are perhaps a little bit over the top in their own way, but also subtle in their own way. Each was bought with the thought of wearing them with skinny jeans or shorts, either one. In any case, I'm ready for spring! First up are the Aldo mules (model unknown) with a 5 inch stiletto heel and a 1 inch platform. They were a little bit tight at first, but they have stretched out to be just about right in fairly short order. Considering their intrinsic impracticality, they're actually pretty easy to wear. I've not gone for an actual walk in them, but I have worn them to grab something at the grocery store real quick, and some other errands during some of our unseasonably warm weather we had recently. Next are the Coach "Chelsea" wedge mules in brown with a patchwork gold strap. These are the most conservative of the three, except for the color and the pattern. Sporting a 4 1/2" wedge and a 3/4" platform, they're a little bit different than something I would normally buy. They're a little bit on the low side for me, and the gold patterned strap pushes the envelope of what I've worn in the past, but something about them said, "Buy me! Buy me!" They fit real nice, and I think they look nice on my foot. Time will tell if I wear them much. Last are the Michael Kors mules (model again unknown). These are made in Italy, and they have these thin, bunched together straps which are kind of fussy when it comes to getting them on. Definitely not a shoe you can just jam your foot into and go. They have a 4 5/8" wooden heel (and I think it's real wood), and a 1" platform. They fit well, but I have some concern that the leather is so soft and the individual straps so thin that they may stretch to the point of being too loose after a time. Also, the "wings" on the insole need to be glued back down. This seems to be a recurring problem with Michael Kors shoes of this basic design. I have had several other pairs over the years, and they have all had this same problem. No big deal.
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    That hasn't stopped Thighbootguy, CAT or Jeff B from wearing any damned thing they please, any time they like, and they seem to be prospering. Melrose Plant wears heels all the time. His blue collar mates know all about it, so do the folks at his church choir. He's still breathing, as far as I know. Choices are ours. Wasn't it Emerson who said "What you think of me is none of my business."
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    Then heading out this morning to walk to nearby cafe for breakfast
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    Peter- Don't feel too guilty, how could you possibly resist those booties! Looking so fine with the jeans....Good for you!
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    Ordered some heels from Light in the box a site based in China, the first picture is what was advertised, the others are as they arrived. the rear strap is out of alignment with the heel and is too short. A pity as apart from that they are very comfortable, just a bit of quality control and they could have been great.
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    Just wanted to share a nice little shopping day out i had last week, i wore a pair of flat black leather equestrian style boots with brown tops and a full length back zip over some tight skinny jeans, went into many shoe shops trying on various boots and shoes all with different heel heights, also tried some really nice dresses getting a lot of assistance with the zips from female staff, the customer care i received was first class and got so many compliments both on the boots i was wearing and how good the shoes and dresses i tried on looked on me, all in all a very enjoyable day and very pleasing to see the full acceptance of everybody who helped me, after a few negative experiences that I've shared on here it restored my faith in the way we are conceived in the public eye
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    This is my first post of me actually wearing boots outside(really it's inside the car). Just bought these babies and they are so ridiculously comfortable. They're by Rubi Size 41 and true to size. Abs love em!!
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    I agree with you and disagree with you at the same time. While you have see from my pics I have no problem being in public in a skirt and heels my reason for not showing my face is to save my kids from any questions that someone saw me on the Internet My heels are in plain site in the closet right next to my GF's and my 2 daughters. They know about it but I don't want to cause them issues with other teenagers. That's the only reason,,,,, kids
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    Hi everyone Stumbled across the site a few days ago and had to join up! I'm in my 50th year and had a thing for high heels as long as I can remember and always encouraging the females in my life to wear stilettos whenever I could! Divorced and now with a new partner, who has been more open with discussing my 'thing' with me leading to her picking out my first ever pair of high heels to try which were duly ordered. So I've been wearing heels for a month now at all times at home and loving the feel of it. Last night after a visit to the cinema on the way home she agreed to me walking outside with her for company, albeit in a quiet place and around midnight for about 15 mins. The feel of walking on the hard ground rather than carpet was different to say the least and will take some getting used to but practice makes perfect! She is uneasy about me going out in public during the day and worried that I may be ridiculed and has asked that I don't 'go public' and certainly not local to our home in the South of England. So small steps for now and see how things go.
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    Glad you are here. Great advice from everyone and I agree with them. I started out in the dark but agree not probably the smartest I am here in the US in Chicago and whether I am in regular guy clothes with a pair of heels or a skirt and heels, still presenting my self as a guy, people really could care less about what you are wearing. Keep your partners concerns as important as your desires. I have a gf that is on board and has been out with me in a skirt and heels but I always keep her feelings first. Always know the area you are going to . You can look at my pics and my albums to see that I have been to many different places over the years. It takes time and confidence is the key. Look up pictures in my albums to see that it can be done!!!
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    So talking with a female coworker who is out of state yesterday, I made the joke that they should make heels with safety toes and EH safe. Granted, it'd be hard to do my job in heels, but I put my black boots on with my current work pants, fleece lined women's pants from Eddie Bauer, and thought it looked good...
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    Just trolling. Don't mind this post ! Of course the ladies don't work in the machine shop. Good Men let their wives bring the kids to McD. Of course. Apart from hot women, only hot moms wear stilettos. Excellent ! Yes and if you are not so attractive, please don't wear heels. It will help spotting the attractive ones. Good point. The cherry on the cake. Ah the good old time when women could not vote.
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    Just about to go down town for lunch. My old WITTNER 'kicking' boots (style name, not usage !)
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    Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.